Lisa Congdon is made of magic.

First of all, thank you for all of the well-wishes and supportive comments, e-mails, and tweets over the last few days regarding the hurricane. Max, Mekko, Linus, and I are all totally fine—we didn’t even lose power and aside from a few downed trees, our neighborhood was largely unaffected by the storm. Right now we’re just feeling very lucky to live where we do, and our thoughts are with those who weren’t nearly as lucky. If you feel so inclined, you can easily text REDCROSS to 90999 to immediately give $10 to the disaster relief. 

On to slightly lighter matters…my internet-friend Lisa Congdon is made of magic. I don’t even remember how I found Lisa originally, but not only is she one very talented artist, she’s also an incredible person. I love keeping up with her, her fiancé, Clay, and their adorable Chihuahua, Wilfredo (she even got a tattoo of him!) via Instagram and Twitter, and I love following her blog and her current 365 Days of Hand Lettering Project. From illustrating for the Obama campaign to biking 545 miles in 7 days for the AIDS Lifecycle, Lisa is just one of those people who seems to have boundless energy and enthusiasm for whatever she’s doing—which usually seems to be about 10,000 things at once. Even though we’ve never actually met (we’ll fix that someday!), I just think she’s incredibly inspirational and, well, super awesome.

Today, Lisa’s three new wallpaper patterns (each of which come in a few color ways) launched at Hygge and West and holy shit, they are goooood. I pretty much want to buy all of them and wrap my life in them and live forever in a wonderful little world engulfed by Lisa’s whackadoo amazingness.

I love this Bohemian pattern (it also comes in a very pretty light grey!) and totally want to use it somewhere. It’s gold. It’s glam. It’s great.

Also, ferns. Give me the ferns. In gold, black, or green. Gimme.

Not surprisingly, this is my favorite. Amazing, right? I’m very probably definitely going to need a roll of this charcoal/gold Triangles pattern somewhere in my life. Or maybe in black? Or maybe in grey and pink? I’m not picky.

Guh. It’s all so good. I’m so proud of Lisa and so happy to see her work presented in yet another beautiful format. Congrats, Lisa!

(this post was in no way sponsored, I just think Lisa is the bee’s knees and this wallpaper is the hotness.)

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  1. 10.31.12

    I’m so happy you guys made it through unscathed. Also, I’m now lusting over that first pattern. Soooo pretty.

  2. 10.31.12
    Furpants said:

    In my mind, you, Anna, Morgan and Lisa all live in a magical place called Blogtown, where you hang out together and talk about your dogs while swapping amazing flea market finds. And I’m jealous.

    SO, do you think this wallpaper could be the ‘solve’ for your mantel. Imagine if the middle panel on the wall above the fireplace had one pattern, and the frame around it had another? Might do the trick.

    • 11.2.12
      Daniel said:

      Ha, Blogtown! We totally do, it’s called Twitter and Instagram.

      I don’t think this is a good candidate for the fireplace, but maybe for somewhere else!! I also don’t know how wallpaper would work in the living room because of the wall-moldings, I just can’t imagine it ever looking polished or right.

  3. 10.31.12
    Ella said:

    I already left a compliment with Door Sixteen on Lisa Congdon’s wallpaper, and I’m happy you weren’t harmed by Sandy. I just wanted to add that the ads on your page for the Swedish market are quite amazing – diet food, an outlet mall called Yunkyard in 90’s Absolute Techno lettering and cheap headphones!

    • 11.1.12
      Victoria said:

      The ones for the UK are also a little surprising … Discount office furniture?? The wallpaper is lovely though!

    • 11.2.12
      liz said:

      Glad you are all ok and ditto, the wallpaper is fantastic. But I only noticed the ads because of Ella and Victoria’s comments. And now I’m intrigued. How does it work? Do the ads say more about me than you… if they do I’m worried…

    • 11.2.12
      Daniel said:

      Thanks for being good sports about the google ads, you guys! I know they’re a little hokey…basically I think they work by a combo of your geographic location and pulling content from the site to figure out what to display. Apparently they take a little while to become super valid, so some of the ads might be weird for a while. They’ll go away if more of the ad slots sell, but for now they’re nice to bring in a little money in the meantime.

  4. 11.5.12
    Jamie B. said:

    Scrolling back a little so I don’t leave a frivolous decorating question on your heartfelt, important marriage equality post.

    With regards to the fabric you starched to your last apartment’s interior doors, I wanted to do half of large panes of glass, a sort of pseudo cafe curtains kind of thing, so only three sides of the fabric would be touching the frame. Would you recommend hemming the top edge (the one not touching the window frame) or just cutting really really carefully to make it straight? Or is this just a disgusting idea all together? By hem I of course mean with that tape you iron, since I don’t have a sewing machine. Thanks for any input, glad the storm wasn’t too hard on you.

    • 11.5.12
      Daniel said:

      I have no idea, Jamie B.! I guess I’d definitely hem, but it might be difficult to get it as clean and straight as I’m guessing it is in your head. No harm in trying though! You could always do a practice run with an old sheet or something to see if you like the way it looks.

  5. 11.12.12
    Jamie B. said:

    Just for future reference or something, in case anyone cares, hemming the top edge worked quite well imo. Obviously it shows when the light shines through so I tried to make as small and neat a hem as possible. I used a level to make the top edge straight and made the rest of the edges an inch or two bigger than the pane of glass, then cut it to size with a sharp exacto knife once it was completely dry. Touch up the edges with a bit of starch and it’s not bad. Thanks for your guide, Daniel! (I also learned being lazy and saying my super hot tap water is almost boiling and thus good enough does NOT work. Heh.)