Moving Forward

I’ve been writing this blog for about two and a half years now, and in that time my life has changed immensely. I’ve gone from basically being a single, foolish college freshman in Manhattan with some time on my hands to a relationship’d college senior with two dogs in Brooklyn and…much less time on my hands. During that same period, this blog has also grown from something I basically just wrote for fun to a place that supports a readership that I never could have expected. I’m really lucky for that. It really has been my pleasure, all of it.

For a while now, though, I feel like I’ve been at this crossroads. If you’ve read this site for a long time, you’ve probably noticed that posts from me can be few and far between. The fact is that every post—from doing whatever it is I’m posting about, to photographing it, to editing those photos, to finally sitting down to write a post—takes a lot of time, and I’ve never been in a position where I could rationally make this blog a huge priority when weighed against the other pressures in my life. There have been times where I’ve felt like things would be simpler if I just let the whole blog just fizzle out, thereby eliminating this one more thing that nobody was actually making me maintain.

But the problem is that I really like writing this blog. I like the community of readers who come here, I like doing projects, taking pictures, and writing about all of it. And I don’t want to stop any of that. In fact, I’d like to do more of it.

I never, ever had any professional or commercial ambitions for this site when I started it. I’ve seen sites become totally overrun with advertising over the years, and when that has an effect on the content, it rubs me the wrong way. I do not begrudge bloggers for making money off of what they do—at all—but I think I made the decision somewhere along the line that advertising just wasn’t for me—period, end of story. The money would have been nice but I didn’t altogether need it, and I felt as though by accepting advertising, I would be compromising some kind of moral standard I’d set for myself.

A few things have changed, though. The first is that the money issue has become much more tangible. Once we made the decision to keep a certain little dog that wandered into our lives, pretty much all of the Small Cool winnings immediately went into a “dog fund” so that we could pay for his initial veterinary care and have some money squirreled away to pay for the dogs moving forward. But that money is definitely not going to last forever and didn’t allow for other types of spending on the apartment that I had anticipated using it for. So what we’re left with is a half-finished kitchen, plenty of projects I’d like to do, two dogs to support, bills, rent, food, etc. DIY is pretty cheap, yes, but it isn’t free, and to be totally honest, we’re just not in a financial position anymore to support ourselves and the type of content that has made this blog what it is.

The other thing that’s changed is that I’ve realized—with time, some education, and many discussions with people close to me—that I actually don’t feel gross about advertising on a conceptual level. There are plenty of businesses, products, and people who I would actually love to support through advertising, and there’s no reason that I’d have to support any that I don’t. I can create my own advertising model that works for me, on my own terms. I know that might seem obvious, but that realization was big for me.

SO. When Anna redesigned the site, we did so with the idea of sidebar ads fitting into the overall design, and I’m excited to start offering those slots today! There will be 10 available, at least to start off, at a scale of sizes, positions, and prices, in the hope that they’ll be affordable for the types of independent business I’d like to have advertising. I legitimately want these ads to be a useful way of connecting readers with businesses that I support, and I want these businesses to have a means of connecting directly with readers.

What this means for most of you, of course, is that the site will look a little bit different, hopefully in a way that everyone likes. But more importantly, this move also makes this blogging hobby into something more like a blogging job, which means much more frequent posts. I know I’m excited about that and I hope you are, too.

I’m really excited to get going with this new phase of Manhattan Nest. I have a pretty long list of business that I have been/will be reaching out to directly, but I’d love to hear from you, too. Because of the very limited amount of space, I’m going to have to be very picky, but if you happen to have a business (or know of one) that you think would be a good fit for this site, please go ahead and e-mail me for details—I’d love to talk.

As always, thank you for reading. I hope we’re all cool with this. Have yourself a great Tuesday.

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Hi, I'm Daniel, and I love houses! I'm a serial renovator, DIY-er, and dog-cuddler based in Kingston, New York. Follow along as I bring my 1865 Greek Revival back to life and tackle my 30s to varying degrees of success. Welcome!

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  1. 10.9.12

    I’m in support of anything that means a better life for you and your family, and if that means the rest of us get to peek into that life sometimes, well”¦we’re the lucky ones. xoxox

    • 10.9.12
      Kelly said:

      Very well put, Anna (and I love your blog so much!).

