GIVEAWAY: Ferm Living Shop!

Candleholder String | Copper Tray | Spear Bowl | Squares Blanket | Wire Basket

I’m super excited today to announce my very first giveaway, from none other than the amazing folks at Ferm Living Shop! I have loved Ferm for years and years now, and spent a totally obscene, possibly shameful amount of time drooling over their housewares and wallpapers. Imagine me, sitting at home, petting my computer screen and willing these beautiful Danish bits of perfection to find a way into my life and you’ll have a pretty accurate picture of how I regard this company.

Maybe you’re like that, too? Then today is your lucky day! Ferm Living Shop is offering the lucky winning reader ANY item in the shop. Maybe you want that Candleholder String on your Christmas table? It could happen for you. Maybe you need to cuddle up under that Squares Blanket in front of a cozy fire and feel like a fancy prince or princess? You just might get the chance.


To Enter:

  1. Go check out Ferm Living Shop and pick your favorite item!
  2. Come back here and leave a comment with the item’s name AND how you would use it in your home! That’s it!

International entries are welcome and Ferm Living Shop will pay the shipping. However, the winner may be responsible for international duties & taxes.

This giveaway ends on Thursday, December 6th at 8 PM EST. A winner will be chosen at random and I’ll update the post with the winner’s name on Friday, December 7th! Yay!

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  1. 12.3.12
    Christina said:

    Oh man I love Ferm! The squares blanket is amazing! I would put it on my grey karlstad couch and cuddle up in it daily.

    • 12.3.12
      Orlo Gray said:

      I would love any thing from the Ferm but I’ve always wanted a roll of their Wilderness wallpaper in black.

  2. 12.3.12
    neha said:

    I loved Mr. And Mrs. Pillow; (and the wall papers!)

  3. 12.3.12
    rachel said:

    I would love the Spear shower curtain. That would give me an excuse to redecorate my bathroom around it!

  4. 12.3.12
    allen said:

    love manhattan nest and love the squares blanket — these combined with snuggling with my old-man french bulldog, beluga, sounds like the perfect new york respite!!

  5. 12.3.12
    Christine said:

    Ah! Well I love pretty much everything they make, but I think I’d have to go for the Charcoal Floor pillow. I’ve been pining for one of those for ages!

  6. 12.3.12
    Amy said:

    I’m crazy for their Molecule Building Set! There’s a spot on a low cabinet in my living room that would be perfect for it.

    • 12.5.12
      Jill said:

      Lovely choices but Squares Blanket please! Will be used to bring warmth to me and my old Scottie dog when miserly Swiss landlord cuts central heating after 9pm. We will admire (and drool) over the sheer geometric gorgeousness of it. Great giveaway idea and best of luck with your fantastic blog!

  7. 12.3.12
    Maarit said:

    Wow! I seriously had a difficult time picking just one item. Copper pencil holder would be perfect in my work area at home. A few books, a lamp and that would be a perfect combo.

  8. 12.3.12

    Wow! How could one decide? I’d take any item in the shop, but if I had to choose just one it’d be the squared blanket. I’d probably spend all day just admiring it’s geometric beauty.

  9. 12.3.12
    Mom said:

    As the proud mama, I love their stuff and would only be able to place what Daniel approved. Good luck everyone.

  10. 12.3.12
    Rosie said:

    I just love the remix blanket in gray! It would be the perfect finishing touch to my redone living room.

  11. 12.3.12

    I’m obsessed with the remix blanket in gray.

  12. 12.3.12
    Floortje said:

    What´s that? A beautiful Squares Blanket? If I had one of those, I could finally throw away the hideous fleece blanket my mom got me 8 years ago! And with winter coming along (we had our first snow here in The Netherlands today), it would be great for snuggling on the couch and making awesome blanket forts!

  13. 12.3.12
    Nora said:

    I cannot decide between the ‘Squares Blanket’ and the ‘Squares Wallpaper – Purple’. What is it with these squares right now?

  14. 12.3.12
    Anya said:

    I want, no I NEED that multi-color candleholder string. My house is a work in progress but that string is just the right touch to add a little personality to my living room.

  15. 12.3.12
    Nina said:

    i’d go for the triangle shower curtain ( and – surprise, surprise – i’d use it as a shower curtain since my old (current) one is in dire need of being replaced. i love the simplicity of the black and white triangles and it would work extremely well in my bathroom.

  16. 12.3.12

    How can someone choose ONE favorite thing from the Fern shop! I love the triangle laundry basket, the black wire basket, the copper pencil holder, the charcoal floor pillow and the mountain and the herringbone and the dotted neon orange cushions. This is home decor porn, aaaah!

    But if I have to choose one I have to go with the huge charcoal floor pillow. I shall screen print big and bold neon patterns/type on beige fabric to make curtains or bedsheets to go with that huge charcoal floor pillow.

  17. 12.3.12
    Cheryl said:

    I love the Remix blanket! I’d snuggle up on the couch with it.

  18. 12.3.12
    Cara said:

    Remix (Gray) Blanket, would look amazing in my living room and would get lots of use!

  19. 12.3.12
    Siobhan said:

    I love manhattan nest and spend hours on your blog wishing I had the guts to fix up my apartment they way you’ve done yours but I’m terrified of my landlord!
    The large Spear Tray is stunning and I would use it to perfect my little coffee corner. The Calendar Wall Sticker is also beautiful.

  20. 12.3.12
    Carls said:

    This is a VERY good giveaway. If I could choose anything from Ferm, it would have to be either the remix blanket in gray to doll up my couch or the candleholder string in natural because it’s super beautiful but not exactly a basic I would generally be able to justify splurging on. I like this sponsor thing, Daniel!

  21. 12.3.12
    lexi said:

    Would so very much love to have ‘the dorm’ to display my collection of vintage tin wind-up birds!!!

  22. 12.3.12
    Sara said:

    Love the molecule building set!

  23. 12.3.12
    Tara Maes said:

    Oh the Spear Laundry Basket. The SPEAR! LAUNDRY! BASKET! My laundry is the most heinous four walled excuse for a room imaginable. That glorious laundry basket would at least bring joy into stepping foot in that whitegoods prison. Ferm willing!

  24. 12.3.12
    Sophia said:

    I have been eyeing the Spear shower curtain for a long time! I adore everything about it. Best giveaway ever.

  25. 12.3.12

    Drool! The gray remix blanket would be the perfect addition to my son’s bedroom.

  26. 12.3.12
    Camille said:

    Harlequin Pillow – Yellow. I’m in the processing of replacing my cheap (IKEA) pillows with ones that are special. This pillow would tie my color story together.

  27. 12.3.12
    Emma said:

    What a giveaway to start with! I can spend way to long on Ferm Living, and have hinted several times to my husband about just how much I would love the Remix Gray Blanket to snuggle under on our sofa. He’s not listened so far so am thinking I will just have to order it for myself for Christmas instead.

  28. 12.3.12
    Kris said:

    Large spear tray to make a mini bar!

  29. 12.3.12
    Mellisha said:

    I love love love the Spear Laundry Basket.

  30. 12.3.12
    Sarah S said:

    So many things! Wire baskets, copper pencil holder, the waffle hand towels. I like the bathrobe too!

  31. 12.3.12
    Jenny said:

    I really can’t get over the whale cushion. I have absolutely no need for a whale cushion and could really use some towels, but, I want that whale cushion. I definitely need it. I’m moving close to the ocean soon, so, it’s okay to put a whale on your couch, right?

  32. 12.3.12
    Crystal said:

    I like that Spear Shower Curtain. Great colors!

  33. 12.3.12
    Suzanne Sng said:

    The Spear Bowl please! It would go completely with my kitchen with its turquoise backsplash and mosaic tiles. Please, come to mama!

  34. 12.3.12
    Sini said:

    Triangle Shower Curtain! My bathroom’s tiny and it gets soaked every time I take a shower – I haven’t got a curtain yet due to pickiness, but this one would be perfect.

    P.S. Your blog’s fantastic! Greetings from Finland!

  35. 12.3.12
    Amanda said:

    The remix gray blanket is so amazing! I have been looking for a good blanket foreverrrr (but of course all of the good ones are out of my college student budget!).

    I would definitely use this to curl up on the couch and watch some Netflix.

  36. 12.3.12
    michcelle said:

    The molecule building set would grace my coffee table.

  37. 12.3.12
    Nataliya said:

    I love ferm living. Have two of their wallpapers in the house and would LOVE to add one of their remix blankets! Black or gray, both are gorgeous!

  38. 12.3.12
    Sofie said:

    I am drooling over the diamond hooks. So organic! So diamond-y! Must. have. It’s meant to be, obviously, as both of us are Danish.

  39. 12.3.12
    Levi said:

    The spear laundry basket would really help clean up our bathroom situation, as our dirty clothes are currently lumped in a pile or put in a rather unsightly navy laundry bag. This new one would give structure and style to our laundry situation!

  40. 12.3.12
    Lori said:

    I love the Triangle basket. I would use it in my bathroom to hold rolled up towels.

  41. 12.3.12
    Lucia P said:

    I love everything in that shop! Especially those beautiful stackable jars, I would bake some cute small cookies to put in and I would use it as a centerpiece on our dinning table.

  42. 12.3.12
    Mary said:

    What a fantastic shop– totally new to me. I love the remix blanket– I’d put it on
    me bed. :) Thanks!

  43. 12.3.12
    Maya said:

    ohh! love me some blankets!

  44. 12.3.12
    Amy said:

    I LOVE the grey remix blanket. But pretty much everything is amazing.

  45. 12.3.12
    KWu said:

    God, I love anything and everything they’ve got with that triangle pattern on it…the shower curtain, the apron, tea towels, pot holders, tins, MUGS, etc. etc. but to just pick one thing, it would be the remix blanket in gray.

  46. 12.3.12
    Andi said:

    I have the perfect use for the Bird Cage Tea Towel. I have the world’s sweetest black, long-haired cat that I adopted from a man in Queens who was moving to San Diego. My biggest worry has always been where to put the litter. I ended up removing the door from the cabinet under the kitchen sink, and that is where I’ve hidden his litter. Panther (that’s his name!) just slides by a tea towel that I hung in place of the door. How cute would a tea towel with a bird cage be?! For a cat?!

    P.S. The stunning letter trays in aqua would be an awesome, practical way store all of my financial documents (I am currently looking to buy a home so I practically hoard documents)

  47. 12.3.12

    I would spring for a set of the geometry cups and plant herbs in them in my kitchen window. Thanks for doing the great giveaway! I love your blog, am inspired by your renovation ballsiness, and am in love with your dogs.

  48. 12.3.12
    Kana said:

    Its a tough choice between the cork coaster, whale pillow, and copper tray, but I’m gonna have to go with the copper tray! Its gorgeous! I would use it as a catch all near the entrance way :)

  49. 12.3.12
    Dianne said:

    Oh my, I would love the old tree wall sticker! I have just the place for it. Happy Holidays!

  50. 12.3.12
    Mia said:

    The Remix pillow in yellow is my everything.

  51. 12.3.12
    Martha said:

    Definitely the Squares blanket! I would put it on a warm chair for cozying up with for reading.

