GIVEAWAY: Erie Drive!

As I, uh, heavily hinted at a few days ago, I’m really excited to be able to share a giveaway from one of my very favorite new shops, Erie Drive!


You Undress, Christopher Gray Giclee Print | Cube Clock by Newgate | Enamel Pot by Orla Kiely | Block Lamp by Design House Stockholm | Apothecary Soap Dish by Izola | Magno Radio by Singgih Kartono for Areaware

Picking just a few things to highlight for this giveaway was more or less impossible because Erie Drive just has SO MANY NICE THINGS (including the print I blogged about last week!). And guess what? You can win ANYTHING YOU WANT. Yep, that’s right—anything in the store! That tingling in your fingertips and lightheadedness is probably totally normal and not something to worry about? Just go with it.


1. Go check out all the fabulous things at Erie Drive and pick your favorite item!

2. Come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite thing is in the shop and how you’d use it in your home or life! Maybe you need some art on your walls? Maybe you need to make some coffee? It’s all there!

3. For an extra entry, go “Like” Erie Drive on Facebook! Then just come back here and leave a comment telling me you did so!

Due to shipping constraints, this giveaway is open to US residents only.



And oh heyyyyy, you know I love a good discount code! Use and abuse this thing for the next 10 days! Get crazy!

This post is in partnership with Erie Drive.


  1. Would love to have the Stadler Form Otto Fan – we’re trying to go all summer without using our air conditioning (in Oklahoma this is darn difficult!) and we need good looking fans everywhere!

  2. Liked on FB as well!

  3. I like the Toys for Grown-Ups, particularly the gorillas. What can I say; I am still a kid at heart!

  4. What a great find, thanks for sharing. That Stadler Form Otto Fan would serve the dual purpose of looking good + keeping us cool if summer ever arrives in the midwest! If not, it’ll just look good and that’s completely acceptable.

  5. I love the purple dandelion large cooler bag – looks like the perfect lunchbox!

  6. Love the elephant shower curtain! We just redid our bathroom in navy and that would make great contrast with the orange.

  7. I like the print that you got. It would look wonderful in this certain spot in my living room, next to the curtains. Awesome giveaway!

  8. I love Hattie the elephant, passing by that sweet elephant would make my day!

  9. I really love the Karl Zahn Areaware Llama Animal Box, or the Tivoli One. Or the Tivoli Two. Or some of those awesome blankets!

  10. Liked on Facebook

  11. I love the iSkelter Chisel iPhone 5 Dock. Even if I don’t win I might buy two! One each for me and my husband!

  12. I would love to get the Sevi Pirate Ship for my son!

  13. There isn’t a single thing in their shop that isn’t cool as hell, but I really like/could use a Tivoli Songbook Radio (in awesome yellow!)

  14. I also liked them on Facebook. Let the fun begin!

  15. I’d like one of the Fatboy bean bags. My son has a loft bed, and this would be great for reading books on in the “fort” underneath!

  16. Love the Thomas Paul Maple Pillow!!

  17. I love the Izola Scout Shower Curtain or the Powder Room Soap Dish. It’s too hard to pick just one!

  18. I love the Cube Clock by Newgate. I would put it on my nightstand, to class up my bedroom a little.

  19. Hi Daniel,
    New follower and first-time commenter. Love your blog, your DIY projects and design sense. The Erie site is just great. Hard time picking just one item. The vintage Japanese salt and pepper shaker would look so cool on my kitchen table. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. Singgih Kartono Areaware Magno Portable Radio plz plz plz

  21. love the canvas alpaca throw in blue with the violet stitching. I’ve been looking for a throw for the living room for a while now and this is nothing like what I thought I’d fall for, but that cobalt color is just so great!

  22. Oh my goodness. I hate you for making me choose! Just kidding. You’re aweseome.

    If I had to pick 1 thing it’s a close call between the Barcelona Bird Feeder and the Christopher Gray You Undress print. Both are gorgeous and both would make my house less not-gorgeous.

  23. Oh great, another site for me to drool over as I wait for pay day. Swell.

    I LOVE the Christopher Gray Figure painting, the Map of Ediburgh, the Stadler Form Otto Fan, ooooor the metal “undercase” C.

    All of it, basically.

  24. Christopher Gray Giclee Print – Figure is so good! Would look perfect above my bar.

  25. Oh, and I just liked on FB too. Yay!

  26. I’m in love with the Stockholm Block Lamp in red for the new side table I just got.

  27. I love the Bob’s Your Uncle A-Z Animal Flashcard Set. Would be perfect to show off on the nursery walls.

  28. Also liked Erie Drive on Facebook

  29. I know it’s on the more expensive side, but I will be moving in with my boyfriend in a few weeks, and would love the Step Ladder by Karl Malmvall in black. We’re going to have tons of storage space (woe is me!), but as I’m a wee 5’3, it would be nice to be able to reach everything.

    So many great things there, though, so most likely I’ll be making a purchase regardless. Thanks for alerting us!

  30. the Fatboy Small Doggielounge Dog Bed in orange for me! actually for my nearly 13 year old, one-eyed frenchie named beluga to pose and rest his stubby gloriousness on… and since he’s dark brindle, the orange would really make him look the cool cutie.

  31. and… ‘liked’ on fb.

  32. Officially dying over everything on the site. I think I’d want the noise-cancelling headphones, both because I need some headphones and because they’re wood-panelled, which is just too amazing for words.

  33. + liked on facebook!

  34. I love the Count Print under the unframed art. I love it’s pop of color and visual interest! Also liked them on facebook. :)

  35. I would love the Authentic New York City MTA ACBD1 Subway Sign. We used to live on the Upper West Side right on the 1 train line. Since moving to Minnesota, we miss it dearly. It would be a perfect addition to our ‘NYC’ gallery wall.

  36. I would love to ” Turn your bathroom into a picturesque celebration of Venice,” since I have a claw foot tub looking for a theme. I imagine bubbles, floating, operatic music playing in the background…I may need a chandelier and Venetian looking glass to complete the transformation.

  37. I liked their Facebook!

  38. The Orla kiely enamel pot has my name ALL OVER IT. I “collect” (hoard?) orchids and I am running out of pots to put them in… I have a white one that would look SO PRETTY in that pot.

    Oh geez I also love all of the Christopher Gray prints too!!

    I liked them on Facebook too :)

  39. I think my house needs the robot

  40. Yikes. I like way too much of their stuff to pick a favorite.

    I’m in desperate need of art right now, so I would love either the Christopher Gray print that you have of the logs or the My Heart Print. It’s so…awesomely Swedish folk art-looking. And I kind of love that wood frame they framed it in, too.