    • 10.9.12
      Yao said:

      What Anna said.

  2. 10.9.12
    Tux said:

    Good for you! You put a lot of time and heart into writing this blog and bring amusement, information, and pictures of your cute family to a lot of people. You have every right to benefit from your work.
    If it allows you to spend more time on the blog too- then all the better!

  3. 10.9.12
    Marci said:

    Oh my goodness. I thought you were going to announce the end of Manhattan Nest. Obviously that would not have made any sense given the redesign — which I LOVE by the way. Evidently I’ve become much more attached to you and your Manhattan Nest family than I realized! (Is that creepy and silent stalker-ish? If so, sorry.) I believe that you, like Anna, will make the best choices for yourself and if someone else doesn’t like it, they can go pound sand. Congratulatons on the decision. Marci

    • 10.9.12
      Bear said:

      Ditto. Your blog is a must-read, and must-reads deserve revenue.

    • 10.9.12
      CT said:

      Ditto ditto. All the best, and can’t wait to read about it! And PS — when a blogger has a style/perspective/whatever that I like, I tend to check out their advertisers a little more than someone with a different style — can’t wait to see what funky/new/innovative/awesome companies you bring us.

    • 10.9.12
      JMP said:

      I also thought you were shuttering the blog and am so excited to hear that instead it is quite the opposite! Love following your adventures, and can’t wait to continue!

    • 10.10.12
      Andrew said:

      Phew! I thought the same thing that Marci did! I think you should milk your talent for all you can – since all your readers appreciate your distinct point-of-view, and now your sponsors can benefit from that as well!

  4. 10.9.12
    LP said:

    if any blog deserves some coin, it is yours! I love it. you probably deserve a tv show, actually. and you need to keep your furbabies in kibble and treats and vet care.
    so keep doing your thing, using whatever resources you need to do it

  5. 10.9.12
    Sandra said:

    Great! I’ve been following your journey from far away… and was afraid you were closing your blog :)
    I wish all the best for you all.

  6. 10.9.12
    Kate said:

    Three cheers for making money doing something you love! I hope the advertisers knock your door down! With excitement, I mean. Not malice.

  7. 10.9.12
    Stacey said:

    I get your initial position on advertising, but I think you made a good decision here. Most of the blogs I read now have ads to help support their authors (I’m thinking of my top-of-the-list faves like Cold Antler Farm, Young House Love, and A Practical Wedding). And those bloggers did just what you’re planning to do – made the advertising model work for them and their audience. Go for it! And good on you for putting aside that prize money for the pups – my husband & I have 3 dogs and while they’re not cheap to care for, I can’t imagine our lives and our home without them. In fact, we’re just paying the adoption fee for dog #3 this week and we’re taking it out of our “House Fund” because he’s an awfully cute addition to the house! :)

    • 10.13.12
      KatyKey said:

      With DoorSixteen and Manhattan Nest at the top, you just named my three other favorite blogs. Glad to see that this little community is hanging around the same haunts. I think it’s a great idea Daniel and support your decision fully.

  8. 10.9.12
    Hallie said:

    I have to admit my heart seriously dropped when I thought you were ending Manhattan Nest. It’s like a little arsenal of cool, but not “isn’t this lovely”, projects and I love it. So, if you have to advertise to keep going I don’t see why not! Good for you and congrats that you’re at that point in your readership that you can!

  9. 10.9.12
    Sarah said:

    I stumbled onto this blog a few weeks ago and quickly devoured your whole archive, after which I had to wait for new content to be published. It has been a bit like getting caught up with a t.v. show on netflix only to have to wait week to week for the current season. All this to say, your blog is fabulous and anything that enables you to write more is an excellent idea.

  10. 10.9.12
    Cara said:

    So happy for you! This is a huge step and it sounds like it will only benefit everyone involved. We get to hear from you more regularly and learn more about the businesses you carefully choose to support on your site, and you can justify more work on your place by a little extra income! Win-Win!

