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Treasure DiamondTea Pot |Brass Hexagon Pot | A Week of Dish Cloths | Advent Calendar | Marble Silk Pillow | Dots Pillow | Twin Triangle PillowMint Wire BasketCones Stuffed Ornaments | Happy Flags

Confession: I want to live in Ferm Living Shop. I’ve been afflicted with this fantasy ever since the moment I found Ferm years ago, and it hasn’t exactly let up—what with the passing of each new collection bringing more beautiful Danish things into the world. When it comes to making super nice, super adorable, and super Danish housewares, wallpapers, and textiles, nobody does it better than Ferm! All the stuff in that round-up above is just a slice of the new fall/winter collection and the holiday collection, and it’s all so beautiful. And YES, in case you were wondering, even if this Jew is still a little unclear on what exactly an advent calendar is, I still want that one because it’s so damn cute. SO THERE.

Maybe you also want to get in on that action? I thought so. It’s giveaway time, folks! Not just any giveaway, but my favorite kind of giveaway, because the magical unicorns at Ferm Living Shop agreed to give away ANY ITEM IN THE SHOP to one of you lucky, terrific Manhattan Nest readers. Yeah. For real.


Step 1: Go over to Ferm Living Shop, poke around, and find your favorite item! I have no idea how you’ll choose, but good luck…

Step 2: Come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is and how you’d use it! In your home? Holiday gift for special someone? You decide!

Step 3: For an extra entry, go follow Christiana’s Ferm Living Shop board on Pinterest! Then pin your favorite item with the hashtag #ManhattanNestFest, and leave a second comment here telling me you did so!

International entries are welcome and Ferm Living Shop will pay the shipping, however the winner may be responsible for international duties & taxes. Please note that wire baskets and special order items cannot be shipped internationally. 

This giveaway ends TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 at 9 PM. A winner will be chosen at random and announced Wednesday!

Get to it!

This post is in partnership with Ferm Living Shop.


  1. I’ve been lusting over the Remix (Gray) Blanket for a few years now, I’d be selfish and keep it for myself and use it in my bedroom.

    • Oh the loveliness! While the coral house of money would inspire me to save my sheckles joyfully, the Gracewood wallpaper would make my bedroom sing and permit me to woo my beloved in style. As the moms of a three year old, the end of the day means sleepy removal of play doh from our hair and not romance. Please pick me!!! Xoxoxox

      • Whoops couldn’t figure out how do do a separate comment on the phone.

  2. Ugh, my favorite of all time is the Brass Hexagon Pots they’re SO pretty and I would love to put a little green plant in there to add to my at-home studio. *swoon*

  3. I also liked the Pinterest board and pinned/hashtagged, fingers crossed!

  4. I also pinned that hexagon pot because I just can’t get enough. It specifically went onto my Christmas List board in hopes my mom comes through. Would be the best Christmas ever, amiright?

  5. I adore that Brass Hexagon pot. It is begging me to let it class up my desk.

  6. Just pinned and followed as well! All those things are singing my name!

  7. The wire basket. First I would place it in the middle of the room and stare at it lovingly, then I would flip it over and use it as a side table. I would still stare at it, of course.

  8. I’m all over that brass hexagon business at Ferm. If I absolutely had to choose one of the three, I think I’d go with the large pot.

  9. Wow…I see your point. Cool stuff! I love the angular geometric poof.

  10. and obvs re-pinned the large bronze/brass pot. if it doesn’t happen this way, I’m sure Santa’ll bring it for me.

  11. I’m strangely into the molecule building set. :) It would likely go on our bookshelf wall.

  12. I’m obsessed with their Christmas Tree blankets but the two I like are out of stock! Honestly, I love everything.

  13. I Love Ferm Living! I don’t yet own anything from them…but have coveted the Remix blanket! Thanks for the giveaway…crossing my fingers.

  14. It was hard to pick a favorite but I love the half moon shower curtain. This would be great in my hallway bathroom, it needs something bright and graphic!

  15. I would get the black teapot for myself :)

  16. LOVE the organic bath towels in gray! Have been looking for a new set of towels- these would be perfect!!

  17. I pinned it…and am following Ferm Living board:)

  18. Brass hex pot! or, that pretty collection of dish cloths. They would make my kitchen happy!

  19. I totally want those stuffed bird ornamnets! We have a 1 year old & everything on our tree is unbreakable. Those would actually be ATTRACTIVE!

    Also, I really want the arrow bed cover. that is amazingly gorgeous. :)

  20. Oh goodness – I’d get The Dorm! When I was litte, and my great-grandmother died I was allowed to look through some of her things and choose something to remember her by – I found a few small ceramic animal figurines, which being 8, I loved. Years later, a friend was at my apartment (or dorm room, I can’t remember) and said “Oh, it looks like you collect Red Rose Tea figurines!” I had NO idea what they were talking about, but it turns out the little ceramic animals were the little ceramic figures that come with red rose tea, which my great grandmother drank, and I never knew! Since then I’ve been pseudo-collecting, and The Dorm would be a perfect display!

  21. Obsessed with the Advent calendar and the ornaments! Ready for the Holiday season :)

  22. I’m following the board on Pinterest too!

  23. I love this shop! The wire basket in yellow really catches my eye. I would use that as a wastepaper basket in my office.

  24. I too am completely crazy about Ferm living so choosing just one item is hard but I think I would go for the Copper Pencil Holder so I can stop turning the house upside down to find a pen or pencil!

  25. so many beautiful things! i would love the remix blanket in blue for our living room.

  26. I am in dire need of some new bath towels, and Ferm’s look amazing. Plus all the colors are so pretty. Really though, I wouldn’t say no to anything from Ferm.

  27. The espresso cups! I never manage to finish a whole mug of coffee before I leave for work in the morning, and they’re the perfect size.

  28. Love, love, love the marble shower curtain. I’d use it to class up my bathroom and hide the embarrassing amount of hair product I have in my shower.

  29. I love the advent calendar!

  30. Just pinned and followed as well!

  31. I love love love the half moon shower curtain!

  32. AND I pinned it, too.

  33. I am #1 following the pinterest board & #2 pinned to win…here’s hoping!

  34. The Natural Candleholder String for an advent wreath. SO GORGEOUS!!

  35. I absolutely ADORE the spear tray – so beautiful and cool!

  36. Absolutely SWOONING over their Squares Blanket right now. Would love to see that slung over my SVELVIK daybed complete with beige linens and mixed with cushions and a handful of other throws.

  37. I’m torn between the squares blanket and some of the pillows!! I need a textile upgrade STAT.

  38. I also pinned the pillows!

  39. And pinned and Yay!

  40. I also Pinned that cute advent calendar.

  41. I also want to live with everything Ferm! The remix blanket is so lovely.

  42. (Following & re-pinned on Pinterest as well!)

  43. I love alll of their fabrics. The pillows, blankets and shower curtains could all be gifted to me :)

  44. I love, LOVE that advent calendar, but I have been obsessing over that grey remix blanket for so long. So. Long.

  45. Annnnnnnd the Squares Blanket has been pinned! Thanks for providing this giveaway! I r excite!!

  46. I’m in dire need of a new shower curtain, and that triangle one is awful nice…

  47. Oh gosh, I love their blankets so much. And I think it would be physically impossible for me to do anything other than keep anything I got from Ferm.

  48. The Branch wallpaper. I love it. Love it. It would be all for me. I would use it to paper one wall of my bedroom.

  49. Aaaaawesome!!..I´m a HUGE Ferm-fan and for a long long time I´ve had my eyes on this beautiful shower-curtain!! It´s already on my Christmas wish-list, so hopefully my dream will come true one way or the other!!..How and where to use it?? In my shower obviously, he he, it will SO match the rest of the interior there..;)

  50. I die for that Arrow Bed Cover!

  51. Would love the spear wallpaper in my bathroom!

  52. I pinned my favorite item on Pinterest!

  53. The textiles are the best. I would choose the gray remix blanket for myself. I can see it draped over my wing chair.

  54. Those copper cups/pencil holders are waiting for their special place on my built-in cabinets that need a little love.

  55. +Followed & pinned from the pinterest board as well.

  56. …and now I am pinning everything!

  57. Oh my gosh! We used to sell Ferm items when I worked at the National Galleries of Scotland last year. I wanted to buy every. single. item.

    But if you’re making me choose…. those Remix blankets are pretty kick-ass.

  58. I was going to say the brass hexagon pot, as I’ve been coveting for weeks. Then I saw the arrow bed cover and it was love…true love. It would look amazing on my bed with my cat lazing about on it- think of the cute instagrams!
    Thanks for the giveaway Daniel!

  59. I love the branch wallpaper. I think it would be awesome in my powder room, which feels really claustrophobic right now. Also those brass hexagon pots. Amazing.

  60. I would do the week of tea towels! Obviously.

  61. I don’t pin… but I love the wilderness wallpaper. I need to exchange the wallpaper in my hallway which is now a very harsh contrast black-and-white graphic pattern. The golden plants would it give it a much warmer glow.

  62. And I’m following the board on pinterest!

  63. love the “Nest” and the kids bedding!

  64. Definitely the kids tent! It would be so fun for my nephews (and my little one when he’s a big bigger) to play with.

  65. Pinned my favorite too! :D

  66. I love the leather tote – I would use it every day as my work tote, so simple and pretty. Not really a home item, but it would look lovely draped over the back of a chair. And yes, I would selfishly keep it for myself.

  67. I would definitely love to use the Gold/white Wilderness Wallpaper in our master bedroom! (I’m thinking the flanking walls would be dark grey and the opposite wall would be white to balance the room… then add wood planks to the ceiling, painted white or left natural and a DIY brass chandelier!). I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  68. I would love the Half Moon Basket. It would look great in my daughter’s nursery for toys and such. She arrives in 3 weeks!

  69. I really want the CANDLEHOLDER (NATURAL) STRING!! it’s amazingly simple and would look perfect on my coffee table.

  70. This is so SO hard, some of these patterns are to die. But I would have to go with the Velo Pillow. I’m about to begin renovating a new apartment for myself (in the process of looking in DC, holla if you know a good one!) and think this would go perfect on my couch. I have a late 70s blue Fuji bike and am obsessed with it…so there’s bike accents all around my place. But I don’t have a Velo yet…

  71. Spear laundry basket. Had to give up my perfect Balinese laundry basket to move halfway round the world, and have been using a blue Ikea bag ever since, waiting for *the one.*

    Though I have to throw in props for the Arrowhead bed cover. I LOVE it. I just felt a bit guilty about picking something so spendy.

  72. I’m following Ferm Living Shop on Pinterest and have pinned my favorite item!

  73. OK, I’m obsessed and here is why; they have beautiful stuff with MOONS! I love it all. I would choose the Half Moon Laundry Basket because my current laundry basket got really dirty and shrunk while I washed it. Boo. After 8 years, my man and I got engaged and he had a crescent moon engraved on my ring (that’s how much I love the moon). While I’m not one to roll play, I will say that I love doing his laundry so I feel like it would be the perfect engagement gift to us!

  74. Oh, and I followed Ferm on Pinterest, also. I pinned the Arrowhead cover, because I couldn’t find the Spear laundry basket. In case it wasn’t clear, that laundry basket is totally for me. Did I mention the bit about moving halfway round the world and having no stuff?

  75. :) I’ve been saving a spot on my bedroom wall for this dorm treasure shelf:

  76. Oooh, the organic bathrobe. My wife has been wanting a new one, it would make a great gift!

  77. The Dorm!!! I’ve wanted that piece for housing my 5 year old daughter’s collection of thrifted ceramic unicorns! She would LOVE to have a “house” for them!

  78. I really love the urban vases that look like buildings. I would totally put them in my living room built-ins. I am in the process of painting the back of the shelves a slightly darker color than the walls and these would provide a nice pop of white.

  79. can you please delete my last name?

  80. The black tea pot is fantastic. I’d use it after a dinner party to keep everyone cozy and warm after a yummy homecooked meal.