  41. I am a blanket hoarder, so likely the: Canvas Split Edge Baby Alpaca Throw

  42. liked on Facebook!

  43. I should probably choose something for the house or whatever, but I’m gonna have to go with the Sevi Happy Farm Play Set. My daughter would freak for this.

  44. I love David Weeks’ Ursa the Bear (though Hattie the elephant is awesome, too)!

  45. Maps! Signs! Charley Harper! I want it all!!!

  46. Ooh! For a family where the tallest is 5’4″, our number one would have to be the Karl Malmvall Step Ladder in Red!
    Good luck everyone!

  47. Liked on FB too! Fingers crossed for my ladder!

  48. I love their Songbook Radio! Perfection!

  49. Love the Geneva Sound Systems Model M Radio in white. Fingers crossed!

  50. Omg, that Magno Radio is SO CUTE. It would look perfect in my sewing room (and give me an excuse to chuck the fug radio I have in there now, I mean… ewww)

  51. I love the Canvas Split Edge Baby Alpaca Throws, and also the quake mugs…

  52. Swoon. After weeks of dealing with a nightmare leak from the apartment upstairs and having to replace the ceiling, that Thomas Paul Ornithology Shower Curtain would *finally* finish my bathroom.

  53. I would absolutely LOVE the bamboo Stadler Form Otto Fan. I have been wanting an industrial type fan to put in the corner of my living room near my sanseveria plant – I think this would just be even better than anything I could find!! It is really hard to choose though as everything in the shop is quite lovely!

  54. I have also liked their page on facebook!

  55. We would put the Hand-Woven Log Basket to good use. Our house is designed around a rotating fireplace, which makes the area around the fireplace the center of attention and finding a good looking way to store wood in the middle of the room can be a challenge. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. I love the map prints, and all of the baby things. We’d probably put some art on our sad, bare walls.

  57. Any of the colourful Cristopher Gray’s prints would look amazing in my empty walls, bringing some life to my new house…
    Good luck to everyone!

  58. Liked on Facebook!

  59. This was SO hard to decide. I am torn between the fat boy ottoman and the block lamp. Both would be an awesome addition to any home. I’m moving soon and don’t want to commit to too much new stuff until I see my new place but either of those would go well anywhere.

  60. So much eye candy!! The Bamboo Stadler Form Otto Fan would be a huge upgrade to the ugly white box fan that lives in our bedroom.

  61. Good godfrey, that baby alpaca throw must be mine!

  62. It’s kind of a strange pick, but I would have to go with the Step Ladder by Karl Malmvall in Red. I hate using step ladders and therefore never store anything very high – which is a total waste. Also, I find step ladders are generally ugly and always in the way. This one looks sturdy (and chic!) and seems like something I would have for the rest of my life.

  63. Would love the win the chrome work lamp, I have a perfect spot in mind for it!!

  64. Love the Stadler Form Otto Fan – Bamboo for summer

  65. I love the weighty ampersand! (House Industries Cast Aluminum Ampersand) It would look so lovely surrounded by books on a quiet shelf.

  66. I would go for the hand-woven log basket, which I would use to contain the several knitting projects I always seem to have strewn about my chair. If I ever have a grandchild, I would carry her/him in it, too.

  67. So many beautiful things to choose from! I want all the gorgeous things for the house, but I think my daughter and I would both love the Sevi Furnished Large Dollhouse. Modern, beautiful, and timeless.

  68. I absolutely LOVE the Niels Romer Dropp! Bowl! Recently, I’ve been focusing on designing and filling out my living room and my kitchen has been neglected. The nice purple color will fit nicely with what’s happening in the living room and give it some much needed personality. But most of all, it will give me a place to put my fruits! Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Well, I’m going to need the Stadler Form Otto Fan in about a minute. Minneapolis: where winter lasts six months and then summer is 100 degrees.

    That radio and that cube clock are also delightful.

  70. I liked it on Facebook too!

  71. Got to go with the Geneva Sound Systems Model M Radio in white (or Walnut if back in stock).

  72. Liked on facebook

  73. I need that Christopher Gray print! It may be called “You Undress,” but my walls are already naked, and it will clothe them beautifully. Also, the pink and the red, they are so me. Much love to the mutts!

  74. Love the stadler otto fan-bamboo:)

  75. So hard to pick! I love the Alpaca striped blanket and the Geneva Sound System…

  76. Like erie drive:) I would use the stadler otto fan in our small bedrooms..very stylish and space saving!

  77. Love the Rhadi Alpaca Multi-Striped Throw. Could make a room in any of those color choices! Think I am leaning toward the blue/brown…

  78. I love all the Charley Harper posters, I could use one for a blank wall in my living room!

  79. Love the Lighting and Art!

  80. I am such a sucker for cool industrial style lighting. I love the Design House Stockholm Block Lamp. I also love the Canvas Split Edge Baby Alpaca Throw! Love the classic style and looks perfect as a summer accessory for my home! Great website!

  81. That block light is fantastic. I imagine it would look quite lovely on my bedside table.

  82. As long as I’m dreaming, I love, love the Step Ladder by Karl Malmvall in White. No fuss, no extras, and shiny slick smooth perfect.

  83. i can’t decide between Hattie the Elephant or the Christopher Gray Giclee print. or the Stadler Form Otto Fan. heh.

    • The fan had me for a while, too! Also the radios… and the robots. So many cool things!

  84. I liked Erie Drive on FB, too. I have no idea how you guys verify this. :-/ But I done did it.

  85. I really love the Christopher Gray Giclee print in Winter Log as well! It would be in the living room =)

  86. LOVE the vintage metal letters! I would totally put one in my son’s room:)

  87. I love the sun jar. In Oregon any little bit of sun to save for the night, tucked into my deck ferns, sounds great.
    Mostly I love your posts and writing, whether design or your dogs. They are rewards for me after travel, when I catch up. Thanks!

  88. I totally am loving the Tivoli iPal Radio! I love listening to NPR in the morning, so a portable radio would be top notch!

    I also liked Erie Drive on Facebook!

  89. Wow! I’m obsessed with the Thomas Paul Octopus Accent Pillow in the gray! It would look perfect atop a Heywood Wakefield chair that I recently saved from the curb!!

  90. Great giveaway, thanks!
    I love their bamboo fan…

  91. I love the Charley Harper Poster – Migration Mainline: Cape May Bird Observatory
    because I grew up near Cape May. I would put in it my kitchen.

