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Take a Seat

Invite your friends, we’re having a chair party. We now have three.

Stop tweakin’, it’s a fake. I thought it might be real when I saw that shiny chrome glinting from beneath a pile of trash a block away from my apartment. I even pulled it out and turned myself around to bring it back, thereby making me late for work. But upon further inspection and some consultation with the Knoll website, my free Marcel Breuer Cesca chair is a knock-off, I’m roughly 100% sure.

It also has a little problem, in case you couldn’t tell:

I swear, my ass didn’t cause this.

So, given that it’s a knock-off anyway, and the wood has that weird break in the corner joint, and the caning is all sorts of jacked up, and I don’t really need another chair that isn’t part of a glorious dining set (call me old-fashioned, I want those bitches to match), and I’m not even a huge fan of the Breuer chair to begin with, I should probably just put it back where I found it. Right?

But, but, but, but maybe I could just find a place for it. It’s just a chair, after all. And maybe this would be a good risk-free opportunity to try my hand at replacing caning! I watched a youtube video on the topic, and that’s really half the battle. I don’t think it would cost much and it’s a project I could probably complete in front of the TV– always a plus since shit like this convinces me that I’m not wasting time “because I’m working” while taking in the latest episode of Teen Mom or Work of Art (have you seen it? It’s terrible! Therefore, I love it.). So for now it can languish in the corner, lookin’ funky.

Is that the Hoarders theme music I hear? Just in my head? I knew that.

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