• Can I advertise on Manhattan Nest?

    Yes! I accept a limited amount of banner advertising——just go check my advertising page! Ads can be purchased and uploaded directly on the page incredibly easily, after which it will be subject to my approval before going live throughout the site. I do reserve the right to reject advertising if I feel that it doesn’t align with my content or personal beliefs, but these instances are extremely rare.

    If you are interested in collaborating on a sponsored post or a giveaway, please email me at daniel@manhattan-nest.com!

    I do not, under any circumstances, accept “guest posts” containing affiliate links or promotional content. All of the content on Manhattan Nest is 100% original and 100% written by me.

    Where do you live? Do you like it?

    I currently split my time between an apartment in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn and our home in Kingston, New York. I love both places very, very much. Brooklyn is the best borough!

    Where do you thrift? How do you find great things for cheap?

    It’s really just about luck, timing, an iron will, and a willingness to dig. I really don’t recommend any specific places. Just find a few spots you like that are convenient, go often, and eventually something good might turn up. NYC is just not a kind place to the thrifty, I hate to tell you.

    Otherwise, Craigslist. Same rules—stick with it and eventually you’re bound to find something good.

    Where is [insert anything I own here] from?

    Probably IKEA, vintage, CB2, or West Elm. That’s pretty much all I own. I typically try to state all my sources in the post, but if you don’t see the answer, feel free to ask!

    Where is your sofa from? Do you like it?

    It’s the KARLSTAD sofa from IKEA in Sivik Dark Grey. It’s held up really well over four years and the price is unbeatable. I’d absolutely buy it again!

    What kind of dog is Mekko? What kind of dog is Linus? Where did they come from?

    Mekko is a Pit Bull. We adopted her from Sean Casey Animal Rescue in January 2012. Linus is a small white dog…my money’s on maltese/poodle mix, but we don’t know because he came to us as a stray from the mean streets of Brooklyn in May 2012. They’re the best dogs ever and they get along great. You can read more about Mekko here and more about Linus here.

    I’m visiting New York. What do I do?!

    I have no idea! There is SO MUCH good stuff in New York, obviously, so without knowing you it’s basically impossible to say what you’ll like. The best way to experience New York, though, is to do a lot of walking around in different neighborhoods and you’ll find tons of great stuff. If your feet don’t want to fall off at the end of the day, you’re doing it all wrong!

    How do you find an apartment in New York?

    We found our apartment on Craigslist (no, not all of the postings are fake!), which was very lucky. Especially if you’re renting in New York for the first time, I’d really recommend you use a broker. A good broker makes the process a thousand times easier by finding listings and guiding you through the lease-signing process—which is pretty nuts in NYC. I can recommend a good one who works in Manhattan, just e-mail me!

    I just moved in with my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/family member/roommate/stalker and we don’t exactly see eye to eye when it comes to decorating. How do you deal with this?

    Compromise. Max and I don’t have the same taste all the time, but we talk very openly about our likes and dislikes, and we always come to some agreement when it comes to stuff we do to our home. He’s not always 100% happy, I’m not always 100% happy, but it’s much better than one of us feeling slighted or unrepresented in the space. Ultimately, try to remember that your house/apartment/shed is more about the people in it than the stuff.

    What are your paint colors?

    APARTMENT: All are from Benjamin Moore. The walls are all matte finish, the doors are satin, and the trim is semi-gloss.

    Trim: Super White (semi-gloss)
    Living Room: Paper White (matte)
    Hallway/Kitchen/Bedroom: White Dove (matte)
    Bathroom: Graphite (matte)
    Doors: Onyx (pearl)

    HOUSE: All are from Clark + Kensington at Ace Hardware. Walls and ceilings are flat enamel, trim and doors are Satin Enamel.

    Designer White
    Walls: Casablanca
    Lower Kitchen Cabinets: Arabian Nights

    I want to be handy like you. How did you get so handy?

    I tried stuff! Most of what I’m doing here on the blog is just trying things for the first time. Power tools aren’t scary! If you’re DIY-inclined, Google is your friend and so is the local hardware store. Buy yourself a decent power drill and a hammer and you’re 90% there.

    I want to start a blog! Any tips on how to make it good? How do I get readers?

    Be yourself. A good blog is a reflection of the person who writes it, so don’t feel like you have to fit a certain formula or writing style or anything to have a good blog. It should be fun! BUT, put some effort in. Try not to be sloppy with the writing, and do your best with the photos! Everybody likes a visual aid, and nobody likes dark/blurry/ugly pictures.

    First of all, don’t worry about people reading your blog right away. When it’s clear that bloggers are just actively trying to build a following instead of focusing on creating good content, it’s very off-putting. Just have fun with it, figure out what you like to post about, how often, or if you even like it at all! I can’t really explain why people read this blog (beats me!), but when I find a blog with great content and a unique outlook, I tend to stick around and subscribe. I usually find blogs through other links on other blogs or comment sections, or most often through my own comment section. And when I find something I like, I like to tell people about it! I guess you do have to put yourself out there a little bit to get noticed initially, but be authentic—other bloggers like constructive, active, interesting comments, and can usually tell if a commenter is just trying to promote their own site (which is called spam and often deleted). I don’t think there are any silver bullets to gaining readership, though, and frankly the best blogs usually don’t have aspirations of heavy traffic (even if they do). At the end of the day, you should blog because you enjoy it—if you’re having a good time, chances are other people will, too.

    My comment wasn’t posted! What gives?

    All comments coming from first-time commenters on Manhattan Nest have to be approved before they display on the site, and sometimes I can’t do that right away. Don’t worry, I will! Otherwise, comments are occasionally moderated if they are overtly rude, harassing, or mean-spirited toward either me or other readers. Constructive criticism is OK, but please do not leave such comments anonymously. If you have something to say, you should at the very least be willing to stand by your opinions with a real e-mail address. And while the comments sections is a fabulous place to have a real dialogue, comments made explicitly to promote your own site are considered spam. Filling out the URL field in a comment will link your name to the URL—there is no reason to add an additional URL to your site in the comments, unless of course you are referencing a particular post.

    Why don’t you post more often?

    I’m busy and blogging takes time! Everything on this site is 100% original content, and between actually doing whatever it is I’m posting about, taking the photos, editing the photos, and sitting down to write a post, we’re talking about hours and hours of work. It’s fun, but I’ve never wanted to compromise on the quality of posts in order to churn them out more quickly.

    What kind of camera do you use?

    Most of the photos on this blog are taken with a Nikon D80. It is not a very good camera in low light conditions, so I use a tripod and a long exposure almost all the time. Everything is then run through Photoshop, where I crop, resize, and make basic adjustments to color balance and lighting. Other photos (generally “process” types of photos where using a big DLSR on a tripod is too hard) are taken with my iPhone 5.

    Why do you cuss so much?

    Do I? I didn’t notice. I guess I’m just classy like that.

    Are you on Pinterest?


    Can we be Facebook friends?

    Probably not—my personal Facebook profile it pretty strictly limited to friends and family. But you can “Like” Manhattan Nest on Facebook, which is really the next best thing! You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter, which is loads of fun for all of us.

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