A few days ago, I was having coffee with the delightful Anna Dorfman of Door Sixteen and Jen McCabe of Honey Kennedy when the conversation turned to dogs, as it tends to do when Anna and I hang out. Anna turned to Jen and remarked, “Dan wants a dog more than anybody I have ever known.”

It’s true. Having always had dogs growing up, moving away from home a few years ago meant that a gaping, oozing, disgusting hole was left in my dog-loving soul. If you leave your dog tied up outside a store—BLAM, that’s me petting it until you return, then awkwardly slinking away. Think you can walk down the sidewalk and I won’t stop you? FUCK OFF LET ME PET YOUR DOG. I’m that person, that nightmare, who will make you tell me when you have to leave or I’ll just stay and pet your little monster forever. Age, breed, sex, cleanliness, likeliness to tear my face off: none of these details are important. I love dogs and dogs love me and I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs because dogs are the best. Dogs dogs dogs dogs.

In our neighborhood in Brooklyn, every now and again we see these adoption vans parked on the street during the weekend and I inevitably have to go inside. Oftentimes it’s just cats, which are great if you like neglect and disapproval, but on Saturday my friend Lexi and I passed one from the Sean Casey Animal Rescue with dogs. So many dogs. Cute cute cute dogs.

I actually love cats, by the way. I just don’t want one seeing as I always figured it might impede on my later ability to get a dog.

While inside the truck, I was checking out this little girl named Aruba who I believe was a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound cross who—for all intents and purposes—was basically a fawn. Cute and timid and slim and long legs and, well, kind of elegant, really. Just the kind of dog Max and I had talked about having for months now.

There was some noise coming from the back of the truck so I squatted down to the ground, as is my instinct when I sense the approach of a dog. And this little Pit Bull—this wiggly little bright-eyed beast ran up, threw her arms around my shoulders, and attacked my face with her tongue. But her arms weren’t just, you know, there. This was a full-on hug.

So I took fawn/dog for a walk, and she was adorable. Shy but friendly and very sweet, and liked being held. Check, check, check, and check. The only problem was that she wasn’t that Pit Bull that hugged me.

Lexi and I got pho and sat down to think it over, because decisions require food. I texted Max. He came down to meet us, stopped at the truck on the way, and came in to report that yes, he wanted fawn/dog.

So we went back to the truck. And I took Max to the back, where the Pit Bull had been returned to her cage. And she looked at me and I looked at her and she licked my fingers through the bars and I asked to take her around the block.

She wasn’t good on the leash. She didn’t know commands, and she’s much too big to just scoop up during a kerfuffle. She can’t use a wee-wee pad and has the energy and enthusiasm of, well, a Pit Bull.

Fawn/dog was the smart choice, for us. She’d be a great apartment dog and quiet and lovely, but this Pit Bull just felt right. Rounding the corner of the second block, I made her sit. She did. And then I sat on the ground behind her and flipped her onto my body, cradling her like a baby and rubbing her little tummy and snorgling her fleshy neck. And that sealed it. Over the course of one square city block, we had our dog.

And we are in love. She is beyond sweet, smart as a whip, and cuddles like you would not believe. Instantly the apartment was hers, and she has settled in with incredible speed and ease.

We named her Mekko, as in Marimekko, as in the Finnish textile company, as in we really are that gay. I think it’s cute and suits her nicely and for some reason she actually responds to it.

Did I mention the cuddles? This dog is all about cuddling. She’s one of those unique creatures who understands how to situate her body in order to be a good little spoon, and really just wants to be close to us at all times. We’ve had her all of a day and a half, and she’s already better on the leash and learning commands and just being all-around impressive.

If I thought the descent into crazy dog-owner would come gradually, I was mistaken. She is all I know how to talk about anymore to anybody. I proudly report the number of times she pooped in a day (yesterday: 3! Today: 1, so far.) and somehow I don’t even mind her rancid farts. To me, she is perfect.

God, that face. That fucking face. I mean, can you even? No you cannot.

So far, owning a Pit Bull is great. People on the street are either terrified or thrilled, because Pit owners LOVE other Pit owners. It’s like this weird tribe of crazy people who know something that seems to have been lost on so many otherwise smart, dog-loving, educated people: Pit Bulls are great dogs. Their reputation is completely undeserved. They are smart and loyal and cute and cuddly and awesome.

Walking away from the adoption truck, Max led the way to the pet store while I tailed him with our new dog. And I completely broke the fuck down. I’m not really an overly-emotional person, and I think the last time I cried from happiness was when I was about 5, but there I was, wailing in the street like a crazy person. I try not to get too sappy on here or in my life in general, but for a minute all I could think about was that, a year ago, I didn’t have any of this. It was just me. And then, all at once, all this love has just come into my life, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it all feels pretty damn great. Mekko and Max and me. If not for the river pouring down my face and trouble walking or forming real words, we would have made a pretty handsome group in that moment.

Lucky doesn’t begin to describe my life right now. There, I said it. Slap it on a fucking Hallmark card.

P.S.-None of this would have been possible without the amazing people at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. If you’re feeling a bit generous, please consider donating to the amazing work they do, or going to meet one of the many animals they have available for adoption. Our dog wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for them.

P.P.S.- SOMEBODY adopt fawn/dog. She really is precious. She’s here (her name is Aruba).

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  1. 1.30.12

    You know…I love you guys. All three of you.

    Mazel tov. And welcome, Mekko. You couldn’t have found a better home.

  2. 1.30.12

    Awwwww, you got me! I usually come here for sarcasm, wit, and yes, my regular dose of gay, but today the love is just all around! Group hug, then back to business as usual, please.

  3. 1.30.12
    Amber said:

    Aww! Dogs are the greatest =) My pup is currently trying to chase my cat down for a forced snorgle-fest, so there’s still hope for that neglect and disapproval you were hoping for ;)

  4. 1.30.12
    Allyson said:

    Pit bulls are the SNUGGLIEST of dogs, they really are great. She’s absolutely gorgeous, congratulations!

  5. 1.30.12
    Bernadette said:

    Your dog is adorable! Congrats on following your heart when logic said the little fawn made more sense :)

  6. 1.30.12
    liz said:

    and here I am, crying my puff face out. I couldn’t help it. To the tribe of crazy dog-owners, I’m proud to be a flag-waving member.

    she reminds me of my friends pit mixes who, yes, were contenders for snugglers of the year.

    and she’s GORGEOUS! that face. good pick.

  7. 1.30.12
    Lauren said:

    Congrats! I was sad to see that fawn/dog wasn’t pictured on that link.

    I live in CA, so I wouldn’t be able to adopt her, but I’m pretty sure that’s the breed mix of my dog, and I wanted to compare. Our dog, Tucker, is a total doll, but not a great apartment dog because he needs a ton of exercise and is prone to destructive separation anxiety. A dog walker and lots of training have helped a lot, thankfully, but it’s a ton of work.

    Anyway, it looks like you found a great dog, and I hope fawn/dog finds a home soon. :)

    • 1.30.12
      Mom said:

      Fawn is actually named Aruba and is still on the link.

    • 1.30.12
      Daniel said:

      Yes! Aruba (sorry, didn’t realize that you can’t link to individual dogs through that site, post has been edited!). They say she’s a mini-doberman mix, but I think they’re wrong.

    • 2.3.12
      Sun said:

      Just to clarify: Aruba is listed as a “miniature pinscher” mix, not a mini doberman mix — which is a complete myth — “min-pins” are not in any way shape or form related to dobermans other than both breeds originated in Germany. Min pins are actually part of the terrier family.

    • 2.3.12
      Sun said:

      Here’s a link to a website all about the “min pin”

  8. 1.30.12
    Martha said:

    Yeah… I’ve read your blog for a little while now, and never felt the need to comment. But I’ve got a pit. Best. Dog. EVER. He spoons, and hugs, and I swear to god, the dog SMILES at me when I come home, while his little ass is wagging a mile a minute. And bonus – I always feel safe walking alone, because he looks FIERCE (looks can be deceiving though). Anyhow, good choice. :)

  9. 1.30.12

    OK she is just awesome. I’m glad you finally got the dog you’ve been waiting for.

    We are in a similar situation, in that we have a doberman, and people are either uninformed and terrified, or knew a doberman in the past and therefore love them. I kind of like it this way because having a “bully breed” is like having a built in idiot repellant :-)

    Good luck in your new adventure.

    • 1.30.12
      Daniel said:

      Dobermans are wonderful! The last dog I had with my family was half Doberman, and she was the sweetest most mellow thing ever. Idiot repeller, ha!! (I’ve also lived with a Rottweiler…I love my bully breeds!)

    • 1.31.12

      A sweet rottweiler who is no longer here :( So sad but SO SO happy for you!!! Mekko is precious and she’s a perfect fit!!!!!!!!


    • 1.31.12
      Miss T said:

      A very sweet rott..

  10. 1.30.12
    Heather said:

    I grew up with a pit mix before they really got the reputation they have now. Totally a sweetheart that put up with me being an annoying kid. The dog’s attitude really depends on the owner. It’s that simple. And yeah, I’m one of those crazy members of the pit-loving tribe. :) Glad to see our existence acknowledged. Congratulations to you both!

  11. 1.30.12
    carlene said:

    This is the best post ever. In the world. I’m laughing, I’m crying…

    Until we rescued our little Olive, I was just like you, I’d had a dog and then I didn’t have a dog and…well, some guy called me his “dogstalker”, I’m sure even his *dog* was probably thinking, oh, jesus, there she is again…

    Anyway, congratulations! to all of you and I’m going to share this post with my facebook friends, alot of whom rescue animals and appreciate funny.


  12. 1.30.12

    Congrats Dan – on your dog and all the love in your life! Mekko looks awesome.
    This post reminds me of me and my love for animals. I’m that person who pets random animals while my friends try to tell me I’m gonna get bitten one day – hasn’t happened yet!

  13. 1.30.12

    This is the best blog post I’ve read in a long, long time.
    Beautiful words, adorable dog.

  14. 1.30.12
    Mom said:

    You deserve all the love and happiness. In fact, you are a magnet for it. Love you and looking forward to meeting Mekko.

  15. 1.30.12
    Jill said:

    I totally understand the waterworks, I already know that on the day I get my first dog I’m going to cry soooo many tears of joy! I can’t wait!

  16. 1.30.12
    kay* said:

    LOVE this post. Was never a dog person growing up (never had one as a kid) but decided a few years ago I really wanted one…I’ve had my Howard now for just about 4 years and it’s just amazing; dogs never fail to just make things better.

    Just reunited after 11 months apart (I was in India volunteering) and the doggy kisses have been just wonderful. Enjoying spoiling him with non-stop tummy rubs.

    Congrats on Mekko – he’s a lucky dog! And so cute to boot!

  17. 1.30.12
    Katy said:

    I’m totally impressed that this shelter has so many pit bulls listed on their site! Our local no-kill shelters won’t take them which means they inevitably get put down. So sad!

    • 1.30.12
      Daniel said:

      Yes, I think they actually have a Pit quota type of system—they told us that since we adopted her, they would bring in another Pit Bull to fill her space. They really need it, I’m sure they’re by far the hardest dogs for shelters to adopt. It IS so sad!

  18. 1.30.12
    Janelle said:

    CONGRATS! Makes me want another dog! Wait…I always want another dog!

  19. 1.30.12
    Jay said:

    Congratulations on your new family member. Mekko is adorable and I love her name!

  20. 1.30.12
    Ashley said:

    I’m a pit bull owner and I had to laugh at “Pit owners LOVE other Pit owners” because it’s true. I squeal like an idiot every time I see another pit bull because I know the joys of owning one. You’re right – their reputations are completely undeserved. They are the sweetest, smartest, most loyal dogs. Ours was abused as a puppy and abandoned in a backyard by her owners (after she had puppies and they took them from her) when they moved, but she doesn’t care. She loves us with all her heart. Congrats on adopting Mekko!

    • 2.2.12
      Katharine Geary said:

      ME, TOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (at your 1st sentence :)

  21. 1.30.12
    CT said:

    Congrats on your new family member!! We too are Pitty people and they are so loving, sweet and all around the best. It’s nice having a spouse or significant other who is on the same dog wavelength too. My husband understands how much I love our dogs — he loves them that much too. Everyone else can go jump off a cliff if they think we should be having human kids instead. Cheers! CT

  22. 1.30.12

    Mekko is adorable! :)

  23. 1.30.12
    Taren said:

    I live on long island and my favorite part of going into the city is all the dogs. I try to stop and love every one of them, but if the owner looks to be in a hurry or I can’t get to them in time I just exclaim “oooh I want to kiss that doggie!!!!” I will go out of my way to walk through a dog park. Here’s hoping I come across Mekko someday – I want to kiss that doggie!

  24. 1.30.12

    HOORAY!! I am so, SO happy for you! And yes, totally and utterly envious. That is marvelous that you adopted, I’m thrilled. Yay to Mekko!

  25. 1.30.12
    Loren said:

    So I’ve been reading your blog for a while but I do not think I’ve commented. But the puppy is just TO CUTE for me to resist. What an adorable puppy!!!
    We have a boxer mix and he is very much the same, super friendly, loves wrestle and is the BEST cuddler. Congrats on the new addition to your family. Also I’ve heard pit-bull mixes can be really great apartment dogs because they aren’t big barkers. (After the loud beagle mix moved in upstairs I’d much rather have a pit-bull live in our building.)

  26. 1.30.12

    She’s perfect.

    Thank you for this wonderful post, and for being a person that doesn’t shy away from Pits. As soon as we can get a dog, I’m first in line for one myself.

  27. 1.30.12
    Ariana said:

    Wow– have been reading for a while and have never commented but OHHHH MYYY GOODNESS what a precious baby angel cherub!!!! I have a golden retriever– platinum blonde, hot as shit. Looks like marilyn monroe reincarnated as a dog. This is by far your most rewarding project you will ever take on!! Mazel you two!!!