  92. I’m loving the Canvas Split Edge Baby Alpaca Throw. Can’t get enough of woolly stripey blankets! (hello hudson bay addiction)

  93. I just liked them on Facebook too!! Gimme that Octopus pillow!!

  94. Oh, this shop is amazing. I would love to win the Critical Cycles Fixed-Gear Bicycle (Matte black frame with black wheels, of course). As a super poor graduate student, it would make my commute from the middle of Brooklyn to Manhattan super easy and would save me so much money. Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. Also just “Liked” them on Facebook.

  96. I love the Singgih Kartono Areaware Magno Radio. I have such a weakness for wood products and it would look amazing on my kitchen shelf. Who doesn’t like to cook with some music playing?!

  97. I love the Fatboy Junier Bean Bag. My eldest is turning 4 next month. Would love to surprise him with it!

  98. What a cool store! There are many awesome things but I’m gravitating most towards the Thomas Paul Maple Pillow–lovely! Our couch could use some better pillows for our living room.

    Liked Erie Drive on the FB!

    Thanks Dan!

  99. Maybe it doesn’t count if it’s not a separate comment…so…liked on Facebook!

  100. Oh wonderful, I’d already pinned a handful of prints from Erie Drive after you posted about them last week! My two favorite from Erie are the the Christopher Gray “Summer Interior” or “You Undress” print, which I would hang in my bare-walled bedroom, or the Charley Harper “New York Harbor 1947” for my living room.

  101. Goodness, the black/dark blue Strida LT Folding Bicycle is amazing. I commute to grad school in Boston, and being able to bike to the T station would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Oh this is sorta amazing. Gosh everything in this store is adorable, but I’d probably have to go with either a Tivoli radio (I’ve always always wanted one!) or the “Double your Fun” print by Martin Yeeles :)

  103. Gorgeous items! I like the House Industries Ampersand Cutting Boards

  104. Love the Christopher Gray giclee prints. I’m moving and could definitely use some new art to help spice up the place :)

  105. I love the SoYoung Charlie Lifestyle Diaper Bag in Kahki Green! Thanks!!

  106. I have sweet childhood memories of visiting Cape May, NJ every summer. I had no idea that Charley Harper did a specific Cape May illustration, and I think my bird-watching, shore loving family would really get a kick out of it!

  107. I’d LOVE the Stadler Form Otto Fan! I’m moving into a new place this summer, and it will be my first time living with no AC. This fan would be the perfect addition to my new home!

  108. Liked on FaceBook as well!

  109. WOW! What an awesome & generous giveaway.
    I’m totally diggin the Stadler Form Otto Fan.
    I live in texas and summer just rolled in. It’s mutha f’ing hot already.
    I would lay a wet towel over my face and sit in front of this fan to cool off. Everyday. no joke!

  110. DONE – First page, first item. They had me at Stadler Form Otto Fan in the Bamboo. I don’t need to tell you how much I would enjoy that beautiful baby for the next 4 months of HELL that is our beautiful desert life. Ceiling fans don’t cut it and I’m too cheap (or poor- I forget which came first) to blast the AC properly. I’m off to their FB page now! No shame in my contest game!!

  111. I love the Stadler form otto fan in bamboo, I have never seen anything like it!

  112. I also liked them on facebook :)

  113. the Christopher Gray Giclee Print is beautiful. We just moved together and our white walls could need some nice pictures.
    Great shop!

  114. The Karl Malmvall step ladder, in red! I’d use it as climbable art and hang it in a prominent place in the kitchen, where I often need to be two feet taller. I also love the C. Gray print — so much, in fact, that I ordered one as soon as I read your post!

  115. I am in love with the Tivoli Audio Frost Collection Model One Radio in a happy yellow!

  116. Step Ladder by Karl Malmvall – Black

    Yes, please!!!

    Also liked on Facebook.

  117. I’d love the vintage letter “c”. My living room bookshelves need something fun to break up all the books. :)

    Thanks! This is an awesome giveaway. :)

  118. I love the gray Canvas Striped Alpaca Throws. My bedroom needs love and this is it!

  119. I “Liked” them!

  120. O.M.G.!!! IN LOVE with the Design House Stockholm Block Lamp! Totally awesome. I have just the right spot for this lovely on my entry table. Come to Momma!!!

  121. Whoa. Dream Giveaway! My beloved bike (that used to belong to my grandmother) was recently stolen, so I would looove the Critical Cycles Fixed-Gear Bicycle in black. Dayum that is one sexy ride!

  122. Thank you so much for sharing about this great shop! I found a few things to pin and buy as funds allow but one of my absolute favorites was the British Isles Map Print! We’re a military family whose been stationed in the UK for nearly 5 years now and due to medical reasons, the hubby will be leaving the service soon so this is our last base. We have a lot of great memories here and this print would be a wonderful, non-cheesy keepsake of our time spent abroad!

    Oh, another another thing– how awesome is it that they’re FB page is more than just your standard shop page? They really seem to encourage interaction with their shoppers, something I very much appreciate in this mass-produced, give us your money and get gone, age!

  123. I love the Geneva Sound Systems Model M Radio! groovy!

  124. I “liked” Erie Drive on Facebook for an extra entry.

  125. Basically any of those Thomas Paul animal pillows… I need better pillows in my life (and on my Ikea couch).

  126. The Design House Stockholm Block Lamp has my name on it. How I would use it in my home? I would use it to snuggle with.

  127. Love the Thomas Paul Oology Pillow. It’s the discreet version of putting a bird on it

  128. I would love the Stadler Form Otto Fan in Bamboo. I live in a tiny apartment and would love to have a fan that is beautiful and functional instead of one that I feel like I should hide in a closet when company comes over.

  129. I love that solid alpaca throw in light grey with ivory stitching. I would drape it at the foot of my bed.

  130. Oh, good, now I want all the things! I have been lusting for the Tivoli Model One Radio in atlantic blue for many years now; it’s so preeeeeeeetty.

  131. The Tivoli radio in snow white would be perfect on my nightstand! I might pick a bright color but white seems the safest. Thank you!

  132. I’ve LIKED it on Facebook already before. Hope that still counts! :)

  133. I want to rub my face all over the Stadler Form Otto Fan. The weather is about to get hot hot hot and my house is cooled off solely by one sad window mounted air conditioning unit. I need a beautiful fan to distract from that eye sore and to waft some happiness across my face.

  134. I went straight to the kid section (since I have an 18 month old and one on the way) and loved so many different toys, especially the wooden pirate ship and farm play puzzle!

