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  • Dear Gorgeous and Charming Ma’am/Sir,

    Welcome to Manhattan Nest! Congrats on finding your way to this special corner of the internet—give yourself a hearty pat on the back, you’ve done something right today. I’m so glad you’re here.

    My name is Daniel. I’m a freelance interior decorator and writer in New York. Also, I write this blog, which is all about the process of DIY-ing, thrifting, and decorating my home. Plus some other stuff, like dogs and occasionally travel and maybe sometimes food. And life? It’s a good time is what it is! I like showing people how to do stuff that I know how to do, along with things I don’t know how to do but try anyway.

    I began this blog in 2010 while living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where the rent was low and the nightlife was subdued. In 2011, I made the leap to Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, where I intend to stay until I am forcibly removed. In 2013, my future-husband (Max) and I bought a rickety old house in Kingston, New York, that will keep us busy for approximately forever. We share our lives with our two dogs, Mekko and Linus, who are unreasonably cute.

    If you think you might be into that kind of thing, settle in! Pleased to meet you.

    Daniel Kanter

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