  28. 1.30.12
    Abby said:

    She’s beautiful, please post lots about her!

  29. 1.30.12
    Brit said:

    That one-eyed beagle seriously melted my cold, dark heart (I adopted a beagle about 6 months ago). I actually followed your blog months ago and thought you had disappeared. I was very happy to find you again. You crack me up. Best of luck with the pupster!

  30. 1.30.12
    rachel said:

    was so happy to see this post today! i just wrote an ode to my dog as well.

    i had a very similar experience where heart overruled logic. was about to adopt a little 25 pounder when a 58lb freckled faced cattle dog caught my eye. i kneeled down close to her and she jumped on me and knocked me over. sold!

    ended up with an insane, separation anxiety ridden, dog aggressive mutt whose energy knows no bounds. but i have no regrets. she’s the love of our lives and makes all things better.

    congratulations! mekko is gorgeous.

  31. 1.30.12

    YAY!!! All is finally right in the world, so happy for you guys. =)

  32. 1.30.12
    Monika said:

    Nothing like a dog! Nothing like a bully dog, yes. I had a rottweiler as well and the reaction was the same you describe–people either love you/your dog or fear you/your dog. Pitts are so cute and cuddly and it’s nice that you saved this one. Our rottie was a rescue as well and it’s amazing how quickly they make themselves at home, carving a spot into our lives and dwellings. I’m just as obsessed with dogs as you, petting pretty much every dog I come accross. Your post reminds me that I, too, have to get a dog soon–like, this coming weekend. Enjoy her! She’s lucky but, then again, I’m sure you feel lucky too.

  33. 1.30.12

    OH MY GOODNESS! Congratulations! Mekko is such a sexy, statuesque beast! She’s practically regal in my opinion! Those ears! They are so peaked and high I wouldn’t be surprised if she can pick up free radio Europe with them! Mamma Biscuit and the the Biscuit household are so excited for you guys! We can’t wait to see more of her!
    The Biscuits!

  34. 1.30.12
    Monica said:

    Congratulations! What a cute and sweet looking dog (dog dog dog ….) and what a wonderful first meeting story – total destiny. Does that animal rescue organization specialize in Pits? They have so many of them. :( One cuter than the other.

    • 1.30.12
      Daniel said:

      I don’t think so, but the overwhelming majority of dogs in NYC shelters are Pit Bulls, so I’d guess that this organization’s Pit population is fairly proportionate to the general shelter population. I do know they keep a certain number of cages reserved for Pit Bulls, so when one gets adopted, another gets saved!

  35. 1.30.12
    Ryan said:

    Our second dog is a black lab/pit mix and I hesitate to tell people about the pit bull part for the same reason i hesitated to adopt him. But he is so gentle, and cuddly and lets me completely man-handle him. That hugging thing? he would do that too if I let him – but those eagle-talon-dew-claws kill when they get you in the face!

  36. 1.30.12
    nicolezh said:

    Being a crazy cat lady living with two cats I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs. Mazel tov ‘you all!

  37. 1.30.12

    I loved this post. She is a beautiful dog and I’m glad she’s yours!

  38. 1.30.12
    Heather said:

    Pit bulls are the BEST. Congrats on your new family member!

  39. 1.30.12
    bekah said:

    what happened to max’s cat?!?

    • 1.30.12
      Daniel said:

      Max never really had a cat—his roommate Shannon does! Her name is Izzy, and she’s doing well back at his old apartment :-).

      (she has never lived with us, though!)

  40. 1.30.12
    Lauren said:

    Congratulations and welcome to the tribe! I also set out to find an appropriately sized apartment dog and came home with an exuberant rescued pit bull. Best decision ever. She’s happiest when she’s snuggled right between my boyfriend and me.

  41. 1.30.12
    Sherry said:

    Awww she is just so cute! It’s amazing how much pets can bring to the home that you never knew was missing until you have one. I know people who will roll their eyes at the idea but they really are family and I can not imagine not having animals in my life. Congrats on the dog and congrats on the love you are feeling!

  42. 1.30.12
    Justine said:

    This post made me so happy/SO JEALOUS. Your dog is gorgeous. And I want nothing more than to add a dog to our family. But until our schedules are what we’re calling “puppy fair,” I have to wait. And just live vicariously through the photos of your gorgeous dog’s face.


  43. 1.30.12
    Pam said:

    No I really cannot EVEN. So stinkin’ adorable. There is so much truth in not trusting someone who doesn’t love dogs. I did check out Aruba and she has some wonderful ear biz going on but Mekko is just perfect. I hate to see so many pit mixes up for adoption. They are wonderful dogs with such personality. Plus, need I mention the FACE! People really do need to get over the bad info about pit bulls. We live outside of Cincinnati and you are not allowed to own pits inside the city limits. So reactionary it is ridiculous. OK I am finished ranting. Mekko seems to have chosen you as much as you chose her. Glad you added her to your little family.

    • 1.30.12
      Daniel said:

      Ugh, laws like that are so ridiculous and awful and completely counter-productive. Aside from being wonderful pets, Pits are also great service dogs for so many occupations—what a disservice to the city! Hard to imagine the innocent victims getting punished for a set of much larger social problems that they have no control over.

    • 1.30.12
      Adrienne said:

      YES. I agree 100%. When my boyfriend and I adopted our pit mix, we were told kindly but explicitly told to put his likely “other breed” (border collie) on all paperwork (because pits aren’t allowed in our city and that way we would circumvent any ridiculous city laws). Our little one’s mom was actually put down by the city, leaving 6 beautiful puppies alone at 6 weeks old. So sad, but really, I like to think there was some sort of karmic justice on his part – he’s been the best dog we could have ever asked for.

      Sorry to ramble, but breed discrimination just gets me so upset! I’m so happy for your new addition and I’m sure she will be just as lovely as she looks. You are dead-on about pits’ superior cuddling abilities…I swear ours strategically cuddles to maximize both his own comfort and our own. :)

      Welcome to the tribe, friend!

  44. 1.30.12
    Shayna said:

    Ugh, too fucking cute. Sorry, can’t add any more, I’d rather play with my dog instead.

  45. 1.30.12
    Anne said:

    that is one seriously cute ass dog. Same thing happened to us. MADLY IN LOVE with a Pitbull named Pancake.

  46. 1.30.12
    Ai said:

    Yay, another dog saved! Congrats on Mekko, and my two guys say Hello from the other coast. (Both are rescues, one from NY when I lived there 5 years ago, and the other guy I found abandoned in a parking garage.) Saw your Instagram photos, hilarious reading the details here. Thanks for the smiles!

  47. 1.30.12
    Adriana said:

    Great post and congrats. My husband and i are stupidly in love with our dogs and I have three kids!!! Remind me to show you our professional dog portrait next time. Since you are a fellow sap, I hope you have seen this blog from Six Orange Carrots. It’s best to scroll through and start at the beginning though. I guarantee tears will be shed (happy ones)

    • 1.30.12
      Daniel said:

      I haven’t seen that, thank you! Just read through it start to finish—amazing and so sweet!

  48. 1.30.12

    congrats on the puppy! She’s beautiful…so is Aruba. But I want Boyd.

    (but I’m in CA)

  49. 1.30.12
    Julie said:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Your dog is GORGEOUS!!! Yay! I’ve been reading your super awesome blog for a little bit & love it. Anyhoo, congrats on your newest family member – ain’t nothing better than a dog . . . (well, or a cat – admittedly in a different way really.)

  50. 1.30.12
    Asya said:

    OMG you described my feelings perfectly! I went through the exact same thing 2 years ago when I got my precious pit, Arial. We were actually looking at Yorkies, but she was dropped in my lap and won my heart. To this day she is the most amazing dog and my family is obsessed with her. She has health insurance that costs almost as much as mine and gets her teeth brushed and nails painted every couple weeks. I never was a crazy dog person either, but for the last two years she is all I can talk about. Welcome to the pit parent club.

    • 1.31.12
      thursday said:

      Arial and Mekko are two of the best dog names I have ever heard.

  51. 1.30.12
    Annapolitan said:

    I fostered a 6-month-old pit bull puppy once for the local SPCA. Yes, there’s a lot of discrimination against the breed, and I was warned constantly by strangers about pit bulls. Chance was wonderful, though, and a sweet, smart boy who found a wonderful forever home soon after his time with me. He was such a softy that he’d allow my foster kittens to sample his food before he ate, and he was a world class cuddler. (I couldn’t adopt him because my homeowner’s insurance excluded ownership of pit bulls.)

    So this pit bull fan says congratulations to the three of you. Mekko is a lovely girl, and a lucky one. Well, you all are.

  52. 1.30.12
    Corrie said:

    best post ever. happy tears in my work cubicle. thanks for sharing.

  53. 1.30.12
    TieDye64 said:

    Wiping tears…okay. Just look at that fucking FACE. That sweet, goofy face. No I cannot. For many years our dogs have been rescues, and it’s just the best thing ever. I’ve never owned a Pit, but I adore them. I’ve found them to be so sweet and loving and packed with personality. Tons of fun. Pits really seem to need to be part of the family and they’re so loyal. Yep, I’m a crazy dog lover. dog dog dog dog

    Congrats on the new fam and all the happiness in your life. Mwah!

  54. 1.30.12
    Lucy said:

    That is a really, really lovely story. And so well told! Best of luck for life with the new doggy!

  55. 1.30.12
    misa said:

    best blog post ever (seriously–even though i’ve said that before, i don’t think anything can top this). OMFG, she is so cute! i am so, so, so, so happy for you and max!

  56. 1.30.12
    Chris said:

    Stop it! What a little lover she is. We got our own boobah, Jack the Lab, 3 years ago and can’t imagine what the hell we did before him. I do wish he was more of a cuddler, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Congrats on finding your girl.

  57. 1.30.12

    Well done you! I’m so pleased to see a happy dog with a new happy home! Where I live there are loads of pit bulls and other ‘bully breeds’ often, tho not always, complete with a ‘bully human’. It’s so nice to see someone appreciate their dog for his dog-wonderful-ness. Wishing you loads of joy as new-dog owners!

  58. 1.30.12
    Laura said:

    Are you kidding? What a sweetness. I love a snugly pit bull.

  59. 1.30.12
    Maggie said:

    Congratulations! she’s beautiful.

  60. 1.30.12

    Congratulations on your new addition!!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! She has such a cute face and I can totally picture her hugging you! Love! Love that you chose the pittie over the fawn! :)

  61. 1.30.12
    Chris said:

    wow — think you and I must operate on similar brainwaves — my girlfriend and I got our first dog together last sunday. We were all hell bent on a sensible, but cute smaller dog, and of course also got a pitbull mix puppy too! Feels like we made the right decision in the end, like I’m sure you just know you did.


  62. 1.30.12
    Amanda said:

    Congrats! She’s a beauty. I am also that weirdo that pets your dog while she’s tied up outside the shop, because I am currently sans dogs and totally starved for dog cuddles.

  63. 1.30.12

    I’m a new reader to your blog, but just had to say I LOVE this post. I know exactly how you feel. There is just nothing that compares to the love of a dog. I can’t imagine my life without my own little bundle of joy.
    Congrats on the new addition!

  64. 1.30.12

    Congrats! Pits are totally sweet dogs and I’m so glad you adopted. I can’t understand why anyone would ever buy from a breeder.

    You guys are swimming in happy and it’s wonderful to read/see!

  65. 1.30.12
    Jennie said:

    Welcome to the pitbull lovers tribe! Your post has me in tears. She will be the best dog you’ve ever had, I promise you. If you ever need advice or info (or tips on how to educate the haters) on your precious pup, check out It’s a pittie rescue that I volunteer for. It’s estimated that only one in 600 pitbulls goes to a good home…you made such a good choice.

    • 1.31.12
      Daniel said:

      Thanks for that site! I’ll check it out!

  66. 1.30.12
    Sara said:

    Congratulations to you both!
    As a recent dog owner myself, I can totally empathise with what you are going through. But as I never had a before (my family are cat people), I have only just doiscovered the amazing happiness and complete joy a dog can bring you. And yes like you, I tend to find myself gushing to people about my puppy.
    Enjoy her and her cuddles!

  67. 1.30.12

    Gorgeous dog. I love her, and she can’t help that her ears stick up like that. Just remind people that pits used to be the all-American dog. Petie from Little Rascals. The Buster Brown shoe dog.

    Teach her about home fashion!

    • 1.31.12
      Daniel said:

      Yes, SO MANY famous pits! Theodore Roosevelt had them in the White House!

  68. 1.30.12
    susan said:

    I am so happy for you! Dogs fill that hole the way no one or anything else can. There’s just something about a dog. I used to be all “no way” when it came to pit bulls, but after listening to Animal House on NPR I have become a believer in pit bulls. They have pointed out the undeserved bad reputation pit bulls have and how sweet they really are. They said pit bulls are actually known as the nanny or babysitter dogs because of their sweet temperament.

    I recently went on a road trip with my husband to see my parents and we had to leave our dog behind (also a rescue – all our animals are) with our daughter and I stopped a lady at one of the rest stops just to pet her dog. I know exactly what you are talking about. Dogs really are the best. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats as well, but dogs … they are just the best.

    This whole post just made me smile so big!

  69. 1.30.12
    Ashley said:

    Congrats!! I have read your blog for a while now but this is my first comment. I got so excited to see your pup. Our dogs could be twins! The freckles inside the ears and black eye liner on the eyes. Our Kano isn’t such a cuddler..lucky you. He is more of a, let me come sit on top of you, kind of guy. Although he is a Licker. Never stops. Ever.
    Here is a photo of him.

    • 1.31.12
      Daniel said:

      Awww, CUTENESS! And yes, they look so alike!

