GIVEAWAY: Wallpaper from Hygge & West!


If you read my post on Monday, you know already that I’m super stoked with how my little office came together, and I think the best part has to be that killer wallpaper you see up above! The whole idea of making an office out of this itty bitty room was to create a space that was simple enough to keep me focused but also bright and happy and fun enough that it would feel really nice to spend time in. So it’s only appropriate that the wallpaper that completely makes the room is from one of my very favorite sources, Hygge & West!

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish word with no direct English translation, but essentially encompasses a feeling of coziness and contentment while enjoying the company of others. Side note: don’t you love how Scandinavians come up with perfect words like that? It reminds me of the Swedish “fika,” which is basically taking a coffee break with friends, family, or colleagues while also sharing sweet snacks. There are words for this stuff! Being Scandinavian sounds like the best thing ever is what I’m saying.

I feel like this office is all about the concept of hygge, even if the social aspect of it is just with my dogs (who for some reason seem to really like laying on that white floor). It’s a place to feel totally cozy and totally content, which is a pretty good frame of mind to be in when I have to get stuff done.

The point is this: I bet you want to get in on all that goodness, too. Well, Hygge & West wants to hook you up! Aside from being a stellar company with some of the most beautiful wallpapers around, the women who run it——Christiana and Aimee——are such super awesome and nice people. You ready for this?

This giveaway will have THREE winners. And each winner? THREE rolls of wallpaper of their choosing. This is a good one, y’all.



1. Hop on over to Hygge & West and pick your favorite wallpaper! Then come back here and leave a comment telling us which one and where you’d use it. Remember——three rolls!

2. For an extra entry, go follow Hygge & West on Pinterest! Pin your favorite wallpaper with the hashtag #gethygge, and then come back and leave an additional comment here telling me you did so!

3. For another extra entry, follow Hygge & West on Instagram (@hyggeandwest) and take a picture of something in your home that encompasses the concept of hygge for you with the hashtag #gethygge.

Please note: International entries are welcome and Hygge & West will pay the shipping, however the winner may be responsible for international duties & taxes. 

UPDATE: THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Three winners will be chosen at random and notified via email!


This post was in partnership with Hygge & West.


  1. Love Seahorse (Almost White/Charcoal Gray) for my downstairs bathroom!!

  2. I would love to have the Daydream in white/green for my hallway!

  3. yes please! I’ve had my eye on the Andanza in almost while for my living room.

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  6. I love the daydream in cream for my upstairs bathroom!

  7. Hi D!
    Just to say that I so admire your tenacity, drive and creativity in restoring your place! We will be attempting a skim coat on our own uneven plaster walls soon…crossing fingers it will go well!
    We’re attempting to settle in our new place (bought in june) and switching rooms for the bedroom. The Diamante (Gold) would be an AMAZING feature wall. This will be my first time painting a room in a dark colour and I think this would give it a touch of glamour!

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  9. My favorite is still the diamante in gold. It’s really beautiful! We are currently building a wall (of sorts) to break up our studio/workout spaces. I would definitely use it on that, to start.

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  11. oh my goodness – i’ve been coveting petal pusher in gold! i would use it in my little attic craft space.

  12. Ah! What an amazing giveaway! I’m all over Garden in cream/gold. I think it’d be perfect for the Prince-themed gold & purple bathroom I’ve been dreaming about…

  13. Love the triangles in almost white, charcoal, and gold. It would make an awesome accent wall in the bedroom.

  14. Followed on Pinterest, too. Thanks!

  15. I would totally go with the petal pusher in the gold/ white. Gorgeous!

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  17. Diamante in the powder room for me!

  18. Also following on Pinterest @jlyagiela

  19. I love the diamente! I’d put it in my bathroom.

  20. They’re all so beautiful! But I especially love the underwater world in deep blue/copper

  21. Garden in cream and gold. Although HOW ON EARTH a person is supposed to choose ONE is beyond me. I mean. Really.

    Love your house. And your taste. And your prose style. And your remarks on the gold in the black diamante wallpaper at least helped me narrow down my rampant desire to paper every room in my house. I’m thinking I’d like to turn my study/sewing room into an indoor garden, with outrageous gold flowers, because I am fancy.

  22. My favorite is Petal Pusher in gold for my powder room!

  23. I am following Hygge & West on Pinterest and Instagram. Everything is beautiful on their site, but Andanza (Almost White/Copper) would look the best in my entryway. Thanks for the opportunity! Love how your office turned out!

  24. My hallway is desperately in need of some love. It would be a ton of work, but hanging the Nethercote in white and gray would be so stunning.

  25. I would love Daydream in cream for my hallway.

  26. Stunning transformation! We just bought a ’50s ranch that had a lot of crummy builder-grade ” updates” that really need to be undone. I’d LOVE the Knots paper in almost white/gold. I also have almost zero spatial reasoning, but I think three rolls would be enough to put in our entry and hallway?

    Thanks for the giveaway! Cheers!

  27. Oh, Daydream it is! What a generous giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  28. i love the Canasta (White/Blue)

  29. Followed on Pinterest!

  30. I’m usually not much of a fan of wallpaper, but I could see the Entrada (Almost White/Iron) in my dining room.

  31. And Instagram. :)

  32. I’d use Underwater World (Deep Blue/Copper) (OMG, it’s their last three rolls!!!!!!!) in my bedroom, on the wall behind my bed.

  33. Canasta in white and blue! I’d put it in my front entryway,to replace the old lady floral print that’s in there right now. Gorgeous!

  34. I am OBSESSED with petal pusher in almost white/gold. Obsessed. But Andanza is a close runner up in the silver shade…

  35. also, I just followed them on Pinterest – amazing inspiration images. it makes me want to wallpaper *everything*.

  36. I’d love the Triangles in Pink for my hall bath!!

  37. Posted on Pinterest!

  38. Daniel, thank you for such a rad giveaway! I’m in love with all of the papers Hygge & West have to offer, but since I’m renting, I would definitely put the removable Marbled (Mint) by Lina Rennell in my living room.

    If I could save the paper for the day I am able to paper the walls of my own house, it would definitely be Diamante (in gold or turquoise) or Biscayne Dot (in cream/gold).

  39. I can’t decide between the Garden (Cream/Gold) and the Forest Leaves (Black). They are both so beautifully dramatic.

  40. I think I have to go with Garden (Noir)!

  41. Andanza! I would love to have this in our bedroom. We are remodeling for the first time in our 40 year marriage. I love the color and the design. Swoon.

  42. Hi Daniel , love the new office! The wall paper I’d pick would be poppy. I’m redo our laundry room and this would fit perfect. Hope I win cheers

  43. Great giveaway! My weird husband refuses to have art on the wall of our headboard for fear of it falling on us while we sleep; I would love to put up a few rolls of the white/pewter otomi as a happy compromise!

  44. I’m loving the Otomi in white/pewter. I think it would go on the wall up my staircase… or maybe my bedroom.

  45. Gah, Petal Pusher (almost white/gold) would look FANTASTIC in my powder room! Fingers crossed.

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  47. I love the Otomi, but I think my favorite is the one you picked!The Diamante (White/Turquoise).

  48. I love the Petal Pusher wallpaper!

  49. All their wallpapers are so beautiful! Daydream, Seahorses and Biscayne are my favs. I’d put Seahorse in the downstairs entry closet and Daydream in the second bedroom closet. Biscayne in my closet. All my spaces here are small and beach-y. Thank you and Hygge for the generous giveaway!

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  51. And I’m following on Pinterest.

  52. I NEED NEED Garden in Mint Green / White for our newly purchased 1960 ranch. The long galley kitchen (with original birch cabinets) is calling out for some gorgeous green flowers on its back wall.

  53. Followed on Pinterest and pinned dat dream wallpaper, yo.

  54. I was dead set on the same Gold Diamante wallpaper you picked (for the wall behind our TV in the room we’re redo-ing) but now I’m loving the DIAMANTE (ALMOST WHITE/GRAY) for our bedroom. I’ve contemplated what to do to the walls in there, and I think this might be perfect. It’s a huge room so I thought wallpaper was out of the question, but 3 free rolls would definitely help.

  55. Oh the stone throw away in almost white and gray. How lovely!

  56. I know it’s horribly unoriginal, but after seeing the Diamante in your little office, I can’t think of anything else! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  57. I also follow on Pinterest!

  58. Oh, and I also followed H&W on Pinterest. So many great ideas!

  59. Oh! The Andanza (almost white/green) will make my family room beautiful!

  60. I really had such trouble deciding, they are so amazing. I would love to have the Canasta White/Black.

  61. Ah! So exciting. I love the Carved Ogee in Gray/Gold. It would be PERFECT for my upcoming bathroom remodel.

  62. Wow Anna, what a great giveaway! We are finally getting a “grown-up” bedroom after 8 years of marriage. The Andanza Almost white copper would really finish our space.

  63. I followed them on Pinterest and pinned my favorite one

  64. I love the petal pusher wallpaper! I’d probably use it in a bathroom or as an accent wall in the bedroom.

  65. And followed on pinterest!

  66. I think I’d have to go for CARVED OGEE (GRAY/GOLD) – I can finally turn my apartment into the genie bottle I’ve always wanted!

  67. I love the Daydream in Red. It’s so whimsical and beautiful all at the same time.

  68. Ahhh! This is so hard to pick just one! I’d do Petal Pusher in Almost White/Gold in my master bedroom as an accent wall, or Daydream Almost White/Green in my daughter’s nursery, or Daydream Gray in my Master Bathroom. SO MANY GOOD THINGS.

  69. Followed on Pinterest and pinned a wallpaper with #gethygge.


    The bathroom in my rental is just terrible, awkward and small and sad. THIS wall paper would add depth, elegance and style to a little room desperate of some love!!!

  71. Pick only one?! Ugh, I’m torn between Petal Pusher (taupe vs. gold?!) and Otomi in Red. I’m convinced I WILL use Otomi to wallpaper my stair risers…

  72. Followed on Instagram and tagged #gethygge in a pic :)

  73. Ended up pinning Petal Pusher in Taupe… (was already following them!)

  74. I would LURVE Daydream orange on almost white or blue for my mud room. It is really turing out to be the main entrance to our awesome 70s ranch and we need it to POP! Great papers!

  75. Posted to Pinterest!!

  76. I really do love your office wallpaper, but for this time I’ll choose the Daydream in blue. I am also taking this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your blog.

  77. Love Otomi in white and taupe and would use it in my kids’ shared bedroom!

  78. My bedroom is in need of the Andanza in copper!

  79. happily following on Pinterest!

  80. it’s so hard to pick! i love the talavera (turquoise) and otomi (same colour). they’re all gorgeous!

  81. I would choose Canasta in Almost white/gold for my half bath. So pretty!

  82. I pinned the Otomi wallpaper on Pinterest as well!

  83. I love the Andanza in green or red, or the Diamante in turquoise. I’m thinking this would be lovely in my office.

  84. Hello Daniel,
    Thanks for your blog.
    It’s very difficult to choose.
    I would like CANASTA (WHITE/BLACK) for my tiny kitchen or DAISIES (ALMOST WHITE/GREEN) for my small bedroom.

  85. I’m having a hard time picking between Daydream in the Almost White/Green and the PAJARITO in white and black. Both would look great in my entryway.

  86. They’re all so nice! I’d love the Pajarito white/black wallpaper in my study.

  87. Love the Pajarito in blue. I would put that in my entry.

  88. The Otomi in turquoise would look AMAZING in my half bath! :)

  89. I pinned the Pajarito wallpaper as well.

  90. This is a must entry. Daniel is my ultimate renovation god. I am happy that he is doing his house now as I am doing ours next year. I can learn so much from him. And the Hygge&West wallpapers are awesome. I love the one Daniel used but I think Andanza (Almost Copper/White) would be a better fit for our house (a Finnish brick house inside a small pine forest).

