Giveaway! Before and After! Hygge & West Home!!

So something cool happened. Gather ’round.

Several years ago now, when I still lived in Brooklyn, I got to do a really fun job for a really cool client—multi-talented woman of the stage, screen, and audio recording, Ana Gasteyer! You might remember her glamfabulous master bathroom makeover I posted about with the incredible metallic pineapple wallpaper, and thennnnnnnnn…we never spoke of it again?

Manhattan Nest | Ana Gasteyer's Bathroom Makeover Manhattan Nest | Ana Gasteyer's Bathroom Makeover

That’s my fault. Blogger fail. In reality I was lucky enough to work with Ana on a few major spaces in her home, but I never circled back to it on the blog. Evidently I didn’t even really shoot the spaces when I was done, unless those photos are hiding in a file somewhere deep in my hard drive, which is effectively the same thing. So stupid! Ana and I are still in touch—she’s good people!—but I’m rarely in Brooklyn, and asking to come photograph someone’s house like 5 years after the fact feels…I don’t know, not how it’s done. There’s an illusion of professionalism I have to maintain here, people!

Cut to: earlier this year. I received a book in the mail I’d been looking forward to: Hygge & West’s first book, Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life! I swear these things are related. Hygge & West has been my favorite wallpaper company for years (in fact…I don’t think I’ve ever used wallpaper on a project from anywhere else? nothing comes to mind? that’s kinda crazy.), and here they went and put together this beautiful book that brilliantly combines gorgeous interiors with profiles of the people who inhabit them and the things big and small that lend uniqueness and personality and coziness to these homes. The book is truly beautiful and such an achievement—I’m so proud to kinda-sorta know the amazing women who have built this company over the past decade, Aimee and Christiana. I want to be like them when I grow up.

ANYWAY. I’m looking through this book and all of a sudden—that’s Ana’s house!! I did that!! And then I started reading and I’m mentioned by name and everything, and…well. Surreal! My work, photographed by a professional and published in this glorious book! So, yes. I am taking a moment to brag because that was really fucking cool and a first for me. It looks very much as it did the day I left, which warms my heart.

Ana was such a great client—YES she’s a successful actress and overall class act, but she totally spoke my language of thriftiness, vintage, IKEA (I knew when she started spitting product names like a true aficionado that we’d get along), antique rugs, weird art…basically all the things I like. She and her family are all genuinely kind, smart, wonderful people, who were exceedingly gracious with this little 23 year old blogger guy who didn’t totally know what he was doing, flitting around their house rearranging all the things. With two young kids (not so young anymore!), she wasn’t looking to spend crazy money on fussy, fancy stuff and didn’t want a space that felt overdone—she wanted clean and practical and functional and calm. A place for everything, including so many cool and unique treasures accumulated over she and her husband Charlie’s rich and interesting lives thus far. I’m kind of freaked out by the interior decorate-y concept of buying decor items to fill out a shelf vignette or whatever that don’t actually mean a thing to the client, except that they paid for them, but Ana had so much great stuff to work with. So it was really a matter of trying to honor her existing things by pulling it all together in a way that felt cohesive and fun and stylish and livable.

Same area of the living room, before and after style! The building is an old factory/warehouse kinda deal, converted into living units, which is pretty common in Brooklyn. A lot of the work was adding little things to update and upgrade from the builder-basic finishes, and trying to make kinda weird areas and soffits and stuff like this look special and intentional rather than awkward. We removed track lighting in favor of more impactful pendants (this one from Flos was so so pretty), and added those little Alabax fixtures from Schoolhouse Electric to the soffit which evidently housed a duct, the vent for which I believe was photoshopped out of the “after” image—ha!

We papered the wall in Hygge & West’s Andanza and that shimmery copper backdrop was just…GAH! Gorgeous, gorgeous. The sofa was IKEA and I built a realllllllly long and narrow plant table for behind it (Ana loves a house plant, especially geraniums!). The rug was from Rugs USA (holy shit, it’s so cheap right now), the coffee table was from Organic Modernism (god I love that table), and the lounge chair was our big ticket item from Anthropologie. The guitar hook is from OneFortyThree! On either side of the piano we did two little “fauxdenzas,” the IKEA hack gift that just keeps on giving that Anna from Door Sixteen gave to the world many moons ago. I think I installed…5 different fauxdenzas in Ana’s place? Just so damn practical!

Don’t worry—we just moved that pretty antique china cabinet to a better wall! Aside from the beautiful vintage credenza, there isn’t a single thing in this photo that I purchased. I think Ana grew up with that incredible mirror, and the lamp (we called it the jellyfish lamp) was a gift from a cast mate, if memory serves. I spent the entire job terrified I’d break it somehow—that’s a helluva lot of crystal to be responsible for.

Not to get all weird and dark on you, but seeing these rooms presented in this way was really the first time I ever gave myself credit for doing a good job here. I think that happens a lot with creative work—by the time a project is nearing completion, you’ve poured a lot of time and emotional and physical energy into it, and you lose objectivity. Combine that with major insecurity (oh hiiiiiii) and it’s really hard to gauge whether something is good or not because to you it’s become a collection of projects that may not have turned out as perfectly as expected, or purchases that pushed you over budget, or back-and-forths with the client where you wish you had pushed harder for some option you liked better, or some flaw you hope nobody else notices, and so on. And yet: DAMNIT, DANIEL. It’s in a fucking book. A beautiful book. It looks great. And most importantly, it fits the people it was designed for, who have loved and lived and partied and chilled and, now, grown up in it. In what universe is that not a success? So this book, to me, feels like a real gift—a good reminder to not do that stupid thing anymore. It’s OK to want to do better and celebrate where you’re at. We’re often doing better than we think we are.

SO. I asked Christiana and Aimee if I could extend that gift to you, too, in the form of a good old fashioned Manhattan Nest giveaway, and they did us one better! Because it’s almost Christmas and we should have a little fun!

Up for grabs is not only a copy of Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life, where you can see the rest of Ana’s house as well as a ton of other spectacular homes, but also…TWO rolls of one of their newest papers, Piedmont! Any color! That’s 60 feet of wallpaper THAT IS SO CUTE AND PRETTY I JUST DIE. And knowing what I know of Hygge & West’s paper, it’s roughly 14,000 times more beautiful, somehow, in real life.

TO ENTER: Let’s run this old school. Leave a comment telling us where you’d use the wallpaper and/or who you’d give the gift of Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life to—which can totally be yourself! No judgment.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed! Thank you, everyone! The winner will be notified by email! :). A winner will be selected at random and notified via email! Please note that international entries are welcome and Hygge & West will pay the shipping, however the winner may be responsible for international duties & taxes.

Good luck!

I was generously supplied a copy of Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life. All opinions and nonsense are my own. Photos from the book used in this post are by James Carriére and used with permission from the authors. 

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  1. 12.11.18
    Adrien said:

    Fun wallpaper belongs in the bathroom… for mirror selfies, obviously!

  2. 12.11.18
    Kelly said:

    I would put this in my stairway.

  3. 12.11.18
    Susan Gorges said:

    I would SO use the wallpaper in my small, off the hall bathroom. I have been trying to decide how to change that room with wallpaper for at least two years. And, the plus side, it would take exactly two rolls to do so. The book would be my new coffee table book, but it would prolly be in every room of the house and read to death.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  4. 12.11.18
    Katie said:

    We just bought a real dump/amazing beaut of a 1965 cabin near Mount Snow in Vermont that sure could use that paper in the master bath! Thanks for this, Daniel! Your blog is such an amazing resource. <3

  5. 12.11.18
    Jennifer Peters said:

    I could use some pretty wallpaper in my half bath. It could use a boost. Thank you!

  6. 12.11.18
    Rachel said:

    This is so cool!!! Congrats on being totally design-book-famous! And this: “It’s OK to want to do better and celebrate where you’re at.” is so right on and totally relatable to me… I have a tendency to be way too goal- and improvement-oriented and then I’m constantly beating myself up, which is exhausting and sad!

    I would TOTALLY use the indigo version of this paper in my petite dining room–we just ordered gray upholstered dining chairs to go with the Nextdoor-purchased $160 table we got a couple of weeks ago, and I’m a little worried that the gray chairs and gray walls will be… too… gray? but this paper is ADORABLE and the blue would totally echo our blue living room rug which is visible at the same time.

    I feel like I should say I would gift the book to my sister, but truthfully I would PROBABLY keep it for myself. :)

  7. 12.11.18
    Susan said:

    Hey, thanks for this giveaway chance. I would use this wallpaper in my bathroom–the last room we need to redo in our house!

  8. 12.11.18
    Catherine said:

    I would use it on the wall across from my reading chair. It’s so pretty!

  9. 12.11.18
    Andrea t said:

    Oh it’s all for me. I’m getting ready to redo my spare bedroom/office, and that would look lovely on the wall as you enter the room.

  10. 12.11.18
    Sarah said:

    Omg a fox wallpaper that is not hunting themed, little kid, AND a balance of modern with a historical edge?! I die. Foxes are my favorite animal ever and a wallpaper that features them in this way is rare, TRUST- definitely not saying I haven’t spent hours looking at alternatives Would love to wallpaper my closet with this for a happy surprise every morning! (And let’s be real, that book won’t be going anywhere other than my nightstand haha.)

  11. 12.11.18
    Chelsie said:

    Well done! I would probably use this paper in the entryway.

  12. 12.11.18
    Danielle V said:

    I’d love to win this! I would either put the wallpaper in my husband’s office or a kid space. I am thinking the most color would be great in the playroom! Or actually maybe the indigo in my son’s bedroom, because now I have another Hygge and West wallpaper (the one from the book cover!) bookmarked for the play room! And the book would probably be passed among me, my sister, and my sisters in law, because we are book sharers! Sharing makes the world go round!

  13. 12.11.18
    Maggie said:

    I’d have the most badass laundry room with this wallpaper! BUT! Daniel you have to come with it and install it. That’s the only way I want it. I’ll pay you in good southern Louisiana food – TRUST.

    Oh and the book? That’s all mine cher… ;)

  14. 12.11.18
    Bonnie said:

    I’d use the Piedmont wallpaper in my guest bath. Love it. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t be gifting the book. It would be staying with me. Mine, all mine! :)

  15. 12.11.18
    Lee Higginbotham said:

    I would certainly use this wallpaper in my guest bathroom. I am loving that dark blue and black paper!

    Thank you

  16. 12.11.18
    Kelly said:

    Long time reader, first time commenter here. I just wanted to say that this sentence:

    “by the time a project is nearing completion, you’ve poured a lot of time and emotional and physical energy into it, and you lose objectivity. Combine that with major insecurity (oh hiiiiiii) and it’s really hard to gauge whether something is good or not”

    Just really hit me hard, in a good way, and I thank you for that. I’m a creator myself and, by the time I get the product out the door, I can’t even think “Oh, that was good” anymore… even if I loved the idea when I started! When customers tell me later that they loved what they received, I’m always so surprised.

    And thanks for the giveaway, of course. So exciting to see your work there! Might as well enter to win while I’m here, right? I would, of course, keep the book for myself. Lol. As for the paper, I have recently converted a closet into my office and this seems perfect for that space. I’d go with the taupe cause I have a lot of other stuff going on in here as well. ;)

  17. 12.11.18
    Amy B said:

    Daniel, that is so good! What wonderful affirmation.

    I’ve been dreaming of building out my library room and those foxes would be at home there.

  18. 12.11.18
    Kat said:

    First off, CONGRATS! That is amazing and wonderful, and you did an objectively good job. All of your projects are objectively good! Give yourself credit!

    Second, I’d put the wallpaper in my guest room with white board and batten beneath, a wrought iron daybed and an antique rug. Truth be told, I actually just ordered a sample of Piedmont for that very purpose, so it would be amazing to win – I’d love to make this expensive project a little cheaper!

    Third, I’d totally keep the book for myself. I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I think I first found out about Hygge & West from your old office (now laundry room), and was stunned at how beautiful their wallpaper is. So yeah, I’d hoard it.

  19. 12.11.18
    Becky said:

    Paper: for my entry hallway and/or loft bedroom (I live in a converted factory, too, and both spaces are in the small, dull side). Color? Will decide when I win ;)

    Book: for me, but I promise to share.

  20. 12.11.18
    Emma said:

    If the bid I have placed on this dilapidated 1940s bungalow gets accepted, I will work ceaselessly and carefully to restore it to a glory it never had (it seems to have had several horrible lives with no owners appreciating what it could have been), and that gorgeous wallpaper would be perfect for the little reading room at the top of the stairs. The window looks over a crooked apple tree that needs as much love as the house does. Oh I hope to be the one who gets to nurture both of them back to health!

  21. 12.11.18
    Patti Kohler said:

    Office- it’s needs to be in my home office that currently has 70’s wood paneling.

  22. 12.11.18
    Lobby-est said:

    Adore this blog! The book will likely never leave my hands. The wallpaper is for my little gallery room.

  23. 12.11.18
    Hildy lake said:

    Would love to put wallpaper funky wallpaper in my upstairs hallway

  24. 12.11.18
    Elizabeth Speicher said:

    Oh! The foxes on that wallpaper how I would love for them to live on the walls of my laundry room! It is the best laundry room ever but is lacking wallpaper to finish it off and since I frequently see foxes cavorting across my lawn I just can’t imagine anything better.

    Visit your blog everyday Daniel – you are keeping me young.

    Happy holidays!

    Elizabeth Speicher

  25. 12.11.18
    Casey said:

    Love!!! I would totally rock this wallpaper in my closet turned laundry room! Every tiny space needs some bold wallpaper! Fingers crossed!

  26. 12.11.18
    Stephanie R said:

    I love how you decorated her space. I’d use the paper in my bathroom (upper 1/3) above board and baton. And I’d probably keep the book for myself :)

  27. 12.11.18
    Erin said:

    I would use the wallpaper in the office.

  28. 12.11.18
    Ellen said:

    You rock my socks. I’d put that navy paper into my foyer and keep the book! Excited for you to see your work in a bok!

  29. 12.11.18
    Maggie said:

    Congrats! It looks great. I would use the paper in my guest room and keep the book for myself :)

  30. 12.11.18
    Amanda Taylor said:

    That wallpaper is beautiful!!! I’d probably use it in my bedroom! I’m so happy your work is in a book! And, let’s be honest here, I would totally gift all of that to myself. Ha!

  31. 12.11.18
    ~B said:

    Oh my heavens! I remember when you did that project. I was so proud of you. And look at that place – it’s SO lovely! It literally warms my heart.
    I would totes use the wallpaper to put in a feature wall in my master bedroom. And might have to have my own personal “Daniel” (only his name is Dennis, he’s gay and is magical with all things decor) come help me jazz up the ol’ Suburban Splendor Manor.

  32. 12.11.18
    Alexander Haines said:

    Daniel! Congrats– so exciting to see your work celebrated in this way. You deserve it!
    As for the wallpaper winnings, I am in the process of closing on my first house (!!!!), an 1828 federal-style little cottage, and would love to use this wallpaper in the reading nook at the top of the stairs. My dog, Rudy, looks just like a fox, so this paper makes me think of him and I’ll probably end up buying it either way, HA!
    As for the book, I’ll probably hoard it myself.
    Fingers crossed!

  33. 12.11.18
    Julie said:

    Good Morning! I’d find a spot or several, that’s for sure. Some would go in the back of my TV cabinet which is an old 40’s curio retrofitted. Then likely my master bath, I am loving the turquoise but the navy blue is really speaking to me. :) maybe the guest bedroom…

    I look forward to your blog posts but I am not much of a commenter in general.

  34. 12.11.18
    Ros said:

    60 feet of wallpaper, on 8ft tall walls, is slightly more than 7 feet of wall… which, coincidentally, is the length of the wall behind the dining room buffet. I have an open-concept downstairs (30x34ft house, and there is not a single downstairs wall), and it could use some oomph, if only to compete with the wood stove and mountain view on the opposite wall! I’d go for the indigo version, which is gorgeous, but my husband would probably argue for the pine colour. And, for the record: the foxes would absolutely delight my toddler, who adores all foxes – his stuffed animals, fox-themed images and clothes, the fox tattoo on my back – foxes are his theme.

    And I would (no shame) skim though the book, but would likely give it to my sister – she is lovely and has followed your blog for years and she adores thrift store shopping, good decor, and comfortable living spaces. She’s my best.

  35. 12.11.18

    I would one hundred percent keep this book for myself, duh. And as far as the wallpaper, I would def choose the green tone to do an accent wall in my guest bedroom. Currently it houses my great grandmother’s headboard, vanity, and dresser, but I try to also modernize it with fun bedding & plants. I just thrifted a metal sign that’s white and says “Room for Rent” in green, and I am envisioning that and that green tone wall paper as the new design-scheme for the room! I rent it out to airbnb guests and love to host visiting friends and family. <<–told myself I'd be concise here, ha.

  36. 12.11.18
    kara said:

    what a great tuesday-morning revelation to read, and now, be part of :) thank you!
    aah, that wallpaper! so inspiring! i have a big old chicago prairie-school two-story four-flat and i think i might be inspired to re-do the front stairway if i won this – it’s kind of an impressive space with an atrium above and 30′ ceilings – i would rip up the carpet on the stairs and put in a striped runner; put in some chair rail going up the stairs; repaint the tan walls to grey or blue; and install this wallpaper below the new chair rail. gah!!

