About the Folks Episode 2!

Hello hello! It’s another release day! About the Folks Episode 2 has arrived!

What is this? Let me tell you. About the Folks is a new semi-regular series wherein I force my friends to display their homes and sparkling personalities for the entire internet. The original idea was to do this in blog posts—relying mostly on photos and a brief video segment—but then my darling life-wife and comrade Juliet went ahead and made a 4-part docuseries because she is an extraordinary talent and a very hard worker. I think each one is better than the last! About the Folks has since been nominated for at least 7 Daytime Emmy Awards*, so I highly recommend you check it out!

*claims not verified by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

For background on this project and this episode’s subject, John, check out this post! John was my very first Kingston friend, and I’ve mentioned him here and there on the blog over the years (his house was the source of my living room fireplace mantel, and his shopping compulsion was the source of my amazing antique Dutch Kas!). He’s an absolute peach!

If you’re loving About the Folks, why wait for Episode 3? You can go see it right now over on Patreon! $5 a month, cancel anytime, support more content like this, easily purchase my love and affection—even our top doctors and medical professionals can’t find a downside.

Enjoy the show!

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  1. 2.7.22
    kiki said:

    Any chance he’d be willing to share the color of the trim in the guest room? And details on that amazing crackle tile? loving this series SO SO much!!

  2. 2.8.22
    Is said:

    Great house and great episode!

  3. 2.8.22
    Philly Lass said:

    OMG!!!! Just when I think I can’t love this house any more, Daniel and John show off a secret bookcase door!!! Obsessed!!!!

    • 2.18.22
      Marilyn said:

      Exactly ‼️ I love this house and all the care going into its restoration!!!❤️

  4. 2.9.22
    Emily said:

    Just coming to congratulate you on such a well done series. It’s produced and directed well, heartwarming and real and even if you didn’t know you/John from the blog, it still gives a sense of who you are and the warmth shines through. What talent to develop friendships, expertise and for Julia to shoot, edit and produce a series like this. Congratulations! You should pitch this to Netflix (said very seriously!!)

    • 2.9.22
      Emily said:

      Ugh also sorry – JULIET!!

  5. 2.18.22
    Marilyn Shaw said:

    Daniel Kanter’s amazing talent for bringing the best out in everyone and his terrific optimism for turning every challenge into an adventure keeps me watching everything Daniel does!!! I’m a huge fan!!