  91. Followed on Pinterest

  92. Thats a hard one…Ogee or Garden, or Daydream. I want them all!

  93. I would love to use the black and white triangles on a wall of my bedroom. The ‘ferns’ is pretty awesome, too.

  94. gah – what an amazing giveaway!! My husband and I are still not quite finished taking down wallpaper in 4 rooms of our house, plus some god-awful wallpaper border, so putting up new wallpaper (in our foyer, so far) was a bit of a hard sell. But we both love how it looks (it’s Clarke & Clarke’s Hula in blue) so maybe I can convince him to hang some more!

    As for what I’d choose, it’s tough as there are so many beautiful ones. Petal Pusher(gray/gold) is one of my favorites.

    thanks for sharing!

  95. Also, I did the pinterest thing.

  96. Garden (Noir). I would use it on my side door entryway. Love it!

  97. Followed and pinned on Pinterest!

  98. ANDANZA (WHITE/SILVER). I am about to upholster/make a headboard and this wallpaper would look amazing on one wall of my bedroom.

  99. My favorite is the andanza in almost white/almost blush. So pretty!!

  100. I love Knots (in almost white/gray)!

  101. I’ve also followed on Pinterest. :)

  102. oh nelly, I’ve been drooling over Otomi. Absolutely my favorite -the hard part would be deciding on a color. Gray and white seems obvious but how can you not love the turquoise? Great giveaway – amazing company! Thanks Daniel

  103. Followed on Pinterest, and pinned Garden (Noir) with the hashtag. :-)

  104. Love the ferns in almost white/green. Though the talavera in blue/white is a close second!

  105. The Otomi (in white/turquoise) is stunning! I think it look so great in the dressing room or maybe even the guest room/future children’s room.

  106. I love the petal pusher wallpaper (in gold? or grey? I can’t make up my mind), and I would love to make a focal wall of it behind the bed in our guest bedroom.

  107. I love the Carved Ogee in gray & gold. I would love to use it in our dining nook but I think three rolls would cover the living room, dining area & entry way in our apt!

  108. I love Otomi, for a my future house. I love it!

  109. Diamanté in almost white/gray. On the wall behind my bed. :)

    Followed on Instagram and Pinterest. :)

  110. And followed on pinterest!

  111. And I definitely started following them on pinterest:) Love the ‘hygge means cozy’ board

  112. Who HASN’T been obsessed with Terrence Payne’s Seahorse design? Be still my heart.

  113. Love the underwater world in Deep Blue and Copper. Living room wall would look fantastic clad in that.

  114. I would have to talk my husband into it, but we have a small third bedroom we are planning to turn into a reading room/possible future nursery, and “Daydream” in grey just makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy.

  115. Love, love, love Petal Pusher in gray/gold. It would look stunning in my cozy little bedroom.

  116. I’d use the Knots in deep blue/white on the stairway to the second floor. And if that’s too complicated, then maybe on the back wall of the entryway.

  117. My life would be made with Pedal Pusher in Almost White/Gold for my new office.

  118. I love OTOMI in every colour, so divine

  119. Pajarito in black and white is perfect! I also love andaza in green and the gold petal pusher.

  120. Andanza! Or Diamante – either in the white/grey palatte!

  121. Knots in almost white/ gray would be the perfect addition to the bathroom I am putting in my basement.

  122. Also pinned on Pinterest!

  123. I’ve been thinking about Pin Dot in Gold/almost white for a long long time. I want to do one wall of our library in it.

    BUT…I also love Undersea World. I just don’t know where I could use it, but I adore it.

  124. And follow on Pinterest!

  125. Pinned something awesome on Pinterest. Daydream in blue. Blue and Orange-spectacular.

  126. Oh man, you know I have a lot of places for wallpaper! The three I’ve had pinned for ages are Canasta in blue, daydream in blue and yellow, and Otomi in…pewter? All for different places in the house!

  127. I am totally in love with the Petal Pusher in Almost White/Gold. We are getting ready to start a total bedroom renovation and this would MAKE the room!

  128. Knots, Almost White/Gold. Perfect for my foyer. 2 stories of gorgeous!!

  129. Oh man! The Garden in Cream/Magenta would add the perfect amount of warmth and interest to my bedroom, which I’m currently on a decorating rampage with since we *just* bought our first real bed! Hooray for not sleeping on a old mattress on the floor!

  130. PAJARITO (WHITE/BLACK)! I would love to use this in my vestibule, painting the ceiling a bold pink/coral with hex tiles on the floor….

  131. A Stone’s Throw Away (Almost White/Gray). I’d use it in my bedroom which is in serious need of a makeover.

  132. Wow, that’s a great give away. Ok, done all three now. In the lower level of my Craftsman cottage I have what can only be described as The King Tut Bathroom. It’s a monstrosity of pink marble floor to ceiling plus red and white Mexican tiles. I know, I know! Anyway, it’s getting ripped out and walls replaced as soon as Robert gets back to Vancouver and then, something beautiful, like the garden green and white or maybe gold and white would transform that little space, (which already has the most delicious deep claw foot tub), into a little jewel of a room. :)

  133. Forest Leaves in black on the wall behind my bed…it’s gorge…

  134. I pinned/followed on Pinterest!

  135. love the Andanza for my dining room

  136. Followed on Pinterest

  137. Pushing Petals would be fantastic in the entryway of my new (110 year old) house. Also following on Instagram. Thanks for the opportunity!

  138. Just followed Hygge & West on pinterest, pinned a photo of pin dot and used the appropriate hashtag.

  139. Garden/Noir. Love it. On one wall of my bedroom and in my closets for that hidden touch of luxury.

  140. (Followed before, but posted on IG.)

  141. following on insta and pinterest too!

  142. I like Triangles wallpaper (almost white, charcoal and gold version) designed by Lisa Congdon. I would use the wallpaper on one of my kitchen walls as an accent in my mostly white and black kitchen.

  143. Love Underwater! That deep blue is exactly right + copper… perfect.


  144. Diamante in gold! Perfection for the headboard wall in my low-light bedroom, which has white walls, dark wood furniture, and white and natural linen. It would set off the black/white picture over the bed perfectly and create a glam cocoon feeling, if you can picture those 2 concepts together?

  145. Followed hyggeandwest on instagram too.

  146. I really, really love Petal Pusher despite it being used pretty much EVERYWHERE. Carved Ogee is extra special lovely too :) It would be a really toss up where to use it. My bedroom pops to mind or perhaps my Master Bathroom. Ooh – I would soooo love that, actually!

  147. I followed on Pinterest. Can’t wait to ogle all their pins!

  148. I also followed on Instagram. Thanks Daniel and Hygge & West for the chance to win :)

  149. Almost impossible to decide. Probably the triangles in almost white, grey and gold. It would definitely be used for our upcoming remodel of our half story into a master bedroom.

  150. Your office is beautiful! I love Canasta for our master bath.

  151. Your office is beautiful! I love Canasta for our master bath.

  152. Call me a sycophant but yes, you have inspired me to imagine Diamante (Gold) in my tiny East Village bedroom.

  153. I’d use the shit out of the Triangles wallpaper (Almost White/Charcoal & Gold colorway) on the TV wall in my living room.

  154. Julia Rothman’s “Daydream” in blue! Gorgeous!

  155. I think my favorite is the Nethercote in White/Blue. It would look great in our downstairs office or the loft space above it.

  156. this is crazy hard. I love the Daydream in really any color (i’ve been obsessed with it for a while) and the Otomi is awesome. Really I’d take anything. We’re thinking of selling the current place soon so I don’t have a space picked out but i definitely want to use some fun wallpaper where ever we go. Please and thank you.

  157. I love the petalpusher in almost white/taupe. In a rental now. Is it weird to stock up now?

  158. (Following up on my comment above – I forgot to mention that I’d use Daydream inside my closets!)

  159. It’s a tie for me between Triangles in charcoal and gold and Daydream in gray. Both are so lovely. If I picked Triangles, I’d use it in my studio. If I chose Daydream, I’d use it in the powder room.

  160. I’mhaving the hardest time deciding between the DIAMANTE (WHITE/TURQUOISE or PETAL PUSHER (GRAY/GOLD) but in any case, they would go on the wall behind my headboard, right now the wall is white and completely blank and I would love to give this huge injection of life and color.

  161. BEST GIVEAWAY EVER! I actually think I would go with the same wallpaper you used, the Diamante in gold for our powder room. We used Petal Pusher in black/gold in our vestibule and LOVE it. Such a high impact in a small space!

  162. I never win these things, but I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of the Triangles (Almost White/Charcoal & Gold) wallpaper. It’d be perfect to accent some of my walls.

  163. I would love love love to have Daydream in Gray. It would go so well in my house and combine 3 of favourite things, green, gray and birds!!

  164. Also follow Hygge and West in Pinterest and pinned my favorite look!

  165. I love the Daydream wallpaper. I’d love to use it in our bathroom, but with a shower I’m not sure it would hold up. If 3 rolls would cover my accent wall in the kitchen I’d love to use it there!
    Wonderful giveaway, keep up the great & interesting house blogging :)

  166. The CARVED OGEE in ALMOST WHITE/GOLD is absolutely stunning. I have so many spots in my house that would be perfect for it!

  167. I love love love, the Triangles in Almost White/Charcoal & Gold! I would definitely use this in my office, or in our entryway.

  168. Instagramed the petal pusher we used in our entry!

  169. Otomi in white/pewter is perfect. I’d put in my dining room so I could stare at it during every meal.


    Pinterested, and now following them! (@dearsweetbriar)

  171. I’d love to use Petal Pusher in Almost White/Taupe in my living room. So pretty and modern- and I love that it’s a floral but not overly feminine. Thanks for the Pinterest intro- I followed!

  172. I can’t choose!!! I love Entrada Almost white/iron, Petal pusher almost white/black, and Triangles white/black. But if I had to pick just one, it would be Garden (Noir). I would use it in my bedroom. We have a glorious white bed frame with a hugely tall upholstered leather headboard, and I want to do the whole bedroom in black/white/silver and glass. I’d love to have a luxurious wallpaper on the wall behind the bed to set off the white. If there’s any leftover, I’d use it around the bathroom vanity that is just off of the bedroom.

  173. followed on pinterest:)

  174. The Diamante in black/gold really is so beautiful. I also love the Triangles (give me all of the colors!) Forest Leaves and the Stone’s Throw… clearly I can’t decide. I rent a pretty craptastic place (with lots of character, that was never properly cared for, that I’m trying to improve with little to no money) and I would definitely love to use a roll of any of these designs to dress up our bedroom.

  175. I also followed Hygge & West on Pinterest. Here’s my repin:

  176. I think the Knots in Deep Blue would look amazing on one wall of my dining room!

  177. Oh man, Petal Pusher in grey/gold is amazing. I would probably hoard it until I buy a place, because I wouldn’t want to put it up in my rental just to have to leave it when I move. Although it would look mighty nice on the wall around my fireplace.

  178. I also pinned it and followed H&W!

  179. Your office is gorgeous, the transformation is amazing. I would love to add wallpaper to my newly renovated bedroom. We are just moving back in, it still needs a little something and I have been looking wallpaper. Otomi in pewter would be the my choice, Thanks for your blog!

  180. Following Hygge and West and Pinterest!

  181. i am IN LOVE with the Carved Ogee by Karla Pruitt – lovely!

  182. I LOVE the Diamante in what you have here, and it would look awesome in the half bath I eventually want to create in the butler’s pantry in my home. But I also really adore the Andanza in the Copper combo. Oh. My. Gosh. Gorgeous.

  183. I kinda want to put Terrence Payne’s Knots in deep blue and white on my bedroom ceiling. Is that crazy?

  184. so hard to pick one, but i would LOVE knots (almost white/gold) for my bedroom.

  185. I know it’s graced many a blog, but I am smitten for Daydream (in almost white/green).

  186. I love the daydream for my daughters room.

  187. I love everything they sell, but I love your wallpaper so much, I would choose Diamante (in Almost White/Gray). Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Good luck on the Apartment Therapy Homies!!

  188. GAH! Would absolutely love to have the Diamante (almost white/gray) wallpaper for either one of our bedroom walls or bathroom wall!

  189. LOVING the Diamante, might go with the red :)

  190. Followed on Pinterest

  191. And Instagram!

  192. I’d love the petal pusher in almost white/gold for the wall where my bed is against. I don’t have a headboard, but with that wallpaper I wouldn’t need one!

