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I’d like to start making a habit of breaking up my regular blog-programming by talking about other stuff. I know I post about dogs and travel sometimes, but sometimes there’s something that I want to write about but end up feeling like this isn’t the right venue. But then I realized: the great thing about being the creator, sole writer, editor, photographer, and asshole behind this blog is that I can do whatever the fuck I want. And what I want is to sometimes write about stuff that I find beautiful or funny or interesting. Stuff that inspires me. Stuff I like.

There are few things I like more than my amazing friend Juliet Gordon and, more recently, her amazing band, The Classical. I’ve mentioned Juliet a couple times on the blog, like when she was part of my first Bertoia chair purchase and my street-found shell chair (she’s my lucky charm, I swear it.), but I never really talked about how terrific she is. We met in high school, but for some reason we really only became good friends at some point after we graduated, and then we became really good friends a couple years ago when she came to live in New York for about six months. Those six months were kind of the best ever.

Here’s a very fancy, very not-sober photo shoot we did one night in my Manhattan kitchen, you know, like you do. I don’t know what I’m doing with that curtain either.

Juliet is really a person who inspires me to just fucking go for it when I need a good push every now and then to pursue the things I want. I like having friends like that. But aside from being my close friend and confidant, she’s also an incredibly talented musician. When Juliet moved back to Colorado, she went ahead and formed a band called The Classical and they made an album. A really fucking good album.

Not to sound too fan-boyish about my own friend, but The Classical has been on constant rotation on my iPhone for months, and with school starting up again and my time on the subway increasing exponentially, it’s about to get even more playsI know nothing technical about music whatsoever, so I won’t even make an ass out of myself trying to stumble awkwardly through a music review—I just know what I like when I hear it. And so maybe that’s all I really need to say: I like it. And maybe you will, too.

If you like what you hear in the video above, I suggest you scoot your way over to go download the whole album. You can pay what you wish, too. I bought it for $10 because I figured that’s what an album on iTunes usually costs, but you can pay more or less or nothing at all, if you want. Hippies and their free-spirit pricing.

Think of how cool you will be knowing about this rad new band that other people probably don’t know about (yet). Go show everybody how much better you are than them by downloading yourself some good music. You won’t regret it.

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  1. 9.4.12

    i downloaded it and will be listening in the near future, as soon as my phone comes back from being serviced (don’t ask) – naughty phone. unfortunately, i can’t pay a dime because the idiot decided to forgoe the international credit card – heh, who needs it, right? well, turns out i do. c’est la vie. but will do lots of media sharing in return. that’s a good form of payment, right?

    • 9.4.12
      Daniel said:

      Absolutely—I think one of the reasons people do “pay what you wish” downloads is that they really just want people to hear their music, love it, and spread the word, right? I’m glad you’re checking it out!

  2. 9.4.12
    nicolezh said:

    Addictive sound- thank you for sharing! I would never ever have known this music by my own, and right now I am about to contact Juliet if is is fine when I broadcast her in the community radio station I work in. Its a small, independent station in Zurich Switzerland, but she would fit sooo good in our weekly 30 minutes female fronted music slot!

    • 9.6.12
      Daniel said:

      Yay! I’m glad you like it, I hope the listeners do too!

  3. 9.6.12
    Janet said:

    Good tune, made me think of sunny blue skies:) might even get the album (can you pay by PayPal?)
    Must admit though, it sounded a whole lot better when I closed my eyes on that frankly…wierd… video, especially the toilet part….
    Good luck to Juliet and the band!

    • 9.6.12
      Daniel said:

      Yep, Paypal or any major credit card (or neither if you want to pay nothing)!

  4. 9.7.12
    Mariane said:

    Hey Daniel,
    I love your writing and your spirit so always enjoy your posts, even when it is not design oreinted, please keep any posts coming our way! Also, great tune, good music for my workshop, thanks!

  5. 9.8.12
    furpants said:

    I like the band and I like that you’re writing more. Keep it up!

  6. 9.10.12
    Julia said:

    Isn’t it great how far a vote of confidence can go…I once called my best friend after an embarrassing drunken night where I may or may have not made a fool of myself…I said, Danielle, I’m afraid they all think I’m crazy, and she said well if the already think your crazy, just go with it. I’v been happily insane since. Love you daniel! Smooches and snuggles!

  7. 9.18.12
    Martina said:

    They sound great – like an indie rock Thievery Corporation – Best of luck!