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Well, smell me.

When Anna Dorfman over at the exquisite Door Sixteen speaks, people listen up. And now it looks like our little dog n’ pony blog is making the internet rounds: here’s my DIY desk over at Apartment Therapy today! Jess Watson in San Francisco wrote up a nice little post about it . There was even controversy in the comments. Nothin’ makes me happier than stirrin’ the turd, as it were.

I have a TAG. Pretty sick.

And Ms. Watson nicknamed me and everything. We’re tight like that. I’ve been Dan and Daniel lots of times, but never Danny. But Jessie, if you want to keep writing about my goings-ons, you can call me whatever the hell you want.

So if you’re here because Apartment Therapy told you to, come on in! I love house guests and feel free to wash the dishes, I won’t stop you.



  1. Oh Daniel…I have no idea where Danny came from! I can totally relate if you are annoyed because Jessie is probably my least favorite iteration of my name. So, well played, Daniel, well played.

  2. HAH!! You know what’s funny? When I was writing my post last night, I seriously spent a good 15 minutes just hemming and hawing over whether to refer to you as Dan or Daniel. Because whenever you comment you call yourself Dan, but everything over here on your blog says Daniel. I didn’t want to get all presumptuous and overly-familiar, you know?

    Than I saw the Danny post at AT, and figured I’d REALLY gotten it all wrong!!

    • p.s. I cannot and will not tolerate Ann(e), Annie, or even mispronunciation of Anna (my name rhymes with piranha and Madonna). You are a better person than I.

      • I doubt that’s true, but I remember you saying that long ago about your name and it stuck with me. I went to grade school with a girl named Anna, pronounced like you, so it’s not hard to remember. Just as long as you don’t go telling me Bruno is pronounced like bruh-no… I don’t know what I’d do with that.

  3. I found you via doorsixteen. You are hilarous and stylish so I’m sticking around.

    FYI, I’m from Melbourne (Australia), wishing I was over there.

  4. Well played indeed Dan! Love the post–love the transformation–love the entire dialog you’ve started about a little ole piece of wood on the curb! You are a visionary.

  5. It’s hilarious that so many people on AT were up in arms about you tampering with this seemingly historic artifact of a “dresser.” I guess it was your staining job that duped so many? It was a nice nightstand after your first makeover, sure, but it still looked awfully common. This second transformation is absolutely stunning, though–I feel like you could sell them if you made more. I especially admire the fact that you’d never used clamps before, etc., and it all turned out so amazing.

  6. Futher congrats on getting good mentions, the blog deserves this. Any chance you would consider getting rid of the incredibly annoying wordpress snap previews? It ruins an otherwise great design!

  7. such a brilliant job. i hope some of those snarky commenters get something other than just ‘apartment’ therapy. whoa nelly it’s a riot over there.

  8. I came from Apartment Therapy and am definitely sticking around. I love the project but your writing style and wit is what’s keeping me here.

    I look forward to seeing your future posts!

  9. I found you on Door Sixteen, then followed through to Apartment Therapy. The comments over there always devolve into a captious frenzy, although usually in objection to someone’s inability to spell sisal. At any rate, you’re blog is great and your apartment is beautiful.

  10. Oh my GOD, I meant that YOUR blog is great. Sheesh. Now wait for the AT vultures.

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