  11. 10.9.12
    Madeleine said:

    To be honest, for the entire time that I have been subscribing to your blog, I wondered why you didn’t have advertising. You were born to write. I think that the best possible life is one in which you can do what you love and support yourself doing it. Having advertisement on this site makes a perfect marriage of you doing what you love and getting to live from it. That way you can post more and not have to go slog away at some job you hate just to get by. That’s my two cents. I’m glad you have made this decision and will be looking forward to more content in the future.

  12. 10.9.12
    Sally said:

    I came across your blog fairly recently, and I love it! You are an excellent, humorous writer and I’m glad sponsorship may mean more posts from you. I am about to buy my first flat and it’s inspiring to see how much you’ve made possible on a small budget.

  13. 10.9.12
    Marti said:

    Whew! Glad Manhattan Nest isn’t going away, and hope you’re able to rake in some cash with the sidebar ads. I’ll click ’em to support your dog/light hoarding.

  14. 10.9.12
    Lynn said:

    Dude, I am a confirmed blog-hater, but I am completely addicted to yours because the info is stellar and your writing is funnier than the Cake Wrecks lady. I’ve read it over the last year for inspiration, amazed at your seemingly boundless energy for tackling projects and then posting them. You have inspired me to paint my room INCLUDING the ceiling, make a headboard, and use the phrase, “Deal with it” more than I probably should. I wish I could hire you to give my life a makeover, but I’ll be content to keep reading your blog. I predict huge success for you in whatever you take on, your talent is amazing.

  15. 10.9.12
    Wendy said:

    You have organically and honestly taken the next step to your writing. If advertising will allow you continue with your writing AND support the DIY and the two little doggies – Bravo!!! I say!!

  16. 10.9.12
    Charlene said:

    Sounds like a logical next step.
    Good for you!

  17. 10.9.12
    Kati said:

    Madeline is right: you were born to write. You have such an engaging style, and you are a master at story telling. I don’t care what you write about – your travels, your family, your friends, your home – all of it is a delight to read. You deserve some financial recognition. I’ve said it before, if you write a book, I’ll buy it. I’m certain I’m not alone. Go get ’em.

    • 10.9.12
      Daniel said:

      Thank you, Kati! That’s a really nice comment. :-)

  18. 10.9.12
    Kate Elizabeth said:

    Though you don’t owe us an explanation, this is a lovely one. I’m excited for you and think it’s a logical next step. Can’t wait to hear more from you!

  19. 10.9.12
    Monica said:

    Totally cool with it and excited for you! Go Daniel!

  20. 10.9.12
    Renee said:

    Can I just say ‘ditto’ to what Anna said?
    I have full faith that you won’t allow advertisements to affect your quality or honesty. Anyone who gives you crap about this decision is an imbecile and probably illiterate. And ugly. And clearly hates puppies.

  21. 10.9.12
    Ruth said:

    This is awesome! I trust that you will keep it classy (like everything you do!) and avoid sponsored posts and giveaways? What a scourge. Love you.

    • 10.9.12
      Daniel said:

      Ruth, I’m not going to COMPLETELY reject the idea of sponsored posts and giveaways, but that isn’t my goal. If the right company approached me about doing a giveaway and I legitimately love what they’d offer readers, I’d probably go for it, but I don’t envision that sort of thing being a big part of the site in any way. I can’t really think of an instance where I’d want to do a sponsored post, but I suppose it could happen, and I don’t want to discount the possibility. However, I will always be honest about it if anything is sponsored on the site. I’m really not in this to make, like, the most amount of money possible!, so those decisions will always be based on the quality of the content or goods being offered, in the case that they do happen.

    • 10.11.12
      Giveaways said:

      Just like someone else mentioned, your writing is what brings your readers back over and over. Giveaways are fine, and as someone who recently won a giveaway from one of the blogs I read, I think its nice for bloggers to be able to score free prizes for their readers.

      I’m very curious to see which advertisers you choose!

  22. 10.9.12
    jennifer said:

    Ack! For a minute there I thought you were leading up to ditching the blog. So please slap some ads all over this bitch if it keeps you able to write! I have every confidence that you will be able to have ads without turning the content into commercial after commercial. So yay! And good luck!