  52. 12.3.12
    heather said:

    definitely one of the pillows. probably the neon herringbone!

  53. 12.3.12
    Paula said:

    I would love to have the Remix (Gray) Blanket to cuddle with my better half in the couch.

  54. 12.3.12
    Trondheim said:

    I’d have to go with the copper pencil holder. The design is quite nice, definitely one of the better designed pencil holders I’ve seen, and it would be perfect for storing the mass of pencils, pens, paperclips, and other such things that I’ve accumuluated over the years.

  55. 12.3.12
    Allison said:

    I am crazy about the Remix blanket. The blue triangles would look fantastic on my bed!

  56. 12.3.12
    Jenny said:

    I’m thinking either the molecule building set or the larger triangle laundry basket, which would be fabulous in my bedroom. Love their stuff!

  57. 12.3.12

    I would totally love the candleholder string. I’ve been lusting after that baby for a while. As for what I’d do with it… Well, I’d probably try and wear it as a necklace for a while, eventually settling down and using it to hold candles or something.

  58. 12.3.12
    Cassie said:

    OMG indeed. I’ll take these organic bath towels, please:

    I would… dry my body off with them.

  59. 12.3.12
    Aileen said:

    I LOVE the turquoise and gold Ribbed wallpaper and would use it to add a much-needed touch of glam to my master ensuite!

  60. 12.3.12
    Jen said:

    The trouble is picking one thing, isn’t it? I think the remix blanket would be my first choice.

  61. 12.3.12
    Gaidig said:

    Congratulations on your first giveaway!!
    I am really liking many of the wallpapers and pillows, but my absolute favorite is the Gray Remix Blanket.

  62. 12.3.12
    Kate said:

    Oooh, I LOVE the squares blanket. It would go on the foot of my bed (crisp white duvet) and keep me cozy all winter long. I’d have to paint my bedroom walls stark white from their current peach to be Daniel-approved monochrome, though.

  63. 12.3.12
    CT said:

    What a fun first giveaway. Trying to pick one thing from Ferm’s website is a little mind-boggling. I think I decided on the Squares blanket — I’m about to reupholster a pair of MCM daybed sofas and I think that would finish it off nicely. Cheers – CT

  64. 12.3.12
    Kim said:

    Love those organic bath towels, but I think the knit basket is my fave!

  65. 12.3.12
    Joy said:

    My love for all things FERM knows no bounds but I am especially in love with the Columbine Pillow in Yellow. I have just the place for it and the colors are perfect for my living room. I have a thing for triangles so Ferm is right up my alley!

  66. 12.3.12
    Molly said:

    This is amazing news! What a brilliant way to start the week. Tough choices though, I think I’d have to pick the Spear Bowl, even though all the neon cushions are also calling my name.

  67. 12.3.12
    Becca R said:

    I love the tree bomb pillow!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  68. 12.3.12
    Maggie said:

    I’d use the copenhagen print in my office- copenhagen is a place i visited with my now-husband, right when we started dating.

  69. 12.3.12

    Omg! Where do I begin!? The wire basket, the triangle shower curtain, ANY of the pillows, ANYTHING copper. My head is exploding. Thank you for making this Monday less Monday.

  70. 12.3.12
    Chris said:

    Stop it! I was admiring their stuff last week when I saw the ad. I never win anything but IF I did = the colored Candleholder String all the way!!


  71. 12.3.12
    Kim said:

    I love EVERYTHING, but the copper tray gives me life. I would love to have that baby sitting on my coffee table, wrangling candles and making my otherwise Ikeafied living space just a little more glamorous.

  72. 12.3.12
    Lisa said:

    The Spear Laundry Basket! I’d put my dirty clothes in it. Please and thank you.

  73. 12.3.12


    I would use the squares blanket for Chihuahua-swaddling, and I’d put the wire basket next to the door that leads to my garden to hold all of the stuff I usually just dump on the floor.

  74. 12.3.12
    jen said:

    i love the organic bath towels, they look so nice and cozy to dry off with.

  75. 12.3.12
    Michelle said:

    I love so much, but the Bird Leaves pillow is my favorite…mmmm.

  76. 12.3.12
    Angela said:

    UGH I so love the wire basket! I would use it to contain all things that are good.

  77. 12.3.12

    Large Copenhagen Print! My grandmother was Danish, and she had this gigantic needlepoint of the whole city of copenhagen. It’d be great to throw up (place, not regurgitate) a modern equivalent on the wall in my writing studio. Keep things rooted in the ol’ ancestral pool, y’know?

  78. 12.3.12
    Kirk said:

    I’ve had my eye on that black wire basket for a while now…would love to get it!

  79. 12.3.12
    Melissa D said:

    Ok, so it’s not exactly for the home, but I’m in love with that leather tote! I’d use it to carry bits of home with me when I’m out. :)

  80. 12.3.12
    Emily L said:

    The gold wilderness wallpaper would totally transform my bedroom. Accent wall yes please.

  81. 12.3.12
    Eliza said:

    The Remix blanket would be PERFECT to cover up the hole Buckley chewed in my couch!


  82. 12.3.12
    Kylie said:

    Love the remix blanket! It is literally perfect.

  83. 12.3.12

    The copper tray has been on my Pinterest wish list for awhile. I’d fill it with all my magic beauty potions and give it a special place on my vanity!

  84. 12.3.12
    Nicole said:

    I would buy the hangers! Maybe a bit too practical perhaps but my closets are open so I think they would make my clothing pop! Love this giveaway, thanks!

  85. 12.3.12
    Beth said:

    I would pick the spear shower curtain. It would look great in a bathroom I am redoing. I have already repainted and the color I used would look terrific with this shower curtain.

  86. 12.3.12
    Alex said:

    Oh Diamond Hooks! You would be so beautiful in my bedroom.

  87. 12.3.12
    Wendy said:

    Hard choice, but I would have to go with the Spear Laundry Basket. I might even look forward to laundry day!

  88. 12.3.12
    Mark said:

    Love. EVERYTHING. Especially the tea pot that would seriously jazz up our tea-making situation!

  89. 12.3.12

    What a nice way to start a Monday! The Ferm aesthetic is so inspiring. I adore the urban vases although it was super hard to narrow the choices down to just one.

  90. 12.3.12
    J.J. said:

    Me too, me too! I picked the hangers. It was easy, cause they are exactly what I need for my new hallway “settings”.

  91. 12.3.12
    Linda said:

    looooveee the Triangle Shower Curtain. I would use it in my completely black and white bathroom

  92. 12.3.12
    Paula S said:

    The Face Painted Boxes. Even though there is a :( face and a :| face along with the :) face, just looking at these three painted boxes makes me smile. We have a very small 1920 bungalow with a total of two tiny closets, and storage is always an issue. Every object has to do double duty. I love these because they are decorative, colorful, and functional. I’m constantly on the Ferm website and have purchased other items, but these are new and caught my eye. Thank you!

  93. 12.3.12
    Beatriz said:

    I’ve had the wire basket on my wish list since it came out. I want to fill it with balls of yarn.

  94. 12.3.12
    Libby said:

    I would get the spear bowl and I’d serve dinner in it every night. Its so pretty!

  95. 12.3.12
    Jessica said:

    I would pick the Remix (gray) blanket for my new sofa.

  96. 12.3.12
    Lee said:

    So hard to choose. I would pick the remix blanket (regular or gray). I’d use it to make my sofa come alive and guests could use it to stay warm.

  97. 12.3.12
    Jenny said:

    I’d pick the triangle laundry basket, and use it for laundry of course! I love everything in the shop – thanks for the opportunity, Ferm and Daniel.

  98. 12.3.12
    Sarah said:

    It’s so hard! I’m torn between the candlelight string and the triangle shower curtain. We just moved and both would fit beautifully in our new place!

  99. 12.3.12
    Amy C said:

    It’s so cold in my house, I would take the blanket and wear it like a cape while I shuffled about from fridge to sofa. Like a lazy superhero. With the power of cosiness.

  100. 12.3.12
    JudyH said:

    I love the remix gray blanket. I would give it to my son for his bed. I will even let him take it when he goes to college next fall.

  101. 12.3.12
    Stephanie said:

    THAT BLANKET!!! I will hide behind it while I am watching American Horror Story : )

  102. 12.3.12
    Leslie said:

    I love the Remix Blanket in blue/black. We currently use a 30-year-old Cabbage Patch Kids blanket for couch snuggling. So dorky. It’s my husband’s from when he was a kid, and while it will be great for babies someday, I think we need to pump our cool and hip muscles while we’ve got the opportunity. Thanks!

  103. 12.3.12
    Shannon said:

    I like the face painted boxes! I think I’d use them in my entryway for cute storage! :)

  104. 12.3.12
    Nicole said:

    I am in love with the REMIX (GRAY) BLANKET. It would look absolutely amazing on my couch.

  105. 12.3.12
    Jules said:

    Triangle Shower Curtain!! And the spear laundry basket. Laundry in style might increase the chances of doing laundry.

  106. 12.3.12
    Adam said:

    I love the tree bomb pillow (in curry), which would live happily on my dark gray Kivik couch from Ikea.

  107. 12.3.12
    priscilla said:

    The hamper-need.

  108. 12.3.12
    Lina said:

    What a cruel cruel trick! Forcing us to narrow it to one?!?! HA!
    If I had to pick though, my lovely lovely lovely sofa is currently home to a garish purple quilt that in no way accents its soft ecru color. The Remix Gray Blanket would be so warm to snuggle up with AND look spectacular with my lovely sofa. (Especially since my area rug is full of color and needs the blanket to be toned down).

  109. 12.3.12
    Marcie said:

    The black wire basket could be used for so many things. I can see it turned into a fantastic pendant lamp! Upside down as a small side table? A spot to stash a throw or two next to the sofa? Yes, please. Love the copper tray too!

  110. 12.3.12
    Ben said:

    I love the Large Spear Tray, and would use it to serve snacks/cocktails/breakfast-in-bed to my imaginary boyfriend.

  111. 12.3.12
    Jana said:

    Wow! I love the Mountain Neon Cushion! Also the Wire Basket. Damn.

  112. 12.3.12
    Cara said:

    AGHHH! So many things! I love the remix blanket, the diamond hooks, and the string candleholder. But if I had to pick one, it would be the remix blanket so I can get rid of the dumpy, dingy blanket that is on my couch now.

  113. 12.3.12
    Elly said:

    Ohlala! Easily either the Remix Blanket in grew (swoon!) or the Square blanket. Love!

  114. 12.3.12
    Charlene said:

    OMG! The Dorm, The Dorm, The Dorm. I would put my miniature houses collection in it, put it on my mantle, and obsessively rearrange said collection. 

  115. 12.3.12
    Lindsey said:

    I totally love the molecule building set and I would use it as an awesome and science-y sculpture, doi!

  116. 12.3.12
    Lee Ann said:

    It’s totally a toss up between the Squares blanket & the neon herringbone pillow. I just finished my living room, & it’s grey, orange, & green, mostly. Perfect! Thanks for introducing me to a new shop!