  193. It’s really a tough decision. I’ve loved the Petal Pusher since I first saw it in Oh Joy’s living room. Also love the triangles (esp. in your apartment kitchen!).The Otomi is gorgeous as well, but I’d love to win the Diamante gold. It’s stunning and it would add a bit of oomph to my bedroom.

  194. I’d got for ferns in the almost white/gold I think, and have it on the back wall of our library (which is really our spare single bedroom that we put a load of Billy bookcases and a day bed, in).

    Sigh. So pretty!

  195. I love the Diamante, Andanza, and Petal Pusher patterns! So beautiful.

  196. Love the Daydream (almost white/green) for a bathroom remodel I am planning in my head! Would give the room a fun, playful vibe. There are so many beautiful options!

  197. my favorite is your pick – the diamante in gold. I love it in your office and think it would also be great in a small powder room.

  198. I love Daydream and Petal Pusher! I’d use Petal Pusher in my big, open staircase and Daydream in a bedroom!

  199. Love your new office Daniel! Thanks for the giveaway…I love and have for a loong time, Julia Rothman’s Daydream wallpaper in white and green!

  200. So many choices! I think my favorite is biscayne-dot-gold-cream, or fern (any color!)

  201. I also pinned it and followed H&W!

  202. There are blog giveaways, and there are blog giveaways – this is the latter! Such a great pairing!

    I’d pick Petal Pusher (Almost White/Taupe) and it would be the feature wall in our new extension. It’s been a rambling rennovation that my husband and I have done ourselves and this would set it off perfectly.(Although reading your blog reminds me daily that our remodel is not – that – bad!)
    Thank you!

  203. I have always loved Petal Pusher wallpaper! It would be perfect in my kitchen.

  204. My Pin also following them :)

  205. I love Triangles (White/Charcoal/Gold) for my studio!

  206. Well, I’ve been crushing on Daydream in Sunshine since Emily Henderson used it in a bathroom awhile back, so I would say that for a future nursery or bathroom. But oh my, that Diamante in Gold…

  207. I’d put OTOMI (WHITE/TURQUOISE) in my dining room!

  208. Also followed on Pinterest.

  209. Definitely Emily Isabella’s Otomi design in taupe!!

  210. Have just pinned too!

  211. I would do petal pusher in almost black white in the loo!

  212. And I follow them on pinterest and pinned a lovely photo!

  213. I love the Petal Pusher (Almost White/Gold), Carved Ogee (Gray/Gold), Forest Leaves (Black) and Petal Pusher (Gray/Gold), but I would pick the Diamante (gold) (it’s your fault, Daniel). I would put it in the master bedroom of our loft to cheer up the white walls. Cheers!

  214. I would use petal pusher in either the gold or the blue — it would go in my new apartment in California, where I’m moving this summer!

  215. I would use Otomi (Almost White/Red) in my sewing room. The red would be a nice contrast to my vintage turquoise sewing machine.

  216. Depending on how much the three rolls cover, I’d choose Daydream in Almost White/Green (for my parrots’ room… it’s like doing a nursery, but for green-cheek conures!) or Pajarito in Black/White to do my stairwell.

  217. And I’m following them on Pinterest too!

  218. I’d put Pajarito (Almost White/Blush) in my daughter’s future room. Maybe it would entice her out of mine!

  219. Followed on pinterest as well

  220. Diamante in Red/Almost White and I’d wallpaper the heck out of my front entrance….and if there was anything left over, a feature wall in my office too!

  221. I need a fun print for the kitchen… can’t decide between these two!

    Daydream in Almost White/Orange
    Otomi in Almost White/Red

  222. I pinned it

  223. I would love to put the Diamante (Gold) in my Guest Room/Office! Great choice!

  224. Followed on Pinterest! I also changed my mind about the Pajarito… I love it, but I think Knots in Almost White/Gray would look better in my stairwell. So that’s the one I pinned.

  225. Knots I would use in my bedroom in gray or poppy in my hallway also in gray. Gorgeous!

  226. I feel drawn to the “Knots” in white/grey :)

  227. I think I’d pick Otomi for my bedroom or entryway!

  228. Funny, I just saw the Knots wallpaper in almost white/gold on another blog and fell in love with it. I’d put it in my bathroom, I think. The otomi pattern is also pretty great.

  229. I love the Nethercote in blue and white and I suppose I would use it in a bathroom or on a hallway wall in my bedroom, but I really want to use wallpaper in a hallway that’s visible from my (sage green) living room so maybe the Knots.

  230. While I’m in LOVE with the wallpaper you chose for the office, I think I’m gonna have to say I would like to see Triangles in White/Back in my apartment. The space I’m about to purchase is a long studio, and this would go great on one of the longer walls in the main room, just a noticible little POP with some stark-white painted walls. I’m a sucker for mixing geometric patters with some modern and midcentury pieces. My heaven.

  231. Gah! I’ve been so covetous of these wallpapers for so long! I’d choose Karla Pruitt’s “Garden” in cream/gold — it would be perfect in the entryway or for my own cozy office. All that warm, golden goodness makes my heart sing!

  232. I think petal pusher in gold! Or the same Diamante you used – my boyfriend would go crazy if I surprised him with that in his office.

  233. They’re all so beautiful but I think I would go with Nethercote in the almost white/black!

  234. Also pinned, and have been following Hygge & West on Pinterest for a while now. Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

  235. I’ve pinned my favorite Hygge wallpaper on my new apartment Pinterest board. Well, my two favorite…

  236. Oh, beauties. Such a difficult decision. I think I would choose OTOMI (ALMOST WHITE/RED) and use it on the wall where my wooden bed is layered in different white fabrics. I think it’d be superb.
    I’ve been dreaming of wallpaper for a couple of years, but being a more or less poor student it’s really out of the question.
    Would adore and cherish ;)

  237. Yesssss!!!!! The shoddily painted walls of our bedroom are depressing me. Worst of all or landlord made us pay to have them painted!! They were originally an even sadder gray/green color before we moved in. Please, DIAMANTE in white/gray STAT.

  238. Followed and pinned on Pinterest :)

  239. Talavera in turquoise would be very very nice in my dining room.

  240. also followed on Pinterest

  241. I really like the subtle DIAMANTE (ALMOST WHITE/GRAY). Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  242. There are so many cute patterns! I can’t decide between seahorse in the bathroom or Diamante for the bedroom, what a great “problem” to have.

  243. I absolutely love the Biscayne Dot in cream/gold. Class-y.

  244. Definitely Otomi in pewter for my craft nook

  245. I have loved the Lisa Congdon triangles forever and ever. Great giveaway!

  246. I would use KNOTS (almost white/gray) along one huge wall in my loooonnnngggg L-shaped hallway. Or I would use GARDEN (mint green/white as a surprise in the walls of closets in my apartment).

  247. Ooh, I would love Andanza in white/silver for my bathroom!

  248. Carved Ogee (Gray/Gold) is my fvourite – i’d put it in our bedroom

  249. petal pusher in gold is perfection!

  250. And I followed/pinned it on my dream home board ;)

  251. Hello! Please post as much as you possibly can! Your speed and quality are awesome.

    As for the Hygge & West, I would love to do a wall in my library/ record room in the Otomi paper in white/ turquoise.


  252. I would select Petal Pusher for my powder room! Amazing!

  253. The Otomi in white/pewter is just what I imagine when thinking of what my new office/library will look like.

  254. Nethercote in white/blue. After I finishing rolling around in it, I would put it up in my hallway or the guest bedroom. And keep a small sample in my purse that I could periodically look at during the day. That wallpaper makes me happy.

  255. I LOVE the Diamante wallpaper in almost white, it is so stunning!

  256. lovely givaway! i’d like the “Garden” (Mint Green/White) wallpaper… but with my luck…

  257. followed on pinterest!

  258. Pinned the Diamante (gold) on Pinterest!

  259. dutifully pinterested the wallpaper.

  260. I LOVE the DIAMANTE (GOLD), I’d love this in my closet or hallway.

  261. Oooh, Ferns in almost white/gold. So purdy!

  262. Your office looks amazing! So hard to choose a favorite, but I would go with Petal Pusher in gold, for my bedroom. Thanks for the chance!

  263. I have loved Joy Cho’s Petal Pusher in Gold since I first saw it, and I finally have the perfect bedroom to put it in at my new home!

  264. Petal Pusher (Grey/Gold) is just stunning!

  265. I’ve been obsessed with the “Petal Pusher” wallpaper in gold for a long, long time. It’s so gorgeous!

  266. Ferns- Almost white/Gold for my FOyer!!

  267. Well, now I have done it. I have ruined my keyboard with my drooling over wallpaper choices. What a awesome giveaway!

    I would love love love, Carved Ogee (Grey/gold) I would use it in my living room. You cannot have enough gold in your life! xoxo

  268. Oh Julia Rothman’s Nethercote (dining room, here i come!) and Carla Pruitt’s Carved Ogee (master bedroom) are both so fab!

  269. I love Entrada (almost white/iron). I think it would look amazing in my guest bathroom (house built in 1959 – we kept the original black and white tile in the guest bathroom).

  270. Almost two years ago, I bought a 1958 ranch that had been used as a rental for years. Since then, I’ve been slowly restoring it–painting the kitchen a pale turquoise, refinishing the original plywood cabinets, replacing the cheap vinyl flooring with marmoleum, installing period-appropriate lighting fixtures, etc.

    When prepping the living room for paint, I unearthed a beautiful painted-over green and gold planetary-pattern wallpaper that, sadly, was destroyed by the paint. It’s opposite the fireplace wall, with its yellow stacked brick and mahogany paneling. All the hardware (knobs, pulls, lighting) in this house is gold/brass (much of it original 1958). Wouldn’t Garden in almost white/gold fit perfectly on that wall? It’s period-appropriate yet fresh and modern. Love.

    Thank you for doing this.

  271. Love you! Love Hygge & West! Andanza in white/silver would be gorgeous in my bedroom.

  272. I can’t get over how amazing your office looks. I’m in love with the same wallpaper (DIAMANTE (GOLD)) and would love to put it along the entry hall that becomes a major focal point wall in the dining/living room. Cheers!

  273. Also posted to the pinterest!

  274. The andzana and the knots in cream/gold are beautiful, can’t pick a favorite. Great giveaway!

  275. Following H&W on Pinterest. I especially love the “Rooms we Love” board.

  276. Pinned and followed everywhere!

  277. I would LOVE to have the diamante in gold for my entryway! my whole apartment is stark white with old mouldings and early 1900’s details that I would love to have this wallpaper be the focal point of my home

    Would be perfect in my bedroom! Loved it so much

  279. Me me me :D The Pajarito paper in black/white would look stunning in my study I just know it!

    Pinterest pin:

  280. It’s hard–almost impossible–to pick a favorite. I’ve been a huge fan of hygge & west for years. I have various framed samples around mi casa as a roll has been a bit out of reach sadly. I love love love the Lisa Congdon almost white/gold fern paper. Come to me sweet wallpaper!

  281. I actually really love the Diamante, although I was psyched to see Oh Joy (another blog) I follow. I love it for the same reasons — sort of Victorian, but Deco and Mexican overtones at the same time.

  282. The Otomi! Or the nethercoat! Or the pin dot? They are all so beautiful. If I won I would, I would finally wallpaper my bedroom, after thinking about it for about 5 years. Also, thanks so much for telling us how to pronounce hygge. :)

  283. I loveeee love love the Petal Pusher in Gold by Oh Joy!. I have a blank slate of a room that is going to become an office/guest room that would be perfect for this pattern.

  284. the diamante in almost white/gray would be perfect for the bedroom in my new house, but i could see myself putting a rush on finishing my basement art studio based on that gray/gold petal pusher.

  285. Just pinned your office and followed :) #gethygge

  286. I have followed and pinned on Pinterest!

  287. Also pinned! (gyip)

  288. Daydream in Grey and I would use it in my guest bedroom/one day nursery

  289. I’d love the diamante in white/red for my bathroom – such a gorgeous pattern!!

  290. ANd I pinned it, too!

  291. Such a badass contest! I think my favorite is Forest Leaves, in that black and gold color scheme. But Petal Pusher in dark gray and gold is a close second, tied with your exact Diamante. They’re all SO GREAT!

