Come on, they’ll give you a sticker.

I did, and so should you. There’s a lot riding on this election. The choices have never been so clear, the rhetoric has never been so inflamed, and the politics of hate and fear have never been more threatening. And frankly, some of these candidates are downright terrifying. If you are a citizen of the United States and over the age of 18, it’s pretty much the least you can do for your country.

Every single vote counts. Everybody should have an opinion. So get out there, you crazy kids.

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  1. 11.1.10
    PeeJay said:

    Well said.

    As an outsider (I’m in the UK), it’s amazing to see what’s happening in your country politically, and the rise (and apparent embracing) of ultra-conservatism. Although it was heart warming to see just how many people turned out to the ‘Rally To Restore…’

    Hopefully, progress will march on come Nov 3rd.


  2. 11.2.10
    Nikki said:

    There is a reason why American’s embrace conservatism. It’s what our country was founded on. I’m not exactly sure which part of freedom is terrifying.

    Here is a small taste of the great thinkers that attended the Colbert Rally. Maybe these are the people you want deciding how to run the UK, but I’d like to think we can do a little better here in the US.

    • 11.2.10

      I was afraid this might happen, and while I don’t think we’re likely to come to any agreement and I’m not really sure this is the proper forum for this… I did start it, I suppose. Firstly, I don’t think anything but Sarah Palin’s rhetoric tells us that “our country was founded on” conservatism– particularly conservatism as it stands in 2010. And if you’re referring to my link to Sharron Angle’s website when you’re talking about “freedom,” I take real issue with that. I think it’s become the habit of conservative politicians to spew hate-filled, ill-informed, fear-invoking speech “in the name of freedom.” Angle has repeatedly aired commercials on TV promoting Arizona’s racist immigration law and depicting, in NO vague terms (seriously, watch the commercials), an “us versus them” (“us” being white people that need protection from the threat of unanimously dangerous Hispanics) mentality that is deeply damaging to already fragile race relations in Nevada and the country. Not to mention that I think it’s completely hypocritical to want to, say, abolish the Department of Education (as if our school systems aren’t in enough trouble as it is) and Social Security and whatever else conservatives what to strip away from government, while endorsing the power of the government to ensure that, for example, abortion would be strictly prohibited even in cases of incest and rape. Or that gay marriage should be illegal. If somebody can tell me what’s so “free” about that, I’ll bake them cookies.

      The fact is, our last administration subverted freedom in ways this country has never seen, and ways you might not have realized. The Bush years saw America become a country who tortures, and does so egregiously. A country who surveils average citizens’ emails, phones, mail, even books checked out from the library. A country who uses paramilitary groups (Blackwater), who operate on their own set of protocols separate from the US military both in and outside our borders (famously, they went to “aid” with Katrina and shot a number of innocent civilians). A country in which any President can declare anybody an “enemy combatant,” try them without the constitutional right to habeas corpus, and even execute them without anybody ever needing to know. All of these things are direct assaults on the Constitution. That administration endorsed fiscal policy that ravaged our economy, that defined “freedom” as letting top financial institutions play very risky games with our money to the point that we almost had a Depression of the 1929 magnitude. Now, I know those were the choices of the Bush Administration, but the problem is– conservatives want to do it all over again. It’s not like they’ve come back to the table with a new set of ideas. They just continue to support the demonstrably bad ones.

      Oh, and I think “Maybe these are the people you want deciding how to run the UK, but I’d like to think we can do a little better here in the US” is pretty uncalled for. I’m not really sure where this habit of insulting other peoples’ countries in order to somehow elevate our own comes from, but it’s pretty rude and unconstructive.

      All that said, I hope you expressed opinions at the polls instead of just on my blog, and I hope they gave you a sticker.

    • 11.2.10

      I need a “like” button…

    • 11.2.10
      Liz said:

      Thank you! (I’d also like a ‘like’ button please.)

      Wear your sticker with pride.

    • 11.2.10
      Mom said:

      You go D! Call it like you see it!

    • 11.2.10
      lilyclove said:

      You could pick any crowd anywhere and find a few people who don’t know the correct definition of an economic term. I don’t think that this “reporter” has the important issues on his mind when he spends his time on this – his only concern is youtube hits. All this video tells me is that Obama’s plan to give community colleges more funding is a really, really good idea.
      Thanks for the post :)
      Oh yeah, I voted – but no sticker :( I guess the budget IS pretty tight this year…

  3. 11.2.10
    bigdadddy said:

    I just found your blog, and i can’t stop reading it! I have been reading it for two days straight- your apartment is amazing! Love all the sublte color you have injected into the space. And that striped pottery, that seems to move around in every photo, is making me drool! Keep up the good work!

  4. 11.3.10

    I just found your blog a couple of days ago via Apartment Therapy and have been thoroughly enjoying your archives. As a current resident of Nevada, this post is a special treat to see. I am always reassured to see others who realize that Ms. Angle is absolutely terrifying and would drag us all backwards if she could. Harry Reid is by no means perfect but at least he’s not in favor of taking away my rights. And man, you guys haven’t been seeing the anti-Hispanic campaign ads that have only been shown locally (because no other states will run them). I think they were what pushed her over the edge, basically telling Hispanics not to vote. Harry Reid, oddly enough, got a bigger Hispanic turnout this year than Obama did in ’08.

    And yes, I voted too.

  5. 11.3.10
    Eily Murphy said:

    I’m an Irish girl, living in France.
    Have been following progress in your apartment for the last few months and liked your style (both the decorating and the writing).
    Now I like the way you think too.
    Looking forward to more…

  6. 11.4.10
    Devon said:

    Well said. All of it.