  117. 12.3.12
    Beth said:

    The flower pots would look great in a little grouping on my windowsill.

  118. 12.3.12
    Amy said:

    I love the Remix Blanket.

  119. 12.3.12
    .angela said:

    Wilderness Wallpaper in Black, there’s a wall in my bedroom that so desperately needs it!

  120. 12.3.12
    Brianne said:

    wire basket in rose = side table w/ storage. i am not mad at that.

  121. 12.3.12
    Evaberry said:

    More greetings from Finland! And congrats on your great blog and a brilliant makeover. I’ve been thinking for a while about making an accent wall in the bedroom with Ferm’s Feather wallpaper. But I love all of their stuff!

  122. 12.3.12
    Tracey said:

    Um, how do I choose just one? NOT EASY. The remix gray blanket is pretty amazing though. I could use a beautiful comfy throw like that on my sofa to hide my face under whilst watching The Walking Dead.

  123. 12.3.12
    lauren said:

    that gray harlequin bedding would look incredible in the baby nursery i’m working on right now!

  124. 12.3.12
    katie said:

    I would definitely want the Remix (Gray) Blanket. It would go on my couch to cozy up in while i watch a Homeland marathon, heh.

  125. 12.3.12
    katie said:

    I love Ferm! I love the spear bowl. I’d use it in my kitchen to hold some fruit. The colors pretty much perfectly match the retro tile color scheme in my kitchen. If that isn’t a match made in heaven, i don’t know what is.

  126. 12.3.12
    Nancy S said:

    Every morning I put on my 18 year old bathrobe that should have been tossed 15 years ago. I can see myself lounging on weekend mornings in their organic bathrobe :)
    Pretty please with a cherry (organic, of course) on top

  127. 12.3.12
    laura said:

    oh how i would love to have the dorm bookshelf- it is just the thing that my top floor, sloped ceiling, aerie needs!

  128. 12.3.12
    Julie said:

    The Feather wallpaper in my spare bedroom. Yes puhleeze!

  129. 12.3.12
    Marisa said:

    Oh man, choosing one thing is so hard! I think The Dorm would be perfect for housing all my small treasures picked up here and there.

  130. 12.3.12
    Pika said:

    Harlequin gray bedding. It’s high time to get some adult things in my life.

  131. 12.3.12
    Sarah W. said:

    Remix (gray) Blanket. Would be perfect thrown over the arm of our couch (and then later thrown over me as I “pre-sleep” while attempting to watch TV). Thanks!

  132. 12.3.12
    Heather said:

    The Wilderness wallpaper. In my entryway. Yes.

  133. 12.3.12
    mkbrod2 said:

    eeeeee! gimme that Whale Cushion! me and him would have so much cuddle time on the couch!

  134. 12.3.12
    Lok said:

    I love the remix blanket. It’d look great on my bed and on me!

  135. 12.3.12
    Amy said:

    Oh my goodness, so hard to choose just one thing! I would choose the Spear Laundry Basket. Finally a way to make my dirty laundry look good!

  136. 12.3.12
    Taylor said:

    I would go for the Remix Blanket (and since I have to choose a color I guess I’d go with gray, but it’s a close call between that and the teal). It’s popular for a reason – such a great pattern, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it stacked on that wicker chair with the squares blanket. I have a collection of grey living room blankets that it would make a great addition to. Thanks for the chance at such an excellent giveaway!

  137. 12.3.12
    Áslaug said:

    I would love to have the Large Wire Basket in black for magazines and blankets! I would have gone for the squares blanket but my two dogs would surely steal it for themselves.

  138. 12.3.12
    Anne B said:

    Exciting! I love the knitted baskets. Congrats on your first giveaway :)

  139. 12.3.12
    AshleyB said:

    Oh goodness! I narrowed my favorites down to two: the floor pillow in yellow (our living room doesn’t have nearly enough room/seating, and this would help!) and the remix (gray) blanket (it’s a perfect fit for our bedroom). I’d have a hard time choosing!

  140. 12.3.12
    cathy said:

    The gray remix blanket is just gorgeous! Love, love.

  141. 12.3.12
    Kelley said:

    I’ve been eyeing the remix blanket for ages and it would be for me to hunker down under with tea for the rest of winter (and that the dog does not wind up appropriating for himself)

  142. 12.3.12
    Catherine said:

    I’d pick the Copper pencil holder. My dorm desk is always messy, so it’d be great to have something to keep my stuff together.

  143. 12.3.12
    Annie said:

    First of all, I just want to say thank you for putting in a photo of Mekko in this post – she is the cutest! Her photo should be in every single one of your posts!

    I would love to have the Clint and Plint boxes on my desk to hide clutter in. Also, the Columbine Coral Pillow would look awesome on my sofa.

  144. 12.3.12
    Loriana said:

    I would love to have the Face (Painted) Boxes. It would look so cute in my kids bedroom.

  145. 12.3.12
    Katie said:

    My favorite is the teapot. I would love to have it on display in my kitchen in the day time, and then fill it with hot tea at night and keep it on my nightstand with my favorite tea inside :)

  146. 12.3.12
    Tracy said:

    I love the gold wilderness wallpaper. It is the perfect amount to do the wall in my powder room!

  147. 12.3.12
    Katie said:

    The remix (grey) blanket. Would look great in my living room!

  148. 12.3.12
    Meg said:

    I love the World Map Sticker, it would go great on my livingroom wall!
    P.S. I want to smoosh Mekko’s face!!!

  149. 12.3.12
    Danny said:

    I too am lusting over the gorgeous wire basket in black. The unique diamond pattern just takes it to the next level. I’d love to place it next to my bed, storing grey faux fur blankets to keep me warm and dreaming happy throughout the winter.

  150. 12.3.12
    Cathie said:

    Well the remix (turquoise) cushion would look fabulous with my 1950s turquoise love seats in my living room. Turquoise is my favourite colour; I even got the loveseats reupholstered in their original 50s turquoise! Actually,not to sound greedy but I’d like two cushions if I win!!

  151. 12.3.12

    The spear laundry basket would look amazing in the corner of the bedroom.

  152. 12.3.12
    Molly said:

    Love the black and white triangle basket… it will look lovely as a hamper in my bathroom. I also want to jazz up the space underneath my kitchen island and I think the Gravity Wallpaper would be pretty rad.

  153. 12.3.12
    Eleanor said:

    The large wire basket in yellow would be the perfect things in my living room to piles with blankets and extra pillows. Right now the are just all over the place. They need a home!!

  154. 12.3.12
    Angela said:

    OMG this is so wonderful! I love their gray remix blanket with the yellow trim. I’d keep it draped over my sofa all year. But there are about twenty other things I drool over -_-

  155. 12.3.12
    Lauren said:

    I am in love with the remix blanket! It would look amazing on my couch and pull in some of the colors from my curtains and coffee table. Ferm is just the best.

  156. 12.3.12
    Joseph said:

    Definitely that charcoal floor pillow, or maybe in yellow.

  157. 12.3.12
    Nikki said:

    oh man. i adore that triangle apron. i would wear it every day. EVERY DAY. promise!

  158. 12.3.12
    rachael said:

    i would say the wallpaper if i could use it in my apartment :/ the remix blanket in grey is just as wonderful. i’d use it on my sectional. OBSESSED with ferm.

  159. 12.3.12
    Lauren said:

    As much as I am freaking out over that wallpaper (WANT), I live in the kind of rental that might spell certain death over those kinds of decorations. And anyway, we aren’t planning on staying here for terribly long – and wallpaper should be forever. So instead, I’m lurking all over that Squares Blanket. I’d like to lie and say that I might hang it on the wall and pretend like it’s wallpaper, but in all seriousness I’d probably just wrap it around my body 24/7 while scooting around the house in the rolly desk chair. Don’t judge me.

  160. 12.3.12
    Kate said:

    Blanket blanket blanket blanket OOoooooh the squares blanket!

    I would put it on my couch and put myself under it and never, ever leave.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  161. 12.3.12
    Carly said:

    Definitely the apple tree pillow — the colors are so great. It would go perfectly on my couch.

  162. 12.3.12
    Rachel said:

    wow. Amazing… I love Ferm! The Remix blanket in grey, I think would be my choice. So lovely. :)

  163. 12.3.12
    Lavinia said:

    Fun! the large wire basket in black is amazing! it would hold rolled up blankets in our living room! great 1st giveaway!

  164. 12.3.12
    Robyn said:

    I love the remix blanket in gray! I might put it on my bed.. or just snuggle up with it.

  165. 12.3.12
    katiemight said:

    The remix (gray) blanket would match perfectly with my living room decor – I’d wrap myself up in it on chilly LA nights while working on writing projects!

  166. 12.3.12
    Furpants said:

    I need a squares blanket to put on my chilly leather couch so the puppy can stay warm. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  167. 12.3.12
    Johncy said:

    Did i hear International giveaway? Whattt?? Just the perfect oportunity to get the urban vases!

    Greetings from Argentina! Great blog Daniel, and also a great place! I love ferm living, and has inspired me to do so much with my space!

  168. 12.3.12
    Jen said:

    Ooh, everything at Ferm is so lovely! I especially adore the squares blanket. Gorgeous.
    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  169. 12.3.12
    Anh said:

    I love the Petrol large knitted basket! I’d put my balls of yarn that are currently sitting in a plastic tub out on display. It might unfortunately have the side-effect of making my dog think there is yet another surface he can take over.

  170. 12.3.12
    Kelly said:

    The copper tray is so beautiful. I am in desperate need of something shiny for my coffee table. I’d use it there with a stack books inside and next to it, a little glass vase of greenery, one of my small adam silverman lava bowls and my marble egg paper weight.

  171. 12.3.12
    stephZ said:

    Love love love the remix blanket. How would I use it? Why, I would use it to keep warm of course and look damn good while doing so.

  172. 12.3.12
    Shauna said:

    I’ve been trying to decide on a cork board…I use one to pin my workouts to and keep track of weight #’s…the Large pink pin board would be super helpful!

  173. 12.3.12
    el said:

    I would love that turquoise floor pillow – all the large pieces in my apartment are pretty monochromatic, so I’m feeling a little super bright pillow action might be perfect (and give me some more seationg options too! I forced everyone to stand at the taco party I threw a few weeks ago) I’m sure my cat will claim it pretty quickly though!

  174. 12.3.12
    RK said:

    While that wallpaper is amazing, as a timid renter (read: not Daniel), I would probably have an easier time using the Remix blanket in my home – casually draped over the back of the couch, and ready for snuggling!

  175. 12.3.12
    michelle said:

    pink wire basket! i will put so many cat things in it.

  176. 12.3.12
    Sonchia said:

    Just one? Is that possible at Ferm? I love everything! Ok, well, the Remix Blanket is a top contender, but I have also always loved their Chemistry Flasks. Great giveaway.

  177. 12.3.12
    Jenny said:

    Wire Basket – Black

    Just love this wire basket! My little sister just moved into a new apartment and, in the spirit of giving, I would gift this basket to her! I think it would be perfect for her new place and I know she’d love it.

  178. 12.3.12
    Genevieve said:

    I would love two of the large cork trays. My partner and I could eat breakfast in bed!!!

