Welcome to the Party!

Look what happened!

Yes, that’s a picture of my desk. ON DOOR SIXTEEN. The old nightstand it’s made out of said she’s never felt more like a beauty queen. And really, neither have I. But I didn’t need so much plastic surgery, so I win this feel-good contest.

So if you hopped on the old computer to drool over pictures of Anna’s beautiful home, saw one of our first little NYC apartment instead, and were still gracious enough to click the link, I like you. I hope you’ll stick around, there’s a lot of work to do.



  1. hi.. i went to door sixteen, i clicked, i lurked, i liked, i added to my reader list :)
    p.s. your desk turned out awesome & looks so perfectly paired with the soft grey blue eames.

  2. The desk looks fantastic. Well done! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  3. i found your blog via door16, thanks to this post about your awesome “new” desk, and then read all my way thru the rest of your blog.
    i have to say it’s fantastic! i love your style and i reeeeally love your wit.
    i’ll frantically wait for your next posts! keep up the good job ;)
    greetings from italy ;)

  4. me too – same as captain kk.
    i like you guys.

  5. Same thing… I think you owe a cupcake or something to D16 for this one!

    Love the blog, I subscribed and read all your posts!

    Also, congrats on the Apartment Therapy feature this morning!!

    • I totally do! Anna is awesome and I’m totally underserving of how nice she’s been– I mean, did you see her comments on Apartment Therapy?! She’s a real gem on this here internet.
      Now does anyone have a good vegan cupcake recipe….

  6. hopped on over here from door sixteen — everything about this picture is perfection. will be stopping by often!

  7. I did go to Door Sixteen (love her style, thoughts, home) and sauntered over to your blog after loving the fine work on your desk. Nicely done! So looking forward to your future adventures…

  8. I also came via D16. Intrigued, gonna look around
    (btw, I’m from Buenos Aires and also building a nest, a home, don’t know)

  9. I actually just found you on Apartment Therapy. Good work!!

  10. hi there. found you on AT & enjoyed reading about you & eva w/my morning tea. i’m hopping on a plane to new york city !TOMORROW! and your blog got me in the mood to enjoy fun, sarcastic hipsters & tiny spaces with urban style. thanks! and good luck with your future projects, looking forward to reading more.

  11. Also found via Door16. Also planning on creeping you via my RSS. (P.S. Your desk may very well be my favorite DIY in the history of the universe as I know it thus far. Just saying.)

  12. Found the post through apartment therapy. Incredible desk! Look forward to reading more, and please include more awesome transformations. May I ask what you guys are majoring in/looking to do career wise?

    • I’ll do my best… I have a pretty big one cookin’! As for the majors/careers… no idea. Any suggestions?

      • Well you obviously have a talent for this stuff, so furniture design? Interior design? Visual merchandising? Ex. west elm is part of william sonoma which is headquartered in brooklyn… I’d like to make a career change to interior design, myself. The world is your oyster.

  13. I saw your desk on Apartment Therapy! Great job on the desk, it is awesome. I am adding you to my reader list as well!

  14. Love the transformation. And you are so right on about standard desk depth! WTF is that about anyway? Do the people who make desks actually use desks? I can only assume not since they’re making desks way too deep for most practical purposes.

  15. Another one that came from Door16 (could be from AT, my next stop) :)

    Nice blog you have here. I already looked around and added it to my favorites.

    From the other side of the pound. Love the desk.

  16. I own up too…I found your site thru D16 and I’ve subscribed ever since…Thanks for it all! Quite an inspiration, really!

  17. I, too, found you through D16’s tribute to you. I read through a few of your posts, and immediately loved your writing voice. I’m now a subscriber, and caught up with reading your blog.

    I also subscribe to Apartment Therapy, and thought it was cool to find you before they did thanks to D16. :)

  18. …not sure what i love more, the desk or the pens…

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