Ducks in a Row

As I alluded to a couple of months ago now, I’m now accepting some sponsorship on this blog. It’s been an exciting couple of months of figuring stuff out, getting a lot of advice from a lot of people, and getting all the details hammered into place ”“ all of it with an even bigger learning curve than I was anticipating. The good news is, now I really feel like I have my ducks in a row to get this thing going for real!

If you want to get the word out about your amazing shop, business, goods, services, and anything else, you can go ahead and purchase and upload an ad right now at a few different positions, sizes, and prices on my sponsorship page. There’s even a very cool budget option. The whole thing is simple, easy, and super duper fun. Just ask one of the few AWESOME, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, and VERY SEXY sponsors who have already taken the leap (look to your right!). Better yet, check them out — they’re really great folks. Maybe you want to be an awesome, amazing, beautiful, very sexy, really great folk, too? Well, you know where it’s at. The sponsor page, that’s where.

All the incoming ads have to be approved by me, so I can’t promise your ad will get placed on the site (if it doesn’t, any money is refunded immediately). If you need help designing your flashy amazing earth-shaking sidebar ad, drop me a line and I’ll help you out.

I’m excited about this. I’m excited to be introduced to brands, to connect those brands to readers, and make Manhattan Nest just an all-around awesome place to be. My basic motto for myself moving forward is this: don’t be a doofus. I’m not going to say anything I wouldn’t say otherwise and I will always do everything with an eye toward transparency and honesty. Promise.

So anyway. Christmas is just around the corner. Treat yo’self to a sidebar ad.

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  1. 11.28.12
    Furpants said:

    Daniel, you are a brave soul. Good luck with your new venture — and I hope people can handle it if their ads are rejected :(

    (more dog photos please!)

  2. 11.28.12
    Sofie said:

    Congrats, Daniel! And cannot just say *wow* Рyou got both Ferm Living and Mj̦lk? Colour me impressed! :D

  3. 11.28.12
    Vanessa said:

    I checked out a few of your sponsors, and I must say, they are just as fabulous as you! I think they are great match to your site! I am a new fan of you and the blog, and proud to say I finally caught up and read ALL of previous posts! Can’t wait for more!

    • 11.28.12
      Daniel said:

      Thanks, Vanessa! I think they’re pretty swell, myself. :)
      And welcome to the blog! Glad you like it!

  4. 11.28.12
    AnnaRaella said:

    Wow, they look practically curated! I love that there is a bit more of a masculine vibe than many design blog sponsors–I’m gonna go looking for presents for the men in my life!

  5. 11.28.12
    Chris said:

    Honestly, you’re doing me a favor by having sponsors – look at all the cool stuff I now know about!

    • 11.29.12
      Daniel said:

      Yay! That’s the goal!

  6. 11.28.12
    Sandy said:

    Congrats on your decision and good luck! I too am fairly new to your blog (introduced by my sister) and am already all caught up with your posts. LOVE your blog!! Love your projects and the way you write… You keep it real!! Truly talented.

  7. 11.28.12
    kelly w said:

    I like the sidebar ads, but the (rotating?) ads in the box just above the comments are kind of odd. Earlier today there was a Nordstrom ad and now it’s an Office Depot one. Certainly won’t prevent me from continuing to read your [superb] blog, but they seem rather out-of-place (aesthetically and content-wise) when compared with all the other Design Win on your page.

    • 11.29.12
      Daniel said:

      Thanks for your comment, Kelly. Those ads are just google ads—they work differently than the ones in the sidebar (they pay a small amount per click, rather than a flat fee), so they’re a nice way to bring in some extra money, at least until the “real” ads hopefully pick up a bit. Direct ad sales, like I’m doing in the sidebar, take a lot of work (approaching and corresponding with sponsors, etc.), whereas the google ones don’t take any work. I know they’re kind of ugly…but hopefully it’s understandable why they’re there.

    • 11.29.12
      kelly w said:

      I figured it must be something like that. Thanks for ‘splaining! (Ironically, there’s a not-horrible-looking Google one up there now. ;-> )