  81. Wow, these are all great ! The gray remix blanket combines all my favorite colors, so I think that’s my favorite.I’m going back to order the cool frames though, they are the best solution to how to hang my Audubon prints in a simple modern way. Thanks!

  82. This giveaway is rather cruel—making us choose just one thing! But I’ve done it, the Candleholder (Natural) String. As a kid we always had an Advent wreath, where we’d light one candle for each week leading up to the 25th at dinner—a sort of glowing countdown to Christmas. I’d love to revive the tradition with my kids and the String Candleholder would do it in such a modern, ecumenical way.

  83. I LOVE the Remix Blanket! It would be perfect draped on the mid century lounge chair I just got off Craigslist…fingers crossed :)

  84. I would totally use the marvelous Copper Pencil Holder at my jewelry station! I started making both wirework and soldered jewelry recently, and the Copper Pencil Holder would be perfect for holding long, narrow tools; rulers; straightened wire; even beads! Everything would be accessible, yet tidied away. So perfect.

  85. And yes, I pinned from their list and will continue to do so…love them!

  86. I’m still obsessed with their candleholder string in natural.

  87. I love the Remix Grey Blanket. It looks so soft and warm.

  88. I love the advent calendar too! Cute without being cutesy.

  89. I just pinned and followed too! Let the drooling begin!

  90. It’s so difficult to pick just one item! Everything is amazing! I would LOVE the Reversible Cube Candleholder (in Maple). In fact I think I’m going to have to make a wishlist of a bunch of items for christmas haha. Love it all!

  91. It’s basically impossible to choose, but I think I’d get the Arrow bed cover. I just love the neutral pinks and the marble patches.

  92. I so need the Hexagon Stand for our kitchen. We are still using the one that I’m positive was mounted under the cabinets when the house was built in the 50’s. It’s great if you want 10 paper towels at once, since this is how many unravel each time you try for one, but otherwise, it’s got to go.

  93. I’ve wanted The Dorm for a long time! I’d use it to display the smallest of our tea bowl collection, and then use the rest of the space for all the bits of nature I pick up on hikes and walking around the neighborhood.

  94. I also followed Christiana’s board and repinned one of her gorgeous pillow photos.

  95. I would choose either the Cones Stuffed Ornaments or the Round Dorm. The ornaments I’d put on my very first Christmas tree in my very own first house! The Round Dorm would grace the wall in my powder room.

  96. I want the Dorm display box and every single Remix blanket. Gimme gimme gimme

  97. Also pinned and followed!

  98. I pinned the ornaments!

  99. Oh my. I think I would very much like to have the Kids Tent in Black for my son. He has a tiny room, so the fact that this folds up and cap slip into a tiny space is ideal.

  100. Oh lord, I’m so obsessed with basically everything at Ferm. I’ve wanted the wire baskets for ages, and the gold dot decails are exactly what I need for my daughter’s room.

  101. The Remix blanket in grey looks very cozy! It would live on the edge of my couch, waiting for me to get home and indulge in long marathons of Scandal.

  102. Well, I couldn’t find The Dorm on the board, so I pinned the wire basket in rose… But nonetheless, done & done!!

  103. LOVE the tea towels(I collect quirky/weird/ones) and, really, just about everything else!

    The prudent thing would be to pick the $100.00 Gift Certificate-then I could pick one gift for me and one to give :)

    Followed on Pinny; I pinned the fireplace screen done in wallpaper.

    Thanks to both you and FL for this giveaway.

  104. ok, my nose is bleeding from indecision. But I think “a week od dish cloths” would look FAB in my kitchen, making me forget those hideous tiles I can’t get rid of because this is a rental.And now I’ll go back to Fern site and cry over eberything else I didn’t pick!

  105. Pinned and followed, too!

  106. It’s a toss up = I really like the Advent Calendar but I’ve lusted over the Multi String Candleholders forever! AND since I’m half Danish I think I should get extra entries!

  107. Just pinned, and I think I was already following!

    Thanks so much!

  108. I love the grey bird leaves pillow!

  109. I been coveting those Bau Deco Letter Posters for a while now… I’d get “D” (my last initial) and hang it in our living room. But seriously how do you choose? I looooove so many things there… Great giveaway!

  110. Live the hanging wood frames! Thanks you!

  111. I just repinned Anna’s pin from Christiana’s board. Woot!

  112. Pinned the Advent calendar!

  113. Followed on Pinterest and pinned some things:

  114. I love the brass hexagonal pot.That would be cute to fancy up some of my houseplants!

  115. just pinned the arrow bed spread, and spotted and least three mistakes in my previous comment, oh well…

  116. what your favorite item – Definitely A Week of Dish Cloths! I’d use it in my kitchen -obviously! They would look great hanging on my oven door :)

  117. Cross between the lovebirds and the neon herringbone pillows, both of which would seriously upgrade a couch that is in serious need of an upgrade!

  118. So hard to pick just one thing! My top three are the marble shower curtain, any of the brass hexagon pots and the beautiful star cutting boards. Love this blog!

  119. Love the happy flags (peach) – I would put this around the house just for shits and giggles because I think it’s awesome

  120. I’d buy the arrow bed cover. Our master bedroom needs some bolder bedding.

  121. The Large Spear Tray–for myself… It’s like icicles and wintry feeling but with color!

  122. Yay – a giveaway that doesn’t shun Canadians! Crushing on the minimalist wooden frames — probably and totally DIY able but who am I kidding? I’ll never do it.

  123. I love the mint wire basket! I’d use it to store my daughters toys.

  124. With the leather tote I wold carry all my other Ferm things around with me always.

  125. Wire basket pinned. I need to throw all the throws I have somewhere.

  126. Pinned it.

  127. I’m following on Pinterest and just repinned.

  128. Clearly the wire basket. Although I do admit it is hard to choose…

  129. We’ve been working on “refreshing” our kitchen for a year – my husband made all new door and drawer fronts and refaced our existing cabinets in a light maple – he does great work but his day job in physics eats up most of his time so it’s been slow going. Finally, next Tuesday the countertop is being installed – it’s a white corian (don’t judge – we have one more kiddo to put through college) – anyway the pops of color in the kitchen are orange and turquoise – in that vein I would like the Star Cutting Board in orange that I could place a hot pot on. Is this a first night of Chanukah present?

  130. I’ve always loved their wallpapers and wall stikers. The World map wall stiker would look gorgeous in my new apartment

  131. Loving the Remix Blanket in gray. Holiday gift pour moi ;)

  132. The squares blanket! I would keep it for myself and wear it around my house all day like a cape.

  133. []
    I’ve had my eye on this blanket for some time now, I love it! I’d use it to upgrade my current bedding situation. It would be much cozier with this addition.

  134. I am now following Ferm Living! I posted the incredible bathroom with the spear shower curtain.
    Also, I forgot to write above, but I image that the wire basket would be great to hold all my hats and mittens — they are over flowing a african basket at the moment…

  135. I love the Velo pillow. Thinking about giving it to my bicycle loving husband for Christmas.

  136. That Gracewood Wallpaper is calling my name. I want to wallpaper the WORLD.

  137. I’d get the clothes rack in gray, to replace the sad $10 IKEA one I have now.

  138. You’re right, this is difficult!! I think I’m going to say that if I could have any ONE thing, I’d pick the Week of Tea Towels Set ( I like to decorate in the kitchen with my tea-towel collection and how pretty would a whole wall of these perfectly designed look up against, say, an orange wall?
    Beautiful shop!

  139. Pinned some adorable ornaments as well. :)

  140. My favorite is the whole Ferm Living Shop. Ok, it´s the ESPRESSO CUP SET, i need it at home:
    Thanks, Daniel!

  141. I NEED pillows for my boring couch. I NEED the Remix (Yellow) Pillows, and maybe the Remix blanket. Ugh so many wonderful things on that site!

  142. Pinned it.

    Really want the apron, too, though. So I pinned that guy as well.

  143. I pinned these gorgeous tea towels too

  144. Also pinned this beautiful bedroom:
    So lovely…

  145. Wow that is a tough choice! Probably go for the Wall Wonder Clock though, my SO has been looking for a gorgeous clock, hopefully he gets lucky this holiday season!

  146. I thought it would be their advent calendar, but I just saw the elephant bean bag and now i must have it. everything of theirs is amazing.

  147. I also pinned a thing :D

  148. Pinned the wire baskets! Love :)

  149. My favorite item on Ferm Living is the Squares blanket. I would use it to give this puddle of Shar Pei ridiculousness a stylish place to curl up:

  150. Ooh! I want the Triangle Apron, but I’m not sharing. Mine mine mine. An equilateral triangle is my power shape. You know, like a power animal, but instead a wolf of giraffe, a triangle.

  151. So much good stuff. I’m particularly into the brass hexagon pot, the marbled shower curtain, and the wire baskets.

  152. I have been wanting the Dorm forever!

  153. It’s either the gray remix blanket for those cold nights here in the Midwest OR the Advent calendar because one can never have too many little treats before Christmas. It was too hard to decide but warm and cozy are on my mind right now.

  154. I liked/pinned, but now I’ve fallen into a Ferm website vortex….

  155. I’m a big fan of the half moon basket. It would make the perfect wastebasket for under my desk! Or be great storage for the pile of puppy toys currently scattered across my floor.

  156. ALL the maple reversible candleholders. They make me weak.

  157. I pinned the tea towels and am following Ferm.

  158. Either the remix or arrow bed covers. So very oh la!

  159. Awww! Thanks for an international giveaway. I really like those tea towels featuring trees. And a shelf like that dorm shelf, for displaying memorabilia is more than long enough on my wishlist! And the birch wall sticker! I was planning to paint a birch mural on my bedroom wall, but I’m sort of… stuck in the planning stage of the project so I would love to cheat with the sticker. And those stuffed ornaments.. too cute. How could anyone decide?

  160. I’d host friends over for drinks, just to admire the Cube Tealight in Smoked Oak…

  161. Also, I followed the board and pinned to win!

  162. Oh, I love so many of the things! It’s almost a tie between the brass hexagon pot (to hold a fern in my new bathroom with hexagon tiles) and the large grey wire basket (to hold firewood in my living room).

    I think the wire basket wins – more people would see it and I’ve been wanting it longer…

  163. I also followed and pinned! I hope I win this contest!!!

  164. I love the Marble Silk Pillow in dusty blue or rose–so classy and cute at the same time! I’d use it to decorate my bed, or my couch (once I get one…NYC apartment living at its finest/brokest)

  165. Life isn’t fair because I want two things so I’d go for the mint wire basket first and force someone else to give me the wooden lid so I can put it in my apartment as a garbage-side-end-table.

  166. My husband and I have been slowly planning a kid room either for a fost-adopt program or for us to have a little one. I would use the tall halfmoon laundry basket in that room.

    Also, I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I love it! Thanks for all the great ideas and for your dedication to bringing loveliness to my computer.

  167. I wants the cork coaster and the egg cups and the organic bath robe and the Edward bean bag!

  168. SO many things I would die to have, but the Arrow Bed Cover I drool over. My daughter just moved away for college and I would squeal at the opportunity to send it to her knowing how well she takes care of her things, and because her taste is impeccable ;)

  169. I’m digging some of the wallpapers and kitchen accessories!

  170. Santa, I would love the Olivia bean bag all to myself! My inner child would love to see this sit as a decorative pillow on my couch. Its just the right amount of ugly in the drawing that makes it so cute.

  171. I would love to have a Happy Flag and would feel weird buying it for myself (since I’m old) so would be great to win it! Here’s hoping and thank you.

  172. Arrow Bed Cover pinned!

  173. I would want the house shaped Dorm Wall Shelf for holding all my bits and bobs and making them look like art instead of junk, but WHOA do I also love that Wonder Wall Mirror.

  174. I would love to hang the Round Dorm in my house to display all of my tiny found treasures!

  175. I think the graphic dishtowels for every day of the week are charming :)


    Our dog chewed our current blanket when he was a puppy…so it would be nice to replace it with something this nice (it’s only been 2 years…what is the hurry? lol)!!