  179. 12.3.12
    Trish T. said:

    I love the remix blanket – it would be perfect for cuddling up in my reading chair in the bedroom (and I’d look damn stylish doing so with that blanket)!

  180. 12.3.12
    Sarah said:

    I spent hours reading your blog instead of learning for my exams. I love you work and your writing style!:D
    And I’ll get my new dark grey Karlstad couch this week and I’d love to snuggle with that Squares blanket. Even better than triangles, awwh! :)

  181. 12.3.12

    Woohoo, great giveaway. So many amazing items at Ferm, but I’d go for the black wire basket. It would be a great modern foil to the rustic bathroom I’m currently planning for my house and hoping to begin tackling this winter.

  182. 12.3.12
    emily g said:

    Oooh, definitely the Triangle Basket – perfect for stashing all my yarn and knitting needles! My boyfriend would be so relieved not to sacrifice half the couch to my current projects anymore…

  183. 12.3.12

    Love. I would use the KNITTED BASKET – CHARCOAL/LARGE in front of my fireplace to hold my wood. I would no longer die a tiny bit from shame every time i look at the ripped Trader Joe’s bag that currently holds the wood. My friends would all be very jealous.


  184. 12.3.12
    Julie said:

    Wow, fabulous store and generous giveaway!
    It’s VERY hard to choose but the Bird Leaves (Gray), Pillow would tie together the colours in our living room beautifully.

  185. 12.3.12

    Barcode pillow, so rad! I’m throwing out all my old pillows and I’m on the hunt. This one is perfect for our Eames lounge!

  186. 12.3.12
    Noelle said:

    It’s very hard to pick just one thing! But I think the REMIX (GRAY) BLANKET is a definite contender. I’d put it on my couch… but who am I kidding. The cats will totally take it over and make a nest out of it.

  187. 12.3.12
    Michael said:

    I need those Oak Diamond Hooks. My white wall is lonely. Also clothes, clothes everywhere.

  188. 12.3.12
    Bernadette said:

    I love the Remix gray blanket. It would look great in my living room and is the perfect size for cuddling up while catching up with the dvr!

  189. 12.3.12

    I don’t even have to look. The Remix blanket, totally perfect colors and perfect for snuggling on the couch with various humans and cats.

  190. 12.3.12

    AH, how to decide. WANT. IT. ALL.
    Ok I think if I had to pick one thing it would have to be the Triangle Laundry Basket
    damn it… or… the Remix Gray Blanket…
    no, no I was right the first time, definitely the Triangle Laundry Basket.

    It would be the perfect laundry basket! Something I have been searching for, basically, my entire life. First I would hug it and squeeze it and rub it all over my face. Eventually I would want to use it for its intended purpose in my bathroom, however it may take a while for me to put dirty clothes into it, being the prestine and beautiful item that it is. All the same – PERFECT laundry basket.

  191. 12.3.12
    LivLaughEat said:

    My son would freak out over the Rush Hour blanket! It would look great on his bed and maybe he would actually let us cover him with it instead of insisting that it is not cold (it’s totally cold) and he doesn’t need a blanket. Sigh. My heating bill would thank you too!

  192. 12.3.12
    Janet S said:

    I love the Candleholder String in the teal/orange colors, instead of the plain one, because those colors would work very well on top of my buffet table.

  193. 12.3.12
    DA said:

    I love it all, but the Remix blanket would be just the thing to brighten up my bedroom and warm me on cold winter days.

  194. 12.3.12
    Erika said:

    It would be hard to choose between the Remix blanket and the Triangle shower curtain. So much great design! My guest bath would look awesome with the shower curtain. The blanket I would use as a throw on my sofa.

  195. 12.3.12
    Avalee said:

    Oy. Tough call — I really like the Candle Holder String you’ve got above, but the Chemistry Flasks are kinda fun too and so is the Melt Pillow :-)

  196. 12.3.12
    Tori said:

    Ferm is such a cool shop! I like the Stackable Jars. They’re so very form-follows-function and they would be adorable on the dark countertops in my new half-reno’d kitchen!

  197. 12.3.12
    Kelly said:

    My coffee table would love the candleholder string so hard.

  198. 12.3.12
    Haley Y said:

    So difficult to choose! At the present moment, I’ll go with the Remix blanket. I love the mix of teals with mustard. And it looks so snuggly!

  199. 12.3.12
    Ashley said:

    wait what, i need to choose?!?! thats nearly impossible. If I must, I’ll say that wire basket in black. but ask me in 5 minutes and I’ll want something else. one of everything please :)

  200. 12.3.12
    Julia said:

    I love the squares blanket, it would be perfect on my dark gray couch! What a great giveaway partner!

  201. 12.3.12
    Michelle said:

    Oh my – yes and yes and yes! I loved the wire basket and then I saw it in yellow. WIRE BASKET – YELLOW please be mine. I might use it classically and similarly to the photo – next to my fireplace with large pinecones in it (I have a collection of huge pine cones). Or it might corral extra blankets and pillows near the couch. Or shoes at the entry. Or just look gorgeous sitting empty.

  202. 12.3.12
    Jenna C. said:

    I love the Spear Laundry Basket – perfect for my first baby nursery that I’m currently decorating!

  203. 12.3.12
    Louise said:

    Definitely the Remix Grey Blanket! For cuddling on the couch during the cold Montreal winters!

  204. 12.3.12
    Dinah said:

    Ooooh that Remix (gray) blanket would look awesome draped over the back of my couch! Thanks for doing a giveaway btw :)

  205. 12.3.12
    julie said:

    How exciting!! I would love to be able to get my hands on a Remix blanket. That would make my Christmas. Congrats on your first giveaway…hope there are many to come:)

  206. 12.3.12

    thanks for an excellent giveaway! I’d love the molecule building set. fun for days while I’m on conference calls, but such a fun addition to our decor!

  207. 12.3.12
    Josipa said:

    I could use the Remix Blanket very much to cuddle up under those lovely triangles, now that the temperatures reached 3°F here in Norway.

  208. 12.3.12
    Nicole said:

    I’ve always loved the remix blanket in grey or the Molecule Building Set!

  209. 12.3.12
    Sebastian said:

    I would love to get my hands on that Remix blanket in gray. It looks so smart with that mustard trim–I can’t get enough of it. And when I’m not using it to cover up my anemic body all winter, it will look great over my boyfriend’s simple white bed covers.

  210. 12.3.12
    Daniela S. said:

    I love the Love Birds Tea Towel and the Bird Cage Tea Towel. I would either frame them or make pillows out of them. Either way they will go in my home office.

  211. 12.3.12
    Amanda said:

    Definitely the REMIX (GRAY) BLANKET, yeah, yeah, the REMIX (GRAY) BLANKET.

  212. 12.3.12
    Jo said:

    it’s a toss up. Wire black basket OR rush hour blanket. blanket for my son’s bed, basket for the den with rolled wool blankets inside. Ok, now I’ve got a mental visual. basket!

  213. 12.3.12
    Aysem said:

    I love triangles and the Remix (gray) blanket! It’d be great to have it on my couch all times for moody San Francisco weather.

  214. 12.3.12
    Lindsay O. said:

    I love Ferm, so it’s a tough decision! I’m going to say either the wire basket or one of the studios for beside the bed. Great giveaway!

  215. 12.3.12
    tina said:

    ahhhh, talk about a quandary! but i’ve had the remix blanket booked for YEARS now, and it would so great draped over the bed in our new (sparse—cross-country moves are a beast) home.

  216. 12.3.12
    augustina said:

    Yes, squares blanket please. Thrown over my couch. Pulled up to my chin on those chilly Arizona evenings (yes it gets cold) while I watch Walking Dead and eat popcorn with my little poodle y mi prometido.

  217. 12.3.12
    FB said:

    How did I not know about that site until today? Love the copper pencil holder…and the copper tray…and the wire basket…need more organization accessories…can you tell?

  218. 12.3.12
    Amy said:

    The Columbine Pillow in coral would look excellent on my blue-gray sofa! Looking to mix it up with some geometric fabric.

  219. 12.3.12
    blissing said:

    The remix blanket! I think I’d redo my bed they way you did your beloved’s old bedroom: all white, with the blanket at the bottom.

  220. 12.3.12
    Brandon said:

    Daniel, please stop teasing with this giveaway! I’ve got a plain, blah, white wardrobe that is in huge need of some snazzz, so that fantastic marble wallpaper would make it killer!

  221. 12.3.12
    Shilo said:

    Oh crap, I want that copper tray with a badness. I’d like to say I’d have it sitting on the shelf with some artfully arranged objects, but honestly, it’d probably end up on my dresser holding hairties and lipstick and I’d love it all the same.

  222. 12.3.12
    Amy said:

    I love the remix blanket in grey. I’d put it in my living room at first, but it would probably float around all over the house! Thank you for the giveaway, Daniel!

  223. 12.3.12
    Emily said:

    REMIX (GRAY) BLANKET. I would probably be forced to use this blanket (out of it’s sheer gorgeousness) as a throw for my couch, and extra blanket for my bed but also possibly a cape…

  224. 12.3.12
    Katie said:

    I would love to have any of those tea towels. My dish towels are super grody and need to go.

  225. 12.3.12
    Tim said:

    Love that Herringbone Neon Cushion. Someday I’d put it on my Eames Lounge Chair, (key: someday). For now, it’d probably just make my thrifted couch look less-thrifted and totally rad.

  226. 12.3.12
    Cassandra said:

    OMG do I really have to pick?!?! I can’t decide between the yellow floor pillow and a gray remix blanket. Although I think if I got the floor pillow the puppies would claim it and it would be theirs and not mine….stingy puppies. So I would probably go with the rexmix blanket for snuggling my honey while we watch the Walking Dead!

  227. 12.3.12
    Ann said:

    Thanks Daniel & Ferm! My son would LOVE the lightning bolt pillow on his bed. He loves to read on his bed surrounded by pillows and our dog.

  228. 12.3.12
    Sadie said:

    Oh! Plint box, yellow wire basket, diamond hooks! I do love Ferm, but have not been able to purchase anything yet.

  229. 12.3.12
    melanie c said:

    how can i possibly pick ONE thing? how about the String Candleholder – Multi Color. i love that you can change the shape because now i live in a tiny apartment, and in the future, i SURE hope i am able to expand my living space and get a real dining table!

  230. 12.3.12
    Sofi said:

    I would take the Squares Blanket and put it on the chair in my bedroom, hanging just so. It would make my life look suave and buttoned down, and when the guests leave, I could crawl under it and day dream some more!

  231. 12.3.12
    Marie said:

    I love it all, but the diamond hooks in oak would be amazing!

  232. 12.3.12
    Jackie said:

    Ahh I want the squares blanket to put at the foot of my bed! My feet always get cold at night.

  233. 12.3.12
    Ariana said:

    I love the squares blanket for me and my golden retriever :)

  234. 12.3.12
    Anna said:

    O wow the remix blanket in gray…
    Everyone is drooling over it I see, but it needs to come to Amsterdam to my little 1920’s apartment. The bright pink woolen blanket that is lying all alone on my bed all day is telling me that she wants me to win her a cool friend to accompany her! ;)
    This is my house. Look at the little hobbit-like door! Yess…. the blanket wants to go there, give it a chance!