  37. 12.11.18
    Kate said:

    YAY! This is such a great post. I am so happy your work is in a DESIGN BOOK *insert all the celebratory emoji*

  38. 12.11.18
    Andrea in Toronto said:

    Ana’s home looks like the perfect combo of stylish and easy-to-live-in. Also, the book stays with me, and the wallpaper would go on the headboard wall of my, currently, all white bedroom. So over the white. Happy holidays!

  39. 12.11.18
    Vanessa said:

    I definitely see the dark blue wallpaper on three or maybe all of my bedroom walls so I can feel like I’m sleeping in a friendly cave. As for the book, I’d give it to my mom. She’s in the process of redesigning her kitchen now that all the kids are gone and could use some inspiration!

  40. 12.11.18
    Stephanie said:

    Oh I love that gold pineapple wallpaper! For the giveaway, I’d gift the book to a family member but that wallpaper would be MINE ALL MINE and I think an amazing focal wall in my bedroom. :)

  41. 12.11.18
    Samantha R said:

    Wow! What an accomplishment! Awesome interiors; awesome designer!

    We’re in the midst of updating our 1965 split level we bought last spring. I can think of so many places for that gorgeous wallpaper to go – current front runner is the master bedroom behind the headboard.

    And my coffee table is about to be reclaimed from it’s job as a catch-all in the baby’s room – I would love to have a fancy new coffee table book to show off on it!

    Merry Christmas!

  42. 12.11.18
    Michelle said:

    Ugh, love my home, but our bedroom is a collection of leftovers. My hubs and I recently agreed to make our sleep space better. This wallpaper would really kickstart the process. And the book I would give to my hubs cause he loves design of all kinds.

  43. 12.11.18
    april said:

    The book would go to me because I’m truly loves design (although I would lend it to my industrial designer father who let us grow up with I.D. magazine and crazy art all over the place). That wallpaper would go in my tiny guest room (in the blue colorway), home to my great-grandmother’s twin beds which have just been painted Hale Navy and really need this wallpaper to set them off!

  44. 12.11.18
    Marissa said:

    My husband I just bought our first home, that gorgeous wallpaper would certainly be appreciated in decorating! Selfishly, I’d keep the book to enjoy c: love reading about other people’s gorgeous homes.

  45. 12.11.18
    Vicky DePersiis Vona said:

    The wallpaper I would use in my stairway which currently and for the last 15 years has only sheet rock. The book I would donate to the small rural library in my town (pop. 938)

  46. 12.11.18
    Julie K. said:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter from Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba to be exact)! So often, these give-aways are just USA only! And congratulations – your work is always amazing, and I love the work you did for her.

    I would TOTALLY gift this book to myself – I’m desperate for design ideas and guidance. And, I’d use the wallpaper in one of two ways – either behind some built-in shelving that I’m planning on in my space OR in my guest bath to make it even more amazing.

  47. 12.11.18
    Tera said:

    I’d totally use the wallpaper on an accent wall in my dining room.

  48. 12.11.18
    Sarah said:

    Gah! This is gorgeous (the wallpaper and the room design)! You should also applaud yourself for the fact that Gasteyer’s home still looks so fresh and timeless even 5 years later! But I hear you about how hard it is to give yourself credit.

    Thanks for this giveaway! I would probably gift the book to my mom and spend all Christmas morning reading it myself.

  49. 12.11.18
    June said:

    Okay, so this must be the reason I’ve left my vestibule de-wallpapered for the past two years. Everyday I pass thru the front door and think what should I do here? Obviously, all this time I was unconsciously waiting for blue foxes to appear.

  50. 12.11.18
    Kate said:

    I recently bought my first little house, a 100-year old little cottage without a level floor or straight wall to be found. With my 74 year old father by my side, my first project was the little kitchen remodel that spiraled. Ended up gutting it from the studs to the rafters and learning about so many things along the way (well, I learned from dad, he’s an endless wealth of knowledge and experience) – we brought a plumber in to move the gas and water, but did all the rest ourselves – all new wiring, lights, rotted floor and studs replaced, cabinets, ceiling, tiling… and it’s amazing! The bathroom, small back bedroom and dining room are this winter’s projects and I’m not sure where new wallpaper would be best quite yet, but it would definitely be lovely in one of those locations! And the book would be lovely inspiration for when I tackle them!

  51. 12.11.18
    Mom said:

    I must HAVE that book so I can brag to my friends. Plus, I love Ana. I’d hang that wallpaper wherever you told me to as long as you also come home to do it. BTW, relax everyone I’m not even eligible to win.

  52. 12.11.18
    Stephanie said:

    I would use the wallpaper in my office, and read the book many times once it’s added to my library. No shame.

  53. 12.11.18
    Liz F said:

    Awesome story! Congratulations – really happy for you.

    I would put this paper in my home office. It is the room I spend the most time in, and it needs character!

  54. 12.11.18
    Laura said:

    I’m so glad you’re letting yourself be proud of your accomplishments – you’ve really worked insanely hard! The LEAST you deserve is your own pride in a job well done. :)

    I’ve been thinking of doing an accent wallpaper in my teeny tiny entryway, and that new H&W pattern is absolutely divine, omg. I have kind of a fox theme going on and it would be so perfect in my entryway!!

  55. 12.11.18
    Jeannine said:

    I would use the wallpaper in my…. pantry!! Sounds weird? On a wall that I’m constantly looking at from the kitchen so… weirdly high visibility for a pantry. I would give the book to… my friend Susan who is constantly changing around her decor and loves thinking about such things and getting fresh inspiration.

    Thanks btw for not having this giveaway on facebook et al. bc some of us are not really into all that…! :o)

  56. 12.11.18
    Catherine M. said:

    Are you kidding? I’d totally keep those treasures to myself. Although, maybe the wallpaper would go in the powder room….it’s a gift to our guests, right? ;)

  57. 12.11.18
    Sara said:

    Would love to wallpaper my bedroom, the coziest room in our house. And I want to read the book too! Will share it with a friend when I am done. :)

  58. 12.11.18
    Liz said:

    The piedmont wallpaper would look amazing in my downstairs bathroom, and I would totally keep this book for myself! Ha! And then maybe let my sister read it. I’ve been following along forever and remember when you revealed Ana’s bathroom; I am SO PROUD of you and everything you’ve accomplished.

  59. 12.11.18
    Nicole said:

    What an accomplishment! Good for you.
    Wallpaper would definitely be put to use in our dining room – a total blank slate at the moment!

  60. 12.11.18
    Kristine said:

    I would use the wallpaper in a hallway or maybe my office. So gorgeous. Just love everything you do Daniel. I would gift the book to my best friend who just bought a new home.


  61. 12.11.18
    Melody said:

    Congratulations on your surprise book appearance! I do so enjoy your blog.
    I would use that beautiful wallpaper in our second floor hallway, to set off the collection of mismatched yard sale mirrors that live on that wall. And I would probably keep the book for myself because the way you’ve described it is super appealing, not to mention the photos you’ve posted from it are oooooh-worthy.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. 12.11.18
    MARA said:

    Wow, what an honor!!!

    I’d LOVE to put that in my half bath. No windows, small, needs a POP of something!

  63. 12.11.18
    Sarah S said:

    I’d probably use it in my half bath, or maybe an accent wall in my bedroom – and I’d definitely give the book to ME!!!

  64. 12.11.18
    Kathy said:

    I’d love to wallpaper a hutch a la the Brinsons. And as for the book, I’d totally keep it for myself, ha!

  65. 12.11.18
    Charlie said:

    So, we’ve lived in our loft for almost ten years, and we still have the hand-me-down furniture that my in-laws “gifted” us with, and not a single painted wall. I’d love to re-do our entertainment center area– replacing the 80’s-vintage entertainment center (cherry wood laminate! Blah!) with a mid-century-style open shelving situation with gorgeous wallpaper behind it. This would be the perfect touch for that area!

  66. 12.11.18
    Holley said:

    I bet that was an amazing surreal surprise! You’ve always been great btw. I would use that dark colorway anywhere in my house…it’s so good. My son loves foxes currently, so probably something for him.

  67. 12.11.18
    Keegan Flaherty said:

    I’d geek out just like you! And I’d keep the book for myself. I have a tiny, tiny powder bath that needs love and the piedmont wallpaper is the love it needs.

  68. 12.11.18
    Adrienne said:

    Hello Daniel, I love that you are having this giveaway for the beautiful book and wallpaper. I also love reading your blog posts, as I can identify with so many of your home improvement adventures. So, first of all thank you for for sharing your ideas, knowledge, talents and life, and now also the opportunity of winning this wonderful book and amazingly gorgeous wallpaper. The Piedmont pattern wallpaper is so perfect for a small, overlooked utility and laundry room in my small home in the mountains. It reminds me of a forest walk around here with the little animals and plant life (especially in the Mist color way). As for the book, I have to admit, I would page through it and enjoy it a bit first, before I gave it as a gift to a dear friend who is also in the middle of some renovations. Lots of love to you and yours this holiday season!!

  69. 12.11.18

    I would give the book to…me! I’m hoping to buy my first home sometime in the next year so I’d want to use it there.

  70. 12.11.18
    Courtney said:

    I’d use it in my baby’s nursery, because his name is Fox (and it would be beautiful with his furniture!). I’d gift the book to my friend Michael, who made sure I followed you a while ago and that I entered the giveaway today ;)

  71. 12.11.18
    Nicole said:

    It would go straight into the office/guestroom/hopefully future nursery bc it says both whimsical fun professional and cool modern baby.

  72. 12.11.18
    Tonya said:

    I have a stairwell leading up to my daughter’s room that has been begging for wallpaper since we moved in. And I would 100% keep that book. I’m in desperate need of inspiration!

  73. 12.11.18
    Cara said:

    Ahh this is so amazing! My parents split up and we’re house hunting for my mom so I would probably save the wallpaper for her new home, but the book would definitely be for me!

  74. 12.11.18
    Sarah said:

    That indigo one would go PERFECTLY in my dining room or the green could go in the bathroom I’m currently trying to convince my husband do redo with green tile!

  75. 12.11.18
    Diane said:

    Well,well,well! Look at you! So proud you are recognized for all the beauty you create in this world. Your like a son,I never had,and mama is so happy and proud of you,and bragging to all my friends about your accomplishments. Love the book,and wallpaper would look fab in my living room. Call me soon,love mom#2

  76. 12.11.18
    alliea_2 said:

    The wallpaper would definitely go on the wall behind my bed – which is a Victorian cast iron curvy thing in old gold and would be complemented beautifully by Hygge and West wallpaper.

    The book I may keep – giving it away might seem like too much of a hint. My house can take all the hints, all the time.

  77. 12.11.18
    Claire said:

    Yay! It’s so exciting to see your more of your beautiful work!

    I’d love to hang the wallpaper in our master bath. Thanks for arranging a giveaway!

  78. 12.11.18
    Taylor said:

    I remember Ana’s bathroom and am psyched to see more of the home featured here. Your blog is where I first learned of H&W wallpaper! I would use this wallpaper in our tiny little master bath that we’re about to redo over my husband’s winter break from school. We recently moved into a 1960’s ranch from a 1920’s Victorian and it’s been fun to do different things as we fix up this house. I used many of your tips in our old house, like installing a kitchen vent right out through the wall. Thanks for continuing to post.

  79. 12.11.18
    Paige said:

    I have a 1903 fixer-upper gut job starting in the spring, and I would love to put the Piedmont in the new main floor powder/laundry room!

  80. 12.11.18
    Mary said:

    I bought an old 1906 Craftsman house that I am renovating on my own (single girl) and yes it’s been hard! I’ve been reading your blog for years and it’s given me inspiration during some rough renovation projects. That wallpaper is gorgeous! I would use it in my bathroom – which is currently painted a sad dark brown – it’s been low on the renovation priorities!

  81. 12.11.18
    Brian said:

    I live in an apartment built in 1967 and converted to condos in the 70’s. Nice layout but small. A hall closet I converted into open shelving would get the wallpaper and while I might loan out the book it would have to come back to me.

  82. 12.11.18
    Emily Laakso said:

    Oh, wow. That paper is AMAZING. I could totally find a place for it in every room, but if I had to pick one it would be the hallway in the deep blue. It would even go perfectly with the existing paint colour… I love a moody, cosy hall!
    Also, as much as I’d want to keep the book to myself, I would give it to my sister who has just started building her own home. It would be the perfect interiors inspiration!

  83. 12.11.18
    Clinton said:

    I have a guest room with a hallway connecting it to the guest bath. The hallway is paneled 2/3 of the way up, and this wallpaper would make for an excellent pop of color and pattern in an otherwise utilitarian space! As for the book, I’m a firm believer of cherishing/reading/keeping books and then passing them on to friends who often do the same. So, for starters, that baby would be all mine!

  84. 12.11.18
    Wilma said:

    wallpaper: master 2 piece ensuite
    book: me, then passed on (because I am an aspiring minimalist-ish).
    other: great job, I love it.

  85. 12.11.18
    Susanne said:

    Holy Mackerel – that is some gorgeous paper! I would selfishly keep the book and the wallpaper and use the paper at my back door entryway:)

  86. 12.11.18
    Carrie W said:

    I’m so happy you’re blogging again, Daniel. I love reading your stories!
    I would wallpaper the back of my built-ins and the laundry room wall that I stare at whilst folding clothes!
    And I think I would gift myself the book, especially after you said it was ok :)

  87. 12.11.18
    Stacey said:

    I just redid a small bathroom with a clawfoot tub in my old house and I’d love to spice it up with some funky wallpaper. Plus I really want to have that book! Good work, Daniel.

  88. 12.11.18
    Jackie said:

    I would use the beautiful paper in our bathroom or maybe my daughters room, but the book would be all mine! :)

  89. 12.11.18
    Deb from Maryland said:

    Thanks for this opportunity! I’m not a huge wallpaper fan so Hygge & West is also my one and only. Love the patterns and quality – and that they are a woman run company. I just can’t afford to put it where I’d like to. The indigo Piedmont would cover the back wall of my two story stairwell and be the pop of color I need for the white walls The book is definitely a keeper!

  90. 12.11.18
    Josh Calvetti said:

    I’d love to use the wallpaper in the back hallway”“ we’re in desperate need of some color there and this is gorgeous!

    I’d totally gift the book to myself as well.

  91. 12.11.18
    Zan Maxwell said:

    CONGRATULATIONS, DANIEL!! What a fabulous surprise, and you so deserve it. Much like my poor builder grade master bathroom deserves that luxe wallpaper on its walls and that book styled just right on an antique table. Even if I don’t win it, I can’t wait to read/look through it!

  92. 12.11.18
    Lena said:

    How cool to get to see your work in a book without being part of it! I’m no designer at all so would never happen to me, but I can only imagine how cool that would be.

    We are building a house and I would use the wallpaper in our entry as I think it would be a fun first glimpse into our home and I love that blue color. As for the book I will be selfish and keep it for myself and use for inspiration in this house building process.

  93. 12.11.18
    Laura Klenda said:

    Amazing! I remember that pineapple wallpaper! I would love to win the Piedmont paper in Indigo–how gorgeous is it?!? Our house was built in 1900 and that wallpaper would be PERFECT in our dining room.

  94. 12.11.18
    Ann said:

    I would love to use this wallpaper in my dining room, on a wall with weird corner windows. And I’d keep the book for myself :)

  95. 12.11.18
    kimberly said:

    Oh man, i needed to hear that this morning: “It’s OK to want to do better and celebrate where you’re at. We’re often doing better than we think we are.” THANK YOU DANIEL!!!
    (and, if I won, I’d put the green colorway up in my son’s room. so lovely!!)

  96. 12.11.18
    Nicole said:

    Hi! This sounds bizarre but Orlando Soria covered Ormomdo’s hideous bedroom closet doors with beautiful wallpaper and I would love to do the same to my hideous closet doors.

  97. 12.11.18
    Rachel said:

    Oh man, that Piedmont is to die for. I LOVE foxes. My dining room is calling for the indigo version, but only as an accent wall, above the chair rail. It would give the room a much-needed punch of color and texture. And the book would go to my husband, who loves all things hygge. He is my hygge. :)

    Wonderful job, Daniel – you are truly talented (and endlessly patient).

  98. 12.11.18
    Grace said:

    I would either do my guest room which also functions as an office. It gets good light but could use a little more pep. OR, and this may be controversial because this wallpaper is gorgeous so I kinddd of feel like this could be offensive… my laundry closet. It’s just kind of a black hole of sadness and I think it would be so nice and cheery to open those doors to do chores and see a wonderfully happy wallpaper in there!

    I would give the book to my friend Nicole who is side hustling a design business.

  99. 12.11.18
    Liz said:

    Ohhhh my how I love this! I have a little entry vestibule that’s just begging for wallpaper, which obviously is a decision that’s years in the making at this point. As for the book, I’d gift it to a brand-new-homeowner pal who I convinced to buy an old house just down the block from me!

