GIVEAWAY: Fetch Eyewear!

About a year ago, minor tragedy struck my life when I left my sunglasses on an airplane. For most people, this might not qualify as a formative, watershed moment—the kind that’s likely to define the next chapter of their lives—but for me, it was basically a small death. I mourned those glasses. There was my life before the glasses (confusion, discomfort), my life with the glasses (joy, confidence, enjoying sunny days), and then there was my life after the glasses (misery, overwhelming sadness, general gloom, hatred of the sun and daylight). It was a Big Deal.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have the sort of face that just rejects all types of eyewear. My head is somewhere between child-sized and lady-sized, and something about the arrangement of my facial features just doesn’t agree with cute accessories. Forget drugstore glasses or even a whole Sunglasses Hut. So imagine my joy when I found an amazing pair of glasses from one of my amazing sponsors, Fetch Eyewear, last fall (the Baxter in OnyxFade), and my double joy when they asked if I’d like to try out their sunglasses this summer! And a pair for Max, too! Maybe this summer wouldn’t be full of misery and regret, after all!

I quickly took them up on it, and we decided to do the Try at Home feature, where Fetch will send you six pairs of your choice at no charge, you can pick your favorite, send them all back and quickly get your favorite sent to you in the mail! Simple, easy, doesn’t require me to leave my home—I love all of these things.


Isn’t that packaging adorable? It took Max and I about five seconds to break into the boxes and excitedly fight for space in front of the mirror to try them all on. The options are just so good!

The other thing I love about Fetch, by the way, is that they’re an awesome company. The glasses are already really affordable, and then on top of providing super stylish, great quality glasses at a great price, they go ahead and donate 100% of their profits to The Pixie Project, which works tirelessly with county shelters to rescue animals and give them another shot at finding a home. How amazing is that? I just love them. I love them for their cute glasses and for their love of cute animals. And I didn’t even mention the lifetime warranty on the frames. I mean, there is literally nothing not to like. Not. A. Thing.


Max and I and the kids tooled around the Hudson River Valley with Anna and Evan this weekend, and took the opportunity to take our new glasses for a spin with this impromptu and candid (totally planned, very posed) high fashion photoshoot!

Success! They work! We love them! Honestly, I love them more than my lost pair of wonderful glasses that I thought I would mourn forever. Fetch Eyewear has helped me overcome emotional turmoil and find my way to the other side, while protecting my eyes from harmful UV-rays and my summer get-up from being sunglass-less. I literally could ask for no more. Bring on this summer thing, I’m ready for it.

Max chose the Dash in Onyx (which look quite dashing on him, if I do say so myself) and I chose the Milo in Ether (which Max’s sister told me made me look like Anne Sullivan, which I’m 100% OK with).


That’s right, party people—the lucky winner gets two pairs of Fetch Eyewear sunglasses! Maybe you need sunglasses, too? Maybe your dad needs sunglasses? Father’s Day is just around the corner, folks!


1. Go check out all the fabulous frames at Fetch Eyewear! Any of the frames can be ordered as sunglasses, so you have a mighty fine selection!

2. Come back here and leave a comment telling me a few of your favorites (you get to do the Try at Home feature if you want, too, so don’t hold back!) and who you’d give your second pair to! Husband? Wife? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Mama Bear? Papa Bear? Up to you!

3. For a second entry, go “Like” both Fetch Eyewear on Facebook and Manhattan Nest on Facebook. Then just come back and leave a comment telling me you did so. If you already like us, just tell me!

4. For a third entry, go follow Fetch Eyewear on Instagram (@fetcheyewear)! Then tell me you did! 


International entries are welcome and Fetch Eyewear will pay the shipping. However, the winner may be responsible for international duties & taxes.

Yay! Go get some glasses!

This post is in partnership with Fetch Eyewear.

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  1. 6.11.13
    Chris said:

    I just got the Sam, so I could use some sunglasses in the same. I think my GF would look great in the Jill (Tortoise). THANKS FETCH!

  2. 6.11.13
    Krysta said:

    Love the photo of Mekko in the shades! I’m fond of the Felix and Tracy styles, and think I might order the Baxter in the prescription version for myself too! I would share the extra pair with my husband :)

  3. 6.11.13
    Chris said:

    Now following Fetch on Instagram (thatchrismoore).

    BTW, in thos glasses you guys look like you should be here:

  4. 6.11.13
    Kelley said:

    That try at home feature is awesome! I’ve always resisted buying glasses online because my face is awkward and what I want to look good never does…

    I’m really digging the tangerine Bamboo Masa. Or the Cherry. Ack. I like them all. And if I did win… would I have to share???

  5. 6.11.13
    Kate. said:

    Must have the Diane Sun sunglasses! Would likely give the second pair to my dear little sister who lost her house in the May 20 tornado in OK! She could use a bit of fun in her summer!

  6. 6.11.13
    Kate. said:

    Also – liked both on FB!

  7. 6.11.13
    Karen said:

    Love the dash too. I’d either hoard the second pair or give it to my bf. Who am i kidding? I’d keep it for myself!

  8. 6.11.13
    Rachel said:

    I would get the Darby sun for myself, they are very cute! The second pair would go to my husband. Currently he is wearing construction worker sunglasses, and I really would prefer that he didn’t haha.

  9. 6.11.13
    Rachel said:

    I liked both of you on Facebook.

  10. 6.11.13
    Rachel said:

    And following them on instagram!

  11. 6.11.13
    katherine said:

    oh this is the best giveaway! i have such a hard time finding frames that fit my face. totally in love with the Margot. Fetch was liked already on FB and Instagram, and now you are too!

  12. 6.11.13
    Margaret said:

    Love your new shades! I think I’d be torn between the Tracy and Felix…I might have to keep the second one all to myself. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. 6.11.13
    Neil said:

    Definitely just spent a significant amount of time figuring out my head shape, skin tone, sizing, etc to pick the right sunglasses. I recently went through a similar bereavement period over a pair of perfect shades! I think the Charlie Sun in Tortoise are definitely for me and my twin sister could definitely go for a new pair too!

  14. 6.11.13
    Margaret said:

    Following Fetch and you on Facebook…

  15. 6.11.13
    Margaret said:

    …and following Fetch on Instagram!

  16. 6.11.13
    Sara said:

    I am a fan of the Dash and Felix. I would probably give the other pair to the girlfriend because I can’t be walking around looking awesome without awesome also on my arm candy.

    I also follow both you and Fetch on FB and Instagram.

  17. 6.11.13
    AshleyB said:

    Oh goodness, I love so many! I especially love the Charlie and the Sam. And the Sadie. Hmmm.

  18. 6.11.13
    AshleyB said:

    I also follow on Instagram! (User: ashleywb)

  19. 6.11.13
    Kathy said:

    look forward to reading your blog and I just adore those glasses. I love dogs too.

    Hope I win a pair, keep blogging

  20. 6.11.13
    Aurora said:

    The Tracy Sun and Felix Sun are such great shapes and colors. I wear glasses normally and would love a pair of sunglasses so I can stop squinting all summer long.

  21. 6.11.13
    Tawna said:

    I like them all, especially the Darby and Milo. I would love to give a pair to my husband. Already following Fetch on Facebook, following them on Instagram user:roseandroot, and of course following Manhattan Nest on Facebook! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  22. 6.11.13
    Pandra said:

    Felix, Jack, Tracy, Sam and Reese Sunglasses… one for me, one for my mom (because I am a horrible daughter and need to make better).

  23. 6.11.13
    Pandra said:

    And I follow fetch on instagram (@pandramonium)

  24. 6.11.13
    Darcy said:

    I love the Darby in Cameofade and I’d love to see my boyfriend wearing the Milo in Ether. You look great in them, and the pups are adorbz.

  25. 6.11.13
    Rachel S said:

    Gah! There are too many fantastic choices!! I love the Sadie, Gretta, Felix, Sam and Jill. What a fantastic company!

  26. 6.11.13
    Tara S. said:

    I think the Reese Sun’s would be a great addition to my collection of sunnies and my best friend would look fantastic in the Tracy Sun’s… they are just all so cute it really is hard to just pick two. Also, I liked both on facebook! Can’t wait to hopefully be wearing these bad boys soon!