  292. I love the ‘Triangles’ (White/Charcoal/Gold) wallpaper! And since I’m danish and know all about hygge in its purest essence, I definately think I should win :D

  293. OK, turns out my top choice is on final sale with only one roll left, so my new pinned favorite is Petal Pusher in charcoal and gold. Final answer.

  294. I want Garden (Almost White / Gold) for my entryway!

  295. I’d get Lisa Congdon’s Triangles in pink to put in my bedroom. I’ve actually removed the traditional German white wallpaper on one wall in the hope of getting the cool effect I had gotten when doing so in my previous apartment, but unfortunately the wall underneath was in terrible shape, and so it looks so-so. I cannot for the life of me motivate myself to put back some ugly white wallpaper, and nice wallpaper is too expensive for my grad student budget, so I’ve been living with this wall for two years now. Winning this wallpaper would thus really be awesome!

  296. My favorite is the Triangles (Almost White/Charcoal & Gold). I want to use it to create a backsplash in our new kitchen, and then to add an accent wall in the office.

  297. I love the Daydream series and would probably go with the Almost White/Orange color combo either for a single wall in the dining room or bedroom. Thanks for the amazing giveaway, Daniel!

  298. I love the Otomi (white/pewter). It’s playful and understated all at once. Would love this for our entry. What an entrance!

  299. Pinned on Pinterest with #gethygge!

  300. As a mathematician, I would have to go with “Knots” (in blue?). Seems perfect to put up in my office!

  301. I love the Diamonte in White/turquoise to be used in my master bedroom.

  302. I’ve always pined over the daydream wallpaper. How perfect for our in-process nursery!

  303. Aaaaand, Instagrammed. It might be weird to list a TV, but we’ve put a lot of work into making our living room be the cozy, decorated hub. Styling our TV in helps with that, as does the soft sconce lighting. Totally our hygge spot. :)

  304. Oh! I have been debating whether to get Daydream or Petalpusher for my bathroom for months!

  305. I followed Hygge & West on Pinterest and pinned my favorite wallpaper, the Triangles (Almost White/Charcoal & Gold), with hashtag #gethygge!

  306. The Otomi (white/pewter) is so perfect. Entryway all the way!

  307. And, I followed them on pinterest!

  308. BEST CONTEST EVER. I’d love love love to use the “A Stone’s Throw Away” on the ceiling in our bedroom. Ceilings do not get enough attention – especially in the bedroom when we spend so much time looking up. I love the light gray contrast with my white walls. I also love that it’s based on a view of the world from above. I can fall asleep while viewing the entire world – sweet dreams indeed!

  309. I was just looking at their site and making a shopping list for our renos (we have to gut the upstairs of our new house because we didn’t realize when we bought it that it has almost no insulation! and we live in the north and it’s freezing. And whoever did the last drywall job did it very terribly.)
    I know exactly what I would order:
    In our main bathroom I would love Canasta in almost white / gold
    In my daughters’ shared room I would get daydream in cream (my girls love blue)
    and in our room I would use the triangles in white/grey and pink

  310. Hands down, no question… Diamante (Almost White/Red) in the bathroom!

  311. Garden Noir would be awesome in our black and white bathroom.

  312. I absolutely loved seeing the transformation of the office space with the amazing Hygge & West wallpaper. I am currently swooning over the Daydream paper in almost white/green. It would look perfect in my tiny bathroom, bringing just enough pattern and color to make it feel special.

  313. Garden (Cream/Magenta) is so pretty. I’d like it for my office. It would give it that pop it’s been missing.

  314. I’ve been wanting the PETAL PUSHER (ALMOST WHITE/GOLD) for an eternity now and I would wallpaper the hell out of my bedroom with it. Thank you for the opportunity Hygge & West and Manhattan Nest!



  317. Otomi in Cream for a small guest room.

  318. I’ve been eyeing the Triangles for a while now…but I love the Pajarito too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  319. Garden Noir is my absolute favorite!!

  320. I love all the wallpapers, but the Otomi in Cream and Almost white would be perfect in a powder room or nursery!

  321. I love the Forest Leaves in black.

  322. Followed on Pinterest!

  323. I also followed them on Pinterest!

  324. Oooo…tough call. I think that I may go with Diamante in White/Turquoise as an accent behind some shelves in a soon to be remodeled craft area. Or would that be too busy?

  325. I would love the DIAMANTE (ALMOST WHITE/GRAY) in my bedroom!!

  326. Ah, fantastic!! The choice is nearly impossible, but I think Otomi in Almost White/Red would be perfect for my terribly neglected bathroom.

  327. I *love* Julia Rothman’s Daydream in Almost White/Sunshine. I would put in the large hall closet that I am remaking into my very own sewing nook. Because it is in the hallway, it is a bit dark, but I think this wall paper would really brighten things up! Plus it makes me smile!

  328. Followed on Pinterest.

  329. Following Hygge & West on Pinterest!

  330. How can I choose just one?!?!

    I’ve always loved their Otomi in the white/taupe. It always felt so rustic but feminine. But ever since you used the triangles in white/charcoal/gold, I can’t get it out of my mind for my tiny dining room nook thing.

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway like this!

  331. Followed and pinned on the Pinterest.

  332. Petal pusher in taupe – I’ve always loved that print!

  333. Yikes, I can’t decide! I have a specific place for wallpaper, a small wall where my hallway has a T intersection with the bedrooms – and while I am immediately drawn to Diamante in Gold, or Garden in Noir, this area doesn’t get any natural light, and could stand for some lightening up with something like the Daydream in Cream, Diamante in Almost White/Grey, or Triangles in Pink.

  334. Also, I follow on Pinterest!

  335. I pinned their wallpaper to my pinterest board ‘For my home.’

    (PS: Hanging around their pinterest is dangerous. So good!)

  336. So many favorites but I would love the “carved ogee (almost white/gold)” for the reading nook in my bedroom!

  337. I think my favorite is Karla Pruitt’s Garden (noir). I’d love to put it up in my bedroom- I think the dark color would encourage my dogs to nap even more than they already do!

  338. Just followed and pinned…in my board “pour la maison”!

  339. At first I was like OOOH TALAVERA IN TURQUOISE! But then I think I would love petal pusher in white/gold forever, so that’s my final answer. I wouldn’t mind having some Otomi though either. It would go in our guest/hall bathroom, or I could buy some extra for a wall in the dining room. Mmmm choices! So difficult!

  340. Such lovely wallpapers! My fav is Daydream (Cream).

  341. So hard to decide! If there were still three rolls of Deep Sea available perhaps I’d use that in my dining room. Or maybe Talavera in blue for my laundry room that is getting a makeover this spring? Turquoise Otomi for the guest room? If I happen to win I’ll make a decision, I promise.

  342. This is so hard! My favorite is Triangles in black/gold. It gorgeous!

  343. Followed on Pinterest!

  344. So hard to choose! I love the Otomi, in all colors… but the blue might be best!

  345. I pinned an image of triangles!
    Here’s the link if you need that sort of thing:

  346. Oh wow, oh wow. Diamante in Almost White/Grey. I can’t believe how much I want to win this!

  347. I have always LOVED the Petal Pusher in Almost White/Gold.
    I would love to use it as an accent wall in my kitchen or home office.
    But really, it could go anywhere since I would love to look at it all day!

  348. Daniel, what a fantastic giveaway. Thank you. I’ve been eyeing Lisa Congdon’s “Triangles” (almost white/charcoal/gold) ever since it was released-it would be perfect for our office!

  349. Followed on pinterest and pinned:

  350. Daydream (Gray)!!!

  351. I also followed/tagged on Pinterest :)

  352. The Andanza (White/Silver) would be perfect to glam up my little half bath!

  353. Followed on pinterest too!

  354. Beautiful choices! I would love the Pin Dot for my downstairs bathroom. So fresh and pretty!

  355. YOU’RE KIDDING. Wow, this is AMAZING. Thank you so much, Daniel! Joy Cho’s Petal Pusher in gold on almost white would really bling up our Snowfall White/Soot bedroom…yum.

  356. And I followed/tagged on Pinterest…

  357. Also followed on Pinterest :-)

  358. oh man . . . either Forest Leaves (so! pretty!) or Nethercote (white/gray).

    all of them are beautiful.

  359. O. My. Gosh. I’m so glad I stopped by today! I was just talking to my mom about wallpaper in their kitchen and Hygge and West’s Petal Pusher in Blue/White looks to be the exact blue accent of their kitchen! So soft but it still has the touch of green to keep it fresh. BUT, if I were to decide to be selfish, Garden Cream/Magenta all the way.
    Thanks for the chance!

  360. …and on Instagram!

  361. Such fabulous timing (if I win!). Would use Andanza (almost white/green) for the half bath reno.

  362. Followed on Pinterest.

  363. i am jonesing for the Underwater World in deep blue and copper – my husband and I are in the process of buying our first house, and I want to use it on an exposed wall in a room we plan to use as a library/office! We’ll paint the shelves and walls a matching blue, and let that bad boy shine on the wall without books.

  364. So very difficult to choose. I think after far too long considering, I’d go with PAJARITO in Copper. Where would I hang it? The wall at the end of my kitchen, seen from the dining room and the living room so I could admire it from most of the living areas of my house.

  365. For my cloffice (closet +office), a dose of day-dream white / orange would be a much needed piece of inspiration.

  366. Starting to think about decorating for a kids’ room (our first!)… love the idea of hanging Daydream in Almost White / Sunshine on one wall. Paired with a few red accents, I think it’ll look nautical without being all Y’ARRRR MATEY over the top. Your office looks fab, btw!

  367. I would put Otome Almost White/Red up the stairway wall in my 100 year old home. It is my very first and I have spent the last year completely gutting and putting it back together myself (with a lot of help from family and friends). With so much structural/not so fun to look at projects, something like this would be absolutely incredible!

  368. #gethygge all up on pintrest

  369. PS: I already follow all of Hygge & West’s boards on Pinterest :)

  370. and I’m following on Pinterest!

  371. Always and forever my favorite. Daydream in Green.

  372. Yay! What a fantabulous giveaway! My dream wallpaper from Hygge & West has long been the Julia Rothman Daydream! The Oh Joy Petal Pusher (for my daughter’s bedroom) is a close second so I won’t choose until I absolutely must! I’ve followed on Instagram and Pinterest, too. Three rolls is such a generous amount of wallpaper so fingers are crossed here!

  373. 1. Daydream (sunshine) removable tile
    2. Petal Pusher (almost white/gold)
    are my favorite.

    • oops and I would use the daydream in on my baby’s ceiling and petal pusher in my foyer

  374. I would love the TRIANGLES (ALMOST WHITE/CHARCOAL & GOLD) for our dressing. They would look amazing there!

  375. I am crushing on Daydream in dark grey and the Underwater world in blue/copper! Tough choice! I would use Daydream in my foyer or the Underwater wallpaper in my bedroom!

  376. I think petal pusher in gold for my bathroom. It’s hard to choose!

  377. I love the Otomi in turquoise! We just bought a house and that print would look great in our guest room.

  378. what a great giveaway! I’m torn between the petal pusher in almost white/gold, and the diamante in gold…both are so beautiful and would look great in the bedroom! Also- your office looks amazing =)

  379. This may seem like a cop out, but I love the Diamante in Gold. Its fantastic. I think I would do an accent wall in my bedroom or in the office.

  380. Serious Sophie’s Choice situation there, but I think I have to go with: TRIANGLES (ALMOST WHITE/CHARCOAL & GOLD).

  381. And now following on Pinterest + pinned petal pusher! #gethygge

  382. Followed on Pinterest!

  383. All of them are so so nice! I especially love Nethercote bor Daydream y Julie Rothman or Petal Pusher in white/blue by Oh Joy!!