  100. 12.11.18
    Jason said:

    Awesome, so happy for you! I love looking at their papers since I saw them on here from the original story years back. I would use paper like that in my foyer and I’m sure the book would end up on the coffee table in the living room!

  101. 12.11.18
    Emily said:

    First of all, congratulations! Today is my birthday, so the book would be a gift to me! I’d love to wallpaper my guest room which has no exciting features whatsoever.

  102. 12.11.18
    Cristin said:

    Oooh I would totally use it once I’m done with the remodel in our guest bath! Or the living room! Why not go crazy and say both?? :)

  103. 12.11.18
    Amy said:

    What a fun surprise for you to find a long ago project in a new book! I love that wallpaper. It is one of the ones I have been considering for my hallway! I was only looking at grey but the green one and the blue one lol probably why I haven’t picked a paper yet…too many beautiful ones!

  104. 12.11.18
    Dana said:

    I would love that wallpaper in my son’s bedroom, and I would love to pore over that book, too!

  105. 12.11.18
    Jesse said:

    We are renoing a 117 year old miner’s house, and after all the structural stuff was done well… there hasn’t been much in way of time or money for be-prettying. I would put wallpaper in my son’s room, because it really got short shrift in terms of improvements and even a little sprucing would go a long way. The book I’m sure we could gift to any of the lovely house experts who’ve helped us along the way. :)
    Also, congrats! Seeing things in an actual book lends a kind of ”˜officialness’ to it, which is pretty special.

  106. 12.11.18
    becky fh said:

    So exciting! Congrats on being featured in the book!

    I’d use the wallpaper along one wall of my bedroom, which doesn’t have much wall space because of three doors plus a giant mirror — it’s calling for something dramatic in the rest of the space (which is too high and narrow to hang anything, to my mind).

  107. 12.11.18
    Christine said:

    I think I would read the book and then pass it on to one of my grade school friends who I still keep up with and is also into design. She and her family just moved into a new house that they are completely gutting room by room.

    The wallpaper would be awesome in our little office. It’s the most neglected room in the house (aside from the loft above it) and still painted bright bright red from the previous owners. My husband works in there every day, and I think something better looking would be nice for him.

  108. 12.11.18
    Megan said:

    Well…since you said I could! I’d give both the gifts to myself! I don’t really know anyone who’d enjoy them as much! I’ve long thought about wallpapering my laundry closet and this would be an easy way to take the jump.

  109. 12.11.18
    Nancy M said:

    I’d probably keep the book – it looks wonderful! And that wallpaper, hmmm, either I’d put it up in my daughters room, or keep it until I buy a house (someday?) where I can be sure to enjoy it for a long time.

  110. 12.11.18
    Joanna said:

    Ohhh, I love all of this. I’m torn between our den/office that needs some serious cozy-factor and the “big kid room” update that is in the works for early 2019 (my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter who share a room would love the “fox-ies”). And I would devour the book myself! And then share it with my mom. :)

  111. 12.11.18
    LA said:

    I’m sorry for all of your other readers but since I LIVE in Piedmont (Italy), obviously I’m the one that should win. I mean, that’s obvious, isn’t it?
    Anyway, I don’t have the faintest idea about where to use the paper (will find a place, not to worry) but the book would be for me, definitely for me. I could lend it to someone, MAYBE.

  112. 12.11.18
    Katie Evans said:

    I’d put that gorgeous paper in our kids bathroom, needs a refresh! ☺️

  113. 12.11.18
    Megan said:

    The wallpaper will go in my office/study and the book goes to my designer kid brother! Obssssesssssed with these Piedmont papers

  114. 12.11.18
    Meghan said:

    The book would be to me from me with love. If my niece liked the wallpaper I’d offer it to her (the Mist would be absolutely adorable in a kid’s room), otherwise I’d probably put the Indigo in my office at work (I’m a heretic and would put it in giant poster frames because work gives me a lot of leeway but would I think draw a cruel line at me wallpapering my office).

  115. 12.11.18
    Elisa said:

    I would love this wallpaper for our study / office room! It’s a cute little space with a kiva fireplace and we moved all the computers in there so we’d actually use the space. It’s lot of lovely floor and pretty ceiling but the walls could use …. something. Something like this. And I would probably give the book to my friend rachel but I would almost certainly read it first :lol:

  116. 12.11.18
    Meg said:

    wow, all of their wallpaper is so pretty! The book would be my new constant companion. I might just carry the wallpaper with me from room to room until it felt right (realistically, it’d end up in the office, I just know it).

  117. 12.11.18
    Katie said:

    1 – I love your blog, your sense of style, and your sense of humor. Please remember we’re all here because you’re good at what you do.
    2 – I just bought my first condo in March and have been slogging through turning it into MY home from a builder-grade/single-dude pad. I’ve got ALL the ideas and not so much of the funds. Full up on elbow grease, though.
    3 – All the winnings stay with ME. That book will sit out with my other pretty-to-flip-through books, and the wallpaper goes in my bedroom. I was just looking at that specific pattern last week as a wish list for that room. I finally got around to painting the FILTHY beige walls and was inspired to think about the next layer. What a gift if I got it for free!
    Be well.

  118. 12.11.18
    JHunt said:

    Hi Daniel!
    I would def use this on our living room wall that is framed by our foyer and entrance to the kitchen. It’s begging to become a bold accent wall.
    So fun to see more of your work at Ana’s!

  119. 12.11.18
    Szilvia said:

    Yay for international giveaways! Not ashamed to admit, this present would be for myself :) indigo to the guestroom!

  120. 12.11.18
    Emily said:

    We’re moving soon to a new house, and I would totally use that wallpaper in the future nursery/kids bathroom. And the book would be a perfect Christmas present for my sister that I could then steal from her to read it myself.

  121. 12.11.18
    Jenny H said:

    First off, a long-delayed chance to say how glad I am you started posting again!!! You create beautiful spaces, you write about them in a way that makes me laugh every time, and I learn a lot from your posts. So thanks for everything you do!

    I think some fancy wallpaper would look fantastic in my bathroom. And after reading the book myself (what can I say, I like looking at pretty pictures!), I have a friend in mind to gift it too.

  122. 12.11.18
    Virginia Summerlin said:

    Hi Daniel. Thank you for this blog, the cleverness of which brings joy to me every time I read it (also, I’m from Norfolk, VA home-state hollah).

    Now, down to business. My bedroom is in DIRE need of attention. The Hygge and West wallpaper would make an indescribably beautiful focal wall behind my bed. My husband is a wallpaper-a-phobe, but how do you argue with paper this stunning?!?!?

    The book might have to be added to my design book collection. But, if I decide to be charitable in this season of giving, I might give it to a dear, fellow design-obsessed friend who could use some hygge calmness in his life.

  123. 12.11.18
    Wendy said:

    We have a 1923 craftsman house, that has taller original wainscotting in the formal dining area and a super fun old (but not original) deco/art nouveau chandelier. I am ACHING for dramatic wallpaper (that isn’t too off from a craftsman aesthetic) to put above it. Right now the walls are beige. This would be idea… Thank you!

  124. 12.11.18
    Karen said:

    I love your blog and I love that wallpaper! I would use it in the powder room in our newly purchased home. The current wallpaper is completely overwhelming with harsh colors and slightly creepy animals and people everywhere. I would give the book to my daughter after I read it!

  125. 12.11.18
    Nin said:

    Hi Daniel Kanter!
    I’m so happy i can enter from Galicia ! thank you
    this pretty wallpaper gonna be put on our middle daughter’s bedroom Mariña .

  126. 12.11.18
    Leah said:

    I just bought a home built in 1834 that needs some love – Beehive fireplaces! Chestnut wainscoting! But tons of latex paint and unsympathetic modern “updates” everywhere. I’ve been scouring the internet for a period-appropriate wallpaper for one small bedroom and this is perfect! I wanted an animal themed paper to play off the lion-paw Empire daybed I already bought for the room. I would scour the book of ideas, then gift it to my mother for her birthday. :)

  127. 12.11.18
    Sara L. said:

    Oh my gosh, so amazing! That book I would definitely give to myself, and I would keep it in my nightstand so I can look at beautiful things right before I go to sleep. The wallpaper would probably have to be hung in the room my two daughters share, because I think if I showed them the foxes on it and then didn’t hang it in their room they might just decide to get a new mom. Bonus is it would look amazing in there!

  128. 12.11.18
    Ashley said:

    Your work in a real freakin’ book!!! Congratulations dude – that’s incredible and I’m so glad it helped you recognize your talent. No way am I giving that book to anyone but myself and I would hang the wallpaper in my library (actually a small little enclosed balcony but it is filled with nothing but books so library it is) and their book would be a great addition to my shelves!

  129. 12.11.18
    Claire said:

    Hi! I am in the process of buying my first condo (I AM FREAKING OUT ALL OF THE TIME) and envisioning my gorgeously wallpapered powder room is honestly helping me get through all of it. Would love that Hygge & West pattern in my new home, and that book full of inspo as I turn this extremely expensive endeavor into something that looks lovely and lived in and all mine mine mine.

  130. 12.11.18
    Sue said:

    The wallpaper would go in my entry – what a way to make an impression! The book would be a present to myself.

  131. 12.11.18
    Shannon said:

    Ooh, how lovely! I could see using this wallpaper in the bathroom or the kitchen… or even on the back wall in mu studio apartment? lol I want it evverrryyywheerrrreee. And the book probably wouldn’t find its way out of my library, ha!

  132. 12.11.18
    Shelley said:

    Amazing work Daniel! And yes,we’re are probably all doing better than we think: that’s a cheering thought right now.

    I would probably read the book and then gift it to my very stylish friend Sacha. I would use the wallpaper in my house (back wall of the dining room, visible from the front hall and the living room) or maybe my Mom’s house if she really want it, probably right beside the front door.

  133. 12.11.18
    Line said:

    I would keep the book for myself (I’m renovating a small apartment in Copenhagen and I need all the inspiration I can get). I would use some of the wallpaper in a little nook in my bedroom and the rest I would use to wallpaper a wall in my nephews room. He (and his mom) been asking me to help them redecorate his room for a long time :) Merry Christmas:)

  134. 12.11.18
    Morgan said:

    We have just gutted a little ensuite bathroom, so the wall paper would definitely become the anchor for that space. And the book? I’d keep it for myself for awhile and then pass it onto my only friend who cares to talk in depth about home design and décor. She just move to Moab and is working on eliminating a lot of bland.

  135. 12.11.18
    KWu said:

    First, congrats on having your work be featured in a book!! I know I’m just a random internet stranger but I have been reading since your student and actual Manhattanite days so it’s like…I’m proud of you! Even though it’s not actually that meaningful? heh.

    Second, we’ve been going back and forth on buying this fixer upper for our first house and if this happens, then this wallpaper would be used to make a really special entryway, I think, or perhaps in the formal living or dining rooms that I would be using as an office. The book I would probably drool over too much to gift to anyone else :)

  136. 12.11.18
    Tracy said:

    Definitely want that wallpaper to live in my bathroom, and sorry friends, but the book stays with me. Santa said so.

  137. 12.11.18
    Martha said:

    So beautiful to see, Daniel!! I love the pictures of her house. I would really enjoy the book and wallpaper for myself, tbqh!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  138. 12.11.18
    Annie said:

    Oooh! I’d put the wallpaper in mist in our dining room behind our open shelves where other woodland creatures live! They’d keep each other company! The book I would give to my partner so that it would still live in our apartment, ha!

  139. 12.11.18
    jenna said:

    I think I would finally take the plunge and convert my large first floor closet into a powder room, and wallpaper that! And I’d gift my neighbor C just down the block, who loves beautiful things and paper and good design, so the book seems like something that would please her immensely.

    Congratulations on the book feature!

  140. 12.11.18
    h said:

    i love this wallpaper! was just looking at it earlier today in fact and thinking it would make for the cutest nursery theme.

    and congrats, daniel!!

  141. 12.11.18
    Cheralee said:

    I have a tiny powder room that was built into the space under my staircase by a previous owner. We toyed with the idea of just removing it, but after about 6 months of demo and reframing we were really missing the second bathroom. It was a horrible gray, then lilac. LOL. I would love to make it a little jewelbox of a room and pull out all the stops for my “Harry Potter bathroom”.

  142. 12.11.18
    Amy said:

    Looooove this!
    If I was the lucky winner, I’d probably read the book cover to cover and then pass to a friend (although most of my friends are more stylish than me so maybe it’s just me who needs the inspiration!).
    I’d use some of this gorgeous wallpaper to create a bit of a feature in our blah living room, it’s still a horrible puce colour even though we moved in 4 years ago… because we can’t commit to a colour we like!

  143. 12.11.18
    Liza said:

    Wow Daniel! This post confirms what your loyal readers know, you are amazing, talented, funny, and deserve all the best. Especially credit for your work in a book! I have a wee cabin “up north” and would use the paper there. The indigo is the best! As for the book, I would drool over it, share it with my daughter and demand it back right away.

  144. 12.11.18
    Alexandra said:

    I’d wallpaper our tiny bathroom and also maybe the walls of our niche bar! And the book would 100% be a gift to myself. Love these photos and H&W and you! Congrats!

  145. 12.11.18
    Katrina said:

    I would read the book with my friend Alex, and I’m imagining us spending hours paging through it, drinking tea, dreaming of projects. And I’d gift her the wallpaper – for her new nursery!

  146. 12.11.18
    Emily said:

    I’ve been looking for wallpaper for my foyer – and this would be PERFECT. I’d give the book to my sister who is expecting her first baby. She needs good decor inspiration.

  147. 12.11.18
    samantha said:

    I would use the wallpaper in the powder room of the house we just moved into last week.
    I would keep the book and share it with my other design obsessed friend Allison.

  148. 12.11.18
    Ms Havisham said:

    I’m itching to turn the nothing doorway of my inornate Victorian house into an actual space by wallpapering it into a discrete entryway!

  149. 12.11.18
    Aileen said:

    This would look amazing in our newly-renovated main floor bathroom!

  150. 12.11.18
    beth said:

    I would use the wallpaper in my hall bath and keep the book for myself!!!

  151. 12.11.18
    Liza said:

    I was thinking how damn cute this paper would be in the Bluestone Cottage and you could autograph the book to yourself…..LOL!

  152. 12.11.18
    Jess said:

    I would LOVE to put that wallpaper in our kids shared bedroom. Our son just moved into his “big boy” bed so I am itching to give them a decor refresh for this new phase!

  153. 12.11.18
    Erin said:

    Oh my lord, I need that wallpaper in our bedroom! It needs a cozy up. And I not ashamed to say I’d keep the book for myself. ;)

  154. 12.11.18
    Shana said:

    I’m in the process of renovating my mudroom and this wallpaper would really just make that space extra special.

  155. 12.11.18
    Stephanie Zell said:

    Yes!!! Love those sconces from Schoolhouse. Also quite jealous you got to work with her.

    I’d totally put that wallpaper in my entryway. It’s a small entryway, but it would be fun for some big impact paper. I’d gift the book to my friend Megan, but only because I need to get her a gift and have already spent all my money this month on me (and my nephews)… Hanukah was early which means the money’s been spent.

  156. 12.11.18
    Rachel said:

    Yay! I’m so proud of you! I always wondered what happened with the rest of the place but figured you couldn’t show it for some reason or another. Now it’s published in a book which is even better!

    I’m currently working on a house addition with my mom and that wallpaper would be perfect for her future bedroom. She even has a special love for the fox and sees it as kind of a sign from her father, so I know she’ll love it. I of course would keep the book for myself because I’m selfish like that!

  157. 12.11.18
    tess said:

    in my bedroom, thanks for the op

  158. 12.11.18
    Melissa said:

    Beautiful work, Daniel!! You deserve all the kudos!!

  159. 12.11.18
    Sarah said:

    I have a very boring office that would love this wallpaper!

  160. 12.11.18
    Allison said:

    LOVE what you did in Ana’s home – you are both such talented people!

    I would either put the wallpaper in my mudroom (which is actually how everyone enters our house, and needs some serious TLC!), or hoard it in my office, where I spend 8+ hours of every week day. And that book would be slated for my coffee table because I’m selfish :-).

  161. 12.11.18
    Chloe said:

    You are FAB. I’ve loved your blog and your style for ages. If I won this I would put the wallpaper either in my tiny bedroom to give it a taste of glam and style.

  162. 12.11.18
    Betsy said:

    I’d totally keep the book, but lend it out to interested friends.
    The wallpaper is harder – I have a super cute space that needs something awesome like this, but it’s largely hidden behind a door and that seems like a waste? Maybe an accent wall at the end of a hallway?

  163. 12.11.18
    Caitlin said:

    I would loooooooooove to do a wallpaper accent wall in my small dining room and I would KEEP THE BOOK FOR MYSELF SORRY! But maybe I’d also buy one for my mom.

  164. 12.11.18
    Jill said:

    I’d definitely use it for myself! I have a wall in my bedroom I’d love to wallpaper and we also have an amazingly weird closet that i’ve always wanted to turn into a reading nook for my kids.

