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Three Point Oh.

Hey, notice anything different around here? How about how EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT? If you’re reading this post via an RSS reader, now would be a great time to come back over to the site and reacquaint yourself. Manhattan Nest got a big overhaul, and bitch is looking gooooood.

Of course, all of this awesomeness was only made possible by the incredible design force that is my friend, Anna Dorfman. Anna is, like, the most amazing. She redesigned the site once already—two years ago when we moved from my little .wordpress ditty—and now she’s back and has done it again.

Now, as I have made clear in the recent past, I am a nightmare. But the amazing thing about Anna is that somehow, some way, she’s able to look past that. I honestly don’t think I can put into words how lucky I am that she would choose to work with me on redesigning my site TWICE now, and that she did such an amazing job both times. Her only goal has always been to design a site that I love, and guess what? I love it. But more than that, working with Anna always leaves me a little bit in awe of how she’s able to take my totally nonsensical ideas and feedback, combine them with her own intuition about what I’m trying to express, and somehow turn that into a great design. It’s all a little bit magical, honestly. When I think about all of the hours that Anna has dedicated to helping me through stuff, blog-related and otherwise, designing for me, let alone being my friend at all, I really just don’t understand how I got so lucky. So even though three measly words aren’t nearly enough, I’ll say them anyway: thank you, Anna!

So go explore! There are some new features to check out (hello, Instagram gallery!), as well as a new FAQ page, an updated About page, and some fun new stuff in the sidebar. The great thing about this new site is that it’s designed to expand a little, so we’ll be adding a few more great features in the coming weeks. Also, do me a solid and let me know if you notice any glitches or anything when navigating the site, and some internet-voodoo will be performed to remedy them.

Oh! Also! Guess what? Manhattan Nest now has a Facebook Page! I don’t know quite how I’ll even use it yet, but feel free to go “Like” it. I’ll probably post links I find interesting, photos, and other stuff that doesn’t make it onto the blog, so stay tuned. I think it could be fun for all of us?

(Above photo taken by Anna Dorfman with Instagram on my 23rd birthday, which was on Thursday. Max had a late class so Anna and I had celebratory dinner and cake together, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.)

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