Man Seeks Man to Fight About White Paint With

This is, far and away, the best thing I’ve ever found in a thrift store.

This is my boyfriend, Max. Isn’t he precious? I know, you don’t have to tell me.

Max is wonderful. He puts up with all the significant amount of crazy I have to offer with enthusiastic courtesy, and he’s far sweeter to me than I often deserve.

He supports my bad habits with panache, like helping me drag this bar cart off the street that is currently gathering dust in my kitchen (it looked cute in my old living room, I swear!).

He is a devoted Harry Potter enthusiast.

He got brains, too.

He is hilarious and kind and completely useless with tools and just the sort of person I want to come home to everyday. Turns out, I’ve conned him into thinking the same about me. Minus the tool thing, seeing as I’m all handy ‘n stuff.

So, Max officially moved in yesterday!

He brings with him an impressive dowry, including an A/C unit, several fans, and his Pratt desk from West Elm. (Which it turns out is very hard to photograph when it’s so bright out. I think I need camera lessons.)

And a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I might only be in it for the mixer. Hello, my precious.

As a veteran blogger and trained artsy weirdo, Max doesn’t exactly take all of my decorating ideas and ideals lying down, especially since we have very different tastes. This is the boy who once had his apartment written about in the New York Times under the headline “Anything But White.” Moving in with me. Go fucking figure.

So not only is living with someone this way new to both of us, it’s also a huge exercise in loosening up our normally dictatorial, obsessively controlling approach to decorating and designing our spaces. But we’re good at compromising. The best at it when I get my way, which, to Max’s very trusting credit, is most of the time. And you know what? I’m really looking forward to it.

Welcome home, Max. I’m so glad you’re here.



  1. Yay! Can’t wait to visit again! Miss you both

  2. Ok… CUTE.

  3. Oh my. Anything but white? *This* should be interesting! Let the decorating BEGIN!

  4. YOU GUYS. This is the sweetest post ever. Max is awesome, and I’m just so happy you guys found each other. Here’s to happiness—and compromise.

    Mazel tov. xoxoxox

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I PREDICTED THIS! I knew that you two would be cute together even before I met you (Daniel). I thought to myself: “Hmm. This guy is designy, bloggy, AND handy with tools? Him & Max. Yes.”



    A stranger in Chicago sends you best wishes.

  7. You guys are too cute :)

  8. Congrats! Did you really meet in a thrift store?

  9. congrats!!!! It will be fun to merge styles!!!

  10. Yay! I was waiting for this blog post to happen. Dan– I’m gonna need your help with changing the overhead light in Max’s old room and installing a dimmer!

  11. I’d be in it for the KitchenAid alone… think of all the cookie dough and cake batter you can share. All the best, lads!

  12. D’aw, congrats! Regardless of his wall-color preference, he is a Harry Potter enthusiast, and therefore a keeper! all the best! Can’t wait to see how you two co-decorate now :)

  13. You said he was artsy and I looked at his site and thought “oooo, he’s a photographer!” Then I read his about me page and HE IS!!!! Happy cohabitating – it will change everything, and, possibly, in really great ways.

  14. Awww, AWW. I am excited to see how your design preferences evolve.

    And he makes an excellent Harry Potter.

  15. Congratulations!! Having your own place with the person you care about is really great, and so different from sharing it with roommates. I look forward to seeing the results of your collaboration.

  16. mazel tov. will the LR now stay red??

  17. If you can find someone to help you lug in street finds. Hold on to that person and never let go! Congrats you two!

  18. awww, congrats! so cute!

  19. This is far too exciting! Congrats!

  20. oh my goodness. so sweet!! congrats to you both!

  21. I’ve been a long time lurker but have never commented before. However, this post was way too sweet not to comment on. Congratulations and I wish you two all the best life has to offer. I can’t wait to see what you both come up with!

  22. Yay! Congrats to you both!

    (Side note: – A few weeks after Kyle and I started dating we realized we had the same set of modernish flatware. We took it as a sign – you don’t want to mess with decor karma.)

  23. Okay, I’m sorry, but this is the cutest post ever.

  24. I’m so excited for you both. Congratulations!

  25. Awww! Cute! Many happy hours of staring at paint chips and disagreeing lie ahead. Good luck from England!

    Mickey x

  26. Also, I’ve never been happier for a stranger in another country! :-)

  27. How exciting! Good luck to both of you. Mostly my boyfriend just cares about bikes and his music collection, and lets me have my way with the rest (except for the time I wanted to paint a wall black, there were multiple trips to D16 to convince him it would look good).

    You guys are possibly the cutest couple ever. Max is from Buffalo! Next time you visit drop by my place and tell me what the hell to do/sprinkle some of your thrifting magic on me or something.