  135. Also liked them on FB.

  136. The cube clock in red is exactly what my kitchen has been needing.

  137. Woah, there is some seriously cool stuff there! I love the stadler form Otto fan. Our place gets crazy hot in the summer, and we don’t have air conditioning, and I hate those ugly box fans. They are a necessary evil during the hot summer months.

  138. That Thomas Paul Octopus pillow! Our cough is so sad and bereft of any throw pillows… It needs that pillow! ;)

  139. I’m having a hard time deciding what my favorite thing is… I’m waffling between one of those Christopher Gray prints and the Chrome Work Light.

  140. I love the Apothecary Soap Dish by Izola, to use for keys at the entrance. Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap and Thomas Paul Shell Bath Mat for regular bathroom use. I want a Stelton Vacuum Jug for a long time now. Thank you for the giveaway!

  141. Liked Erie Drive on fb.

  142. So hard to pick! I think I would become overly obsessive if the Split Edge Baby Alpaca Throw ended up in my household, so instead, I will pick the Jakob Munk carafe. After all, you don’t snuggle under a carafe, do you?

  143. Oh.My.God.
    Baghera Monaco Pedal Car… I can live vicariously through my 3 old!!! That and it would look fabulous just hanging out in the house.
    (I also liked them on FB!)

  144. I’m all about that Tivoli Frost Radio! I’d love to have something pretty sitting on my fireplace mantle to listen some NPR!

  145. Also liked on Facebook!

  146. I’m looking for new bedside lamps–the block light would be great!

  147. How cool is that Bow Bin wastebasket!? I want my trash to look that classy…

  148. Dead in love with the Design House Stockholm block lamp. It’d be perfect for my miniscule nightstand.

  149. I neeeeeeeed a fatboy ottoman. This is all my pouf fantasies come true in NYLON! A place for my feet that is toddler, dog, and husband proof. NYLON!

  150. I love the Bamboo Stadler Form Otto Fan! We kind of just skipped spring this year in Chicago and went straight into summer, so this stylish fan would definitely be helpful to stay cool.

  151. I can’t decide my favorite! Probably either the Fatboy (although maybe a 6 ft beanbag is too much for my tiny apartment?), the Stadler Form Otto Fan or the Singgih Kartono Areaware Magno Radio.

  152. Also I liked them!

  153. I love the book rest lamp and will settle for nothing less.

  154. I love the Hi! Let’s Eat Print by Martin Yeeles and would proudly hang it in my living room.

  155. I love everything Orla – the enamel pot would love fantastic in my house.

  156. Hi Daniel,
    Longtime reader, first time commenter. I love the Thomas Paul elephant shower curtain. I just got married a month ago and my wife and I would be ecstatic to have this shower curtain in our bathroom as we start our new life.
    Keep up the great writing.


  157. I liked them on facebook.

  158. I would loooove the Fatboy Marimekko Unikko Junior Bean Bag for my kid’s room!

  159. Also gave Erie Drive a Like on Facebook.

  160. I have went through all of college without a flask, and now graduation is coming and I think I’m ready. Even if I don’t win, I may just pick up one! My favorite is Give Studio Lights Out 6 oz. Flask. Hooray!


  161. I also liked them on FB!


  162. I’m in love with the audio products, especially the Geneva sound system models. Tiny stereo system with great sound – what’s not to love!

  163. I want a robot to sit on my dining room table! I love those one of a kind pieces

  164. I’d pick the Rhadi Living Baby Alpaca Multi-Stripe Throw in rust. I would cozy up on the sofa with it.

  165. Why hello, Tivoli ipal… We just moved and could use some kitchen music.

  166. the areaware alarm dock, because i knock my phone on the floor and sleep through the alarm at least twice a week.

  167. The Stadler Form Otto Fan – Bamboo!

  168. It’s so hard to choose, but I’m going with The Hotel Pool print.

  169. I love the Medallion Collection Orange and Pink Coverlet and I’d use it in our guest bedroom!

  170. Oh, I love the Rhadi baby alpaca throw in blue/brown! It would be perfect to replace an old blanket we currently use when getting cozy on the couch or armchair. Plus, that thing is gorgeous.

  171. I like the Park Street sign – it’d commemorate where I spent 9 years of my life and where my husband and I met while college students.

  172. I love the print that you got, the Christopher Gray Giclee Print – Winter Logs. I’ve been looking for some great black & white artwork for my living room.

  173. The Fat Boy bean bag in any right color would be perfect for our spare room that I’m in the process of making into a play room.

  174. I liked them on facebook.

  175. I really like the Areaware Jonas Damon Wood Alarm Dock or the Niels Romer Dropp! Bowl

  176. I’d love the iPal so I could listen to music while getting ready in the mornings!

  177. I need look no further than the Singgih Kartono Areaware Magno Radio! Not just for it’s “rad” look but mainly because of the AM/FM/Shortwave radio. Then add the MP3 and watch out.

    Currently (other than a staticy clock radio) I don’t have a radio and have been lusting after a shortwave ever since a teen (which was far longer ago than I care to remember!) Also since I was just fired today, it would make a nice ending to a not so nice day!

  178. Just liked them on FB…. I found my store!

  179. I love the Barcelona bird feeder and the sotto fan! So hard to choose just one thing to like :)

  180. Well, Hello DHS block lamp!

  181. oh, one of the thomas paul shower curtains for sure. i would use it as a bedspread.

    jk, i would use it as a shower curtain.

  182. As a former queens girl, I would love to have Authentic Queens Blvd/Bway/4 Av ‘R’ Train NYC Subway Sign as a reminder of all of the pirate jokes I used to tell my step-daughter when getting on the train.

  183. Favorite is definitely your Christopher Gray Giclee Print – Winter Logs. Just now realized it’s logs. I like it even more.

  184. I am obsessed with all of the Sodom tea pots! They look so sleek and clean. I would love to use them to keep water hot for tea, etc and for their pretty faces =)

  185. Also liked on Facebook, which I NEVER do.

  186. The Stadler Form Otto Fan is gorgeous and since LA summers are way too hot (for me), I would use this ALL the time.

  187. I’m absolutely loving the Stadler Form Otto Fan! I’ve recently moved into a 70-year-old apartment (that I love), and air circulation has been a bit of a problem. That, and the fan is just damn sexy.

  188. I love the nordic wool thermo cups!

  189. We live in the beautiful Coachella Valley and summer is on the way!!! Needless to say we’re fans of fans and the Stadler Form Otto Fan would help to keep us cool in amazing style!