  384. Followed on Pinterest and pinned the paper to one of my boards! Love it.

  385. UNDERWATER WORLD (DEEP BLUE/COPPER) – to hoard for when I leave apartment dwelling behind me and live in my own pretty wee house. Strong candidate for a guest room. This is an older style but I’ve loved it forever.

  386. So many beautiful options, but I really love the Otami in red!

  387. Garden Noir. In the powder room. With the candle holder.

  388. Love the pajarito in white/almost copper. but really, all of them are gorgeous!

  389. I love the Diamante (Almost White/Red). Perfect for a small powder room to give it the appropriate glamor for guests.

  390. Followed on Pinterest

  391. My sincere love for all things blue and white has never led me astray so I would love to wallpaper my attic-ey bedroom with the Nethercote in white/blue colorway.

  392. Daydream in green for my soon-to-be-born son’s nursery. It’s amazing!!

  393. Andanza in White/Silver. For the wall behind the sink in my kitchen-turned-bedroom. Please and thank you.

  394. Well 2 of my 3 favorites are on Final Sale so I’ll list all 3!
    Forest Leaves Black
    Underwater World Blue
    Diamante in White

  395. I love the Daydream Gray wallpaper!

  396. I can’t seem to post. Is it only available to women? I like Ferns (Almost White/Gold).

  397. I love diamante as a accent wall in bedroom or office … than you great giveaway…

  398. I just love, love, love Pajarito in the White and Black. I’d use it in the wall behind my bed.

  399. This was an easy pick for me! I love the Ferns paper in Almost White/Gold. :) I could see it going so great in my bedroom which is full of natural wood and white.

  400. Oh, and I’ve followed on Pinterest!

  401. Great giveaway! Thanks! I love Garden in mint green/white. It’s traditional and modern at the same time. I would wallpaper my entranceway…. make a statement!

  402. I ADORE Lovely Leaves (White and Copper) It’s a stunning design, and it’d look amazing in my hall, so everyone could Ohhh! and Ahhh! at it all the time.

  403. I’m crazy about “Garden” in almost white/gold!

    We bought our first house this summer and our little mudroom is next on my project list — I’d love to wallpaper one of the walls, and the gold would be perfect in that space!

  404. Daydream in Grey, for the wall in the room with the record player in it, behind the hanging basket chair. Swoon.

  405. Knots in Almost White and Gray please. I don’t yet know what I would do with it but I’m planning on moving in the near future which will give me all kinds of new spaces to decorate…

  406. I love the Otomi in White/Pewter and it would look great in my office. I’ll cross my fingers!

  407. I happened to be already following them on Pinterest (yay!) and I pinned my fav. :)

  408. D,

    I am a huge fan of yours, and of hygee & west! oh- and I am from Buffalo too :) Good people in Buff. Anyway, I am dying to put Terrence Payne’s Knots in white/grey in my bedroom. I have had the sample tacked up for way too long!

  409. Hi Daniel,
    Thank you so much for this fantastic giveaway. We are doing our living room and would love to have a feature wall with the petal pusher wallpaper, in gold it would look amazing! Fingers crossed:)

  410. Carved Ogee is beautiful!

  411. So hard to choose a favorite! I’ve loved the Julia Rothman daydream paper forever, and I’d like to a wall in the kitchen.

  412. following Hygge and West on pinterest! x

  413. and followed on pinterest!

  414. I love all the triangles colorways, and it would look so great on the back of my built-in bookcase!

  415. Pinned!! #gethygge

  416. I want it ALL! But really, I am torn between the Otomi in white/pewter for my daughter’s room, and Diamante gold for my bedroom. Either would be stunning!

  417. Followed and pinned on Pinterest!

  418. I would use the VERY delicious wallpaper “forest leaves” in my entry way. It’s bland & tiny so it needs a real POP

  419. Petal pushers, triangles, and daydream, oh my! Just gorgeous and hard to choose, but I could do it. Your office is simply stunning. Looking forward to the desk tutorial.

  420. After I saw your little office I went straight for my camera and photoshop to try out how the diamante wallpaper would look like in our hallway. Guess what, it looks great!

    My pick would be Diamante in black and gold (or maybe TURQUOISE!) to spruce up our little hallway

  421. This is so exciting! I’ve had my eye on Julia Rothman’s “Daydream” in blue for quite some time. I’d like to wallpaper at least one wall of my bathroom with it – is that a terrible idea?

  422. Followed on instagram, and check out my #gethygge photo. My new guy Luigi gettin’ hygge….

  423. Andaza in Almost White/Green. Would be amazing in my powder room with the existing dark oak vanity, new crisp white quartz, and brass faucet.

  424. Followed on Pinterest!

  425. I die for Knots (Almost White/Gold). I want to use that wallpaper for our laundry room makeover!

  426. I love Underwater World in deep blue/copper!

  427. Following on pinterest and pinned! woo!

  428. Crushing on Triangles in white/charcoal and gold for my boy’s room. Just perf.

  429. Hi Daniel,
    Thank you so much for this fantastic giveaway.I would love to use the “PETAL PUSHER (ALMOST WHITE/BLUE)” in my living room!

  430. Pajarito in black and white all over my entryway!!

  431. Would love the diamanté in black and gold for my office!

  432. Pinned!

  433. I follow and pinned! Diamante (Gold) – would love to have it in my closet!

  434. Followed on pinterest

  435. And instagram

  436. I have been lusting after Emily Isabella’s Otumi in white/taupe for forever! I think it would look perfect in a long hallway or in the bathroom!

  437. Definitely the Diamante in almost white + grey! I’m in a rental so I’d want to save it for a future home purchase, but I can picture it in a little bathroom.

  438. Love the Diamante (gold) and Entrada (almost white)


    I would LOVE to use this wallpaper for a free-standing wall in my new apartment that I am DYING to turn into a salon-style art hanging featuring a papier mache kudu bust.

  440. I have admired Daydream in Sunshine for a long time!

  441. i think i like forest leaves in black. it looks like maybe its an older pattern or is unpopular? rooting for the underdog, as per usual!

  442. Followed you on Pinterest and pinned “A Stone’s Throw Away (Almost White/Gray)”!

  443. My hands down fav is Otomi in white/pewter, would put this in my sons nursery, one wall behind cot. I’m in love :)

  444. And followed on Pinterest


    I would love to use this wallpaper in my foyer, which features: a writing desk; a plant; a silver-leaf mirror; and a large and fluffy gray and white cat.

  446. daydream blue in my laundry room – nice!

  447. diamante (gold)
    forest leaves (black)
    a stone’s throw away (almost white/gray)

  448. And followed on pinterest.

  449. As I am a renter, I admit that Hygge & West removable tiles are pure magic!! I would love to get some Triangles (Yellow/Black) Tiles (yes, I know, exactly like the ones you have in the kitchen of your apartment, I’m such a copycat) and they would be perfect in my living room (a copycat with a twist).
    BTW, thank you for introducing me to the great fun world of design ideas, DIY home projects, and it’s-worth-it-to-make-my-home-a-place-I-feel-great-in-and-proud-of. I discovered your blog 3 years ago and since then, I’m reading it like a novel. Bravo!

  450. Underwater world in blue/copper is so gorgeous! I had a really hard time choosing. My husband and I are hoping to buy our first place this year and this would be way more glam and beautiful than anything we can realistically can afford. Also followed on Instagram, just gotta tag a pic!

  451. Garden (Almost White/Gold). I need it for the wall with my stairs! I so need new wallpaper there.

  452. Biscayne Dot is terrific. Not sure why everyone is papering a bathroom, but that’s what I’m thinking, too.

  453. oh wow. I think my favorites are “garden” and “lovely leaves”

  454. and pinterested!

  455. Pajarito in black and white for the hallway which I have painted 4 times in the last year and still hate!

  456. We have an annoyingly empty wall in our bedroom that is screaming for attention – the Pajarito wallpaper in Almost White/Copper would look great on that space!

  457. I’m so into Petal Pusher (Almost White/Black) for my basement remodel! So fun!

  458. Otomi (Almost White/Red) for my kitchen! I already have one roll and have been saving up for more for my kitchen’s facelift!

  459. I just bought a 1976 Winnebago Chieftain motorhome that I have BIG plans for. I naturally already picked out my wallpaper of choice for the main “room” and it was Daydream in cream by H&W – so this giveaway couldn’t come at a better time. Thanks so much Daniel!!!

  460. I have to say either the mint floral or the gold & cream pedal pusher, i’m a fan! I’d spruce up my living room, maybe above some bright white wainscoting! *le sigh*

  461. I love the Carved Ogee in charcoal & gold. I suppose I’d have to do the powder room, and if there was any left, I’d just wrap it around my body.

  462. Just followed on Pinterest too.

  463. Also, pinned my favorite on my Pinterest!

  464. I love the otomi and the underwater (so sad it is now discontinued?!) I could easily see many of their wallpapers in my 1929 tudor!

  465. I’m in love with Petal Pusher (Almost White/Gold)!

  466. Oh, so hard to choose! I’m moving in with my boyfriend and I think Otomi in white/pewter for our bedroom would be perfect. Though Nethercote in silver is delicious.

  467. I’ve been lusting after Daydream (almost white/Sunshine) for a few weeks now. I would like to use it in my dressing room. (Just found your blog yesterday and I adore it. Your “new” house and how you document the work on it almost made me cry with excitement.)

  468. Also followed on Pinterest.

  469. lust for the petal pusher paper in B&W for my chair rail in my kitchen, and the black/amost white knots for a wall in my hallway. gorgeous papers all!

  470. Love, love, love the Diamante (almost white/red). Perfect library paper.

  471. It’s me again – Pinned it with the #Hygge & West

  472. I actually started following Hygge & West yesterday after discovering your blog. I just pinned and did the hashtag thing. Thank you.

  473. I actually started following Hygge & West yesterday after discovering your blog. I just pinned and did the hashtag thing. Thank you.

  474. I’d definitely go with Petal Pusher (Almost White/Gold) for my spare room, which currently has no floor and the walls crumbling away. It would be great push to get it finished!

  475. Just bought a 114 year old house with some seriously unfortunate design decisions by the former owners. The Diamante would look spectacular in my dining room! So dramatic and elegant.

  476. We’re moving from Chicago to New York in a few months(!), and would love to be able to plan a room in our new place around the Diamante (Almost White/Gray) wallpaper.

  477. Pinned it!

  478. Diamante Gold for me. Thanks for the great blog and giveaway!

  479. Knots (almost white/gray) looks stunning. I would love to use it when we buy our first home!

  480. Also followed and posted on Pinterest.

  481. Got down to business on pinterest and instagram! @erincarline insta, erin carline on pinterest
    My house is currently vomit inducing, distractingly ugly. Mauve paint and lace curtains galore, I need me some wallpaper bad….

  482. I also followed and pinned them on Pinterest.

  483. Followed and tagged on Pinterest and Instagram.

  484. A Stone’s Throw (Almost White/Grey) for sure. Love it. Our front hall could use this but then again my bf would have to weigh in as well!

  485. Followed and posted on Instagram

  486. Funny thing though, “hygge” in swedish is the area left after a forest clearcutting before the forest have grown up again.

  487. Also just followed HW on Pinterest and pinned my fave.

  488. ANDANZA in white/copper would look so awesome in both my entry and my livingroom! They are both kinda dark rooms that need light colors wich for most wallpapers translate to boring. But this! is so…oh! Pretty and elegant and exotic and intresting all wrapped into one!

  489. i have been in love with the day dream forever and i have the perfect spot of it: in MY tiny office! it isn’t as awesome as your office but this will at least take it part of the way there.

  490. Oh my goodness – there are already so many comments!!!! Nooo. I want to win! Anyway, I really love the Otomi (Almost White/Red) and would put it in my bathroom. I wish I had an awesome little office to put it in because that would be cool, too! I also followed on pinterest and instagram.

  491. #gethygge on pinterest

  492. I’d love Otomi (almost white/red) for my home office.

  493. Favorite wallpaper is otomi-red-white although i picked a few (hmm) more favorites. hard to decide which one but OTOMI and DIAMANTE and NETHERCOTE are the top three.