  165. 12.11.18
    rebecca said:

    Our first floor bathroom that gets allllll the use, especially now that we are potty training, is begging for wall paper!

  166. 12.11.18
    Kit said:

    Um, definitely want the book for myself. Just moved from NY to London and need all the help… basically every room could use that paper.

  167. 12.11.18
    Lisa Liebman said:

    Master bedroom! Accent wall behind the bed. Love! Btw, I’d keep the book!

  168. 12.11.18
    Asheley said:

    The book would be a gift for myself! The wallpaper will be for my daughter’s room. We are moving soo, which she is not too excited about. This wallpaper will be the perfect way to cheer up her new space. She would die over the Piedmont Mist color-way.

  169. 12.11.18
    Helen said:

    Oh my gosh this is incredible! Congratulations Daniel! I’m a long time reader and I realize it’s a little weird (because I obviously don’t actually know you) but I am SO PROUD of you!!

    I would use the wallpaper in my 2yo daughter’s bedroom I think? Or maybe my main floor bathroom. It’s such a beautiful paper I’d have to really plan to do it justice! And I’d gift the book to myself because I am very selfish

  170. 12.11.18
    Chrissy said:

    OMG my dining room aches for pretty paper! I pulled down the frightening 80’s dentist office paper before we moved in and my friends are starting to realize that county French farmhouse is code for I haven’t finished it yet! The room has a giant doorway, another doorway and five nearly floor to ceiling windows but the focal wall is was all paper.
    LOVE that your work is featured in this book. Who says good boys don’t rock and roll? ;)

  171. 12.11.18
    Jillbert said:

    OOOhhhhhhh! I would totally use that wallpaper behind my bed. It would be the perfect, dramatic spot the room needs (dark foxes!). The book would be mine for sure!

  172. 12.11.18
    Lara Kesler said:

    I’ve been dying to wallpaper the wall behind my headboard! And the book would definitely be a piece of self-love this holiday season ;)

  173. 12.11.18
    Melanie Smith said:

    Oh my. Would be si lively behind my boring headboard in our bedroonm. Fingers crossed!

  174. 12.11.18
    Ariel said:

    How exciting it is to have your work in this book! I’m a renter, so I can’t really put the wallpaper anywhere, yet. If I ever buy a place, I could see it in a powder room or my office. I’d honestly probably keep the book for myself. :)

  175. 12.11.18
    Eliz said:

    Ooo, I would love the wall paper for my dining room. We use it everyday (small 1930s house) for every meal. For the book, I would gift it to my SIL as she lives up north with lots of winter.

  176. 12.11.18
    Rachel said:

    okay, so i’d keep the book for myself.
    why? because i’m 36, with a BA in english lit and a JD, and i’ve spent the last ten years programming (i have a weird life trajectory), and in the fall of 2019, I’m going back to school to get my MA in interior design (well, interior architecture to be specific, but pretty much the same).
    I have never done anything creative; I’m not an artist and haven’t produced any visual art since middle school art class. I am terrified. But I’m also more excited than I’ve ever been.
    I went to law school because I’m smart and I did pretty well on the LSAT, so it seemed like a good idea. but i didn’t really want to be a lawyer, and i didn’t like most of the subject matter. After graduating, I went back to my pre-law school job with my family business, because it seemed like there was nothing better to do.
    I’ve spent the last decade trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and I think it’s this. I’ve always loved architecture and spaces and design, and I spend all my free time and money decorating (and designing in my head) my own home. I love looking at commercial spaces and imagining how they could be better, or how they’re perfect. I think about design the way my husband (a lawyer) thinks about the law, and he loves his job. So I think I’m making a good choice.
    All of this to say that I’d keep the book for myself, because everyone who knows my plan is already asking for design advice, even though I won’t start for another 9 months. I figure I should try to have as many resources on hand to help until I ACTUALLY know what I’m doing, because it’s fun to help people.
    And helping people, and enjoying it, reassures me that this massive life change is the right choice.

    As for the wallpaper, I actually think I’d use it to line the inside of these weird corner closets my 118 year old house has. Those rooms look great, but I didn’t paint the inside of those closets because I wanted to do something to make them seem cool. They’re weird and not the most functional, so I figured I’d paper them in some ridiculously gorgeous paper so that they’re a fun surprise. Especially in the guest room, because that’s a neat thing for a guest to discover.

  177. 12.11.18
    Merav said:

    I would love to have this wallpaper for my stepdaughter’s room. She is going through a rough patch and doesn’t see her father, my partner, very often. We have been wanting to redo her room as a surprise and I hope the wallpaper might help turn the room into something special, and perhaps help her turn a corner in her life and re-connect to her father. If I won the book I would share it with mom who is remodeling her home. She is worried everything she chose so far is either beige or grey so I am sure the book would give her plenty to think about.

  178. 12.11.18
    NancyS said:

    Wow – big ole congrats Danielle!!!!
    If I won their wallpaper it would go on the staircase wall leading to my second floor. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in my front door :)
    I would pass the book along to my sister – after I read it cover to cover first!

  179. 12.11.18
    Christina said:

    Congratulations on the book! I’ve been following you for years and its so nice to see you get recognized for your fantastic talent and hard work.
    Of course I’d keep the book for myself, but I’ll probably order others for friends! The wallpaper question is tricky – most of my walls have crazy texture. I have a dark wood brown baby grand that’s disappearing among our brown floors and brown walls so I would use the wallpaper to make it the highlight of the room.

  180. 12.11.18
    Yolanda said:

    Oh, Daniel!
    I’ve just bought a derelict house, it was built in 1934 and I want to restore It to her former self. I think the wallpaper would look gorgeous! And I would keep the book to myself, I’ m in need of inspiration.
    Thank you for thinking in your internacional readers!!!

  181. 12.11.18
    Erin Dollar said:

    Looooove Hygge & West! This paper would look so cute in our entryway

  182. 12.11.18
    Emily said:

    Congratulations, Daniel! It’s so lovely when the universe years later reflects back the excellence you weren’t able/willing to see in yourself at the time. Well deserved in this case, truly!

    Armed with this paper, I would insist on my apartment getting the bathroom upgrade it has needed for several years now. My landlord has the good sense to love beautiful wallpaper, too, so this would clinch it! As for the book, if I’m able to part with it, I’d gift it to my Dads. They are big fans of Ana’s!

  183. 12.11.18
    Amanda said:

    I’d share the book with my pal Danielle when I was done with it and the paper would be for our dining room. It’s a small bright space that could use more personality. Thanks!

  184. 12.11.18
    Linda S Rahmeyer said:

    Love this post. It is great to see something you design stand the test of time. I’m honestly not sure where I’d wallpaper, but I have a couple of walls that would be beautiful with this paper. The book will give me some great ideas, I’m sure!

  185. 12.11.18
    Ann said:

    I’d put that fox paper in my dining room because my son at age 4 decided to become a fox. He wore a little gray fur vest and tiptoed about whispering “shoop shoop shoop” because that’s what a sleepy 5 AM husband told him foxes say. So the paper would remind me of a wonderful time in my life, as well as being a focal point for all who enter the house.
    And the book? Great to ponder over.

  186. 12.11.18
    Cari said:

    That dark blue paper is life! It would looks SO good in my super dinky bathroom.

  187. 12.11.18
    Frances said:

    My bedroom wall, which currently only has a mirror I painted white in college and then stenciled WHAT on the bottom. I don’t know, I thought I was being clever.

  188. 12.11.18
    Syreeta B said:

    Obvi the kitchen. Perhaps if it were more beautiful, I might want to cook in it more. *grins*

  189. 12.11.18
    Shelley said:

    I would use the “Mist” wallpaper in my upstairs hallway and I think the book should be autographed by you and given to your mom since she’s not entering…(although I’d love it for myself as well)!

  190. 12.11.18
    Lyndsee said:

    Wow! I really love this. Congratulations. I totally agree about those rooms where a stranger chooses the whimsical tchtochkes to arrange on the shelves. It just feels weird! I love the more personal details collected over time. And I would give the book to myself, obviously.

  191. 12.11.18
    Ursula Ellis said:

    Love the wall paper, and the timing is perfect as I’m about to redo my bedroom (after 30 years!!). It’s an attic room where on two sides there’s no wall ceiling division. The other two walls are painted over knotty pine, which I’m not terribly fond of. I was planning to fill in the grooves and then wallpaper over the knotty pine. I think it’s do-able. And yes, I’d be selfish enough to keep the book for myself but would definitely share with family and friends.

    So, now that I’ve plugged myself as a possible winner of the wallpaper and book, I did want to say that I love what you did with Ana’s home. It’s so beautiful but “un-designed” looking. And that’s meant to be a real compliment.

  192. 12.11.18
    Jen said:

    I’ve been wanting to make over my daughter’s room and that wallpaper would be a great jumping off point!

  193. 12.11.18
    Mary said:

    I love this! I’d wallpaper my bedroom! And I’d give this book to my sister who shares my love of design and wallpaper, especially. I’d read it first, though!!

  194. 12.11.18
    Katie said:

    I’d use the wallpaper in my office to make the space look more creative… and I’d keep the book for further inspiration!

  195. 12.11.18
    Amanda said:

    I’d love to use this wallpaper in the guest room of my very first home!

  196. 12.11.18
    Gwen Hagerman said:

    I love this book. You used that wallpaper so well it made me want to upscale my bedroom. Hoping against hope to win. Even in the frozen north we love maintaining our homes in a wonderful fashion.

  197. 12.11.18
    Trish said:

    Beautiful paper and how wonderful that you’re mentioned in a real BOOK! A fantastic recognition of hard work! I would use this paper either in my daughter’s room as an accent behind her bookcase or in the hall bathroom. Or both.

  198. 12.11.18
    Loviisa said:

    I can’t decide between my guest room or craft/loom room where the wall paper would look best!

  199. 12.11.18
    L. E. Bruce said:

    What a lovely thing for you to find your work in a book and allow yourself to own how incredibly brilliant you are. I would love to own the book for myself.

  200. 12.11.18
    Amy Huff said:

    I’d use the wallpaper in our main bathroom downstairs. It’s a good sized bathroom but totally lacks character and since it’s new construction I’m not allowed to update it for 5 years (still 2 to go) so this would give me the perfect excuse to bump up that time table considerably!

    Also, I’d keep the book as a total design book hoarder.

  201. 12.11.18
    Martha said:

    Oh what fun! I would use the wallpaper in my sewing/guest room–it would be perfect on the wall behind the bed.

  202. 12.11.18
    Barbara Zunder said:

    Oooh! I would put the paper in my dining room (or guest room? Game time decision, for sure), and I would keep that book all to myself! :) (Great job, by the way)

  203. 12.11.18
    Kelly P said:

    Wow – what a giveaway! I love, love, love Hygge & West. I have the Petal Pusher paper in a discontinued colorway (white with pearl flowers) in my Master Bath and it brings me joy every day! If I won I would use it in the bathroom of a flat my husband and I just bought in a tiny fishing village in Mevagissey, Cornwall. The foxes would be a perfect fit for our new UK abode! The hardest part would be choosing between the Mist and Indigo colorways. Fingers crossed….

  204. 12.11.18
    Anne-Laure said:

    Hi there, I’m your French fan all the way from seaside St Malo. Baby girl due anyday now… and so far her future bedroom in our tiny home is…our dressing which was emptied and small window put in. Dramatically in need of something to forget this used to be a closet and that lovely wallpaper would be perfect! The book would be my companion for those sleepless nights to come, looking for inspiration for our big 2019 house re-do (bye green carpet, brown kitchen and salmon wallpaper!). And how cool would it be to tell baby girl stories about how this wallpaper comes from the far away country where momy grew up?:)

  205. 12.11.18
    Nina said:

    Oh Daniel I understand that self doubt completely but you really are awesome at what you do. You’ve inspired me many times with my house. I would use the wallpaper for the guest loo we are creating while we do our kitchen. it’s what I’ve been looking, if I don’t win I’ll have to go back to considering one of the Vices colourways from Paper Hands. The book would be read reread and reread again for inspiration.

  206. 12.11.18
    Kelli said:

    I have so many places I want to wallpaper but I can’t afford it! I’d use peonies in my entry way and queen anne in my bathroom and–oh so many places!

    I just put this book on reserve from the library (trying to be frugal, you know) but I’d gladly keep it for myself if I won! An early Christmas present.

  207. 12.11.18
    Amanda said:

    I’d love to put that wallpaper on the wall behind my bed! My bedroom could use some graphic magic. :)

  208. 12.11.18
    Ris said:

    I’d keep the book for myself and gift the wallpaper to a dear friend who just bought her first house (!) and needs to update a builder-grade powder room

  209. 12.11.18
    Joanna said:

    I love wallpaper but am super intimidated by it! Having said that, I think I would do a great accent wall in our master bedroom. And the book would be for me, obvs.

  210. 12.11.18
    Ann Tubbs said:

    Thirty years or more ago, I talked my mom into helping me wallpaper a little downstairs room in our old farmhouse in SE Michigan. We think it had been a sewing room, originally, and had had 7 layers of old paper on the walls, 5 on the ceiling! My dad had helped wallpaper our office, but after I bought the paper for the little former sewing room, he backed out, so my mom bailed me out. This fall, as we redo the room, again, I started taking the old paper off (my husband had been using the room to repair French horns, and it was a little ragged in places). Underneath the old paper, I found the writing–in pencil– that I had done to help me with the measurements. I thought, hmmm, I should have written poetry! Who knew that it would be so well preserved! Perhaps another papering job is in store for me?! Thanks for your wonderful writing, Daniel!

  211. 12.11.18
    MariaE said:

    I think that wallpaper would be just perfect to update my “vintage” bathroom – it has tile going 1/2 way up the walls (which I love), and the space above is crying out for pattern!
    I’m afraid I would be selfish and keep the book for myself – it looks perfect to curl up with!

  212. 12.11.18
    Erin said:

    I am so proud of you! Homebound Grammy type, follower since day one, never comment, but still!
    I have lived in this apartment for ten years. The main paint color I love, especially how it changes color with the light. I have ignored a horrible rust colored accent wall the entire time. Mist would turn it into a woodland wonderland. I already feel more calm thinking about it. The book I would lay on the ottoman next to a chair grouping. So when someone picks it up I can talk about my designer friend on the internet. ;)
    Good luck everyone!

  213. 12.11.18
    Mary C said:

    I’d use the wallpaper in my daughter’s room. She’s almost 15, an artist and wants to change up her room. We bought the paint and I got the bedding for her for Christmas. The book would be a gift to me, because I’m an awesome mom. Ha! Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. 12.11.18
    Jeanna said:

    That book would totally come to me! I would love to put that wallpaper in a bathroom that needs help :)

  215. 12.11.18

    I would gift the wall paper to my oldest cousin. Her last name is Fox and I noticed the foxes! She is graduating from college this coming spring and is the first in her family. She’ll be moving and this would be great for decorating her next place. I’d keep the book for myself!

  216. 12.11.18
    Lisa said:

    I moved into my house three years ago. I keep changing my mind on major design decisions due to budget and trend. Mostly, I’m fixing what needs to be fixed & that doesn’t include anything fun. This wallpaper would be fun, start the creative spark my house desperately needs and make me happy daily.

    So, it’s me. I want that wallpaper for my front entrance and hallway. Oooolala! That book would be front and center on my coffee table.


  217. 12.11.18
    hjc said:

    I would totally put this on the east wall in my living room, which has had a beautiful quilt hung on it for way too long (*cough* 30 years *cough). Thank you Daniel for making me thing of doing that anyway, even if I don’t win this awesome prize!

  218. 12.11.18
    Susan L said:

    Hi Daniel,
    You did a great job with Ana’s home. I really like the concept of using what you have and I really dislike buying stuff that you have no connection to.
    I would give the wallpaper to my daughter. She has just moved from an old Hollywood apartment (archways, stucco, wrought iron) to a contemporary much more open space. Perhaps she would do a single wall in the office or the kitchen, not sure. I would keep the book and share it (or buy another copy).
    Thanks for the offer.

  219. 12.11.18
    Nora said:

    That paper is gorgeous! I would seriously freak out if I won. I am dying to put wallpaper in my large foyer and this would be so, so beautiful!

  220. 12.11.18
    Meredith said:

    I know for a FACT that I would put that wallpaper in my sons’ bathroom, because I just pinned it yesterday! Can’t decide between indigo or mist. My sweet three-year-old discovered that the only working lock in our entire house is his bathroom door… and that the keyhole on the exterior plate is strictly decorative. Door’s not even drilled through. He panicked and could not unlock it (“It’s stuck!” Spoiler alert: it was not), so we had to kick down the door jamb, tearing the drywall in the process. I just thought to myself that the only thing that was going to hide it well was wallpaper, so I took myself over to Hygge and West and fell in love with those little foxes.

    The book is for me, because I have a three-year-old who necessitated kicking down our door jamb.

  221. 12.11.18
    Meredith said:

    Oh, also: thank you once again for the ‘dark’ portion of this post. As a creative person who also second-guesses myself, it’s such a bolster to hear these reminders from someone whose work I respect. We all do it, and we all need to hear this. You are 100% correct: this project is excellent, and lovely, and a major success!