  27. 6.11.13
    Brenna M. said:

    I love the Margo in tortoise and the pepper in ivory, so pretty! I would give a pair to my brother, he needs a nice pair of sunglasses.

  28. 6.11.13
    Amanda said:

    My favourites are the Felix in Brindle Fade/Olive Tortoise Matte and the Jack in Military Green/Sepia.

  29. 6.11.13
    L said:

    love the greta and margot–and my husband is beyond overdue for new glasses!

  30. 6.11.13
    Matthew said:

    I’m kinda lovin’ on the Hugo and Reese!

  31. 6.11.13
    maeve said:

    I really love the Leo Sun glasses for myself and i think my man would look amazing in the Tracy Sun! What an awesome website

  32. 6.11.13
    maeve said:

    I liked both Fetch Eyewear on Facebook and Manhattan Nest on Facebook.

  33. 6.11.13
    Adam said:

    I’m kind of digging the Dash, probably in the Malt color. I’d also want to try the Leo sunglasses in Tortoise but would probably look like a huge tool. I’d also be sure to grab a pair for my fiance!

  34. 6.11.13
    Tina_R said:

    I have a wide face so my only choices are:
    Margot, Andy, Felix, Sam and Leo (green for Leo the rest in tortoiseshell)

  35. 6.11.13
    Tina_R said:

    Oh yeah (heehee) forgot. The second pair would be for my sister.

  36. 6.11.13
    Louise said:

    I adore the Jack (Navy). Felix (Onyx) and Tracy (Tortoise) frames. Any one of the pairs would make an awesome Father’s Day gift, and I’d wear the other one all summer long ~

    Already followed Fetch Eyewear and Manhattan Nest (@musingsfromthecorner) on both Instagram and Facebook.

  37. 6.11.13
    Ryann said:

    Oh man.. I have so many entries:

    1. Followed our Fetch-y friends on Instagram. Check.
    2. Liked (also loved) Manhattan Nest and Fetch Eyewear on the Facebook. Check-ity-check.
    3. Now for the exciting list of my favorites or 6 pack picks:
    Tracy Sun in Tortoise
    Sam Sun in Nutmeg
    Baxter in Cypress
    Tracy in Fern.. and/or Bittersweet
    Jill in Fog

    I would naturally attempt to conquer the SoCal sun with those tres-fashionable options and (very generously) share my second pair with the man in my life, since the cheesy and adorable scene we would create walking down the street – a la your photoshoot – is too tempting to pass up.

  38. 6.11.13
    CT said:

    I really like the Margot for me and the Charlie for my dog Shenanigan. Because every dog needs sunglasses . . .

  39. 6.11.13
    Sherri Robinson said:

    Love these glasses.I would love any but really like Hugo and Felix,two totally different styles.that would be the nice part about trying them on.Thanks fetch for caring about animals and people.

  40. 6.11.13
    Lily said:

    The Leo in bottle green, absolutely! And my best galpal would get her pick of the other…

  41. 6.11.13

    I love Fetch! My favorites are the Pepper in Olive Tortoise – wearing them now and wanting them in every color, especially the Opal. I’ve also had my eye on (pun intended) the Jill in Classic Tortoise.

  42. 6.11.13

    And – I’m not registered on FB, but I do follow Fetch on Instagram as janeray1940.

  43. 6.11.13
    Lucía said:

    I’d like the margot sun in dusk for me, and the darby sun in cameofade for my mum… I already follow you on facebook! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  44. 6.11.13
    Nando said:

    Leo sun would be ideal for these Portland summers.


  45. 6.11.13
    Kendra said:

    Ooh… the sunnies! Tracy in Fern or Margot in Tortoise, I think. I would gift a snazzy pair to my favorite guy: my husband, David, who would rock them quite Fetch-ingly. :) I already “like” Fetch on Facebook (bought prescription glasses online from them a few months ago: Sadie in Tortoise. Love them and all the good Fetch does!) and now I “like” Manhattan Nest, too! I already follow Fetch on Instagram. ❤ June 14th’s my birthday; who knows.. maybe I will win some sunnies?

  46. 6.11.13
    Ian said:

    Look, let’s be honest. I can’t give you two that I like more than another two. I’d take a random pair and it’d end up being my favorite. There is no way I’m giving that second pair to anyone other than my lovely wife (on top of the fact that she’s been saying she wants to get a pair for close to a year already). Thanks for doing the contest!

  47. 6.11.13
    Ariel H said:

    Wonderful giveaway!
    Hmm… I like the Tracy in Fern and Felix in the Olive Matte.

  48. 6.11.13
    Ariel H said:

    Liked both on Facebook!

  49. 6.11.13
    Jenna said:

    Well. I already follow Fetch on Facebook and Instagram, and “like” you as well. I’m sitting here right now wearing a pair of prescription Fetch glasses and I LOVE them. I have a huge trip to Korea in September and would love to rock the Darby suns – heck, I’d even have prescription lenses popped in, and would bequeath a second pair on my boytoy, who is going with me to start an international incident. :)

  50. 6.11.13
    Allison said:

    i like the bamboo masa.

  51. 6.11.13
    Martha said:

    I would get the Felix Sun in Onyx for myself (I got lasik 5 years ago so I don’t need a prescription any more!) and Charlie Sun in Tortoise for my husband, who should really have prescription sunglasses!

  52. 6.11.13
    Martha said:

    I have also “liked” Fetch on Facebook!

  53. 6.11.13
    Clare said:

    Margot, Sadie, Pepper and Darcy for me…Felix, Tracey and Darby for my partner. I’ve also gone and done the ‘likes’ on Facebook.

  54. 6.11.13
    Karen said:

    I like the dash, too! And how adorable is your whole family?? Seriously adorable.

  55. 6.11.13
    Jay said:

    I’m all about the Baxter and the Jill :-)

  56. 6.11.13
    Courtney said:

    Hooray for child sized heads! I’m a grown woman who has to shop in the kids section for glasses, hats and all other head related paraphernalia…

    It would be nice not to look like some kind of giant fly {thanks to normal sized glasses looking ridiculously big on my face}, with some dainty glasses.

    Felix, Tracy, Margot, i could take any one of them!

  57. 6.11.13
    Leslie said:

    And I was JUST thinking about how I need a new pair of glasses!

    I’m diggin the Resse and the Dash. I wish I didn’t look ridiculous in circle frames otherwise I’d be all over the Hugo’s.

    Lucky for me the peeps in my life all have perfect vision, that just means more for me!

  58. 6.11.13
    Erin said:

    Wish I looked as good as Mekko in sunglasses! I’d love a new pair! Since I wear prescription sunglasses I’ve been sporting the same pair for years. The Andy Sun in black would be my safe bet. But if I was feeling sassy I’d get the Pepper Sun in tortoise!

  59. 6.11.13
    Erin said:

    I thought I had already “liked” them on Facebook after your last post but I guess I didn’t remember to. So I just did it!

  60. 6.11.13
    Stefanie said:

    I generally like any of these try-at-home programs, but supporting animal rescue just sealed the deal for me. If I don’t win and have a future need for eyewear, Fetch is my new go-to.

    I’m solely an Aviator gal right now, but I think I could expand my horizons with Felix, Charlie, and Jack.

  61. 6.11.13

    Tracy sun is my favorite! I would get Husband and wife sunglasses. Xo

  62. 6.11.13
    Brendan said:

    Daniel, this couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve been worrying about not having sunglasses for the last few weeks and I’m sure cataracts are forming as I type this. Ick.

    I love the Baxter in mineral, Charlie in tortoise, Milo in nimbus and/or Jack in nimbus. I would like to give the second pair to my little sister, who is also hurting for new sunglasses.

    I’ve liked Fetch on Facebook, already liked your page ages ago, and have followed Fetch on Instagram as well (I always look forward to your pictures too)! :)

  63. 6.11.13
    Megan said:

    Obsessed with the Tracy in Fern. I’d share with my kid brother- the only person I know who would die over fab sunglasses!