  494. Too hard to choose – I love the diamante and would use it for a small space, perhaps a bath, but I also like otomi for my girls’ room. :)

  495. oops forgot to say where – Kitchen (has red accents) or Music Room (red theme)

  496. oh i love the almost gold knots. thanks! your little office is dreamy.

  497. OMG love the Carved Ogee (Almost White/Gold) wallpaper! What a dream that would be to put in my master bedroom!

  498. Daydream in Almost White/Green for my bathroom. I have been wanting it for a long time.

  499. Holy Moly I hope I win. I LOVE Petal Pusher in Gold so so so much. I would put it in my powder room that is so hideous right now with a lovely maroon sponge paint job from the previous owners.

  500. Daydream in yellow, for that wall in the kitchen.

  501. Daisies (Almost White/Green)
    I’d put it up in the baby’s room! So fun and playful.

  502. I am in love with Daydream in gray for our guest room. Charcoal walls, all white bedding, warm wood tones and green pillows sounds divine to me.

  503. Talavera in white/blue – so, so pretty on the ceiling of my bathroom.

  504. Diamante in almost white/grey for the hallway.

  505. Garden Noir: Karla Pruitt; behind the master bed please!

  506. followed and pinned it!

  507. I love the Pajarito (white/black)! Looks great!

  508. Followed on pinterest

  509. Followed on Pinterest, then pinned with hash tag #gethygge.

  510. The pajarito pattern would look great for a tiny little accent wall somewhere in my house!

  511. Oh…I am drooling over the Diamante(white/turquoise). I have the perfect spot for it!

  512. I’ve long been coveting Lisa Congdon’s triangles in white/black. I’d put some up in my entryway, and the rest on a wall in my master bathroom. So graphic and perfect!

  513. Love the Carved Ogee (Gray/Gold)

    • I forgot to mention where it would go. I totally want to do a closet/office with it and my master bedroom.

  514. Def, def, definitely the Otomi wallpaper in White/Pewter. It would be the right amount of fun for our stairwell!

    Loving all of your projects :]

  515. I would love to cover my entire home and self in Petal Pusher Almost White/Gold, but unfortunately my husband is not a fan. I’d use it in my office and make the room tastefully girly, since it’s the one place I don’t have to share.

  516. Followed on Pinterest as well!

  517. I love so many of them! But for the space I have in mind-I think petal pusher (almost white and gold) is perfect!

  518. I love the Daydream paper for my daughter’s bedroom – specifically in the almost white/green colorway. Thank you, Daniel and Hyggee + West!

  519. I Pinned “Daydream (Almost White/Green)” – thanks again!

  520. The Turquoise Otomi would look pretty fantastic in the bathroom we are remodeling right now.

  521. Definitely the “ferns” it would be perfect for my studio end of the sunroom we are building on the back of our house. I’m very tempted by all of the colourways, but I think it would be the black/white combination that would work the best in our home.

  522. Otomi in almost white/taupe for our stairwell.

  523. Have pinned the lovely ferns wallpaper too!

  524. Please let me win, I live in a rental apartment that really needs some update with Triangles (Yellow/Black) Tile.

  525. Also, I’m following Hygge & West on Pinterest now.

  526. PETAL PUSHER! In white/gold…I plan to use it in my daughters’ bedroom :)

  527. Liked and pinned on Pinterest!

  528. Diamanté (Almost White/Gray) to use in my bedroom. I want pattern without being too bold or flashy.

  529. Otomi in white/pewter or Garden in cream/gold. These are gorgeous. I want to wallpaper everything with them!

  530. Followed on Instagram!

  531. I love the Diamante (White/Turquoise) for my master bathroom!!

  532. I can’t pick! Diamanté turquoise is the master? Daydream sunshine in the laundry room? So many great options!

  533. Aaaand followed on pinterest now!

  534. Ack! Too many options, I LOVE them all.

    I’d call it a 4-way tie…
    1. Diamanté (Black and Gold)
    2. Carved Ogee (Either Colorway!)
    3. Daydream (White/Green)
    4. seahorse (white/coral)

    And tied between nursery usage, or our home office!

  535. Otomi in turquoise for my dinning bulit ins and following on pinterests.

  536. I love the Triangles in almost white/charcoal/gold colorway. I would love to use it in my laundry room! My partner totally does not understand the need to have the laundry room gorgeous….and this paper would make it gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Your office is amazing.

  537. I followed Hygge & West on Pinterest.

  538. I followed Hygge & West on Instagram.

  539. I love Otomi in Turquoise. It would look so great in my half bath!

    We’ve renovated every room in our old home except our bedroom! I’d love to spruce it up and make it a space that I love to be!

  541. I’d hang A Stone’s Throw Away in my kitchen.

  542. I think I would choose the otomi pattern in white/pewter or the carved ogee pattern in gray/gold. I’d like either of the patterns you used as well, the gold in them definitely makes me swoon. But what I would really love to see is a small scale, non/floral pattern in gold with a gray background… similar to your diamante, but simpler. Hnnnggg…..

    I’d want to put them in my bedroom on the wall behind my bed, so luxurious.

    I’ve never won a thing and don’t expect to now, but I think I’d be winning anyways if h&w made my dream wallpaper…. Just in case you want to pass that along….

  543. Hi! I’d love to win daydream sunshine to put in my three-year-old daughter’s room! I love the birds!

  544. Such a difficult decision but Knots in Gold would be SO GOOD in my kitchen next to exposed brick walls. Thank you, Daniel and Hygge & West! :)

  545. I’m 100% obsessed with wallpaper and pattern. Matter of fact, I’m a printmaker and my world revolves around making patterns(And wallpapers). A friend told me about hygge and west and to see this on the blog i’m super stoked. Tickled even. I live at grad school, and i live in a white. sterile. cube. My items make the room, and having a tad of paper would tie it together. I LOVE TRIANGLES (GRAY/PINK) TILE; Talavera White/blue; Diamante white/turquoise are my favorites out of their collection!

  546. I’d use the OTOMI (CREAM) in my kitchen and bathroom (though my apartment is so small that 3 rolls would be enough to do every wall in the place!)

  547. And I pinned that pattern to Pinterest with #gethygge
    Here’s hoping!

  548. Underwater World is beautiful.

  549. Followed on Pinterest!

  550. Diamante (Gold) in my Foyer.

  551. I love the Knots (Deep Blue/White) paper! It would be perfect as the accent wall in my master bedroom.

  552. Daydream (Almost White/Sunshine) in my kitchen!!

  553. I’ve pinned your office on pinterest. I have a huge crush on that wall. swoon. swoon.

  554. LOVE the Otomi (Almost White/Red) and I think my daughter would enjoy having it in her room (if not I’d keep it for myself).

  555. And I pinned it too for extra luck.

  556. I would love to use the Garden (almost white/gold) for my dressing room.

  557. Followed, pinned, and tagged on Pinterest!

  558. My first pick would be Diamante in Almost White/Gray. I’d use it in our entry way and I would repeat it in the backs of our built-in bookcases in another part of the house. (The entry way is small! I’d probably have some leftover.)

    Andanza in White/Silver is a really close second!

  559. Oh, how I love all Hygge and West wallpapers! Especially the Diamante (Almost White/Gray) one, I would put it in my hallway.

  560. My favourite is Daydream in grey.

  561. I followed Hygge & West on Pinterest and also voted for your blog on Apartmentherapy, I hope you win it!

  562. I also pinned it!

  563. Oh Daniel…the office turned out great! It’s a lovely space.

    If I were to choose, it would come down to two choices: The Julia Rothman Day Dream in blue or the Terrance Payne Knots in blue and white. I would use it in my powder room down stairs. I went total luxe on this room. Resto Hardware sink, marble basket weave tile, and real, 3/4 inch v board on the walls. I made the mistake of painting it in BM antique linen (basically builder beige – it was donated to me. This room needs two things to make it complete, fabulous wallpaper and an amazing light fixture…..I’m still working on it!

  564. Otomi! In turquoise! For our staircase. It would be perfect!

  565. Okay, I pinterested my favorite. (is pinterested now a verb?)

  566. Daydream (almost white/orange) for my guest room/future nursery

  567. I’m really in love with the Talavera in white/blue. I think it’d look fantastic in my bathroom, which is really blah right now. Or perhaps in my laundry room? Maybe both? It’s fantastic and I love it!

  568. I followed and pinned on Pinterest!!

  569. Love the PETAL PUSHER (ALMOST WHITE/GOLD) for a bathroom that we are renovating. Beautiful paper. Hard decision to pick just one.

    Love your office makeover!

  570. Love “the knots” for the wall going up my stairs…been eyeing it for a while now!

  571. followed on pinterest!

  572. I love the triangles white/gray & pink the best. it would look amazing in the hallway or the bathroom.

  573. Oooh, I have always been a fan of the petal pusher in gold. .

  574. Pinned it :)

  575. Oooooh, triangles in black & gold would look amazing in my mudroom/hallway!

  576. Daydream Gray incredible! Great giveaway and thanks for the introduction to this company.

  577. Pinned the petal pusher to my Upstairs Dreaming board:

  578. Following Hygge and West on Pinterest. Gladly!

  579. Pinned on Pinterest Daydream Gray.

  580. Following H&W on Instagram.

  581. I am in love with the Petal Pusher in Almost White/Gold. It would be perfect as an accent wall in the bedroom behind the bed. It would pair great with my pink curtains.

  582. I’d use TALAVERA in white/blue for my little office!

  583. Also, followed/repinned on Pinterest!

  584. I’ve had my eyes on petal pusher in gold for ages! I would cover a wall in my living room. It is so bare right now!

  585. Garden in green and white for my bedroom

  586. Definitely the Triangles in white/charcoal/gold!

  587. I would LOVE to use Triangles (Almost White/Charcoal & Gold)!!

  588. diamante black and gold. not copying, it’s just the best one!

  589. diamante black and gold. not copying, it’s just the best one!

  590. I would chose the Nethercote(white/gray) and I would use it in my hallway.

  591. pinned #gethygge on black diamante to pinterest!

  592. Also pinned!!

  593. I’d vote if I could but I voted at the beginning and they won’t allow double votes. Come on people, vote. I just looked and Daniel, who was safely in front last time is now six votes behind. This can’t happen. Marshal the troops. Get voting you Daniel fans. Let the world know just how important Daniel’s blog is to us and how brilliant it (and he) is.

  594. Christ, there are already a lot of comments on here. Oh well, I would probably use UNDERWATER WORLD (DEEP BLUE/COPPER) for this alcove off of our dining room that is closed in with glass-paned french doors. We are building it into a bar and I think this color would look pretty amazing in there. There is also the added bonus of this pattern only existing with 3 more rolls. so there could be no style bites.

  595. I love the Otomi paper in turquoise. I’ve had my eye on that for an accent wall in my living room for a loooong time. It will get onto my wall sooner or later, but with this contest my fingers are crossed that it will be sooner rather than later! :)

  596. Followed on pinterest.

  597. Totes #gethygge’d on pinterest

  598. I would love to have the exact same wallpaper as you have (Diamante (Gold)) and use it in our basement. We currently have an 19080’s renovated basement with yellow stripped wallpaper and I think this would look stunning along the main back wall (its huge!) where the rest of the basement could be painted white and then add in warm woods to the bar area, new wood flooring, a nice rug etc. Our basement would be amazing with this wallpaper

  599. Underwater World for my bathroom. showering in dark rooms is ma jam.

    and jellyfish + octopi + me = 4eva

  600. Pinned it!

  601. So many beautiful patterns to choose from… Since I’m currently working on a guest/playroom for infant grandchildren, I’d choose Biscayne Dot in the blue green colorway.

  602. Garden in magenta. For the back of my open cupboard

  603. Also just pinned/followed on Pinterest!

  604. Ooh, I love Underwater – would be great for my boys’ room but I see there’s only 3 rolls left. The Andanza in green is super beautiful too.