  222. 12.11.18
    Kari said:

    I’d put it in my bedroom or more entry way, honestly it’d look beautiful anywhere. And the book would go to my sister but only if I could borrow it sometimes.

  223. 12.11.18

    Sweet baby jesus… First I’d wallpaper my bathroom. Then, bedroom accent wall. Then porch. Then hallway. I’m convinced that there’s no such thing as “too much.” Not of this wallpaper, anyway.

    And that book is going on an Umbra invisible shelf, in my office, for me to reference… often.

    Beautiful job!! And a huge congrats on the feature!

  224. 12.11.18
    Thea said:

    The wallpaper would be perfect for our entry. Love it. And the book would be ALL MINE!

  225. 12.11.18
    Sara Sharpe said:

    You are too wonderful, Daniel! I’d use the paper in my entry … and keep the book for me!

  226. 12.11.18
    Marilu said:

    So adorable! It is to die for!

    I would use the wallpaper for my living room (also most possibly to use as a backdrop for my ESL classes, maybe I’ll be able to look like a “real” teacher now). Fingers crossed!

  227. 12.11.18
    Brandi said:

    Hi Daniel! Congratulations! This is such a great giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. I would love to use the wallpaper in my linen closet or son’s room. Also, I’m keeping the book for MYSELF!!! Ha!!

  228. 12.11.18
    Maria said:

    Great job! Even do I don’t know you, I feel really proud! (But I have seriously several times started to say ”I know this guy… or I mean, I read his blog.”)
    I would put that beautiful wallpaper in my entry hallway, where we put our coats and shoes. (No shoes indoors in Sweden!) 2 rolls is probably exactly what it’ll take!

  229. 12.11.18
    Christina said:

    I just have to get my hands on that wallpaper! My college mascot is a vixen (female fox). I’d paper my dressing room with it. So fun!

  230. 12.11.18
    greta said:

    An indoor post! A giveaway! Yes, I definitely need a copy of the book and the 2 rolls of black/blue fox wallpaper. First, I would keep the book. Hygge is a concept(my grandparents came from Finland)that I want to bring in my home-and I love looking at beautifully curated rooms. The wallpaper will go in my daughter’s bedroom behind her antique iron bed. The whole room has an equestrian trend and those foxes would add great detail. And a nice color pop. Also, I remember when you posted Ana’a bathroom and I thought it was great. And, the beautiful wallpaper in your office–it was sad to see it go. Your enthusiastic hanging technique which you learned from your friend, (whose mother had hung wallpaper once) was hysterical. Not quite as funny as your callous reaction to your sweet friend stepping on a nail in your foyer. I know she recovered, so it was funny when you were so honest with your less than solicitous response. Today’s post is really good.

  231. 12.11.18

    Great job Daniel! If I have to gift the book, I will gift it to my best friend Brenda, so I can look at it often but I would rather keep it for myself. The wallpaper would go in my little bathroom so that I could admire it everyday.

  232. 12.11.18
    Linda said:

    I would like to wallpaper the bedroom. I would share Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life with my sister who is also interested in design.

  233. 12.11.18
    Alison said:

    Congrats on the “proof” that you are awesome, Daniel!
    I would use the wallpaper in my craft cave/hovel (the beautiful paper would make it less hovel-like!), and gift the book first to myself, and then to my friend at work who has that house that’s so totally fabulous that you want to hate her, but she’s awesome so you really can’t. :)

  234. 12.11.18
    Sarah said:

    This is such a gorgeous home! Wonderful job!! I would love to put wall paper in my master bathroom. And that book is parking itself prominently on my bookshelf.

  235. 12.11.18
    Britta said:

    Oh Daniel – I’d so put that wallpaper in our entrance hall to jazz that lousy looking place up good! And the book, well ahem… I’d gift it to myself because hello! Merry Christmas!

  236. 12.11.18
    Amanda said:

    Even though I don’t expect to win, I would be remiss to not acknowledge your wonderful contributions to everything you do – you give me hope that my own renovations are not in vain. And recognition is my drug of choice!
    I’d do my master bedroom, definitely the bedroom…nothing like lying in bed all wrapped up and gazing at a beautiful work of art like that wallpaper. And I’d hoard the book for myself, just sayin’.

  237. 12.11.18
    Michelle said:

    I would use the wallpaper in the master bedroom. The book? That’s for me, too!

  238. 12.11.18
    J-Dub said:

    Congratulations on the book mention. So cool that your client hasn’t changed much if anything. What a great testimonial to your work. Wallpaper is so lovely and makes a house a home. I would love to use the paper myself in my new-to-me-cottage but I would gift it to my sister-in-law who is renovating (from new foundation to new roof) an old house, right down the road from Fox Hill, where yes, lives the foxes.

  239. 12.11.18
    Alison R said:

    I think it was that original post that started me reading your blog! I’ve never used wallpaper before, but I adore foxes and would use them in my son’s nursery. Foxes have kind of been his theme. And the book? I should give it to my sister, but only after I’ve sneaked a peek.

  240. 12.11.18
    Rebecca said:

    This is fantastic! I totally empathize with not being able to give yourself credit in the moment for doing something well.

    We just bought our first house this summer, and it’s been a bit frustrating that after saving for three years and putting down a down payment there’s a lot less money to spend on the fun design stuff. It feels like it all gets psiphoned off by practical needs (I’m looking at you lawnmower and new toilet). We bought the house from a retired couple and it feels like walking into Grandma’s house at the moment. I feel like adding this wallpaper to the front entrance would dramatically change the feeling of the whole house and make it feel more like our house instead. Fingers crossed!

  241. 12.11.18
    Lizzie said:

    Congrats on being in a BOOK! I think that means you have made it for real and get your adult badge or something like that.
    I love Hygge and West wallpaper! We were on the brink of ordering some for our little upstairs landing that leads to all our bedrooms, and it sold out never to be run again! And we were devastated. I’d love another chance to wallpaper that space!
    I would give the book to my Mom who loves nicely decorated spaces but doesn’t always feel confident in her own choices. After taking a peek myself, of course :)

  242. 12.11.18
    Ashley said:

    Ahh! Congratulations, that’s awesome!!!

    The “extra” throw in of the wallpaper is so great! I recently found out that I’m expecting my first child and naturally my brain is in nursery-decorating mode — so that wallpaper would go straight there! Funny, because I’ve never wallpapered before, but before I even saw this giveaway, my instinct was saying “WALLPAPER THAT BABY’S ROOM DAMMIT!” hahaha Oh, and I would totally keep that book for myself. #noshame

  243. 12.11.18
    Laurel said:

    I’d put in my dining nook, which I’ve been wanting to wallpaper for years! And I’d probably give the book to my Mother In Law who loves wallpaper, pattern and interior design as much as I do. That’s actually a great idea for a Chrissy gift……

  244. 12.11.18
    Moxie said:

    We’re hoping to buy a house this summer, so the wallpaper would be carefully stashed, but would probably go up in my bedroom. Or office. Unless I find a net furniture piece to use it on. Totally keeping the book for me.

  245. 12.11.18
    Brooke said:

    I would use it in my mom’s back room. She bought it from my grandma with puke green walls… this would be a major upgrade. As for the book, I’d keep it for myself.

  246. 12.11.18
    Laura said:

    Holy Crud, this would be amazing to get! I have a teeny tiny first floor bathroom (like MAYBE 3’x5′) that was once literally a coat closet! I would totally take a note from the fabulous Daniel and go BOLD for my itty bitty hole in the wall (ground?) of a bathroom. Of course, I’d gift the book to my bestie, who is due to have a baby ANY FREAKING DAY and I suspect she will soon desperately need some more “grown-up” reading material.
    Thanks for the chance!

  247. 12.11.18
    Haley said:

    So fun! Congratulations on being in a book!!
    I would use the wallpaper in my master bath and gift the book to my mom (but also read it when I’m at her house:))

  248. 12.11.18
    shannon said:

    Our 1914 North Philadelphia fixer had all it’s wallpaper removed prior to us owning it. It needs wallpaper re-hung in the dining room and/or second floor living room. Hygge and West is a dream source!

    Congrats on having your work featured in the book! You deserve it!!

  249. 12.11.18
    Julie said:

    this was so great, I love the update! I would love the book for myself honestly and the wallpaper, I think I would either use it in my closet or entryway or as a focal wall in my girls’ bedroom. So pretty!

  250. 12.11.18
    Meagan said:

    Ooo! I would totally use this in indigo in our half bath just off the future playroom area in the basement.

  251. 12.11.18
    Bonnie said:

    I would use the paper (in Indigo) in my daughter’s room – she’s OBSESSED with foxes! – and I would reward myself with the book. ;)

  252. 12.11.18
    Amanda said:

    I have a wall in my kitchen begging for some wallpaper. I would gift the book to my mom (although I would probably end up “borrowing it”) because she has played an integral role in my love for all things interior design and would appreciate it as well.

  253. 12.11.18
    Patricia Hill said:

    I’ll give the wallpaper to my daughter, the typical low-income just-starting-out 20-something with prosecco tastes (I trained her well!) and a beer budget. She’d love to elevate a wall — any wall! –in her apartment. As for the book… sorry, sweetie, I keep that!

  254. 12.11.18
    Carrie Spritzer said:

    Oh, goodness, WHAT FUN! I love this wallpaper so much! I would put it in this tiny vestibule outside our master bedroom that is currently two different colors AND half covered in primer because I started painting the primer two years ago when we bought the house and never finished. (I know you can probably relate to that.) …. the book would be for me!…. and Ana’s house is beautiful. Such fun getting a few peaks inside…

  255. 12.11.18
    Ellen said:

    I live in a ridiculously oversized Shingle style house that the Internet convinced me I could save. I have been “undecorating” 100 years of poor decisions and am FINALLY at the point where I can start adding some fun back. My husband and I want to wallpaper the wall behind our staircase in our entryway. It needs something. IT NEEDS THIS PAPER (I’m not shouting…you’re shouting). The book (which I have read and loved–and was so excited to see your name in!) I would donate to the ridiculously old Victorian home turned library where I work.

  256. 12.11.18
    Rachael said:

    I’d use it in my daughter’s room, though she would probably be too excited about the foxes to sleep!

  257. 12.11.18
    Shenley said:

    Congratulations on your mention in this book. The wallpaper designs and colours are gorgeous , true to hygge . The wrap paper and the book would find a welcoming home in my family room in the English town of Henley on Thames.

  258. 12.11.18
    Andy said:

    Wow, beautiful work wee, mini Daniel! I would use the wallpaper in the pine colourway in my kitchen, and gift book to my stylish sister.

  259. 12.11.18

    Love this giveaway! I’d selfishly install that wallpaper in my home office, and the book would be a great gift to my cousin who just finished a 8 month down to the studs renovation of her starter home, and is now beginning the decorating stage!

  260. 12.11.18
    Leslie said:

    I really love the clean lines of those fauxdenzas! I’d keep the book, and I’d use the wallpaper for a major bathroom remodel that we are doing in our mid-century modern farmhouse.

  261. 12.11.18
    Rae said:

    Firstly Congratulations on your work being in a book.I throughly enjoy reading your blog, checking out your progress on your house, and other projects. I am inspired, and love to read about the realities of this type of work, that people believe is all glamour. I would love this wallpaper in my guest bathroom, and I wouldn’t be able to resist keeping the book for myself.

  262. 12.11.18
    jamie said:

    So lovely! I would have it in my downstairs bathroom. I’d gift it to myself, obvs!

  263. 12.11.18
    Devyn said:

    Perfect timing!…. I am in the planning stages for building a brand new master bath in a tiny awkward bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom in our 167 year old house. The bedroom is going to be done in F&B Hague Blue and for the bathroom I want to transition to a lighter blue and white, with dark blue accents to tie it to the bedroom. The Piedmont paper in Indigo would be the perfect fit for tying the rooms together.

    As for the book, I cannot lie… I want it for myself.

  264. 12.11.18
    Brenda L said:

    I would love it in my dining room! Gorgeous!

  265. 12.11.18
    Courtney said:

    I would totally put it up in my daughters sad, plaster falling off her walls…this house is so old…room.

    The book I would give to a friend who is doing a major reno and just totally unsure of the directions she wants to go!

    Awesome on being the book!!

  266. 12.11.18
    Holly Harris said:

    I would absolutely give this book to myself! And I would use the wallpaper in the dining room with some new board and batten treatment!

  267. 12.11.18
    Lianne said:

    Oh wow – I was totally surprised by that piedmont paper. I clicked even though I think of myself as not a wallpaper person. I would put that in my entrance – it’s the perfect introductory vibe to the rest of my house. I wonder if two rolls is enough to do my washroom as well? hmmm
    And the book – that’s a keeper for me. :)

  268. 12.11.18
    Tiffany said:

    Wallpaper would really breathe life to an accent wall in my living room. I’d really like to keep the book and use it for tons of future design inspiration!

  269. 12.11.18
    Kate said:

    This wallpaper would definitely go in my half bathroom – a tiny little space in need of a pretty refresh. And the book is obviously for me.

  270. 12.11.18
    Laura C said:

    That amazing wallpaper (in the dark blue color) would be fantastic on an accent wall in my bedroom. The book would be all for me. :)

  271. 12.11.18
    Katherine said:

    I would use the wallpaper in the spare room we are going to turn into a library/study. And the book I would gift to my husband.

  272. 12.11.18
    katie bennett said:

    okay daniel, you absolutely killed this one. the space is so loved-looking and nothing about it is cookie cutter.
    lately the internet… maybe instagram in general… starts to all look the same and i love the way you meshed new elements with antiques and pieces they love. YEP nailed it.
    ANYWAY i’d kill to win this one – i have a hallway/stairwell into our basement that needs some excitement. i was going to paint it some crazy color, but this hygge and west wallpaper would be soooo much better.
    and i’d gift this book to my mom because we both have an affinity for wonderful interiors. <3
    fingers crossed! :)

  273. 12.11.18
    Susan said:

    I would use this wall paper in my front entry. And the book would be a gift to me! What I love Daniel is that your work has staying power. It looks current but its also not disposable or too trendy so that it looks sooo 2015 or whatever the year is. Clearly, your clients think so too if they have kept it and loved it. Proud of you for ending up in a book!

  274. 12.11.18
    Alma Miranda said:

    Congrats, Daniel! Get it through your head ehat a good designer you are.

  275. 12.11.18
    diana said:

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
    The wallpaper: for my untouched, vintage pink bathroom (above the pink tiles, in the Mist color, I think).
    The book: for me first, then passed around to my bestie who is making a tiki-themed nest in a sweet 50’s cottage for her new husband and his twin boys, and then my 2nd bestie (placings are confidential) still rebuilding real home after a house fire in 2014.

  276. 12.11.18
    Yelle said:

    I would LOVE to use beautiful wallpaper like that in my daughters nursery! It’s easy to be hesitant to hang anything above a crib, but a gorgeous pattern instead would be so eye-catching. The book I would likely share with my best friend, who inspires me to be more hygge every day.

  277. 12.11.18
    Ginger Adams said:

    I would use the wallpaper in a bathroom that desperately needs remodeling from its current 1955 state. And the book would be a gift to my friend, Jacklyn, roommate from college, maid of honor in my wedding, friend forever!

  278. 12.11.18
    M W said:

    Great work and great storytelling!
    I love my current powder room, but it needs that indigo wallpaper.

  279. 12.11.18
    Christina said:

    I have a weird wall that is in the kitchen, but also visible from the dining room. This wall paper would be so lovely there!

  280. 12.11.18
    Helen X said:

    I’d used this wall paper in my kitchen nook, and gift ends book to my best friend!

  281. 12.11.18
    Jimmie said:

    How lovely, for you and for us!
    I’m enamored of wallpaper lately and I’d love to do my bathroom in a fabulous one. I’d keep the book until my work was done then I’d share with my auntie who would never redo a thing, I don’t think, but would find great enjoyment dreaming and discussing it with her Key West friends.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. You really do beautiful work and you are a fun read.

  282. 12.11.18
    Hil said:

    Nice, you did an amazing job! And it is in a book!!! I totally know the feeling of focusing on the little ‘flaws’ in your own work, when everyone else just sees the overall result (and doesn’t know it is different from how you pictured it in your head).
    Hmmm… that beautiful wallpaper would be perfect in my laundry room :-)

  283. 12.11.18
    Susan H. said:

    I am the opposite of a DIYer but I would be willing to make an effort at hanging this beautiful wallpaper in my powder room! I really enjoy reading your posts though I will never have the occasion to do anything remotely like what you have done/are doing to your various properties. I would love to see more of your Hygge & West uses in other homes!

  284. 12.11.18
    Sana said:

    Oh, my! First, congrats for being featured in a book – that piano nook is unrecognizable and so beautiful. I would be so, so happy to win, it’s my birthday in a few days and I’d totally give the book to myself! As for the paper, I am renting, but my landlord is my best friend, and when I asked “May I make a stone mosaic on your balcony?” he answered: “Do whatever you want!”. So, I FINALLY live in a place where I can do anything and everything – and I don’t feel bad to invest in a place that’s not mine, because it’s my bestie’s. So, the wallpaper would go in a living/sleeping/working room and it would make it FABULOUS!