  70. 1.30.12
    molly rose said:

    Mazel tov on your new family member! I live in Denver and am disappointed that there is a ban on that breed even if my dog preference is on the other end of the face spectrum – I just can’t resist the nose on my parents’ giant collie. My mother officially adopted the papillon daschund mix (he looks just like fritz with longer legs) she was fostering and I can’t get enough of successful adoption stories. Mekko is the perfect instagram model.

    • 1.30.12
      molly rose said:

      *dachshund. I have to learn to spell it correctly now that he is part of the family.

  71. 1.30.12
    eileen marie said:

    “I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs because dogs are the best.” <3
    Oh Daniel, she's great!! Adorable! How old is she? We have 2 cockers -if they weren't so evil, I'd scoop up Ossy the Cocker if I lived in NYC.
    Yes Pit Bull owners are in a secret society! (My boy Cocker's girlfriend is a Pit). They LOOK ferocious, which is awesome in a scary neighborhood at 2AM, but they are really just giant mushpots!! And so smart. If I had a nickel for every time someone made a comment about Millie the Pit or crossed the street, and instead bent down to pet my Cockers, Peanut & Scarlett (even their names are deceptive) who will rip your throat out give the chance. (Well, Peanut at least.) People just can't accept that a dog that looks like Lady from Lady & the Tramp is more dangerous than a Pit! We are totally those people who like dogs who want to meld to you. I get you when you say how feel all of this love -I am thankful every day that I come home to these 2 knuckleheads and houseful of love. The first thing I got for my new home was 2 dogs, not a lamp, not a table, dogs. They make my house a home. And we were totally the creeps that hung out at the dog park before we got dogs!

    • 1.31.12
      Daniel said:

      She’s two!

      And yes, if it weren’t so sad, it would be awesome that we get these SUPER SWEET dogs that also ward off the stranger danger.

  72. 1.30.12
    Mike said:

    Wait…I thought you were getting a HYRAX! ;)

  73. 1.30.12
    Jenn said:

    I’ve read your blog for a long time (and love it!), but this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment. I’m one of those pit bull owners who is so glad to see another person who’s fallen in love with a pit bull…your Mekko is absolutely adorable, and I’m so glad to see she’s found a home with people as great as you and Max.

  74. 1.30.12
    Colleen said:

    Huge Congratulations Guys! Just Precious and I love love the name!

    If you are looking for a good dog bed we just got one called the cuddle cube – it is a big pillow that they sink into but it is not slouchy and old sofa cushion looking like some dog beds – best of all they have a grey color that would go well with your color scheme – love how the place is coming along!

  75. 1.31.12
    Heather said:

    That’s wonderful news! Congrats to your new little family. :)

  76. 1.31.12
    sRa said:

    love it. i laughed out loud through the whole story. and I love that she picked you.

  77. 1.31.12
    Joey said:

    Congratulations on becoming one of us (one of us!). For anyone not totally convinced about what total sweethearts pits are, I offer irrefutable evidence:

  78. 1.31.12
    June said:

    Congratulations on the new dog, my neighbors had the cutest little pit cross when I was kid. She was kind of fierce and only understood commands in Dutch, but was so lovable.

    I also thought you all would enjoy this:

  79. 1.31.12
    Annukka said:

    I’m so happy for you all! Mekko sounds and looks great, and as a finnish marimekko loving girl, I think the name is amazing (and fun) =)

    I have 2 frenchie girls Molly and Iggy, and the longest time in 20 years I’ve been without a dog was 1,5 yrs – wouldn’t go back to that time anymore…

  80. 1.31.12
    Niina said:

    Mekko = dress

    So your dog is named by a garment. Not like it matters or something; I’m Finnish so it just caught my ear.

    That’s a cute dog. :)

    • 1.31.12
      Niina said:

      Bleh, maybe in this case the name caught my EYE and not my ear. :D

    • 1.31.12
      Daniel said:

      Oh, I did not know that! At least it’s something benign and girly instead of, like, a curse word, right?

  81. 1.31.12
    Susan S said:

    Congrats on your fur-baby! We’ve adopted three rescue cats since we’ve moved to England, one of whom believes he is in fact a dog (he fetches, licks, howls and slobbers) so we understand that a house isn’t a home without a pet running about.

    I expect we’ll see some amazing pet-related DIY projects in the days and months to come…

  82. 1.31.12
    Angie said:

    Go Team Mekko! I love Pitts, they are the best block heads ever! you will never have a better friend and her love and sillyness will keep you smiling for the rest of her life.

  83. 1.31.12
    Lee Ann said:

    Congratulations on the new baby! She’s adorable! I’m so glad I checked in with your blog this morning. It’s my oldest pittie’s 12th birthday today. She was a rescue too, & got me started volunteering with Pit Bull rescue. I hope you have as many (& more) happy years with your girl! Welcome to the tribe, it’s so true, people either love us/our dogs, or think we’re crazy. :)

  84. 1.31.12
    CC said:

    Pit bulls are AWESOME dogs. My ex has one named Stewie and he is so much sweeter than my daschund. Pit bulls are so lovely and eager to please. You just have to let them know that you are boss and they will be extremely faithful and loving.

    When I say let them know you are boss, I don’t mean beating them or anything. Seriously, people who beat/abuse dogs have a special place in hell. I just mean let them know you are alpha male by walking in front of them, or whatever that dog whisperer guy tells you to do.

    Congrats on your growing family and don’t be shy with dog photos! I love dog photos!

  85. 1.31.12
    joy said:

    coming out of lurking on my google reader to say CONGRATULATIONS! & my god she is so incredibly beautiful! i live away from my family (and dogs) now in madrid – about as far as you can get without heading to australia, really – and i YEARN for a dog to snuggle. snuggle that beauty again on my behalf!
    also, not sure if one of the previous comments mentioned it, but an awesome blog for pits and their lovers is
    best of luck with the gorgeous new addition to your family!

  86. 1.31.12
    Mom said:

    What a lot of lovely comments you’ve gotten. I think I am coming to realize just how empty my life is without it’s furry inhabitants. While I am not quite ready to take the leap it will no doubt happen again. I will definitely make a rescue. It will have to fit in my purse to be able to travel everywhere with me, so any suggestions from your readers I would find very helpful about their experiences with all that entails. And, my stand with your father is going to have to be “Love me? Love my dog.” That’s the deal.
    Sorry for the second comment on one blog post (a rarity) but other’s comments, and re-reading yours has given me more thoughts.

    • 2.13.12
      Miss T said:

      Love me, love my dog! I love it!!!

  87. 1.31.12

    I love her, I love her, I love her!

    You’re right – Pit Bulls owners are a bunch of crazies that all just get each other. We have one, too – Jack – and he’s the greatest thing in our world. We even have a pittie walking pack on Sundays morning, where all the pits from Chicago walk and boast their little dudes, raising positive awareness.

    Here’s a photo or two, because I’m crazy enough to want to whip out my wallet and show you:


  88. 1.31.12
    Andrew said:

    The joyous irony about adopting from the shelter or rescue is that in saving Mekko’s life, she will ultimately save yours…

    Welcome to the tribe!

  89. 1.31.12

    That’s wonderful – Congratulations! Being an adoptive doggy parent is the best!

  90. 1.31.12
    jbhat said:

    As a cat person through and through, I am as happy for you and Max and Mekko as that allows me to be. : ) I’m thrilled that you got her the way you did.

    I think I have figured out that, for me, it’s the purring that makes me ultimately “prefer” cats–dogs don’t purr when you pet them, and I need that vocal reaction, I guess, to counteract all the disapproval and rejection, as you so aptly put it, that cats so elegantly dole out.


  91. 1.31.12
    jeannette said:

    i know she’s a genius, and so grateful to be HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME. should you ever need the dog whisperer book, this one is it:

    do not NOT fall for cesar the abuser’s line of bullshit. he’s a pig.

    • 1.31.12
      Mom said:

      I also recommend the Monks of New Skete. Great read and very good training techniques.

    • 1.31.12
      Daniel said:

      Thanks, I’ll check it out! (yeah, I have never liked that guy.)

    • 2.1.12
      Janet said:

      I won’t start a debate on Dan’s blog but I have to say it. Cesar Milan is no abuser, that’s just a plain old haters myth. The guy is a dog saviour and if anyone champions pits it’s he.

  92. 1.31.12
    Furpants said:

    Dogs are pure joy. We adopted one similar to Aruba – we refer to her as an albino prancing fawn (surprisingly, we are not gay). Funny thing, she will sometimes try to rip your face off, and she only weighs 6 lbs and is missing most of her teeth. Just sayin’ you can’t tell by the breed. Congrats on your happiness.

  93. 1.31.12
    C. Koo said:

    Another Google Reader lurker here – I just bawled my eyes out (at WORK) after reading this part: “…And then, all at once, all this love has just come into my life, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it all feels pretty damn great.”

    I feel so great that you feel great.

  94. 1.31.12
    lets said:

    Pitts are the most adorable, lovable and loyal dogs ever. Congratulations of your addition.

  95. 1.31.12
    michelle said:

    As a new year resolutions I am commenting on the blogs I love and read.

    Even without the resolution, I knew I had to comment.

    TEARS and TEARS while reading this!!!!

    I am a caregiver to a 11 yo super beagle. (I hate to say owner….feels weird to me)

    I am so happy you have found the missing member to your family.


  96. 1.31.12
    Keely said:

    This post makes me so so happy! Pits make the best (and snuggliest) pets! :) We have two Pit mixes and could not love them more. Congrats to you and Max. Yay!

  97. 1.31.12
    Colin said:

    Ah! Congrats! Mekko is a beaut. I adopted my Wheaten terrier, Cian, shortly after I fell in love with a pair of pit bulls that a colleague brought to work every day. They are such snuggle bears!

    So, the dog parks in the area are: Pier 6, a small run at Columbia Place/State, and Hillside, a huge park on Columbia Heights/Vine St. …and my favorite local pet store is Love Thy Pet @ Union/Henry. I know – no one asked – but some things just need to be shared.

    • 2.1.12
      Daniel said:

      Thank you, Colin! Trying to figure out the dog parks close by is confusing when you’re as bad at the internet/talking to people as me…seriously helpful info! Maybe we’ll run into you and Cian at the doggy park!

      (Oh, please, you know I stalk your dog on Instagram, you ain’t gotta tell me. So cute!)

    • 2.2.12
      Lucy said:

      I really enjoyed reading this and, Congratulations! I see you’ve been bitten by the “pibble/pittie/bully/pit bull love bug!” As a fellow “pit bull tribe member” I’d like to say something for you to keep in the back of your mind when it comes to taking a pit bull to a dog park. Even if your dog is the sweetest, most gentle, loving, non-aggressive dog in the universe, dogs will be dogs and sometimes get into “scuffles” and, even if Mekko didn’t start it, more then likely she will be blamed for it just because she’s a pit bull. I know it’s not fair but until people stop believing all of the media hype and quit hating on pit bulls, it’s something you need to be aware of because it happens! Then of course if somebody, or their dog gets a little scratch, it will turn into a “pit bull attacks dog, and/or human” and the media will take it and run with it adding fuel to the fire. I know, it sucks, but unfortunately it happens!

    • 2.2.12
      Daniel said:

      Yes, you’re very right and we’re trying to be super aware of her training (in and out of the park) before she gets to go off leash and play with other dogs. She’s VERY friendly with other dogs, but I know—she needs to be very well trained for the sake of stupid people. So we’re being cautious, for sure—working very hard on getting good leash control, and trying to get her to SIT under any circumstance, even when other dogs are around. She’s getting better everyday, and we’ve only had her a few!

  98. 1.31.12
    Venus said:

    Congrats! My little girl (Chihuahua) looks a little like Aruba…. but your Pit is beautiful!

  99. 1.31.12
    Wendy said:


    Dogs are pure joy and happiness on 4 legs. But you probably know this, and you will find out more. They can do no wrong. We have (*gulp) 4 beagles – (before anyone says anything else, we are NOT hoarders) and they bring us new defining moments in joy each day.

    All but 1 is a rescue, and that one is the sister of one that we rescued, also from a van from North Shore Animal League.

    Congratulations! Mazel Tov!! She looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

  100. 1.31.12
    CAT said:

    Thank you for bringing LOVE into my life today. This post is truly about LOVE and nothing but. I could not be happier for you. And this post is about HOPE , and that LOVE may be right around the corner. Big HUGS to ALL THREE OF YOU>
    Thanks for sharing

  101. 1.31.12
    court said:

    wow….you summed it up and managed to get my liquid eyeliner running down my face. Congrats on your new addition!

    When I adopted my dog, Higgins, I was a self-proclaimed “tough chick” with a huge chip on my shoulder. I never imagined I could love something SO MUCH….it was overwhelming.

    I always said that I waited my whole life to get a dog and I’m glad that I did. That little mongrel makes my day and stretches my heart in ways that have allowed me to soften and make room for more love.

    So happy for you!

  102. 1.31.12
    KL said:

    Congratulations, and thank you for sharing
    My rescued cat is awesome, and she chose me, just as Mekko chose you to live with. I am convinced this is the best way to come together with the animal members of the family.

  103. 1.31.12
    Christie said:

    Augh! She’s PERFECT! I’m not gonna lie, I got a little nervous there that you might let a checklist get int he way of a dog who HUGGED YOU, but nope, you made the perfect perfect choice. I have a pit-mix and they are literally just the most people-pleasing dogs in the whole wide world. Congratulations! She’s beautiful.

  104. 1.31.12
    livfrugal said:

    I’m jealous. Adorable : )

  105. 1.31.12
    ian said:

    Too bad you couldn’t take both. Mekko is adora-bull. I have 4 dogs, 3 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and 1 Tibetian Spaniel. (one is sitting in the chair with me now watching me type). I only planned on 2. Sigh. I’m going to end up like the old man in Moonstruck with his pack of dogs.

  106. 1.31.12
    Erica W. said:

    Congratulations! Pit bulls are wonderful dogs and really are pure love. Hooray for you all — what a happy family!

