About the Folks Episode 3!

It’s Monday morning, and you know what that means!!! Or, wait, do you? This is still pretty new for all of us.

The third episode of About the Folks is here for your viewing pleasure! In this episode we explore one of my favorite parts of any old house—the attic—and then head back downstairs to check out the living room and perhaps the most perfect kitchen of all time. If you’re confused about what this is or why I’m showing it to you, the answers you seek are right over here in this post!

I’m also contractually obligated to remind you that Episode 4 is live right now over on Patreon! If you’re liking this series and want to see more content like it, we’d sure love your support!

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Hi, I'm Daniel, and I love houses! I'm a serial renovator, DIY-er, and dog-cuddler based in Kingston, New York. Follow along as I bring my 1865 Greek Revival back to life and tackle my 30s to varying degrees of success. Welcome!

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  1. 2.16.22
    Mom said:

    I’ve been watching a week ahead because of my Patreon support. I’ve loved these and have watched a few more than once. Now, I’m so sad they’ve ended. Please continue the series. I’d love to go back to the house with the stone front that was hidden for so many years. Curious how the house was finished and looks now with people living there…

  2. 2.19.22
    Mandy said:

    What a wonderful house – so beautiful and repectfully restored. It warms my heart to know there are folks in the world who “get it”.