  285. 12.11.18
    Erika said:

    So cool! Thanks for the opportunity. I would use the wallpaper in our all-purpose (play, sewing, guest) room, it totally could use a punch up! My sister would love the book, but TBH, so would I!

  286. 12.11.18
    Gwendolyn Jordan said:

    My master bathroom

  287. 12.11.18
    Em said:

    I would use the paper to decorate our pantry, which is a big cupboard built into the under stairs space, which if I’d been better organised I’d have decorated BEFORE the joiner built the shelves and doors!
    But I wasn’t and I didn’t. Oh well.
    Thanks for running a giveaway that’s open to international readers too – fab!

  288. 12.11.18
    Marika said:

    So cool! I would totally keep this book for my self. And the wallpaper would become an accent wall in my master bedroom. :) :)

  289. 12.11.18
    Tamisha said:

    Neato! I’m so excited for you! I would use it behind my bed to make a feature wall….

  290. 12.11.18
    sally said:

    YAY! I’m so psyched for you. I’ve always loved Ana’s work, and remember you posting about that bathroom- you did a wonderful job on the whole house.

    My half bath SO NEEDS wallpaper! I’d give the gift to my bff, who also loves wallpaper and would love the book. Thanks!

  291. 12.11.18
    Brenda said:

    I would hang the wallpaper as an accent wall in my bedroom. I’ve never wallpapered before, but I’ll try!

  292. 12.11.18
    Casey said:

    Would be perfect as an accent wall in my guest bedroom! And the book would make the perfect gift for my design-savvy sister.

  293. 12.11.18
    Sarah said:

    I’d put the wallpaper in as a fun surprise in a closet or another yet to be built nook.

  294. 12.11.18
    Ryan said:

    I would share the book with my sister, it could live at my house half time and at her house too. I’ve wanted to put up wall paper in our entry but it has so little uninterrupted wall space that this pattern would be ruined. Also my hallway of many doors might be a waste which leaves the basement WC? really it’s a good sized WC with a window and room for a cabinet. It just needs a little something so it doesn’t feel like it’s the dirty basement toilet closet.

    I’m so glad to see your work featured in a book and that it maybe served as a reminder to better document your work. I never keep copies of my work (it’s mostly digital) and then someone asks for an example and I’m scrambling to find something on the internet.

  295. 12.11.18
    Tara said:

    In the bathroom, over the black marbled tiled floor and wainscoting (once I get on that!!!). And the book for me of course!

  296. 12.11.18
    Mary said:

    I would put this in my main floor WC and it would look FANTASTIC! The book I would keep because this is my year :)

  297. 12.11.18
    Gaia said:

    Since you did your cosy little office nest – you then destroyed for the sake of à news laundry room- I keep dreaming about having my own office nest with the coolest wallpaper . SO this is where this cute wallpaper will go. It will , one day or another . #lonelyrenovator

  298. 12.11.18
    Lia said:

    I would give the book and wallpaper to my son since they just moved in to the first house …. very great giveaway.

  299. 12.11.18
    Ellie said:

    This is so great!
    I’d love to do one of their patterns in my bathroom, something a lil moody…
    And I’d give that book to my bestie who loves design!

  300. 12.11.18
    Heidi said:

    I’d be using this somewhere in my short-term rental house, since my own home is a disaster.

  301. 12.11.18
    Andi said:

    Daniel, I love what you did with Ana’s living/music room. Thanks for sharing the picture– it’s inspirational for me. If I were to win the lovely wallpaper, I’d hang on the wall behind my bed.. The book would have a home on the table in my living room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  302. 12.11.18
    Tal Saarony said:

    I would use it to give character to my generic booooring, character-less bathroom!
    Happy Chanukah!

  303. 12.11.18
    Amy said:

    I would use it in my builder basic master bath! And keep the book for myself :)

  304. 12.11.18
    Marjorie said:

    Oh wow!
    Well, thinking outside the box: I would love to use that wallpaper in my godson’s room (Milo, nearly 2 y-o)- I’m a sucker for eccentric gifts.
    I guess I could use the book to find some inspiration, as I freshly moved in my first time ever couple’s apartment and it needs serious work on the design side. And then share it with whomever needs it most.
    Love from France!

  305. 12.11.18
    Karyl said:

    I have no shame. It’s all for me me me if I win. I need the paper for my front entry and the book for inspiration. When I win, come to Seattle to help me install it–I’m terrified of messing up the install, hence my naked walls.

  306. 12.11.18
    Marsha said:

    Congrats Daniel! You deserve to be proud.
    I would use the wallpaper on the wall in my entryway. I would love to have wallpaper that nice, unfortunately it’s not in my budget.

  307. 12.11.18

    SO FUN! Congrats on getting published! You know, you could also make your own book if you wanted ;)

    And thank you for doing the giveaway ”“ I’d put the wallpaper in my main bath bc it gets zero natural light and could use a dose of fun happy in lieu of sunshine. Annnnnnd I’d gift the book to myself bc it’s just SO PRETTY I wouldn’t be able to let it go.

  308. 12.11.18
    Claudia said:

    The book would be mine of course. The wallpaper would go in my spare bedroom where I’m trying to get a woodsy theme going. Also, I live on Piedmont Avenue so it’s perfect.

  309. 12.11.18
    Naomi said:

    I really feel for you about that emotional rollercoaster Anna’s project took you on. I remember you wrote a paragraph about it at the time – probably in an unrelated post – about how insecure you were. Feeling pride is sometimes a hard”¦ lesson, if that’s the right word to use – it’s a process that needs repeating before it’s hammered home. As a creative I noticed this trend in myself and friends after nearly every job. The magic is truly lost when you know how the trick was done, as it were. But always, always, given a few months – we’ll be just as impressed by our accomplishment as anyone. Because the magic is there, the end result, and we just needed the distance to forget we were part of its making. I’m so happy for you that you got that perspective in such a surprising and happy way! The Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life book will always remind me of your story now, and to feel that way about my work as well. Hopefully sooner than I normally would – I’d like to get off that rollercoaster, too.

    Were I to get my hands on Hygge & West wallpaper I’d first teach myself how to properly hang/stick them (what’s the term?) and then I’d use them in my guest bedroom. It’s the only room in the house that’s colorful, and I like that it’s a surprise when you open the door. The fact that it’s a contained space gives me the freedom to go all out in there- like wallpaper an entire room in a rented house – I’ll definitely have to extend my lease to not waste the pretty, then!

  310. 12.11.18
    Jessica said:

    I’m looking for wallpaper right now for my bathroom–and this would be perfect in there!

  311. 12.11.18
    Timothy Thompson said:

    On the hallway ceiling. And I’d give the book to my sister. She’s wallpaper crazy.

  312. 12.11.18
    Rachel said:

    The book would definitely be for me! I’m looking for a beautiful paper for our foyer and I’m particularly fond of the Diamante (gold) print.

  313. 12.11.18
    Hollis said:

    What a great project and message to share!

    If we’re lucky enough to have a second baby, our kids will share the bigger bedroom in our NYC apartment. I’d wallpaper the space behind their beds in either the green or navy colorway. So good. I’d gift the book to my stepmom who has amazing style, an incredible art collection, and can spot a great vintage find from a mile away. You’d love her!

  314. 12.11.18
    Bobbi said:

    Oh my goodness! I have Hygge and West wallpaper by Julia Rothman in a small bathroom (well, the only bathroom) in my house…and would love another space for moooorrreeee. It’s such a splurge for me to have lovely wallpaper. And the book! I would love to sit and spend time in these spaces :)

  315. 12.11.18

    I would hang the wallpaper somewhere in the little bungalow that we are renovating. Maybe the laundry/mudroom. The book I would totally keep for myself. Hah!

  316. 12.11.18
    monica said:

    yay, daniel! this was a great post to read. I’d keep the book for myself and put the dark paper up in my bedroom. swoon!

  317. 12.11.18
    Kate said:

    I would totally give myself the book, I rarely buy myself books so I think I deserve it. The wallpaper would be a dramatic backdrop in my bedroom. It’s dying for a makeover, we painted it 20 years ago with bargain basement paint that we spent $10 on.

  318. 12.11.18
    Melissa S. said:

    I would use the paper in my master bathroom– currently under renovation, and I’m keeping that book :)

  319. 12.11.18
    Caitlin said:

    Congrats on the book it looks beautiful! I would put this paper on the wall behind my bed in my tiny bedroom that needs some oomph.

  320. 12.11.18
    Margaret Newton said:

    I’ve been eyeing Hygge and West wallpaper for years but haven’t been brave enough to actually put any on a wall. I’d put Piedmont in my son’s nursery—it’s a little room under the eaves that would be the perfect spot for wallpaper, and he would love having animals on his walls.

  321. 12.11.18
    Diana said:

    Unsolicited recognition is always the best!! Congrats! I would definitely keep the book, but sit with my friends and convince them all they should let me wallpaper for them! Which I actually love to do! I would hang that wall paper in my master bath which would then force my husband to let me update everything to go with it!!

  322. 12.11.18
    Michelle S said:

    Gah! I love that wallpaper so stinkin’ much! My laundry room could totally use some Hygge and West love. So Daniel, if you ever doubted how successful you are, look at the number of people above that obviously follow you all the time and only come out of the woodwork when we can score some bitchin’ wallpaper and a lovely book that we’re all totally keeping for ourselves because…Merry Christmas to me! Also not to sound creepy but you’re the renovation/decorating soulmate we all wish lived next door so we looked a little more normal to our husbands/wives/partners/best friends for hoarding old wood, asking for power tools as gifts, and buying light fixtures before we even have a place to hang them (I mean, who doesn’t do that shit?). Reading your adventures makes me feel like I have a tribe out there, and yes, we are sane no matter what anyone else thinks!

  323. 12.11.18
    Catherine said:

    I would put this paper in my husband’s study. It used to be a dining room and has a chair rail – we’ve been looking for the perfect paper to put on the upper half of the room. Of course the book I would keep. Thanks for the international giveaway – don’t see many of those!

  324. 12.11.18
    Martha said:

    Love that a project can come back around and show you what a kick ass designer you are. It really is all about creating spaces for people to live their lives in. Every morning the first room I head to is the master bathroom which is covered in pink tile. I’m split between ripping it all up and starting over or embracing the pink and adding some bada$$ wallpaper to highlight it. As for the book, I’ve had my eye on it but of course I’d let visitors flip through ;)

    Thanks and congrats on making the book!

  325. 12.11.18
    melinda said:

    oh, i’d give the book to my mama (and then i’d borrow it from her immediately) since ’tis the season and all that. that wallpaper though, oh, it would go into my wee one’s bathroom. simply gorgeous!

  326. 12.11.18
    Adee said:

    I would totally hang that up in my son’s room-so cute!!

  327. 12.11.18
    Annie Fleming said:

    Oh, that wallpaper would need to live in our master bedroom. I’m ready to be able to leave the door open when guests come over!

  328. 12.11.18
    Paula said:

    So happy for your success! Love the blog. I have no wallpaper in the house now so it is fun to think of a great spot !

  329. 12.11.18
    AVHarris said:

    Oh my god CONGRATS!! I totally relate to designer imposter syndrome, but Daniel, you’re killing it!
    I’d love to put some wallpaper in my 2 year old little girl’s room. And I’m not going to lie, I would totally keep the book because I’ve been following both you and Hygge & West for years and can’t get enough good design inspo.

  330. 12.11.18
    LollyB said:

    Oh, my, Daniel! Foxes!! I LOVE foxes! Entrance vestibule for sure. I was going to say bathroom but I’d want to be greeted by these guys every time I came home. (Besides, I’d already picked Daydream– probably but not definitely in Gray– for the bathroom). And I’m afraid I’d have to hog the book all to myself. Hygge & West is so-o-o-o the best! Congrats on being validated in this beautiful way!

  331. 12.11.18
    NoeK said:

    The book would be for me! and the wallpaper would be for my entryway. I live in a 1970s split-level that I would love to re-do a bit more than I have. Well heck, I’ve hardly done anything. Thanks for all you’ve done and it’s been great reading these comments, too. Take care.

  332. 12.11.18
    Erin said:

    Love how whimsical this paper feels. I’d love to use it in our playroom :)

  333. 12.11.18
    Lindsey B said:

    Would love the wall paper for our front room and my friend would love this book

  334. 12.11.18
    Eden said:

    Wallpaper: daughter’s room; book: me.

    Dammit, I hate that THIS is the post on which I’m commenting on your blog for the First. Time. Ever. But, God, the Piedmont wallpaper in Mist is GORGEOUS (and I could never afford it otherwise, so…).

    So since this is my first comment, let me do a proper job of it.

    I have followed your wanderings from the early days in Manhattan when I was excited to see even the smallest project you blogged about (small projects still excite me: they seem so doable), through your long hiatus when I was ready to mourn the loss of my favorite blog of all time, through the passing of sweet, beautiful Linus which still makes me sad when I think about it, up until your most recent spray-foamed soon-to-be guest bedroom in your very awesome house in Kingston.

    Your blog inspires me in my own modest fixer-upper: not only in your passion and eye for beauty, but in your willingness to throw just about everything you’ve got at your vision (you are the hardest worker I know). I love how much of yourself you put into your blog, and your style of writing is funny and brilliant and relatable and thoughtful and vulnerable all at once. It’s the highlight of my day to see a new Manhattan Nest post show up in my feed.

    Much congratulations on the book; your work deserves to be published. You are a remarkable human.

  335. 12.11.18
    Lindsey B said:

    I would love this paper for our front room and I have tons of friends (or myself) that would love the book

  336. 12.11.18

    Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. I love Hygge and West. I’m not sure if I have missed the deadline with the time difference :) But, given the chance, that wallpaper would be the foundation for the grossest bathroom yet seen on the internet. Ripe for renovation. We removed the faux ceiling of corrugated iron (???), although it still stands as ‘shower tile’ in the shower. The 90’s were unkind to houses. Let us make it beautiful!

  337. 12.11.18
    Anna said:

    I can totally see the wallpaper on the wall behind my linen upholstered headboard! The book is going straight into my collection. Great work!

  338. 12.11.18
    Zoë Elizabeth Buck Bracey said:

    We would use this in our new dining room! I have been lying in wait on the Hygge and West “seconds” page trying to pick up some wallpaper for that space at a price we could possibly afford. And the book would be a gift for my husband for our new coffee table.

  339. 12.11.18
    Meryl Friedman said:

    I have a tiny brookly railroad apartment, and the bedroom is one of the interior, windowless rooms—so clearly a good place for a pop of wallpaper to bring the joy!

  340. 12.11.18
    Callie Barcellos said:

    Lovely job Daniel! I would save the wallpaper for a while cause we have big plans to renovate and I couldn’t bear putting it up and having to take it back down! And I’d totally keep the book too…duh! :)

  341. 12.11.18
    Cheryl said:

    I’d put the wallpaper in my downstairs bathroom. And, I’d probably keep the book for myself.

  342. 12.11.18
    Christina said:

    I’d use this wallpaper in my janky half bathroom that currently has a toilet that will not flush, a floor that is crumbling, a vanity fit for a dwarf and a light that keeps burning my light bulbs out. Gotta start somewhere, huh?

  343. 12.11.18
    Patty said:

    I would use the wallpaper in our hall bath upstairs. It would be a beautiful, dramatic difference! I would gift the book to me. :)

  344. 12.11.18
    Michelle from the Hammer said:

    It is so important to appreciate yourself and your work — you did good!
    I would have a professional install the wallpaper in my entry hall.
    Sidenote: I almost got divorced after hanging wallpaper with my first husband. We did split eventually — but for different reasons!
    Thanks for your wonderful wise-cracking spirit!

  345. 12.11.18
    patti said:

    Maybe a bedroom wall?? Congrats on being in the book! That is great

  346. 12.11.18
    Rachel said:

    I’m so happy for you, Daniel! Is it weird to say I’m proud of you? Yes? Oh, well, I’m saying it anyway. You did and thing and it was memorialized in a book. That is freaking awesome! I would use the wall paper in my main floor bathroom above wainscoting (that I’d have to add). I give the book to ME! But I would wrap it and make myself wait till Christmas. Go figure.

  347. 12.11.18
    Jen said:

    I currently live in one of the most expensive housing markets in the US, and cannot afford to own a home in which I could use this beautiful paper. For a long time I’ve felt defeated by that, but have reached an age where I am determined to believe it will happen, here or elsewhere. So if I love something home-related that I can’t presently use, I’ll sometimes get it anyways “for my future home.” I have this woo woo belief that if I act like it will happen, it will happen. So the wallpaper would be for my future entryway. And the book will live on my future built-ins in the living room where I can easily grab it and enjoy the beautiful pictures while snuggled up in front of the wood burning stove. And it will all be cozy and beautiful. Just like Hygge & West.

