Pots and Pans, A Love Story

The morning that I drove up to New York with all my stuff from home a few weeks ago, my Mom went digging through her kitchen drawers and cabinets to find things she could contribute to my own kitchen. Eventually she sent me on the road with a few pots and pans and some assorted Tupperware, all of which has been in constant use since.

According to my mother, these pots were wedding presents and conduct heat really well. I can personally attest to the second half of that statement, and since gas is not included in our rent and I like to cook, preparing food quickly is the name of the game.

So in honor of my parents’ 29th anniversary today, I did a mini-project to give these pots some tlc. Almost 30 years of use on several hot stoves and washing inside multiple dishwashers had taken its toll on the wood handles and knobs. So while I was working on another project involving wood stain (stay tuned, it’ll be a doozy), I sanded down the wood bits and gave them a couple passes with the stain. Yes, this is really what I do when living alone in New York on a Sunday night before a national holiday.


The stain is Mixwax Wood Finish in Jacobean 2750. I’m going to guess the original color was a reddish-cherry finish, but I think the darker stain is a subtle way of making them a little more contemporary. It’s also what I had around.

I probably have to pick up some kind of oil or wax-based product to protect the new stain, but it’s Memorial Day and the hardware store is closed.

I tested one of the knobs before I committed to staining all of it, so here’s a good side-by-side comparison of the before and after. If you can’t guess which is which, get off my blog.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. May your happiness together last as long as your cookware (but really longer).

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  1. 5.31.10
    Mom said:

    What a nice post. Definitely could have done without the Mardi Gras pic though!