GIVEAWAY: 20×200!

It’s the last giveaway this month on Manhattan Nest, and it’s gooooooooooood. And quick! Let’s go shopping for art together, shall we?


Oh geez, I love these so hard: Baby Donkey by Sharon Montrose | Bildudalur by Tom Kondrat | Orb 5 by Carlo Van de Roer | Apres Grande 12 by Christian Chaize | Reindeer by Lisa Congdon

There’s something totally amazing and fun about buying an original or limited edition print of something that you just totally love. You know you have something special. It forges a certain bond with the work and (I like to think) with the artist who made it. It’s about collecting and cherishing something because you love it and value it—it’s personal, and that means something. 

20×200 is an amazing company because they make collecting great art so accessible, simple, and affordable that you want to buy all the art ever for yourself and everyone you love. Working directly with incredible artists to created exclusive, limited edition prints at affordable prices, 20×200 curates quality pieces that you’ll always be proud to own or feel great about giving as a gift. And with Christmas just around the corner, the window of opportunity to buy art as a present for yourself or somebody else is rapidly closing. I can’t really think of any gift that says “I think you’re great and I care about you and your home and happiness and well-being and did I mention I think you’re great?” better than art. Lucky for you, 20×200 has put together a supremely useful and very cool gift guide to aid in selecting just the right print for that special lucky someone, if you need some extra help choosing.

Art is a million times cooler and more unique and personal than that Avengers DVD you were thinking about. Trust.



I will gladly accept any of these fine options if anybody wants to buy me presents: Momento Vitae by Alexander Beeching | Untitled by Todd St. John | Newfoundland 7 by Carrie Marill | Portrait of Sandy From Far Away by Ticker Nichols

SO. The super awesome brains, brawn, and beauty behind 20×200 are offering a lucky winner a $100 shopping credit for anything in the store! Maybe you want to buy yourself a little extra special Christmas surprise for your digs? Totally possible. Maybe you have somebody special in your life who could use something amazing on their walls and in their hearts? You’re going to want to listen up.


1. Go to the 20×200 website and pick a couple of your favorite pieces!

2. Come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite pieces are! If you’re buying for yourself, where would you hang your new art? If you’re buying for your lucky special friend, who’s it for? 

Want more good news? Try this on for size:


To receive your art by Christmas, standard shipping ends TODAY and 2-Day shipping ends WEDNESDAY. So you might want to get to gettin’ over to 20×200 so you can take advantage of that action ASAP.

Happy Collecting!

UPDATE: THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations, Gabriela! You are a winner!

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  1. 12.17.12
    Michaela said:

    Baby Monkey No. 5 by Sharon Montrose just makes me lol every time I look at it and everybody needs something like that in their life. My best friend just bought a house and I think she’d love Growth, by Carrie Marill.

  2. 12.17.12
    gina said:

    I am completely obsessed with Jessica Craig-Martin’s Plus ca Change! I would admire it all day long in my office.

  3. 12.17.12

    Love the Kite Hill by Paul Octavious. It reminds me of a place in my childhood.
    I would put this above my bed in the hopes to stir up some great childhood dreams!

  4. 12.17.12
    Scott M. said:

    That was easy enough since I already have a lengthy wishlist going for 20X200, as well as quite a few already handing in my house!

    For the kitchen I’d like Ideal Bookshelf 506: Cooking (how original, I know!) and for the office/guest room I’d pair Lovebird #6 by Like Stephenson with Collocation No. 14 (NATURE) Right Panel by Mickey Smith.

  5. 12.17.12
    Claire said:

    Another Sharon Montrose fan here! I think a triptych of the giraffe, the monkey and the donkey would be gorgeous in my twin girls’ nursery… Is this giveaway open to international entries? Couldn’t see any mention of it in your post.

    • 12.17.12
      Daniel said:

      Hi Claire! Yes, international entries are welcome! The prize is an e-gift certificate shopping credit, so it’s open to all!

  6. 12.17.12
    Sandy said:

    Newfoundland 7. A surprise present.

  7. 12.17.12
    Jessica said:

    I am in love with Momento Vitae by Alexander Beeching, it would be perfect in out living room. I would also get Encrusted by Michelle Hinebrook for my sister and brother-in-law.

  8. 12.17.12
    Laine said:

    I really like the photos of the toy cars by Don Hamerman. Something about the bright colors and the beat up metal. Also, that baby donkey is adorable!

  9. 12.17.12
    Wendy said:

    by Laura Newman

  10. 12.17.12
    Cheryl said:

    I love Flamingo No. 4. by Sharon Montrose. I’d hang it in our stairway with our vintage camper photos.

  11. 12.17.12
    Mary said:

    I love Passing Through by Ky Anderson and Portrait of Sandy From Far Away
    by Tucker Nichols. I would put Passing Through in my bedroom and hang Portrait of Sandy in my studio for inspiration.

  12. 12.17.12
    Nina said:

    i would buy all three prints of “drawings for 3 rooms in your home” from steve lambert (http://www.20× just to see people’s reactions to it. :)

  13. 12.17.12
    Erin said:

    Just bought some Sharon Montrose prints for my parents. I would love Paula Scher’s The World or Aili Schmeltz’s Pyrite Dollar or Alexander Beeching’s Momento Vitae for my own place.

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  14. 12.17.12
    Kari said:

    Craig Damrauer’s Modern Art is awesome. I’m an art history buff and modern stuff perplexes me :) And I also love Day 256: Vintage Airline Tags by Lisa Congdon. My guest room doubles as a treasure trove of varied art and little souvenirs from our travels, and this print would be perfect on the wall next to our street vendor paintings from Prague :)

    p.s. I Bought All Of These by Kate Bingaman-Burt is true, true, true!

  15. 12.17.12
    Ris said:

    I love “Rhythm” by Yuji Yamada. Love the red!

  16. 12.17.12
    Ainhoa said:

    This one, it’s gorgeous. I also really like the search by color feature.

  17. 12.17.12
    Adam said:

    Nonsensical Infographic No. 1 by Chad Hagen. It would look great either above the TV or above the dresser in the bedroom!

  18. 12.17.12
    Marisa said:

    I love Travelers by Tatsuro Kiuchi and Birch Forest No. 7 by Lisa Congdon. Not sure where I’d hang them just yet… but I’m stockpiling beautiful meaningful pieces for the walls of a future home!

  19. 12.17.12
    Mags said:

    I love Laura Bell’s porthole shots — particularly the one of Arthur’s Seat, which I used to see on the regular when I was studying in Edinburgh. Lovely giveaway!

  20. 12.17.12
    Andi said:

    I love “Baby Deer No. 2” by Sharon Montrose. I would gift it to my niece, who was born just 6 days ago :)

  21. 12.17.12
    Natalie said:

    I really like all of Sharon Montrose’s prints. Ohhh and the Graphite Camera Drawing and the Polaroid prints.