  64. 6.11.13

    Following fetch eyewear on instagram @spunkyrealdeal

  65. 6.11.13
    Frank said:

    easy…sort of
    charlie sun onyx and tortoise are both great
    jack sun in military green
    and maybe the felix sun for my wife

    liked on instagram as well

  66. 6.11.13
    Corey said:

    For me..the margot, pepper, or reese. For my darling boyfriend who currently wears a pair with a missing arm he found at a reuse zone because “otherwise, they don’t fit” the leo, tracy, or baxter.

  67. 6.11.13
    Corey said:

    I have liked both the Fetch and the Manhattan Nest FB pages!

  68. 6.11.13
    Christina Lembo said:

    I love the Baxter and the Sadie! What a great cause!

  69. 6.11.13
    Christina Lembo said:

    I liked Fetch and Manhattan Nest on Facebook

  70. 6.11.13
    Nicolette said:

    Following Fetch on Instagram

  71. 6.11.13
    LaDonna said:

    Sadie, Margot, Carolyn I’d like to branch out from my usual brown frames

  72. 6.11.13
    Nicolette said:

    Liked on Facebook

  73. 6.11.13
    john m said:

    Bolt and Baxter

  74. 6.11.13
    Nicolette said:

    I love Felix, Margot and Tracy!

  75. 6.11.13
    Tonya said:

    Liking the Milo, yes I am. And a second pair would go to my husband who always needs sunglasses!

  76. 6.11.13
    Grace said:

    You two are the cutest human beings alive. I love it. And the dogs.


  77. 6.11.13
    Allison said:

    All the styles are quite fetching (heh) but my favorites are Margo, Reese and Tracy. I, too, have a tiny head so I feel your pain.

  78. 6.11.13
    Ariel H. said:

    And following on instagram!

  79. 6.11.13
    Leni said:

    I’d get the Andy in tortoise, Margot in hickory tortoise, and the Felix in olive tortoise matte. The second pair would go to a member of my family.

  80. 6.11.13
    Lynn said:

    I love Andy, Diane and Felix….but if I had to pick one….Andy in Olive Tortoise Matte…they are great looking. But I also like Milo.

    I would give the second to my friend Becki because she thinks your glasses are very cool and loves animals just as much as I do.

  81. 6.11.13
    Lynn said:

    I already liked Fetch but just went to Manhattan Nest and liked you too….

  82. 6.11.13
    Lauren said:

    I’m loving the Darby and the Margot! So Fun! I’d give the second pair to my lil’ sister, we both love a good pair of sunglasses.

  83. 6.11.13
    Janna said:

    Greta in cream would make an awesome sunglass. And I really love the Sadie in Ballet, been eyeing that one. Second pair to someone else? How bout my evil twin?

  84. 6.11.13
    Janna said:

    oh and yes I liked you both. Well I already liked Fetch, you are just a great new addition.

  85. 6.11.13
    Finno said:

    Ooo, love the Felix and the Darby! The second pair would probably go to my little sister since she will only buy sunglasses that are $5 or less.

  86. 6.11.13
    Taylor R said:

    Awesome post! My fiance has yet to find a pair of sunglasses that fit his face so I’d love for him to give Fetch a try – I’m thinking the Charlie! For me, I’d love the Tracy!

  87. 6.11.13
    Alissa said:

    I’m thinking it would be fun to try the Gretta out — so cute! Second pair would probably go to my bestie. :o)

  88. 6.12.13
    Alexa C. said:

    I love the Felix styles! Absolutely adorable! I would have to give the second pair to my mom since she too left her favorite ones on a plane while going out to get her chemo treatment :)

  89. 6.12.13
    Katie said:

    Guuurrl, I already follow Fetch on Instagram and FB, and you on FB too! I also have a tiny face and had to search forever to find my current frames (the pepper opal, from Fetch). They got me addicted. I’d love the Tracy, the Margot, the Felix, and the Diane–they look so flattering on my small face! (With my insurance limit, had to go with just the one non-sun pair…) If I got two, I’d give the second pair to my hubby. He needs some new specs, and would look so dapper in the Hugo! Or maybe I’d get the Charlie for our dog, Fritz Lang… a black lab mix named after this dude:

  90. 6.12.13
    Stephanie McCloud said:

    Lovely glasses! I’d choose the Jill in blush for myself, but my husband has needed sunglasses for a few years now…since I lost his last pair…He’d look great in the Jack (sepia)!

  91. 6.12.13
    Katie said:

    Also, sorry I said “Guuurrl.” You said your face was maybe lady-sized, I am sleepy, my dog is sad because he doesn’t have glasses, etc. ;) Congrats on the engagement!

  92. 6.12.13
    Rachelle said:

    Oooh, I love the Felix in brindle fade. I’d have to give the second pair to my husband.

  93. 6.12.13
    Katie M said:

    I looooooove the Margot, Reese and Tracy- I’d probably give my 2nd pair to roommate- she’s super stylish & her birthday is soon!

  94. 6.12.13
    Alex M said:

    I Like too many!! It would be great to try 6 pairs and then choose. :)

  95. 6.12.13
    Wehaf said:

    Ooh, I’m digging the Jill sunglasses in tortoiseshell. And the Greta glasses. The Sam style is pretty awesome, too. I’d give my second pair to my mom, but borrow them a lot.

  96. 6.12.13
    Kristi said:

    I like Sadie in Berber Crush & Milo in the marbled tortoise… Even though I’d want two pairs for myself, I’d probably get a pair of sunglasses for the boy toy because he’s never owned sunglasses before!

  97. 6.12.13
    Holly said:

    I am SO glad you wrote about Fetch! I never knew about them, and yet there they are, in my P-Town backyard. Even if I don’t win, I’m getting my next pair of specs from them.

    For me, I loved: Alex, Charlie, Darby (PINK!), Felix, and Reese.

    I would get the second pair for my husband, who has the opposite problem you have with glasses; he’s got a wide noggin, which means most glasses look itty bitty on him. I would try out Jack, Sam, or Baxter on him. :)

    Also went and liked both Manhattan Nest and Fetch’s facebook pages, then proceeded to kick myself for not liking your page previously.

  98. 6.12.13
    Ainhoa said:

    I’d get the Alex prescription glasses! Mine are way too old…

  99. 6.12.13
    Tenzin said:

    I always have a tough time finding sunglasses too! I love both the Tracy sun(Tortoise) and the Reese Sun(Pacific). Tracy is such a classic look but the Reese is so stunning. Especially in the Pacific blue.

  100. 6.12.13
    Trish said:

    I adore the Darby and Margot, and I’d give the second pair to my boyfriend!

  101. 6.12.13
    Carrie M. said:

    I like the Darby and the Reese!

  102. 6.12.13
    Carrie M. said:

    I liked you on FB, and Fetch Eyewear as well.

  103. 6.12.13
    Bea said:

    You say you have a face that glasses reject being between a lady and a child. Try being a lady with a child sized face. My first pair of glasses were spongebob branded, I was 22. I cannot wear contacts due an eye condition so I am constantly searching for beautiful tiny glasses. I love the Charlie Sun in black, because a pair of wayfarers can’t really be beaten the felix sun are also really cute. I’d probably give my brother the other pair, he’s just turned 30 and needs a pick me up!

  104. 6.12.13
    ris said:

    I love the Felix sun. I would give the extra pair to my fiance.

  105. 6.12.13
    Heather HS said:

    I love the Pepper sun. And i would give the second pair to my husband… but he has a giant noggin and sunglasses rarely look right on him. So we’ll see.

  106. 6.12.13
    Jessica said:

    I love the Margot in Hickory Tortoise and then Reese in Pacific!
    I think I’d be selfish and keep them both for myself since I’m addicted to Rx glasses and sunglasses!

  107. 6.12.13
    Karen said:

    Wow. What an enticing box of sunglasses, all lined up to try! Margot in Hickory Tortoise, and Tracy in Bittersweet are my favourites, and I’d love to give a pair in a fun colour to my boyfriend.