  190. I think I love it all. I’ve wanted a Thomas Paul pillow forever. When will I finally get one?

  191. The Canvas Striped Alpaca Throw in Blue with Violet Stripe looks so warm and comfortable. I’d leave it permanently on the couch to use while watching TV and movies.

  192. I just liked Erie Drive on Facebook AND in real life. There are way too many awesome things on this website, my top 3 are the Stadler Form Otto Fan, the Magno Radio and the Tivoli Audio Silenz Headphones.

    After looking at the website for a looooong time I decided to be as practical as possible and pick the Tivoli Audio Silenz Headphones . I picked these because for work I am constantly on my laptop but find myself in much less than quiet places. For my job I need to watch plenty of video, listen to music and sometimes tuning out the noise/distractions around me is impossible.

    Good looking headphones are hard too find & these are honestly the best looking headphones I’ve ever seen! Also, it definitely looks like they’ll get the job done.

  193. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I honestly cannot choose just one favorite. I would love to brighten up a dreary day with Thomas Paul’s Foo Dogs scarf, redecorate my entire apartment around those beautiful Charley Harper posters, and gift my sweetie the Areaware Alarm Dock by Jonas Damon.

  194. I also “like” Erie Drive on Facebook as Cindy Aiton.

  195. I very much need this fire truck, because I’m just in the middle of buying a fire station (!) and also it is fantastic.

  196. In LOVE with the Christopher Gray Giclee Print!

  197. Liked Erie Drive on Facebook!

  198. I love the tivoli radios, but my son would be over the moon for a Fatboy!

  199. Oh man, I have coveted Tivoli’s Model One radio in yellow for literal years now. I’d put the $ towards that for sure!

  200. DEFINITELY the Fatboy small Doggielounge. Why should the humans in the house have all the decorating fun? Plus, do you know how hard it is to find a plain black dog bed? (Wish I had the patience to make one, as you have done.)

  201. Although I love me some Orla Kiely, I’m intrigued by the Sun Jar (the mason jar that glows at night).

  202. Loving the Stadler Form Otto Fan in Bamboo! Those Brooklyn summer days and nights are rough–this is a must have.

  203. Also liked Erie Drive on Facebook.

  204. I’m a Boston boy, so I’m partial to the vintage framed MBTA map. I’m waffling between that, the block lamp, and the Hires Root Beer sign, though!

  205. I would kill for the Rhadi Living Baby Alpaca Multi-Stripe Throw in blue/brown. It would spice up my boring red couch and keep me cozy through the frigid Santa Barbara summer (lol).

  206. By far–the Stadler Form Otto fan. I’m trying to reduce my energy usage. In my 1940’s house, a shaded lot helps protect the house from much of the direct sunlight & plaster walls help keep it cooler longer than newer drywall ones, but the key is keeping the air circulating. That fan is just what I want– practical & freaking beautiful!

  207. Also liked on fbook because I am dying for that throw. Alpacas, yo.

  208. Areaware Jonas Damon Wood Alarm Dock for iPod or iPhone. In natural. It’s boss.

  209. Liked ’em on FB. Also licked them on FB, but that’s neither here nor there.

  210. I absolutely adore the Fatboy Marimekko Unikko Original Bean Bag in black. It would go great in my bedroom!

  211. my husband would love the fixed gear bike!

  212. oh! i love all of the bamboo bowls

  213. i also liked on facebook!

  214. Those bkr Reusable Glass Water Bottles look pretty nice. I could finally replace my reused Snapple bottle with something better, something I’ve been holding out on doing because I love what glass does with liquids (so cold!)
    I bet these are more durable too. I’m on Snapple bottle #3, because you drop them once, and you’re out of luck. Those things explode like bombs when you drop them on concrete.

  215. Oh, Facebook liked, too.

  216. I would love a tivoli radio!

  217. I really like the Design House Stockholm Block Lamp in black and would use it on my sons nightstand.

  218. liked on facebook as well.

  219. Oh I know exactly what I want without even looking! A Strida folding bike. I’ve been lusting for awhile now! I’d use this to be more active and to rely less on my car!

  220. Liked Erie Drive on FB!

  221. So many amazing things. I just spent ages poking around. I love the Auggie Cross Stitch quilt in gray, to be used for the baby we don’t yet have, but definitely want.

  222. Hard to choose just one, but I keep coming back to that Otto fan. Beautiful!

  223. I’d love the Singgih Kartono Areaware Magno Radio Medium. It’s a very stylish accent piece. Great for blasting some tunes for gatherings as well as playing some relaxing music after a long day.

  224. I really love the Christopher Gray prints! I’d be happy with any of them!

  225. Wow. So hard to choose… maybe a print… or a wooden animal…

  226. I would love the chrome work lamp! So Beautiful.

  227. That Stadler bamboo fan would keep us cool in hot and dry Santa Fe this summer. Great giveaway!

  228. I’m obsessed with the Christopher Gray Giclee Print – Summer Interior. We’re buying our first house soon, and I have more walls to cover!

  229. I also liked Erie Drive on FB.

  230. I have a ratty box fax, so the Stadler Form Otto Bamboo fan would definitely be an upgrade this summer!

  231. I’d want the Dragon Cement sign. I did research on cement in college, and I think it would look really cool in my teal and white kitchen.

  232. WOW, the website is full of lots of rad stuff, but I actually can’t get over the You Undress, Christopher Gray print that you pictured in your post. I am obsessed with this color combo now and this print would look incredible in the 600 year-old house I share with my Catalan husband (don’t worry, I have a US shipping address too and am back in the states ALL the time.) Sometimes you have to move to be together. And I will move this print to be together with me too. haha

  233. I like the iphone alarm clock. The dollhouse is pretty rad but I think I’m too old to justify buying it and I don’t have kids.

  234. I’d pick Stadler Form Otto Fan – it’s getting pretty muggy already over here in Illinois. Thanks!

  235. It is so hard to pick a favorite, but I have always loved the Singgih Kartono Areaware Magno Radio!
    I love the marriage of the clean design and the function of the radio itself. The Mango Radio with would be right at home in my kitchen, or bed room, or living room….maybe the portable version would suit me better!

  236. I think my favorite is the Daniel Ballou Areaware Tabletop 8-inch Cargo Containers, how cute would they be in the kitchen as tea-bag holders!

  237. The Newgate cube clock (in black) would be very happy on my side table!thanks!

  238. P.s. <3 Facebook!

  239. Love the Barcelona Bird Feeder!That would look amazing in my backyard.

  240. Love the Geneva Sound Systems Model M Radio. High Style in a low profile size! Perfect for my small Manhattan apartment! Prefer the Walnut or White.

