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Part of clearing out my shame from Eva’s room last week involved facing a harsh reality. I’m not nearly organized enough. When space is at such a premium, however, something has to be done about that.

The tools, in particular, were in crisis. Check out the hardware drawer in my Ikea Pax Wardrobe. Shudder.

And to add insult to injury, here’s what Eva’s room vomited out, most of which also needed to fit.

One thing about the 39″ wide PAX wardrobe is that those drawers are HUGE, which makes them exceptionally hard to organize on their own. So off to the Container Store I went, naturally.

After a bout of sorting and organizing, here it sits. The containers are just those basic Container Store brand plastic boxes (the big ones are shoe boxes and the small ones are accessory boxes). The tops are fussy, so I don’t use them. I love these containers– well made enough, only $1.79 each, and offered in tons of different sizes to quell your psychopathic demands for uniformity in your organization.

In case you noticed a big something missing, the drill found its way into a shelf where it takes up less space.

Big manly drill... next to the sewing machine. Foiled again!

I promise I’ll stop showing off my messes soon. Because there won’t be any, of course.

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  1. 8.29.10

    If only I kept my tools this organized… plastic containers are so expensive here in Spain, I never understood why!
    I have the same DeWalt drill and I love it. So worth the money.

  2. 8.29.10

    Looking good. Our frequently used tools and fasteners are in a toolbox and less frequently used items are organized by item (screwdrivers, mallets and hammers, etc) and are standing in emptied paint cans. Everything fits on one shelf in the closet. That keeps everything really accessible and visual.

  3. 9.27.10
    Silvia said:

    Oh guys I love what are you doing in this apartament! I’m moving in a biggest one…I feel confused about “what can I do with it?”….you’re a sort of inspiration :)
    thanks for posting!!!!!!!
    S. from italy