  108. 6.12.13
    Alex said:

    I actually just ordered the Margot frames. (I was going to order from Warby Parker, but I’m so in love with the Pixie Project!)

    I would give the second pair to…MAYBE my husband. Or maybe myself ;)

  109. 6.12.13
    Jen said:

    I love the Tracy Sun in Tortoise! And love your impromotu and candid photo shoot. :)

  110. 6.12.13
    Alex said:

    Also, I’m now following Fetch on IG. Could you please let your contact know that the photos of animals wearing glasses are the best? :)

    Thanks for giveaway, everyone!

  111. 6.12.13
    Jana said:

    I love the Hugo in Marine and the Diane frames in Chinchilla. My dad just got corrective eye surgery and can finally wear non-multi-focals, so I’d definitely get the second pair of sunglasses for him! I think he would love the Jack frames in Navy. Thanks!

  112. 6.12.13
    Jen said:

    I forgot to include this above, but I would give the second pair to my husband (or at least have good intentions to). Also, I like Fetch and Manhattan Nest on Facebook!

  113. 6.12.13
    Jen said:

    Now following Fetch on Instagram.

  114. 6.12.13
    stephZ said:

    I love the Sam Sun in Storm and I’d hook my friend Megan up with the 2nd pair.

  115. 6.12.13
    Janel M. said:

    I like the Gretta and Reese sunglasses. And I’d absolutely give the second pair to my husband–he buys convenience store $7 sunglasses all the time.

  116. 6.12.13
    Janel M. said:

    I like both Fetch Eyewear and Manhattan Nest on Facebook as Janel Myers.

  117. 6.12.13
    Ashley said:

    I love the dash for myself and for my hubby perhaps Charlie!

  118. 6.12.13
    Ashley said:

    Followed on Facebook!

  119. 6.12.13
    Ashley said:

    Followed on Instagram!

  120. 6.12.13
    Kathleen said:

    I like the Charlie frames (and the Jack, too)! And after years of my husband getting me sunnies I’d love to return the favor!!

  121. 6.12.13
    corrie said:

    First off, thank you for sharing this! I’m like the Goldilocks of sunglasses: too wide, too loose, too light, too small, too “pinchy.” And I also lost a pair of sunglasses, last Fall, and am on my third pair of “replacements” – and those are an $8 pair from Target because I needed a pair asap.

    I’m going to try the Reese, Tracy, and possibly Darby. I’d love to give the second pair to my boyfriend so he has some quality shades, too, but I think with my track record maybe I should keep a spare set around?

  122. 6.12.13
    Danielle said:

    I also have a tiny face! Except I’m a lady, so the only thing smaller is…child sized glasses. That being said, I have no idea which ones I like, because it’s solely determined by what fits! The Diane is pretty cute though. And mayyybe I’d be generous and give the second pair to my boyfriend :)

  123. 6.12.13
    Nicole B said:

    I absolutely adore the Margot sunglasses in Hickory Tortoise and the Felix sun in Brindle!

    PS – Both pairs of those glasses look fabulous on you and Max!

  124. 6.12.13
    Nicole B said:

    I already follow Manhattan-Nest AND Fetch Eyewear on Facebook!

  125. 6.12.13
    Nicole B said:

    Following @Fetcheyewear on instagram now!

  126. 6.12.13
    Emma said:

    I liked you and Fetch on facebook!

  127. 6.12.13
    Annie said:

    Jill and Sadie are my favorites. My boyfriend would definitely get the second pair as he just lost his sunglasses.

    Also, Mekko is the cutest! I love the black spots showing through the white fur on her head!!

  128. 6.12.13
    colleen said:

    one of each? jk, i think the baxter, sadie, and dash are my current favorites. the extra one would be for my fiance. and i did all the facebook liking and instagram following!

  129. 6.12.13
    Daniel Josef said:

    I love so many of Fetch’s frames, though the top favs are definitely Dash, Milo & Darby. I’d give my second pair to the other half, if he’s lucky :)

  130. 6.12.13
    Heather said:

    Whoa, the dog in the sunglasses- too cute! I love many of the glasses from FETCH, but especially Andy, Diane, and Reese :)

  131. 6.12.13
    Heather said:

    Liked both on FB!

  132. 6.12.13
    Heather said:

    And followed @Fetcheyewear on Instagram!

  133. 6.12.13
    Leila said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Darby Sun, Margot Sun and Greta Sun shades. Fabulous colours, great vintage style. Classic! I’d have a hard time giving away the second pair, but I think I’d give them to my very good friend who has great style and who could use the pick-me-up.

    Thanks again for this opportunity. Love your blog!

  134. 6.12.13
    Kayla said:

    I have the hardest time finding sunglasses/glasses that fit my tiny face! Maybe Margot and Reese might work for me?

  135. 6.12.13
    Kayla said:

    Liked both on facebook

  136. 6.12.13
    susan said:

    I love Reese, Dash and Pepper. The second pair would go to either my daughter or my husband. I’m never on facebook anymore but I got on just to like both you and fetch!

  137. 6.12.13
    Hilary A. said:

    I LOVE the Reese and the Tracy sunglasses!
    I would definitely do the try at home feature with 3 for me to try and 3 for my husband to try. So fun!
    I also ‘like’ both of you on Facebook and Fetch Eyewear on Instagram (user: HBAlterDesign)


  138. 6.12.13
    Sonal said:

    I’d try Andy, Jack and Darby (in pink!). My second pair would go to my dear husband who can’t hold onto a pair of sunglasses to save his life.

  139. 6.12.13
    Sonal said:

    I liked both you guys on Facebook

  140. 6.12.13
    Marie said:

    I love the Felix or the Tracy, also following Fetch on Instagram. My husband would love a pair too, he is obsessed with sunglasses!

  141. 6.12.13
    caitlyn said:

    I would pick the tracy sun and let my husband pick the other!

  142. 6.12.13

    I’d love to try the Darby / Tracy / Felix and would gift the second pair to my dad. Liked and followed!

  143. 6.12.13
    H said:

    umm…come hither ‘Jack Sun’ in Sepia and ‘Felix Sun’ in Brindle Shade! All of our glasses were stolen last year (all 3 pair of dragon, and all our other fun small-company shades!) and now we’re left with lost-and-found horridness. New gems, come to me!
    Facebook: Manhattan-check Fetch-check
    Instagram: Fetch-check

  144. 6.12.13
    misa said:

    i’m loving jack in navy, felix in onyx, and charlie in onyx! i’d give the second pair to my husband; he lost his sunglasses last year and he still hasn’t quit talking about them.

  145. 6.12.13
    Cass said:

    As a household full of animal lovers, and a husband in the pet industry working tirelessly to save all dogs – I am loving their profit-giving! Also love the sunglasses. Jack, Felix and Tracy are all beauties.

  146. 6.12.13
    Sheryl said:

    I would choose the Jill Sun for me and maybe the Jack Sun for hubby.

  147. 6.12.13
    Sheryl said:

    Hey, I just liked you and Fetch on Facebook!

  148. 6.12.13
    Katie said:

    Ah! I would love to wear the Tracy in bittersweet or the Darby in cameo fade as sunglasses. But I’d also like to wear the Tracy as my glasses! Yikes! They’re all so very nice!
    I would gift the second pair to my fiancé, and he said he would want to wear the Tracy as sunglasses. Maybe we could be twins!

    I also liked you and fetch on Facebook and Instagram!

  149. 6.12.13
    Elise said:

    I’d love to try the Margot, which are so different from anything I’ve ever had but very cute, and I like the Jack a lot too. I’d give the second pair to my sister, since we’re both poor grad students right now and could use some nice sunglasses in our lives without spending an arm and a leg.

    Also, they’re called Fetch. As in, “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen!” Best movie quote ever and cute dog-related pun. Love.

  150. 6.12.13
    Amanda said:

    I’ve been rocking F21 $5 for the past two years (after I lost a fancy pair I couldn’t bear it) so I am in need of a serious upgrade. I love the Reece, Baxter and Sadie. I’d give the second pair to my husband who just ordered himself TRANSITION lens!