  177. Pinned the Round Dorm!

  178. If I had to pick just one thing (I guess I do!) I’d pick the squares blanket. As a math professor, the geometrical design tickles me. :)

  179. Had a look and am completely in love with the mountain friends pillow. That has the cutest graphics. It would be great to bring some whimsy into this serious house. :)

  180. I pinned the round dorm shelf when I first saw it, I want that so bad!

  181. I would love the half-moon basket! I would use it to store toys for my sweet little babe. Thank you, Daniel and Ferm!

  182. I pinned the half-moon basket. Thanks again!! :)

  183. Also pinned my beloved shelf!

  184. I love the Wool Pouf- it’d look great either next to my couch in the living room or next to my bed as a side table!

  185. Great giveaway! I like the Spear Laundry Basket. I might buy those stuffed ornaments for myself. So cute!

  186. I actually think I’d take the leather tote. I love the color.

  187. Those calendar wall stickers! That would be amazing for my dining room!

  188. Also added a pin with the tag :)

  189. That gray wire basket would look lovely in a number of spots in my apartment!

  190. I love the calendar wall stickers – a cute way to keep me organised!

  191. I don’t think I can live without that wilderness wallpaper in gold. Havta find a place for it!

  192. Pinned!

  193. I’ve been obsessed with the Remix (Gray) Blanket for awhile! I would absolutely keep it for myself. Sorry, family.

  194. I love the advent calendar!

  195. the brass hexagon pots for myself. i’m trying really hard to turn my black thumb into a green one. these pots would totally help, right?! :)

  196. i also pinned it!


  198. I love love love that wire basket in yellow! I’ve been pining for it for a few weeks now with the top to use as a side table by my fireplace. She’s a beaut!

  199. The squares blanket has always been a favourite of mine.

  200. I would use the Family Tree blue wallpaper on the way opposing my bed in my bedroom! It would look so dreamy to fall asleep to as well as wake up to, and would totally compliment my Anthropologie Ipomoea quilt that I am still in love with after a year. I would love to win but just love the feeling knowing that SOMEONE will win! Yay for you!!!!!

  201. Squares blanket! That’s fabulous!

  202. On the wall. Not on the way. BUT does that mean I am on the way… to winning!!!!??? Yay! It’s a sign!

  203. Brass Hexagon Pot (Large)… I mean who doesn’t need more brassy things?

  204. The large brass hexagon pot. I think it will inspire me to do a better job of keeping plants alive…haha.

  205. I love everything! It’s hard to pcik just one favourite item! i love the wall map decal! I think it would look great in my kids playroom.

  206. I want to Remix blanket! because my landlords are cheap and keep the heat too low!

  207. Also, I did the whole repin deal. It made me realize that I covet only things that are Ferm. That brass hexagon pot will look killer in my new vintage condo.

  208. I’m dying over here! I saw the Power Birds Wall Stickers on Pinterest with no credit given and wanted them for my master bedroom instantly. I’m so excited to know where I can buy them…but winning a set would be even better!

  209. I was in Copenhagen this summer and picked up their wonderful light teal/turquoise coffee/tea cozy, and the adorable Copenhagen print. It was all I could do not to buy the entire dang collection (but it would actually not fit in my luggage). I would D I E to win this giveaway, and I would be very happy at home with the Advent Calendar hanging. VERY happy.

  210. And I also pinned a pin! This one to be precise :)

  211. The Arrow Bed Cover is my dream. My bedroom needs it so bad!
    Although I’d also love one of the wire baskets to keep my knitting/crocheting supplies.

  212. P.S. I did the Pinterest thing!

  213. ugh i need The Dorm. for myself. and my crystals. :Grinch grin:

  214. I really like the squares blanket. My cat would look quite good on it too.

  215. Of course I pinned something. See what I mean about the yarn? It’s perfect.

  216. I love the advent calendar too, yet I think I would have to get either a set of the studios or the round dorm curio shelf. But like you said, how to choose?!

  217. I love everything from Ferm Living (and I’m danish too). My favorite is the Treasure Diamond (white/small), it would be perfect for holding my jewelry on my bedside table.

  218. And I’ve pinned it too :)

  219. Ach! I would go with either the black clothes rack (so simple and beautiful!) or the worn triangle cushion or one of the baskets with the top as an end table? Too many options! But I would go through the agony of choosing if I won.

  220. I’d love to use the copper pencil holder to finally start putting together a home office.

  221. And pinned! (Or rather, my pins have been updated with #manhattannestfest – already following Ferm!)

  222. loved that wire basket forever. i’d just sit and look at it.

  223. The Spear shower curtain. I would use it very predictably to replace my boring shower curtain. I’m thinking of repainting the wall opposing opposing the tub a dark color to reduce the overall stark white decontamination room effect. I think the graphic pattern would play off that really well, but the mix of colors would soften the effect. Getting very excited about the prospects; may have to save up for it anyway! Pinterest is blocked at work; I’ll have to remember to come back tonight.

  224. I also pinned. More copper!

  225. The natural face boxes to corral my kiddos stuff.
    Love everything in that shop.

  226. Many many good options. My favorite though is the arrow bed cover. So modern and cozy.

  227. Just pinned and followed too :)

  228. Ooh I love the remix bed cover! I would gift it to my husband so that I could enjoy it too! :)

  229. When I saw the 1/2 moon laundry basket, the angels above began their heavenly song. Instead of storing my (yes, I’m not even masking the fact this is for me and not as a gift for someone else) laundry in a hideous coated blue IKEA bag that makes an atrocious *crinkle* noise each time it’s touched, having the gorge(ous) half moons greet me upon entering my bedroom would melt my cold frozen heart.

  230. I’ve been looking to replace my old shower curtain for a while now but I can never seem to find one that pleases me. The Triangle Shower Curtain would be the perfect replacement! Love it’s simple design!

  231. The TRIANGLE LAUNDRY BASKET for sure – the most stylish laundry ever created – will look perfect in my my black/white/neutral bedroom!

  232. I also pinned my item!

  233. I’m torn between the Star Round Cushion for me just because or the Little Remix Blanket for the babe I’m expecting in March.

  234. So hard to choose! I could redo my whole bathroom with their cute towels, shower curtain, laundry basket etc. But if it had to be one thing, it would be that remix blanket in gray, for me to snuggle up in during this cold rainy weather.

  235. Followed and Pinned!

  236. Tea Pot from the new collection!!!!!! It would look so great in my retro cupboard:))
    Loved it so much, I also pinned it

  237. I love the remix blanket – so cozy!!

  238. and just pinned/followed :)

  239. Whew! I like all of it but the Leather Tote is THE most chic bag I’ve seen in a long time. My daughter would be the recipient and she would LOVE it.

  240. I would love the tea pot!

  241. Almost impossible to decide, but I’d have to go with the Half Moon Basket. I’d use it for toy storage in my daughter’s room. The most stylish toy storage ever!

  242. I’ve got to go with the black wire basket. Would look great holding blankets and stuff in my living room!

  243. I like the half moon shower curtain. It would look good with the impossible to match weird greenish tile in my rental bath.

  244. Definitely the Kids Tent… I have twins and they are dying to have a fort, but our place is too small to give up that space permanently. They would love it! (And, importantly, I’d love to see it anywhere in the house!)

  245. Pinned the Black & White inspiration on my Pinterest account… WANT that rocking chair!

  246. I would use the Remix blanket in gray as a throw on our couch!

  247. Some great stuff! I love the house-shaped Magazine Holder. I have taken to using magazine holders to organize paper in my home, from my kid’s school stuff to take-out menus and recipes. It would be nice to have a gorgeous one like that! (I’m not saying mine are all cardboard from IKEA, but…actually, yes, they are all cardboard from IKEA.)

  248. The striped tea towels are lovely!

  249. I would get the velo pillow for my beau! I think it may be the one decor item that we would both agree on, hah.

  250. Letter Tray in Walnut/Yellow!

    Crazy though it might sound, I’d give it to one of my interior design clients. It would look awesome on his desk and he’s been the greatest client so far– totally easy going, responsive and trusting of my advice. This letter tray would be the perfect way to say, “Please clone yourself. Thanks.”

  251. Hey! Me again – Obsessed with the WALL WONDER MIRROR (SMOKED OAK). I would use this like a fiend in my room for morning makeup application and other small treasures.

  252. I am in love with the mint wire basket in large. I had a lovely wicker basket for all of my shoes by the front door that my rabbits destroyed (I love my buns but boy do they make decorating difficult!). A wire basket is indestructible and so cute to boot!

  253. I had never heard of this site, love it!

    I would have to select the laundry basket (spear). I need something functional and beautiful for laundry while I am lugging it around!

  254. the wall wonder clock in rose would be killer in my bedroom. i love the green with the wood and the shape and just everything.

  255. I’d definitely grab that advent calendar, since it’s the season for it and because our last one, which was wooden, didn’t make the move too well. But if it WASN’T right before Christmas I would probably go for the pillow with the birdcage on it. Looking for some subtle (or not so subtle lol) ways to incorporate our last name into our decor since I’ve bever been able to get excited about monograms.

  256. Remix blanket!

  257. I love the Dorm (
    I really love the color, which melds with what I have in my apartment. More than that, I love that meaningful small objects could have a home — because that is what this product really evokes for me. The color seems to contribute to that. Home is where the heart is, and small finds I love would have a home in the Dorm.

  258. I LOVE the brass hexagon pots (large and small) which I would use to justify my house plant buying problem.

  259. Oh my goodness me, those treasure diamonds would be a perfect place to store my totally silly rock/pebble collection! Fingers crossedddddd

  260. I also followed the board and pinned this awesome wall decal

  261. Hard to choose, but I like the whole week of tea towels. I’ve been meaning to get a set of dish towels with nice designs not just for kitchen use but also in the bathroom as well. The graphic ones are always the best.

  262. I absolutely love the blue Remix blanket. I’m moving in with my boyfriend in a month and this blanket would keep us nice and warm in our new bed.

  263. I would love this candle holder for a subtle holiday table

    AND I am really digging this for my daughters bedroom

  264. Gasp! I love love love Ferm Living! I would get the Remix Gray Blanket. It would match my bedroom perfectly! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  265. Every time I look at the three plastic laundry baskets in the corner of my bedroom, I die a little inside. I’ve been lusting after the Half Moon laundry basket FOR AGES.

  266. If I had to choose something, I think I would choose the Marble Cushion ( ) although the Geometry Cup 3 ( ) is really calling my name as well. I have a small obsession with ceramic cups/mugs as evidenced by my ‘Mugs’ collection on Keep. ( )

    I pinned both the pillow and the mug…do I have to comment a second time? I will if it ups my chances!

  267. I’m having the hardest time picking just one! I love the kitchen section and don’t get me started on their wallpaper, but the item that gave me heart palpitations was the Round Dorm. Oh yeah! I could see this in so many different rooms in my apartment. Probably my dining room which mostly acts as my studio.

  268. #ManhattanNestFest ! I’ve pinned away!! :)

  269. Hexagon pots? Tea pots? CANNOT CHOOSE. But in one I would grow yet another pothos, and in the other I would make tea. I’m pretty clear which is which.

  270. I followed and pinned my favorite on Pinterest!

  271. I am two months out from submitting my PhD, so I’m not inclined towards selflessness these days. I choose the Squares blanket, all for myself, and after I submit this thing, I’d wrap myself up in it and sleep for another two months.

  272. I’d choose the SPEAR SHOWER CURTAIN.
    Why? My 1940’s apartment doesn’t have a separate bathroom (yet), My hip bath’s located in my hallway…so this shower curtain would spruce up my shower as well as my hallway! :-)

  273. i love me that twin triangles pillow. for my couch of course.

  274. I love the molecule building set! a lot but The wire basket oh man. The one thing I would love to win won’t ship….. Sigh

  275. So so so hard since I want approximately 47 tea towels…excessive? But actually the Large Brass Hexagon Pot. I wanna put some green things in it. Or not green things? Puppies maybe?