  23. 10.9.12
    Jill said:

    Go for it! Your projects are awesome and your writing is super fun. Ad this thing UP. Perhaps when my tiny Etsy shop gains some steam and I have an ad budget I’ll purchase one here :D Also, I don’t know if Max told you but I’m moving to Brooklyn in January and I’ll be funemployed and job hunting with some free time! If you need help with thrifting adventures/moving stuff/taking photos I’ll be around looking for fun stuff to do! Get at me!

  24. 10.9.12
    Hannah said:

    DO IT. If it means we get to keep reading posts from you, I am all for whatever helps that happen. I understand how important it is to have a dog fund, and I am happy to look at some adverts if it means your doggies are happy and well cared for.

  25. 10.9.12

    I started to get really sad when I started reading this blog post. I thought you were abandoning us forever. While I would have understood, I would have seriously missed your wit and ingenuity. So imagine my relief when I realized this was simply a way to explain the addition of ads on your blog! Yay! You’re not going anywhere and you’ll have more money to show the interwebs your DIY creativity. It’s a win/win in my book!

  26. 10.9.12
    Jean said:

    Whatever keeps the posts and photos coming and you DIYing is good with me! You are a very, very gifted writer, and you wrote a surprise happy ending, since I, too, thought you were announcing at least a long hiatus.

  27. 10.9.12
    Harriet Hieatt-Smith said:

    One can hardly begrudge the odd advert if it helps keep Mekko and Linus in Kibble! Believing you might quit, rendered me momentarily bereft. What the blazes would I read with my morning coffee? Phew!

  28. 10.9.12
    Violet said:

    There is nothing wrong with making money. Continue to give us quality over quantity and you’ll be fine. Good luck!

  29. 10.9.12
    Jamie B. said:

    All sounds ok to me. I know how much time must go into your writing, let alone doing the things you write about.

  30. 10.9.12
    Magpie said:

    Of course you should have ads! Go for it.

  31. 10.9.12
    Chris said:

    All I can say is PHEW. And don’t ever scare us like that again!

  32. 10.9.12
    paige said:

    Oh my – like many others, I almost had a heart attack thinking that this was going to be your final blog! Advertise away! Keep writing! The more we hear from you, the better!

  33. 10.9.12

    I could not be more relieved that you’re not leaving, supportive of your making some bank doing what you love, and excited that we’ll get more of your projects (and your life of course) more often. Dittos and hoorays all around!!!! :)

  34. 10.9.12
    Dardar said:

    I think that as long as you’re conscious about how to pick products/companies that align with you then it’s not a problem (just don’t let it get to be too crazy and you’re aware of that so I don’t think it will be an issue).

    Some advertising is to be expected. If it helps bring in cash for you and your family then I’m all for it.

  35. 10.9.12
    DA said:

    I use an ad-blocker in my browser, but I just told it not to block ads on this domain. At its very best, advertising is a kind of curation–you’re choosing which businesses fit into your vision of the site just as you choose (and, I might add, choose well) which furniture and art to put in your home, which dogs to adopt. So I think these ads might be ones I want to see–ones that will let me know about businesses I, too, might want to support. Like others have said, this blog is, in a small though not insignificant way, one of the things that sustains me. I’m glad you’re taking steps that will allow it to sustain you even more than it already does.

  36. 10.9.12

    For the first 6 paragraphs I thought you were saying goodbye to us and you were, as a result, going to be getting a strongly-worded letter from the likes of me. I am SO glad that you are going in the opposite direction. Advertise away! You deserve it!

    • 10.9.12
      Jully said:

      *getting a strongly- worded letter from the likes of me.*

      This. I seriously cracked up for like 5 minutes when I read that phrase. I just love words!

  37. 10.9.12
    Kari said:

    Go for it. Like the others, I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down.

    Love from NOVA!

  38. 10.9.12
    Smoorsy said:

    I’m sure you’ll pick stellar ads! When I saw how @sfgirlbybay worked them (beautifully!) into her site, I was *ahem* sold on the idea.