  22. 12.17.12
    Susanne said:

    The Eiffel Tower Exposition 1900 print is so pretty! If I ever get around to redoing my bedroom, I want the whole international architecture motif to happen in there:)

  23. 12.17.12
    Mellisha said:

    I would go for a Christian Chaize print for my bedroom.

  24. 12.17.12
    Kim said:

    I’m totally loving “Squeeze” by Gary Petersen: http://www.20×

    Also: ny.07.#20 by Jennifer Sanchez! http://www.20×

  25. 12.17.12
    Libby said:

    I love Lisa Congdon’s Birch Forest No. 7, and I’d hang it in my guest room. I’m in the process of redecorating it right now and this print would be perfect for it!

  26. 12.17.12
    Amanda said:

    I love Christian Chaize’s Praia Piquinia 16/08/11 13h26. It would look great in my bedroom and would be cheerful on cold, dark winter mornings like today!

  27. 12.17.12
    Jenny said:

    I like the elephant at the Budapest Zoo, which I would selfishly keep for myself.

  28. 12.17.12
    Sophia said:

    I’ve always loved Bernice Abbott’s “Seventh Avenue Looking South From 35th Street.” I’d probably gift myself with that one.

  29. 12.17.12
    Kelsey said:

    I’m really digging Untitled #6 by Matthew Tischler. I’d love to give it as a gift to myself for xmas and hang it in my office.

  30. 12.17.12
    Emma said:

    I would love to put Sharon Montrose’s Baby Deer in my livingroom. The wall between the two windows has held a silly photo of my husband and I hiding behind a sign outside a round church on Bornholm (Denmark), which was a great temporary solution when we moved into this apartment in 2008… Soon five years later, I am pretty over that temporary solution and would love to add a curious, happy-nosed baby deer to the space. I am giving myself no Christmas presents this year so I would totally feel that I (and our space!) am worth it.

  31. 12.17.12
    Elizabeth said:

    “Bear Cub No. 3” by Sharon Montrose for my best friend.
    “Artha’s Seat” by Laura Bell for my brother.
    “Prairieside Forks” by Ross Racine for me.

  32. 12.17.12
    Stacey said:

    This is from a quiet reader, I don’t comment often in general. I like the Ideal Book Shelf (James Franco), Black Box, and Baby Deer No. 2.

  33. 12.17.12
    Kelley K. said:

    I’ve wanted the Shawn Records print for AGES along with anything from Sharon Montrose

  34. 12.17.12
    Jana said:

    Hi Max,

    I love:
    1. Houndstooth Pattern in Parking Lot, at Disney World, FL by Alex MacLean
    2. Jones Beach Island, Wantagh, New York by Mario Tama
    3. Untitled (Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland) by Carlo Van de Roer
    4. Untitled (Astoria Park, Queens, New York) by Carlo Van de Roer

    Been needing something really good in the office!

  35. 12.17.12
    Sandy said:

    I like Serenity Lodge by Elizabeth Huey, I’d put it in my living room behind the couch!

  36. 12.17.12
    Allison said:

    I’m infatuated by the entire “architecture” section, but if I had to play favorites I’d pick Natural Selections XIII by Jason Burch, Chateau by Jeremy Kohm, and Velodrome by James Deavin. Swoon.

  37. 12.17.12
    Nina said:

    I already have 7 prints I bought from 20X200 hanging around the house and would love the chance to add more. On my current wishlist are Stephen Wilkes Seaside Heights, Post Sandy and to add to my little collection of maps Watercolor Berlin by Stamen Design.

  38. 12.17.12
    Alicia said:

    I have been wanting a Sharon Montrose print for ever! The flamingo is gorgeous. I also love the Dinosaurs at the AMNH print: http://www.20×

  39. 12.17.12
    lauren said:

    that baby camel print would be perfect in the nursery i’m currently working on my my firstborn who will be here in april!

  40. 12.17.12
    Serena said:

    My favourites are: Now by Marian Bantjes. Untitled #10 by Kent Rogowski. Filter Samples by Jessica Eaton.

    I would hang them my bedroom, near the foot of my bed.

  41. 12.17.12
    priscilla said:

    baby donkey

  42. 12.17.12
    Daria said:

    I love ‘My Ideal Bookcase,’ especially the NYC one – I would hang it in the living room so everyone could see how nerdy I am!

  43. 12.17.12
    AshleyB said:

    Um. I’m selfish and my house is seriously in need of some good art, so I’d def keep them both for myself. I love Sharon Montrose, of course, especially Baby Giraffe No. 5. I also love Ideal Bookshelf 353 by Jane Mount. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  44. 12.17.12
    Bea said:

    Wow, no way, 20×200 giveaway? Thank you for this awesomeness.
    i love these:
    Ideal Bookshelf 505: Fashion by Jane Mount over my bookshelf (so original..)
    ALLL of the Sharon Montrose baby animal series! over my and/or my kitties’ bed
    and prettymaps (la) by Aaron Straup Cope i honestly wanna hang these everywhere in my house because I miss home so much but I don’t get to go back for the holidays :'(
    well, all of these are for me myself and i. no problem.

  45. 12.17.12

    Sunrise by Lisa Congdon = TRUE LOVE

    And I’d keep it alllllllllllll for myself, hanging all chill in my living room.

  46. 12.17.12
    misa said:

    i’ve been in love with the photograph “chateau” by jeremy kohm for ages. I would hang it above my bed, and then somehow get two laurel mushroom lamps with brass basses for my bedside tables.

  47. 12.17.12
    Candy said:

    I can’t decide, there’s so many I’d want!

  48. 12.17.12
    Kylie said:

    I love all of the scenic ones, especially anything with a beachy vibe.

  49. 12.17.12
    Sue said:

    I’d choose “floral and insects” by laura moody. yum.

  50. 12.17.12
    Rissa said:

    OMG totes in love with:
    Praia Piquinia 28/08/11 15h24
    by Christian Chaize

    I just went on a 2 week long cruise with my boyfriend and it was AMAZING. I also live in New York, so I think you’d understand how going from Caribbean weather to freezing NY weather sucks!! My bf and I just bought a house together and we have NOTHING to hang on the walls yet except a couple paintings, I think he would love this and it would totally remind him of our amazing trip together :)

  51. 12.17.12
    Sarah R. said:

    Prettymaps – Amsterdam has been on my wish list for a while now. I love the colors!

  52. 12.17.12
    Chris said:

    Sadly, the one I’d get for my friend Robert is sold out: Man with a Boom Box on Staten Island.

  53. 12.17.12
    Meryl LaBorde said:

    I would love Now by Marian Bantjes for my entryway, Baby Donkey by Sharon Montrose for my bedroom, and Confections #65 for my kitchen.