  151. 6.12.13
    ELLEN said:

    Love me some shades! I am like you and see to have a hard time finding ones that look nice on my face.
    I picked charlie sun, jack sun, reese sun.

    Fingers crossed I win, Might share with the husband or keep both for myself!

    • 6.12.13
      ELLEN said:

      also Like both Mahattan nest and Fetch on face book!

  152. 6.12.13
    ashley said:

    I like the tracy sun, jack,and felix sun! I think I would give the second pair to my mom. I think she would really enjoy them!

  153. 6.12.13
    Susanne said:

    I love the SAM reading glasses:)

  154. 6.12.13
    Alaina said:

    what an awesome idea. i’ve been wearing cheap aviator sunglasses that i bought out of desperation from a drug store…they are all scratched up and flimsy. i LOVE the Charlie Sun in Tortoise and Sam Sun in Storm. and maybe Margot Sun too, i’m not sure how it would look on my face. i want the Jack for reading glasses. i’d give the second pair away to my boyfriend….maybe.

  155. 6.12.13
    Susanne said:

    I ‘like’ Fetch eyewear and Manhattan Nest!

  156. 6.12.13
    Alaina said:

    I followed Fetch on Instagram.

    I’d follow you both on Facebook, but i don’t have one :(

  157. 6.12.13
    Emma said:

    I love Baxter (OnyxFade) and the Tracy Sun (Tortoise). I can see my partner getting both pairs!

  158. 6.12.13

    Love Charlie and Tracy! I’d give the second pair to my husband, who has never owned a pair of sunglasses since I’ve known him.

  159. 6.12.13
    Carrie said:

    True story: Once upon a beach vacation, I lost my sunglasses in the ocean. I promptly forced us off the beach, into the car, and to the nearest Mega Strip Mall, where I spent $250 to immediately buy the exact same pair as a replacement. Moral of the story: Life without sunglasses is not a life worth living.

    From the women’s selection, I like ‘Jill’ (in Fog) ‘Sam’ (in Nutmeg). The second pair of glasses would absolutely go to my boyfriend, who CLAIMS he doesn’t like sunglasses but then always steals my extra pair from my purse. He would look dapper in the ‘Jack’ frames.

    Ohhh, maybe we could be ‘Jack’ and ‘Jill’…!

  160. 6.12.13

    Liked both on FB!

  161. 6.12.13

    Aaaand following on Instagram!

  162. 6.12.13
    Drew said:

    Liked both on Facebook and think that the Felix and Darby would look great on my boyfriend and I.

  163. 6.12.13
    Libby Doss said:

    decisions, decisions –
    I would go with the Felix Sun (OliveTortoiseMatte) sunglasses. And for the second pair, i would probably give them to myself and have Fetch make them match my new glasses prescription.
    Margot (HickoryTortoise) would be particularly fetching :)

  164. 6.12.13
    Elizabeth said:

    I’ll take the Margot Sun (and a sangria) please! I would give the Reese Sun to my roommate so we both can look fabulous sunning on the patio.

  165. 6.12.13
    Alison Gerber said:

    My husband is a Psychology Prof who studies “cool” for a living, it’s about time he actually LOOKS the part, so the second pair would go to him.

    For me, my favs are Darby Sun, Diane Sun, Hugo Sun, Reese Sun and Margot Sun. Good thing they have that try-on option! I am terrible at deciding!

  166. 6.12.13
    Alison Gerber said:

    Liked both on FB. Fingers crossed!

  167. 6.12.13
    JennieM said:

    I love the Felix in Olive Tortoise or the Charlie in Tortoise

  168. 6.12.13
    brianna said:

    I really like the jill and the sam sun– and according to their site the shape would fit my face.

    The second pair would go to the hubby who lost his good sunnies at a wedding last summer.

  169. 6.12.13
    brianna said:

    Liked both of you on the fb.

  170. 6.12.13
    brianna said:

    also following on the instagramdizzle. thanks for the opportunity!!

  171. 6.12.13
    Lizzzie said:

    Thanks for the fun giveaway! I love the tracy and reese frames. I’d be happy to share a pair with my sister.

  172. 6.12.13
    craige said:

    Oh wow I love the Margot in blue and the Alex in green.

  173. 6.12.13
    craige said:

    Oh I forgot to mention that I’d give the second pair to my husband who only ever buys himself cheapie ones and could really use a good pair, especially now that his eyes are getting worse.

  174. 6.12.13
    craige said:

    And now I’ve “liked” both sites and followed them on Instagram.

  175. 6.12.13
    Julia said:

    I like Alex and Charlie! These look like they would fit!

  176. 6.12.13
    Lucas G said:

    Milo in Ether for me too, especially with my recent influx with gray hair.

    For my man boo I think e would look hawt in Reese Sun in Quarry.

    Loving the ‘Nest and Fetch Eyewear as always.

  177. 6.12.13

    Ok, I like these:
    Andy Sun (AubergineMatte)
    Jack Sun (Ochre)
    Felix Sun (Onyx)
    Tracy Sun (Bittersweet)
    Reese Sun (Quarry)

    Would the glasses come in a holster? I keep scratching my sunglasses from just keeping them in my bag unprotected.

  178. 6.12.13

    Also, I liked both Manhattan Nest and Fetch on Facebook

  179. 6.12.13
    bonnie said:

    I really want to try the Andy and Gretta frames. I need new eyeglasses, mine are so old! Maybe I’d give the second pair to my husband, if he is nice. Besides, he looks adorable in glasses and hope he never ever gets contacts.

  180. 6.12.13
    bonnie said:

    I really thought I had “liked” Manhattan Nest on FB a long time ago, but it turns out I forgot. shame on me!!! you are now liked, and so is Fetch.

  181. 6.12.13

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I’m loving the Darby frames in pink, and Tracy in tortoise. So gorgeous! The second pair would go to ME–selfishly keeping them because I’ve never had more than one pair of glasses at a time and I feel like indulging. :) I’ve liked both Manhattan Nest and Fetch Eyewear on the FB, and I followed Fetch (and you!) on Instagram.

  182. 6.12.13
    bonnie said:

    now following fetch on instagram!

  183. 6.12.13
    Esther said:

    I LOVE the Tracy Sun in bittersweet and also the Charlie Sun in black. It would be hard to choose. Thanks for the giveaway!

  184. 6.12.13
    April C. said:

    Those look great on you! Perfect fit for your face.

    I like the Jill Sun. Super cute. I would give the extra pair to my husband who currently already wears my sunglasses from time to time.

  185. 6.12.13
    kaamil said:

    I really love Dash, in Mineral and Onyx. I’ve wanted a pair of sunglasses for a while now! My mom has been eyeing the Pepper frame in OliveTortoise, so I’d love to give her those. Thanks Manhattan Nest and Fetch!

  186. 6.12.13
    kaamil said:

    Already liked both Manhattan Nest and Fetch on Facebook :D

  187. 6.12.13
    kaamil said:

    Following Fetch on instagram!

  188. 6.12.13
    alex said:

    LOVING the hugo sun & charlie sun sunglasses! ordering them for try at home now. i’d be happy to share a pair with my best friend who lives in nyc (i’m in LA). we’d have the same glasses on different coasts. also liked you + fetch on FB and fetch on instagram. great blog, daniel. lots of inspiration!

  189. 6.12.13
    Michelle said:

    I’m a fan of Pepper (love the cat eye silhouette). Gretta is pretty nice in crystal as well.

  190. 6.12.13
    lucylovesit said:

    Hip hip hooray! I discovered fetch through your blog, and plan on ordering a pair (ahem, six) for my prescription glasses. What a great idea, offering a trial run- I always feel silly in stores staring at myself in the mirror. I’m a big fan of the reese in tortoise shell, and I bet my best friend could rock the tracy in black. <3

  191. 6.12.13
    elise said:

    darby, tracy, margot…oh my!!! love these…i’d have to get a pair for my better half as well!!! liked the nest and fetch on fb as well as now following fetch on ig! bonus points to fetch for saving pound pups…the only way to go!!

  192. 6.12.13
    David DC said:

    Liking the Sam, Milo, and Bamboo Masa. I would give my second pair to my soon to be husband.