  39. 10.9.12
    Emily said:

    WTG man. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  40. 10.9.12
    misa said:

    oh, phew! yes, advertise, advertise, advertise. just don’t EVER leave me. xoxoxoxoxox

  41. 10.9.12
    Quiana said:

    I agree with Anna 110%. I find it annoying when bloggers act holier than thou by not accepting advertising. I do believe however that it’s best to select those brands and opportunities that align with your principles. Good luck!

    • 10.9.12

      I don’t accept advertising on my blog (I might someday, but right now I’m still wrestling with what that would mean for me personally on an ethical level) and haven’t in all of the many years I’ve been blogging, but it’s never had anything to do with believing I’m “holy.” It’s about what I personally believe is right for me. As much as I support Daniel or any blogger making whatever choice they want when it comes to marketing their own work, I do hope that taking the opposite position to keep one’s work/home/family separate from monetization doesn’t become a cause to be vilified by others. It’s all about figuring out what you believe in and then making the right life choices to support those beliefs.

      Sorry for the comment hijack, but I just felt the need to add my 2¢ on the subject since you said you agree with me. ;)

  42. 10.9.12
    southern gal said:

    yeah! I love your blog, whenever you find time to post… its a lovely treat to read each time. If taking ads helps you, I say that’s great! anything to keep you writing!

  43. 10.9.12
    Elise said:

    Add me to the list of now-relieved people who thought you were abandoning MN for the first few paragraphs! I actually had to scroll ahead to the end of the post because I literally couldn’t bear the suspense of reading 6 paragraphs to find out what was happening. Ha. I was also the one who would skip ahead to read the last chapter of a book and then go back to finish the rest. Anyway, I don’t think you need to have any concerns about accepting ads here. Obviously you’ll do it in the classiest way possible and will only use it to make MN an even better place to do what you love. Good luck!

  44. 10.9.12
    kay* said:

    fwiw ;-) i say “bravo” and “do it”

    look forward to seeing what companies you introduce us to – i’m sure they’ll be great!

  45. 10.9.12
    Rebecca said:

    It’s a great idea. So happy for you and all your avid readers, myself included. Cheers!

  46. 10.9.12
    Kammie said:

    Love your site. Hate ads, especially those horrid blinking ones. But your site is so cool that monetizing it is definitely a good idea. (And since I’m an old fart and have to increase the size of the font to read it, the sidebar falls off the page so I won’t see the ads anyway!)

  47. 10.9.12
    Catherine said:

    Making a living at what you love is the dream! Get it!

  48. 10.9.12
    Elisa said:

    Have you considered installing a flattr-button on your site? I’m in love with the concept and it’s started to work pretty well here in Germany. Flattr allows readers to support the people / websites that they appreciate online. I don’t think advertisement is a bad thing per se and you’ll definitely make it work beautifully! But I find the idea behind flattr very compelling. Plus: It is Swedish! Isn’t that a sales point, ha! There is a little clip explaining how it works on their website, All the best for you and your family! I’m waving to you from Berlin!

    • 10.10.12
      Daniel said:

      I’ve never heard of that before! I do like the idea, for sure, although to be honest I have a hard time imagining that it would result in very much money. That said, I don’t know…people have suggested “donation” links to me in the past, and I guess I just feel sort of uncomfortable with that kind of direct exchange, generally. I can’t totally put my finger on why, but I sort of feel like if people have money to donate to any kind of cause, there are FAR FAR FAR FAR more worthy ones than tile for my kitchen, you know? I know giving to one cause doesn’t mutually exclude another one, but something about it just doesn’t feel comfortable for me, personally.

      Thank you for the suggestion, though! I understand that flattr is different than a traditional donation box, and I do really like the idea. I hope it takes off!

  49. 10.9.12
    Par said:

    If advertising means we’ll hear more from you, then carry on young man, carry on. More dogs, more projects, it’s all good.

  50. 10.9.12
    Maggie said:

    Whatever you need to do to keep blogging is OK by me! I was thinking uh oh, your going to stop. Glad that’s not the case :)

  51. 10.9.12
    n said:

    Ads are not horrible; no body is forcing us to click on them anyway! Good luck with the new!!

    • 10.10.12
      Steph said:

      This is how I feel as well. No harm no foul kind of thing. We
      all need to make a buck in this day and age.