  54. 12.17.12
    Martha said:

    Rorschach by Laura Newman and Belmont Harbor Tree II, Chicago by Daniel Seung Lee. I think these would look great in the living room.

  55. 12.17.12
    Rebecca G. said:

    I definitely like the typography prints by Austin Kleon. And for a gift to my little niece I love the 50 (+1 for good luck) Giraffes by Jason Polan.

  56. 12.17.12
    Erika said:

    Flamingo No 4 for me to hang in my bedroom and baby giraffe for my friend to hand in her nursery for her new baby!

  57. 12.17.12
    katy gray said:

    I LOVE everything Sharon Montrose does. I’d love to have a few of her pieces hanging in my kids’ room or in my office….or both. And also in all the other rooms in our house.

  58. 12.17.12
    Lily said:

    Love the Baby Camel (#2) by Sharon Montrose. Momento Vitae by Alexander Beeching is also fantastic. Both would look lovely in my living room.

  59. 12.17.12
    Quiana said:

    Although I live in NYC I still like photographs of my city. This is one of my faves and I’d love it in my office: http://www.20×

  60. 12.17.12
    Jesse said:

    I would buy Sharon Montrose’s baby animals for a friends nursery!

  61. 12.17.12
    Marije said:

    I think that, with art, you should absolutely want it the minute you see it. Maybe not because it’s beautiful (although often it is), but just because there is an instant need to watch it over and over again. Every day.

    I absolutely fell in love with Velodrome by James Deavin, and Baby Camel No. 2 by Sharon Montrose.

  62. 12.17.12
    Meg S said:

    I love Three Poplars and the Ideal Bookshelf prints!

  63. 12.17.12
    Julia said:

    I love that raven!

  64. 12.17.12
    Audrey said:

    How will I ever be able to choose?
    Nonsensical infographic #5 by Chad Hagen
    Myriad by Yellena James
    Trash Mountain by Megan Whitmarsh

    I’d hang it in my living room to give a bit more substance to those blank walls!

  65. 12.17.12
    Taylor said:

    Any of the pieces by Sharon Montrose would be great, but I also love “Bison Constellation” and “Newfoundland 7”. Oh, and let’s not forget the prettymaps series. Dang there’s so much to choose from! My walls are seriously void of art, especially in my living room.

  66. 12.17.12
    Amanda said:

    So many beautiful prints! But, I love the Timid Whale and would put it in the nursery we’re currently cobbling together.

  67. 12.17.12
    Sarah said:

    I have to agree with a lot of the commenters – love love love the prints by Sharon Montrose. Who doesn’t need a baby monkey in their living room?!

  68. 12.17.12
    Allie said:

    I have always loved those baby animals prints by Sharon Montrose and would love to hang them in a nursery one day.

  69. 12.17.12
    afunhouse said:

    Yea! I love 20×200! I’ve purchased art from 20×200 a few times for family members (esp love the Sharon Montrose lamb print I bought for one of my daughters! Isn’t she a fantastic photographer?!) and totally agree – it feels so good to give art as a gift! The piece I’d choose for myself would absolutely be by Austin Kleon. I’d pick How it Works or What is Marriage?. Austin’s work is really awesome!

  70. 12.17.12
    Miriam Barrios said:

    I’m getting Icebreaker, Emperor penguin by Stuart Klipper wheter I win this or not! I also love Response to Print of Kudzu, Texas by Laural Plageman.

  71. 12.17.12
    Kirsty said:

    I think Animal Locomotion; Plate 658 by Eadweard Muybridge is lush and I luckily have a stable to put it in! I also rate Vogue Jul07; pg145, by Lauren DiCioccio such a clever idea. Here’s hoping they’ll ship to the UK.

  72. 12.17.12
    Muoi said:

    Any of the prints with the baby animals and Praia Piquina 28/08/11 15h24 would be wonderful in hopefully, my new home. Thanks Daniel for all the giveaways!

  73. 12.17.12
    KrisAnne said:

    I love http://www.20× and I want it in my living room next to the poster from Bjork’s recent concert tour. I will also take that Lisa Congdon reindeer. And you cannot deny http://www.20× and all of Muybridge’s animal locomotion prints, which would look fly in my living room too.

  74. 12.17.12
    Heather HS said:

    Loving this one: Untitled 1, by Cecily Brown

    But so many more to look at!

  75. 12.17.12
    M.E. said:

    I really like the Collared Aracari (Pteroglossus torquatus) photograph by Todd Forsgren. It would look good with all the other strange animal photographs in my apartment!

  76. 12.17.12
    Fay said:

    Love Mike+Doug Starn’s snowflake prints (such detail!), Stamen Design’s watercolor maps (who doesn’t love a good map?), and Jane Mount’s bookshelves (books! books! books!).

  77. 12.17.12
    Katie said:

    I love Road to Bonneville Raceway, Tooele County, Utah by Stuart Klipper. Reminds me of a road trip I took a few years ago. Driving across the salt flats in UT seemed like I had touched down on another planet.

  78. 12.17.12

    I really like Lovebird #5 for some reason. Mostly because of the color and because I used to have a lovebird.

  79. 12.17.12

    I love Stamen Designs and their watercolor maps. Would definitely go with Portland, in honor of the return of Portlandia!

  80. 12.17.12
    Emily said:

    My favorite pieces would have to be:

    Zigzag1 by Valerie Roybal – I would love to have this piece hanging in my new home. It reminds me of building something beautiful out of many different places, people and experiences.

    Bonaparte 9 by Superdeluxe – This piece would make a perfect gift for my supremely talented sister who is a graphic artist and loves this style of work. I can see her drawing inspiration from this piece for many projects.

    And last but not least: Reindeer by Lisa Congdon – She is one of my FAVORITE artists, I have several of her pieces and would love to add this beautiful piece to my collection…or maybe I’d be generous and gift it to my lovely mother :)

    Love your blog Daniel!! This is a fantastic giveaway!

  81. 12.17.12
    Molly said:

    I love the Ideal Bookshelf series and Rhythm. A lot of the art in my home reminds me of places and stories, but those two have a connection to what I do (teach, cook, run).

  82. 12.17.12
    Ariana said:

    My mom has always loved the ideal bookshelf series! I would hit that up :)

  83. 12.17.12
    Ella. said:

    Well, definately absolutely undoubtedly ny.11.#12 by Jennifer Sanchez. Oh wait. Or maybe ny.11.#02? I would live happily ever after with either one of them. To remember this year and to congratulate myself on finally finishing my master’s thesis. After all that semi-scientific nonsense I think I deserve something purely aesthetically pleasing.

