Around the Neighborhood: OMG RAMEN

Every so often (by which I mean for the past two years), I go through these phases (by which I mean always) where I become obsessed with brothy noodly asian soups. Pho? I could eat you all day everyday. Udon? Get in my belly. Tom Yum? You thrill me. Ramen? GIVE ME ALL THE RAMEN EVER I WILL EAT IT ALL.

That’s pretty much how it goes.

I know I don’t talk about my neighborhood in Brooklyn very often, but it’s great. Boerum Hill itself is very residential, but some really awesome places to eat and buy things have opened up in the last year or so that I’m all about. The very nearby Cobble Hill will always kind of be the cooler big brother when it comes to that stuff, so I feel extra-proud when my neighborhood represents.

The most exciting development in my life in the past couple of weeks, though, is that there is now a ramen place that has opened only a few blocks from my stoop. Which is not to say my life isn’t exciting (it isn’t, but that’s not the point), it’s to say that this is just VERY VERY exciting. The knowledge that this is so close by is doing terrible things for my mental state, wallet, and maybe soon, waistline. We’ve already been twice in the past week and the only reason I’m staying away is because I’m currently in Florida for a couple days and it is so far away. Which is maybe a good thing because I really need to slow my roll with this whole ramen thing.

Maybe. Although it’s probably a very bad thing and very tragic and all I want right now is ramen.

So this restaurant, Ganso, is now my new favorite place in the world, serving up some of my new favorite food in the world. The restaurant design itself is really beautiful (check all that amazing pine, yo), the food is great, and the staff is super friendly. I introduced myself to the owner, Harris, because I figured we’d be seeing a lot of each other and now I think we’re best friends?

It’s kind of on a weird dud of a block, but it’s right off the Hoyt-Schemerhorn stop (A/C/G) and close to a bunch of other subways and totally worth a little trip.

Ramen is my lifeblood and Ganso is the wind beneath my wings.

(I guess now I have to make clear that this post was in no way sponsored, I just fucking love ramen OK.)


  1. I am so all about ramen. In the UK (outside of London at least) we don’t get these kind of places so my fix comes from Wagamama! Loving the new site style btw!

    Mrs E

  2. What menu item have you found is the best to eat?

    • We’re vegetarians (who occasionally still eat fish), so the only things I’ve had are the edamame, the spring rolls, and the Tan Tan ramen. All good!! The other three ramen options all have meat. They’re in the process of expanding the menu, so there might be more options in the future.

  3. Of course this post is not sponsored, you are speaking from your heart. But the owner should give you and Max a free bowl of ramen for this post. Have you ever tried Vietnamese food? They also have delicious healthy soupy-things. Sadly our vietnamese shop closed. Have a wonderful day!!!

    • Yes, Pho is Vietnamese and it’s my favorite! We have a great little place nearby, too. I’m the one going there in July asking for an enormous bowl of hot soup.

  4. ate here last night! spicy miso ramen was SO good. the gyoza wasn’t bad, but i couldn’t help but feel jipped spending $7 for 6 when i know there’s Golden Fried Dumpling right down the street where you get 4 for $1… daniel, i hope you know about this spot!

    • I always mean to go there but I’ve never stopped in!! I’ll have to try it out.

      Overall, I think the prices at Ganso are OK, though…the ramen itself is $12, which seems normal to me? It’s not a crazy bargain or anything but I feel like the prices are totally appropriate for the kind of place it is and the quality of the food.

  5. You’re in Florida – yay – enjoy!

  6. I am so happy you are bringing the love to Ganso. I’m a neighbor too and stumbled starving, and alone into this little gem…on opening night. In gym clothes. Whoops! Did they peer down their noses at me? The sweaty solo diner at the bar in a room full of celebratory, beautiful people who knew the owner? NO! They made me feel right at home, assured that my belly was filled with deliciousness (e.g. Japanese Fried Chicken) and let me eat, watch the chef and drink in the pine decor in peace. PS My favorite element of the design: This place has a glass-enclosed kitchen so you can watch the ramen being made from the bar.

  7. So funny – here in the backwoods of NC the only ramen I have ever encountered is the crunchy kind in the square plastic packaging that costs like 18¢! I did not know that this grocery store shelf atrocity was vaguely related to something that looks so amazingly good:)

  8. carbs and veggies, combined, rule the universe. just sayin’

  9. mmm my brothy soup appetite is now wildly out of control after those photos.

  10. Absolutely love your website. Long-time reader, first-time commenter. I’m loving the addition of your food writing. And totally support your decision to accept sponsorships.

  11. The next time you visit your friend in Portland (if she still lives here?) you HAVE to go to Luc Lac, they have amazing Pho (among other things), and excellent cocktails.

  12. Mmmm, I need to try Japanese ramen. Although it probably isn’t that different from Korean..

  13. If I could I would only eat pho. My whole life I have always been addicted to asian noodley goodness.

  14. Yum. I was thinking about getting ramen tonight and now I think you have made up my mind for me. If you ever have occasion to be in LA (and also start eating meat because they only have pork broth) you need to go to Shin Shen Gumi Hakata Ramen in Gardena, CA. It is a small chain in the LA area, but the Gardena one is the best. They also have amazing takoyaki octopus balls.

  15. I had ramen for lunch and now I want ramen for dinner too. Mmm love brothy noodles’n stuff.

  16. dude, if you like all things noodly, keep your eyes out for Burmese places too. I went there for the first time in January and hands down the best noodle soups EVER. something about the spice combination that is amazing :-)

  17. I love this post. I live in Tokyo and know the ramen insanity you speak of. Love your blog, so happy to know real ramen exists in the US!

  18. That photo looks delicious, I’m absolutely going out for some noodly delicious concoction with fishball today. I blame you.

  19. My ‘hood (Prospect Heights) also has a great ramen place, Chuko. Their miso ramen with pork is toe-curlingly good.

  20. I did not realize that you were vegetarian and tagged/mentioned you in a chicken soup Instagram yesterday. :( Oops. All your Instagrams and this post made me think of nothing else but soup and since I live in a tiny town in Germany we don’t have any cool ramen places (or anything cool really) I made my own. Anyway… Love the new blog design. Anna SO rocks!

  21. i’m all about noodle soup. all about it. and this looks delicious. i’m planning a quick trip to nyc in december and i may just have to give this place a try.

  22. This is fantastic, I just moved to Brooklyn Heights and I’ve been dying for some good, brothy soup. Adding Ganso to my list and I’ll tell them you sent me!

    PS. Didn’t know you guys are pescetarians too, so am I! :)

  23. hey, just discovered your site today…I actually really love your profanity, please don’t stop

  24. I am just jealous that you have such choices right in your neighborhood! Not so much happening like that in Danville, Kentucky. Though, we did have a debate a couple of days ago…. Enjoy a spicy bowl of hot noodle goodness for me.

  25. This post really reminded me of this weird Brittany Murphy movie that was all about ramen. for the life of me I can’t recall the name and am too lazy to open a new window to google it. You should check it out tho.

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