  52. 10.10.12
    Farah said:

    In any other case, I would be against ads on blogs because the content of the blog suddenly becomes watered down and filled with shameless plugs for irrelevant products and stupid giveaways sponsored by so-and-so.
    But here, it’s different. You’re one of the very few people I would gladly support. I’ve been a long time reader of this blog and I love how unapologetic and real your posts are. If putting ads on your blog means easing your financial load, then go for it! But please please please, don’t lose your “self”!
    Wishing you all the best :)

  53. 10.10.12
    Ricardo said:

    bring on the ads! If it means more of your wit and design, I’m in. WHy not get paid for something you like doing? Seems like an easy decision. Just as long as you are selective in the ads and we aren’t seeing ads for the Shake Weight, win-win.

    • 10.10.12
      Keith said:

      What he said! :o)

  54. 10.10.12
    Susan H said:


    Anything that you can do so that your DIY continues on is okay with me. I think your step by step directions and excellent photographs are book worthy. Someone offer him a book contract! There are lots of DIYers that benefit from your instructions. I think you should get paid for it. Not to mention that you have great taste and the ability to teach others. I love this blog!!

  55. 10.10.12
    joyce said:

    I love your design, decor, diy, and dogs. Your blog is worthy of ads!

  56. 10.10.12
    heather said:

    I agree with a lot of the posters above, you’re an awesome writer and I love your style (both writing and decorating!). Can’t wait to read more of your adventures.

  57. 10.10.12
    Jennifer said:

    What else can I say that hasn’t already been said? You deserve all the revenue you will earn from your work. Your writing style is my favorite in the Blogland. And the taste! And the inspiration you provide! Keep up the good work and please don’t stop the stream-of-consciousness swearing that I can HEAR IN MY HEAD!

  58. 10.10.12
    Furpants said:

    It’s all good.

  59. 10.10.12
    Guada said:

    Advertise it up! On the other hand, have you consider to become an on-line diy-desing consultant? Much too work?

  60. 10.10.12
    Alex said:

    I just found my new favorite blog last week and got nervous it would already be no more! …Whew! Nothing wrong with making some money while satisfying our DIY addictions. :)

  61. 10.10.12
    Cynthia said:

    I’m full in support of you monetizing your blog, Daniel. It is a consumer good with high demand to people hoping to reach lots of eyeballs. The only thing that saddens me is that you had to write such a long blog post to justify it. There is no need! Money is not the root of all evil, it is something that is created by providing value to others which you clearly do. Rock on!

  62. 10.10.12
    nicolezh said:

    Hi Daniel, I am totally fine with your decision. There is this beautyfull blog and shop of artist Sandra Juto and she included something I would totally support if you would run something similar for your blog. She asks people to invite her virtually to a cup of coffee, to develop a roll of film or buy her flowers. So all readers that want to support her can use Paypal to do so:
    I really like this system, I am sure that Sandra won’t earn a lot of money but it is a very convenient way for us readers to show appreciation. I mean, I live in Germany and work in Switzerland, so chances to get you a cup of coffee or to buy some dog biscuits for Mekko and Linus in real live are really limited….

  63. 10.10.12
    Milly said:

    I come here to read your amazing posts and the stories of your life and your projects. If adding advertisements (that you are even kind enough to make sure are related to your blog) makes it possible for you to continue; I am all for it! There is a high demand for your writing and as a reader I am more than happy if it means we get to continue to read your work. Anything to make sure you never have to stop!

  64. 10.10.12
    Heather said:

    A big fat hooray from me! I’ve been on board with your blogsomeness since day one, and it’s wonderful news for the whole world that you’re making a step toward being able to give us even more. Because who doesn’t want more Daniel?

  65. 10.10.12
    Heidi said:

    Hooray! More posts! Best of luck with the new chapter. You’re doing great…xo

  66. 10.10.12
    Sarah said:

    Two words: Woo hoo!

  67. 10.10.12
    Asia said:

    I love your blog and encourage you to do whatever you need to do; rather than shut her down, even xxx advertising will do. The combination of your bluntness, talent, and swearing make for the most entertaining blog around.