  107. 1.31.12
    Anya said:

    What a lucky puppy! Congrats to both of you and your respective parents for the arrival of the new “gran-dogger”!

  108. 1.31.12

    Mekko is freakin awesome, and you can now do alliterations w/Max. So good of you to rescue a pit! I have a mix and 3 more, all different mutts, and spooning with any/all is better/ cheaper then therapy :) Enjoy!!!

  109. 1.31.12
    Marie said:

    Congratulations! What a sweet story. What a cutie! This is what they mean by a dog chooses you! I can’t wait adopt mine too soon :)

  110. 1.31.12
    Gregg said:

    OMG. As a former pit bull owner ( may she R.I.P ) I honestly cannot tell you how lucky you are and how jealous I am. They seriously are great dogs with an undeserved reputation. Congrats…and fair warning but if you let her sleep on the bed she will soon wanna sleep under the covers.

    • 2.1.12
      Daniel said:

      We’ve had her sleeping in her crate at night (AGONY for me, but it’s supposed to be smart or something…), but nap times are all about cuddling under the covers, which is just perfectly fine by me.

  111. 1.31.12
    katie said:

    love her, love her name! we just got a new puppy too (, it’s amazing how quickly they become part of your family!! congrats! dogs are the best!!

    • 2.1.12
      Daniel said:


      I can’t even look at these pictures. I just died. Cute, embodied. omg omg omg omg omg omg can’t breath.

  112. 1.31.12
    RTB said:

    Trouble! Trouble on four legs, I tell you!
    We have an 11-year-old pit bull named Lucy. Besides being sweet and sensitive and a “velcro dog of love” she is also Queen of the Escape Dogs (she has opened a sash window, popped boards out of our fence, knocked screens out of windows, and even – yes- jumped out a two-story window with no apparent ill effects). She now is on a lead or leash at all times, even in the house.
    And yet, she is still The Dog to our two daughters, who grew up with her. Her muzzle is gray up to her eyebrows, and she still does the “happy dance” when I bring our her kibble, the very same little joyous trot that melted my heart all those years ago when I gave her, a 6-month-old puppy who showed up in our yard, a toy from our previous dog.
    Sounds like you got a hug instead, but really, it’s the same story, darn those pit pulls.

  113. 1.31.12
    Meredeth said:

    Congratulations on your beautiful girl! I have been remiss in keeping up with my favorite blogs (Manhattan Nest among many others) so I saw the happy news on Instagram before I read this post. I am so thrilled you went for the Pit Bull and from Sean Casey Rescue, no less! You did a wonderful thing; a really truly wonderful thing. As a long time Pit Bull advocate and owner to 2 of the most amazing Pit Bull Dogs in the world, thank you and Max from the bottom of my heart. That’s 1 less Pit Bull sleeping in a shelter, languishing away from boredom and loneliness. I have no doubt that you and Max will make her a breed ambassador in no time. xo

  114. 2.1.12

    Omgosh. I love you, and though we have not met- trust me, we know each other :-) I am one of the Directors at a Pit Bull type dog Rescue in Los Angeles known as Angel City Pits and the above blog post has made the rounds of all our volunteers and we all LOVE it. Thank you for spreading the love and please do add us to your network. We launch our new website tomorrow and hope to be sharing lots of helpful tips and hints and, of course, stories like these! Take care and CONGRATS :-)

    xo xo xo Stephanie & everyone at Angel City Pit Bulls

  115. 2.1.12
    Annie said:

    I’m so happy to see you adopted a pit bull! They are the best dogs. I almost cried after reading this post. Gotta get the word out about these amazing dogs that are stuck in shelters.

  116. 2.1.12
    Heather said:

    As a Mom to two rescue dogs – Thank you, THANK YOU!! – for opening up your heart and home to a little dog in need. Pitters are consistently given such a bad rep it always breaks my heart. All the ones that I know are the greatest, gentlest, most loving animals. Enjoy your new friend!

  117. 2.1.12
    Janet said:

    You know what they say, you don’t get the dog you want – you get the dog you need.
    Or as I say, your dog will find you :)
    So happy for you guys. Enjoy her!

  118. 2.1.12
    Sean said:

    Daniel, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have thought you are cool. You undertake great projects and your writing is fun.

    Seeing this post, I now see that you are 100% super-awesome.
    Congratulations to the three of you.
    You’ll never have a better companion than a Pittie, although, if Max tries hard, he might be able to keep up!


  119. 2.1.12
    Heidi said:

    I got the link to this from the Sean Casey FB page – AMAZING story and I can totally relate. I got my pit bull Pork Chop from SCAR almost 2 years ago now, and there are no words for the love he has brought into my life. The whole “who rescued whom” thing is really such an apt cliche. So happy for you and Mekko and Max! Enjoy that pittie love, it is very special!

  120. 2.1.12
    Libby said:

    Daniel, I too love dogs, but more importantly: Could not stop thinking of your story when I saw this. Who knows, maybe you’ll recreate it yourself?

  121. 2.1.12
    Cindy said:

    Your post made me cry. I just got a rescued Pit who had been living outside at a neighbor’s house. I was only supposed to be the foster home and did not like them because of their reputation and the fact that they don’t seem very cuddly.

    It’s true, he is like cuddling with a sports car. He’s giant and all angles and muscles but he is a bundle of LOVE. I fell for him and signed adoption papers a few weeks ago.

    He is 90 pounds, destructive and hard to train, but he’s never lived indoors before. He badly wants to be a good dog and we are making progress. What a great dog, so sweet and funny. I can’t believe how maligned they are. What has been done to that breed makes me sick.

    • 2.2.12

      Cindy, please share with us your new boy at My Pit Bull is Family website or FB page….we cannot begin to thank you for the kindness you showed this sweet boy by saving him and giving him a REAL family – pit bulls are such family dogs, they love their people so much!!! We are certain you will be rewarded with more love and loyalty than you could ever have imagined….

  122. 2.1.12
    Joy said:

    Pitties are the best! Congrats on all the happiness in your life!

  123. 2.1.12
    Erin said:

    Congratulations Daniel and Max! Dogs are the best!

  124. 2.1.12
    Dennis Conrad said:

    Pit Bulls are THE BEST dogs ever — I have NEVER known one to be anything but sweet and loving. They are the nicest dogs on earth. CONGRATS !

    I have 2 female Pit Bulls and hope and did not get them “fixed” because we want lots of pups.

    • 2.2.12
      Daniel said:

      While breeding your dogs is certainly a personal decision, I do agree that to truly show your love for your pit AND the breed is to have your pet spayed/neutered.

      There really are SO many dogs in need, with millions euthanized each year, and personally I have a very difficult time seeing any reason to knowingly, intentionally produce more. If somebody really wants one of *your* puppies, refer them to any number of local shelters where I’m sure they can get one (hey! Sean Casey has a couple RIGHT NOW!).

      That aside, spayed dogs tend to live longer and are susceptible to fewer health problems throughout their lives. It’s really a win-win.

      Keeping in the spirit of this blog (and this post, especially), I’d like to request that we keep comments positive and respectful. I’ve deleted all the other responses to this comment (that all said what I have said here), and I’d like to request no more follow-up comments on this particular thread! Thank you!

  125. 2.1.12
    victoria said:

    That is just my dream scenario: walk into a dog rescue, yummy pit bull wraps it’s arms around me, we walk off into the sunset. (And thanks a lot for ruining my mascara ***sniff*** and just as I am on my way to happy hour.)

  126. 2.1.12
    Elizabeth said:

    Adopting my rescue pit was by far the BEST decision ever! she is a loving, cuddly sweet bundle of joy that makes me soooo happy. Enjoy!

  127. 2.2.12
    Mikko said:

    Congratulations! And Mekko, what a great name indeed.

  128. 2.2.12
    Shelley said:

    As a proud member of the pit bull tribe, welcome to the club! You will face a lot of discrimination against her because of her breed which will hurt you a lot more than it will hurt her. But you will also meet so many wise and kind people who truly understand what it means to be the brave and proud owner of one of these precious souls. I’m so in love with my pit it’s physically painful sometimes!

  129. 2.2.12
    Jen said:

    It was so fun meeting you guys! Congratulations on your new family addition! Such a cutie pie.

  130. 2.2.12
    Carrie said:

    If I wasn’t at sitting in my office pretending to work I would be running around in circles for you right now!
    I am one of those pit owners that you speak of! My boy is SNUGGLE BUG, smart as a whip, love love LOVES THE WORLD, and makes me do insane thing like TYPE IN ALL CAPS.
    I have a shepherd/akita mix and she is gorgeous. And refined. And lovely. And I love her very much, she was my first dog as a grown up. She is silly and sweet and was an easy peasy puppy. But Django, the pit mix that can jump almost 6 feet in the air, has destroyed furniture and will attack any piece of trash that blows in our path to protect his mama?! Yeah. Opened my eyes to a whole new bully world that I didn’t know existed.
    Congratulations! Prepare to be loved like never before.

  131. 2.2.12
    Keatra said:

    I knew I liked you and your blog before…especially when I tried Tom Yum based on your recommendation and it was awesome. But now I really like you. Congrats on the new addition to your family! Being a dog owner makes you a part of the best club ever. Yay!

  132. 2.2.12

    Honestly I’m one of those people who are terrified when I see someone with a Pit Pull on the street…but her eyes are killing me! She looks so sweet and thankful! And reading your story made me all teary-eyed!

  133. 2.2.12
    Jean Pennie said:

    Congratulations on finding Mekko; I hope you’ll all have a wonderful life together :)

  134. 2.2.12
    April said:

    THANK YOU so much for publishing this post! My rescue has primarily focused on pitties over years and posts like these just serve to tell the world how wonderful they really are!! Sean Casey is a great guy too!

  135. 2.2.12
    Meite said:

    Irresistible dog face! Congratulations. My parents own a farm in southern Manitoba, and we’ve always had a pit in the house. They make the best dog wuffling noises when they come into bed for cuddles. I had to share these pics of our cuties, Casey , Brenduzela , and our most current, Rosy, affectionately called “Poser” as in Rosy Posy.

  136. 2.2.12
    Coleen said:

    Hi! I saw a link to your blog on Facebook, and this post is fantastic! Mekko is adorable, and so lucky to have found you and Max! Congrats from another human owned by a snuggly pittie who gives great hugs!

  137. 2.2.12
    GA said:

    So happy for you and Mekko! I <3 pit bulls too. I fell in love with them after volunteering to walk dogs at my local shelter. My parents, in another city, went to their shelter and fell in love with them too and have now adopted 2 sweet pitties.

    Thank you for spreading the LOVE :)

  138. 2.2.12
    Anna said:

    Oh my god. That face. I want!

  139. 2.2.12
    Jessica said:

    This is just fab! You’re in the club! Yes, us pit bull owners know something that others don’t but I love when people realize what they’re missing out on! Congrats.

  140. 2.2.12
    Jessica B said:

    This made me cry. When my beloved pit bull Piglet died, I was certain I would never be able to open my heart that wide again. Two weeks later a rescue I work with BEGGED me to take this tiny pit bull in as a foster. I hemmed and hawed but eventually relented. She was a foster for about six minutes before she was 150% my most beloved little spoon. Ruby is the light of my life. If I had my way I would carry her in a baby Bjorn so she could be with me always.
    If you don’t fall madly in love with her immediately; I immediately think less of you.

    A pit bull saved my soul TWICE. My husband and I have a policy that our home will ALWAYS have at least one rescued pit bull in it at all time.

    Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to have so much love in my life.

  141. 2.2.12
    sg said:

    You are one of us crazy pit bull people now. Welcome to our pack and congrats! Pitbulls are the best huggers.

  142. 2.2.12
    Anastasia said:

    I’m part of that tribe of crazy people you mentioned. I LOVE my pit. He’s the best dog I have ever owned and I’ll talk about how fantastic pits are all day if someone lets me (most people don’t, unless they, too, own a pit). He’s 70lbs of snuggle and I can’t imagine owning any other kind of dog.

    Mekko is a very lucky (and beautiful dog)!

  143. 2.2.12
    Kymberli Z. said:

    Your sweet baby looks so much like my Jack! Thanks for sharing your story. I got to cry happy tears at work today :)

  144. 2.2.12
    Mona said:

    I have a Rott named Sam and he is soon to have an addition to the house is the form of a a little itty bitty Pitty…….she is white with black and 8 weeks old and Sally is her name. Sam has bet her and is in love… am I…… Congrats on your new addition. Pitts are the lovers…

  145. 2.2.12
    Jenn said:

    God you really made my day with this post. Seriously one of the greatest LOVE stories ever. Our two babies are rescues and I work with a local rescue (friendly dog walker) on weekends. You could not have done a more beautiful thing than you did and you are obviously already reaping such GYNORMOUS rewards. She’s absolutely perfectly beautiful! Mazal!

  146. 2.2.12
    Rebecca said:

    Welcome to our world!! We own Beau, a pit bull/American bulldog mix and we are fostering our sweet girl, Luna, who is all white with beautiful green eyes! She is all fattened up, spayed and spoiled rotten to the core…ready for her fur-ever home! We would definitely keep her…but we wouldn’t be able to save another! Your story made me cry with happy tears!! Have a long, happy life!

  147. 2.2.12
    Marcy said:

    Wonderful writing, mate. As a card-carrying member of the Tribe 3x over, I so utterly understand. Yeah, they really are that awesome. And they are 100% effective idiot repellent, which is not to be undervalued.

  148. 2.2.12
    Erin said:

    Congratulations on joining the Tribe!! Welcome to you and yours!! :-) I am also a BIG Flag waving member. You have just made my day. Thank you for your beautiful story!

  149. 2.2.12
    Waynette said:

    Love you, love the story, love everything! We are like minded Pit Bull owners! My husband says that having a conversation with me sounds like, “Dog, dog, dog, dog, dog!”