  235. 12.3.12
    Mcsparrow said:

    Oh, I’m in love with the squares blanket, I would wrap myself up in its warm embrace and whisper sweet nothings to it… or use it as a throw for my sofa.

  236. 12.3.12
    kIM said:

    Squeeee! Love Ferm Living!! I’ve got my eye on the grey remix blanket… it looks like the perfect thing to cuddle with on the couch on a foggy San Francisco morning. :)

  237. 12.3.12
    sarah marie said:

    Oh – I love that candleholder string – perfect to use all year round, or as the advent wreath alternative I’ve been looking for!

  238. 12.3.12
    Allison said:

    I would get the striped neon cushion to help brighten up my currently drab bedding!

  239. 12.3.12
    Stephanie said:

    I’ve been looking for an attractive, modern teapot for ages! This certainly seems to fit the bill:


  240. 12.3.12
    Cassie said:

    So hard to pick one item!

    If I’m pushed, I think I’d have to go with the squares blanket for those cosy nights on the couch with a glass of red wine and a good movie.

    Triangle shower curtain is a very close second though.

  241. 12.3.12
    Kim said:

    The Squares Blanket would be perfect (warm and pet-hair-hiding) for cuddling with my dogs on my couch.

  242. 12.3.12
    Heather HS said:

    Loving the copper tray!

  243. 12.3.12
    Amy said:

    Oh that Mountain Neon Cushion is all kinds of fantastic. It looks like the design on the back of my business cards. Perfect.

  244. 12.3.12
    Sarah A. said:

    Ferm is just so awesome. I am also right there with you and would get SO much use out of the large black Wire Basket. I’m having a hard time deciding if I would use it for the very Seattle-necessary task of umbrella storage, or to corral the piles of magazines threatening to take over my living room. One day, when I have a house, with a FIREPLACE (!), I’ll most definitely use it for log storage :)

  245. 12.3.12
    dana said:

    i need that colorful remix blanket for my living room couch!

  246. 12.3.12
    Emma said:

    Eeeee! I DIE for Ferm Living. Nice first giveaway! I cant stop yelling! I would love the Copper Tray, or the Triangle Shower curtain. Fancy.

  247. 12.3.12
    Ellie said:

    I would use the turquoise floor cushion to add extra seating for when my friends come over!

  248. 12.3.12


    please just go ahead and send me the little remix blanket. i’ll be using it my little bean’s room when we redecorate it this january ;)

  249. 12.3.12
    Marieke said:

    The large wire basket would be perfect for the mountain of blankets that’s currently next to our couch.

  250. 12.3.12
    Wendy said:

    This is seriously AMAZING. I would absolutely love the Triangle Shower Curtain. I’ve been stalking it for a while. I really want to redo my bathroom, so this would be the perfect starting point! I’d pair it with some more of Ferm’s triangle patterned accessories, and perhaps some neon pieces to add a bit of color.

  251. 12.3.12
    Chelsea said:

    I love the Remix blanket in both colors, the gray would match my house better though. I would use it on my living room couch for sure.

  252. 12.3.12
    Chetana said:

    There is so much stuff that I’d love to have from Ferm Living, especially now since I’m less than a month away from having my first baby! It’s so hard to choose just one item. I love yellow wire basket to put the toys, Spear laundry basket, to put any of the baby stuff, owl quilted blanket or remix blanket for my little one. I’d love to use molecule building set as decor in the nursery until my daughter gets to the age that she can play with.

  253. 12.3.12
    karina said:

    I love the copper pencil holder and the leather tote! If I had to choose only one I would go with the tote to keep my knitting projects safe from my furry roommate (cat).

  254. 12.3.12
    Karen said:

    I’d love the gold wilderness wallpaper for the giant blank wall in my living/dining area!

  255. 12.3.12
    em said:

    I would love the remix blanket in grey, it would look wonderful on our sofa, and would add a graphic touch to our living room. Besides it would look super nice with our yellow pillows. And it would keep me warm when i’m reading and knitting ♥♥♥

  256. 12.3.12
    Natalie said:

    I would so love to own the triangle laundry basket. I am soon going to have to share my closet with my boyfriend, and the hamper in the closet is no longer an option! I would be proud to display this one prominently in my scandanivan (black, white, and pine) bedroom! Thanks!

  257. 12.3.12
    Christina said:

    The gray remix blanket is my favorite. It would look lovely folded at the end of my bed which has a white duvet and gray linen euro shams.

  258. 12.3.12
    Courtney said:

    omg, I want ALL THE THINGS! If I’m forced to pick JUST ONE, I’d choose the copper tray, and use it in my bathroom to set up a fancy display of all my non-fancy bathroom accessories. Suuuuuuper close runner up is the Tree Bomb (Gold) Thermo Mug. It makes me want to drink peppermint mochas while wearing a white angora sweater.

  259. 12.3.12
    erin said:

    I would choose one of their beautiful blankets and hope that my pet fawn (mini greyhound) would share it with me on the sofa.

  260. 12.3.12
    Tami said:

    I would really love the Bird Cage Pillow shown here:

    My fiance and I just moved into a new house. We bought a beautiful couch, but we don’t have single pillow for it. We want something fun and funky and stylish, and that pillow is PERFECT!

  261. 12.3.12
    quassibly said:

    the Remix Blanket is fantastic. it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for to break up the endless grey/brown expanse of by couch!

  262. 12.3.12
    Dmitry said:

    I love Ferm Living! I want Bird Cage Tea Towel

  263. 12.3.12
    Salina said:

    I love the candleholder string and would use it on my christmas table this year! Either that or I’d get the amazing remix blanket in grey. Both are SO good. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  264. 12.3.12
    Marta said:

    Whoa, great stuff from Ferm. I love the squares blanket, perfect for my couch! I could get rid of the plain ikea white cheapo blanket.

  265. 12.3.12
    Cat said:

    I’d love the 40″ x 55″ Gray Rush Hour Bedding. For the most wonderful man in my life.

  266. 12.3.12
    Liz said:

    Everything please! :) ok – Remix blanket in grey!

  267. 12.3.12
    L said:

    I love the treebomb mug in gold–for the obvious drinking of coffee :-)

  268. 12.3.12
    Thinh said:

    As a firm believer in all things analog, I would deploy the wire basket as a stylish receptacle into which I would sigh and toss crumpled up love letters over my shoulder.

  269. 12.3.12
    Anna T said:

    Ferm is amazing! I love the spear shower curtain and I would have it in my newly revamped bathroom!!

  270. 12.3.12
    Elle said:

    I love the Remix (Gray) Blanket so much! I would use it in my living room, draped on my navy blue sofa.

  271. 12.3.12
    Charlotte said:

    I have been lusting after a “copenhagen” poster for ages … I even have it on a pinterest board lol

    I actually want to give it to my sister in law who lived in Copenhagen for a year.

  272. 12.3.12
    Azar said:

    The organic hand & bath towels are pretty much exactly the color scheme of my bathroom, so how could I choose anything else?

  273. 12.3.12
    Ingrid said:

    My favourite piece is the grey remix blanket. Now that winter has finally arrived here, I need a nice blanket to warm up under. That blanket is pretty enough to leave it lying around on the couch even when my mother arrives checking my place’s cleanliness. Plus it is 100% cotton, so no scratchy wool!

  274. 12.3.12
    Sara said:

    I would love the Tree Bomb Pillow in black and white. It would go great in my bedroom. Perfect for propping up my kindle to read for an afternoon.

  275. 12.3.12
    Carrie said:

    I love Ferm! I want everything! :)
    But either the Columine pillow or the Remix blanket. They would go great with the curtains I am making for my living room!

  276. 12.3.12
    Eva said:

    The Spear laundry basket would be the saviour to our hallway – to hold all the bags and other stuff that otherwise always ends up on the floor and blocks the door to the wardrobe.

  277. 12.3.12
    Jamie B. said:

    Soooooo many things I’d love but the wallpaper almost makes me hyperventilate. Wilderness wallpaper in black, please and thank you! I would put it in my bedroom behind my beautiful teak headboard with attached bedside tables (thank you, Mom and Dad, for passing it on to me), but that wallpaper would make any bed look beautiful.

  278. 12.3.12
    Marieke said:

    I love the wirebasket but I have been obsessief Aboutaleb THE molecule set for dans. it woud be such à cool prop in my bookmaker.

  279. 12.3.12

    I love almost everything on their site! :) But I have to say that I’m totally lusting over the World Map pillow! That baby would go front and center on my couch.

  280. 12.3.12
    M.E. said:

    Oh my god! I love the Squares Blanket! I was coveting it just last week. Organic cotton to satisfy my inner-hippie? Check. Amazing pattern to appease my modern needs? Check. It is so cold where I live and I just want to curl up in this blanket and read a book. Ferm Living has such beautiful things!

  281. 12.3.12
    lisa said:

    i love the remix (gray) blanket! and OMG the gold wilderness wallpaper.

  282. 12.3.12
    Christine said:

    Love all their stuff. It would have to be the triangle laundry basket. BUt that molecular building set is also to die for!

  283. 12.3.12
    Kim said:

    It’s so hard to pick just one item… but I think I would have the perfect spot for that giant World Map Sticker!

  284. 12.3.12
    Laurel said:

    As a college student, I have a lot of things to carry, everywhere, all the time. Thus, I would choose the leather tote! For now, I’ll use it to carry my books and supplies, and in a few years when I’m the most stylin’ landscape architect you’ve ever seen, it will transition perfectly to a professional setting and I can use it to carry my sketchbook and documents.

  285. 12.3.12
    Elizabeth said:

    Where to start? I love FERM so friggin’ much. Above all I really love the remix blanket in gray; I have an awesome red couch with ginormous back cushions that make it difficult to add any accent pillows. This blanket draped over the arm on one side would be the perfect solution to adding something special to that couch.

  286. 12.3.12
    bethany said:

    love ferm. i’d have to choose the squares blanket…and the black wilderness paper? oh my lord.

  287. 12.3.12
    Erica said:

    I like the small spear tray- I’d put it on the bottom shelf of my glass coffee table so that I have a pretty spot to store my remotes. I also think the clint box would be perfect on my bathroom shelf to store my hair ties, bobby pins, barrettes, etc.

  288. 12.3.12
    Frank said:

    The remix yellow pillow, I’ll start with it in my sofa and the move it from chair to chair throughout my house and then ask myself why I didn’t get it before. Love everything on the site.

  289. 12.3.12
    Joanne said:

    Loving the remix blanket… It would be a cozy addition to my charcoal grey sofa!

  290. 12.3.12
    Lila said:

    The copper tray is the piece for me. It’s perfect for our bar area in our new kitchen. Or it will be when it’s a room again and not a near empty shell.

  291. 12.3.12
    danni said:

    Oh the candle holder in natural would be a beautiful addition to my coffee table for date nights at home. So beautiful

  292. 12.3.12
    Maartje said:

    To keep visiting friends and myself warm, to cover up during shavasana at the end of yoga, to hang on the wall as a piece of art, to picnic on, to hide under while watching scary films, to cover the window, to build a tent, to lie on the floor on: the squares blanket.

