The most arduous part of unpacking has definitely been the kitchen.

This was the state of things after (almost) all the boxes were unpacked. And after all the moving and the direct contact with grimy newspapers, all those dishes needed to be washed. So having made the decision to forego sleep the other night, I did it. I washed and dried and put away all the dishes. Keep in mind: we have no dishwasher.

Things are starting to come together. Note that the stove knobs were busy soaking in the sink when this picture was taken, but have been put back squeaky clean.

The kitchen still has a ways to go. But we were really glad to find a place that has a separate kitchen and one that hasn’t been renovated in a while. I’m thinking the kitchen is probably from the 80s, however it actually has many qualities of a retro 50s or 60s kitchen, which makes all my little kitschy vintage kitchen things feel right at home. The cabinets are a very pale pink laminate (which is stereotypically 80s-90s, but is actually a material used in many 50s and 60s kitchens right along with the knotty pine and the steel cabinetry), the countertops are a pink faux-marble formica, and the floors are 12″ square ceramic faux marble with pink and grey tones. It doesn’t sound too appealing, I know, but we’re going to work it. Trust us.

So after all that hard work, it occurred to me that I could actually cook a hearty breakfast for myself. I missed being able to cook so much in the dorms. Not that I’m an extravagant chef, I just like cooking little meals and knowing what’s in my food. Thanks for the pots and pans, Mom and Dad.

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  1. 5.12.10
    Mom said:

    You will probably want to pick up a reasonable non-stick pan soon. (not used–finish needs to be perfect.)

  2. 5.13.10
    misst said:

    love the newest photographs. the lighting is spectacular and those eggs look mighty tasty. xxoo

  3. 5.16.11
    Charlene said:

    Okay, just surfing the archives, and not that you need this tip now, but maybe in the future, but I find it ridiculously handy (when moving) to stack all my plates, bowls, glasses etc and then wrap with plastic cling wrap. It keeps all the dishes safe and secure and when you unpack, everything is clean. Caterers do it. Please post again soon…I’m running out of archives to read.