The Cutest Tool I Own

Max and I both had the morning off today, so we took it upon ourselves to live the Brooklyn Hipster Dream for a couple hours. We brunched. We bought Kinfolk. And then we stopped at one of my favorite nearby stores, Dry Goods.


Dry Goods on Atlantic Avenue is pretty much the cutest store in the world. The women who own it have such great taste, find the best stuff, and pull all of it together into one tiny wonderful place. They know exactly what everything is, who made it, the history, everything. They pull stuff from literally all over the world, but somehow they have a very consistent and defined sense of style that pervades the entire place. It’s just a great shop to have around and be able to support every once in a while. I should really go back and take a few pictures of the store.

Anyway, while Max was looking at cookbooks, my eyes settled on this little GAM 6-in-1 hammer. I distinctly remember having one of these as a kid (I think my mommy gave it to me), and all the time I used to spend taking it apart and putting it back together again and again. Without terms like “well-designed,” I just remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever and super fun to play with. This was the type of hammer I used to hang and rehang crap all over my walls, and I just remember it coming in handy all the time.


I never really appreciated how cute it was, though! Look at that thing! I have a serious weakness for brassy bits, always and forever.

I don’t really need another hammer or screwdriver, but I like that this is small enough to sit in a pencil cup on a desk or squeeze in a kitchen drawer, and it’s great to have something small that I can easily throw in a bag when I need to bring a few tools somewhere (this happens more than it seems like it should). So maybe I did need it? No, I definitely needed it.

(for some reason I’m having a really hard time finding a place to buy this little guy online, but luckily Dry Goods just started selling online! Here! Valentine’s gift for your man? For your lady? For your dog? For you? I don’t know your life!)

ps- Homies nomination round ends tomorrow. I’m so close. Just saying. Your move.

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  1. 2.7.13
    kelly said:

    Oh, yes! We have one of these that we keep in our kitchen drawer and we use it All. The. Time. Especially that little itsy-bitsy screwdriver, right where you need it, *when* you need it! (Meaning: I have another one of those, but I can *never* find it. Where does it get to?!)

    Recently found your blog via Design*Sponge and have really enjoyed reading your archives — great blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2.7.13
    kate said:


  3. 2.7.13

    I remember this hammer too! I think Winnie gave them to us?

    • 2.8.13
      Daniel said:

      Maybe! I wish I knew what happened to mine. It has to still be in the house SOMEWHERE, right?

  4. 2.7.13
    Sally said:

    False. The cutest tool is the awwwwwwl.

  5. 2.7.13
    Heather said:

    I heart this tool with all my tool-hearting heart. I carry with me in my purse. Just in case I need to fix something at someone else’s house when they’re not looking.

  6. 2.7.13
    Tara Maes said:

    And they ship to Australia. NOBODY ships to Australia. Bless!

  7. 2.7.13
    karen said:

    oooh, what a nifty tool! AND it’s on sale at restoration hardware.

  8. 2.8.13
    Leena said:

    It’s like a Matryoska doll! Fun!

  9. 2.8.13
    Hannah said:

    I have a super cute hammer that I love too. It has a lovely wooden handle and sometimes i leave it out after finishing doing DIY ‘by mistake’ when people come over because I’m a hammer poser. It’s a problem.


  10. 2.8.13
    Ella said:

    Voted! Even though your forgot to post the “Mekko is crying because of you” photo.

    • 2.8.13
      Daniel said:

      Ha! If I’m nominated, I might go there again. SHAMELESS.

    • 2.10.13
      Ella said:

      Efficient, some might say.

  11. 2.8.13
    Kate said:

    I use that little guy ALL THE TIME! I got mine from Restoration Hardware, but obviously Dry Goods is way more local and awesome so everybody buy it there! (Also I just voted cos this blog is the best.)

  12. 2.8.13
    Taren said:

    That hammer! Where has it been all my life?!

  13. 2.8.13
    nicolezh said:

    Can you recommend some comfy places for brunch in Brooklyn? Where do go guys go to?

    I’ll be in Williamsburg in may to visit a friend doing a postdoc at Columbia and brunch is something we all love!

    • 2.8.13
      Daniel said:

      We live in South Brooklyn, but if you’re staying in Williamsburg, you need to take yourself to Five Leaves! It’s REALLY good. If your schedule is flexible, try to go on a weekday though…we waited for an hour on a Sunday!

      There are SO many great restaurants ALL OVER Brooklyn, though! Williamsburg especially has some really good food.

  14. 2.8.13
    Cassandra said:

    Oooh Thank you for sharing this amazing find! I need this because my sticky fingered husband is always swiping my tools out of my little ikea tool kit and never puts anything back. I really needed a screw driver just yesterday and couldn’t find it because Mr. Stickyfingers ran off with it! So the vacuum cleaner will just have to remain clogged until I can get my new 6 in 1 Hammer! Yay! This is great, because apparently the only tool of mine that he doesn’t want to hurl into the apparent tool black hole that he’s created in the garage is my little dainty “lady hammer.” This even daintier appearing hammer will now hide my screwdrivers and keep my tool losing husband far away!

    Smooches to you!

  15. 2.8.13
    Sabrina said:

    Oh, I got one of these in college, at a small town Iowa True Value, in 1995! It’s funny; I’d pulled it out the other day and my husband noticed it was trying to corrode closed. Perhaps it’s time for a shiny new hammer.

  16. 2.9.13
    Jack said:

    As usual your blog got my vote! A fair number of my other well-liked blogs were up nominated too, but without a doubt I voted Manhattan Nest! I’m not sure if this is the cutest hammer I’ve ever seen, but it has to be up there!

  17. 2.11.13
    annie said:

    cute hammer. i do indeed want it. this is not related to this post but i thought you should know. every time i order from sundial wire i always note your blog as my reference. it’s only been twice now but i just put in a big order! hope that gets you something awesome! at the very least street cred with them.

  18. 2.12.13
    christy said:

    My first time on your blog and what do I see – my handy little hammer! I got mine as a gift about 20 years ago when I moved into my first apartment. I can’t tell you how many chores the little guy has helped me with. I eventually moved up to a BIG GIRL HAMMER, but my first is still my favorite. Fun!

  19. 2.13.13
    CG said:

    I have that same hammer! I got it in college and I still love it. It’s so adorable and the gold is pretty and it’s so cunning with the little Russian Doll-like nesting screwdrivers!

  20. 2.15.13
    Bobbi said:

    Oooo I have that hammer too, but the head flies off. I only use it for very tiny hammering projects, or for the screwdrivers;)