    • HAH! Sherry, do you want me to have my husband email your husband? :D

      • No need! I got my black wall thanks to inspiring pics on your site and it looks great. It just took some convincing is all, which I am not used to having to do much of, that it would look good in our house too.

  28. Aaaaw! You too are such a handsome couple. And he has a Kitchen aid! And a cute desk! I actually remember reading that article on! Did he bring his couch table with him? Curious to see what that will mean for your apartment! You two are really a match made in thrift store heaven!

  29. The thrift stores I hunt in ND never have anything THAT good. Congratulations to you both!

  30. You guys are the cutest.

  31. I love you more and more every week!
    (a stranger from Atlanta)


  33. Awesome. Many congrats..and that is a handsome dowry (and boyfriend) indeed. Loving what this new chapter will bring…

  34. Congrats on the stand mixer- oh, and the boyfriend, too. I hope you’ll be very happy together.

  35. Better even than the George Nelson Bubble Lamp? ;) Dowry! I love it! (Did you notice your BOYFRIEND is filed under “thrifted and scavenged”? Of course you did, you put him there. Better question -does HE know?)

  36. Daniel, I’ve been reading since day one, although I’m not a commenter. But this occasion deserves a huge congratulations! I can’t wait to see how Max influences your design! Btw, I’m pretty sure I live just down the street from you…will keep an eye out and say hi if I see you. :)
    Cheers! And well done, Max!

    • Neighbors? Holla at me! Don’t be off-put if I look disgusting and tired, that’s just my face.

  37. love it :)

  38. You had me at “A/C unit” — and then I saw the Kitchenaid!

    The boyfriend is swoon-worthy, too. You lucky kids, you.

  39. oh, congratulations!

    i moved in with my now husband when i was 22 and we had a rule that we both had to like something before it would enter the house. thankfully, i was the only enforcer. although now i’m 29 and i have a whole room in my house devoted to video games and a magazine holder mounted in the bathroom.

    so worth it, though.

    have fun!

  40. So awesome! You guys look fantastic together (thrifting boys in NYC with killer taste? swoon) and I’m so excited to see your future decorating adventures!

  41. Adorable! Nicest addition to the new place yet. Next on the list: a puppy of some sort? Or maybe a goldfish?

  42. Very cute. I hope you challenge each other in all the best ways.

  43. Oemfuckinbabyj, that’s adorable! Can’t wait – this season of “Nest” is going to be so amazing. Best of luck : )


    you said you could only afford one bed and that you’re allergic to pyjamas

  45. Aww! Love this post, congratulations!

  46. this is all kinds of awesome and cute.
    congrats, guys :)

  47. I am a big fan your blog, but I think I’d never left a comment :D
    But today I have to do it! I am very happy for you and I hope everything turn very well.

  48. Congrats! Love that you met in an op shop :-)

  49. He is obviously a catch, if only for the KitchenAid. ;-) Congratulations, you two!

  50. I vote he displays his wand on the living room wall.

    am looking forward to see how you guys will be finding a balance between your tastes!!!

  51. My favourite addition to apartment(s) yet.

    I would make him walk around in the Harry Potter gear constantly

  52. That last line made me sniffly– So, so sweet! I can’t wait to see how you merge your creative visions.

  53. Excellent! I’m so happy for your both. All the best in decorating!

  54. It just keeps getting better and better!

  55. Yay for you! Congrats and I wish nothing but the best for you both. I’m excited to see how he influences your design. Also, yay for Harry Potterheads!

  56. Am still giggling about this being posted in the “Thrifted and Scavenged” category. Gotta love a man who can street scavenge while holding 2 cups of coffee.

  57. Congrats to you both!
    Can’t help but notice that you got one white wall in there just under the deadline… ;-)

  58. Two dreamboats + one dreamy apartment = YES.

  59. This post, and your b/f are adorbs! Have so much fun and love :)

  60. Aww, this is too cute :)

    Though I’m kinda sad you’re no longer single. Even though I’m not single. And I’m female. Still.

    Best of luck, can’t wait to see what you two have in store!

  61. YAY! I can tell you two are going to fill that Brooklyn nest with lots of love, style and laughter. xo!

  62. wow, the best thing I ever picked up at a thrift store was a nice set of cups an saucers! :)

  63. Congrats! Looks like naked painting is going to get a whole lot more sexy for you! I love the Kitchen Aid…and that milk glass chicken thing he got from his grandfathers. Just no red walls, kay?

  64. melt.

  65. Mazel tov, Daniel! I am so excited for you and Max and your stand mixer and all of the amazing design that will come out of the two of you! (After moving in with my boyfriend, we immediately purchased a stand mixer and treated it like our child. You need an ice cream maker attachment!)