  293. 12.3.12
    Steph said:

    I would love the candleholder string. It’s tradition in Europe to light a candle each Sunday before Xmas for four Sundays, so this would make a perfect advent wreath, as well as a beautiful candleholder the rest of the year!

  294. 12.3.12
    Carmina said:

    I’m going to have to say Remix (Gray) Blanket as well. Looks like there is a lot of us who are interested in this item. I would use it to watch tv and cuddle up with my fur babies!

  295. 12.3.12
    Anna said:

    the spear laundry basket. to replace the ratty basket we’re currently using. our closet doors are usually open so it’s some beauty i’d get to see every morning!

  296. 12.3.12
    Karrey said:

    Ugh, love Ferm Living so much. I’d want the Grey Spear wallpaper, and I’d use it on the stair risers going down into our burgeoning swanky basement rec room!

  297. 12.3.12
    Ren said:

    The Spear Laundry Basket to replace the ratty old plastic laundry basket uglying up my bedroom.

  298. 12.3.12
    Emily said:

    I *need* that triangle laundry basket. Please save me from the horrors that is piles of clothes on the floor of my room. I beg you! (I also adore the platter in mint and basically everything else on Ferm’s website.) Thanks for the chance!

  299. 12.3.12
    Rina said:

    I do t even have to think about it, that triangle shower curtain is an obsession of mine. It’s EXACTLY what I need to make my boring bathroom awesome.

  300. 12.3.12
    Cecilia said:

    The Clipboard in smoked oak would look great on the wall by my kitchen table. It would be used as a current mood board, but the occasional to-do list would probably end up there as well.

  301. 12.3.12
    maria said:

    Having like a million tabs open in my browser and flipping through them trying to choose what I’d love the most, I feel like a little kid on a big toy store deciding for the perfect present. Christmas spirit, right?
    So yeah, after hours drooling over the ferm living site, I would go with the black wire basket in medium. It will look great in my current living room and I love the fact that it could go in any room of the appartment.

    ps: Daniel I love love loooove your blog…

  302. 12.3.12

    i. freaking. love this:
    thanks for the awesome giveaway, daniel!

  303. 12.3.12
    Siegfried said:

    Love the Molecule Building Set. Will inspire me cooking meth in my chalet in Switzerland. Joking he!


  304. 12.3.12
    Kristin said:

    Everything is absolutely gorgeous, but I would definitely have to go with the Wilderness Wallpaper in gold. Ever since I saw your post about your friend Lisa Congdon’s gold wallpaper, I have been obsessed and wanting to put it in my home to add some glamour to all my mid century mod wooden furniture. Gold on the walls = totally dreamy.

  305. 12.3.12
    Shayna said:

    That Fashion wallpaper pretty much needs to live in my office starting now until forever.

  306. 12.3.12
    Kristin said:

    So many decisions – I love the large knitted basket in yellow!

  307. 12.3.12
    Chelsea said:

    I NEED that gold fairy wallpaper for my little girl’s bathroom. NEED IT.

  308. 12.3.12
    Robb Denovan said:

    Ooooooooooooooooh, I love their stuff! My wife and I are expecting a baby and I swear we’ve heard the baby say the Remix blanket would complete his/her nursery. Fact.

  309. 12.3.12
    Yvonne P said:

    Too difficult to choose just one. But if I must, I’d pick one of their white ceramic vases. I’m always drawn to their unique shapes and would love to display them on my dining table.

  310. 12.3.12
    Q said:

    That candle holder thing kinda looks like anal beads. AND NOW YOU CAN’T UNSEE IT.

    That said, give me the Triangle Laundry Basket so I can conceal the mountain of unwashed laundry that’s been piling up in my room and my friends will never again have to look at my undies in the crappy plastic bin I am currently using.

  311. 12.3.12
    Nicole said:

    I would love the spear laundry hamper!

  312. 12.3.12
    Fionnuala said:

    The grey remix blanket, to make my sad but comfy couch (courtesy of the landlord) a tiny bit more chic.

  313. 12.3.12
    Bgue said:

    The Copenhagen poster! I’m in desperate need of more wall art!

  314. 12.3.12
    Kate said:

    Ooh la la, that copper tray is looking mighty sexy. Hey girl…
    I would use it to make my insane life look like it has some semblance of order by gathering my prettiest things within it. Yes, please.

  315. 12.3.12
    Marta said:

    I can see my Spanish greyhound and myself enjoying a Friday afternoon thinking we still have two more restful days and tucked under that blanket.
    All the best.

  316. 12.3.12
    kristy said:

    ooooh i love the Remix (Gray) Blanket. Actually everything and anything would be great!

  317. 12.3.12
    Narelle said:

    Oh! The Little Dorm is just what I’ve been looking for to display my vinyl toys so that my daughter can see them but NOT put them in her mouth,

  318. 12.3.12

    I like the large chemist’s flask! I need more green in my life & it would be great for a vase in my living room.

  319. 12.3.12

    Oh wow, I would love to get a blanket but I think the Triangle Shower Curtain would be a better choice. It would really brighten up my bathroom and make me happy.

  320. 12.3.12
    Andrew said:

    I like the organic bath towels (curry and gray). They look super comfortable, but I am not sure if I can really describe how I would use them in my home without sounding a tad bit pornographic….

  321. 12.3.12
    Juulia S said:

    I would totally go with the large yellow wire basket. I would let it make a home right next to my loveseat and put extra quilts and woolly socks in it to keep it (and me!) happy and toasty during this dreary winter.

  322. 12.3.12

    …dear…Christmas is starting really soon this year! the Herringbone Neon Cushion would be my choice. I got a new couch, in some sort of grey/beigeish colour (not sure of it in french (yep, posting from France)…so in english?…no idea). But this bright color and the pattern would enlighten the whole living room! “see brighter colours, think brighter, talk brighter, act brighter, BE BRIGHTER”…oh yeah 2013 would definitely be so nicer.
    Good luck to all, and thank YOU for your blog and this giveaway!

  323. 12.3.12
    Erin said:

    Remix (Gray) Blanket Love!
    Yes yes yes!
    Thanks for sharing this shop.

  324. 12.3.12
    Kirsty said:

    The monroe wallpaper looks amazing – it would do wonders for my walls… and I have to say thanks Daniel for having a giveaway that includes all your overseas readers!

  325. 12.3.12
    kimberly said:

    i love the copper pencil holder – it’s the bee knees!

  326. 12.3.12
    Janet said:

    Have just recently had my house painted and would love to do some updating especially with a remix blanket. I love reading in my bed and this would be the perfect cover up in our cold Canadian winters.

  327. 12.3.12
    kirsty said:

    oh my! i have been lusting after the Remix Blanket in Gray for weeks now…! oh pretty please, fingers and toes all crossed…it would look so fantastic draped on our bed in our bedroom. i LOVE that blanket! perfect colour combo too.

  328. 12.3.12
    Kaamil said:

    I’ve been pining over the Mountain Neon Cushion for ages! But I’m only 16 years old and live in Canada, so I didn’t really have the means to get one myself. I have an extremely bare-looking sofa in my room and I can hear it calling out to me, “throw pillow….”
    Thanks so much!

  329. 12.3.12
    Lazybones said:

    That remix blanket in blue. I would just die to have it!!!!! I would curl up on the couch with it and watch AHS of course!!!! Pulling it over my eyes when Thredson has his bloody face mask on with Lana’s girlfriends teeth. Accckkkkkkk.

  330. 12.3.12
    arctic hare said:

    I’m soooo pregnant that i can’t wear any of my lovely dresses or winter wardrobe. boo! The perfect solution would be to wrap myself up in the GRAY REMIX BLANKET, wear it like a fabulous coat all day, every day & it would have me smiling from ear to ear. who could ask for more?! LOVE.

  331. 12.3.12
    Jennifer K. said:

    Making us pick ONLY ONE THING is COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE Daniel…..hee.

    I do want it all too….but the winner is most definitely the Wire Basket in black. Love it!!!!

    (Thanks for the giveaway!!!!)

  332. 12.3.12
    Layla said:

    Holy crap, so much good stuff! I think my favorite is the Remix (Gray) Blanket. Love the colors, the patterns, and it would go on my blue Camden sofa from Crate&Barrel. And then I would make a shitload of tea and drink it in my new blanket sofa nest.

  333. 12.3.12
    Nancy M. said:

    I’ve been needing a laundry basket for a while now, so I’d love to have the Spear Laundry Basket!

  334. 12.3.12
    ashley said:

    Awesome store! I’d love the REMIX wallpaper in gray :)

  335. 12.3.12
    kar!n said:

    So many beautiful things! The Remix (gray) blanket would be perfect for my home office! It gets a bit chilly in the mornings, so I’d love to curl up with that and a mug of tea before I go to my desk to begin work.

  336. 12.3.12
    Elise said:

    OMG! Thanks Daniel! I would DIE for the Aqua Display Box. I was JUST looking at it online. Yay!

  337. 12.3.12
    Amelia said:

    Eeek! Definitely the TRIANGLE SHOWER CURTAIN, it would really spruce up my dated bathroom.

  338. 12.3.12
    lucía said:

    oooooooh giveaways! this just makes your blog even MORE perfect!!! I´d love the dotted neon cushion, please… Thanks for being awesome!

  339. 12.3.12
    sarah said:

    I’ve been drooling over so many things at fern. But their leather tote would make my work commute so much more stylish!

  340. 12.3.12
    Randie said:

    I want to be a good mom and choose something for my son’s room, but I really have to choose the large charcoal knitted basket, which would be perfect for holding library books in almost any room of our house.

  341. 12.3.12
    Stef said:

    Yes! Ferm is so good! I’d love the Spear Pillow – large. It would eventually end up on our green sectional Corona sofa, once we’re reunited. We recently moved from Detroit to Wyoming with only what we could haul at the time (so, like, just our clothes and computers). All our furniture and beloved stuffs are back in Michigan and I miss being surrounded by the things I like!

  342. 12.3.12
    Muoi said:

    Whoo hoo! I love the Remix Gray Blanket and would use it for cold nights, watching movies and drinking tea.

  343. 12.3.12
    Jen said:

    I’ll take one Remix blanket in grey to drape over the side of my baby boy’s modern grey crib. Pretty please and thanks.

  344. 12.3.12
    kay* said:

    i’m normally not the “wall sticker” type of gal but the World Map Wall Sticker is really awesome. so that’s what i’d pick to adorn a wall in my apartment to be :-)

    and thanks for not forgetting about your international readers! being “all the way up in Canada” it’s a bit…it’s no fun when some of my fave blogs host giveaways that are only open to US thanks for opening it up to everyone! hurrah!

  345. 12.3.12
    Allie said:

    I love the copper pencil holder. I’d fill it up with some gorgeous colored pencils on my desk.

  346. 12.3.12
    Nicole said:

    I NEED that remix blanket in my life! It would look fabulous thrown on the bed, I’m sure of it.