  84. 12.17.12
    Jingle Belle said:

    I like the one titled “Steal Like an Artist”. I would hang it above my writing desk amd hopefully it would inspire me to work. I think I would also buy a picture for my friend Lorna; something bright and cheery. I also liked the found poem pieces and The New Math of Relationships. Actually, I think Lorna would appreciate one of those.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. 12.17.12
    Alanna said:

    William Wegman! I would LOVE one of his photographs. Puppy photos for my walls that are still tasteful/arty? Yes, please.

  86. 12.17.12
    Kelly said:

    I pinned Sharon Montrose’s baby donkey last week – I need that sweet, little ass in my life!

  87. 12.17.12
    Nancy S said:

    Newfoundland 7, for me
    White Dews, for me
    North of the Tennis House, for me
    Momato Vitae, for my son

  88. 12.17.12
    Marie said:

    I love all of the Sharon Montrose prints and the graphite camera drawings by Christine Berrie.

  89. 12.17.12
    Noelle said:

    I so love Bear Cub No. 3 by Sharon Montrose and Newfoundland 7 by Carrie Marill. Both of them would be a part of the salon wall I hope to create in my dining room this winter!

  90. 12.17.12
    Mara said:

    Now I feel bad because I am a loyal reader of your blog but have never left a comment before. But as we are moving into our new house in a few months, I am in dire need of some good art… Among my favorites are ny.11.#02 by Jennifer Sanchez and Sea Creatures at The American Museum of Natural History by Jason Polan.
    Thanks for the giveaway and keep up your good work – I love your witty style of writing!

  91. 12.17.12
    Allison said:

    i love that reindeer that you picked.

  92. 12.17.12
    Amy Huff said:

    Am loving Baby Deer No. 2 by Sharon Montrose and Food Sign by Bryan Schutmaat. Now I’m off to browse instead of working for the rest of the afternoon.

  93. 12.17.12
    Rachel said:

    My favorites are Route 27 by Tom Slaughter and traveling by Mike Perry. And I would be definitely not give it away, Ha! I think I would but it in the living room, somewhere that it could be seen a lot.

  94. 12.17.12
    Michelle said:

    I’m in love with Zigzag1 by Valerie Roybal…i love me some chevron!

  95. 12.17.12
    Lisa S. said:

    ‘tabular icebergs’ by Stuart Klipper is very pretty. I also like Aaron Struap Cope’s pretty maps. I’m looking for something to lean on my mantel and/or hang above it.

  96. 12.17.12
    Haley Y said:

    I’m really into the prettymaps prints, specifically Chicago since I’m in the area now, but also Paris since I’m a big fan of all things French. :)

  97. 12.17.12
    Julia said:

    I like Praia Piquinia and Tree Study II. Gotta get some pretty things for the new place!

  98. 12.17.12
    Laura said:

    #1, #4, #9, actually it’s hard to find a print that I don’t love from them!!!

  99. 12.17.12

    I would like the Animal Locomotion series by Eadweard Muybridge and the animal illustrations from Brendan Wenzel.

  100. 12.17.12
    Tuesday M. said:

    ALL THE ART. Anything from the alleverythingthatisyou collection, baby tiger, baby pig (for my girlfriend), momento vitae, …..So many. My walls would be even fuller than they already are.

  101. 12.17.12
    Claire said:

    This was a tough one to choose, but I think I’ve finally narrowed it down to “Knabstrup” by Amy Jean Porter and “Dress Codes” by Bastienne Schmidt. Really, both of them would look amazing pretty much anywhere in my house!

  102. 12.17.12
    L said:

    Ideal Bookshelf 353: English Lit http://www.20×
    Ideal Bookshelf 506: Cooking http://www.20×
    Both by Jane Mount
    — I love art and I love books. I especially love cookbooks. These stuck out to me because my boyfriend and I are moving in together in a few months and I think they’d appeal to us both as some decor we can actually agree on.

    alleverythingthatisyou sno6_034.1
    by Mike + Doug Starn http://www.20×
    —This one would be for me. A self-indulgent choice. I just love macros and snow!

    Watercolor Singapore
    by Stamen Design http://www.20×
    —For the boyfriend, because he studies various world cultures, politics, and law. Singapore was one of his favorites and he wants us to visit there one day. Plus, he has a thing for maps.

  103. 12.17.12
    Jessica said:

    I absolutely love all the Sharon Montrose prints of the baby animals. Also love the “What is Marriage” print by Austin Kleon- so creative.

  104. 12.17.12
    Emily Bourassa said:

    I must have a Christian Chaize in my life!
    Is the code working? I was getting an error message just now.

  105. 12.17.12
    Morgan said:

    I love the Eiffel Tower, grounds, Exposition Universelle, 1900. Like, it should be in my bedroom right now. And Sharon Montrose’s animals would look pretty great in my daughter’s nursery…

  106. 12.17.12
    Brooke said:

    I would love a Sharon Montrose print! We’re having our second baby in July and I’m dreaming of a nursery centered around a few of her baby animal pieces. We own her book now and my two year old can’t get enough of it!

  107. 12.17.12
    Sara said:

    I love the animal locomotion of the galloping horse and “old phone” and “old camera.” So many of these would be a great addition to my gallery wall. Thanks for the link to a new favorite shop.

  108. 12.17.12
    klinker said:

    belmont harbor tree would be hard for me to pass up. thanks for introducing me to this great place for art!

  109. 12.17.12
    Chelsea said:

    I desperately need some beach photos for each side of my bed. You know, crashing waves and shit that GO TOGETHER, but aren’t the exact same shot. It’s probably some metaphor for my chemistry with my husband, but whatever.

    Something like these work:

  110. 12.17.12

    I love that site! I’ve ordered from them before.
    I like:
    Praia Piquinia 28/08/11

  111. 12.17.12
    Erika said:

    Love the Supported
    by Ky Anderson print!

  112. 12.17.12
    amy said:

    I find 20×200 overwhelming because they have SO MUCH GREAT ART for sale. I love Sharon Montrose’s “Flamingo No. 4”. Her style brings out the flamingo’s delicate pink feathers perfectly. I also love Bob O’Conner’s “Laugarás, Iceland” because it’s simple yet amazingly evocative. I don’t have a single piece of art hanging in my house right now so every room is begging for it, but I think these would have to go in my living room where guests could enjoy them.

  113. 12.17.12
    Emily H said:

    I absolutely love all of the Sharon Montrose prints (Baby Camel No. 2!! Flamingo No. 4!! Can’t handle all of the Cute! Baby! Animals!) but I also love the Map of Paris 1900. I would be putting some much-needed art in my bedroom, it needs a little something to make it less blah and I think this could be just the ticket! Thanks for doing these giveaways, they’re awesome and so is your blog!