  193. 6.12.13
    karla said:

    This is one heck of a coincidence – I have the Milo in Ether already on my wishlist. I like them in Nimbus as well. My son could use a pair as well. (*Not* the same frames!)
    I’m pretty sure I already like both of you on Facebook, but will double check just in case.

  194. 6.12.13
    Kari said:

    When it comes to sunglasses, I go old-school. Charlie Sun in tortoise, please! :) Also liked on FB! I would give the other pair to my bestie – we are going on a road trip so we will both look super cute! :)

  195. 6.12.13
    Adrienne said:

    Nikko is such a handsome dog…and Linus looks like my Benji. Well, so I plugged in my heart face shape at the Fetch website, and they recommended:Baxter, Diane, Jill and Pepper. I have a smallish head as well, so I have also been having a hard time finding glasses to fit. I would really appreciate the chance to win a new pair of glasses, I really need them, since I seem to break glasses on a regular basis, and now I am getting major headaches with the old pair I have whilst doing my design work at the computer.

  196. 6.12.13
    Adrienne said:

    Oh yeah, sorry…forgot to mention that I have a son in college who could really use the second pair in a sunglass style to rock those sunny Florida days.Thanks.

  197. 6.12.13
    Adrienne said:

    Liked both you and Fetch very, very much!

  198. 6.12.13
    Kate said:

    Those Reeze Sun in Quarry are delish and the Pepper in IvoryMatt are also so chic!
    My 2nd pair would be for my bestie Mark because he lives where its always hot; Perth in Australia and he loves animals too.

  199. 6.12.13
    Kate said:

    Following Fetch on IG, sexy glasses and cute dogs to fill me feed ^.^

  200. 6.12.13
    Kate said:

    I also liked Manhattan Nest on FB :)

  201. 6.12.13
    Lily said:

    How cool. The Pixie Project is an amazing organization, but I’d never heard of Fetch. Thanks for introducing me to them, Daniel!

    I would want to try Sam Sun in storm, Gretta Sun in cherry, Jack Sun in Ochre, and Darby Sun in onyx.

  202. 6.12.13
    Lily said:

    Liked Fetch and Manhattan Nest on FB.

  203. 6.13.13
    Julie said:

    I’d love to try the Felix Sun or Pepper Sun. I would give the second pair to my son, Robert. He’s got a thing for glasses. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  204. 6.13.13
    Leah said:

    Felix! Sadie! love them all! and i’d love to share with my boyfriend :)

  205. 6.13.13
    Frank said:

    The Hugo and Diane are extra fabulous! I’d definitely share with either my mother who seems to be always in need of sunglasses.

  206. 6.13.13
    melissa said:

    Darby! Margot! Tracy! They are all wonderful. I’d share the second pair with myself :)

  207. 6.13.13
    melissa said:

    I like you :) (on fb that is)

  208. 6.13.13
    melissa said:

    Fetch is on instagram?! Totally followed.

  209. 6.13.13
    Q said:

    There are already 200 comments on this post, so I doubt you will read this, but have you been working out? You’re looking buff. Am I a creep for noticing?

    Anyway, I like the Diane and the Hugo and the Margot. I’d give the second pair to my boyfriend because he never wears sunglasses and I want to save him before his eyes sizzle out of his head and he’ll have to wear sunglasses if I win a contest for them.

  210. 6.13.13
    Lelly said:

    haha! i typed out a comment before i realized i was asking the same question made in an earlier comment. I used the word buff and creepy too which made me feel even creepier. oh i give up. it’s official. This is the creepiest comment i’ve ever typed. But you are more muscle-y right?

    • 6.13.13
      Q said:

      Hah! I’m glad I’m not the only creep out there.

  211. 6.13.13
    Keely said:

    I like so many! I’d like a few to try since I too have a hard time finding glasses that look good. And I’d maybe give the second pair to my hubbie but more likely my mom since she wears glasses…

  212. 6.13.13
    Caroline said:

    I like the Tracy and the Margot sunglasses best. But I’d definitely go for the try-at-home option b/c I, like you, have a notoriously hard time finding sunglasses that fit.

    I’d give the 2nd pair to my boyfriend… although I might borrow them from time to time (read: always).

  213. 6.13.13
    Caroline said:

    I already “liked” Fetch from a previous contest, and I just “liked” you!

  214. 6.13.13
    Caroline said:

    Followed fetch on Instagram! (You are their most recent pic, btw)

  215. 6.13.13
    Dennis said:

    I feel your pain, I too have small-head-syndrome. (sigh) I like the Charlie Sun and the Jack Sun. I would give the other pair to my neighbor—cause I’m like that.

  216. 6.13.13
    Cait said:

    I would try the Tracy, Darby and Reese. Is it terrible to say that there is a strong possibility I would keep the second pair for myself?

  217. 6.13.13
    Bonnie Ellis said:

    What a wonderful plan-try before you buy, at home, not in a rush. I LOVE the Felix Sun and the Hugo Sun styles, and would be thrilled to give a pair to my daughter. She has blue eyes and always has sunglasses on!

  218. 6.13.13
    Bonnie Ellis said:

    AND, I “liked” you both on Facebook!

  219. 6.13.13
    Camille said:

    Funny, I was just in the market for a new pair of sunnies and I avtually had my eye on a pair of Baxters! I think my mom would look great in a pair of Margot Suns as she reads books on the beach :)

  220. 6.13.13
    Brandee said:

    I really like the margot and tracey sunglasses. I should say I’d give the second pair to my husband but that may be hard to do! Love the try at home feature

  221. 6.13.13
    Rachel said:

    I’d love to get the Baxter or Felix glasses for myself. The second pair would probably go to the boyfriend who has an impossible time finding sunglasses that fit his face. He could definitely use the try-at-home option!

  222. 6.13.13
    Yuliya Sh said:

    I’d like
    Felix Sun (OliveTortoiseMatte) and the second one – to my mom

  223. 6.13.13
    Yuliya Sh said:

    Liked both on FB : Yuliya Sh

  224. 6.13.13
    tanya said:

    I’m feelin’ the Jill and Tracy.

  225. 6.13.13
    tanya said:

    I followed fetch on ig.

  226. 6.13.13
    Sarah said:

    Tracy, Felix, Bill, Sam.. good thing they let you try on six! I a tempted to keep 2 for myself since I always seem to be losing them, but I should probably let my hubby take the second pair!

  227. 6.13.13
    tanya said:

    Oh, and I followed fetch on IG. PS: I would keep both pairs. I’m sunglass poor.

  228. 6.13.13
    tanya said:

    Aaaaaand, liked both of you on FB. I’m having an ambitious morning.

  229. 6.13.13
    Sandra said:

    I’ve transitioned from contacts to glasses most of the time, so I definitely need a pair of prescription sunglasses! I like the look of the Margot and Tracy, but like you, it’s hard to find glasses that fit. Too bad the Margot is still not available for Try at Home. It’s been like that for awhile…

    The 2nd pair would go to my boyfriend, who hasn’t changed his prescription in *years* and does that quaint yet ridiculous squint and look though a small hole in your fist trick when he needs to see something far away.

  230. 6.13.13
    Sandra said:

    Liked you both on Facebook!

  231. 6.13.13
    Sandra said:

    And following Fetch on instagram! Love that they feature the rescue pets too!

  232. 6.13.13
    Kay said:

    Charlie? Dash? Tracy? Sam? All for me.

    Foxtrot tango whiskey!

  233. 6.13.13
    Nikki said:

    I LOVE the Tracy Sun in the Bittersweet! My boyfriend would love the second pair. We actually have a retail eyeglasses rack in our apartment to house all of our cheap sunglasses–it would be so wonderful to have a nice classy pair! I used to work with a dog rescue and I have my own special rescue mutt at home–I love Fetch’s mission! I also liked them on Facebook.

  234. 6.13.13
    Karin said:

    I like the Felix sunglasses in olive tortoise, the Leo in bottle green or Reese in pacific. Since I lost my previous pair of sunglasses during my last move, I’d be really greedy, and keep both pairs… or maybe share them with my cats :D

  235. 6.13.13
    Geeni said:

    I like color in my sunglasses, so I’d go with Margot in Dusk or Darby in Marine.