    Also “liked” on Facebook.

  241. I’ve fallen madly in love with the ‘You Undress’ print by Christopher Gray! You inspired me to paint our bedroom wall black earlier this year and it is just begging for this print to make it perfect.

  242. Liked on Facebook too!

  243. I just spent waaaay too much time looking around that site. Dang.

    Would love the Design House Stockholm Block Lamp in red. Would love everything, really.

  244. I love the vintage metal letters. I would love to style a bookshelf with them.

  245. ooooh, fun site.

    My fav is the Canvas Solid Alpaca Throw Blankets in teal. I can just imagine burying my nose into it all snuggled up on the couch w/ my baby.
    I also really dig the marine critter Thomas Paul pillows, especially the Puffer Fish. So cute!

  246. The Thomas Paul Shell bath mat would look great in my newly renovated bathroom!
    You know, once I finish the renovation :)

  247. Liked on FB, too. Fingers crossed for snuggly goodness = )

  248. It’s a three way toss up between the Stadler Form Otto Fan the vintage metal letter “S” and the House Industries Ampersand Cutting Board.

  249. Also liked on facebook, because I truly do like Erie Drive!

  250. Wow – everything! I’d choose the Auggie Cross Stitch Baby/Toddler Quilt… because I’m a really nice mother and all.

  251. The home office is so blah. My minimalistic and non commital tendencies are getting in the way of me having anything on the walls. That being said, I do love the You Undress Giclee print. Thanks!

  252. My fiancee and I would like the Rhadi Living Baby Alpaca Multi-Stripe Throw in blue/brown because we need something to snuggle under.

  253. liked on facebook as well

  254. I love the Christopher Gray Nigel Mansell print, and am also tempted by the wooden headphones because they manage to be nice looking and noise cancelling!

  255. I could really use the Step Ladder by Karl Malmvall. I found myself almost falling over and dying the other day trying to reach something on a top shelf. Thanks for the giveaway!

  256. I would like the Stadler Form Otto Fan. Contrary to popular belief, Toronto gets stinkin’ hot in the summer, and this fan would be an attractive alternative to the usual white rotating fan. I can feel it’s cool breeze already…

  257. Aaand, I’ve liked Erie Drive on Facebook!

  258. Oh, how I’ve loved the “You Undress” print … but I dithered when Erie Drive was having a great sale and now it’s not on sale and is more than I can afford. So, basically, I’m an idiot.

  259. Oh, and I have “liked” Erie Drive on Facebook for a while!

  260. I am dying for one of the Canvas Striped Alpaca Throws!

  261. Also, I liked on facebook.

  262. I love the sea life dinner plates. I have all boring hand-me-down dishes, but these would be so fun and exciting to eat off of!

  263. I actually LOVE the winter logs print you have and would definitely make it mine! What a great shop.

  264. The “Rare Finds” are so tempting, but a Thomas Paul Octopus scarf? Yes, please!

  265. “Liked” on Facebook, too :)

  266. I liked the page on FB.

  267. I like the Geneva Sound Systems Model M Radio. We just moved,so it will fit great with our decor.

  268. I really like the fat boy bean bag.

  269. OMG! I want the Strida LT Folding Bicycles because it is so futuristic and I want to start exercising again to get healthier.

  270. so many great things on that site. I would like some art work for my new home: Charley Harper Poster – The Ladder of Life or Christopher Gray Giclee Print – You Undress

  271. Wow. So much to choose from. I’m loving the framed Charlie Harper print.

  272. My dogs need a new dog bed the Fatboy doggielounge dog bed would be awesome for them. I already like Erie Drive on Facebook.

  273. Stadler Form Otto Fan – Bamboo is so cool! I’d use it all over my house – it looks like a pice of art!

  274. I would like the Critical Cycles Fixed-Gear Bicycle – Cream Frame with Cream Wheels (large frame). Because duh. You’d also see me riding it around your neighborhood because I live around you.

  275. I liked on facebook

  276. I also “liked” Eerie Drive on Facebook.

  277. I’ve been a fan since the pre-launch. I love that wooden radio (Singgih Kartono Areaware Magno Radio – Medium), especially the story behind it and the short wave capability. I would hit the short wave and never turn it off, except to check out the local news on AM and FM once in a while!

  278. I’d love one of the Critical Cycles Fixed-Gear Bicycles.

  279. I like them on facebook.

  280. I am in love with the Nordic Wool Thermo Cups! Nordic wool patterns are my newest obsession!

    Also the Stadler Form Otto Fan is possibly the most gorgeous fan I have ever seen. It would be overkill in my tiny apartment. It is impossible to choose just one thing from Erie Drive

  281. I also liked Erie Drive on facebook :)

  282. I love the Areaware Bow Bin – Base Weave Turquoise!

  283. Yes please to the Magno Radio by Singgih Kartono for its green philosophy combined with luscious wood design. I would dance around it while admiring its beauty.

  284. I love anything Orla or Thomas Paul.

  285. WOW THE Chrome Work Lamp is really a work of art! So cool.

  286. In a perfect world I would like to gaze at the Christopher Gray Figure print while relaxing in front of the Stadler Form Otto Fan. This scenario would also include a refreshing cocktail and a scavenged dog of my very own.

  287. I am madly in love with the Areaware Harry Allen Brush Vase, which would be perfect in my mad artist’s studio of an apartment, where everything has a mask.

  288. The Fatboy Small Doggielounge Dog Bed in dark grey would be so awesome for Zooey, my
    Miniature pinscher pup. Her current bed is a not so pretty maroon color.

  289. I like the cutting boards with the color edges, and I also think the powder-room soap dish is cute. Lots of neat stuff on their website — thanks for introducing us!

  290. Also, I like them on facebook now. :)

  291. Oh! I love the Winter Logs print! It would look great in my living room… no, my office… no, maybe my bedroom…crossing my fingers that I win and have to make such hard decisions. :)

  292. Liked on FB!

  293. I can’t decide between the Christopher Gray giclee print. Nigel Mansell or You Undress? One of each please!

  294. like on facebook too

  295. I’m lovin’ the burner robot!

  296. OMG! How did I not know about this shop?! Love everything! But in an act of being less selfish, I would love to win the Baghera Le Mans Pedal Car – Pink for my little princess. She loves everything pink and princessy so this car would be perfect for her!!! :-)

  297. I’d probably have to go with the Rayman-R803 Robot for my desk. Kent Greenbaum’s work is amazing and I frickin’ love robots.

  298. Liked Erie Drive on Facebook!

  299. I have been wanting a Magno Radio forever! I listen to the radio all day, this would be perfect, so so beautifully designed. Great to learn about Erie Drive, what a giveaway!