  150. 2.2.12
    Isabelle said:

    Wow it’s incredible how the sweet puppy in the pics looks exactly like my Kali!!! I was stunned :)

  151. 2.2.12
    Katharine Geary said:

    “Oftentimes it’s just cats, which are great if you like neglect and disapproval.”


  152. 2.2.12
    Anita said:

    I saw a link to your post on facebook and it really hit home. You are right, us pit owners LOVE other pit owners. I so so so excited for you and your new addition! My pit is the beeest snuggler in the world. Before I met the love of my life I had come down to the realization that I would be totally fine alone because at least I had someone to snuggle with at night. Congrats!

  153. 2.2.12
    Katharine Geary said:

    Now that you are a card carrying member of the pitbull owner and enthusiasts club, you must have these handy links.



    the PAWESOME stats on American Pit Bull Terriers at

    Here’s a great article on one lady’s 1st experience owning a pit;

    Great story, thanks for sharing. <3

  154. 2.2.12
    Kirsten said:

    YAY. This is so sweet. Brings back memories: I used to wander around Lower Manhattan petting random dogs when I was a student at NYU. The most adorable pit bull named ‘Girl’ (inventive, I know), lived in my building and I LOVED her. Seeing her made my day, and with her immense charm she made me feel the opposite was true, too. Then I moved to Australia, where pit bulls are pretty much banned. [Arg. All you have to do is look at them– they are adorable.] Can’t wait to move back to the USA later this month, to the promise of Pit Bull Love. ;)
    Congrats on your happy family. :D

  155. 2.2.12
    Gloria Griffin said:

    OMG I’m sitting here sobbing…I’m you…we are one in the same…wishing you and your beautiful family much happiness…I’m sooooo fucking happy for you all…and I’d buy that fucking card…without a doubt…

  156. 2.2.12
    Noelle said:

    Welcome to the tribe!!! Brace yourself for years of snuggles, love and sheer happiness. I own a pibble, adopted her a year ago on Christmas after my last pitbull died of cancer. I am sold on the breed, I’ve never had a dog hug me before I owned a pitbull and all of the pibbles I know hug like they don’t want to stop. I’m so happy for you and again welcome to the tribe. The good thing is there are a bunch of tribal members in New York. I’ve moved to Colorado where unfortunately due to BSB pitbulls are banned in Denver, so I moved to a different town and adopted my pitbull. Thank you for getting the word out about this wonderful breed. Everytime someone writes something positive about a pibble, misconceptions are broken and hopefully more people consider adopting one of these wonderful dogs. Here’s to many years of happy pitbull parenthood.

  157. 2.2.12
    Rhonda Cheavacci said:

    U R Right On!!!!! They are the most loving, smart and cuddly loyal dogs. We love our Pit Bailey. Mekko is a beauty! You are so right about other pit owners loving to talk about other pit owners so we can share how wonderful they are. I used to be one of those terrorized. But have totally turned. Love everything about your article! Good Luck with Mekko your all lucky 2 have eachother!

  158. 2.2.12
    Amber said:

    I LOVE THIS POST! Mekko is absolutely, positively perfect. And she did a GREAT job when she picked you two out. They do that, you know. Set their sites on you and then you have no choice but to comply.

    The same type of thing happened to me. We weren’t looking for another dog. But THEN we happened to be at a store where they were having an adoption fair and this little skinny bully girl plopped herself down in my lap, looked in my eyes, and said, “I’ve picked you. Take me home.” So I did.

    And then she made me give her her own blog. It just never ends.

    Congratulations to all three of you!

  159. 2.2.12
    Annika said:

    Oooo! This post made me so happy! And reading it made me liking you even more than I did before – it was possible, yes! One reason the dog-thing made me so happy is that for once I don’t have to be jealous about the animal situation – me and my boy just gave up being renters and bought a tiny house. So now I can finally get a cat. Hell, I’m getting two. Sometime in the future there’ll be dogs, but now cats. I’m thinking a ragdoll. Oh, and just to keep up the Hallmark feeling – here is some extra love from Norway! XOXOXO

  160. 2.2.12
    Giggler said:

    Great blog, I smiled like an idiot all through reading it because I am a crazy pitbull/dog (now cat too) lady.

    Mekko reminds me so much of Roxy, you need to see the videos – I’ve never met this dog but I am in love with her:

  161. 2.2.12

    Congratulations Dan and family! Welcome to the tribe…please come to the My Pit Bull is Family FB page or website and see how this side LIVES…with kiddies and kitties and other dogs and FAMILY. Thank you for adopting a precious life…you are on your way to being a crazy pit bull person like the rest of us! ; )

  162. 2.2.12
    Kathy said:

    BEST post I have read in EVER!
    PS: I was sure I would end up with a Pit Bull, but ended up with a Chihuahua instead and feel like I need to explain to people why she is a Chihuahua, so I can still be part of the Pit Bull loving crazy club!

  163. 2.2.12

    Found you because of “My Pit Bull is Family.” And as a totally over the top MOPBT (to bastardize a phrase), I cried like a baby reading this. Your girl is wonderful and special and beautiful and perfect. Thank you for following your heart, you’ll never ever regret it. I know I thank my beautiful girl Stella every day for coming into my life.

  164. 2.2.12
    Hope (Portland, OR) said:

    Congratulations on your adorable dog, she is beautiful! I’m proud to say that I love those “pit bull hugs” as well, from our sweet adopted dog Sparky. If you are in Portland again soon, please come for a walk with the Portland Pit Bull Project :)

  165. 2.2.12
    Harlee Cole said:

    I truly wish you, Max and Mekko, all the love and happiness! I also adopted two shelter dogs, one a beagle mix and one beagle! There is a special place for those who can see love in an unwanted pet. I really wish that here in Toronto, Canada that we can see past the breed and just see a dog in need. We have the breed specific ban on Pit-Bulls and it is something that I can’t believe that we as dog loving city supported.
    I hope that your experience will help change that negative point of view for all Bully Breeds!


  166. 2.2.12
    Maria said:

    Congratulations on the beautiful new addition to your family and welcome to the wonderful, rewarding world of pitbulls! Some people just don’t get it. I’m so glad that you do. Thank you for saving a life and for sharing your wonderful story. We need more people like you. Mekko is gorgeous! I have a pit named Max and other than the fact that he is all white, he looks just like her. I’m so glad that she has her forever home with a wonderful family that will spoil her rotten. Best wishes!

  167. 2.2.12
    Kat said:

    Best post ever. I love when a cursing, cynical sarcastic soul like my own is brought down by a wiggly puppy. I have my first little pittie girl too, she just turned 2 and is a nut job but the best cuddler ever. Also AMAZING with my almost 16 year old cats, so don’t count one out. Almost every pit bull I know lives with a cat. I got my little girl from animal control because she was the most gentle of all the dogs I met with my older (now 12.5) mix dog. She has given him a second childhood. Good luck and Congrats.

  168. 2.2.12

    Congrats! She is gorgeous, and I think you have said it so well. I used to believe all the pitbull hype, and when I went to adopt my own dog I said I didn’t want anything that had even an ounce of pitbull. Then at the adoption event I met my Miss M and I realized…I had never met a pitbull in real life and I didn’t know how amazing they really were. Since then, it has become our thing to take the dogs around the city and when people meet them they are often surprised that these are what pitbulls are really like. And just check out how much attention they had at last year’s Pride Parade:
    And even though we do have 2 pitties, and the occasional foster, we didn’t have to compromise our home and we still have white furniture and flowers on the table.

  169. 2.2.12
    jenn said:

    Great story – this was forwarded to me by a friend! We must be living in a parallel universe. Our family just adopted a pit bull mix, and our story is very similar to yours. We wanted a big dog (ideally Irish Wolfhound) since we have so much space out in the country…and we just love big dogs. We decided to adopt through a rescue group, and went to a meet & greet to get to know another dog who was supposed to be big – but turned out to be a little 14 pounder. After walking him around and talking, we decided he wasn’t for us. Feeling let down, we went to hang out and pet their other adoptable dogs. The sweetest “boxer mix” (what they called her) looked me straight in the eyes, so I got down to pet her. She wrapped her big strong paws around me in what I could only describe as a hug, and kissed me all over. I just couldn’t believe this sweet doggie hadn’t been adopted, but they told me no one had shown any interest in her since they’d had her. She went on to hug my husband and two kids…and after that we were all hooked. Olive wasn’t the dog I had in mind, and she wasn’t what I would consider a “good looking” dog. But she was the right dog for us. We adopted her two weeks ago, and we know that we have found the perfect new member of our family. She would spend all day in our laps if she could. I wish all three of you many years of sweet doggie hugs ahead of you!

  170. 2.2.12
    Caroline said:

    I love this blog! Warms my heart so much, aren’t all dogs SO unbelievably perfect? So happy you adopted. My dream is to adopt a pit bull!! They really are amazing. Congrats! Im jealous, in the best way possible of course. xox

  171. 2.2.12

    I LOVE YOU GUYS AND MEKKO!! I couldn’t be happier for you! And I want to live with you. Well anyone who loves pit bulls that much…because I happen to be the biggest fan. Please Like our FB page, The Positive Pit Bull. We would absolutely love to see/hear more about Mekko!!! I love you!! Congratulations!

  172. 2.2.12
    MichelleQ said:

    Mekko is gorgeous and I am so happy for you! My Pit Bull Chloe sends tons of sloppy kisses!

  173. 2.2.12
    Elizabeth said:

    Welcome to the club. I have a rescued Pretty Pittie Princess, Girlfriend and her faithful sidekick, the amazing Nash Monster. 10 yrs and 8 yrs. They are all love and light. Many happy years to you.

  174. 2.2.12
    Gigi said:

    Ahh…you’ve gone and done it now! Fall in love with a Pit and you’re ruined for any other breed!! I’m head over heels for my Baylor and my little foster, Casey Sparkles! And I still grieve the loss of my sweet Lulu…

    Welcome to the world of endless love and belly rubs, Mekko!! Congratulations to all of you!

  175. 2.2.12
    RuthieJ said:

    OMG! Marimekko is almost an identical twin to my Holly — esp. that last pic where she’s laying on her side with her ear flipped up.
    Congratulations! I hope you’re as happy with your pibble girl as we are with Holly.

  176. 2.2.12
    Peggy Sue Leifer said:

    Thank you on behalf of Jim Sak, Peggy Leifer and Snickers our service dog which the town of Aurelia, Iowa tried to take away from us. If you love pitties, check in and support the Animal Farm Foundation in upstate New York.

  177. 2.2.12
    Marlowe said:

    What an absolutely fantastic story. We have 2 rescue Pit Bulls Lady and Spike. We are crazy about them. Pit owners are a special breed of people who want to stand up for their furry children and protect them from those who just don’t understand. Enjoy your baby!

  178. 2.2.12
    Kim said:

    You are so right! Pit Bull owners LOVE other Pit owners. I am always overly excited to see someone walking with a Pit. I adopted my second one, Daisy, a little over 2 years ago. I also have 4 Dachshunds. Somehow, my life feels incomplete without a Pit Bull to share it with. Welcome to the “club.”

  179. 2.2.12
    Lindsey said:

    I’m one of those crazy pit people (and you’re pretty dead on in that description, by the way…) who came across this post through another rescue. Absolutely love everything about it, and am so glad for you guys and your new puppy! Sounds like a happy, happy family and it’s obvious that Mekko will be totally loved and adored. Best blog post I’ve read in awhile, thanks for the laughs!!
    Lindsey, Fellow Pit Lover from CO

  180. 2.2.12
    lynda butler said:

    Great story…Pits are so misunderstood..they are dogs…and the more you put into training, the smarter they are. I just have a houseful of spoilt’ Dogs…one Boxer/Lab ( great mix) and 2 Scottish terriers…we just lost our beloved Greyhound, Scarlett
    …Spoil your dog, love your dog and you’ll have a friend for life.

  181. 2.2.12
    Wendy said:

    My pitbull girl picked me out the same way. You made me cry.. cause you know.. every time a pitbull gets adopted some flippin angel gets their wings :P

    I was looking at a dalmation puppy… and leaned a hand on a kennel across from the dal .. and a warm head tentatively leaned on my hand.. and it was all over.

    A year later we got another dog.. I planned on another pibble… but this time this giant Akita caught our attention… he’s a pain in the ass… he loves us.. but he also shows it on his own schedule… and he holds a grudge.. clean his ears and he doesn’t talk to us for days.. the pitbull… humiliate her at the vet taking a “sample” and she just wags her tail and licks your face and trusts that her human will NEVER NEVER NEVER do anything wrong to her.. god help these damn dogs.. cause they’ll do anything for their humans… and THAT’S why they’re always in trouble….

    Congrats.. I’m glad you got the hallmark card… tears of joy are merited :)

  182. 2.2.12
    Ivy said:

    What a wonderful, wonderful story! I have two pittie mixes that are the loves of my life, and I truly feel there is no better dog (NONE!) Stranger and Maggs say “Thank you for saving one of our kind! Pitties kick ass!”

    I hope you have a long, happy, snuggly, smile-filled life together!

  183. 2.2.12
    Clara said:

    I love how you describe pit bull owners: “It’s like this weird tribe of crazy people who know something that seems to have been lost on so many otherwise smart, dog-loving, educated people: Pit Bulls are great dogs.” It’s totally true. We’re all bonded somehow. Welcome to the club. Mekko looks a LOT like my Wallace. Different nose, but same body markings.

  184. 2.2.12
    alaina said:

    I love this story. I am a new pitbull owner and I can’t believe I waited this long to get one. My Cash totally completes my life.

  185. 2.2.12
    Abigail said:

    The same thing happened to me. They are the best dogs!