  236. 6.13.13
    Karin said:

    Now also following Fetch Eyewear on instagram (@karinkaaramees).

  237. 6.13.13
    mary said:

    I like so many and have such a pin-head I would definitely need to try at home option. My second pair goes to whoever is nicest to me that day!

  238. 6.13.13
    Sarah G said:

    This company is great! I probably would choose Darby Sun in Marine. But the home option would be optimal for impromptu fashion shows, party of one. The second pair would probably go to my BF who has quite possibly the largest head they have every encountered.

  239. 6.13.13
    Sarah G said:

    Fetch liked on FB!

  240. 6.13.13
    Brandon said:

    Have been a ‘liker’ of Fetch on Facebook for some time now, and just started following on Instagram. Of course, have ‘liked’ MN on Facebook too. But to get to the sunnies… I’d really love to rock those Hugo frames in Hickory Tortoise, although the Diane in Chinchilla come in at a close 2nd place. I have a special someone that would love me even more if I threw the Milo shades in Nimbus their way!

  241. 6.13.13
    Briar said:

    I love the Margot—they would complete my vintage beach look perfectly.

  242. 6.13.13
    Chelsea T said:

    Ooh! I’m blind as a bat AND my baby-blues are super sensitive to the sun, so all my eyewear has to be super cute, all the time. I was wearing those big-black hipster frames in high school 10yrs ago when they were NOT at all cool, and I was just a Buddy Holly lookalike. You know, the female version of Buddy Holly. Whatever.

    Anyway, I love Charlie and Sam for women. My husband needs new glasses too, so I guess he can have the second pair.

  243. 6.13.13
    Briar said:

    I liked both of you on Facebook—I forgot to mention that I would give the second pair to my Husband, notoriously fussy about glasses, but I know many a pair of these would look great on him, and this way he gets to try a whole variety!

  244. 6.13.13
    Briar said:

    I am also following, and loving, their Instagram feed!

  245. 6.13.13
    Alexandra said:

    Oh my, I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect pair! My favorites are the Tracy, Reese, and Margot sunglasses. I’d love a pair for myself and for my husband. Our sunglasses get a lot of use living at the beach.

  246. 6.13.13
    Rhiannon said:

    As the possessor of a wide face – I’ve recently forayed into the world of prescription glasses and been told this authoratively – I love the Tortoise Margot Sun and the Andy Sun, oh the Felix Sun too. The brindle fade or the olive tortoise matte are firm favourites. The second pair would, in tried and tested fashion go to the friend we agreed they looked best on, or if no one claimed them I’d have a pair to live in my car.

  247. 6.13.13

    The earpiece keeps falling off my favorite shades, making me very sad. I think the Leo suns in bottle green or olive tortoise would help me grieve nmore fashionably. I would give the other pair to my mama, because she is awesome (but her supermarket shades are not).

  248. 6.13.13
    Elizabeth said:

    Reese or Jill would be my choices! And i think the hubs would love the second pair :)

  249. 6.13.13
    Steph M. said:

    I love the Margot and Reese! Second pair would go to my husband, Chris.

  250. 6.13.13
    Steph M. said:

    Liked both Manhattan Nest and Fetch on FB!

  251. 6.13.13
    Steph M. said:

    Following on Instagram!

  252. 6.13.13
    EJ said:

    I would absolutely wear the hell out of the Pepper sun in Cranberry or Darby sun in Cameo.

    I would get the Jack or Leo prescription sunglasses for my boyfriend so he stops wearing his over his regular glasses while driving.

  253. 6.13.13
    Kelly Fuston said:

    I LOVE them all and am extremely touched by the Pixie Project and the support Fetch gives them. It is such a great idea. I have rescued dogs before as well as my family and friends. There is something in life that a dog provides and cannot be replaced =)

    Fetch has some AMAZING eyewear that I would just love to own! The Charlie Sun, Felix Sun, Margot Sun, and Tracy Sun are some of my FAVORITES! I love the colors and designs!! I would give the second pair to my mom. She is always looking for a pair of glasses that fit her and never finds just the right ones. She does so much for me and has always been there for me, through good and bad, that I would love to treat her <3 She really does mean everything to me and she's a sunglass fanatic. Seriously, even in overcast rainy days she has her shades on!

  254. 6.13.13
    Kelly Fuston said:

    I liked them on instagram!! @kelly_flab2fab =D

  255. 6.13.13
    Kelly Fuston said:

    Liked everyone on facebook as well! You guys rock!! Keeping my finger crossed =)

  256. 6.13.13
    Lori Lue said:

    Love the Charlie Sun and Tracy Sun! I’d give my second pair to the boy that I have a crush on…or my bunny rabbit, pancakes, so we could be stylish twinsies!

  257. 6.13.13
    RN said:

    I like Margot, Felix, Tracy…
    Love that the company is helping animals…

    I’ve liked you both on FB.

  258. 6.13.13
    RN said:

    And I’d give the second pair to my brother for his birthday…

  259. 6.13.13
    Margaret said:

    Hurray for animal-loving companies like Fetch!

    Just fell in love with the Sadie- BerberCrush (they’ll make me “confident and clever”–that’s some bad ass marketing!) and the Andy-Olive Tortoise Matte. The second pair would go to my newly vision-impaired sister Sue.

  260. 6.13.13
    Chelsea said:

    I love Fetch Eyewear! I have the Tracy frames with my prescription, I would like them as sunglasses, I also like the Margot.

  261. 6.13.13
    Katrina said:

    I would probably do Tracy or Milo for myself and Hugo for my fellow.

  262. 6.13.13
    Katrina said:

    I also liked Fetch on FB (and I already like you!). xo

  263. 6.13.13
    Carls said:

    Dudes. The TRACY. The question is bittersweet or fern??? The other pair for sure goes to my little brother, who likes free stuff more than any other person I’ve met.

  264. 6.13.13
    ian said:

    me likey Reese, Tracy, Milo, and Dash.

  265. 6.13.13
    Amanda said:

    I’d get some Margot’s, of course! Thanks for the giveaway, my sweetie and I could use some new sunnies!

  266. 6.13.13
    Beth said:

    Even though I live in Portland, I learned about Fetch from you. The Pixie Project is awesome!
    I think I would try at home the Darby, Felix and Margot.

    And although I might share with my husband, I might also selfishly choose two pairs for myself.

  267. 6.13.13
    geoff said:

    having to pick is hard. i like dash, tracy, charlie, jack, and baxter. i would give the second pair to my boyfriend. he only has one pair of sunglasses and honestly i wear them more than he does!

  268. 6.13.13
    geoff said:

    oh, and i just liked both your blog and fetch on facebook!

  269. 6.13.13

    Just recently found your blog and your boyfriend’s website, stalked a bit and you both seem really cool. I Just liked you and Fetch on facebook and I would say after looking through the glasses selection I like the charlie sunglasses and maybe Jack or Sam too for me, who knows I need new glasses in general. Also I would like to pick my friend Maya for the other pair, We just moved in together after being friends for a year now. We became friends in a Costa Rica study abroad and were constantly wearing each other’s sun glasses on trips we made in Central America. I very much enjoy your ideas and style (coming from an architecture student and frequent garage/thrift/estate sale goer.) Thank you!

  270. 6.13.13
    Joanne said:

    I’m leaning towards the Charlie, Margot and Sadie. Charlie is the name of one of our pups! I’d give a pair to the mister since his readers are always missing.

    • 6.13.13
      Joanne said:

      Followed on Instagram!

  271. 6.14.13
    Grace said:

    I’ve been wanting to try Felix and Margot for a while. I think the second pair would go to my mom :)

  272. 6.14.13
    Grace said:

    Followed Fetch on Instagram!

  273. 6.14.13
    CG said:

    My boyfriend would look amazing in the Darby Sun – Marine, where as I would prefer the Felix Sun – BrindleFade. We are both poor vet students in need of summer sunglasses. Go Fetch!

