Media Blitz: Part 1 of 1.

A while ago, Amy Feezor (who writes an awesome blog of her own, by the way!) asked me if I would participate in an interview series called The Playlist for the Herman Miller blog, Lifework! Yes, that Herman Miller. The one who made both of my beloved Eames chairs and has manufactured some of the most influential designs in the world for almost a century– essentially, all the pretty stuff I dream about at night. Well shucks.

The interview is all about my workspace and music taste, and how the two relate. It went up today, so make sure you click over and check it out! It’s like a window into my mind: so lots of gabbing about myself and things I like. Also, never before seen pictures of my desk corner (I know, try to catch your breath). So come on. Click click. Don’t be lazy.

A note: I spent a good long time putting this playlist together, so think of it like a mixed-tape. I invite you to download all the songs and listen to them in that order. I’m more of a full-album-listener in general, but this playlist is, well, really fucking good. You’re gonna love it. You’re welcome, in advance.

Happy listening, darlings.

p.s.- what do all you stylish cool people boogie down to? I’m always on the search for more things I can belt out in the shower.

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  1. 10.27.10

    Nice list! I recently saw The Black Keys live and it was worth every penny!

    • 10.27.10
      Dan said:

      JEALOUS. I only just got into them but… my goodness. I think my iPod screen has the album cover of Brothers permanently burned into the LDC at this point.

    • 10.28.10
      ModFruGal said:

      The songs they wrote for Ike Turner before he died, produced by DangerMouse is good too. Attack and Release.

    • 10.28.10
      ModFruGal said:

      Ugh. Songs ARE, album IS good.

  2. 10.27.10
    ModFruGal said:

    Awesome. First- I love that you listen to vinyl, and had the sense to swipe the right records from the folks! Great playlist…I am a fan of many on there.

  3. 10.27.10

    Rubber Factory is one of my desert island albums. If you’re on the hunt for anything else blues-rock-y, I’ve got a whole bunch of recommendations.

    By the way, THIS IS AWESOME! Congrats!

  4. 10.27.10
    Phoebe said:

    A couple of months ago, I added you to my Reader after your desk was referenced in Anna’s blog. (I, too, am madly obsessed with Door Sixteen’s blog.) Your entries crack me up and now you’re kind of a big deal…kudos! Also, might I recommend Mumford & Sons’ Little Lion Man? They’ve got a modern folksy blue grass sound that you may enjoy.

  5. 10.27.10
    Laura said:

    Apparently we have very similar musical taste so you might dig Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou, a married English duo, formerly Indigo Moss. Super cool and folky and DIYers par excellence. Congrats!

  6. 10.27.10
    mdashing said:

    Daniel–thanks so much for being part of the ole Playlist! Honestly, yours has been one of the most thoughtful ones we’ve ever posted. Adore it. xo

  7. 10.27.10
    Mom said:

    Thanks for another well written post and interview. You are like kind of a big deal but don’t let it go to your head. Thanks for the shout out about stealing from our vinyl. When I purchase a new needle, however, those might have to be returned to their rightful owners.

    • 10.27.10

      Oh yeah, Mama, the glamorous lifestyle that comes with writing a teensy house blog is just making me insufferable. ALL ME ALL THE TIME. Ha!

      I think pigs are closer to sprouting wings than you are to getting that turntable in working order, but I guess you can have your records back if that’s something you really want me to endure.

  8. 10.27.10
    Caitlin said:

    Great list! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of The XX or the Temper Trap but they’re kind of similar to Cold War Kids and you might like them :)

  9. 10.27.10

    Congrats!!! Nice article!

  10. 10.27.10
    Annika said:

    Nice interview! So now I’ve Spotifyed the songs on your list and I’m looking forward to see if your taste in music is as good as you taste in design… good start so far, and good on the paper! Love the Black Keys. Right now some of the artist on my own playlist are Little Dragon, Allo darlin’, Yeah yeah Yeah’s, La Roux and Robyn. Have a nice day!

  11. 10.27.10
    Lena said:

    I just saw another pipe shelf on an apartment theraphy, thought you might be interested.

  12. 10.28.10
    PeeJay said:

    So, not only have you given me the confidence to make-new-of-old in my newly moved into home (and helped me pull the trigger on a couple of karlstad sofas!) but now you’ve sent me in a great new musical direction!

    Love discovering new things, so thank you!

  13. 10.28.10
    A. Tee said:

    The Dears!!! They are Canadian, and I love them {atleast thier older stuff}

    In a CBC interview once, the lead singer, Murray Lightburn, was asked what he thought about poeple calling him the “Black Morrissey” his response was “They got it half right, I’m Black”. He’s F-ing awesome!

    Although they are pretty big in Canada, I don’t think they’re that popular in the US. I saw them a couple weeks ago, as a tiny club in Toronto – and they were awesome as usual {I plan to post some pictures and links when I get some time! life as an auditor is not fun!}. But I really recommend you check them out sometime.