  186. 2.2.12
    oiroy said:

    like you i’ve always had a dog growing up. sometimes as many as six! leaving home and living on my own i didn’t have a pet and home just didn’t really felt like “home”. i got a french bulldog last april, his name is merlin. he was a shit disturber for the longest time. chewed the original 1968 vinyl upholstery on one of my dining chairs, peed on one of my sheepskin throws, and gnawed on the arm rest of my teak sofa, amongst the countless other devilish things he’s done. but even through all that i couldn’t wait to get home and take him to the park and chase each other around. i’m proud to say that he’s finally over being a gremlin and i am totally, spectacularly happy having him in my life. it’s too cold up here in toronto so we can’t spend as much time outdoors. so now we just play hide and seek inside the apartment and like your puppy, he’s a giant cuddler so we’re always taking weekend naps on the sofa with the busted up, chewed up armrest. congratulations on mekko!

  187. 2.2.12
    Alyssa Winters said:

    Just wondering if you are looking to adopt a human as well? Oh and a human that comes with an amazing pit herself named Walley?? Just kidding! Seriously though I am so happy that I found a link to your blog, your story truly made my day. It’s so refreshing to hear HAPPY news! Congrats to your family!

  188. 2.2.12
    Petunia said:

    Yes! Shared. I love being a granny with a pit bull. When we walked into the post office this morning, dog gave her usual growl/howl greeting, tail wagging, ears perky, looking for love. Everybody shrank away. Mothers pulled their children close. Men stood with feet apart, chests puffed up, ready to protect. The clerk rolled her eyes. Don’t tell, but this dog is scared of the dark, loud noises, and tipped over trash cans. But, like all pit bulls, she’s your instant best friend. Thanks for a great story.

  189. 2.3.12
    Lisa said:

    You used “kerfuffle” and “snorgling” in the same post, so you certainly have a fan for life in me. Pit bulls are the absolute best dogs. Congratulations on your family addition. She is stunning. And I love the name. My pibble Cooper would lick her lips on the first date… and get away with it. Much happiness to you all.

  190. 2.3.12
    lise said:

    what a wonderful story! i too have accepted pit bulls in my life, and my life has never been the same. your mekko looks like my baby bindi, and my milla. both of my girls changed my life merely by being in it. owning a pit bull, excuse me, belonging to a pit bull is life changing…for the better. as for people being afraid of them, people are stupid. i have always had pits and chihuahuas together and people have always stuck their faces in my chihuahuas faces without asking and run from my pit bulls. ironically, my pit bulls will love you to death, and my chocolate chihuahua will eat your face… all people see is cute little chih, they don’t stop to think about what might be going on in her mind. love your pibble, spoil her, pass her love on to others… :)

  191. 2.3.12
    amanda f said:

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing :)

    Welcome to the crazy Pit Bull owner “tribe” as you so eloquently put it. We are privy to the love and affection that a Pittie offers whole-heartedly. But I’m always SO happy to hear when another person has taken the “chance” on a Pit Bull and reaps all of those cuddly rewards.

    May your new family enjoy years of heart warming moments together<3

  192. 2.3.12
    Denise said:

    First of all, congrats on the new addition to your family!!! Kuddos to you for the wonder decision that you made in giving a pittie a chance. Just like you said, I’m one of those pitbull owners who LOVES other pitbull owners (but only the responsible ones who trully care for the breed). Pitbulls are one of the smartest breeds, and they are sooo loving.
    By the way, Mekko is soooo photogenic. My first pitbull, her name was Princesa, HATED pictures. I had to take about 75 pictures each time to be able and get a good one. Reading your story touched me because just about everything that you have mentioned about Mekko reminds me of my Princesa. She also had some rancid farts, LOVED to cuddle, and pooped a lot. I lost her last year to cancer and it was like I lost a child. I thought that I wasn’t gonna be able and live through the pain, but I did. I have a new pitbull now, and she’s so darn cute and smart, but yet so different from Princesa. LOL… I don’t know what to make of their personality, she’s just nuts!
    I know Mekko was meant to be for you and that’s why she didn’t end up in the “To Be Destroyed” list with the NYC Animal Care and Control. About 90% of the dogs that they destroy every single day are pitbulls. And, to make it worst, a lot of them very healthy and friendly. That shit break my heart, I think I cry just about everyday when I read their stories!
    Bes of luck with Mekko!!! <3
    P.S… Don't feel like you're alone, I'm a dog stalker too!! LOL

  193. 2.3.12

    I loved this blog! I grew up with cats and I’m still a crazy cat lady–a few years ago my partner wanted to adopt a dog, so we visited the shelter in Ukiah, CA. He ended up adopting a pit bull/American Bulldog mix–she is MY BABY!!! My partner is away for a while, and our pit bull has been living with me for almost 2 years now. She is the most wonderful “person” in the whole world–as I read your blog I was laughing because of how much I could relate to your descriptions–pit bulls are the biggest lovers on earth, making their sensationalized false reputations all the more heartbreaking. My girl LOVES cats, other dogs (especially smaller dogs!), and especially loves children–I’ve brought her babysitting with me on several occasions. Pit Bulls are the best dogs in the world–PERIOD! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!! :)

    And yes, we are a crazy little tribe of pit bulls lovers, aren’t we? I always get SUPER excited when I see other pit bulls–just gotta say hi!!

  194. 2.3.12
    6 Pit Owner said:

    Animal Farm Foundation just posted your blog on FB and I have to say I laughed and I cried. Thank you for making the choice to adopt her, you guys made a great choice and she will re-pay you with a love like you have never known. I love hearing happy endings and this one made my day.

  195. 2.3.12
    Greer Goings said:

    Hello there-

    I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say from one crazy pittie parent to another, ‘Welcome to the pittie party!!!”. I have a sweet, sweet, pittie girl named Daisy who is the light of my life:)

    Check out my friend’s blog, Two Pitties in the City (

    We have a group of pittie owners here in Chicago called SociaBulls (!/ChicagoSociaBulls) that get together every week for a group walk….maybe you can start your own Brooklyn chapter!


  196. 2.3.12
    PattM said:

    So true Pit owners love other Pit owners! I love my Pit, Lexi, beyond all reason. She is the best cuddler and so loving and giving. Mekko is beautiful–that face! Oh, and the big slobbery kisses!! Hope to see more of her on the blog!

  197. 2.3.12
    joanie hoffman said:

    Don’t you just love that “this so right” feeling! Congratulations on all your loves!

  198. 2.3.12
    Bucky said:

    Congratulations! If I ever see her on the street I’ll ask her to hug me too. One of my dogs is from Sean Casey Animal Rescue as well and, (in addition to stalking dogs I meet on the street) I have a bad habit of scrolling through their profiles on Sean’s website. Torture… but I am so glad that this pretty princess found a family and I’m sure Aruba will find a loving home soon too.

    I think all people who really love dogs have to love pitts the most…they’re bursting with every great doggie quality – all the greatest dog-friends I have are some sort of bully type.

    Your post reminded me of this other happy SCAR pittie adoption I read about recently:

  199. 2.3.12
    kmkat said:

    My son and his fiance got a pit bull pup (8 months old) last summer. Percy is the sweetest creature on the face of the earth. His only goal in life is to clean every face on the planet with his tongue. I am happy for you!

  200. 2.3.12
    adele said:

    So sweet! Congratulations to you all! If I lived in New York I would scoop little Fawn-Aruba in a new york minute. I’m sure your post will encourage someone to adopt that sweet face.

    Isn’t it nice when all the stars align, and we’re present enough to realize the beauty of that moment? :) I feel happy for you and I don’t even know you!

  201. 2.3.12
    Sun said:

    I bawled like a baby reading this blog — thanks a lot! I’m from San Francisco and the mommy to two rescue chihuahua-terrier mixes. One is the best dog ever, and the other is, um, my “special-needs child” but don’t get me wrong: I love them both like crazy.

    When I was looking to adopt dogs, I quickly noticed that the choices in shelters and rescues here in northern CA basically boiled down to two breeds: chihuahuas (and chihuahua mixes), and pit bulls (and pit bull mixes). I knew I wanted a smaller dog for practical reasons, so I adopted my first dog Lily, then a couple of months later, I offered to foster another chihuahua-terrier puppy, and ended up adopting her after 3 weeks.

    I was blithely oblivious of pitties until I became a dog parent and started to encounter and notice them EVERYWHERE in San Francisco. It’s been my interaction with pitties at the dog parks and other public areas that has made me realize what gentle creatures they are and how false and inaccurate the reputation that they’ve been saddled with. I couldn’t agree with you more that the best thing you can do is to spay or neuter your pet and to adopt a pet from your local shelter or agency. Three to four million animals are “destroyed” every year in this country — it’s heartbreaking — and completely unnecessary. “Don’t buy, rescue” has become my motto.

    I do have a teeny-tiny quibble with your post. I’d argue that my Lily is the biggest (OK, she’s not so big, she’s only 13 lbs.) snuggler in the world. When my husband is home and sprawled out on the chaise, she settles herself along his “lap crack” or spoons up against his side with her head on his lap or chest. Once he was sitting near her bed with his legs crossed. Lily curled up on her bed and fell asleep with her head lying against his foot. Do you see a pattern here? She’s most definitely a “Daddy’s girl” despite the fact that I do all the doggy care while he’s at work.

    Thanks again for the wonderful story.

  202. 2.3.12
    Sarah said:

    THANK YOU for sharing this humorous and totally relatable tale. I run the site FosterDogsNYC, and am always appreciative of good writers who make dog adoption articles positive and upbeat. Takes a real glass-half-full kinda guy. Keep up the good work!

  203. 2.4.12
    Scott said:

    You got in to the groove real fast and I am proud of you guys for that…I read every posting and you handled every concern like old time pitbull lovers. I rescued my Lester from The Orange County shelter 2 hours before he was to be killed (I don’t use any other term for the taking of a dogs life unless terminally ill), he was only 8 weeks old with mange an easily cured skin condition the shelter would not try to treat simply because he was a pitbull…pitbulls are put to death before any other breed. I tell you this because now that you are part of the “tribe” it does come with a responsibility you will learn to love which is to educate those who wish us harm and defend your right to love your loved one…a noble thing as noble as the pitbull is. Mekko is a beautiful pibble with the soul as precious as any humans, that I know in my heart…your doing all the right things for her and in return get ready for the love no other breed can match…I do love all dogs and all animals for that matter but pitties are different…they just are.

  204. 2.5.12
    Yazz said:

    The sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time. Good luck to you and your beautiful girl. <3

  205. 2.5.12

    ” And then, all at once, all this love has just come into my life, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it all feels pretty damn great.”

    actually crying real tears. because i am THAT over-emotional. congrats, y’all make a great family!

  206. 2.5.12
    Dennis Conrad said:

    Oh yes I Agree with you ! We will neuter our boy after the puppies arrive ! I too feel it is my duty as a responsible person!

  207. 2.5.12
    Dennis Conrad said:

    Puppies ! (LOVE)

  208. 2.5.12
    Dennis Conrad said:

    oh and spray dottie and harriet (our boy is my mother’s dog)

  209. 2.5.12
    Dennis Conrad said:

    but we really want puppies from Dottie. They will not be abandoned or euthenized. we have a large family.

  210. 2.6.12

    I love her….soooo cute, and very good photos of her too! Your story brought tears to my eyes as I sat here crunching on my morning toast…especially the comment about how now there is so much love in your life. Congratulations on finding your love and including the new addition to your little family!!

  211. 2.6.12

    Someone just sent me this post because I cannot stop talking about my pit bull puppy. Duh. CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition! She is beautiful. Good luck with the hard parts (turns out dogs have those, even when you love them to death); the good parts are so worth all of it. And hooray for pit bull owners who want to talk obsessively forever to other pit bull owners… I am definitely one of those.

  212. 2.6.12

    Welcome to the crazy family of pitbull parents! Nothing like them in the whole wide world. I’d shake your hand, but then I couldn’t pet my dog.

  213. 2.6.12
    LP said:

    I was alerted to this post by a fellow dog lover and I AM SO HAPPY! this is the best thing I have ever read in any blog, anywhere, I think. I, too, am a dog stalker. I LOVE dogs SO MUCH! I had an amazing wonderful dog for many years and I miss him every day. after he died I started volunteering at my local shelter where I got to know many wonderful pit bulls…maybe I will be so lucky as to have one someday. Mekko looks like a sweet thing; congratulations to you all on finding each other!

    I am now in the process of reading your entire blog…it is amazing. if I lived anywhere near NYC I would insist on us being friends. thanks so much for sharing your kick-ass-ness here on the internets

  214. 2.6.12
    Nicole said:

    A fb friend (and a pitbull owner) recently posted an article about the crazy people who pet other people’s dogs. I cringed as yes, that is totally me. And so, MORE PUPPY PICS! MORE!

  215. 2.7.12
    Kylie said:

    Once youv’e had a dog there is never any going back! How interesting that you have ‘adoption vans’. Here in Hobart (capital of Tasmania – smallest state of Australia) we have the Dogs Home. We have 2 dogs, both from the Dogs Home. My son, who is 5, likes to tell people that his Dad went to the Dogs Home and asked for the ugliest dog they had and so we got Ugly Doug. He is ugly with a capital U but he’s our ugly & he’s fantastic & so is our other dog Sandy. Sandra & Douglas, they don’t have very vivid imaginations at the Dogs Home.

  216. 2.7.12

    loveliest thing i’ve read all day. congratulations : )

  217. 2.7.12
    kory said:

    First I was just happy there was a new post… but now I’m crying <3
    Dogs are pure love, I'm so happy for you :)

  218. 2.7.12
    bSquared said:

    Crazy Pitty owner reporting in.. AMG I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

    She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on your new girl!

  219. 2.7.12

    Sometimes I ignore my email for days (yes. i know.) so I have RSS feeds to catch up on. I skim skim skim over them, but when I have one from Manhattan Nest, I scroll down and click “Read More”. It opens in a new window and I go back to skimming over the rest. When I’m done, I close my mail window and have a browser window all ready for me, full of design, hilarity, organization, retro-fitting Ikea products and, today, dogs and happiness. You’re so good. I’m so happy for every person (and puppy) in your and Max’s fabulous apartment. Well donel!!!!!