  347. 12.3.12
    Hayleygemma said:

    Love love love The Dorm. Would be perfect for my wee collection of random little animals I’ve got going on….

  348. 12.3.12
    Beth said:

    I’m so in love with everything! The black Wire Basket would be totally perfect next to our couch, holding the ever-so-coveted Squares Blanket.

  349. 12.3.12
    Morgan P said:

    I have been searching for a blanket for our bedroom for months. And just when I thought I was going to have to give in to a cheap generic placeholder.. i fell in love with the REMIX (GRAY) BLANKET … lusting.
    Oh the things I would do for that blanket… in order to do the things i would do under it!

  350. 12.3.12
    Jenn said:

    Wire basket for sure. Put at next to the front door for mittens, scarves and winter catchall.

  351. 12.3.12
    Michelle said:

    Hey what an awesome competition and thank you for including those on the other side of the world :) I would love a funky laundry basket as mine has just exploded on all sides and fallen apart! What a great shop!

  352. 12.3.12
    Allison said:

    that wire basket is exactly what i’ve been looking for for the living room

  353. 12.3.12
    Gabriela said:

    I’m in lourve with the remix grey blanket! It would go immediately onto my bed!! So beautiful!

  354. 12.3.12
    Sarah said:

    The Dorm shelf was basically made for my collection of itsy-bitsy vintage president statues.

  355. 12.3.12
    Holly B said:

    I really like the Remix blanket. Its getting to be the cuddle on the couch under a blanket time of year and this would be perfect!

  356. 12.3.12
    Jamje said:

    Remix blanket in grey! It reminds me of what my grandma would have in her house plus I can just see myself curled up, taking a nap with the kitcats in front of the bay window….. *heavenly*

  357. 12.3.12
    jenna* said:

    daniel! i’m so glad you’re posting so often – i’m a huge fan of your site! i would love to hang the remix (gray) blanket on the ladder my boyfriend and i are diy-ing this weekend (and of course use it to cuddle up with as well!).

  358. 12.3.12
    Jessica said:

    Love the Remix Blanket in Gray… would look awfully good across my mod animal duvet cover in purple, gray, and yellow…

  359. 12.3.12
    Sybil said:

    Oooh, triangle shower curtain! Yay!

  360. 12.3.12
    Gini said:

    egads that’s a tough call!! Both the turquoise or yellow floor cushions, or the squares blanket in grey would look lovely in our newly redecorated Maui condo… uhmmm… oh… day-um! okokok, the yellow floor cushion, no, wait, umm… no, the squares blanket. Yes, that’s it. We were just there and it was cold, believe it or not, and I thought – “oh, I need a good throw blanket here” so that’s it. Final answer. Blanket. Love you and them.

  361. 12.3.12
    terrie said:

    I’d pick the yellow wire basket When not hiding my Jack Russel for playing it would be great for laundry of course as my laundry basket is a tatty thing with a repaired handle wire and duct tape. OR I WOULD use it to stored up rolled ikat textiles I cant bear to part with but no room to display they would look j great in a corner.

  362. 12.3.12
    Tux said:

    I’m totally obsessed with the triangle hamper!!!
    It so hard to find a stylish hamper that fits in with my b&w bedroom
    Can I have it please please please pretty please?

  363. 12.3.12
    Kelly said:

    The triangle laundry basket is my pick. It would replace the terrible laundry situation we have going on right now. If I won it, I’d have to buy the triangle shower curtain too, for extra triangly goodness. Great give away! I never enter blog give aways, but this one was too good not to.

  364. 12.3.12
    Vanessa said:

    I love the black wire basket in medium! I’d use it in my future house add some style while being totally functional.

    Ps. I really love your writing style! Keep blogging! :)

  365. 12.3.12
    Naomi Day said:

    Awesome give away! I would use the Squares Blanket to kick start my living room make over.


  366. 12.3.12
    Beth said:

    Like everyone else, I don’t know how to pick just one thing, but I’m drawn to the yellow wire basket. It would be too cute holding extra towels that are rolled up hotel style. Thank you for the fun giveaway and for introducing me to Ferm!

  367. 12.3.12
    Caroline said:

    I need the large Wire Basket in Black! Whenever I unmake my bed, I throw my pillows willy-nilly on the floor! That needs to be remedied, and the Wire Basket is the answer to my prayers, I think.

  368. 12.3.12
    Jenn said:

    Not entering, but that copper pencil holder gives me mad ideas involving pvc, spray paint, and succulents/cacti…

    Love how adorables your dogs are. Mekko is so kissabull! I just want to plant one on her forehead!

  369. 12.3.12
    Lisa S. said:

    My living room could use the tree bomb pillow.

  370. 12.3.12
    Adriana said:

    Ferm has such a perfect colour palette. I love the Clint box. I would keep it on my nightstand and put my jewelry in it when I take it off to go to bed.

  371. 12.3.12
    Catherine said:

    I would be boring and get a gift certificate for my sister who just moved into a new apartment. :)

  372. 12.3.12
    Phoebe said:

    I would be all over The Dorm. I have a bunch of rando trinkety objects that would love a corralling in a nice display.

  373. 12.3.12
    Lewis said:

    Definitely in love with the triangles/spears/remix. I’m really digging the shower curtains. It would give my dog something interesting to look at while he guards the shower.

  374. 12.3.12
    DDW said:

    Love, love, love the organic bath towels, especially the blue. I can almost feel how cozy they would be after showering!

  375. 12.3.12
    Paula said:

    Oh so many beautiful things. But the Remix blanket in teal..perfect for keeping us warm while curled up with a good book! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely blanket.

  376. 12.3.12
    Megan said:

    The molecule building set would be wonderful in my nerdy science loving 12 year old daughter’s room!

  377. 12.3.12
    Rachel said:

    how cool!! I would LOVE the Remix Blanket (item 9014). It would be perfect at the foot of our bed for these chilly winter nights.

  378. 12.3.12
    Peggy M. said:

    I love the remix (gray) blanket and would use it as throw on my living room sofa.

  379. 12.3.12
    Vickie D. said:

    Hard to pick just one thing, but I’ll go with the dorm!

  380. 12.3.12
    RMC said:

    I’m usually not a wall sticker fan at all but I would love to put the calendar wall sticker on my kitchen wall. It would be a big help for my new years resolution to stay more organized.

  381. 12.3.12
    Kasia said:

    My heart is craving the squares blanket for several reasons:

    (i) it would make a great cape, and allow me to pretend I am a glamorous super-hero
    (ii) it will double as a roof for the forts I plan to build with my future children, as it has the perfect pattern for shingles
    (iii) the Escher reminiscent pattern will ground me in reality, and not the current chaotic hell of a student writing babbling research papers
    (iv) my architecture/ design friends will applaud my fabulous taste
    (v) my boyfriend will feel the gravitational pull of the pattern and feel constantly compelled to cuddle me whilst-in-said-blanket

    And now I beg you. Please choose me. Please?! I said please. Look at me be all polite. Ha! I am amused by me. I hope you are too. :)

  382. 12.3.12
    Lacey said:

    The large Spears Tray caught my eye… Something about that color combo gets me. We’re planning a basement remodel that will include a lil bar under the staircase… Imagine how perfect this would be for serving up Manhattans or collecting golden barware and fancy cocktail napkins when not in use!

  383. 12.3.12
    Nissa said:

    drooling over everything, but would love a large petrol basket!

  384. 12.3.12
    Rebecca said:

    Easy peasy! My most wanted item is the Triangle Shower Curtain, which I would use as a shower curtain- shocker. I recently performed a micro facelift on my main bathroom which involved removing the disgusting glass surround shower door that was probably installed in 1980 and certainly had the 30-something years worth of gunk caked to it. However, I am dating a giant Type A crab. He couldn’t stand the idea of having to shower with just a shower liner, so I was strong armed into buying a standard white waffle shower curtain, which would of been swell if the walls weren’t white, the vanity wasn’t white, the tile wasn’t white, ect, ect. So I have an entirely white bathroom that could really use some funky, hunky triangles.

  385. 12.3.12
    Jessie said:

    i would pick the spear vase. since it goes with nothing in my house, i would take it to my office so someone would be forced to send me flowers every once in a while…

  386. 12.3.12
    Catherine said:

    Oh my goodness, the Spear Bowl is fantastic. What great colors. I can see it sitting on my dining room table filled with apples or pears, or maybe just clear glass orbs as a centerpiece. Looked through the whole catalog, and what can I say? Daniel, you have great taste. (Will flattery get me anywhere in this giveaway? My fingers are crossed.)

  387. 12.3.12
    kmkat said:

    I would add the copper pencil cup to my desk and chuckle that I had a $100 pencil cup (that I didn’t pay for). I would also use every single cup in it to organize my stuff.

  388. 12.3.12
    Laura said:

    That spear bowl is calling my name. I would both display in the nook in my entry and use it for hosting friends!

  389. 12.3.12
    Linda said:

    So many people picking decorator items! But I would choose Mr. Snake for my little grandson who is afraid to sleep by himself in his bedroom in his family’s big new house. He could use someone of this size and ferocity to protect him at night!

  390. 12.3.12
    Angie said:

    I’ve been wanting a spear pillow for months!

  391. 12.3.12
    katherine said:

    I’ve love to have the gray remix blanket to use for my couch, since my demon kitten has decided that my current couch blanket exists purely for her to nurse on and/or destroy. I also think my astro physicist boyfriend would enjoy the molecule building set. Glad to have found that either way, since I can never find gifts for him!

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  392. 12.3.12
    Emilie said:

    Ohh … so hard to choose as everything on Ferm’s site is amazing! The remix gray blanket would be perfect in our bedroom!

  393. 12.3.12
    Jana said:

    The triangle shower curtain would look fabulous in my master bath! Thanks!

  394. 12.3.12
    britta said:

    i would use either the leather tote to replace my super broken down purse or the neon mountain pillow to bring orangey awesomeness to my living room! thanks for the contest. this store has beautiful things.

  395. 12.3.12
    Kay said:

    Triangle Laundry Basket.

    I would use it to um put my laundry in. Which would be so nice because it is currently spilling out of an Ikea bag in the middle of my room.

  396. 12.3.12
    Emma L said:

    Herregud! My Swedish self is drooling all over my writing desk. The family tree wallpaper is singing my name – having that wallpaper in my apartment would make the song positively operatic!

  397. 12.3.12
    misa said:

    i love the beautiful copper pencil holder. i’d use it to replace all the random cups and bowls holding my makeup.

  398. 12.3.12
    Warren said:

    I love the squares blanket. My couch is shivering. It really needs it.

  399. 12.3.12
    Kim said:

    I’d have to go with the Remix (Yellow) pillow because it’s square and would bring in some color to our monochromatic living room.

  400. 12.3.12
    Sandy said:

    The squares blanket, for my living room couch

  401. 12.3.12
    Vicente said:

    The Square blanket needs to be on my couch to complete the living room. Thanks for introducing me to FERM.

  402. 12.3.12
    Naomi said:

    SPEAR LAUNDRY BASKET for all the yucky towels I need to hide:)

  403. 12.3.12

    a giveaway!

    either the triangle shower curtain (which would be perfect in the bathroom)
    or the leather tote (since i am on a mission to be stylish in 2013) —

    thank you for the chance to win.

