About the Folks Episode 4!

It’s Monday, so gather the family around the tube for About the Folks! Today we present the fourth and final episode in our 4-part docuseries on my friend John’s 1723 stone house. Having walked through bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room—even the attic!—we’re circling back to the first floor to talk all about the amazing dining room, complete with reproduction woodwork, an epic hand-painted mural, and one of the most magnificent Dutch Kasten I’ve ever come across!

A huge round of applause to Juliet for all of the many, many hours of hard work she spent putting these videos together! We’re already talking about the next houses we’ll introduce you to, as well as the folks who call them home, and how to make these videos even better. If you’d like to support future installments, we’d sure appreciate your support over on Patreon! We even have some exclusive About the Folks mini episodes planned over there—there are parts of John’s house tour that didn’t make the 4-episode cut but I think you’ll enjoy!

Finally, an enormous thank you to John for agreeing to do this and trusting us with your home and your story! You’re a helluva friend, and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. On with the show!

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  1. 2.21.22
    Kevin Murtagh said:

    Love the piece on your home and of course Kevin Paulsen. Kevin and I go way back to the days on Nantucket. Tell him I said hi.

    Kevin Murtagh

  2. 2.23.22
    Victoria said:

    Daniel, Juliet and John — thank you all so much for putting these together. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed these four gorgeous, charming episodes xx

  3. 2.27.22
    Carissa said:

    So inspiring to see someone making bold decisions they love! We bought a 50 year old fixer upper in 2020, and this is my goal :) I also couldn’t agree more with living in a space for a while first – we’ve discovered so many reasons for things that may have been lost if we’d jumped into an immediate reno. Thank you for all your work on these episodes!

  4. 2.28.22
    Katrina said:

    Enjoyed all the episodes a lot… thanks for making them!

  5. 3.16.22
    Jill said:

    Hi Daniel! Enjoying your video installments! Thank you! In looking back on some earlier posts I would like to know if you can tell me the artist of the fabulous piece hanging in your living room. I believe you have said you inherited it from your grandparents. I love it and would like to maybe purchase this artists other work. I’m hopeful. Thank you!

  6. 3.19.22
    Pat said:

    Daniel et al, I LOVED all four episodes. You are both such handsome men. Kudos to the editor and producer who made the videos such intriguing, bite sized films. I don’t think I’ve had enough. Does John have a garden? I’d really like to see any outdoor space with a yard once we get out of spring and into summer. I’m a 60 year old woman from Canada who’s been following you since M. Nest and still am entertained by you – you’re an entertainer Daniel!

  7. 10.14.22
    Mandy said:

    What we gotta do to get some Daniel Kanter back in our lives?