  276. the star cutting board in rose fo sho

  277. the arrow bed cover is totally my fave. love it!

  278. Also did some following/repinning!

  279. The “spear tray” in 30×45! I would give to somebody as a wedding gift :)

  280. I want them Remix Bed Cover(s) – but as I only have one bed, I suppose I don’t need multiples…at once…

  281. The copper cup or tray is calling my name… i must have a thing for clean and classy now!

  282. I’m loving the wire basket in all the colors…I can’t decide which! That shape would look perfect in the new office I’m putting together.

  283. #ManhattanNestFest pinned and i am now drooling over them! Thanks a lot, Daniel. I blame you for my need to have the best best best.

  284. I want the organic bathrobe!


    SOOOO in love with the gray wire basket!! I am moving into an old farm house and I have been searching for the PERFECT laundry basket for my folding addiction. White towels stacked perfectly in that baby?! More dreamy than Charlie Hunnam washing his Harley with chocolate syrup.

  286. Love the wire baskets in black or white!

  287. Also followed and hashtagged on Pinterest.

  288. Well I’ll take one of everything naturally, but I’d really like a Remix blanket after years of pining. Or the dollhouse for my daughter. I don’t have time to DIY one, but it’s hard to find an easily accessible version to buy that isn’t bright pink and sparkly.

  289. i LOVE ferm. pretty much want to buy the whole site.

    Two current favorites:
    This cutting board –

    and these towels!!!

  290. Shit, I was gonna say a triangle pillow, but… brass hexagon pot.

  291. Love birds wall sticker! As a renter, wall stickers are my favorite way to decorate.

  292. Though I’m in love with the bedcovers, I’d actually choose And would use it to wallpaper the beam-lined stairway wall in my own Hudson Valley super old (1799ish) cottage.

  293. All of it! But particularly that lovely Remix Blanket. In our draughty old house, we often abandon the big front rooms in winter and hole up in the cozy guest bedroom. This would be the perfect blanket for watching movies.

  294. Would love to have one of those wire baskets to turn into a side table!

  295. Ooh, the black wire basket. Thanks for the dreaming–it’s our anniversary today

  296. Love the half moon laundry basket, beautiful and practical, my mom would be so proud!

  297. i’ve had the remix blanket on my wishlist for a few years now; would love to add it to my home! thanks for the chance, sir.

  298. If I won, I’d be all over that Arrow Bed Cover. It’s gorgeous but I would never ever be about to afford it on my own. Fingers crossed.

  299. How would one decide?!? I do really love the copper pencil holder. We just built our office desk out of a bowling alley and it would look great on that beautiful maple.

  300. I loove the Brass Hexagen vase and it will make a v.pretty piece on my dinning table! Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

  301. advent-calendar! My husband and I have been searching high and low for a good reusable advent calendar for our first Christmas together. That one is perfect!

  302. followed & pinned!

  303. I’d like to get the molecule building set. My boyfriend would love it, he is a huge nerd : )

  304. Wonderful giveaway. Thanks much, Daniel, for the opportunity to drool and hope. Much though I love the remix blanket (in both colorways), I’ve been lusting for the half moon basket for some time–maybe even the half moon laundry basket. I’d toss cozy knit throws in the basket. And the laundry basket would jazz up our years-in-progress laundry room so much that we’d be embarrassed into classing up the joint at last, to be worthy of it. :)

  305. Wire basket! No, the squares blanket! Or the basket? No, definitely the blanket. It’s the basket!

  306. I’d love to have the Triangle Laundry Basket. I don’t have a hamper and this would be an attractive alternative.

  307. I got stuck in the wallpaper section and almost didn’t make it back over here! I love the grey remix most, I think. I want to wallpaper one wall of my tiny bedroom nook as a pseudo-headboard. It needs to be bold! Right now the nook is kind of boring.

  308. I also pinned the stuffed squirrel and pinecone ornaments. I love the greyscale simpleness… would mesh well with my silver and blue Xmas theme :-)

  309. Pinned. Followed. Yeah.

  310. I actually love everything from Ferm, but what I would love the most is the dorm house for displaying knick-knacks! Or one of the triangle blankets to keep me warm during our freezing Canadian winters!

  311. How DO you choose just one item?!!! I love the brass hexagon vase. I am trying to incorporate a mix of metallics in my house and this is in a color I would love. I would also use this as a flower vase. I actually don’t own one. I have been using an old, plastic pitcher instead. Time to upgrade.

  312. i NEED a spear AND a half moon laundry basket. you would cry if you saw what i am currently using. thank you very much.

  313. I love the wire basket! I will use it next to my desk to replace a plastic bucket.

  314. Ooh! The remix bedcover…no! the remix blanket in gray! No! Why is this so tough?

  315. Finally! I’ve found out who sells all the cute stuff I see on Pinterest! Remix (Gray) Blanket for sure, because…it’s gorgeous! And it would pull my living room together beautifully. Also I’m in love with the half moon towels. Thanks!

  316. Wow, I need so many things from this shop. All the things. I really love those brass hexagon pots though, really wish I had a couple for my living room.

  317. I love the Candleholder (multi) string. I love the colors and like how you could use it as advent candles for Christmas, or just as a beautiful candle holder all year round.

  318. Pinterest: #ManhattanNestFest Done & done!

  319. That Marionette Cup is KILLING ME. I would get it for myself and then hide it from my family so they can’t use/break it, and I’d only use it when no one else is home!

  320. I really want that black wire basket in large. I need a new way to store my blankets and I think that would work perfectly!

  321. Hard time narrowing it down, but the Bau/Deco Letter Poster jumped out at me. I’d hang it in our evolving nursery, because my name is Andy, my husband’s name is Andrew, and we want to name our daughter Alice. Yes, we’re sick fucks.

    Here is it:

    P.S. Love your blog!

  322. I really love that advent calendar and I think it would look great in my new house for the holidays! And all those wallpapers! I can’t choose.

  323. Pinned on Pinterest too!

  324. I pinned on Pinterest as well! #manhattannestfest DONE :)

  325. I’ve been craving the squares-blanket since approximately the dawn of time, so I’m going to go ahead an d say that I would want it for myself and myself only.I would walk around, wearing it as a toga every day. Oh, and if I’d had any walls that I could wallpaper I would wallpaper with the half moon wallpaper…. all over!

  326. I’ve been in LOVE with this wallpaper forever…
    Wilderness Wallpaper – Gold

  327. I love the Half Moon laundry basket. Our new puppy keeps stealing my boyfriend’s dirty clothes from his piles on the floor, so we need a better system.

  328. Ooo, and now I pinned it too. :)

  329. I love all the triangle pillows!

  330. And I followed the board on pinterest! Thanks for the giveaway.

  331. Aiiiii – so hard to choose. I’m going with the Round Dorm, and I’d put it in our recently acquired cabin in the woods. Your new home projects continue to inspire me to update the cabin – thanks! :D

  332. pinned it, yo.

  333. Spear Gray wallpaper, my obsession.

  334. Love the brass hex pot but am also pretty into the triangle laundry basket – a pretty basket would class up that mundane household task!

  335. I pretty much love all of their wallpaper. The Gracewood Wallpaper, in a tiny bathroom or closet? Yes please!

  336. So hard to choose! Their products are wonderful, I love their tea-pots, I have a small collection and would love to add theirs to it! Thanks for the give-away your blog is fantastic!

  337. I love this for my shower:Marble shower curtain

  338. I’m loving Mr. Snake. My baby needs him in his/her (soon to be in February) life!

  339. Follow on pinterest.

  340. after much deliberation I chose the wall wonder mirror in maple.

    If you have “contacts” at Ferm can you ask when they can get a NZ supplier or at least see if htey can do better shipping rates down here? I love so many of their things but can’t justify spending $25 to ship a tea towel ;-)

  341. and pinned … hope I did it right

  342. I also pinned the white wire basket ( because my office is begging for it.

    For my shower i will love this.

  344. So my absolute favourite is the Copper Pencil Holder. I paint, draw and nibble around and that holder would be a good way to store… EVERYTHING. And it’s so pretty and shiny and perfect. And if I am to win this thang, I promise I will think of you dearly every single time I look at my pretty coppery thingy <3

    Much love from Finland! xo

  345. Wow, how to choose, everything is so wonderful. I’d go with the green bird tree wall sticker for my toddler’s room, it needs something bright and fun.

  346. I love the half moon laundry basket. It would be a vast improvement over the cheap plastic basket I’m using now.

  347. I want the half moon laundry basket.

  348. pinned!

  349. I’m going with the squares blanket.

  350. I love the half moon wallpaper, I’d use it in my hallways…once I paint the PINK molding.

  351. Man, that was hard. But I do think I’d go for the remix blanket in grey. It would be perfect as a Christmas present for my new husband, then to live on our couch forever.

  352. Also pinned and followed. :)

  353. The black wire basket will hold all the beautiful organic bath towels I want to buy. My family goes through towels so fast that I just make piles of them available. Dreamy.

  354. I’ve wanted The Dorm to put my collection of creepy sexual Japanese vending machine toys in for so long. So, so long.

  355. What a delicious website…I love everything! Could totally see the Mountain Friends bedding injecting just the right amount of whimsy in any bedroom (hoping it will be mine :) Thanks.

  356. Remix Gray Blanket and Mountain Lake Pillow (large) are my long-time favorites for my living room and bedroom. (Sorry I could not choose only one!)

  357. Woow! Now I understand why you said ”I have no idea how you’ll choose, but good luck…” lol. It was very hard to decide what I love most :) I wish I could have all the geometry pillows, or at least three… but if I need to choose one, I’m choosing Curry :P It would be perfect for my living room sofa!

  358. A lot a cleaning :) Pinned and followed!

  359. UGH I just want to live in a Ferm Living catalogue. Especially since I live in sunny LA but prefer the rainy Seattle-by-way-of-Scandinavia aesthetic. I’d go with the Remix quilt and blanket, along with a wire basket and about 50 of the triangle pillows for my sofa.

  360. And pinterest’d as well!

  361. Umm. How in the word are we supposed to pick just one?

    If I’m selfish, I love the Remix (gray) blanket. Love love love. The pop of yellow at the end would match my living-room rug!

    If I’m not selfish, my friend Kari would LOVE a wire basket. I would too. ;)

    Thank you for introducing me to this amazing place!

  362. I pinned the dot pillows on Pinterest! So fun!

  363. The remix gray blanket for sure. I love it the color & pattern!

  364. I’m torn between the days of the week dish towels and the half moon baskets!

  365. I heart the Remix Blanket!

  366. I also repinned the harlequin wallpaper in that super cute nursery!

  367. This is just too difficult – but if I have to choose one thing right now, I think it would be the half moon shower curtain. I think it would look fabulous in my bathroom.

  368. I am following on pinterest.

  369. I am loving the world map wall sticker!!

  370. Followed and pinned. I love all the stuff!!

  371. Pinned it onto Pinterest too!

  372. I have been eyeing the large Spear basket to finish my bathroom remodel. Thank you!!

  373. I’ve been coveting one of the medium mint wire baskets for a looong long time. I luuurve it. Especially with the wood topper… but I guess that’s technically two things. SO HARD. Ok, final answer, medium mint wire basket!

  374. Yo, I just pinned that, too! Except it’s the pink version with some knitting in it. Tasty.

  375. I love those wire baskets with lids! It would make a great side table/storage solution for our apartment. I <3 Scandinavian design. So clean and fresh.

  376. Pinned an awesome shower curtain!

  377. That black wire wastebacket is beautiful! Silly to favorite a trashcan but wow!

  378. I grew up in a Norwegian-American household, and now that I have my very first apartment all my own (after years and years of roommates) I’ve realized that EVERYTHING that speaks to me and reminds me of childhood is classic Scandinavian design.

    So while I’m tempted by everything–those squeezable, waffle-knit bath towels! the beautiful candlestick holders!–I’m going to have to say: I choose the graphic remix (gray) blanket.

