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It’s been a busy week or so working on the apartment, so since there are a lot of little projects in progress, I wanted to post about something outside our (mostly freshly painted) walls.

I’m not a very good vacationer. I don’t really think of myself as an incredibly energetic person, but I’m not somebody who can kick back on a beach for hours or even get through most TV shows without taking care of something else at the same time. And right now, this little apartment is like one big exciting project and I recently realized it’s become a bit consuming. So in the spirit of not becoming a hermit, I’m trying to get out and explore our new ‘hood a little bit. And the first little adventure purely for the sake of chillaxation was only a few blocks away to the Carl Schurz Park.

Away from the boardwalk, it’s a really green park with lots of lawns, plants, and paths. Much more structured than the more natural landscaping of Central Park, but definitely not a bad place to have only a few blocks from where I live.

And I couldn’t be more pleased with how many dogs there are on the Upper East Side. I didn’t pet these giants, but I do end up petting somebody’s dog almost everyday. Summer seems to put everybody in the sharing kind of mood where they don’t care if you snorgle their pup for a few minutes on the sidewalk.

More house-y posts coming soon, promise.

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