    Some other Canadian bands I like are Broken Social Scene, Wintersleep, and Arcade Fire. But I am sure you’ve heard of all of those.

  14. 10.28.10

    I am the most annoying person ever when it comes to new music—I hate everything. I’m so closed-minded!! I do really like Janelle Monae. She’s been my new-ish obsession for the past year. She’s more car music than work music, though.

    Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Buddy Holly and Little Richard and James Brown while I work, and old school rap (NWA, Public Enemy, ATCQ…) when I have especially tight deadlines.

  15. 10.28.10

    I’m enjoying folksy covers of pop songs at the moment while rolling paper beads for a christmas tree garland.





  16. 10.28.10
    Alicia said:

    Wonderful interview on Playlist–go you.

    I am really digging The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill right now. It was a huge part of my musical landscape when it first came out [and since her career kinda supernovaed and she went off the grid, it’s the latest (hopefully not last) great package of work from her]. The whole album is a feast.

    Donny Hathaway is another recent rediscovery. His voice is so, so good.

    I always have and always will love Prince.

    My daughter is the family DJ, which means that on road trips, she’s in charge of the music. She introduced me to The Maine last year and I love them.

  17. 10.28.10
    Amanda Kay said:

    I LOVE She & Him!! (and Zooey Deschanel.. that fabulous hair!) I like to bust out a little Tegan and Sara or Social Distortion when I’m in that sort of mood. When I’m feeling dancey, Le Tigre is top choice, also Blaqk Audio, (Semiotic Love is terribly addicting should you choose to go there) and The Faint’s Danse Macabre. When I’m looking to unwind or just puttering around the house Ella Fitzgerald is often my pick (and the Cure and the Smiths) but also Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse – hey, the girl may be trashy but man can she sing! Currently, MGMT has been up on my iPod so long I’m starting to wonder if there’s still other music on there.. it’s like everything I love wrapped up in a sweet satisfying mix that I can’t get enough of. I only hope not to wear them out much like I did Jagged Little Pill and Tragic Kingdom when I was 8..

  18. 10.28.10
    Christina said:

    Totally agree on your pick of Old Crow! There’s nothing like some “Wagon Wheel” to get me going.

    My husband just bought then entire Fleetwood Mac catalogue on vinyl, so I listen to a lot of that…Christine McVie sounds so much more soulful in analog. I’m also a huge listener of CBC Radio 3…Black Mountain, Danny Michel, Oh Susanna, Hawkesley Workman. LOVE!

  19. 10.29.10
    Kyle said:


    And one from a real life boy band:[youtube=]

  20. 10.29.10
    Janelle said:

    I love Minnesota Public Radio’s station The Current. Anyone can stream it at and they play almost every band suggested so far plus those bands’ influences from many decades. Check out their playlist to see what I mean. Awesome selection and variety, and for us here in Minneapolis they play at least one local artist an hour. I promise it will turn you on the some really great new stuff!

  21. 10.29.10

    ‘Part 1 of 1’ <-loves this

    p.s. Your music list seems particularly perfect for fall.

  22. 10.31.10
    Ann said:

    My latest, most favorite is Josh Ritter. I saw him at Town Hall in June. He is a modern day Dylan, very much the wordsmith. His melodies are catchy, though. You can see a lot of his videos on Head One of my favorites of his is The Curse. His drummer is a puppet maker, so he made marionettes and made a video of this song. The video is captivating. Not as much as Marcel the Shell, but almost. I saw Joan Baez in concert last year. It was her 50 year anniversary. We were in the third row. Not a big deal in a 342 seat theatre. She was a thrill then (in the 60’s) and still is. It is hard to put into words the impact she had on our culture. The voice, the hair, the thing with Dylan, the militant-ness. Also, good basic disco is fun. I will survive, I’ve got to be me, etc. I remember going to Scarlett’s in Westhampton in the late summer, dancing like crazy, knowing that Son of Sam was stalking couples that weekend and was making his way from Queens to the Hamptons. Really.
    Also, who can hate Queen? Tell your mom: Until you make the Matrix of New York Magazine, you are not a big deal. So your head is still screwed on tight. Check out a blog: Loitering Dog. It is pretty funny. Ann

  23. 10.31.10
    kk said:

    Darlingside! best new band I’ve heard in years:


  24. 10.31.10
    Louise Shin said:

    Check out Marianas Trench! Awesome, awesome Canadian band.


  25. 10.31.10
    Louise Shin said:

    The Avett Brothers are pretty good too.

  26. 11.2.10
    chelsea said:

    Very awesome playlist…seeing lots of my favorites in there as well. Lately I’ve been loving The Like as well as Goldfrapp. Its sort of my hold-onto-summer playlist. Since the weather has been changing though I have been snuggling in with some Bon Iver and my go-to for my sewing time is always Regina Spektor. I cannot get enough of her voice.

    I got pretty lucky and inherited both my parents’ record collections so there’s lots of Beatles, Bowie, The Band and Stones to boogie down to in the living room.

    Totally in agreement with whoever dropped The XX and Temper Trap also.