  220. 2.7.12
    Charlotte said:

    So, so happy for you guys and the adorable Mekko. I love dogs too and grew up with Boxers, English bulldogs and pugs. Man, I miss having a dog! :-(

  221. 2.7.12
    Holland said:

    Mekko is so smart to have fallen in love with you and Max.

    But adorable Aruba the Fawn still awaits her person. Adoption info here (paste whole link in browser):

  222. 2.7.12
    querencia said:

    this post made me cry. i don’t even like to cry when i’m happy. it was the face.

  223. 2.8.12
    Jes said: You captured the supreme bliss of being a dog lover here. I grew up not being allowed to own dogs, and I knew very young that it was NOT how I was supposed to live. My first dog/pit ever was the love of my life. She was an amazing smart, trouble, sassy, devoted friend.
    Have fun with your pup. I’m glad she picked you.

    (Here was my girl)

  224. 2.8.12
    Elaine said:

    Delurking because dogs rule. Your Mekko reminds me of how our “There’s Pit in there somewhere” mutt,Mable wormed her way into our hearts by leaning against her SPCA cage so we could properly appreciate her flubbiness. She was abused and practically feral,so she required lots of positive training and daily threats to stick her on Craigslist (not under “pets”, but on “free stuff”)-JK! Three years later we can’t imagine life w/o her. If I’m away from her for a few hours I start thinking about smooshing my face into her soft,soft fur.Good luck w/ your baby-spoil her rotten(so many cool dog products out there). Ps. I see your hyrax and raise you a VISCACHA

  225. 2.8.12
    Helene said:

    I came across this blog from the Animal Farm Foundation website – I’m on the board of Out of the Pits – a pitbull rescue in upstate NY and am owned by two wonderful pitbull rescues. Congratulations on your girl and on letting the world know in a fantastic manner what great dogs the pitbulls are!!! I wish you many happy and rewarding years w/Mekko. And I thank you for helping to “convert” others!!!

  226. 2.9.12
    Meg said:

    I love this story!!
    Your baby is adorable. She looks like she has nothing but love for you <3
    I too just got a dog with my partner and its amazing how much we feel like a family. I too was a crazy stalker dog girl. Now that Mochi is in my life, I feel complete.
    P.S. – Yay for adopting a pittie! :)

  227. 2.9.12
    Jenn said:

    You do realize that this means regular puppy updates don’t you? None of this “when-ever you can” bullshit. We LOVE her now and will need regular stories!!!!

  228. 2.11.12
    Sara said:

    A little late to the party, but congrats! I am so happy for you and Max and Mekko! We adopted a pit bull/mastif mix almost a year ago. He might be the happiest boy around (so long as there are no cats, other dogs or falling leaves). Lots of training to learn to be a good boy. But he loves snuggles and belly rubs. I am really glad you guys decided to adopt a pit. There are so many of them that never find forever homes.

  229. 2.13.12
    melissa said:

    So sorry to say this, but I think it is a bad, selfish idea. A huge dog, a small apartment with no yard and two people who probably have really busy schedules. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. I am waiting for the next post with a destroyed apartment.

    • 2.13.12
      Daniel said:

      If you’re really that sorry to say it and did anyway, maybe you are a bad, selfish person?

      I’d like to point out that you’re basing this on a lot of assumptions about my life, the most ridiculous of which is your implication that I somehow haven’t thought this through and am taking the responsibility of dog ownership lightly. As it happens, Mekko has two doting fathers who have talked endlessly about getting a dog and weighed seriously the extent to which it would affect our lives and made adjustments accordingly. She goes on more than enough walks a day, has frequent opportunities to run, play, and socialize, is fed properly and consistently, and has received appropriate medical care. She is happy, well-adjusted, and seems to have had no problem acclimating to our “busy schedules” (note: not too busy schedules, but who doesn’t consider themselves “busy”?) or lack of private outdoor space or multiplicity of rooms.

      There isn’t one singularly superior way to raise a dog, and I find your comment not only rude to me personally, but to most urban-dwelling dog owners who are in similar living situations. Unless you really think that people in cities shouldn’t own dogs (which is a whole different issue, and sounds like one you don’t understand), then I don’t understand your impulse in targeting me as unfit to care for an animal (who, it should really go without mentioning at this point, would have spent an untold number of months cooped up in a cage had these two apparently selfish city-dwellers not come along and taken her home.). At the end of the day, dogs are pack animals who benefit from stability, safety, proper care, and the security that they have a place within a larger social context—their people. We’re her people now, and I think she’s doing just fine. But what do I know? Please, tell me how miserable she is, I’d love to know.

      This blog and what you read on it is one fairly small aspect of my life among many, and, for lack of better words—you don’t know me. You don’t know my life or how I spend my time or who I spend it with. If I’ve given the impression that you’re in a position to judge me as if you know the details of my existence, I very much apologize. You are not.

      You are right that not all people should own dogs, I just don’t know where you get off telling me that I personally shouldn’t own this dog. Oh, and if you’re waiting on that post, I hope you have something exciting to keep you occupied in the meantime. Mekko hasn’t destroyed anything in our apartment.

    • 2.13.12

      well said.


    • 2.13.12

      Hey Melissa, could you please give me the square footage of Daniel’s and Max’s apartment, along with the details of their daily schedules? I’m curious, because I know Daniel pretty well and don’t even know those things myself.

      While you’re at it, maybe you could detail exactly how much indoor space Pit Bulls need, as well as how much time they should spend outdoors every day.

      Then we’ll have all of the facts on the table and we can look at REALITY instead of just making a bunch of assumptions based on…well, based on nothing.

      Thanks in advance!

    • 2.13.12
      melissa said:

      Thanks Anne for the comment. To me it is a very simple equation: no yard = sucks for dog when parents are away.

      For the record, I am a dog lover!

    • 2.13.12

      Wait… you are saying all dogs should be in a yard when the owners are away?

      That is just ridiculous.

    • 2.13.12
      melissa said:

      Not necessarily in a yard, but I think that large dogs should have access to a yard via dog door.

    • 2.13.12

      So I should conclude that you think dogs should be left outdoors all day, even when their caretakers aren’t home? Because, you know…NYC has a whole lot of dog parks. HUGE ones. All over the place. It’s kind of like one giant back yard for dogs.

      You’re painting with an extremely broad brush here—you realize that, right? Your opinion is that virtually no one in NYC (that’s more than 8 million people) should own a dog. Approximately 3 million people in NYC alone own dogs, so I think you’ve got a lot of blog commenting to do in your crusade to rid the city of its canines.

      Once that’s done, you can go help euthanize all of the homeless dogs in the shelters like the ones Mekko was rescued from. That’s better then them having to sleep on a sofa, right?

    • 2.13.12

      I can’t reply to Melissa’s response to me… but allowing dogs to have free run without supervision can be a bad situation.

      A fence is not a babysitter. I find it much more responsible to take a dog on a leashed walk, where they are under a watchful eye, than have it roaming free and unattended in a backyard.

      It would be far to easy for horrible people to snatch a dog, especially a bully breed, from a fenced in yard. I am sure Daniel doesn’t want Mekko to be a bait dog, and I am sure Mekko is happier with a watchful owner.

  230. 2.13.12
    melissa said:

    Fair enough. I AM sorry to have offended you. Believe it or not, I am a huge dog lover, hence the comment. It’s true, your beloved new family member is much better off with you than cooped up in a cage. I agree 100%. I live in the heart of San Francisco. I know all too well about urban living, which is why I chose to not bring a dog (or child for that matter) into my family until I have a proper home to house them in. I’m sorry if it seems as though I have singled you out, but rest assured, I share that opinion freely. And I shared it with you because someone had to do it! As wonderful as this story is, I think it IS important to note that there is a sense of selfishness with people who bring dogs into an apartment. I have a right to that opinion, and if you would like, please feel free to delete my comment so that the happy, lovey vibe can continue. Of course I wish your family well and I should have chosen my words more wisely.

    • 2.13.12
      Tallin said:


      Listen here America!

      Apartments are not proper homes!! And don’t you dare try to raise a dog, or heaven forbid a child, in one!

      Are you serious Melissa?

    • 2.13.12
      Katherine said:

      “Someone had to do it”?! Yes, it was really selfless and noble of you to come to a stranger’s blog and insult him based on absolutely nothing. Good deed for the day.

    • 2.13.12
      Daniel said:

      I don’t think you’re getting it.

      You’re right, everyone has a right to their opinions, as ignorant and ridiculous and based in personal prejudices and private notions as they may be. Congrats! You have had a thought. I hope it feels good.

      1. Why did “somebody have to do it,” again? Is somebody threatening you in order to make you tell me all your vapid ideas about things? Is this a legal requirement in your county? Did you make a new years resolution that you just can’t break? Were you honestly hoping I would realize the selfish errors of my ways and surrender my dog to a “proper” home, with…agoraphobic unemployed dog-lovers with yards and nothing but love in their hearts and time on their hands?

      2. I think I’m more disturbed that you’d proudly, freely share your opinion that somehow cities aren’t okay places to raise dogs or children, or that a proper home looks like—what, the Brady Bunch house? Split-level ranch with a yard and a tall fence? I hope you do realize that your “opinion” is incredibly classist and beyond pretentious. Plenty of people—great, happy, well-adjusted, morally-upstanding, intelligent people—are raised in cities, and plenty of bad people come from the suburbs. I know a lot of them, on both sides of that coin. Moreover, not everyone can afford to live and/or work outside a city. Are you honestly suggesting that people who can’t afford a mortgage and a yard shouldn’t procreate? Because…wow. I’m embarrassed on your behalf.

      3. What did we learn here? Yes. You should have chosen your words more wisely. You should also probably try choosing your opinions more wisely. While you’re at it, I’d urge you to reconsider the list of blogs you’re reading, since I don’t like assholes and you don’t like my life choices, so maybe we just aren’t meant for each other.

    • 2.13.12
      Tallin said:

      Daniel, thank you for articulating point #2 so well. Classist and pretentious is exactly what it is.

    • 2.15.12
      Milly said:

      I think your choice to adopt a dog is a great one, but most importantly it was YOUR choice. I never understand why someone, who stops by your blog often enought to see all about your new place and read all of your posts, would then bother to waste time to write something rude and offensive.

      I love your blog, and although I do not always agree with your choices (white paint scares me!) I do appreciate the fact that you take the time to share some really nice parts of your life with us your readers. So I hope you continue to do so and do not let weirdos tarnish this happy spot in the web:-)

  231. 2.13.12
    melissa said:

    For me, yes. I am serious. I think outdoor space is essential. Here in San Francisco, if you don’t have your own yard, you can’t let your child roam freely. And forgive me if I think that is an essential part of growing up in this current world of cement and technology.

    • 2.13.12

      Your comments are actually starting to terrify me.

      Do you realize what percentage of the world’s population (yes, including children!) live in apartments and in urban environments? The things you are implying here are prejudicial and outrageous to the point of utter absurdity.

    • 2.15.12
      Jes said:

      I live in San Fransisco too and my dog gets out more than the dogs I had when I lived in the country. Dolores park, crissy field, fort funston, HUGE fenced in Douglass parks, not to mention the biggest urban park in the world Golden Gate Park. He goes to them all. After owning 3 pitbulls I’ve found them aside from loving to run, loving to snuggle up on the couch even MORE. Not all big dogs require 3 mile runs every day. And when he had seperation anxiety upon moving here I took him to a lovely daycare which was a sacrifice on my wallet, but neccesary.

      Whose the sellfish one? Someone who isn’t willing to go outside themselves for a walk with their dog, someone not willing to step up, change their schedule, and rescue one of the billion dogs being put down because they “can’t let it roam freely”, or me.

      You’re very misinformed Melissa. I’ve been a vet tech for 13 years and can tell you tons of stories about dogs being hit by cars (usually the owners coming down their driveway), shot dead (farmers don’t care for dogs that ‘roam free’) or getting a branch staked through their sides. And all of them happened in the country.

    • 2.15.12
      Jes said:

      I live in San Fracisco as well and don’t know what you’re talking about. Dolores park, Fort Funston, Douglass park, Golden Gate park… my dog see’s them all.

      It seems more selfish to ignore the billions of dogs being put down because you don’t want to alter your schedule or give your time to properly walk a dog. There are doggie daycares and dog walkers all over the city (which I made the monetary sacrifice to use).

      And Melissa, after 13 years of being a vet tech I have numerous stories of “free roaming” dogs being hit by cars (usually the owners in their own driveway with an electric fence), being shot (by farmers), jumping over the backyard fence and being hung by their collar, and many other stories.

      You should really inform yourself a little more before you go trolling.

    • 2.15.12
      Jes said:

      Sorry for double posts!

  232. 2.13.12

    I live in Kansas. I have a huge fenced yard, and green space all around me. I also have children and dogs.

    And I would never let them “roam freely.”

  233. 2.13.12
    melissa said:

    Clearly, I have barked up the wrong tree. Peace out.

    • 2.13.12

      Actually, I think what’s clear here is that you don’t actually have any rational basis for your judgments.

      It’s amazing to me that you would come here and make these kinds of statements without having any ability to back up your views with anything other than a cheap “peace out.”

      Shameful, but typical.

  234. 2.13.12

    Hi, Melissa! I did replace the Restoration Hardware duvet that was in my master bedroom. Like I said in my post, it was a very old picture from before I had my new furniture.

    But thank you for taking the time to hop over to my blog and spread your snarky comments over there, too!!!!

  235. 2.13.12
    Erin said:

    In my experience, pit bulls do need space – usually the same space their owners are occupying. Never was there a cuddlier breed.
    As a home owner and a dog owner, I can tell you the idea of a dog running around enjoying a huge yard is fantasy. After a dog takes care of business, they usually stand by the door waiting to be let in. Ask a dog to choose between a yard and their leash, they will always choose a walk.
    Mekko hit the doggy jackpot. I’ve witnessed first hand the care this dog receives, and she is not wanting for anything. If you really want to get your judgment on, maybe find a situation that actually warrants concern.

