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GIVEAWAY: Fetch Eyewear!

About a year ago, minor tragedy struck my life when I left my sunglasses on an airplane. For most people, this might not qualify as a formative, watershed moment—the kind that’s likely to define the next chapter of their lives—but for me, it was basically a small death. I mourned those glasses. There was my life before the glasses (confusion, discomfort), my life with the glasses (joy, confidence, enjoying sunny days), and then there was my life after the glasses (misery, overwhelming sadness, general gloom, hatred of the sun and daylight). It was a Big Deal.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have the sort of face that just rejects all types of eyewear. My head is somewhere between child-sized and lady-sized, and something about the arrangement of my facial features just doesn’t agree with cute accessories. Forget drugstore glasses or even a whole Sunglasses Hut. So imagine my joy when I found an amazing pair of glasses from one of my amazing sponsors, Fetch Eyewear, last fall (the Baxter in OnyxFade), and my double joy when they asked if I’d like to try out their sunglasses this summer! And a pair for Max, too! Maybe this summer wouldn’t be full of misery and regret, after all!

I quickly took them up on it, and we decided to do the Try at Home feature, where Fetch will send you six pairs of your choice at no charge, you can pick your favorite, send them all back and quickly get your favorite sent to you in the mail! Simple, easy, doesn’t require me to leave my home—I love all of these things.


Isn’t that packaging adorable? It took Max and I about five seconds to break into the boxes and excitedly fight for space in front of the mirror to try them all on. The options are just so good!

The other thing I love about Fetch, by the way, is that they’re an awesome company. The glasses are already really affordable, and then on top of providing super stylish, great quality glasses at a great price, they go ahead and donate 100% of their profits to The Pixie Project, which works tirelessly with county shelters to rescue animals and give them another shot at finding a home. How amazing is that? I just love them. I love them for their cute glasses and for their love of cute animals. And I didn’t even mention the lifetime warranty on the frames. I mean, there is literally nothing not to like. Not. A. Thing.


Max and I and the kids tooled around the Hudson River Valley with Anna and Evan this weekend, and took the opportunity to take our new glasses for a spin with this impromptu and candid (totally planned, very posed) high fashion photoshoot!

Success! They work! We love them! Honestly, I love them more than my lost pair of wonderful glasses that I thought I would mourn forever. Fetch Eyewear has helped me overcome emotional turmoil and find my way to the other side, while protecting my eyes from harmful UV-rays and my summer get-up from being sunglass-less. I literally could ask for no more. Bring on this summer thing, I’m ready for it.

Max chose the Dash in Onyx (which look quite dashing on him, if I do say so myself) and I chose the Milo in Ether (which Max’s sister told me made me look like Anne Sullivan, which I’m 100% OK with).


That’s right, party people—the lucky winner gets two pairs of Fetch Eyewear sunglasses! Maybe you need sunglasses, too? Maybe your dad needs sunglasses? Father’s Day is just around the corner, folks!


1. Go check out all the fabulous frames at Fetch Eyewear! Any of the frames can be ordered as sunglasses, so you have a mighty fine selection!

2. Come back here and leave a comment telling me a few of your favorites (you get to do the Try at Home feature if you want, too, so don’t hold back!) and who you’d give your second pair to! Husband? Wife? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Mama Bear? Papa Bear? Up to you!

3. For a second entry, go “Like” both Fetch Eyewear on Facebook and Manhattan Nest on Facebook. Then just come back and leave a comment telling me you did so. If you already like us, just tell me!

4. For a third entry, go follow Fetch Eyewear on Instagram (@fetcheyewear)! Then tell me you did! 


International entries are welcome and Fetch Eyewear will pay the shipping. However, the winner may be responsible for international duties & taxes.

Yay! Go get some glasses!

This post is in partnership with Fetch Eyewear.

GIVEAWAY: Fetch Eyewear!

So the giveaway last week was pretty fun, yeah? What do you say we do another one today? And next Monday, too? It’s totally free stuff month on Manhattan Nest and it’s awesome because you could get in on that with some seriously awesome swag from my seriously awesome sponsors.

A little while ago, I bought my first pair of glasses and started wearing them around all the time. I don’t altogether need glasses, but I have a weak prescription for distance, so basically I see like a superhero when I wear them. Mostly, I’ll admit that I just like wearing glasses because they make me feel smarter, more competent, and like I’m wearing a costume. Who do I want to be today? My glasses will tell me.

So when an amazing little Portland, OR-based company called Fetch Eyewear e-mailed me out of the blue and asked if I might like to try out a pair of their frames, I took them up on it.

Fetch Eyewear is such a cool company because not only do they make super awesome, super affordable glasses, they also give all of their profits to the Pixie Project in support of animal rescue and adoption. Seriously. Just by buying and wearing around a pair of great glasses, you get to help save the lives of dogs like mine and help them find homes. Does it get any better than that?

No it does not.

Picking a pair of glasses is also fun and easy with the Try at Home feature, where you get to pick 6 pairs of glasses, try them out for a week, then send them back to Fetch and order your favorite pair. So cool. I ended up with a pair of Baxter frames and it’s love. I love these glasses. I guess they’re my “artsy academic” look, and I haven’t taken them off for weeks. The quality is excellent, I think they fit my face well, and I love the shape. Also, I get compliments. Like, actual human people telling me that something on my face looks nice. That feels good.

For serious, these glasses are wonderful. Just look at those jolly people being so happy in their glasses. They are all seriously very thrilled and only one of them is holding a cute dog. So.


The lucky winner will win two (2!) pairs of frames or sunglasses. Any frames! Any sunglasses!



1. Go to the Fetch Eyewear website and pick your favorite frames!

2. Come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite frames are and who they’re for! Maybe you’ll keep them all to yourself? Maybe you want one for you and one for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/child/friend/parent/lover? Up to you!

3. For an extra entry, go “Like” Fetch Eyewear on Facebook! Then come back and leave another comment telling me you did so. If you already like them, tell me that, too.

International entries are welcome and Fetch Eyewear will pay the shipping. However, the winner may be responsible for international duties & taxes.

Mekko and Linus are in full support of Fetch Eyewear. Now go get yourself some free glasses, you sexy four-eyed thang, you!

This giveaway ends on Thursday, December 13th at 8 PM EST. A winner will be chosen at random and I’ll update the post with the winner’s name on Friday, December 14th! Yipee!

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