  114. 12.17.12
    Lisa F said:

    Baby Deer #2, Baby Camel #2, Tabular Icebergs, or Waiting. I could easily add to this list if I had continued to browse. Would love some new art for the bedroom–it has the only open space in my very small house.

  115. 12.17.12
    Allison said:

    Probably one of Sharon Montrose’s prints! I don’t have space for a giant print of a baby animal, but, you know, that’s not really relevant. I would MAKE SPACE.

  116. 12.17.12
    Salina said:

    I know everyone will probably say this but one of Sharon Montrose’s prints. They just crack me up – the baby donkey – I die.

  117. 12.17.12
    Jennifer said:

    I love Sharon Montrose’s baby animals. I’d love to have the baby deer and the baby white tiger hanging in my daughter’s bedroom; they’re sweet and playful and ferocious, just like her!

  118. 12.17.12
    Anne said:

    I love the concept of 20× I’ve been a fan for a long time but the shipping costs to France are pretty expensive, so I’ll love to win this giveaway.

    My favorite artists on 20× are:
    – Sharon Montrose http://www.20×
    – Jorge Colombo http://www.20× & http://www.20×
    – Andrew Miller http://www.20×
    – Joseph O. Holmes http://www.20×
    – Linzie Hunter http://www.20×

    And of course, I love Berenice Abbott photographs http://www.20×

    All those prints would look great in my bedroom and in my home office.

  119. 12.17.12
    Cassie said:

    I would get the “abandoned house” from digby neck and I don’t know put it on one of my bare walls. I live about 2 hours from digby neck , I love local :)

  120. 12.17.12
    Jessica said:

    I want http://www.20× and the one that says “I’ve had sex in this room” because I probably have. They are for meeee!

  121. 12.17.12
    JennieM said:

    I would choose one of the alleverythingthatisyousno prints (snowflakes) or the Graphite Camera Drawing. I just love this site!

  122. 12.17.12
    Raquel said:

    Gosling Lake by Kurt Tong is so serene. The colors are beautiful. I’d frame it and hang it in my office, and look at it several times a day.

  123. 12.17.12
    Pati N said:

    I Love the art by Chad Hagen. I would hang http://www.20× my craft room to stare at when I sew:)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  124. 12.17.12
    'col said:

    Also feeling the love for Sharon Montrose. My 3 year old is obsessed with animals, and I’d hang any of her prints (but maybe Baby Monkey #5? or Piglet #2?) in his room. Or Brendan Wenzel’s Primates!
    Possibly Mike Monteiro’s Untitled (We are going to make it through this year if it kills us) for my partner, because there have been a few years like that lately.
    Or Lisa Congdon’s Birch Forest #7 for myself. It would go in my hallway where I’d walk by every day on my way in and out of my bedroom, visible from my kitchen.


  125. 12.17.12
    despi said:

    ok, this is karma. I have been longing for Mike Sinclair’s prints such a looong time now!
    I would be super happy to have http://www.20× or http://www.20× chez moi. Thank you anyway Daniel – a very merry holidays to all your gang there! xx

  126. 12.17.12
    Randie said:

    I love, love Jane Mount’s “Ideal Bookshelf” pieces, and would totally get one for myself.

  127. 12.17.12
    Kasia said:

    “Momento Vitae” reminds me of constellations and conjoined twins. How could you lose with that combination?! Exactly.

  128. 12.17.12
    Heather said:

    I love 20×200 and adore Mike Monteiro’s whole series (esp the “i told my therapist about you” print) also fitting because I have a typography theme going on in my casa. I’m also looking for a large print to replace my 2012 Stendig calendar, loving the Sharon Montrose flamingo and I also sorta love Youngna Park’s Ballons in Midtown print.. so many good ones to chose from!

    *fingers crossed.

  129. 12.17.12
    Carls said:

    I love all three of the el tiede photographs, as well as bildudalur by tom kondrat. I’d like a bigger size, so I guess I’d have to put it somewhere in my small bungalow that has the wall space. Like my dining room. Or maybe my bedroom?

  130. 12.17.12
    Allison said:

    I love sharon montrose’s animal prints and jane mount’s ideal bookshelves. I would have to hang my art in the “hallway” in my apartment (which is barely that, but offers several interesting angles for interesting art!)

  131. 12.17.12
    Tim said:

    Oh man. I totally agree with everything you said about art as gifts, and just art in general. When I visited one of my art professor’s homes, one of the coolest parts about the whole thing was the art that he had everywhere, and how it was all from people he knew, and how every piece had a special connection or story behind it.

    I’ve always had a thing for William Powhida, he was a big influence of one of my close friends, with that tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.
    Also, my girlfriend really like old black and white photos, especially like Alice Austen’s “Midland Beach. Staten Island, New York, 1892 The Thousand and One.”, “Cuchifrito Vista Alegre” by Arlene Gottfried, “Downtown Skyport, Pier 11, East River, Manhattan”, Court of First Model Tenement House in New York, 1936″, and “Seventh Avenue Looking South from 35th Street, Manhattan” by Berenice Abbott. Born and raised in Chicago, she’d also like “prettymaps (chicago)” by Aaron Straup Cope, which is the more abstract of the two maps of Chicago.
    The pun potential in “Animal Locomotion: Plate 658 (Mule)” by Eadweard Muybridge is so good too. Similarly, William Wegman’s “Fay on the Dock” is just too cute.
    “77 Waste Ponds” is really cool looking, and would be a nice homage to my late father, who designed waste-water treatment plants.
    “Bildudalur” by Tom Kondrat is just gorgeous, and I really like Daniel Seung Lee’s photos too, but I’d have to go with “Lake Michigan, Chicago” and “Belmont Harbor Tree II, Chicago” because of that Chicago connection.

    I could keep going, there are many other really awesome prints. Thank you for exposing me to that site! Next Christmas, I’m giving everyone posters!

  132. 12.17.12
    Kate said:

    I looooove this print: http://www.20× since I’ve been to Budapest.

    This one would be the perfect birthday gift for my dad who’s a recreational pilot and loves to fly his plane to far-off places: http://www.20×

    Thanks for the chance!

  133. 12.17.12
    Zoe said:

    Love anything by Sharon Montrose

  134. 12.17.12
    Laurence said:

    http://www.20× I love this piece, as I love forests in general. It really reminds me of my childhood drives through maine to go to the beach each summer. I would hang this over my bed, since it is so restful :D

    and this http://www.20× for my boyfriend who is a 5 year old at heart and will always love dinosaurs :D

  135. 12.17.12
    kaitlyn said:

    Baby Camel by Sharon Montrose. Id hang it above my headboard in a heartbeat.

  136. 12.17.12
    Karen said:

    i want the baby donkey for my living room. sharon montrose’s prints are freakin adorable. i wish they had the buffalo one that the brick house recently featured.