  379. I’ve had my eye on their small grey wire basket since your last office post…but now I think the yellow version might be even better! This guy would be right at home filled with magazines, within arm’s reach of my sofa.

  380. I love this brass hexagon pot. I would plant a succulent and place it next to me desk to keep me company while working.

  381. I followed Ferm Living on Pinterest and pinned some items to my boards for a second entry!

  382. Just pinned (#ManhattanNestFest) one fine looking basket!

  383. I will take one of everything, especially the remix blanket in gray. It would be perfect at the end of my bed!

  384. Thanks for the giveaway Daniel and Ferm! I drew my sister-in-law’s name from our family’s Christmas gift lottery, and I think she’d love the black teapot.

  385. I want the Squares blanket so bad! It is cold out and I want to be wrapped up in that throw drinking a soy hot cocoa and watching Scandal! Here’s hoping to stay warm and cozy with a Ferm Living blanket all winter long…

  386. I need the grey Remix blanket in my life for all those late nights in my dorm room or the architecture studio working on projects ^^

    I already followed and pinned on Pintrest. Awesome giveaway :D

  387. Oh geez, I love the squares blanket and also the Love Birds pillow. It would be so tough to choose, but an excellent problem to have :-)

  388. I just followed the board on pinterest and pinned for another chance. Thanks for the giveaway!

  389. Love the remix blanket and your blog!

  390. I love love love the wire baskets and the grey remix blankets! I also love the idea of wallpaper, but we just finished peeling disgusting old wallpaper at our new house, and I know there’s no way I could ever convince my husband it’s a good idea to put more up!

  391. And I did the Pinterest thing…thanks!

  392. I am smitten with the, Mr. Robot (Small) Pillow. I would place it in my baby boys crib. Who doesn’t love a robot! Heck, I still do the robot when I dance. ;)


  393. A Ferm Living Giveway. Anything from the whole shop? Argh! How can you choose?!
    I think I’ve looked at every item. Twice. But in the end, I really want to spice up my plain white boooooring bathroom. So I’m opting for the lovely organic bath towels.
    My bathroom desperately needs a splash of colour. The local animal shelter desperately needs my old towels.. Win-win!

  394. I love that Squares blanket!

  395. I really love the children’s mobiles, but I am also thisclose to ordering the flag streamers for my daughters room!

  396. Wire basket in mint. As a hat for my dog initially if I’m being totally honest but then it’ll settle nicely in my bedroom by my desk.

  397. I love the remix blanket, and living in an old house in Maine, it would come in handy! And, I’ve been loving your adventures with your house, it’s been giving me some new inspiration to attack some of my own projects.

  398. Followed and pinned second entry :)

  399. We just moved to our new apartment after moving 3 times in a year (with one of our moves being a transatlantic one!) We are trying to turn our new place from a house to home and every help matters. It is so hard to choose from so many lovely items but since we are in a need for hungers i’d choose the DIAMOND HOOKS. Fingers crossed :)
    Thank you Daniel and Ferm Living for that giveaway :D

  400. I looove the Round Dorm hanging shelf. I would love to break up all the sharp lines in this apt. with something round. Also think the Worn Stripe Cushion is beautiful…. despite the lines. and I’d totally keep either for us. :-)

  401. I pinned the wire basket in mint and followed Fern. Second entry- YAY!

  402. I have been eyeing the black wire basket in large for years! I would use it to stylishly hold my abundance of blankets that I keep in my living room.

  403. and I just pinned like 5 things. So many beautiful pieces!
    (Pinterest: @apicrobo)

  404. Also followed Christiana’s board and did some pinning :)

  405. I love that teapot…I’d fill it full of gin for extra fun! I pinned too!

  406. I think the Squares Blanket wins! love it.

  407. brass hexagon pot, por favor. and what WOULDN’T i use it for?

  408. The leather tote! I love it so much. :)

  409. Favorites are hard with Ferm. It’s all so good. But if I were forced to choose, I’d say it would be the Spear shower curtain. SO GOOD. My hideous bathroom would be transformed.

  410. Also, followed and pinned my favorite.

  411. + followed and pinterested it up.

  412. I love the leather tote bag… I just went back to uni to study nursing, so it would be nice to occasionally have a break from my scrappy old rucksack. Although, I would be equally likely to just hang it in my room and gaze at it…

  413. I also pinned/hashtagged the brass hexagon pots. Beautiful. I can’t decide if I’d fill them with pens, or put little succulents in them (pens may have better chance of survival…).

  414. DEFINITELY the black stripe cylinder cushion, I’ve been pining over that baby for what seems like years (probably just a few months). My little fox dog Margot would curl up next to that thing like nobody’s business.

  415. So many things I want!! I think my favorite is “The Dorm.” I love that minty light blue color, and it would be perfect for displaying all our little things in a way that feels unified and uncluttered.

  416. I’m loving the gray Remix blanket. Considering we rarely turn on the heat in our studio, we love blankets!

  417. Oh gosh! Just one? I’d guess it would have to be the Remix Blanket in blue… It looks so sleek and soft! I’ve had trows since I was a little girl, and true to my old lady side, I can’t quite feel comfortable without one over my lap… Even in summer I have a hard time doing without! Plus the hubby is danish and would love a little piece of home ;)

  418. I’d use that mustard polka dot pillow on my new grey couch!

  419. My beloved rubber tree needs a new home…in the large brass hex pot!

  420. The bathrobe would be the perfect gift for my momma!

  421. Pinned/hashtagged as well. fingers crossed!

  422. Tree Bomb pillow for me please. After renovating our kitchen and adding a banquette corner seat I made a fabulous seat cushion cover but we are definitely lacking cushions to lounge/lean on. This pillow would look FAB!

  423. I’ve been in love with the half moon shower curtain ever since I saw it at Door 16. Or was it the triangle one? I love both!

  424. I want the organic bath towels. I’d take them home and hide them from my children and always have a warm big towel for my own use.

  425. If I have to chose just one, it is obviously the remix (gray) blanket. I would stay cozy under it all winter long- and do my best to keep the cuddly cats off it!

  426. Following on Pinterest, and pinned the towels to one of my boards.

  427. I absolutely adore the Remix Bed Cover…

  428. I follow Christiana’s Ferm Living Shop board on Pinterest and pinned my favorite item!

  429. oh god, any of the blankets or quilts. the remix!! we need more blankets and warm things around here….

  430. HERRINGBONE NEON CUSHION, PLEASE. Seriously, the pillows on our couch are hideously boring, but I haven’t yet found any pillows I both a) love and b) can afford. This would do very nicely.

  431. oo i did the pinteresty thing too…some really cute pins on their board!

  432. Hands down, the organic towels!!

  433. Oh wow. Impossible to choose, but those day of the week dish cloths are pretty amazing.

  434. Oh so hard! I think the squares blanket, but I also love the remix blanket in grey…or the half moon laundry basket!

    • …and I would selfishly keep any of those and put them on my bed/displayed in my room disguising my laundry :).

  435. Oooooooo! The wire basket for sure.

  436. I love the advent calendar. I would actually use it all year round in my 3rd grade classroom!

  437. I would get the black wire basket and give it to my son who would love it!

  438. Pinned!

  439. I never realised they did bed covers until now, and now I am in love! The Remix bed cover would make living in our temporary NY apartment with someone else’s furniture feel so much more homely.

  440. Everything looks so wonderful, but I guess I like the week of tea towels the best.

  441. intriguged by the hanging clothes rack, yes would use it to hang clothes

  442. My favorite item is the Squares Blanket. I really like that it’s made of organic cotton instead of wool. I would keep it on my sofa since I know I’d be use it all the time.

  443. So hard to choose, taking the top 3 to just one was really hard, but eventually my pick is the remix blanket! Can’t wait to cuddle up in that beauty in these nearly zero (°C) temperatures (outside, of course :)).

  444. Pinned and followed as well!

  445. I’m following Christiana’s board and I pinned a bunch of stuff

  446. So hard! I think I love the Half Moon Cylinder Cushion for my bed though!

  447. I love the olive/marble fusion triangle pillow – it inspires me to redecorate my living room!

  448. I also pinned a couple things from Christiana’s Pinterest!

  449. I love the Remix bed cover sooooo much

  450. I really like the Lovebirds Cushion. I would put in on my bed and it would look so gorgeous that I would HAVE to make my bed EVERY day so that I could place it … just so …. and then SMILE !!

  451. Oh! I’d love the Remix Blanket! Great Giveaway! :D

  452. The Dorm shelf. Sooo pretty! I would use it for displaying all the junky but adorable litle things I seem to be collecting..

  453. I’d be all over pretty much anything in the shop, but hit me up with one of those Remix Blankets. It’s winter and I need something cool to keep me warm.

    Come check us out at

  454. I love the Squares blanket– cotton blankets are my favorite, and the colors would work so nicely with my sofa!

  455. Also, pinned for a win! Love their collection.

  456. Pinned, too! Cool seeing all the amazing rooms those baskets have ended up in.

  457. Just pinned that blanket I love so much on my Home Objects Pinterest board.

  458. I love their kids stuff. I would have to go with he rush hour blanket. My little man would love that in his room- who am I kidding- I would love it. He’d probably rather some gaudy cartoon charecter. Good thing I’m in charge. :)

  459. the arrow bed cover is PERFECT. my bedroom is like a very tiny, modern log cabin. all clad in cedar. it needs something graphic to keep it from getting too country. this would do the trick!

  460. I love all the things, but the Spear Basket would hold my yarn and craft projects so nicely!

  461. Also, I pinned a pin on Pinterest!

  462. Definitely the hobby horse – for my daughters!

  463. Ah, so hard to choose!
    Super into the large brass hexagon pot though. Looks like the perfect home for a cute little cactus.

  464. It seems so practical, but i really like the triangle laundry basket (along with several other things, of course).

  465. can i have it all? i can’t decide!
    i am torn between two: star round cushion and love bird cushion. i love pillows and really love to spread it all in my bedroom. :)

  466. I love the Remix (Gray) Blanket. I would keep it for when we have our first child. I know there is the smaller version of the blanket, but wrapping a baby in this big soft blanket and having it spread on the floor for fun exploration would be lovely too.

    I’ve also started following the Ferm Living Pintrest Board and pinned the item with #ManhattanNestFest!

  467. OMGod! The leather tote looks perfect!

  468. Family tree wallpaper for the office. Love the blue!!!

  469. Although choosing only one thing from Ferm is nearly impossible, my current favorite is the Face (natural) Boxes. I have a daughter who has a growing number of toys, so we would eventually use them for accessible storage. But first and more importantly, I know she would want to climb all over them, and they seem perfect for climbing too.

  470. I’ve been eying those urban vases for a while. And the molecule building set.

  471. oh man, I love their wall stickies. so clever. I need one to organize my life!

  472. I love the large spear pillow! I have been dreaming about adding it to my couch cushion collection for ages!

  473. So many great choices but I would choose the spear basket for my craft room to store wrapping paper.

  474. I really love the advent calendar. I’ve been looking for years for one that isn’t too over the top, reusable and well made.

  475. I love the Half Moon Laundry Basket so much! It is just so cute. I would keep it for myself, I am in need of a new laundry basket.

  476. I love the CLint & Plint Boxes! I am moving to a new office building soon and they would be the first step in cutening (may or may not be a word) up my desk

  477. Don’t ask me why I picked the cheapest item they have, but I really love the birds stuffed ornaments. I need more kid-friendly ornaments, i.e. unbreakable and these would be perfect. Little ones can’t break them one day and they are still very elegant and adult looking. I would use them on my Christmas tree every year! :)

  478. My choice would be the apple tree pillow. One of the things I wrote on my to do list today was to get more pillows for the couch! Wouldn’t be a hoot if I scored!

    PS I love your blog

  479. Oooh! I adore those wire baskets! I use it for kindling by the fireplace-how classy! I hope the Random gods are listening ’cause I’d do you proud, Daniel!