  605. Daydream in blue would look amazing behind my DIY’d tuffed headboard.. I am day dreaming about it now!.

  606. I love knots (almost white//gold). I’d use it in my sewing room for a little bit of glam.

  607. Pin Pot in Almost white/gold is just what I need to add sparkle to my tiny master bath.

  608. Really love the Daydream in either yellow or orange, or both!

  609. Diamante Gold. All the way. No doubts. That stuff is fabulous.

  610. Talavera (White/Turquoise) for my Laundry Room!

  611. I just found out this morning my offer was accepted on a little 1906 Victorian! I still have to deal with the appraisal, and I’m worried its post and block foundation could be an issue for my bank, I think if they knew I was going to use Julia Rothman Daydream (blue) wallpaper in the kitchen to match my orange Le Creuset they would sign off in an instant!

  612. I love the Daydream…but the colour is more difficult to narrow down. I think the almost white/ sunshine is my top pick, but I love them all! It would go in our spare room, a place crying out for something to happen in it (vs. random stuff in piles).

  613. Daydream in almost white & sunshine. So happy!

  614. TRIANGLES (ALMOST WHITE/CHARCOAL & GOLD) everyday day of the week.

  615. Followed on Pinterest.

  616. Love all the Daydream wallpaper. Can’t decide which color! I’ve seen it on ceilings and love it! Love your office too.

  617. I’d have to say the Andanza (white/copper) is my favorite. I’ve stripped the awful wallpaper from my study and I’d love to replace it with something beautiful, as an apology to the walls if nothing else…

  618. I would LOVE to paste up the Biscayne Dot (Cream/Gold) in the laundry room/main floor powder room to sexify the old laundry duo!

  619. I LOVE the wallpaper you used! I gasped when I saw it and I think my hubby thought I was dying… He loves it too (which is huge!). The Diamante in Gold would be PERFECT for our apartment! This wallpaper would be a huge statement on one of our little white walls!

  620. I followed Hygge & West on Pinterest and hash-tagged a Pin of my favorite wallpaper. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  621. It doesn’t get any better than Diamante Gold for me, a little lux and intrigue x

  622. So hard to choose! Right this minute, I’ll go with the Andanza in white & silver. I think it would be amazing in my (tragic, currently lilac-colored) dining room.

  623. New to your blog via a friend, loving it! Also I love wallpaper! It’s a toss up, but I think I would select TRIANGLES (ALMOST WHITE/CHARCOAL & GOLD).

  624. I’ve been obsessed with Julia Rothman’s Daydream in off white/sunshine for years. Love!

  625. It’s hard to choose, but I would say the Otomi pattern feels right to me! We are moving into an older house, and I’d love something traditional looking, but still airy in the dining room!

  626. Gold Petal Pusher in the main bathroom

  627. I followed on Pinterest and pinned my favorite!

  628. I love your new office! My favorite papers are the TRIANGLES (WHITE/GRAY & PINK), the GARDEN (NOIR), and the DIAMANTE (WHITE/TURQUOISE). I’d definitely use it in the remodel of my letterpress studio!

  629. From Athens to Atlanta – Karla Pruitt’s Garden in Cream/Gold would be gorgeous on the long, uneven ceiling of my hallway. Might have to put it up with thumbtacks so I can take it with me when I move out.

  630. Not to be unoriginal but that Diamante Gold!

  631. love love love petal pusher (almost white/gold) and would use it in my bedroom!

  632. I also pinned my favorite on Pinterest. Love this giveaway!

  633. followed on pinterest

  634. Forest Leaves in Black is my favorite. I’d save it until I move into my forever home and put it up in my living room.

  635. I also followed and pinned it!

  636. Pinned the Bohemian paper. Love that one, too, but doesn’t look like it’s available any more.

  637. So hard to pick just one, buuuuut if I had to I would go with Garden in cream and magenta. I think this would look dreamy in my bedroom.

  638. Love the diamante white and turquoise

  639. I am so fussy about wallpaper but some of this stuff is just too awesome. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I think I’d either go for Daydream (in Cream) as part of a planned bathroom renovation or Talavera (Blue/White) as part of a not planned but needed kitchen project.

    Gorgeous stuff all around, and it’s great to see the photos on Pinterest and Instagram.

  640. BTW, followed and pinned, and this is pretty close in style to what I’m planning in the bathroom:

  641. I would put the Diamanté black/gold on a feature wall in the living room.

  642. Dude. You picked the best of the wallpapers. The Diamante in Gold is so luxe. Perfection.

    I also love the Daydream in gray. Perfect for a nursery.

  643. I love petal pusher in white & blue. Amazing!

  644. I pinned for an extra entry. Fingers crossed!

  645. Either Garden Noir or Petal Pushers Gold in my office nook.

  646. I *love* Triangles (Almost White/Charcoal & Gold)…I’d use it on furniture restorations…would be great for tops/sides OR drawer fronts to give a hint of a mid-century vibe without screaming it

  647. I pinned Triangles (Almost White/Charcoal & Gold)…so pretty!

  648. What a fantastic giveaway!
    I have a little attic alcove that faces north and badly needs something bright and beautiful – and I’ve got some love for the Diamante in turquoise! Would be perrrrfect with our dark maple floors and a lovely yellow reading chair!

  649. Of course I love everything Lisa Congdon does, and Ferns Almost White/Gold is no exception. I have an all white bedroom and I’ve been eyeing that paper for the wall behind the bed. Fingers crossed.

    I love Manhattan nest! I’ve been reading for a couple years and can’t believe this is my first comment. Keep posting and entertaining us all! #gethygge

  650. Following Hygge & West on pintrest! Should have done it a long time ago.

  651. Can’t help it: diamante in black/gold is stunning. Can’t stop picturing it in the powder room we’re building in our basement, or an accent wall… Hard not to think of it thanks to your gorgeous office!

  652. something from the karla pruitt line, probably carved ogee! fingers crossed!

  653. Daydream in red for one wall in my office.

  654. I’m obsessed with the andanza in almost white/copper!

  655. And I follow on Pinterest!

  656. Followed on Pinterest

  657. Daydream or Otomi, I think. This is a tough one. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  658. Sigh, Daydream, you are my forever favorite.

    • I’d love to use Daydream (almost white/sunshine) in the bedroom of my soon to be lived in, new to me house. We are moving to a new city this summer after having lived here for almost 20 years.

  659. I would love Daydream in cream for my office!

  660. Not one, but TWO girl babies due any day now! I’d put the otomi turquoise paper on the wall behind their cribs in the nursery, because I’m planning to shape their malleable young minds into badass design machines. Clearly typography mobiles are phase two. (MWAHAHA!!)

  661. Otomi (Almost White/Red) in my entry hallway – what a cheery way to greet guests! Swoon!

  662. Loving petal pusher in black and gold for our entryway

  663. I would love Andanza in white/silver for my master bedroom!!

  664. I don’t know how to choose! But I do love Talavera or Petal Pushers!

  665. Andanza in copper. Bedroom. Sigh.

  666. Followed on Pinterest.

  667. What a lovely giveaway! It’s tough to choose only one, but I’ll go with Otomi in white/pewter.

  668. Repinned and tagged with hashtag #gethygge! :)

  669. LOVE the Daydream in Grey. Would use it in the powder room in the apartment we will officially own this week!!

  670. Love how your office turned out; it’s beautiful! Of all the Hygge & West wallpapers, my favorite is the one you chose, Diamante Gold! This would be so awesome in my 2nd bedroom that I’m trying to convert into a work room/studio. :) I’m hoping it will soon stop being an ongoing work in progress.

  671. Followed and pinned!

  672. I love Otomi white/taupe. So subtle and relaxing.

  673. Entrada in Almost White/Iron for my kitchen. So perfect for my Midcentury house.

  674. Love Love Love the NETHERCOTE (WHITE/BLUE) wallpaper. could totally see this lining my closet, or a statement wall in my bedroom or in my bathroom, or kitchen….. maybe i’ll just paste it everywhere.

  675. pinned the NETHERCOTE (WHITE/BLUE) to my ‘home by the sea’ board!

  676. Petal Pusher — would use in my bedroom behind the bed as a wall-sized “headboard”!

  677. I’d put the pink triangles in my bathroom

  678. Diamante. Is there anything better???? You made me want this so bad. thank you for being so inspirational. Love your writing.

  679. I have to pick just one? I need some thing with gold for my foyer ceiling. Yes, that’s right, my ceiling. Let’s go with pedal pusher in gold. But Daydreamer would be fun too.

  680. I’ve been dying for the Diamante in gold for my bedroom for a while now, and seeing it on your office wall does not help… So gorge, much wow.

  681. Diamante in gold would look lovely in my bathroom. It is the most gorgeous wallpaper I’ve ever seen.

  682. Daydream in blue (gorgeous) on the wall opposite my fireplace with a credenza in front of it.

  683. Pinned Daydream to my “house” inspiration board!

  684. Followed on pinterest and pinned diamante in gold.

  685. Don’t mind me, I’m just over here in a Daydream inspired haze.

  686. In love with the Pajarito (almost white/red). I need this for the kitchen of my new apartment, it would look gorgeous.

  687. Lots to choose from, but I think Knots (Deep Blue/White) would look fabulous in my bedroom!

  688. Daydream in Sunshine for me.

  689. pinned Otomi in turquoise!

  690. Pinned the beautiful Pajarito wallpaper #gethygge :)

  691. Otomi, for the hallway.


  692. Canasta in white/gold…so pretty

  693. Actually, it’s Otomi in cream for the hallway!

  694. I’d totally go for white/gray Diamente in the bedroom.

  695. Petal Pusher in almost white/gold in my kitchen!

  696. Andanza in almost white/blush! I have a dark dramatic vintage style (lots of wood and dark teals) and I want one little area in my bedroom to be as over-the-top girly and deluxe and feminine and blush as humanly possible.

  697. Oh swoon, garden in gold and almost white. All over my face! Or powder room….

  698. It’s hard to choose but I think I’d like Petal Pusher in almost white/gold in a hallway.

  699. Shit, it’s hard to pick just one, but I’d say Diamante (Almost White/Gray)…I’d do an accent wall in the room my husband has dubbed, “the parlor”.

  700. It’s so hard to choose, but I would have to choose Diamante (Almost White/Gray)!. It’s so intricate and it would be perfect in my bedroom/office.

  701. Good golly, how to choose between all this awesomeness? I’m torn between Underwater World (that beautiful blue) and Triangles in white / charcoal /gold (love the print)!

  702. Might have to be a bad renter and say Petal Pusher in Grey/Gold.. or else the removable tiles in either Petal Pusher taupe/white or Garden in mint. Any of them would look lovely in my living room!

  703. goodness – every time I thought I had chosem i’d scroll down and find something else more …. I’ve settled on Daydream (Cream)

  704. I have pinned too

  705. Daydream (Blue) would be a great drama in my small hallway.

  706. Loving some Otomi white/pewter!
    The styling makes all these wallpapers look even more amazing.

  707. Wow, you really did pick the most fabulous pattern for the office!
    Canasta in white/gold would be my 2nd fav!

  708. Pinterested!

  709. I’m a real daydreamer and I absolutely love the Daydream wallpaper! I’m torn between the blue and almost white/orange tho. The blue would go behind our bed and the other in our living room. Hmm…

  710. I’d like the diamante in white/turquoise for my bedroom. It’s loverly.

  711. I would love daydream in almost white/green, for the nursery of our much longed for second baby

  712. Oh I am in love with your office!! What a super smashing job you’ve done. I would really love the same wallpaper (Diamante Gold) in my black bedroom as a feature behind the bed – I think it would look all kinds of amazing. What a fab giveaway and a big THANK YOU to Hygge & West for opening it up to international readers!

    Also, I love your blog. I don’t comment very often mostly because I’m intimidated due to how funny and cool you are and fearing that I’m going to sound like a complete ass. But yeah, I’m here, reading.


  713. Very happily have followed Hygge and West on Pinterest…

  714. Followed on Pinterest!


    Let me tell you a story through the magic of words. We moved into our new apartment, built 1886 (new Swedish word for you: sekelskift = turn of the century), in June and it was wonderful with its 3m high ceilings and original features, despite the serious need of love and attention. 2 weeks later amid midsummer celebrations we had some friends over and at the end of the night I thought I’d be super smart and put the dishwasher on before we went to sleep. We had also never had a dishwasher before so it felt very grown up to “put a wash on”.