  348. 12.11.18
    ~mwt said:

    I remember that pineapple wallpaper. I loved it then and I love it now. That was such a gorgeous thing to do with that interior space. I’d love to have the wallpaper for my workroom, but I might have to put it in the downstairs hall so that everyone in the house could enjoy it. I’d take the book right down to my mother because she has a teeny tiny apartment and after she’d feasted her eyes on every page . . . she’d give it back to me.

  349. 12.11.18
    Elizabeth said:

    I would love to decorate my new home with this beautiful wallpaper!

  350. 12.11.18
    Jamie Hammett said:

    Congrats on your work being immortalized in a book — published! So neat. As far as the wall paper, just bought our first home (and first ever bed frame!) so I’d likely use it in the bedroom. Or perhaps the entryway? Hard to know! And the book would stay with me, obvs, tho I’m amenable to lending….

  351. 12.11.18
    Jennifer said:

    Hmmm, the wallpaper would go in the study/craft room/spare bedroom (it has a lot of roles to fill!) I’m planning a blue filled nook with a daybed. I’m guessing the book would be read over a few weekend mornings, then get passed on to my sister, also a MN fan!

  352. 12.11.18
    Emmy Gee said:

    I’d use it in my half bath.

  353. 12.11.18
    Kirsten Clark said:

    I would use this wallpaper to liven up my hallway! And the book I would give to myself for sure

  354. 12.11.18
    Emily said:

    I have a roll of hygge and west waiting to go up in my daughters closet as a fun colorful surprise! I’d like a copy of the book.

  355. 12.12.18
    Zara said:

    I’d use it in the sweet little nook in my bedroom that desperately needs a makeover!

  356. 12.12.18
    Ryan T said:

    That Piedmont Indigo would be PERFECT for an accent wall in my bedroom and/or an accent wall near my home office desk. Either that or giving the Piedmont Pine to my parents for use on the guest room at their house (previously my childhood bedroom).

  357. 12.12.18

    I love the fauxdenzas! Congrats on being featured, Daniel. That is so exciting! I’d use the wallpaper in my daughter’s room or in our little library nook!

  358. 12.12.18
    Erin said:

    Ok, Daniel. This is too weird of a story not to share. But about ten minutes ago I was scrolling through my blog reader and saw a print that vaguely reminded me of the paper you chose for Ana’s bathroom, and I thought to myself “I wonder what happened to that project. Did Daniel do other rooms in the house or just the bathroom? How does a blogger get hooked up to do a project for an actress? Maybe we never heard about this project because it was going to be professionally photographed for a magazine? Wow that’s beautiful paper.”

    Then I scrolled down a bit more and my heart literally stopped when my eyes laid upon Ana and her bathroom! WTF? A post from FOUR YEARS ago was randomly brought to mind and my curiosity rewarded not TEN MIN later!

    Anyways, tl;dr one of us has superpowers and my money is on you (instant blog reader gratification. Not the best super hero name).

  359. 12.12.18
    Maya said:

    Wallpaper for the wall behind the bed, and I’d totally keep that book for myself not gonna lie.

  360. 12.12.18
    Alexa said:

    Piedmont would look great in our tiny bathroom in our tiny 1890 home. Also, I’d totally keep that book instead of gifting it away, heh.

  361. 12.12.18
    Keely said:

    I’ve been wanting to paper the back of my breakfront… It’s so dark. Then I’d use the rest in my bathroom that hopefully won’t be pink forever.

  362. 12.12.18
    Kimberley said:

    What a fab giveaway! That lovely wallpaper would be so fun in the office reno that I am planning this next year. I am torn on who I would gift the book to…. it would be such a wonderful gift for so many of my friends. (but I would kinda want to keep it too….)

    Congrats on having your work featured. It is always nice to be reminded that one’s hard work and vision are valued and being enjoyed as intended.

    Thanks for the opportunity, and now I need to look into more of hygge and west’s patterns for other projects!

  363. 12.12.18
    LY said:

    I would keep the book for myself, for sure. As for the wallpaper, I’d be moving soon and will look for a place to hang them once I’ve relocated. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  364. 12.12.18
    Paula P said:

    Oh my! About to move into and remodel my childhood home. The book would be inspiration for myself and the wallpaper would adorn a bedroom wall in an updated nod to the 7 rooms of dated wall paper I have to strip.

  365. 12.12.18
    Laura said:

    Ooooh, congratulations! Beautiful pale blue fox wallpaper for a wall or two or all in my little girl’s room (moving house soon, we’ll need to make a cosy nest for her in the new place) and book for me, because I love looking at good interiors.

  366. 12.12.18
    Jackie said:

    Nice work! I would love a copy for me but I would share! I would use that paper in my office space.

  367. 12.12.18
    Kati said:

    I would put it in my new bedroom so I could admire it every morning. The room gets the most beautiful light.

  368. 12.12.18
    Sandra said:

    I live in a remodeled 35 square meter garage. Anything would drastically change the place. I’m also saving up to buy my first apartment so maybe I’ll save it for the renovation I’ll do there. Always liked the look of wallpapered bathrooms.

  369. 12.12.18
    lisa anne said:

    YEAH! Randomly pick me!
    I would keep the book, totally, cuz I need another book!
    And, the paper? I would use it to wrap books, and some presentation /gift boxes Japanese style.

  370. 12.12.18
    Annie said:

    Congrats! What a special moment! Thanks for your delightful blog. Thanks all for the giveaway.
    I would use the paper in our powder room and keep the book for myself. Happy Holidays!

  371. 12.12.18
    Linda said:

    This wallpaper makes me with I had a nursery to decorate! I’m an empty nester so I would use it to give pops of interest to cabinets and nooks. That way I could share it with friends and family too. The book I would gift myself for inspiration cuz you can never have too much inspiration.

  372. 12.12.18
    Ale said:

    Congrats on being included in the book! I love the new pattern. I have a tiny laundry nook that would be awesome for the taupe color way. Thanks for the opportunity!

  373. 12.12.18
    Elena said:

    Excellent post. I was looking at buying some of the wallpaper from Hugged& West as it is fabulous. It would go as a feature wall in the little hall we have. I was thinking of dark blue shades to add some drama and umph. I also saw the book and wondered who could possibly buy me such a nice Christmas present!!!

  374. 12.12.18
    Rachel said:

    Congrats Daniel! The updates look amazing.
    I would likely use the wallpaper in the hall bath in my home, and then maybe in an upstairs bedroom as well. And I would totally keep that book for myself. It looks wonderful!

  375. 12.12.18
    Heather f said:

    this is fun! The book is all MINE. I need some inspiration. my house is about a hundred years old and needs something fresh. I wish you could come over and give me some ideas!

    I’m redoing our yucky daylight basement and trying to make a nice guest bedroom with bath down there. the wallpaper would help make it less basementie



  376. 12.12.18
    Melissa said:

    Our overpopulated house (multi-generational) could use some of that enthusiasm on its walls instead of just within them!!! Love the way all your work turns out… congratulations on the affirmation this job provided for you!

  377. 12.12.18
    Caro said:

    Congratulations Daniel. What a lovely and well- deserved surprise to find yourself in an actual book.

    I would love to be entered in the drawing. That piedmont wallpaper would be perfect in my entry. I’ve been looking for a leafy wallpaper to complement the great view of trees.

  378. 12.12.18
    Lucía said:

    I’d love to update my bedside table drawer fronts with some of that gorgeous wallpaper, and maybe hand paint the existing knobs? The whole table is this honey colored wood and although it’s kind of bland, I’m hesitant to paint it, so wallpaper could be a nice alternative! Thanks for the giveaway!

  379. 12.12.18
    Gail Cox said:

    Whoa… I never win anything and I enter so many contests. However, I am by nature an optimistic sort of person so here I go again. Hope in hand.

    We are in a condo box built in the 80’s and the one area that I haven’t yet touched is the guest bath. Just writing “guest bath” makes it sound like I have space to spare, when in fact this is a very small (610 sq feet) one bedroom condo that has not a square inch that isn’t used. I would take that stunning wallpaper and gut that bathroom. To be fair, that was by next project anyway but this would certainly give me the push to get started.

    Two years ago we sold just about everything we had and moved from 6000 square foot 100 year old antebellum in Georgia to this tiny home in Florida. In exchange for giving up all that space and old world charm we now look out our doors to the ocean. I loved our southern home with its carved mantles, oak pocket doors but at 70 years of age with a very limited budget it was just too much to take care of and maintain. I love reading how you are dealing with some of the same problems (joys) we faced with our old house and I cheer you on with every post.

    The book? I would keep. It would sit proudly on my coffee table reminding me and all my visitors that one should never give up hope. That all the best days and surprises are just around the corner.

  380. 12.12.18
    Sarah F said:

    I would use the wall paper in my guest bathroom. The room is small and has no windows and could use some personality and charm. I would gift the book to my sister Rachel, who also loves to decorate and make things beautiful. Because she’s my sister, she won’t mind that I read the book first!

  381. 12.12.18
    Mary W said:

    Actually, I’d keep the book, and gift the wallpaper to a friend who just bought a house designed and owned by Eero Saarinen’s architectural partner! I’ve only seen it from the outside so far. I can’t wait to get in there with my camera.

    Congratulations, Daniel, you earned this!

  382. 12.12.18
    Kylie said:

    The wallpaper is gorgeous! I would love the indigo for our hallway, and I would gift the book to my mother who would adore it (after reading it myself, of course).

  383. 12.12.18
    Alison said:

    In the dining room of my old (but new to me) house .

  384. 12.12.18
    Vanessa said:

    Two spaces spring to mind — a boring long hallway connecting bedrooms that needs some life OR my son’s room to seriously up the whimsy against his ink blue walls (he’s 3 and would be pointing out all the creatures in the paper all the time!)
    I would gift the book to a friend who first introduced my to this wallpaper and we ogle it always, dreaming (as if there were no budget) of where we’d use it.

  385. 12.12.18
    Maya said:

    I’d use the indigo wallpaper in my little windowless half-bath for some added flair! And I’d keep the book, too.

  386. 12.12.18
    June Pope said:

    I’d obviously keep the book to put on my built-ins in my own brand new house and maybe put the wallpaper (just on one wall) behind the bed in my master bedroom. Thanks Daniel, I always get excited to see you’ve posted something. You’re so entertaining.

  387. 12.12.18
    Jennifer said:

    I have a 1950s bathroom with teal and black tile that really wants to be wallpapered in that paper. We moved in a year ago, it’s still painted landlord beige, and it breaks my heart.

    The book…well, I would self-gift that.

  388. 12.12.18
    Jill said:

    One wall in my bedroom – I’ve been staring at wallpapers for six months, just dreaming …

  389. 12.12.18
    Heather said:

    Those are beautiful rooms! Great job!!! I’d love both the wallpaper and the book for myself. :)

  390. 12.12.18
    Brigitte said:

    I know it sounds a bit heart-stringy, but it’s the truth. I would select the “mist” shade to wall paper a bathroom that I’m renovating in my home as we prepare to move my mother-in-law in, following her cancer diagnosis. We’re currently flipping three rooms on our first floor to create some space where she can feel like she still independent (and maybe hide from her overwhelmingly doting grand daughters!), despite needing someone near her all the time.

    And, the book? I’d keep that bad boy all to myself…

  391. 12.12.18
    Christina said:

    The indigo would go perfect in my downstairs, windowless, frumpy bathroom that needs some magic!! And the book would hang out right on my coffee table to be perused with a cup of coffee on a quiet morning.

  392. 12.12.18
    Kimberly said:

    I’d give the book to my BFF, who just bought her own cozy house.

  393. 12.12.18
    Kim B said:

    I would put the wallpaper in my powder room – it would be miles ahead of where it is today – it’s such a beautiful design! I also would be selfish and keep the book for myself, but would be happy to loan it to a few trustworthy friends. :)

    Happy Holidays! Congratulations on seeing your hard work in this book and for recognizing that, indeed, your hard work is amazing work!

  394. 12.12.18
    Hannah H said:

    Oh my gosh, looking at a product and commenting what I’d use it for is delightfully old school!
    I would debate endlessly between the taupe and the mist. Making a game time decision right at the order. They’d both work in my living room. I have a wall that I keep wanting to do something interesting with. This would work!
    I’d read the book and then loan it out to my sisters/MIL.
    Thanks, Daniel!

  395. 12.12.18
    Caitlin said:

    I’d put it the wallpaper in my bedroom – love it! And would keep the beautiful book but also let some decor-loving friends take a gander ;)

    Also, really glad you are proud of your work. You have an eye for design and a work ethic that is truly something to take pride in every day!!

  396. 12.12.18
    Sarah said:

    I didn’t wallpaper could be so cute and cool
    at the same time. That indigo belongs in my little nephews bedroom. He happens to be supercute and cool too and I can redecorate his room.

  397. 12.12.18
    Andrea said:

    If I win I will keep the book because I love looking through decorating books and living vicariously. The wallpaper I would either one. Give to my mother because she owns her own house and loves to decorate with wallpaper or two. Used to mind the back of my book shelves because that would make a beautiful pop of interest and since I rent I could take it with me when I move.

  398. 12.12.18
    kasey said:

    I’d use Peidmont (taupe) in my entryway! It’s a boring space–needs some life! I’d also keep the book, let’s be honest.

  399. 12.12.18
    Kathy Sturgeon said:

    I’d love to use this wallpaper in our tiny master bath when we begin its renovation very soon!

  400. 12.12.18
    Liz said:

    What a lovely space you created! I’m totally happy to celebrate with you and also win a copy of the book (for myself). :D

    And where would I put that wallpaper – why I’d use it in a newly designed rabbit pen area (which is in a predominant spot on my 1st floor) for my buns Phineas & Daisy. I have an 1885 house in Chicago and am renovating it in full. I’m planning on elevating their living space as well as mine. ;)

  401. 12.12.18
    Barb said:

    I would have to keep that book for myself. It looks amazing. The wallpaper would really look terrific in my entryway or possibly in the hall bath. It is beautiful. Love foxes. Thanks Daniel. Great blog.

  402. 12.12.18
    Janell said:

    The book would be for me — I’m trying to redecorate with what I have, so I could use the inspiration. I might put the wallpaper in the master bathroom or in my walk-in closet (which is like a room).

  403. 12.12.18
    Natalie said:

    I’d give the book to my husband to convince him of how awesome wallpaper is. And the wallpaper would be a beautiful addition to our guest bathroom, but I might be selfish and use it in our master, if given the opportunity ;)

  404. 12.12.18
    Melinda said:

    I would put this wallpaper in my entry, in my master bath, and in my dressing room. I want to lick it, its so good!

  405. 12.12.18
    Toby said:

    Living in Chicago I just moved into an amazing timber loft that I am slowly redecorating to merge both our styles together. I would put this on the wall behind the bed. We recently purchased a piece of art that is called “I Dream of Trees” by Adam Brouillette that I think the playfulness of that against this would be awesome! As for the book I always need inspiration!

  406. 12.12.18
    Ann Duncan said:

    I would create a feature wall in my bedroom. Love that indigo one. Congrats on getting included in the book!

  407. 12.12.18
    Paula said:

    Standing in front of the book. Toadstool book store. Peterborough NH. You are famous !

  408. 12.12.18
    Betsy said:

    I’d use the wallpaper in our master bedroom. We moved over the summer and in our ‘new’ (meaning: olde — from 1908!) house the master bedroom isn’t set up yet. We’re still sleeping in a guest room next to our kids and holding out until after the holidays when we can tackle the would-be master and do it right. Some Hygge & West wallpaper would pretty it up, big time!

    I would give the book to my hubs (which sort of means I’d keep it…). He is my teammate when it comes to DIY-renovations and home decorating and we both love a good inspo book :)

    Happy holidays!

  409. 12.12.18
    MMYoung said:

    We’re expecting our first child in April and need to do some nursery decoration (after, of course, I clean all my crafting crap out of there… needles + baby is generally not a good combo…). I’d use the Piedmont mist wallpaper in there. Little kiddo will be surrounded by woodland goodness and it would go well with the natural pine trim in our folk Victorian farmhouse (which can be a pain to match, but there’s no way I’m painting that stuff after stripping it all).

  410. 12.12.18
    Elizabeth said:

    I would wallpaper the dining nook off of our kitchen, and I would gift the book to my mom who loves wallpaper!

  411. 12.12.18
    Janine said:

    I’m about to redo our main floor, and we’re going to have a banquette built up against one wall of the kitchen. I think I’d put the wallpaper there!

    As for the book, I’d keep it for myself. I like pattern and colour, I deserve nice things like books about the stuff *I* like. LOL

  412. 12.12.18
    Tammy said:

    I would gift both to my sister, who just bought a new house this summer. Selfishly, I would want her to use the wallpaper in the guest bedroom where I sleep when I visit ;)

  413. 12.12.18
    'col said:

    My condo is mostly all one room and very oddly shaped, but that wallpaper would be so pretty on the wall behind my fauxdenza and bookshelf. Sigh…
    And yeah, I’d keep the book, although I can think of a couple of friends I’d lend it to.

    I’m so glad that seeing your work in the book helped you think about it differently. It’s good when we can take that moment and value ourselves, yeah?