  480. 1. Wire basket 2. Laundry basket 3. Blankie 4. Christmas ornaments. No, couldn’t pick just one.

  481. I pinned theeee wire basket! I’m smitten.

  482. my navy sofa is calling out to the twin triangle pillow in curry

  483. The Week of Dish Cloths would look great in my kitchen!

  484. Just pinned on Pinterest…a lovely pillow that’s sitting on an awesome mid-century modern chair.

  485. The folding kid’s tent is awesome. Maybe diy if I don’t win?

  486. I’m in love with the curry color. I just moved into a new apartment and it could really use some color. The Pine Tree Pillow is my favorite!

  487. Favorite item – impossible it choose but I really like the Coat Tree wall sticker. I’d use in in my bathroom for towel hooks – classier than flinging them over the shower curtain rod!

  488. i love the candleholder string and the remix blanket!

  489. Arrow bed cover for sure, to make our crumby bed look not so crumby!

  490. I have a couple things from Ferm Living and they’re awesome! One of the many things I love is the Remix Blanket.

  491. 2nd entry–Followed and pinned as directed!

  492. Aaaand pinned it!

  493. Best giveaway ever! I would choose the Arrow Bed Cover. My husband and I recently moved from California to Portland, and dang, I’m not used to this chilly weather!

  494. I am in love with the hexagon mirror/shelf! It would be perfect in my entry way of my new place. I moved in two months ago and have yet to figure out how to decorate it -_-
    The hexagon mirror/shelf would be a great starting point. It think I would pair it with either the Wilderness Wallpaper in gold or the branch wallpaper. A perfect mix of beauty and function :)

  495. The calendar wall stickers!

  496. Pinned the hexagon mirror/shelf to my board! And a few other things :)

  497. My favorite item is the Remix Blanket (green). I would use is on my bed to replace my current blanket which I knitted many years ago and which my big girl rabbit, Parpar, has been happily nibbling holes in while making herself comfortable in my bed.

  498. I’m in love with the advent calendar!

  499. Pinned the half moon basket. :)

  500. I am in love with the Remix Blanket (Grey), but a few things came in a ridiculously close second ;)

  501. Seriously? How do I choose? The organic bath towels though would be lovely. One in each color, with a black/white/charcoal gray bathroom.

  502. Also pinned 1 item from their site. The little mini pillow ornaments with the pine cones and squirrel? Pure happiness. Might have pinned a couple more lovelies too.

  503. Oh my stars, I didn’t know I needed The Dorm (shelf) until suddenly, I did. <3

  504. After much deliberation I’d have to choose the Spear laundry basket. It would replace my totally boring plastic laundry basket in a flash!

  505. I love the REMIX BED COVER. I would give it to my youngest son to update his bedroom to a more sophisticated look.

  506. I pinned the Remix Bed Cover & am following on Pinterest.

  507. The Dorm. Please dear Lord The Dorm. I collect little houses and I pretty much need this.

  508. it is so hard to choose, but i am still in love with the large black wire basket!

  509. I have been looking everywhere for a tray to make our otoman double as a functional “table”, and the star tray in black and white would just be a perfect match!

  510. The teapot with the black triangle pattern! I have been coveting it since the new collection went up. Sadly my student budget doesn’t permit beautiful teapot purchases otherwise I would have ordered it ages ago! But sitting at my desk and pouring tea out of this beauty would absolutely 100% make me study harder :)

  511. Love the mint clouds bedding for my daughter.

  512. I’d get the Remix blanket. LOVE.

  513. The square blanket would match perfectly with my sofa!

  514. That Remix blanket! It has the most perfect colors in the most perfect color combination and I know for a fact my sister would love this bad boy for Christmas. I know…too early to mention Christmas, but I promise this is the first and last I’ll mention it until after Thanksgiving.

  515. I am coveting the set of geometric espresso cups. I’m imagining them on my mantle as a set of mini planters. Or I could just use them for my morning coffee, especially on mornings when the world seems a little more daunting. How could you not feel a little happier sipping fresh coffee from these?

  516. I love the wire baskets! I’d especially love to turn one into a side table with the wooden top.

  517. I am so in love with the Wall Wonder Mirror in Maple that I could even try to DIY it!

  518. So hard to choose.
    But the wire basket as a side table is the perfect solution for our tiny apartment: big enough to hold a sensible amount of stuff without taking up a lot of visual space.

  519. I love the remix bed cover. I’ve spent years looking for the perfect bedding, this would be it!

  520. I love the Mint Wire Basket. I’d use it as a yarn basket.

  521. I also pinned tea towels from Ferm Living Shop pinterest board. One can never have too much tea towels!

  522. Pinned it!

  523. The Spear Laundry Basket would be just the right size and color combination for my tiny laundry closet! An added plus would be that it could double as a cat bed (one of my cats knows how to open closet doors) and I could finally replace my old, worn out wicker basket with the old fabric liner that never seems to stay clean. Doing laundry would make me happy just seeing the lovely design…

  524. Spear laundry basket! I need to separate my dry cleaning and handwash stuff into two baskets, so I’ve been looking for something like this.

  525. Loving the wire baskets, of course. Though the molecule building set would make a great gift for my husband….

  526. My favourite thing on their website is the REMIX BED COVER which would go perfectly with my Scandinavian looking bed. I love the design, sizes and colours, a bit more masculine than the normal stuff you find on the high street.

  527. Ooh, the leather tote, of course. Perfect size, color and (surely) feel.
    I would wear it forever and ever and let it age beautifully.

  528. Oh, and I just followed to board and pinned the tote aswell!

  529. Just pinned #ManhattanNestFest
    Thank you Daniel! Can’t wait to hear who wins… Happy weekend and Thanks giving day to all of you from London!

  530. I love the happy flags!! I’d put them in my daughters room <3

  531. I pinned my favorite, a cozy cute kids bedroom!

  532. I’d love the Wall Wonder Mirror in Maple! I would obsessively rotate items on the shelves trying to find the perfect combination of things, and it would be glorious.

  533. My favourite item is the Wall Wonder Mirror (Smoked Oak).
    I have a large empty wall in my bathroom begging for it.

  534. Pinned the same item on Pinterest!

  535. I’d go with the striped apron! I’ve been looking for a “manly” one for my hubby since he often helps me with the cooking!

  536. I also pinned the Grid Wallpaper – which I would love to have one day, but just need to move a few more times!

  537. Definately the Tea Pot BLack – it makes my heart ache… I don’t have a tea pot disorder honest!

  538. I love the organic towels; they look like they would feel great!

  539. Loving the Love Birds Cushion– I’m redecorating my bedroom and it’s a perfect match!

  540. I’m going for the “A Week of Tea Towels”. I’d like to say I’d keep one and gift the rest, but they do look nice as a collection…

  541. This is an amazing giveaway, thank you! My favourite ferm living item must be the black wire basket, although it is so hard to choose!!!

  542. One of everything, please!

    In all seriousness, the first thing I would buy is the string candleholder. LOVE!

  543. Fab, I have also repinned the lovely wire basket with the hashtag!
    Oh and how would I use it? I would probably move it around rooms… I love it because it can be so many things… laundry basket, toy organiser, newspaper holder.. thanks again!

  544. The arrow bed cover is gorgeous! It would look great in my room!

  545. The remix bed cover is exactly what I’ve been wanting for our bedroom!

  546. I love everything! But perhaps my favorite is the grey remix blanket that I have been coveting forever. Thanks!!

  547. Love the Half Moon mint wallpaper … reminds me of some Parisian papers I’ve seen :)

  548. Also pinned the brass pot, diamond treasure nov, porcelain vase … need some place to put little knick knacks.

  549. oh baby that wire basket with wooden top sold separately, i would use the ess out of it in my new home

  550. Oh, that wire basket. Oh, the geometric pouf. Oh, your cruelty in forcing us to choose…

  551. too many pretties! i think i’d go for the marble silk pillow although the wire basket in black is a very, very close contender

  552. The Dorm is quite delightful! I just love the mint background and the size of the display spaces.

  553. haha love the giveayay pun =)
    so obsessed with everything on that site, but particularly love the brass hexagon pots! oh and the wire basket is pretty amazing too

  554. I want the triangle laundry basket!

  555. So many pretties to choose from, but I think I have a little crush on Mrs. Pillow. She would look mighty fine on my white ektorp chair.

  556. Love a bit of Ferm. We’v e just about finished our bedroom, and what we’re really crying out for is a nice stand for a plant. Seems to be a bit of a shortage of these in Britain, so our thinking is to turn the Small Rose Basket upside down, and stick a plant on top of that. I think It’ll work!!!

  557. A Week of Tea Towels. Totally my jam.

  558. I have a new houseplant that would love to live in the large brass hexagon pot!

  559. I followed the Ferm Living board, pinned & used the hashtag #manhattannestfest!

  560. Love this shop! The mint wire basket and half moon laundry basket are my favorites. I like cute containers that allow me to stash away all my ugly crap. :)

  561. The Apple Tree tea towel… omg. I need it in my kitchen, draped over the oven’s handle, looking beautiful.

  562. Oh that was hard! I love the brass hexagon pots, and I really like the Round Dorm! How to choose!

  563. Wow – the brass hexagon planters, the leather tote – decisions, decisions!
    I would just have to go with something fun, for myself, the Mountain Friends pillow is adorable :)

  564. I would like to join you in moving into the store! But if I have to pick one thing, I think it would be the face boxes. Always need more cute storage!

  565. I LOVE the tea pot (black) and think it would look amazing on our newly installed kitchen shelves!

  566. The tea pot (black):

    I would use it…for tea ;) And then, I would buy that espresso cup set to go with it because I need the beautifully matching set to have the most photogenic relaxing cups of tea that I can.

  567. I also pinned their awesome wallpaper- love it!

  568. Easy. The spear showere curtain. I’ve wanted it for a couple of years now. It would adorn my lovely newly renovated bathroom and would make me sooooo happy.

  569. Love love love that wire basket! I would have such a hard time choosing between mint and yellow.

  570. I am in LOVE with the Remix blanket! I would use it to snuggle up on the couch with my cat, ChiChi Boogie. XO!

  571. LOOOOOVVEEE those Maple Wooden Frames seen here:
    I’d use a bunch to hang all the art prints that are patiently waiting to be framed (read: stacked in a pile under my bed).

  572. I’m in pretty desperate need of a couple side tables around the house. the wire basket with the wood top would do juuuuust fine.

  573. I love everything! But if i had to choose one thing, it’d be the squares blanket as i am all about getting cozy and warm for the cold winter months…

  574. I can’t decide between the Half Moon wallpaper or the Ribbed Wallpaper – beige OR blue! If I win, can someone help me decide? If someone else wins, congratulations – Ferm is awesome!

  575. What a fantastic giveaway! It’s so hard to choose a favourite. Is it the Edward bean bag for my little one or the cones Christmas tree decorations?

  576. Ooh! I love their half moon shower curtain!

  577. I pinned the half moon basket, because toys are ugly, but that is cute. So if toys go in it, cute wins.

  578. Love the copper pencil holder (though, i uh, may use it for make-up)

  579. I would probably say my favorite is the wallpaper…gold wilderness, so great. I’d stick it in a half bath or a reading nook.

  580. Love the mint wire basket! I’d use it for pretty things I want to be seen yet contained at the same time!

  581. I like the half moon cylinder pillow!

  582. Soooo difficult to choose! But I’d have to go with the “SPEAR TRAY – LARGE”. So adorable!! How lucky would one have to be to win this, with so many entries, though!
    ps: love, love, love the blog!

  583. The remix grey blanket would make my sad sofa bed look very happy in my first home (just moved in this week!)

  584. This is amazing! Lusting after the hexagon stand for paper towels! I have no under cabinet space to hang a rack, so this would be a super chic way to have the towels easily accessible, loving it.

  585. Also pinned on pinterest!

  586. Okay, I just spent waaaay too much time making this decision. It’s not like it’s a tattoo. I think the Remix blanket is at the top of my list though. So many beautiful, functional things!