    I awoke at 6am to the sound of a running tap and a hangover. The dishwasher had been spewing out a full faucet amount of water for about 4 hours. Coincidently our border collie spent the night over with one of our friends, so I never got to have a Lassie moment with him where would bark alarmingly and I would say “What’s that Ollie, our dishwasher is leaking and we will flood the neighbours? And I forgot to do my taxes? And you need to go pee?”. A missed opportunity.

    One good thing with old buildings however is that the water did not gather in the kitchen, but simply disappeared in one of the corners (the building leans a bit). By disappeared I mean down into our neighbours below who had recently rebuilt their kitchen, sunk the ceiling (I didn’t judge) and added spotlighting (still didn’t judge), and then continued down into the basement storage area, which happened to be ours. It now hosts a family of spores. We have bigger things to deal with just now.

    With all the hassle of insurance and finding exact-as-original replacement floors, we are finally in the process of fixing things up, after 8 months of living with ply-wood floors. The kitchen is a 15 year old IKEA one so we were secretly relieved to have an excuse to change it out. The extractor fan falls apart/down on high speed. The oven turns on by itself sometimes. I’m pretty sure the freezer is waiting for us to go on holidays.

    To conclude, this fantastic wallpaper will be placed on one wall where the lean is most pronounced and will also face me as I enter the kitchen from the bedroom and make me smile and forget all about the dishwasher incident. It feels good to vent to the internet. You are most welcome to Göteborg for fika, once the kitchen is fixed. In 2 years.

    Over and out.

  716. Petal Pusher (Gray Gold) by Oh Joy!
    I’d use it for my bedroom which sits half painted, after I gave up after a coat of paint (didn’t like it).

    Thanks for the contest!

  717. Done the pinterest thing!

  718. I would love the ANDANZA (ALMOST WHITE/BLUSH) for our spare room/dressing room. It’s a sad hotchpotch of a room at the moment which has been put on the back burner ever since we moved in and I think this would give it the glamour it deserves!

  719. It has to be the Diamante (Gold)! I never realised how great the black and gold would look until your post and you’ve inspired me to use it in our master bedroom as a feature wall behind the bed. Keep up the good work, it’s looking great!

  720. Followed on Pinterest x

  721. Diamante in white/turquoise! Love it. I would put it in my half bath.

  722. Hello!! International fan here!
    I would love to use the TRIANGLES (ALMOST WHITE/CHARCOAL & GOLD) wallpaper in my new entry alcove!
    This is an excellent giveaway, good luck to all : ]

  723. I love Daydream in Red for my living room.

  724. Petal pusher (almost white/gold). It will go just perfect with my jewelry/craft studio closet I am about to finish.

    Congratulations on winning the Hommies for Home project and DIY blog!

  725. Yes please!! Would love the diamante for my wall in the sitting room, but also love otomi and andanza for my entree hall…

  726. Pinned!

  727. Pinterest, checked!

  728. Woohoo…..lucky #735!
    Triangles all the way baby. I’m thinking above some beadboard in the kitchen or in my powder room and any leftovers would go behind a bookcase to jazz it up.

  729. love DIAMANTE (WHITE/TURQUOISE). Would look amazing on the wall in my bedroom behind my wrought iron bed.

  730. liked on Pinterest! #gethygge

  731. the garden noir would just be amazing for the wall behind our bed but its also a tough choice with the pattern you picked for the office – diamante is a close second!

  732. I would love some Underwater World. I rent, so I would have to hoard it until I could use it, but would like to do it in a bathroom. Sadly, it seems to be in limited supply, so my second choice is Otami in red.

  733. Oh my God, so many comments already! The Petal Pusher (Almost White/Gold) would look perfect in the wall behind my bed! Would love love love it!

  734. while i ADORE your diamante paper, i’ve had joy’s petal pusher on my list for AGES. love, love, love.

  735. Can’t take my eyes off you.
    I will loveti see you in my new living room
    Triangles (Almost white/charcoal/gold)
    Come with me….

  736. i followed and pinned!

  737. I’d use the Grey Daydream in my kitchen as an accent. It’s so, so cute!

  738. Ha! and I just heard the Danish actress Birgitte Hjort Sørensen use the word hygge on tv. what are the chances :-)

  739. I love Underwater World (Deep Blue/Copper). Hope I get the last three rolls!

  740. I wanted to redo our small bathroom and the Underwater World (Deep Blue/Copper) would fit perfectly with our color scheme ;-)

  741. I adore Andanza in green. I’ve been looking for a way to put kelly green on my dining room walls without overwhelming the room — LOOK AT ME, I’M GREEN! This would be perfect. I’m a huge fan of the pattern which is both geometric and a little organic at the same time. And with three roles, I’d paper our petite entry to connect the two spaces.

  742. oooh the lovely Andanza is the one for me…green/white

  743. Following on Pinterest!

  744. I like the same that you used, Diamante (Gold). I would use the 3 (!) rolls to cover my bathroom walls!

  745. Pinned to pinterest!

  746. I’ve been coveting the Triangles in white/black for the longest time.

  747. I’m a Daydream believer!

  748. I’m in love with Daydream (almost white/orange). I would use it to line the back wall of my pantry, which is open to the kitchen and currently yawningly white.

  749. I love all of the Oh Joy! Wallpapers. They’re beautiful.
    It’s a toss up between lovely leaves and the petal pusher (grey/gold).

  750. Oh, and i pinned/followed on pinterest.

  751. There are so many great choices, but I’ve been eyeing the “Day dream” wallpaper for my nursery.

  752. Just followed hygge on pintrest.

  753. Diamante in almost white for my bathroom. Love it.

  754. I’ve actually bough Hygge & West wallpaper before (Daydream in yellow) but I wrecked the paper when I tried to put it up. (This is why you don’t try to put up wallpaper at 10pm at night when you have a new puppy that wants to tug on it! Pro tip, folks. Learn from my sadness.) I had some of the wallpaper left over, and it became art in a little girls’ nursery. All was not lost!

    Now that I have a new house, I’m back to eyeing Hygge & West paper (I’ll hire a pro this time). I’m doing a black-white-grey family room that really needs some Petal Pusher (Almost white/Gold) to add in glamaaaa and some femininity.

    Also! Followed Hygge & West on pinterest. :)

    I’m really enjoying the blog, Daniel. You’re great!

    • Also, followed Hygge & West on Instagram as @pingoderp.
      THE NAME MAKES SENSE (if you know what I do for a living).

      Move along.

  755. It’s always been Daydream for me, in almost white and green. I want it in my mudroom so much. Yay!

  756. I’m in love with Andanza in copper. It would look perfect in my entryway, and three rolls is the perfect amount. Such beautiful paper!

  757. Of course, I already followed them on pinterest, but just repinned and tagged it!
    BTW – thanks for the pronunciation help. I was totally butchering that.

  758. I already followed them on Instagram as well, but just posted a tagged photo. I’m private though, so maybe you can’t see it? Hope I win!!

  759. Oh man. Daydream in Almost White/Orange for 1 of the walls in my daughter’s room, and diamante in gold for the stretch above the kitchen cabinets…

  760. The almost white gold and black triangles. Want dat up in ma bathroooom!

  761. KNOTS (ALMOST WHITE/GRAY) for my powder room. I have all the walls painted the same color right now, but it feels a bit claustrophobic. I’d love to do a wall or two in paper to break things up and add some visual interest! A

  762. They are all great! Was gonna try to pick one for a chance to win, but I can’t. I would love the Entrada in Mustard for my loft area, but the lovely leaves in white and copper or the Andanza in white / silver and the dream day in almost white and orange would all work for our office. Also the seahorses in coral are jadorable and the underwater world is just too super terrific. I would never want to leave my house, I would lose my job because I would stay home everyday hugging my walls.

  763. Too many good choices! But I’m drawn to the Seahorse, Day Dream, and Otomi!

  764. I would like Otomi in Turquoise and White to use in my home office.

  765. I love Nethercote (white/gray) because it’s the perfect updated toile. I would put it in our guest room!

  766. I’ve been following Hygge & West on pinterest for a while, but I also retweeted my favorite H&W wallpapered room!

  767. I am obsessed with Hygge and West wallpaper – I wallpapered my daughters closet turned reading nook in a retired wallpaper from them called Circus Troupe in white (it was the first item I bought for her nursery 2 years ago).
    Anyway, if I were to win I’d buy ANDANZA (ALMOST WHITE/GREEN) to paper my upstairs hallway. The first floor is so colorful but the stairway/hallway is a sad beige. The green and white dramatic pattern would breath life into it. And more importantly, it would be one of the first things you notice when you walk through the front door (since the stairway is right in front of the door) as well as be seen through all the bedroom doors.

  768. I love the triangle in white, charcoal, & gold.
    I have this giant wardrobe from Ikea which I bought on craigslist. It has this subtle branch/leaf thing on one of the doors which I HATE. I’ve been trying to think of ways to cover it up and one day I was all- WALLPAPER! So that’s what I would do with this wallpaper-use it to cover my ugly wardrobe doors!

  769. Also, I’m following them on Pinterest and pinned the lovely paper, and am following them on Instagram. Thanks for the contest!

  770. I love petal pusher in gold and have for such a long time!

  771. I love the Otomi pattern in grey and white. I would use it on all four walls of my teeny tiny den, and if I had extra I would paper the niche in my dining room, it has a small three drawer dresser painted hale navy and a large poster of van gogh’s flowers above, in tones of mint green, white, navy and emerald.

  772. Followed on Pinterest! Now I just need to decide where I put wallpaper in my home

  773. Pinned it too!

  774. Just pinned Pajarito in blue #gethygge! Would love to use it in either the girls’ bath or guest bath….

    …Otomi for the girls’ bedroom and the coral seahorse for the other bath…

  775. I LOVE Triangles (Almost White/Charcoal & Gold). So great. So graphic. It would be so perfect for my office/every single space I could find in my apartment. Ceilings? Sure. Doors? Yep. Man, I love a good triangle.

  776. Pinned it too!

  777. Daydream in almost white/sunshine. This would be perfect in my new babies nursery!

  778. Petal Pusher (gold)
    oooh la la. in sunroom or guest bedroom.

  779. I have this little water closet space in my house (pre 1930s), we love having it..but it needs reno’s badly. Bad lino, beadboard,and red paint… I’ve never been sure what to do with it though because it is a small yet supremely functional space.

    Then I saw the Carved Ogee in grey/gold. It’s utterly perfect.

  780. Love the Grey/Pink removable tiles. Would look perfect in my house.

  781. Definitely pinned Petal Pushers as well, since I think it would make an amazing update in my daughter’s bedroom.

  782. oh my god, there is no question – the DIAMANTE (ALMOST WHITE/GRAY)! It’s so subtle, it’s so textural, it’s so… timeless! It’s just like you said, it feels modern/traditional at the same time…
    My husband and I are actually house-hunting for our own fixer-upper, and I’ve been so incredibly inspired (and empowered) by your blog, Daniel! I’d love to hoard this paper for our own renovations… I could see one wall in the bedroom, or a tiny office – just like yours ;)

  783. I love the Carved Ogee in grey gold! It would be amazing in my bedroom!

  784. I would choose either triangles (probably the one with the pink) or Garden (noir) for my bedroom. I suppose it depends on the mood I ultimately choose. Love them!

  785. Pinned my favorite! & following Hygee too.

  786. Hi Daniel, I do love your office, the wallpaper just brings it to another level. I adore wallpaper in little unexpected places, really nothing transforms a space like wallpaper. I like the Otomi in cream – I had a similar wallpaper in my last house and loved it. It suits my rather eccentric, old school, English style home decor. Thanks for the chance!

  787. Petal Pusher in almost white/black will look great in my kitchen once I paint the lower cabinets black and the uppers white.

  788. I’m pretty sure I pinned the wallpaper…

  789. Ohhhhh I love Biscayne Dot in the Cream/Gold colorway! I’d use it in my teeny tiny NYC bedroom to give it an awesome pop!

  790. A tough decision, narrowed down to Otomi in pewter vs Daydream in gray for a new nursery!