Kitchen Curtain

Question: What do you do when you have an old twin-sized duvet cover but no twin-sized bed?

Answer: You chop it up and make a curtain!

Even though it’s a veritable mecca for hipsters everywhere, once in a while Urban Outfitters does something I like. For example, the BDG V-Neck Tee. But more importantly, that awesome line of Alexander Girard textiles they sold for a while last year. You remember, don’t you? Well, I do. As soon as they went on sale, I snagged one of the Rain Cut-Out Duvet Covers, a pattern that Girard designed in the 1950s. iPone dorm picture for evidence (complete with the old nightstand before it was a desk! It’s like seeing a ghost.):

I loved that thing, but knew I probably wouldn’t have a twin bed for too long. It’s like I’m psychic. Up until now it was a cheery thing to break out for overnight guests who crash on the couch, but in my experience drunks don’t seem to care terribly much about their linens. So Eva and I went off to IKEA and bought a curtain rod.

I don’t really have a good how-to to offer since I didn’t do the greatest job, to be perfectly honest. This was my first experience with the magic of iron-on hem tape and I accidentally ended up making all of the hems pretty wide and stupid looking– my fault, not the tape’s. But regardless, I’d totally recommend the stuff since it does produce a very smooth hem and spares you from having to deal with things like needles and thread. This is good for people like me, who jam up sewing machines with admirable reliability and historically wrap up any sewing project  with a long nap and a good cry.

Aside from the unattractive hems, I’m really enjoying getting use out of this fabric again and the amount of color it injects into the kitchen.

I’m starting to like the way the kitchen’s coming together. I think the combo of the Orange Glo lamp, the curtain, the wall color, and the shiny chrome knobs is a winner. We actually chose the paint color because the chip looked like a lighter hue of that blue in the curtain, but it actually ended up being a little darker. So the self-mixed color is much closer to what I wanted all along (even though I still think it could be slightly greener). I usually don’t worry about matching shit like that, but I feel like retro kitchens are all about coordination and I’m finding it kind of endearing in there.

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  1. 9.30.10

    I missed out on the Girard stuff at Urban. I wanted the numbers coverlet but it all sold out : (
    Looks good. Love big windows in kitchens.

    PS – I have matching pottery to the one on your counter ( I’m obviously biting your style. Damn you and your good taste!

  2. 9.30.10
    Cait said:

    No worries, the hemtape hems on my library curtains are all wide and stupid looking! But that should come as no surprise from someone like me, a fashion major turned graphic designer. The best day of college (other than graduation) was walking into a sewing class with the piece of paper that said I was changing majors when everyone else had stayed up all night working on a project. What can I say, I’m evil, and prefer to wrap up a sewing project with a good cry and a change of majors.

  3. 9.30.10
    carolyn said:

    totally on board with the iron-on hem tape. and the wonky hem lines. actually i got wayyyyy too antsy to follow the mist/hold iron for 30 seconds/repeat process and switched to the REALLY awesomely lazy double-stick emergency hem tape. shit’s fine! (and for the record, ikea twin sheets, chopped in half make for perfect floor-length curtains.)

  4. 9.30.10
    Ina said:

    I love the way things look in that top picture! Tough to judge colors translated to photos translated to computers, but the wall color looks perfect with the curtain & lamp. An inspirational place to cook. Enjoy.

  5. 9.30.10
    misa said:

    your kitchen looks awesome! i, like morgan up there, also missed out on the girard stuff, and seeing this tour ( really broke my little heart.

  6. 10.1.10

    LOVE the idea of the curtain, and I can totally relate because I have some old twin bedding stuff that I can re-use! Also congrats on the retro kitchen, it’s looking good, the blue color of the wall is awesome, because it’s not too overbearing, and the orange lamp is fab :)

  7. 10.1.10
    Adele said:

    Loving your work there. What about a gorgeous plant for the ‘green’? Any space to spare?

  8. 10.11.10
    Nat said:

    Question, does your orange light have a huge light bulb, or is it some other contraption that covers a regular sized light bulb?? I just got a yellow lamp sort of similar shape to yours and I’m looking for a light bulb. Thanks.

    • 10.11.10

      It’s actually a big white glass globe that unscrews to cover a normal-sized bulb. If yours doesn’t have it, you might be able to DIY it pretty easily by harvesting parts from a super-basic flush mount pendant and popping it under the shade?

  9. 10.25.10
    Rose said:

    Just found your blog through ECAB.

    I got a set of the Alexander Girard sheets! They are the best sheets ever! We use them almost every week, but I’ve been trying to mix them up so we don’t wear out too quickly the best sheets I’ve ever owned.

    I always keep lots of extra linens around for just this (and other) purpose(s). Love the look of your new curtain!