  587. I love the Mountain Friends Pillow!! Or any kid’s pillow actually, their collection is really one of a kind! :)

  588. And it’s been pinned to my “Needful Things” board. Thanks for the chance to win!

  589. Pinned some adorable blankets on pinterest too!

  590. I’d love (and “love” I mean have deeply coveted for over a year now) the Remix blanket–it’ll keep me cozy and colorful in the gray Michigan winter. I’m crossing my fingers!

  591. You’re right, super hard to choose something from their shop. So I’m just going to go with the awesome BAU DECO LETTER POSTERS (C of course). I think I need 2, one for home and one for office….

  592. I followed both, that specific Pinterest board as well as Ferm Living on Pinterest, and pinned a few from each….

  593. I love the large brass hexagon pots! They would even look good knocked over, since that’s how everything ends up with a 10 month old sphynx cat in the house! Maybe they would even be heavy enough to slow her down a bit.

  594. I love the squares blanket. We just finished slowly piecing together our living room with a mix of mew and vintage furniture, most of which I refinished myself. This blanket would look amazing with our mid-century furniture!

  595. hexagon mirror/shelf. In my entry. Divine. Bam! Make it happen pleeeeease.

  596. I did the Pinterest portion as well. Beautiful board I should be following anyway. Thank you.

  597. I had such a hard time deciding! I fell in love with the Marble Shower Curtain.. and yeah I’d keep it for myself because I’m a terrible person. It’s beautiful and it’s mine (someday). And it’d be great motivation to make my bathroom more beautiful because it’s pretty boring.

  598. I have boring beige walls in my half bath and would love to punch it up with FAMILY TREE WALLPAPER.

  599. I’d choose the molecule building set. My boyfriend is a science geek and would love it as a gift plus I think it would good on the coffee table.

  600. I’ve completed the Pinterest portion as well.

  601. First I want to say that I am new to your blog. For the past few months I have been catching up reading all of your posts. You are fabulous and I love everything you post! Your DIY projects are an inspiration!!!

    I love the Animal Tower Wall Sticker in Blue. I am helping my sister and brother-in-law decorate a room for their new baby that is due in January and I think this would be precious in there.

  602. Love the pillows, specifically the Love Birds Cushion, Tree Bomb (White/Black) Pillow, and the Velo Pillow.

  603. I also did the Pinterest portion of the contest. I pinned the Animal Tower Wall Sticker to my “Baby” board.

    Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

  604. The geometry pillows, or silk marble pillows, or one of those wire baskets. But my favorite, the Gray Remix blanket. So in love with triangles right now.

  605. I love so many things on the Ferm Living website! I love the week of dishcloths and I always need another letter tray (or two or three…) for the odds and ends that collect around my house. The Remix bed cover would be dreamy on my bed, too.

  606. There’s something wonderfully nostalgic about Advent Calendars…but this one is actually really attractive, too! Yes, I’d keep it, but since I’m pregnant can we call it an early holiday gift for the to-be?

    Thanks for hosting this, Daniel!

  607. I pinned the Marble Shower Curtain on Pinterest and followed Ferm as well! :D

  608. Oh half moon shower curtain, you really really want a new home in my bathroom!

  609. We are currently moving things around in our office, adding a forrest-green velvet sofa and hanging a lot of jewel-toned vintage paintings and japanese prints which is great but starting to make the room feel a little darker and sexier than I think is appropriate for a room dedicated to excel spreadsheets and writing checks… so I would happily throw one or two of the gray marble silk pillows in there to lighten the color palette and mood.

  610. As much as I’ve been eyeing the wall stickers and blankets, it’s the advent calendar that you highlighted that stands out this time of year. It’s a classic that we would enjoy year after year. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  611. Love the wool poof. I’d kick my feet up on that so hard. Love that it’s not the typical poof.

  612. Just pinned my lovely poof!

  613. Oh… I really love the Gracewood wallpaper!

  614. spear shower curtain for mmmmmeeeeeeeee!

  615. I’d like the REMIX BLANKET in blue. It would keep my toes warm!

  616. Followed/pinned on pinterest too

  617. I would have to decide between the dorm or the round dorm. I love on their own just as art but they would also be a lovely spot to display small treasures.

  618. I would get the Wooden Frames if I won. I have some vintage tea towel calendars I would love to hang and these would make them look so refined and finished. I’d love to get the towels out of the draws and display them.

  619. Love the dots pillow, wall wonder mirror, and a brass hexagon pot. Very difficult to pick one! Just pinned the mirror, too

  620. That Half Moon wallpaper is just begging to go in my entryway!!

  621. I would love to give that Molecule Set to my husband for his graduation. He’s a scientist and is finishing his PhD. It would be great to incorporate his interests into our décor.

  622. Picking one item is so hard. I simply cannot get enough Ferm Living in my house. The Remix bed cover would look great in my guest bedroom. There!

  623. #manhattannestfest Pinned!

  624. The brass hexagon pot is pretty choice!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  625. Okay – you’re right, picking just one thing is ridiculously hard! So I cheated… Love Mr & Mrs Teatowel and The Dorm would be a wonderful way to organize little treasures.

  626. Oh, and I’d use it as a planter. For me. :D

  627. the fusion triangle pillow in blue/curry would perk up my on-its-second-slipcover couch. i’m moving to a new place soon (!!!), but a new couch is so not in the budget. it just needs a little boost to feel special. :)

  628. I need the Triangle Shower Curtain SO BAD! My boyfriend and I haven’t been able to agree on a shower curtain, but I think he’d get on-board with this one! Also pinned the tea towels!

  629. the Arrow Bed Cover! or any of the blankets!

  630. I have been pining over their wallpapers for years.
    This quarter I’m really liking the halfmoon, but
    in the past it’s been the family tree and the blackberry.
    They are ALL good.

  631. I would LOVE the organic Mountain Friends bedding in Junior to help ease the transition to a big girl bed for my daughter once baby #2 arrives in June. I imagine the plan crib will have no appeal comapred to snuggly animals :)

  632. I live with my sisters in a great house with a crappy bathroom. I would love the half moon shower curtain in an attempt to fix up the bathroom. Thanks!

  633. I repinned an image of the lovely Squares blanket.

  634. Can’t be done. Impossible to choose.

  635. The big brassy plant pot is pretty great. I’ve got few big plants that need to shed their terracotta.

  636. That brass hexagon pot is lovely, but so is the grey Remix blanket. How’s a girl to choose?!

  637. After a leak and a huge water damage, my parisian nest is in desperate need of some glamour! something like the Brass Hexagon Pot would do the trick!
    hope your roof is doing better!

  638. I would get the bowl (black) and use it to display fruit in my kitchen!

  639. I love the bird cage tea towel – you better believe that sucker would end up in my kitchen =)

  640. I pinned something to my Design (House) board!

  641. I would go for broke: the wool poof is incredible. My mother-in-law is excited to make up a nursery at her house for our little boy, who is due to arrive in February, so I would gift it to her. That way, we could enjoy it as well!

  642. Whoa. There are a lot of comments. I love the Ferm living shop. I would totally get one of there blankets. Or a wire basket. Or the molecular building kit. AHH I can’t decide.

    Remix blanket.

  643. I love the half moon laundry basket (, which I would selfishly keep for myself and replace the mostly falling apart mesh laundry bag I’d had since I was in college over a decade ago. :)

  644. The remix blanket! It just snowed here in the Midwest and all I wanna do is snuggle under it foreva-eva.

  645. I repinned the hexagon mirror/shelf because it’s amazing!
    But I want to win the bathrobe for my mom, because she deserves something luxe!

  646. I love that Triangle laundry basket! I would probably use it in my living room to store pillows and throws.

  647. And I am also following the pinterest board and have pinned my item.

  648. I would choose the clothes rack and have my husband figure out a way to hang it from the vaulted ceiling in our sun room/sort-of-conservatory. Then I would hang plants from it — ivies and ferns and Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving cacti and vining plants. It would be awesome.

  649. Oh squares blanket, how I want to curl up with thee. Casually tossed over the arm of my couch or neatly folded over the foot of my bed. The cool weather has finally arrived in Arizona and I need you to keep my toes warm!

  650. The squares blanket, to curl up with in my armchair.

  651. I love the gold star wall stickers!

  652. The Large Mint Wire Basket! i love it soooooo much.

  653. I’d take that remix bed cover!<3 I'd use it on my king size bed. It is about time I got something for myself. My triplets boys would love to snuggle under it!

  654. I’ve been coveting that mint wire basket ever since I learned of Ferm! I also love the bird leaves pillow, which would be just perfect for my new window seat. I’ve wanted a window seat forever, and I’m so happy to finally be living the dream. I just need lots of pillows to make it extra cosy!

  655. I’m totally in love with the remix gray blanket. It would make my vintage gray and white sofa and gold corduroy love seat look modern again. A must have. Sorry to be so selfish!

  656. i love the half moon laundry basket so much

  657. I cannot get over the things form this shop! I am especially loving the Clothes Rack in grey; such a cool piece! *Fingers Crossed*

  658. I followed the board/and pinned my favorite!

  659. I’d love the copper pencil holder. So tough to choose. Extra entry for guessing how many comments you end up with??? My guess is 1183. Thanks for the giveaway Daniel!

  660. Th Branch wallpaper. I’d probably use it in my bedroom, or maybe my dining room, or maybe both :)

  661. I would pick “the dorm” wall shelf to give to my Geologist sister to display pieces from her amazing rock collection.

  662. Is it dumb to want the bathrobe? I’d just use it as a bathrobe. ;)

    All their goods look fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway!

  663. Also, second entry—the Pinterest way. :)

  664. The squares blanket! Then I could give my ratty old fleece blanket to my cat since she’s in love with it and have a nice new one for myself.

  665. I would definitely get the organic bathrobe. I’ve had the same robe for almost 15 years and it has definitely seen better days. I’m almost embarrassed to even use it – and I live alone!

  666. I followed Christiana’s board on Pinterest and pinned my favorite item using your hashtag!

  667. My Ferm fave is easy. I have been loving on the Half Moon shower curtain forEVER. I think it will be so fantastic in our bathroom that guests will be distracted by its beauty and ignore all of the things we need to remodel in there.

  668. Already been following Christiana’s board (because it’s full of the best inspiration), and I just pinned my coveted item to my board.


    The half moon hamper would be awesome for my small space. Although, kitty might put it to his won uses in claw sharpening…

  670. I love pretty much all of the tea towels. I guess I’d use them for, uh, glamorous dish drying and other kitchen related fun.

  671. I would pick the Organic Bathrobe. I prefer regular cotton robes to terry cloth robes. I have two Oriental style cotton robes, but I use them so often that the material is starting to wear really thin.

  672. That Remix Bed Cover is to die for. I’d use it for my bed of course, but might also be just perfect for a wall hanging over the bed.

  673. what a great store! i love the wire baskets. can’t decide if i like grey, mint or rose the most!

  674. Remix Bed Cover Oooooh yes. I’d use it to make my bed look fookin brilliant.

  675. And I did the pinterest things xxx

  676. Spear Laundry Basket . . . come to mama! I need that for my nursery!

  677. I just love and want almost everything from Ferm Living but if I have to narrow it down to one thing it would have to be the teapot (multi). I would probably never use it for tea but just gaze at it adoringly all the time.

  678. the tea pot! it’d be a perfect christmas gift for my mom :)

  679. remix-gray-blanket

  680. Love the remix blanket!

  681. Just pinned the half moon laundry basket, too. Love it!

  682. Half Moon Shower Curtain please!! When that collection was first introduced, it was at the start of a year of travel for work for me. There was no where I could have it delivered to me, so I’d check back every few months to make sure it wasn’t out of stock yet. Finally, in a few weeks, I will be settling down long-term (for me) in a cute little one-bedroom bungalow and all I can think about is finally getting to order this shower curtain (and pillows, and tea towels, but mostly the shower curtain).