  66. whoo! let the new adventure commence!

  67. Congrats to you and Max! Longtime reader, first time commenter. I’m moving into my BFs Cobble Hill pad in September. Hope to see you around the hood, you will surely have a few words of wisdom for me by then.

  68. Mazel tov!

  69. Ooh he’s pretty! He’s a lucky guy to get you Dan.
    Welcome Max ! You’d better not break his heart or you’ll have us to answer to >:(

  70. oooooo now i really can’t wait to see what is done to the hallway

  71. toooooo cuuuuute. congrats on cohabitating!

  72. This is a great post, congrats!

  73. Life partners! (barf)

    Sweet, sweet post.

  74. Congratulations to the both of you! Mamma Biscuit wants to know if you guys have any plans to add a dog into the mix? Ruff Ruff

    • Somedayyyy, yes! My puppy fever is intense and incurable, but we have to wait until a) we can afford it and b) I’m not constantly tearing the house apart.

  75. Well, since you didn’t meet online it would had to have been a thrift store. You guys look perfect together. Wishing you all the best!

  76. Daniel! I know I don’t comment very often, but I read your blog religiously and it makes me sad we didn’t become best friends in high school, because you. are. fucking. awesome. And this is the world’s sweetest blog post. And Max really is precious. You both are. Congratulations (and may you fight about nothing more than paint colors for the rest of your long and happy tenure in Brooklyn)!


  77. Congrats, you two!

  78. You two make a great couple – happy for you both! Love that you love Harry Potter, too!

  79. I’m just chiming in to the chorus of positive feedback. Best wishes to you both and congrats on the sweetest post ever!

  80. Too cute for words. You boys melt my heart. Hooray!

  81. Mazel Tov!

  82. Yay! This is such a sweet post. I’m so excited to see what the future brings for you two! Off to read Max’s blog…

  83. Aww. He’s adorable and your story is adorable and I love everything about this post! ♥

  84. Ahh so cute you two! So glad that you found each other, definitely will be quite the challenge! I am looking forward to seeing the changes in decor and how y’all worked it out.

    Congrats Guys


  85. Love this! Congrats. Let the compromising begin!

  86. Is it weird that complete strangers can make me sickly happy?

    This post brings me tremendous joy. Cannot wait to see all the changes to come.

    Mazel tov from Michigan.

  87. You found that adorable, artsy, HP-loving boy in a thrift store!? I’ve been jealous of some of your finds before, but damn. The thrift gods really do smile down on you.

    Anyways, congratulations! I can’t wait to see the next chapter of M-N get started :)

  88. Congratulations to both of you! (Yay stand mixer!)

  89. This is fantastic news, and, as so many people have said, congrats on the best thrift store find ever!

  90. Welcome, Max!

    And ooo! A new blog to haunt. Yay!

  91. So you have your very own Junk Buddy! I am jealous. Max is the cutest thing and will help you get that place in shape quickly. I am looking forward to reading his blog completely. Does Mom like him? Looking forward to more frequent posts, right? Ann

  92. Thrilling news! So many fun posts lately too.

    Super happy for you both. What charmed lives you are living, my goodness.


  93. So who woulda thunk that shortly after attempting to have a rational conversation about moving in with your bf/gf over sushi would result in this!

    couldn’t be happier for either of you…..mostly because i can live vicariously through both of you and your decorating skills.

  94. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Congratulations! Very cute couple!!

  96. Happy movings-in! I hope that you are many weeks into cohabitational happiness.

    I’m another reader/lurker-turned-commenter by this post. It’s lovely that he “supports your bad habits with panache” — that’s important. I hope you both keep a sense of humor about each other’s habits. Remember, you could always be bringing home decor like this :+)

    And, I’m sure Max himself could give you this camera lesson, but to get the desk photo to come out better, you could:
    1) change the f-stop (aka aperture) of your camera to let less light in. In the old days this was done by light meter, but now it’s usually automatic or semi-automatic. My SLR has a button to light meter against a specific point (kinda like auto-focus for light); the iPhone 4 camera (and other newish cams) auto-meters against the same place you’re focusing.
    2) post-process your image digitally (or sometimes on your camera) to make the desk look less burned out

    Happy future decorating as you meld your styles (and possessions) together!

  97. Congratulations to you both. I love your blog. EnJOY one-another!

  98. Love your blog! Best reading in days :)

  99. Ooh ooh ooh! I want to marry you both!

  100. I absolutely love public declarations of love and the title says it all. So what “House” is Max in?

  101. Yay! I haven’t checked in on this site in a minute and all sorts of amazing stuff happens! All sorts of cute boy, fixture boiling, black door greatness! Congratulations!!!

  102. :-) for you guys. LOL @ “dowry”.

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