  68. 10.10.12
    Clare said:

    Great idea. Anyone can see that this blog must eat up your time, money and energy. I really welcome advertising that is in keeping with the blogs I read – it’s a good way of finding small businesses that I want to buy from.

  69. 10.10.12

    I would love to hang out in your blogspace, but I don’t think it’s an option for me right now. I’m trying to get rid of old stock to replace it with 100% more fantastic, cohesive stock instead. Maybe in the future, if you wouldn’t mind doggy things all up in your cyber-grill.

  70. 10.10.12
    Tracie said:

    I’ll just echo everyone else. If a few ads mean you can take on more projects, that’s only going to make my blogreading time happier. Plus, I’ve found some awesome companies through blog ads.

  71. 10.10.12
    Kate said:

    My heart was in my mouth for half of this post, worried that you might be stopping the blog all together! So delighted and happy that you’re going to continue. I adore your writing and your projects, and second the idea that however you need to make that work seems like a good idea. (Well not *however* you need to make that work – I mean, there are some things no one should do!) But advertising seems like a pretty sensible and fair option: good for you for making the call. All the best!

  72. 10.10.12
    mary said:

    I fully support the addition of ads to your blog. I have discovered a lot of interesting shops via ads on other blogs and I look forward to discovering more from your blog. I adore your style and design sense and would trust you to provide ads that would reflect your respect for a certain product and/or company. I respect Anna’s decision NOT to have ads but she is another blogger that I would trust to have cool and interesting shops advertised to check out.

    Ps- I totally agree with the others saying that you should write a book or have your own tv show!!

  73. 10.10.12
    Jess said:

    I totally thought you were stopping your blog or break up. Whew!

    Just so you know I predict you will be the next Maxwell from Apartment Therapy, only better!

  74. 10.10.12
    Alyssa said:

    You absolutely do not have to justify all this shiz (nor did Anna over at D16) to your readers. Bring on the ads, I say. I’d love to see exposure for shops that are relevant to your writing. A man’s gotta eat (and so do pups). If you can pay some bills while doing something you love, ALL THE POWER TO YOU.

  75. 10.10.12
    Charlene said:

    I’m in! I love your blog, and reading it truly inspired me to start my own. Danilel, your writing is so relatable, completely engaging – all that everyone else has already said. Knock ’em dead!

  76. 10.10.12
    lisa said:

    Love your blog! Glad to see you making the most of it and not going away – I enjoy your writing and photos so much.

  77. 10.11.12
    Phoebe said:

    Before I got to the end of the post, I had a small panic attack and thought you were closing down the blog. With that minor incident behind me, I am all for whatever helps you keep up the blog. Go for the advertising.

  78. 10.11.12
    sarah said:

    I thought you were going to stop the blog! This would be sad. It seems many of your readers get this move forward in terms of advertising. Not all advertising is the same and it doesn’t have to have big impact, like it does on some blogs. Good for you if you can support your projects from your creativity.

  79. 10.11.12

    Mamma Biscuit fully supports this, especially since you are taking huge considerations as to what businesses you would want to accept advertisements from and tailoring it to reflect your voice here in the digital world. I just think it will be another extension of your work here on your blog as a creator and a writer! Good luck with it!
    Pug hugs and kisses from the Biscuits!

  80. 10.11.12

    For a second there, I thought you were annoncing the retirement of your blog and that would have made me very very sad (seeing as I’m a noob to Manhattan Nest). I think selective advertising is a great idea. I agree with everyone above, you are a brilliant writer and I enjoy your posts. Kudos.

  81. 10.11.12
    Nancy said:

    Another relieved reader here and ditto ditto ditto what everyone else has said. OXOX

  82. 10.11.12
    Lindsey said:

    If there is any blog I want more of it’s yours!

  83. 10.11.12

    I need to put some film on my bathroom windows and came over for the tutorial and was all OMG THE INTERNET IS BROKEN. Glad it’s not. I know money is no object, but I hope you make a mint.

  84. 10.11.12
    Susan said:

    Here’s how ready I am to support this endeavor: I have apparently ALREADY DISABLED ADBLOCK on your site, because I guess at some point in the past I decided that surely you must have ads hiding here somewhere. Please make a ton of $$$$ and never stop blogging.