  683. Oh, and I pinned the half moon shower curtain on my pinterest. :D

  684. I’d choose an organic bath towel and use it as a gift for my mom.

  685. Definitely the brass hexagon pot, I’m addicted to indoor gardening with the cold New England winter setting in! I’d use this for my baby fiddle leaf tree – the nicer the pot the happier the plant, right???

  686. Size Large Grey Wire Basket; I just can’t quit you…….

  687. Just pinned the blanket….And would like everyone to know that I have now lost my pinning virginity…All because of you, Daniel!!


  688. I want the large grey treasure diamond all for my greedy self! I’d keep it on the table at my ouch and stick my earrings in it at the end of the day.

  689. WOW! The Arrow Bed Cover has slain me. I would put it in our master bed, all the shades of the quilt match the decor! Pick me!

  690. Selfish, selfish, selfish: the grey leather tote. For toting.

  691. I also pinned my item for an extra entry! Hook me up!

  692. The brass hexagon pots are beautiful, but I’m most taken with the Round Dorm! I’d love to use it to display one of my collections.

  693. Pillows. I want so many pillows!

  694. Oh how to choose just one thing…I love ferm so much. I have been covering the sqaures blanket forever though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  695. You and Anna are both hosting the best giveaways this week!

    I think I’ve been coveting this piece the longest:


  696. And as for Pinterest – was hard to tag only one of my re-pins!

  697. Can we talk about how I am obsessed with the organic bath towels? The colors, the organics, the textures, the everything! I love hosting guests, so having a chic set of spare towels would be wonderful. Also, I just realized that I am a 45 year old housewife stuck in a 25 year old man’s body, fantastic.

  698. And you can bet that I went over and pinned those towels AND the brass pot, because it’d be crazy if I didn’t love it like everyone else on this feed. :)

  699. the worn triangle cushion but also those neon cushions oh oh and the striped cushion!!
    i love me some throw pillows, i have like three bird cushions but i really need to venture out with some pattern sans birds.

  700. That Remix Bed cover is killing me right now. I would wrap up in it and not die of hypothermia during our terrifically frigid 45 degree texas winters.

  701. That Clothes Rack is crazy banana-pants chic. I love that it could follow me from crimped Brooklyn apartment to cramped Brooklyn apartment and work in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

    Heck to the yes.

  702. I LOVE love love the Arrow bed cover. I would use it on my bed because…I’m not generous enough to give it away! It was really hard to choose– I totally want a big ol’ Letter D Bau Deco print and a Wonderwall mirror in smoked oak and a tea pot and just about everything on the whole website. And I’ve never commented before but I LOVE love love love LOVE your blog. SO funny and so inspired. Thanks!!

  703. The remix blanket in blue – amazing!

  704. I’m obsessed with the Wall Wonder Mirror! We’re remodeling our basement and putting in a powder room, and I know it would be PERFECT :)

  705. And I pinned it for a second entry!

  706. I pinned the office styled by Ferm as inspiration for my new home!

  707. Who doesn’t need more throw pillows?! I pinned the Geometry Pillow.

  708. the organic bath towels.
    one in each color please.

  709. I love the tea pot and would use it every morning and evening and all those lovely moments when we drink tea :) I love the way the tea pot looks and it would be just perfect for our kitchen. So simple and stylish!

  710. The kite bedding in rose color for my toddler who is about to move up to a twin bed. Thanks for a lovely give-away!

  711. The large spear tray or the black tea pot. So beautiful!

  712. I’m not very pinterest savvy (oh dear) and I couldn’t find my “favorite item”, but I pinned another item that I also love!

  713. ooh, I’d get the plane pillow for my almost two year old Dexter, he’d seriously love it!

  714. I love, love the classic multicolored teapot. I drink a ton of tea, and that pot makes me so happy!

  715. also followed the pinterest board and pinned my fave

  716. Arrow Bed Cover is what I imagine for my future bedroom!

  717. I love the wire baskets – in any color, but black would probably go best in my house.

  718. We are finally about to have a fireplace for the first time in my adult life (yay!) and I think the black wire basket (large!) would be the perfect place to store firewood. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  719. I pinned my favorite item (and am following the board) for a second entry! Thanks again.

  720. It’s been almost two years now that I have been lusting after the squares blanket. Please make it mine!

  721. I love the wire basket in black in size large the best!

  722. I would love the Treasure Diamond in rose. It would be such a pretty way to corral all my hair clips.

  723. that “squares blanket” makes my heart sing! i have an eternal love for that pattern!

    • forgot to mention where I’d use it! It’d look great on my bed, I’m a bit over the current arrangement and this’d really “lift” the room!

      I pinned it too!

  724. Followed, pinned, and hashtagged!

  725. Hi, everything is so beautiful but I would like to win the world map wall sticker! Thanks!

  726. I absolutely love the Owl kid’s pillow – it would be perfect for my little nephew’s room!

  727. I would love to own this gorgeous, geometric wire basket!

    I hope I win, so I can admire it holding extra throw blankets in my living room ;)

  728. SO hard to choose, but I think I would love the birch wall stickers most of all. They would be perfect for the random sad, plain wall in my entry hallway.

  729. I like the gray clothes rack. I’d use it in my bedroom to store pretty clothes.

  730. I LOVE the week of dishcloth’s. They are the best thing ever and I can never have enough of them!

  731. And I pinned them. I would have anyway but I like getting an extra entry!

  732. The Dorm looks adormable!

  733. The half moon laundry basket is way more stylish than the busted-up plastic totes I currently use! <3

  734. I so love the wallpaper, all of it. With all my might. If I was forced to choose, I would go half moon and I would use it for the hallway of the apartment I just moved into with my new husband! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, I might be a little smittened by you!

  735. Also following and pinned!

  736. I love the marble wallpaper, I need to suave up my poor naked hallway – stripped of previous 80’s farmstyle terror wallpaper some months back but not yet recovered…

  737. I did not quite believe you when you said it would be difficult to choose just one thing, but then I spent soooo much time browsing the shop and contemplating the options.
    So, I would choose either a roll of marble grey wallpaper, or the round dorm, because I think they would look really good in the shop I intend to open sometime soon(ish).
    Thanks for this great giveaway Daniel (and Ferm Living).

  738. The spear laundry basket is perfect!

  739. The Ferm store is a total Wow! I’d pick the wire basket in grey or the twin blue and white triangle pillow. I’d love both for my home. Great giveaway Daniel and Ferm!

  740. I’ve just realised I NEED gold wallpaper in the bedroom… But, most of all I love Fern Living’s marble and brass Hexagon Stand. I know it’s for paper towels – but I can totally envision it sitting atop my dresser, managing my bangle collection. Drool.

  741. The Remix (Gray) Blanket! It’s just perfect and I know that it wants to live on my couch and keep me cozy and warm during the cold months.Thanks for the giveaway!

  742. I would choose the advent calender !! I would fill it with special goodies for my six year old and we could count down the days to Christmas in style!

  743. Blue organic bath towels would go blue-tifully in the freshly rehabbed bathroom or our 110 year old house. They match the sink! Thanks!

  744. For me, it’s always the wallpaper. I think Family Tree in blue would be amazing in my dining room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  745. i would choose the clouds bedding in mint for my little daughter.thanks!

  746. WOW! Everything is absolutely amazing! My absolute favirite though is the Love Birds Cushion!
    My boyfriend and I just moved in together (you know how one always has to find a new style together and get rid off a lot of stuff (both sides)…this would be PERFECT for our bed and would bring both styles together (a little romantic but also cool black and white)
    Greetz from Germany! I truly love your blog!!

  747. And I also just pinned the Love Birds Cushion to my bedroom wall on pinterest!

  748. I love the remix blankets!

  749. I love the Spears shower curtain…and the Mrs. and Mr. prints. Would look so great in my bathroom!! I already have the half moon basket and love it. Love all the wall papers…and that copper cup! Too many choices.

  750. The wall wonder mirror in maple is wonderful. It would be a great addition to my best friends new home and I would love to give her the greatest Christmas present! It hard to pick because there are so many wonderful things, but I think she’d love this mirror

  751. Those gray bath towels have my little texture-loving heart. Obsessed!

  752. Did the Pinterest thing too… love their stuff!

  753. I’d put the small spear tray on my vanity to keep my bottles and tubes neat :)

  754. I have just start following Christiana’s pinterest board.

  755. OLIVIA BEAN BAG!!!! Best give away ever! I love Ferm Living too and am probably on that website once a week. I have two of the black baskets in my daughters’ room already (still want two more) but I have been coveting Olivia since she came out as a super fun hangout chair/pillow for my girls’ playroom. Thanks Daniel/Ferm!

  756. It is so hard to choose but now that Christmas is coming I would love to set up the table with a ferm living candleholder in the middle. Thank you!

  757. Pinned and stuff!

  758. I would love to own the espresso cup set. I have open shelving in my kitchen and these would look gorgeous on display.

  759. I’m re-doing my bedroom, and am eyeing the HALF MOON LAUNDRY BASKET. It’s perfect.

  760. I like the look of that organic spa bath robe. Looks super soft and nice!

  761. ooh, I love the wall wonder mirror in smoked oak. I need a mirror for my entry way and I dig it.

  762. also, followed and pinned the wall wonder mirror :)

  763. I live in Scotland and it’s te end of November. We need blankets! Specifically the grey remix blanket.

  764. I love the black and white tea pot. It would be the center of attention when my friends come over to enjoy macarons and tea with me.

  765. REMIX!!! (Say it in a DJ voice)

  766. Remix blanket in grey (obviously)

  767. The spear shower curtain. I have horrible almond colored fixtures and this shower curtain would totally lift my sad bathrooms spirits!

  768. I love the Love Birds Wall Sticker. I have been looking for something to use on a blank wall in my guest room!

  769. As much as I want to say the squares blanket for my bed (which I want to very badly!) I’m forcing myself to say the Dorm for my sis who is getting married and deserves a beautiful wedding gift that will store her vintage tchotkes. Tis the season for thinking of others, right?

  770. I’m so in love with the Copenhagen print! I’m a sucker for the city, but I especially like the print’s color palette and whimsical details. I’d proudly hang this on my bedroom wall, though it would also make a great gift for my friend as a fond memory of our travels.

  771. I also followed & pinned over on Pinterest. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  772. Anything with the Spear pattern, but probably the Spear shower curtain!

  773. I can’t bear to throw away postcards from friends, so I would splurge on the Round Dorm to display postcards that are currently sitting in a beat up shoebox.

  774. Oh that arrow bedcover…just perfect. I would use it in my very own bedroom. Happily and gratefully! Fingers crossed.

  775. Just bought my first home! I think the Triangle Laundry Basket would be a wonderful addition to my new place.

  776. I also checked out the Pinterest board, because I can’t pinning beautiful things. It’s a problem.

  777. I would adore and actually use the triangle laundry basket, my boyfriend is always complaining I leave clothes on the floor.. So really its a present for him!

  778. An advent calendar, as I was brought up to regard it in our godless household, is a HUGELY EXCITING cardboard thingy with a chocolate hiding in it for each of a series of seemingly arbitrary days before Christmas. I love Ferm Living’s take on it, but where’s the chocolates, yo?

    I think I’d have to go with the spear laundry basket, since our current laundry hamper is an atrocity, and since the inclusion / non-inclusion of chocolates is a moot point where laundry baskets are concerned.

  779. Um, yea. I want all of it. The remix gray blanket looks cozy and those wire baskets- love!

  780. If I must choose one, I’d say The Dorm for my baby girl, who will make its appearance soon :)
    Visual delights on display for both of us :)
    Awesome kid’s rooms ideas on Pinterest too!

  781. Wow. It is VERY hard to narrow down a favorite here. But since I am obsessed with all things brass (for which I have you to blame, Daniel), I’d have to go with that brass hexagon pot in large. I would either use it for a trendy staghorn fern, or for the coolest utensil crock ever.

    You should know that tomorrow is my birthday, and it would be extra special if I win! ;)