  414. 12.12.18
    Lindsay Pearson said:

    My daughter loves foxes, all things fancy; so it would go perfectly on a little wall in her room under a sloped dormer ceiling. I’m sure it would make a special little nook even more special.
    The book would be hard to wrestle out of my clutches.

  415. 12.12.18
    Beverley said:

    My house was built in 1919, so she’s an old girl and needs some help! My bathroom is currently demoed and if I ever put up walls…the wallpaper could live in there! I would like to keep the book for myself.
    I think the book should live at my house….;)

  416. 12.12.18
    Heather said:

    I’d totally gift this book to myself. :)

  417. 12.12.18
    Michelle said:

    Ohhh! So pretty! We have a tiny little hallway that we’ve been debating something fun for, the wallpaper would be perfect!

    And that book? I’d like to be kind and say I’d give it to one of my girlfriends who would love it. But, reality? I’d be hard pressed not to crack that baby open immediately. But I’d totally share it with her!

  418. 12.12.18
    Jenna said:

    Beautiful work, Daniel! Happy holidays to you :)
    I think I’d put that fab paper in either my guest bath or on the wall behind my bed in my bedroom…either way, gorgeous!

  419. 12.12.18
    Tansek said:

    I recently purchased my first home and am trying to make it “my own” which is a very slooooow process. I am in love with geometric patterned gold wallpaper and would use it on the main wall in my bedroom and the book to help with design ideas for the rest of the house.

  420. 12.12.18
    Caroline O'Hara said:

    Oh my! What I wouldn’t give for bathrooms and bedrooms full of this wallpaper! But I would probably start with our downstairs powder room (which still sports the 1979 paper that was there when we bought the house–not a good look). And the book would be for my oldest daughter, who just bought an old house in the city.

  421. 12.12.18
    Janet Bryant said:

    Congratulations on having your designs published in Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life, Daniel! If I won my own copy, first I would savor each page (especially Ana’s home), then I would give it to my talented, home-decorating friend for Christmas. The beautiful wallpaper would transform a blank living room wall in my East Village apartment that I’ve never adorned because I’ve been waiting for a moment like this: a clear signal that a solution has been found!

  422. 12.12.18
    Audrey said:

    I would use the wallpaper in our master bathroom – which desperately needs an upgrade from the builder standard. And this wallpaper would be an excellent start to warming up the space!
    The gift of the Hygge and West Home: Design for a Cozy Life would totally be given to myself. If I don’t win this, I’m sending a link as a suggestion for a Christmas present. Thanks for sharing!

  423. 12.12.18
    Claire said:

    I’d definitely put something like this in the bathroom to replace the weird green and purple hideousness that is currently there (complete with border wallpaper accent motifs, which…why?). It might be super awesome in a minimalist closet space too. Ugh I would die every time I opened our closet to see such beauty. This is such a fun giveaway and is giving me ideas…

  424. 12.12.18
    M W said:

    I really want to wallpaper our bathroom! It would look amazing. And the book would be a gift for myself .

  425. 12.12.18
    Kirstin Damstra said:

    I would use the wallpaper in my drab living room and probably give the book to my sister in hopes that she would share with me. :)

  426. 12.12.18
    Katie said:

    Thank you for talking about the weird way a project can warp your view of the finished product. I’m in school now and I know I can’t be objective about my projects once they are done. The self doubt is real.

  427. 12.12.18
    Kat said:

    Ooh, I think I’d gift the book to one of my besties who lives in the midwest and is basically hygge-living. But I’d keep the wallpaper for myself – I have a weird wall that separates part of the house and it’s so plain and boring. But wallpaper would SUPER punch it up and make it fun.

  428. 12.12.18
    Alison said:

    The book will be mine!! And the indigo wallpaper would stop us from procrastinating over our bedroom redo…

  429. 12.12.18
    Sara said:

    I’d put this in my bedroom so it could wake up to it every day. I’d also keep the book for myself because I’m selfish like that and rarely win anything.

  430. 12.12.18
    Rob Edman said:

    I have been a loooonnng time fan of both Daniel and Hygge & West! My dog Birdie looks like a little fox…so I am obsessed with everything fox. I would happily install this wallpaper in my powder room!

  431. 12.12.18
    Meredith said:

    I will put this in my little walk in closet. Bareft of anything else, I will go to my closet when my kiddo is yelling, the husband is cooking something smelling of ginger and soy sauce and cheddar cheese, both the t.v. and the radio are on, and there are legos all over the living room. I will go and sit and stare at nothing but this wall paper.

  432. 12.12.18
    Jessica Gipson said:

    I would use it for myself and use it in our bedroom…

  433. 12.12.18
    Michele K said:

    I would be so happy to use that wallpaper in my powder room, it would be perfect! And, selfishly, I would keep this book for myself . Thanks so much for all you do Daniel, you were new blog entries are the highlight of my day! ❤️

  434. 12.12.18
    Jordan said:

    My kitchen! I’ve been dreaming of a wallpapered Island as part of my planned kitchen renno.

  435. 12.12.18
    mollysusie said:

    Ack! That’s so exciting! Congratulations! I would def want the book for me and the wallpaper for the wall behind my bed … it’s so luxurious! It would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!

  436. 12.12.18
    Kim Tucker said:

    Hello I would totally use the wallpaper in a bathroom !! I would keep the book for myself, love your website ! Thanks so much for giveaway.

  437. 12.12.18
    Beth said:

    The wallpaper in beige would go in the entryway (though I’m tempted to put the indigo in the blue bathroom) and the book would go on my nightstand.

  438. 12.12.18
    Charlotte said:

    I’d love to put some beautiful wallpaper in my daughters bedrooms.

  439. 12.12.18

    oh gosh, i remember this! i would love to put that indigo wallpaper in my soon to be new to me old farmhouse dining room (moving from the city so i can have a proper studio instead of a shared one). and i am currently feeling very sorry for myself because i’m ill and having that beautiful book to read/get inspired by would be wonderful while i recover. *fingers crossed*

  440. 12.12.18
    Danielle said:

    “It’s OK to want to do better and celebrate where you’re at.” Thank you for those wise words, especially now at the holidays when I want to make all the homemade gifts and bake all the treats for everyone I love. But the reality is that I still have to go to work and walk the dog and figure out dinner (altho I’m not complaining about walking the dog because I love it and her)…and there’s never enough time for everything. So cheers to celebrating where we’re at!

    And cheers to this amazing giveaway! I would give myself the book because that’s one thing I don’t treat myself to – and it looks beautiful and inspiring. And I might try to use the gorgeous wallpaper in our office that has been in disarray since we tried to remove the original 65 year old wallpaper and the plaster started to come off with it! We weren’t using anything crazier than steam, so I’m afraid the paper was there to hide damaged walls.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  441. 12.12.18
    Miranda B said:

    Way to fucking go! Her home is beautiful, and I totally get the not congratulating yourself until you see it put together like this because of the emotional drain. But, YOU’RE PUBLISHED. Yessir.

    That wallpaper is gorgeous and fits in PERFECTLY with the really (really) loose “theme” we have going on in my daughter’s nursery. She’s 4 months old and it all is around the most beautiful light we bought from Hartendief in the Netherlands (it’s called “Sleepy Moon”). She has this really bad closet, but it gets good light, and this wallpaper would be a PERFECT compliment to it for a pop of fun.

    And I’m totally selfish and would keep that book for myself because I’m all about the Hygge obvs.

  442. 12.12.18
    Jeanne said:

    Still grappling with that wanting more from the future while being at peace and proud of the present. I would use the wallpaper in Mist to line the backs of my black brown Ikea Billy bookcases that need new life breathed into them.

  443. 12.12.18
    Elizabeth said:

    I would so happily send this to my friends Rob and Eric, who wished they lived in Kingston, but alas live in London, so far from me here in Los Angeles. We stay in touch via FaceTime and… texting about the latest updates on Manhattan Nest. They have been fixing up a Victorian townhouse, while I just moved into a brand spanking new townhouse, but somehow M.N. manages to be applicable to both our design and home maintenance quandaries. It’s a (yearlong) Christmas Miracle! As for the wallpaper? Well obviously I would use it in my currently bereft, nearly monastic, empty guest room, so that when they come to soak up a little sun shine, they’d have a lovely space to call their home away from home. Now, if only you were also giving away a rug…

    Merry Christmas!

  444. 12.12.18
    Sayward Croshaw said:

    Right now I have two bedrooms that are half dry walled. They will eventually be for my kids and I would wallpaper the heck out of them and totally keep that book for myself

  445. 12.12.18
    Anna Kovalenko said:

    The amazing wallpaper would find a home in our new (very old) home in Hudson, NY. Most likely in the downstairs powder room adorned with vintage art. There is no way I would give this book away!! Gift to self! ❤️

  446. 12.12.18
    Heather said:

    I’d totally wallpaper my master! Needs some love. And I’d keep that book!

  447. 12.12.18
    Kate said:

    I imagine that wallpaper would do perfectly in my closet, making all my old duds look new and fresh again. :) And I’d probably gift the book to my sister, who is just as much of a design nerd as I am!

  448. 12.12.18
    Nora said:

    I think I would wallpaper my staircase. Or guest bath?? And I would totally keep the book for myself!

  449. 12.12.18

    My master bathroom desperately needs fun wallpaper! But if I HAD to share, I’d share with my friend Amy who appreciates good design, whimsy and cute animals.

  450. 12.12.18
    Sarah said:

    Wow! Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition, Daniel! My mom introduced me to Manhattan Nest years ago (she is way cooler than me) and it is a joy to follow along with you. My mom and I have a fun new project to work on – I’m having a baby next year :) We live in a small place in the city and my goal across the whole condo is to pack it character but in a clean way. We are not finding out the gender of the baby so “Piedmont Mist” would look incredible in the nursery. The beautiful tan and deep green colors are like a sigh of relief because they don’t scream “baby room”. While I’m avoiding a color cliché, It’s hard to imagine NOT incorporating animals into this kid’s little nook. I know it would make me smile every time I walk in the room. Thank you again for sharing your adventures with us!

  451. 12.12.18
    Anacelie said:

    I’ve been looking around for the right wallpaper for my bathroom…this would look absolutely amazing. The book will go in my upholstery studio for future clients and myself to read for inspiration.

  452. 12.12.18
    Dora said:

    We just bought our very first apartment 2 months ago, so it would be awesome if we could use this wallpaper in the guest room/home office! :)

  453. 12.12.18
    Colleen said:

    Piedmont Indigo in my bedroom nook….with maybe enough left over for a friend.

  454. 12.12.18
    Jason said:

    The book would be a gift for my partner, and I think she and I will have a debate whether the wallpaper should go in the kitchen or the bathroom.

  455. 12.12.18
    Elaine Beno said:

    Congratulations Daniel! Well done! I’d use this indigo paper in my dining room. My home is blue and white and it would fit right in while bringing everything up a notch. As for the beautiful design book, I’d place it on my coffee table for frequent reading and looking at the wall paper and then looking at the book.

    With a few years comes wisdom. So yes, savor this moment and celebrate your accomplishments! Thanks for extending this giveaway to your readers!

  456. 12.12.18
    LD said:

    My master bedroom wall is begging for this!! Love your work Daniel and this blog. My way of keeping in touch with my Ny roots.

  457. 12.12.18
    Rae said:

    Oooooh! In the bathroom for sure- it’s a small space that would look so glamorous with a little extra magic.

  458. 12.12.18
    Kylie said:

    I have so much admiration for all the work you do and how generous you are with sharing your process along the way, I’m so glad this book came along to help give you some perspective on your accomplishments! You are such a talent!

    I was just telling my husband that our hallway is just begging for wallpaper! Or I would pull a House of Brinson and use it to fancy up my dresser/cabinet/hutch that holds allll my clothes (old house tiny closet problems). And the book would live with me forever and ever!

  459. 12.12.18
    Megan said:

    I would wall paper SO MANY ROOMS in my ”˜new’ house that was built in 1861!! I’d give the book to myself :) for inspiration on how to decorate the rest of my home

  460. 12.12.18
    Jen said:

    I would use it on the wall of my staircase because it would give my living room a pop!

  461. 12.12.18
    NG said:

    wallpaper in the office! book for my hubby! xo!

  462. 12.12.18
    Donald said:

    I would wallpaper a wall in my kitchen that needs something amazing

  463. 12.12.18
    LW said:

    What beautiful rooms you made! I would pour over the book myself, of course. I would use that gorgeous wallpaper in my living room where I can enjoy it for hours on end. (And your blog is awesome and so are you.)

  464. 12.12.18
    Maureen Duffy said:

    I would hang this glorious wallpaper in my currently dated master bathroom and revel in it’s beauty from my tub !

  465. 12.12.18
    joanna said:

    for the wall paper – on any flipping accent wall I want – bathroom, end of the hall, back of an open book case … ahh … and the book – full of ideas that I would inhale and share!

  466. 12.12.18
    Claire said:

    I’ve been trying to figure out what to do in my hallway, and the Hygge & West wallpaper would be perfect!

  467. 12.12.18
    Clorinda Moore said:

    I would use the wallpaper in the powder room I am creating under the stairs in my 1832 house-it would be perfect there! I would keep the book too.

  468. 12.12.18
    Sandie Wilson said:

    For my foyer, so everyone can see some amazing design that shows off our style, right when they walk in the door! And that awesome book would totally be my new coffee table book too. :)

  469. 12.12.18
    Josie said:

    Congratulations Daniel! You should be so proud! Imagine how many Christmas presents and coffee tables that book will be gracing!!! I would definitely keep both and cannot pretend otherwise. The wallpaper I would use on a wall in my bedroom or possibly the ceiling! Fun!

  470. 12.12.18

    We are farmers who will add a space for working with cut flowers here on the farm. That wall paper would be perfect on a feature wall in that space! And any book featuring your work would go right on the coffee table!

  471. 12.12.18
    Jane said:

    I’d wallpaper my bathroom to make it glamorous with that beautiful wallpaper! And keep the book for me, but share it when friends need inspiration too.

  472. 12.12.18
    Neha said:

    oooooh!! I would love to use the wall paper in my windowless powder room!
    And I’d gift the book to my sister in law because it’s her birthday and she’s recently moved to New York and I think she’d love it!

  473. 12.12.18
    Lily said:

    I’d wallpaper our dining room and i’d give the book to my sister!

  474. 12.12.18
    Biggi said:

    Oh, I would definitely use the dark blue wallpaper in my bathroom! Which has vinyl flooring on the WALLS (Horror of Horrors!)! And paint the ceiling skyblue

  475. 12.12.18
    CHRISTY said:

    I’ve got a hallway just begging for this gorgeous wallpaper!

  476. 12.12.18
    Andrea said:

    Oh boy that wallpaper!!! I’m a wildlife biologist so it speaks to me in so many good ways! I work from home and I turned my dining room into my office; all the walls are white, so I would love to use some on the wall my desk faces. I would gift the book to my sis who will be moving soon

  477. 12.12.18

    I’d give it to my partner, thr biggest lover of wallpaper that I know!

  478. 12.12.18
    Atina Stavropoulos said:

    I would put one roll in the hallway in the house I live in now, and I’d save one for our forever house. Army makes you move every few years, and I think if our someday forever house has elements from the homes we lived in that’ll be such a wonderful collage of memories.

  479. 12.12.18
    Cassandra said:

    The wallpaper would be amazing in my office and I would for sure hang onto the book for myself!

  480. 12.12.18
    Carlos Vigo said:

    Hi Daniel, I would put the Piedmont (indigo) on my office wall. And I would keep the book for myself, and invite friends over to show off the wallpaper and book.


  481. 12.12.18
    JD said:

    Hey this is lovely. Book would go to the best friend (though I know I’d read it first); wallpaper I would hang in a heartbeat in the bathroom of my rental house.

  482. 12.12.18
    Greg lesniak said:

    I would give the book to myself for Christmas because it’s a design book and my collection needs refreshing. And secondly, I’d gift the paper to my sister who is slowly refreshing her ranch home and has many walls needing graphic vibrant wall coverings.

  483. 12.12.18
    hillary said:

    OMG, what a gorge wallpaper! Love those foxes and birds (quails?) flitting through! I’m a traditionalist, so this would be in my powder room, as a surprise to any guests who were expecting more of the same! And this book would be mine, all mine :)

  484. 12.12.18
    Melissa said:

    Hi, Daniel, I would use the Piedmont paper in my laundry room and definitely keep the book for myself. I’m so happy you received that recognition. You deserve it!

  485. 12.12.18
    Joyce said:

    There were fox tracks in the snow on our garden this morning and there are foxes on that gorgeous wallpaper = that must mean I’m MEANT to WIN this thing, hello! Make the wallpaper that dark heavenly blue and it would live forever in our new downstairs bathroom. The book? Well, I’d keep that of course, as it would help me hygge my way through the long Wisconsin winter. Thanks for yet another cool post, Daniel. You are a inspiration, and a really enjoyable read too.

  486. 12.12.18
    Pat McRee said:

    What a great story, Daniel!
    I must be destined to win since I just looked at the post and the deadline is looming!
    I can picture that fantastic wallpaper in my foyer. It reminds me of my own paintings
    so it’s going to be perfect!
    Have a great holiday!
    Pat McRee

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