  274. 6.14.13
    Deb said:

    I have a similar problem finding sunglasses for my very narrow face and oddly shaped nose bridge. I like the Diane and the Hugo, probably in a brown (mahogany), red or green shade. Fingers crossed.

  275. 6.14.13
    Silke said:

    Margot Sun (HickoryTortoise) or Tracy Sun (Tortoise) are both adorable and look fitting for my giant face! 2nd pair would go to my best friend natch for our upcoming roadtrip :)

  276. 6.14.13
    Silke said:

    …. aaaand liked both sites on Facebook!

  277. 6.14.13
    laura said:

    I´m loving the Darby and the Margot, can´t decide!
    Thanks for the chance…and those are great pictures!!
    Love, Laura

  278. 6.14.13
    Ann said:

    So many great styles, I would have to use the try at home option.
    Andy,Pepper,Jill,Margot?? I would have to let my husband chose his.

    Thanks Daniel + Fetch for the giveaway.

  279. 6.14.13
    Emma said:

    Waaaaaaaaah! (That is my Official Sound of Excitement) So many amazing glasses to choose from- I totally understand the Try-At-Home feature because without it, choosing is impossible! I like Tracy Sun in fern, Felix Sun in onyx, Andy Sun in tortoise and everything about Charlie Sun. The second pair would have to go to my husband, whose ancient aviator glasses have mysteriously disappeared from the car where they have been living since 2010. I am beginning to think it is the upstairs neighbor’s sometimes-visiting dog who ate them…

  280. 6.14.13
    Ariel said:

    For me, I really like the Gretta (crystal) and Margot (tortoise) frames. For my boyfriend, I like the Darby (onyx), Jack (ochre), and Sam (storm) frames. What a fun giveaway!

  281. 6.14.13
    Zara said:

    The Darby in Marine for every day wear and the Jill for biking/running. I love them all!

  282. 6.14.13
    Molly said:

    I like the Reese Sun… and I’d offer a second pair to my mom! I don’t know which ones she’d try out.

  283. 6.14.13
    lisa said:

    Darby sun and Margot sun. So lovely!!

  284. 6.14.13
    lisa said:

    I have liked you on my facebook as well. My secret facebook name is Zoe Posey.

  285. 6.14.13
    Jennifer said:

    I think either the Leo or Ted are good options for me. Thanks!

  286. 6.14.13
    heather h. said:

    loving the reese sun!

  287. 6.14.13
    heather h. said:

    i’m following @fetcheyewear on instagram!

  288. 6.14.13
    laura l said:

    Would love a pair of the Tracy Suns or Reese Suns! Would give the second pair to my sister!

  289. 6.14.13
    erin said:

    Thanks for doing this! I love the Tracy and Reese frames, and I’d share a pair with my best friend, who has been wearing his broken glasses for… months? Years? If mine weren’t a mess, too, I might give him trouble for it. :)

  290. 6.14.13
    erin said:

    Liked Manhattan Nest and Fetch Eyewear on Fbk!

  291. 6.14.13
    erin said:

    Aand following @fetcheyewear on Instagram. Phew. Thanks again!

  292. 6.14.13
    Sandi said:

    Yay, so fun! My favorites are the pink framed Darby & every color of Reese Sun. I would probably be selfish and not share with anyone since my birthday’s next week and I’ve been wearing sunglasses I bought from a guy on Flatbush Ave for 4 years.

  293. 6.14.13
    Sandi said:

    I follow Fetch on FB already, and now I follow you too!

  294. 6.14.13
    Sandi said:

    Just started following Fetch on Instagram!

  295. 6.14.13
    J-Dub said:

    Longtime reader, first time commenter. Great fashion shoot with the sunnies and the doggies. I like the Charlie and Jack b/c they’re named after my nephews. I’d give the second pair, the Margot, to my mother Margot.

  296. 6.14.13
    Whitney said:

    I’m loving the Felix, Darby & Jack. I’d give the second pair to my hubby because similar to your issue of finding the right sunglasses due to head size, his gigantic head eliminates most frames as an option and I’m sure that he’d look dapper in the Tracy. On second thought, since I have to bear his large-headed children, maybe I should get the second pair…

  297. 6.14.13
    Whitney said:

    I liked both FB pages!

  298. 6.14.13
    Whitney said:

    I’m following Fetch on IG!

  299. 6.14.13
    Amy said:

    Felix & Darby — love the subtle cat eye. I’d keep the second pair… Is that wrong? My eyes are sensitive to the sun! I need them!

  300. 6.14.13
    Amy said:

    I Like you on Facebook. I can’t believe I didn’t already Like you. FB style.

  301. 6.14.13
    Amy said:

    I already liked Fetch Eyewear on FB.

  302. 6.14.13
    Sarah W. said:

    I like the Andy, the Felix, and alright, those cute pink Darby sunglasses. I’d give my second pair to my husband. Like you, he has a tiny head.

  303. 6.14.13
    Lenore said:

    I like the Margot, Darby, and the Greta (I can’t help it, I love colorful sunglasses. I’d give a pair to my fashonista sister who always looks crazy and incredible.

  304. 6.14.13
    Laura Kanter said:

    Dearest Cheese Monkey–

    You know how badly I need sunglasses. You also know I have the same small head problems as yourself. I trust that if Fetch suits you, Fetch would suit me. We are, after all, practically the same person… genetically speaking.

    I’m a big fan of Reese Sun in Quarry and Margot Sun in Hickory Turquoise. I’m also a greedy bitch and want both pairs for myself.

    I have convinced several people in my office that Fetch is the bestest and we might do a Try It At Home and all order some… but like you know, if we could get the hook up from Manhattan Nest first to get the ball rolling that’d be pretty sweet.

    Also, I have liked Manhattan Nest (eons ago) and Fetch and follow them on Twitter too… so LIKE GIVE ME SOME SHADES. Thanks.

    Love you always and forever.

  305. 6.14.13
    Christina said:

    either the margot or the felix – so cute! i would give my second pair to my boyfriend. he needs himself a pair of sunglasses! [i already like both you and fetch on facebook]

  306. 6.14.13
    Hailee said:

    Ah! So many exciting options. For me, I want the Pepper prescription frame in Olive Tortoise or Opal. I would give the second pair to my boyfriend, which would be the Felix RX frame in Olive Tortoise Matte.

  307. 6.14.13
    Hailee said:

    I am friends with you and Fetch on FB :)

  308. 6.14.13
    Hailee said:

    …and now I follow Fetch on Instagram!

  309. 6.14.13
    Joe said:

    A few of my favorites:
    1. Hugo
    2. Milo
    3. Leo Sun

    I would use the second pair as an enticement in trying to get a date.

  310. 6.14.13
    Sarah E. M. said:

    Pepper and Diane win my vote! I would love to look classy/sassy in these babies.

  311. 6.14.13
    Sarah E. M. said:

    P.S. I liked you both on FB.

  312. 6.14.13
    DESPINA said:

    I adore the vintage looking Margot Sun (HickoryTortoise)for myself, as for the second pair, I’d gift it ti my brother who needs it desperately…
    Fantastic men’s designs, too!!

  313. 6.14.13
    DESPINA said:

    I like both pages on FB as Despina Vnt

  314. 6.14.13
    Joan said:

    The Margot ones are divine!
    The second pair would be for my mom…

  315. 6.14.13
    Margot all the way said:

    Like you both on FB! Want want want Margot Sun tortoise for me and Charlie Sun for the Boyfriend so he won’t be able to see me procrastinating and making plans for our future apartment from across the room while he’s sweating his brains out finishing his PhD.

  316. 6.14.13
    Dawn said:

    Thanks for another great giveaway! Already liked Fetch on fb but I added you, and followed them on instagram. I love the Margot in Jubilee and Dusk, tough choice. I would give the 2nd pair to my wonderful boyfriend.

  317. 6.14.13
    Dianne said:

    Hugo in Marine and Reese in Pacific. This looks like a great company. Thanks for the intro.

  318. 6.14.13
    Dianne said:

    Liked Fetch and had already like you :)

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