  85. 10.12.12
    jennifer said:

    Go for it.

  86. 10.12.12
    laura said:

    amen! do it.

  87. 10.12.12
    Sarah said:

    I thought this post was announcing the end of Manhattan Nest and I was SO SCARED! You go with your ads, I’ll look at them all day. I’ll even click on them if it helps. xo from California, Sarah

  88. 10.12.12
    Melissa said:

    I am in support of whatever it takes to keep you here….I would be so sad if you stopped writing. xoxo, Melissa

  89. 10.13.12
    Alice D. said:

    Please make MORE money so you can post more often. Pretty please.

  90. 10.14.12
    susan said:

    Oh jeez, you had me worried there for a bit. I thought you were going to quit blogging! By all means, advertise if it will keep you posting. I love seeing what you’re doing. I would hate for you to quit.

  91. 10.15.12
    Jess said:

    I support you, I think you will do it and not jeopardise the content or integrity of your blog. I love your blog and your fam-bam :)

  92. 10.15.12
    Arielle said:

    Yay, I always look forward to your posts and honestly have wondered why you haven’t advertised this whole time. I’d be really happy to see ads for businesses that you like.

  93. 10.16.12
    Mtl erin said:

    Maybe I’m the only reader who read through this post and was expecting a creative make-work solution at the end- the launch of some consultations/design/or contracted writing that would bring in some dough and transition you into post-university life. I have to say that the advertising announcement leaves me feeling a bit disappointed.. but maybe just because I had such high hopes?

    • 10.16.12
      Daniel said:

      I’ve often thought about doing stuff like that, but I think it has to be a little down the road, if it happens. The thing with advertising is that it brings in some money but doesn’t really require me to alter my life drastically…I can pretty much just do a bit more of something I’m already doing (blogging). While I’m still in school full-time, working part-time, and trying to maintain the blog, my relationship, my dogs’ well-being, my mental health, etc, I really just don’t have time to add a completely new, huge job to that mix. I’ve done some freelance design work in the past and while it has fun elements, it also takes tons and tons of time and energy, and I just can’t put myself in that situation right now.

    • 10.16.12
      laura said:

      i would hate to think that blogging would become something that only the independantly wealthy could afford to spend time on, nothing makes me feel poorer than reading about someones $900 faucet. if bringing in a little advertizing money lets you fund a few more low budget diy projects, then i look forward to reading about them.

  94. 10.17.12
    Christie said:

    Look at you, making all grownup-like decisions! I’m happy for you, and think you’re going about this in just the right way. Kudos! And I can’t wait to read more. You are my very favorite blogger.

  95. 10.18.12
    Ruthie said:

    Long time lurker, first time poster because I really wanted you to know that I for one would never think of you as some kind of sell out. Advertise things that you think are great and I’ll probably be inspired to throw some money at it. Support yourself, your beautiful life with your boyfriend, and your two dogs’ dental care and don’t give it a second thought. Your writing is brilliantly entertaining and charming and lots of us want to know what you think is cool. End of story.

  96. 10.18.12

    Good for you. I have just a fraction of the readers you do, and I decided to say yes when approached about advertising mainly because hosting a blog takes cash. Might as well recoup some losses at least. It’s the moment advertising interferes with the quality of the content that I stop reading, so like… don’t do that, and I think everyone will be cool. Here’s hoping it’s lucrative for you.

  97. 10.18.12
    bonbon said:

    your blog is some of my favorite home porn. and dog porn. and you provide it for free! FREE entertainment! if you need to do some advertising, I say go for it. I know you’ll keep it tasteful, because you are amazing.

  98. 10.22.12

    I thought you were done blogging!!!! Don’t ever, ever do that to me again. I mean it. honestly need my inspirationo-giggle time – which is usually around the time that I read you. And frankly, if I had anything decor-related to advertise, I would choose you (or, as I understand it, hope to be chosen by you….) to advertise it. Too bad I don’t have half your imagination when it comes to these things! Very glad you’re taking MN to the next stage. Hope that means you’ll keep doing what you do for a long time to come.