  300. I love Christopher Gray’s print “WINTER LOGS” and want/need/desire graphic artwork for my new (to me) home. Lots of blank walls as we sold so much of our stuff when we moved to CA almost 2 years ago. Now it’s time to nest again. Which makes me incredibly happy!
    Thank you, Daniel!

  301. And just “liked” Erie Drive on Facebook.

  302. Thomas Paul Elephant Shower Curtain!

  303. Just liked Erie Drive on FB.

  304. Thanks for doing a giveaway from such a great shop! Such a tough choice but I’m in love with the Singgih Kartono Areaware Magno Radio – Medium. My boyfriend and I are huge music lovers and would put it to great use. I have also been studying Southeast Asian cultures and think it’s wonderful that it helps support an Indonesian farming village.

  305. Oh, and I just liked them on facebook.

  306. I love the Christopher Gray Winter Logs print you have! It would look great on my walls.

  307. Areaware Jonas Damon Resin Alarm Dock for iPod or iPhone in pink or orange oh i can’t decide! LOVE

  308. The Marimekko Fatboy in red would be perfect in my guest room!

  309. I just liked their page on Facebook!

  310. This shop is great! And I’m now an instant fan of Christopher Gray’s artwork. His “Nigel Mansell” print would be perfect on the blank wall above my dresser. I’ve been looking for the right artwork for that space and this is perfect!

  311. I like the Ireland print. I would give it to my boyfriend to decorate his newly painted bedroom!

  312. I just liked their page on Facebook!

  313. They have soooooooo much great stuff, I might make a pinterest board for their site geeze. I think the thing I would get would be either the menu classic globe or the wooden bear moveable figured thing soo cool!

  314. I “Like” Erie Drive on Facebook too!

  315. Daniel! Thanks so much for turning us on to this site! So hard to narrow it down to just one item BUT we just re-did our patio & are in much need of an Über chic fan! We live in Miami & its hot hot hot! Love the industrial look of the Stadler Form Otto Fan. Super industrial silhouette wrapped in yummy bamboo. Thanks again!!! Kisses from MIA for you & your peeps!

  316. The Christopher Gray print is to die for, obviously.

  317. I would love the teal lunch box set! How adorable and functional!

  318. Ok, I’m really liking the light bulb in the glass box. I need that. Really. Bookend and lamp in one easy package.

  319. Just in under the wire here – the Geneva XS looks great. My parents have no mp3 playing capacity at their house, which meant listening to an iphone in a glass over the last weekend. Actually, I’ll take any and all the stereo stuff, please. It’s all amazing.

  320. Gobsmacked by the Block Light! The yin-yang of it, I mean…round inside of rectangular, warm light beaming from the inside of an ice cube-y design! How handy that you can set it down on a table or flat headboard edge, or on the shelf as you desperately hunt for that Barry White CD! I just lurve it.

  321. The glow brick night light is awesome! I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  322. I am obessed with radios, i have one on all the time at home, it is a good companion, and whether conciously or subconciously listening, i am absorbing information all the time!

    Therefore, this little unit looks pretty fancy to me
    Tivoli Audio Model Two Radio

  323. I have the radio on all the time, NPR or Australian public radio, my constant companion, and even when not consciously listening, I find myself absorbing information, therefore I fancy this: Tivoli Audio Model Two Radio

  324. liked on Fb as well!

  325. love this!! my favorite item is the fun elephant shower curtain:

    my fiance and i are building a new home (our first home!) and i would love to use this in the guest bath as a conversation piece. so cool.

  326. I will kill myself if I don’t win the Critical Cycles Fixed-Gear Bicycle in Matte Black!!!

  327. i liked the page!! what a fun shop :)

  328. I also liked this shit on FB.

  329. Difficult choice but: Tivoli Audio Frost Collection Model One Radio in white! I’ve been mourning the loss of my non-digital radio recently.

  330. Liked on facebook.

  331. So hard to choose. I think I would either get the silencing headphones (I travel a LOT) or the wooden elephant (too cute). Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  332. There are some great trails around here that I’d love to bike on that small pink and green fixie.

  333. And I liked them on FB. But I wouldn’t have if they weren’t already cool.

  334. The Auggie Cross Stitch quilt in gray would be the perfect item to help spruce up my bedroom. Great giveaway!

  335. What an incredible site/store… thanks for introducing me to it! I’m torn between the World Radio and that fabulous framed repro map of Prague… and the Chicago CTA map is pretty great also. It’ll be a hard decision! Also liked them on FB!

  336. I would LOVE that matte black bike…

  337. I’m SQUEALING in glee that there is an Authentic NYC Subway Sign (ACBD1) – I actually thought about mocking up some quick subway signs and printing them for the same feel, but it’s even better if it’s the real thing. I absolutely love it.

  338. I’ve liked them on Facebook as well!

  339. So hard to choose! I think the Fatboy Marimekko Unikko Junior wins though. The black version would look great in my house, fit perfectly in this odd void of a space in the center of my apartment, and make my daughter a very happy girl :)

  340. oh, and I ‘liked’ on facebook!

  341. I’m a little obsessed with tea towels, especially those botanical print ones. Or maybe the Ursa the Bear “Toy”. How amazing would that be on fabulously styled bookshelf?
    And then there’s the Book Rest Lamp for my bedside table…

    The real question is what wouldn’t I love from Erie Drive?!

  342. Ooh! And I liked them in FB :) -And in real life…

  343. LOVING the Charley Harper Giclee Print – New York Harbor 1947. would be gorgeous against the gray walls in my bedroom.

  344. As much as I love all things Thomas Paul, I’d really like the Winter Log print by Christopher Gray. I’d put it above our black fire place :)

  345. I love the Izola Brooklyn Bridge Shower Curtain! Although, I’m not sure I’d use it so much as a shower curtain than to cover a boring wall.

  346. Would I get one of the fat boy beanbags for the reading area in my classroom??? Or would I splurge on myself??? I love playing the “what if” game.

  347. I love the Design House Stockholm Block Lamp in Red – I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this in my office. I can see it on my desk already….

  348. Oh, and I went over and liked them on FB.

  349. The baby alpaca throw……just realized my email was wrong before…so submitted again. No wonder I never win!!!!

  350. Okay Daniel I just went and liked them on FB. I’m a fellow northern Virginian and have the cutest pitbull named Pancake……bonus points?

  351. I love the “winter logs” giclee print by Christopher Gray. It would look great in my midcentury living room. Great giveaway! Thank you!