    • 2.13.12
      Sara said:

      Additionally, Ive noticed my pit has slowed down significantly (maybe its the mastif in him), but they hit a couple years into their happy puppy lives and all they want to do is take over your sofa and have puppy dreams.

    • 2.15.12
      Dina said:

      Hehe, Erin, well said! Yards are convenient in the middle of the night,sure, but not a requirement for proper dog ownership. My pittie has no interest in roaming in our rather big, fenced back yard unless my son or I am out there with him. Ultimately, he just wants to be where we are ( including the powder room, can’t remember the last time I “went” without an adoring audience). After doing his business, he’s back on the porch, dragging his nails dramatically down the door for re-entry. He lives for leash walks, which we do daily, rain, snow, or shine. We’re happy to oblige, b/c really, he doesn’t ask for much.

      Daniel, please don’t give this issue another thought. You have to know there is always someone ready to piss on every parade…and so it goes!

      Mekko was clearly waiting for YOU. The doggy hug in the van? That was her saying, “Ah,there you are!”

  236. 2.13.12
    Ann said:

    I thought my neighbor was the only person to believe that children and dogs shouldn’t live in the city. She told me in FRONT of my son that it was child abuse to raise a child in the city because we don’t have a yard!

    It always amazes me that people feel it’s ok chastise those that don’t do what they feel is “right”.
    I am so thankful that you rescued Mekko and brought her into your loving home. There are far too many Pit bulls abused and abandon in this city.

  237. 2.13.12
    Miss T said:

    From one Melissa to another, I take offense at what this Melissa is doing to my name breed. Really, we Melissas aren’t all alike. Further, I am a proud adopted mummy of two rescues and one question asked of me in the process–by two different recue groups years apart–was if the dogs would have access to the yard during the day while I was gone. For most rescue leagues that’s a deal breaker. They do not think it is safe or smart or prudent to let the pups freely roam. Just sayin’. And Melissa, you did bark up the wrong tree ’cause Dan is not only my pups’ Godfather but also the most beloved animal lover I’ve ever known. This is the same guy who brought a lifeless kitty back to life…and that’s just one of his many rescues.

  238. 2.14.12
    Meredith said:

    That dog would have had me with the hug too! Our pit mix is a hugger as well! She’s so incredibly in-tune with our feelings and emotions. My grandfather died this past summer and my husband and I drove the 5 hour trip to visit and see him, perhaps for the last time, at the hospital. My husband stayed in the car with our Pup Ellie while I said what I thought would be my last goodbye. When I got back into the car she climbed up on the front seat with me and literally hugged me with her head on my shoulder as I sobbed. It was a beautiful demonstration of a dogs love. She is incredible! I hope your Mekko brings you so much joy and happiness! She’s absolutely adorable!

  239. 2.14.12
    Alex Levin said:

    congratulations, dog hero. I live in Park Slope — Sean Casey’s the best. give him your money people!

  240. 2.14.12
    Jenn said:

    Jeezus…what a freakin’ train-wreck this turned into! Are you serious with this crap? Anyone with a half a brain knows all a dog needs is LOVE.
    PURE-PATIENT-KIND-LOVE. I’ve seen dogs with homeless people who were happier than a pig in shit. Why? Because they were LOVED.

    And to the “dog outside all day” theory. Really? Cuz my dogs go for a run every morning and then sleep all day. ALL DAY. Whether we are home or not-they sleep. That and I’d have to be crazy to leave our dogs with the option of going in the pool all the live long day and swimming themselves to death. They have no control when it come’s to water. Maybe a farm dog that herds sheep needs his open spaces or just working dogs in general but definitely not all dogs.

    Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

  241. 2.15.12
    Christine said:

    I can’t help but imagine the smug look on Melissa’s face as she typed out the original comment and then clicked submit. You know, just doing her job! Someone had to!

    And then later the smugness turning a bit towards confusion. “Who are these people not understanding my very clear and well-grounded advice? Let me try again..”

    Which later morphs into full blown rage as not a single person is like, “Oh yeah, totally! Melissa is 100% correct!”

    And you know it’s probably killing her, because she’s so totally coming back to this post and reading all of the new comments, and JUST BARELY managing to not comment again and dig that crazy-hole a little deeper.

    I love crazy.

  242. 2.16.12
    Liz L. said:

    We just lost our part-pit rescue girl who we had for seven years, so your beautiful post and pictures made me cry. Mekko is such a beautiful dog, such a perfect match. Thanks so much for sharing the love.

  243. 2.16.12
    Shauna said:

    Your dog is adorable. Your story wonderful. It made me smile and I had to go and tell it to my husband :) We would love to get a pittie but Ontario decided if you look like a pitbull you will reign terror down upon the public and eat babies for fun.

    Enjoy your fur child!! :) We have a 7 month old rottie who is a crazy awesome little guy.

  244. 2.16.12
    Nicole said:

    This post made me cry. My mom has a pit bull that may as well be my dog too (you know how family dogs are) and she and her husband recently both lost their jobs within the span of a few days. It is a mark of how much we are dog people that for all of us our first concern was the dog. Sleeping in the car? They can handle that. But the dog can’t.

    I am sure everything will pan out fine with our dog–I found a person close to me who is potentially willing to hang onto him a few months until something better happens–but it breaks my heart that I can’t have him because I live in a tiny non-doggy apartment with two cats, one of whom is incredibly elderly and can’t be around rambunctious animals like pits, even if they love cats (and he does, deeply; he sleeps with my mom’s cat).

    Somehow you’d think this post would have made me feel worse, but it made me feel better. Because it made me realize how many dog-loving people are in the world and how much hope there is for my dog even if something goes horribly wrong, because it may end up being horribly right if he ends up in the arms of someone who loves him half as much as you obviously love Mekko (great name, by the way). This is the only thing that has brought me any kind of emotional relief during this time. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that you went out and rescued a dog who is so lucky to have you. Thank you for it. She is beautiful and you and Max are beautiful and you are all so fortunate to have each other.

    And I have never read anything that better describes what it feels like to be a dog lover. I know that crying feeling. A few thousand years of side-by-side interlinked evolution will do that to a person :) We’re meant to be together by now, dogs and people.

  245. 2.16.12
    Nicole said:

    Also, scrolled up to read Melissa’s comments once my emotions settled down. I’d say you pretty thoroughly owned there, Daniel.

  246. 2.17.12

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard the adoption process explained in a more adequate and touching way before.

    I felt the exact same way when I adopted my two. She’s lucky to have you.

  247. 2.21.12
    cammie said:

    That’s so exciting! I used to be strictly a cat person, but we brought home a pug a year and a half ago and I cannot imagine my life without him. He is just tops. The majority of our conversations center around the pug’s eliminations – the quality, the quantity, the consistency, the timing, the place. Sometimes it’s awkward when we talk to other people and it just comes up as part of our casual conversation. Yes, this is what we talk about. Enjoy it. My friends should just be thankful that I could never decide on a proper format for a daily log of pug happenings. There really should be an app for that.

    So happy for you, Max, and Mekko!

  248. 2.27.12

    Pit Owner High Five. Best. Dog. Ever.

  249. 2.28.12
    heela said:

    HOLY CRAP!!! Put that dog away! This is too much cuteness for me. I am probably gonna have to bookmark this page now so I can come back and stare at the cutey with her cute funny lookin pit face.


    I love pit bulls, and yes they have an undeserving rep thanks to a select few a**holes for human beings.

    ENJOY you awesome new fur-baby!!! She’s too cute for words.

  250. 2.28.12
    Erin said:

    I am SO happy you adopted a dog and even more happy you adopted a Pit Bull! We “adopted” our first dog in August who is also a Pitty (we already had 3 small dogs). He is so wonderful! They are such an amazing breed. And I can totally relate with going on walks. People are either “OH my goodness a Pitty” and get down and pet him because they understand the breed, or they cross the street and avoid all eye contact haha.

    Congrats on your new family Mekko!!

  251. 2.28.12

    This makes me so happy. I always love when people get their pets from shelters. :)

    My aunt & uncle have two pit bulls and LOVE them. They loved the first one so much that they decided to get a second. They’re both such well behaved dogs (and affectionate to boot). If I had come across a pit bull before these two, I would have been very nervous just because of the stigma but knowing these two definitely changed my opinion. They’re wonderful!

  252. 3.1.12
    pve said:

    wow. what a darling.

  253. 3.2.12
    Emily said:

    I can’t. Your sweet story. Your beautiful, happy, new dog. Your mom’s adorable comments on your blog.

    I just cannot with all of this right now. It’s cute overload and my heart is melting into a puddle of fuzzy snuggles and double rainbows. I have to go.

  254. 3.2.12
    Cheri said:

    Welcome to the Pittie Club. No understands until initiated :). I am so happy to read you took another pit out of the shelters…it’s a shame how neglected this amazing breed is. It’s been 5 years since we adopted ours from the ACC in Harlem, and my boyfriend & I are still smitten everyday. SMITTEN! Congrats!

  255. 3.3.12
    Elizabeth said:

    Your story is so familiar — we too went looking for one dog and fell in love with a different one, a pit/dane mix who fondly believes himself to be a lap dog. I found your blog via the Homies, admired your bathroom makeover, and enjoyed your adoption story. Congratulations!

  256. 3.4.12

    Yay! Congratulations, she is beautiful! I am so happy for all three of you! I have a Mastiff puppy, Chloe Grace, who is the world’s best snuggler! Very similar to Mekko, except she is already 160lbs!

    What a wonderful story! Wishing you all happiness for years to come!

  257. 3.5.12
    Margaret said:

    Hi, just came to your blog from the Homies awards from AT, but I had to read this story because I just adopted a dog (yesterday) and I’m having a lot of trouble settling on a name. I just LOVE how you say “We named her Mekko, as in Marimekko, as in the Finnish textile company, as in we really are that gay.”

    (I’m not going to name my dog Mekko, although I love Marimekko.)

    Congratulations on your new dog and may you have a lifetime of puppy love!

    • 3.5.12
      Daniel said:

      Thank you! Congrats to you too!!!

  258. 3.7.12
    Tracy said:

    Loved this post – found you through the Homies, and have been enjoying your blog! :) Mekko is lovely, and what a sweet story!

    We adopted a greyhound (ex-racer), who was wonderful – with the *most* rancid gas. If you want to breathe more freely, give your pup some yogurt. She will like it, and it will help! (Mercury liked strawberry banana flavor.) Also – make sure that corn isn’t among the top ingredients in her food – that should help too. (Both suggestions are sage advice I received from fellow greyhound adopters, and I am sure could hold true for your Mekko.)

    I look forward to reading more Mekko stories. :)

  259. 3.10.12
    Elise said:

    Welcome to the world of pittie love! it is a great world, indeed. they are the best dogs ever. Your Mekko looks just like my Jethro, minus the brown on her. exact same head.

  260. 3.11.12
    Melissa said:

    Aww I wubbbb her!
    I just discovered your blog tonight and I already love it.

  261. 3.13.12

    Now that’s a happy story! Following your blog, found it on the Apartment Therapy contest!

  262. 3.14.12
    annette said:

    she is perfect! i love rescue dogs. we have 4 of them….and each is so lovely and amazing. your dog is gorgeous and i’m happy for all of you. who rescues who? xoxo, annette

  263. 3.15.12
    Jenn said:

    She is beautiful. What a lucky girl.

  264. 3.30.12
    Kristin said:

    ok, that was a beautiful story. wow, and Im not a very emotional person myself…but that one, that one got me. your family is beautiful. very lucky.
    Mekko reminds me of my dog, who had to be put to rest a few years back – she was only 4. miss her everyday. make sure you love her lots, she is ADORABLE.
    …and so are you. ; )

  265. 4.9.12

    I. Love. You.

    Congrats and welcome to the dark side. ;)

    That is all.

  266. 4.18.12
    Melissa said:

    I just love you so very much!!! And, like Kirstan, want to welcome you to the dark side…lol. I love my Pitties so much, and cannot imagine life without them
    I love your story…made me laugh, made me cry, and made me say aawwww more times than should be allowed by one person! Thanks very much, mostly for adopting, but especiall for adopting a Pit Bull. They really are the best dogs and give more love than any other dog..

  267. 4.18.12
    Corbin said:

    Just saw your blog shared on a facebook page and had to check it out – I love your story! You see, I’m a pit bull myself. So, I super love stories of other people loving pit bulls! Congrats on your new best friend and best of luck during your new journey!

  268. 4.26.12
    zoki said:

    this is probably my favorite blog post ever. ever. she is beyond cute.

    we happily live in a 900 sq. ft. condo in los angeles with a little pit mix and a big pit mix foster. we have no yard. they get regular mental stimulation (game play, training), the right amount of walks (which are also healthy for us), lots of snuggles, kisses and scratches. they don’t seem to mind not having a yard at all. they are warm, safe, feed and loved.

    congratulations on taking on chance on adopting and finding the loves of your life. <3

  269. 8.31.12
    Evan said:

    Love this post. Such a great story. I have a 5 year old pitbull who stumbled into my life 4 years ago and changed it in so many positive ways. Like yours, she immensely friendly, goofy and endearing. I now crawl the internet looking for stories from other pit owners and how they came to love pit bulls as well. What’s remarkable about the breed is that they’re not just a little unlike they reputation, but they are wholly the opposite of it. My pit loves, loves, loves people and dogs. She gets very excited and sweet specifically around children.

    So happy you could share this story.

  270. 10.29.12
    Melissa Munro said:

    This is, without question or hesitation, the best damn tail of love I have ever read. I know the love you mean – whether dog in the street and not being able to continue on without stopping for love and kisses, or that love that comes right out of an adoption truck.

    She is so … well, there’s just no sayin’. She is yours. And you are hers.

    Sending warm wishes from Ontario, Melissa Munro