  137. 12.17.12
    Raven1025 said:

    I really love Newfoundland and Brandon 7. I would chip in the difference to have them both. Ravens are very special to me, and these would be great on my wall with some of my other beloved art.

  138. 12.17.12
    Bea said:

    I love ny.10.#01 by Jennifer Sanchez and Dwelling by Corey Drieth

  139. 12.17.12
    Gabriela said:

    I absolutely love the first and the last photographs you posted. They’re beautiful! They would be going up in my Aunt and Uncle’s new house, we lost all our belongings during hurricane Sandy, so this would be great for them, to help replace all the artwork they lost!

  140. 12.17.12
    Kristy said:

    Daniel I’m loving your contests!!!
    Sharon Montrose, Baby Deer No.2, for my daughter’s (soon to be daughters plural) room
    Lisa Congdon, Reindeer, for me! and my living room
    As an art history professor, I couldn’t agree with you more about the joys of having original art surround you in your home. Thanks so much!

  141. 12.17.12
    KC said:

    craig damrauer’s series the new math of relationships is great for a chuckle. and pollution post unlimited by andrew macRae has amazing colors

  142. 12.17.12
    Betsy said:

    I love any of the Sharon Montrose prints. I would love the ducklings for my little ones’ bathroom.

  143. 12.17.12
    Nicolette M said:

    I have been on the hunt for some great art for a while. I am thinking about putting some photo ledges along a weird wall in my bed room and need to fill them up fast! You featured a similar print but I have seen Praia Piquinia series by Christian Chaize floating around the interweb for a while now. I would love any piece. Another print I would love for the photo ledge would be Flamingo No. 4 by Sharon Montrose.

  144. 12.17.12

    Residential Web by Amy Casey is just the piece for this really awkward hallway/niche/bane of my design existence between my kitchen and dining room. OR I love Urban Storm by Aili Schmeltz for my dining room. The bright colors would really add some atmosphere to the smoky colored walls and walnut furniture. I have a 20×200 print in my bathroom and it makes me look like the coolest art collector guy anyone has ever met. Which could be true with this giveaway… hint. hint.

  145. 12.17.12
    EmCoop said:

    I really like the one made by 20×200 Artist Fund itself titled “GPN-2002-000059” and also Jenny Odell’s “77 Waste Ponds.” I am a super poor grad student who has no money, art, or style, and these would definitely class my place up a bunch and would help to be cool.

  146. 12.17.12
    Alyssa Hei said:

    When my fiancé & I moved in together he had all the furniture & I had all the art work & tchotchkes to make a house a home. Our styles are different to say the least, but I am determined to find an art piece that he loves just as much as I do to add to our home. We are both constantly visiting local galleries together, but with high prices & being in our mid twenties, it’s hard to settle on something we can both live with – thus, my art still graces our walls, and he still complains that he has nothing in the house (even though literally everything but the bed & my great grandmother’s buffet are his…) haha. I’ve found that the one style we both tend to agree on is what I call “eclectic Scandinavian,” so the Sunrise & Reindeer by Lisa Congdon would be the perfect addition to our warm little Duluth, Minnesotan home.

  147. 12.17.12
    Liz said:

    I just learned about Sharon Montrose through The Brick House, with the Buffalo print. I promptly went to Sharon’s site and ordered the Baby Goat because, well, our last name is Kidd. ;) I would love to add more of her wonderful photos!

  148. 12.17.12
    domestic diva said:

    I like jack pearson the starrs 2.

  149. 12.17.12
    Joy said:

    Either print from Cecily Brown would make me happy! I already have a long list of bookmarks from 20×200. Another great giveaway!

  150. 12.17.12
    kat said:

    i love the sharon montrose animal prints! we have just painted our dining walls black and they are still lacking artwork…would look so pretty there. thanks for the opportunity!

  151. 12.17.12

    My favorite pieces include “Graphite Camera Drawings” by Christine Berrie, “Vue panoramique de l’Exposition Universelle, 1900,”Ferry from Ardrossan Harbor”
    by Laura Bell and basically anything by Eadweard Muybridge. My husband and I are creating an office space and any of these pieces would work perfectly in it…

  152. 12.17.12
    Nicole said:

    Thank You by Trey Speegle is what I would pick. Paint by numbers?! I mean, c’mon!

  153. 12.17.12
    Cindy said:

    My favorite print that I would get is the Animal Locomotion Eadweard Muybridge print of the elephant plates. I would hang it above an industrial/vintage bar cart with drinks… how dapper would that be?!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  154. 12.17.12
    maybug said:

    I really love Bildudalur by Tom Kondrat and El Teide, view #03 by Meike Nixdorf. One would go in my hallway and the other in my dining room.

  155. 12.17.12
    Holly Havekotte said:

    “say Goodbye” is my favorite =) This belongs in my living room.

  156. 12.17.12
    Zach F said:
  157. 12.17.12
    Holly B said:
  158. 12.17.12
    Melissa said:

    Memories of Festivals by Tatsuro Kiuchi is lovely and would be perfect in my bedroom. And Animal Locomotion: Plate 626 (Galloping Horse) in my dining room.

  159. 12.17.12
    David L. said:

    Kind Intruder by Michelle Arcila
    Baby Deer No. 2 by Sharon Montrose
    Orb 5 (Long Island, New York) by Carlo Van de Roer

    Need these to hang on my Living Room walls.

  160. 12.17.12
    Lauren said:

    I love Zigzag1 by Valerie Roybal
    and Animal Locomotion: Plate 707 (Dog) by Eadweard Muybridge :)

  161. 12.18.12
    Kristina said:

    I am loving that reindeer pretty hard, and not just because it’s almost Christmas (BUT IT IS). But I’m also a big fan of Untitled (May the bridges I burn light the way) by Mike Monteiro – at the end of the year, I like to remind myself that maybe the mistakes I made this year will make next year better :p.

  162. 12.18.12
    Luisa K said:

    I really love all the animals by Sharon Montrose, but the baby deer is probably my favourite! I’d hang it in my shoebox apartment, between a watercoloured sketch done by my grandmother, and a print of Frederick Leighton’s Flaming June.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  163. 12.18.12

    I’ve had my eye on Lovebirds by Lisa Congdon forever. Her print would make the new studio the hubby and I are moving into even more special. I would also love to support artist Mark Menjivar with the purchase of one of his prints. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  164. 12.18.12
    Zhasmene said:

    I like tons of them, but I.m really drawn to the Feral House series by James Griffioen. I think I would put them in my office.

  165. 12.18.12
    Christy said:

    These are my favorites: Lisa Congdon’s “Birch Forest #7” because I love birch trees from Scandinavia, and 12 Bicycle Drawings by Christine Berrie, because my husband is a bike commuter, and I’d love to do a tribute to that,

    Thanks for the giveaway! These are awesome!

