Spring has sprung in New York– today it was in the 70s and perfectly sunny, so Eva and I decided to seize the day, wake up early, and go to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. Maybe we’d find that perfect something for the apartment!

Um, how much for the dried dead cicadas? Do the fake nails come with them?
I find these equal parts intriguing and terrifying.

Eva, checkin' stuff out in the mirror
Even though I don't like the cufflinks, nor do I have any shirts to accommodate them, I like the color combo of the striped pair.

Overall, nothing too tempting today for the apartment. But it was a lovely day! Since we live down by Washington Square Park, we decided to walk back from 39th, which included a trip to the High Line Park!

Eva's a total glamazon and makes everyone around her look stupid and ugly by comparison.

Anyway, I wish we had some exciting new something to show you that will later be right at home in the apartment, but I don’t. I will share my two, very small spoils though:

Tie clips.

I’m probably jinxing it, but so far it seems like tie clips are the only vintage things hipsters haven’t ruined with their grubby trendy ways. I just like them because they make me feel closer to Don Draper. These two bring my collection up to five, it might be becoming an issue.

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  1. 7.22.11
    Matthew said:

    I scored a bunch when my Great Uncle passed away. Then another one did, then my Grandfather did.

    I am up to about 25 of them now. Ironically, I usually wear bowties – but have worn them with “short ties” several times.

    Awesome blog you have here!