  352. Liked on Facebook. But mostly in real life.

  353. i have been coveting the Tivoli Audio Model Two Radio for ages!

  354. Ooh, it’s a toss-up between that bamboo fan and the alpaca striped blanket. So much cool stuff. Thanks for sharing the site. And I liked Erie Drive on FB too.


  355. Whoops, put the FB like and comment in one…consider this my bonus entry. Thanks.

  356. i’ve been coveting the medium magno radio for years. it would be great as i would love to have an easy to reach radio in the kitchen area when cooking.

  357. I just moved into an apartment that reminds me a lot of yours, built in 1916 and retains a lot of original details. I really want to put books on top of the built-in china cabinet…buuut…am too short. Haven’t even seen the top of it, not even to dust. Chairs just aren’t tall enough. So, I’d love a nice-looking stool. The Karl Malmvall step ladder in red is pretty beautiful as far as step ladders go. Love the site.

  358. The Marimekko beanbag in red for my daughter’s room!

  359. It’s always cooler than I want it to be in May, so I’m definitely eying that Striped Alpaca Throw in teal or blue. Cozy!

  360. And I just liked Erie Drive on Facebook!

  361. I don’t do the whole bike-riding thing but I think if I had that Critical Cycles bike that would all change!

  362. The Izola Scout shower curtain would rock my world! I feel a Moonrise Kingdom inspired bathroom coming on!!

  363. Love it. Need it soon! Stadler Form Otto Fan – Bamboo

  364. hard to choose, but i might have to go with one of the “rare” items: the jean pruniere vintage french cycle print! i love this circular, colorful print!

    thanks for posting this awesome giveaway! :)

  365. Hi Daniel, I like the Canvas Striped Alpaca Throws, gosh they sure are prettie. I also love and appreciate your blog.

  366. Would love the Stadler Form Otto fan! Thanks!

  367. Oh, if we’re going to dream let’s dream, right? I love LOVE the canvas alpaca throw blanket in light grey. I move a lot so I try not to accumulate too many trinkets; instead I focus on having a few beautiful and practical things that I carry with me as a portable “home”. This throw is simple and lovely, and certainly fits the bill.

  368. And liked on facebook!

  369. Yay!

    I’d love to have the Design House Stockholm Block Lamp in Black. I can’t get enough lamps and this one would be perfect in my home office or really anywhere in my apartment. It’s not hoarding if it’s cute.

  370. I adore the blue owl collage on wood! we are expecting our first baby, and would like to have a few owl-related pieces in the nursery that aren’t too cutesy. what a great find!

  371. My old dog needs a new bed.The Fatboy Large Doggielounge dog bed looks comfy.

  372. I would love the Grow Print Growth Chart to put in the nursery of my brand new twin baby girls!

  373. I would get so much use out of a new bike! The Critical Cycles Fixed-Gear Bicycle in Cream, size
    large, would take me all over the city.

  374. I love the the Charley Harper “Arctic World” poster…I’m a tad bit obsessed with Alaska/Canada and would love to bring a bit of that aesthetic into my Chicago apartment :)

  375. That cube clock! I would use it in my cozy new bedroom in Toronto. I just moved a few weeks ago and I’ve been looking for the perfect clock for my side table.

    Also, liked on Facebook!

  376. Oh, it was so hard to pick, but I love that Chicago L CTA Map. My boyfriend is a former Chicago resident, and I have some great memories from our long distance relationship visiting him and riding the L together all over the place. He would love to have that hanging in our place someday!

  377. I’m moving to a new Harlem nest on Wednesday without AC units and would be very grateful if I had the Stadler Form Otto Fan!

    Also liked on Facebook :)

  378. Goodness! So many great things in that shop. Difficult to choose, but I desperately need things to put on my wall. So either the Times Square – 42 Street Station Reproduction NYC Subway Sign or New York City Map Print – Sheer Slate would work out great.

  379. The pufferfish pillow. No, the cool retro radio. Everything is cool.

  380. I would love to have wooden Ursa the bear… we’ve moved to New York after 8 years spent in Alaska and that would be a perfect nod to the life where grizzly bears could wonder into your backyard despite the fact that you live in a typical suburb and neighbors post bear
    sitings notices on a subdivision facebook page…

  381. I must have the Menu Classic Globe. It is BEAUTIFUL! My other globes would be so jealous. They’d probably go on strike. But I wouldn’t care.

  382. Wow, that is weird. I know this post went up a few days ago, but just this morning I checked out Erie Drive and pinned a few pieces of art. And I hadn’t even connected that the store was mentioned on MN recently! I pinned that Christopher Gray print pictured above plus the PLINC “2” print, both for my kids’ shared bedroom. (I’m trying to start an art wall for them of stuff that I can eventually rotate around our house, so nothing too baby-ish is allowed.)

    Also, I just liked ED on Facebook!

  383. I love the medium Orla Plant pot!

  384. I would love to give the “Gentlemen’s Hardware Felt Laptop Case” to my Dad for Father’s Day! He is THE BEST Dad ever and is always happy to help me with my endless home-improvement schemes. I’ve been looking for weeks for a cool case and now I found it. Awesome! I FB liked Erie too.

  385. Sooo many cool things! The elephant shower curtain would look great in my bath. Oh, the iPhone dock would get well used. Decided! The Tivoli Audio Frost Collection Model One Radio in White! I love that you’ve partnered up with stores and are highlighting things I may have not seen before.

  386. Liked Erie Drive on fb too!

  387. I have wanted a Stadler Form Otto Fan for just about forever. Attractive fans are almost impossible to find and this one is just about perfect. Living in an old home without air conditioning in the summer makes a fan in any room you’re in just about a must!

  388. The ‘You Undress’ print by Christopher Grey is vaguely obscene and I love it. I would hang it somewhere where it stood out so that my in-laws would be slightly creeped out but have to appreciate it for fear of looking rude. Retribution!!!!!!

  389. I love the Charley Harper NY Harbor print! What a fun website. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  390. Love the Canvas Split Edge Baby Alpaca Throw!

  391. Can’t decide between the Otto fan and Thomas Paul octopus pillow. I have love t.p octopus prints for years, but that fan really turned my head. Love you Daniel!

  392. Also liked them on FB?

  393. I’d love the Stelton Press Coffee Maker or the Menu Classic Globe.
    Both will be a welcome addition to my apartment and towards the style aesthetic I’d love to go towards

  394. I’m sorta obsessed with the Charley Harper Giclee Print “New York Harbor 1947.” Way too cool.

  395. I liked them on FB.

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