  166. 12.18.12
    m said:

    Wild about the Snowflake, but “195 Yachts,Barges,Cargo Lines, Tankers, and Other Ships” would be hung near a lake facing window.

  167. 12.18.12
    Helen said:

    Baby Monkey No. 6 by Sharon Montrose would be lovely in my daughter”s nursery.

  168. 12.18.12
    R said:
  169. 12.18.12
    Narelle said:

    I’d get Hulk by Amy Stein as an engagement present for my daughter’s guncles and Bear Cub No. 3 by Sharon Montrose for me.

  170. 12.18.12
    Kelsie said:

    The bird and tree ones on this page are nice! I think I’d keep them.


  171. 12.18.12
    Noor said:

    Another Sharon Montrose fan here! I just came across your site and it is fabulous darling.

  172. 12.18.12

    anything by sharon montrose – she’s one of my favorites, and i follow her blog basically just to torture myself. one day soon i’ll be able to justify buying a series of her babies… where would i hang my art if i win the giveaway? in the gorgeous vintage gold frame i just hung above my bed – still empty!

  173. 12.18.12
    Trondheim said:

    It’s hard to decide, but there’s something about the works of Jennifer Sanchez that I find rather pleasing, specifically ny.09#20. I’d probably hang it above my bed since the wall next to it is lacking art.

  174. 12.18.12
    Sara said:

    Don Carney’s Flying Swallow for my bedroom. Or Birch Forest #7 because it reminds me of the Money poster I had in my room as a kid, but more modern.

  175. 12.18.12
    kory said:

    Oh wow. I want them all for me, me, me!
    “Partners” is so intimate, “time don’t mean a thing” too. “Someday” is pure magic. “Thanks for sharing” so friendly and summery, “burning down the second house” so enigmatic. “Nethermead” so full of dogs! Panjwai and Azaruja are so REAL, you feel like you’re there.

  176. 12.18.12
    keri said:

    Oh man, I love Linzie Hunter like crazy

    Sadly, my favorite of hers, Coney, is sold out.

    Another one I like, sold out: http://www.20×

    I see a trend…hmmm… I WILL find something I like in stock :)

  177. 12.18.12
    Ann said:

    Hooray art!! Thanks Daniel and 20×200.
    We love Icebreaker – Stuart Klipper, my husband chose Food Sign-Bryan Schutmaat and I chose Steps-Thomas Prior.
    I guess I know where our holiday gift $ is going.

    Hope you get to relax on your winter break.

  178. 12.18.12
    bliss said:

    ICON by michelle muldrow and STAIRWAY by tamara thompsen make me swoon. ICON is so colorful and vibrant and i hate grocery shopping yet love this image… maybe it will give me magical powers of concentration when all i wanna do is flee the giant? i will hang it in my foyer to give myself strength. and STAIRWAY … i mean, i just want to move to a home that boasts such a lovely area. i would hang this in my own, very sub-par but functional nonetheless stairwell.

  179. 12.18.12
    Annie said:

    I would love to get this for my space-loving boyfriend! Blue Marble (Eastern Hemisphere)
    by 20×200 Artist Fund

  180. 12.18.12
    jessica w said:

    I would buy the white oaks for our condo

  181. 12.18.12
    Eldoé said:

    I really like Sharon Montrose’ flamingo and her three ducklings!! Or baby white tiger or baby giraffe! They are so sweet.
    They would all fit on my new teal wall.

    Thanks and happy hollidays

  182. 12.18.12
    eileen marie said:

    You officially have a big shot blog now that you have contests! I have been oogling that Praia Piquinia print since I received a mailer from 20×200. I’m also smitten w/ all of Amy Jean Porter’s art. 20×200 is so great, it’s hard to choose!

  183. 12.18.12
    Emily H said:

    Anything by Lisa Congdon – love her! I have a blank bedroom wall that is SCREAMING to become a gallery wall.

  184. 12.18.12
    Rachel said:

    I love pretty much anything by Wendy McNaughton, but I also love Travelers. I’d likely add it into my living room and rotate that art elsewhere.

  185. 12.18.12
    L said:

    I recently bought myself the “Lake of Tears” piece. Now I just need to get myself a frame and decide where to hang it! Maybe over Christmas break?

    (Our landlord just announced he’s trying to sell the place, so I figure we should celebrate by putting more holes in the walls, right?

  186. 12.18.12
    MM said:

    Really like the greens in Eroded in the Silence!

  187. 12.18.12
    Sabrina said:
  188. 12.18.12
    Genevieve said:

    I love Abandoned House; Digby Neck, Nova Scotia by Mark Marchesi actually I love his series it’s super interesting to think of the history behind those old houses and that entire area of Canada….


  189. 12.18.12
    Jessica C said:

    I love all of the animal photographs by Sharon Montrose! Our walls are pretty much bare right now, so the options for where to hang them are endless.

  190. 12.18.12
    Ellen said:

    I’ve been coveting the Rose-breasted Grosbeak by Amy Jean Porter for months and months now. I’m obsessed.

  191. 12.18.12
    Natalie said:

    I’ve been coveting anything from the praia paquinia beach series for a long while http://www.20× but the matthew tischler series is hella interesting too.
    http://www.20× I would gift myself because i deserve it, natch.

  192. 12.18.12
    Kate said:

    I’m really drawn to the Ideal Bookshelf series, but I’d have to say VHS would be the winner. It’d live happily in my living room.

  193. 12.18.12
    Crystal said:

    I Love LOVE all of Sharon Montrose’s pieces. I’ve been dreaming about having one for a long time!

  194. 12.18.12
    Christine Medina said:

    Bear Cub No. 4 is just too adorable! And also incredibly beautiful.

  195. 12.18.12

    my favorite piece is tucker nichols “portrait of sandy from far away”. we’re redoing our little one’s bedroom and i’d put it in there.

  196. 12.18.12
    Reidunn said:

    “ny.11.#42” by Jennifer Sanchez & “Lilies, Corolla” by Daniel Seung Lee are both on my wishlist. Would love to have them on my livingroom wall.

  197. 12.18.12
    Emily said:

    So many favorites! I love Sharon Montrose’s Flamingo (for me – to hang in my bland bathroom and motivate me to make it more lovely in there) and also Stuart Clipper’s Monteverde Cloud Forest. It reminds me of the jungle at the begining of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’d give that one to my husband, so I could feel generous and still get to keep it in my home.
    Thanks for the chance at winning!

  198. 12.18.12
    Jackie said:

    I’ve bought some pieces from 20×200 and I am always tempted to get more, because there’s so much good stuff.
    It’s interesting, because I’m a photography buff, but I’ve always been more into the painters and illustrators on 20×200. NOt that the photo art is bad either.
    My favorite temptations for a long, long while have been almost anything by Jennifer Sanchez (esp. ny.08.#06 and ny.08.#14).
    I also like Embedded and Radar by Aili Schmeltz.
    Along with Sanchez, my other fave is Valerie Roybal. Unfortunately, most of her small ones are sold out already.

    You’ve picked out a few nice ones there.

  199. 12.18.12
    Michele said:

    You picked one of my favorites although I also love Orb 3. Everything by Sharon Montrose. My problem is that I find prints I like and while trying to decide which to buy, they sell out. My brain is too slow and my likes too many.

  200. 12.18.12

    Reindeer by Lisa Congdon and Momento Vitae by Alexander Beeching are great, but my favourite is Timid Whale from Don Carney. Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. 12.18.12
    Jessica said:

    I love Watercolor Paris by Stamen Design – so textural and lovely.
    My best friend would love Ideal Bookshelf 506: Cooking by Jane Mount in her kitchen.
    What a great giveaway – thanks!

  202. 12.18.12
    Mel said:

    I would love to hang “Flying Swallow” by Don Carney above my mantel!

  203. 12.18.12
    sara said:

    I’ve been giving Michelle Hinebrook’s prints puppydog eyes for months.

  204. 12.18.12
    Anne said:

    well Serenity Lodge is SCREAMING my name. Snow, winter, frozen pond, mid century colors, MODERN 70’s ARCHITECTURE. Are you kidding me? It would be for ME – for my birthday which was on 12/15!

  205. 12.18.12
    Mary said:

    The Alexander Beeching skull print is my favourite. I already have 2 of Lisa’s print, so I may be tempted by the reindeer print

  206. 12.18.12
    Rebeka said:

    I would buy Ideal Bookshelf: English Lit for me! Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Also love the Color Stacks and the We Are So Good Together print. Ahh, I can’t decide!

  207. 12.18.12
    Kendall said:

    This was more difficult to narrow down than I had anticipated. I am in love with any and all of the deconstructed series of prints from Todd McLellan. I also really love the Praia Piquinia 16/08/11 13h26 by Christian Chaize. I would probably get the print for myself to place in my living room since I am unfortunately selfish like that.

  208. 12.18.12
    Pedro said:

    Hi there, again!

    So, you really like to make it hard for us! This time, i think my favourites are:

    http://www.20× (this would look great on my bathroom)

    http://www.20× (this one would really light up my sister’s bedroom)

    http://www.20× (at last, this one would rock my living room!)

    But the choice was so though!

  209. 12.18.12
    Kristin said:

    My younger sister was in a bad accident early in 2012 and broke her arm, ribs, and pelvis to the point where she wasn’t able to walk for months. After a long stint in the hospital, she’s finally healing well enough to be able to resume her life and is moving into her own place for the first time in a year starting in January. We live in a landlocked state now, and have since we were young, but as children we lived in San Diego and still have a deep love for the ocean. I’d buy her Rincon Artificial Island and Pipeline, Ventura, California, by Ian Baguskas to put up in her new home. Just a little something to look at and remember that California is waiting for her to keep working at getting better so she can go lie on the beach in the sunshine.

  210. 12.18.12
    Kristin B said:

    Oooh! Perfect timing! I’m looking for a nice piece of art to get for my childhood friend who has been married for about a year, but never ended up having a wedding. Stalking this website forever now.
    SO! I would pick either “Every Outdoor Basketball Court in Manhattan” by Jenny Oddell, “Support” by Ky Anderson, or “Untitled 1” by Cecily Brown for them. :)

  211. 12.18.12
    lauren said:

    Oh my, too many choices! I really like “plain” by Tom Kondrat and “Animal Locomotion: Plate 707 (Dog)” by Eadward Muybridge for myself (my living room needs some love!). And I would absolutely buy “Timid Whale” by Don Carney for my friend, I know she would love it!

  212. 12.18.12
    LG said:

    I would get “Graphite Camera Drawings” by Christine Berrie for my boyfriend. He collects antique film cameras and would probably love this.

  213. 12.18.12
    K said:

    I’m wishing myself into my first apartment by January. *fingers and toes crossed* So.. Portrait of Sandy, the amazing Animal Locomotion: Galloping Horse, and Jane Mount’s Bookshelf 29 would hang over my future favorite sofa in the living room.

  214. 12.18.12
    megan peacock said:

    i would love The Bison Constellation for myself and Animal Locomotion: Plate 626 (Galloping Horse) for my sister. love love love 20×200 several of my art pieces come from that site!

  215. 12.18.12
    Donna said:

    I love anything by Rachell Sumpter and Newfoundland 7 is new to me and I love it! I would hang mine in my bedroom. I don’t have anything there right now!

  216. 12.18.12
    kristen b said:

    I’m Sharon Montrose fan and would like to get the flamingo or the baby deer to go with my baby giraffe in my office.

  217. 12.18.12
    Dawn said:

    What a tough choice! I would love to surprise my boyfriend with CBGB (pipes), he’s punk rock to the core and it would be a great addition to our apartment. For myself, I adore Plus ca Change (Venice), I would hang it in my bedroom.

  218. 12.18.12
    Elizabeth said:

    Rainfall, Upstate New York has been on my wish list for a while. I’d love to hang it in my bedroom!

  219. 12.18.12
    Teran said:

    It would take me forever to figure out what one piece I would want! I got a little carried away decorating with neutrals, so I think any Jessica Snow piece would be great to add a little color to my tiny apartment. I have a wall full of frames and I’d love to replace some of my poorly taken photographs with real art!

  220. 12.18.12
    Jen B said:

    Eeek- just getting my submission in! Quiet Planes for my spouse…then for me, YES by Trey Speegle…it’s interactive, perfect colors for me, & a nod to 5 years of French- that I don’t speak.

  221. 12.18.12
    Kelsey said:

    I love the image of the beach in Portugal, “Praia Piquinia 28/08/11 15h24” It reminds me of my favorite spot in Italy. I would hang it in my living room and it would be the first piece of art anyone notices as they walk in.

  222. 12.18.12
    Jessica said:

    I love all the Sharon Montrose baby animals! I’d love something from Lisa congdon, too!

  223. 12.18.12
    Stephanie McCloud said:

    Oh, this is easy! For years now I’ve wanted one of the cakes by Amy Stevens. I’d probably hang it in the kitchen until the day comes when we can move into a place with a dining room…However, I just had a baby a little over a month ago and when I saw Lisa Congdon’s “Dice” print, I immediately could see it hanging over my li’l Alfie’s crib!

    So my favorites are “Day 114: Dice” by Lisa Congdon and “Confections (adorned) #14” by Amy Stevens. And “Trash Mountain” by Megan Whitmarsh is rather lovely as well. =) No way I would gift these— they’d all be for me!

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