  404. 12.3.12
    Elli said:

    Um, hello awesome giveaway??? I’ve coveted the remix blanket for freaking ever. I’d wrap myself in it like a baby bat and sip hot cocoa with whiskey while watching the twinkly xmas lights from my window seat.

  405. 12.3.12
    josh said:

    My bathroom needs that Spear Shower Curtain! It’s amazing and would make much more likely to turn the light on when I have to go in there at night.

  406. 12.3.12
    Jessica said:

    I’d layer the Remix Blanket in gray over my charcoal duvet and pile a mustard pillow and my water tower pillow on top. Perfect!

  407. 12.3.12
    Sarah said:

    Love the yellow wire basket for holding firewood. We just bought a cottage and are outfitting it on the cheap – so a free piece of awesomeness would be fantastic!

  408. 12.3.12
    Caitlin said:

    I totally covet that Neon Dots pillow. I inherited an insanely comfortable but somewhat plain sofa from my parents and this would be just the thing to give it personality. Plus I’d nap on it so hard.

  409. 12.3.12
    Ali said:

    I’d want the Remix (Grey) Blanket. There’s nothing better than a cozy blanket in the winter. I’d use it as a throw for my sofa so I can read and study in warmth… and style.

  410. 12.3.12
    Despi said:

    Thank you Daniel and thank you Ferm, this is too awesome!
    My little nephew would make some terrific blanket mountains out of the Remix. Not only it would keep us warm as we spend lovely afternoons reading tales but it would be the perfect background for his adventurous re-enactments. This would be one seriously happy couch!

  411. 12.3.12

    What a great giveaway! I’m a big fan of Ferm Living and am hoping Santa brings me a squares blanket :-)

    I have had my eye on a lot of things from the new line, but my favorite is the flower pot #4; it has a great architectural quality. Fingers crossed!

  412. 12.3.12
    Dana said:

    I LOVE the squares blanket! I would drape that bad boy over my davenport.

  413. 12.3.12
    Celina said:

    I have been wanting the birch wall sticker for so long! I would put it in my bedroom where I don’t have much of a view outside.

  414. 12.3.12
    Kiedis said:

    Oh! I would get the aqua display box and finally have a way to displays rad beach finds!

  415. 12.3.12
    Mike said:

    display box in aqua. would go great with our walls. aloha!

  416. 12.3.12
    Chrissy said:

    What a fantastic giveaway. Would love Ferm’s Aqua Display box!

  417. 12.3.12
    EmmyG said:

    I’d say the remix gray blanket. Have one thing to snuggle by myself with. YES!

  418. 12.3.12
    Claire said:

    I think I’ll have to go with the Copper Pencil Holder. I’d be using it for a slightly unconventional purpose, though — it would look fantastic on my makeup table holding all of my eyeliner and eyeshadow pencils, my everyday lipstains, and my hair accessories. So much better than the assortment of mugs and candle holders I have now!

  419. 12.3.12

    I love the copper pencil holder. I’m imagining it on the desk I’m (hopefully) getting for Christmas or on one of the shelves in our bookcase :)

  420. 12.4.12
    Rebecca said:

    I WANT the Tea Pot. Well, really I want everything on the site. But the Tea Pot most of all.
    1. To serve tea
    2. To stare at lovingly
    3. To make me happy

    Great Giveaway!

  421. 12.4.12
    raquel said:

    j’adore the Spear gray wallpaper. would put on the wall behind my bed. love love love

  422. 12.4.12
    Lindsay said:

    Oh wow. I want the copper pencil holder. A lot. It would make my life better. Or at least my desk. :)

  423. 12.4.12
    Meridith said:

    I love the Remix Blanket. I’d use it as an accent piece at the botttom of my bed during the upcoming cold winter months!

  424. 12.4.12
    elif said:

    Looove it. The remix blanket! No, the copper tray. No, the blanket. We’ll redesign the guest room around it.

  425. 12.4.12
    carol said:

    large black wire basket! i’d put it next to our grey sofa to hold all our black and white blankets.

  426. 12.4.12
    Yao said:

    I love the Remix (Gray) Blanket. I would cover bed with it, against my squiggly grey on white curtains from IKEA. Also, you can never have too many blankets. :)

  427. 12.4.12
    Helen said:

    Definitely the wallpaper. Either Remix or Spear. Would love to paper the inside of my wardrobe, jewelbox style.

  428. 12.4.12
    Rachel said:

    I <3 the grey remix blanket. The mustard edge is amazing, and it's so perfect for rainy days on the couch! A close second, however, is the whale cushion. I'm an adult, but it would make me happy seeing that every day.

  429. 12.4.12
    Julie said:

    I also love the squares blanket! Gorgeous!

  430. 12.4.12
    Kristin said:

    IF, IF, IF I win I would probably bite the bullit and wallpaper the wall behind my bed with one of those amazing wallpapers I’ve been drooling over forever. My latest favorite is the Bronze Wildflowers. And my second choice would be that Remix blanket. Love it.

    Those stacking wooden crates with the faces might sway me over though.

    Thanks for reminding me to visit them more often – they’ve got some great new things. Great giveaway too.

  431. 12.4.12
    Jenn said:

    Ack, no! I was just ogling everything on Ferm’s website once you linked to them on your website…especially the porcelain stackable jars, which would bring _just_ enough color into our very white and grey kitchen.

  432. 12.4.12
    Tory said:

    I love the floor pillows and so would my newly adopted kitten no doubt, but the remix blanket has been catching my eye for months so it would be a tough choice!

  433. 12.4.12
    Nadine said:

    Absolutely am in love with the Remix blankets – adore both the colours, but would most likely pick the gray. I was drooling at all the other items for sale though too.

  434. 12.4.12
    Jen said:

    I’m totally torn between the copper tray (because, um, hello beautiful) and the charcoal floor pillow.

    Because I am first-and-foremost a practical girl I will choose the charcoal floor pillow. Due to space issues we had no choice but to put our tv in the dining room of our apartment; we don’t want or have the $ buy a second couch so we lay on the floor to watch it. Let me tell you, there isn’t a rug pad out there that can make this a comfortable experience. We desperately need a cushy floor pillow! I love that this one is a neutral color, but still interesting because of the texture.

  435. 12.4.12
    Anthony said:

    The gray remix blanket would be an amazing gift for my roommate in our apartment!

  436. 12.4.12
    Julie said:


    I just signed a lease on my first apartment! I know I’ll find a place for it.

  437. 12.4.12
    Colin said:

    Squares Blanket! I’d snuggle with my doggie on the couch. And then I’d call up Daniel and say, “Get over here! And bring your doggies.” And we’d all snuggle and watch a French film. We might need two blankets for that.

  438. 12.4.12
    Kate said:

    Since this is my first winter not living in TX, and since it apparently gets cold in other parts of the country, I’d definitely have to go for the Remix Blanket in gray.

  439. 12.4.12
    Martin said:

    I would love the WHALE CUSHION and think it would go great in my guest room, especially for when my nephew visits.

  440. 12.4.12
    Allyson said:

    Ooh, the remix blanket in gray. Want for my bedroom.

  441. 12.4.12
    Liz said:

    This is too much. My fantasy shopping cart at Ferm Living has sooo many things in it and you are asking me to pick one item. ONE ITEM!?!
    Ok. The ONE has to be this blanket – I’m slowly (very slowly) doing up an old house so, as rooms become habitable, the blanket would be used to help draw together all the black, white and grey I’m using. And it would keep me warm – just what I need on days like today when the heating has stopped working…

  442. 12.4.12
    caroline said:

    Drool, the remix blanket in gray. So so so pretty! I would use it as a bed spread and possibly wrap it around me every morning to drag myself into the kitchen and make coffee.

  443. 12.4.12
    Dany said:

    Oh my god! The molecule building set! I’ve been searching and searching for a vintage one for my teak coffee table, to no avail!

  444. 12.4.12
    sanda said:

    hello from croatia! Oh,i would love that ferm living calendar-wall-sticker… Somehow i never know what day it is and what has to be done that day so it would be not only super cool feature on my wall but a great help, and the coolest christmas present ever too:)

  445. 12.4.12
    Sara said:

    Boy am I excited for MN giveaways! Now if I could only win…
    I love love love the triangle laundry basket. Is that weird to love a laundry basket? if so, I have equal affection for the wall papers and kids’ bedding.

  446. 12.4.12
    Larissa said:

    There are so many nice things! But I really NEED that remix (gray) blanket! It´s beautiful, it would fit in my bedroom perfectly AND I may persuade my husband to let go of his very ugly crazycolored late 80ies blanket at last!

  447. 12.4.12

    Hi from Rome! I’d love to win that wire basket in black. It would fit perfect together with my turkish kilim in my living room holding magazines.
    Great giveaway! Thank you.

  448. 12.4.12
    Amanda said:

    I think the remix (gray) blanket is as good as it gets! I would put it mainly in our living room, but it could be dragged out to the balcony with a coffee on a brisk morning! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  449. 12.4.12
    Hazy said:

    The Candleholder (Natural) String is so Ferm and iconic – it would look great in our summerhouse

  450. 12.4.12
    kelly said:

    Aah! I LOVE that candleholder. I’m completely neutral about the idea of candleholders in general (who am I, some Soap Opera vixen?) but that one speaks to me in big ways.


  451. 12.4.12
    bliss said:

    *gasp* the large spear pillow will make my whole life correct!

    How i would use it in my home: i seriously would carry it with me to wherever i want to sit down to so i could be stylish and cozy at the same time. and i would sleep with it. down. yes.

  452. 12.4.12
    Vaire said:

    I’ve been looking for a shower curtain, and as soon as I saw the Triangle shower curtain at Ferm site, I knew I’d found it!

  453. 12.4.12
    guada said:

    I need the Remix (Gray) Blanket. My daughter is wearing one of them all afternoons when on the sofa and me and my husband need another one!

  454. 12.4.12
    Alice said:

    Thanks for offering the giveaway! It was a most difficult decision, but I’d have to say the grey remix blanket. Our dogs have somehow decided every blanket in this home belongs to them. But this one would be off limits so I could swaddle myself in it. Who am I kidding? The dogs would be swaddled right in there with me.

  455. 12.4.12
    Kate said:


    I would lounge so hard.

  456. 12.4.12
    Susanne said:

    The Spear Laundry Basket!
    I would use it in my son’s bathroom with high hopes that he may actually put his dirty clothes in it:)
    (It was hard to choose, because all of their items look awesome!!)

  457. 12.4.12
    Temple Morris said:

    Too many good choices! But, after way too much browsing, I’d have to go with the candleholder string. Just what my dining room table is longing for.

  458. 12.4.12
    Judith said:


    Oh. That’s not an option you say?
    If I must choose, then I’d be quite happy snuggled up in the Squares Blanket. On my sofa, in front of a fire. With a cup of tea. It is winter after all, and, since yesterday, snowing.

    (funny thing: I visit both you and D16 regularly. When I clicked on this post the first time, my brain filed it under Anna, and when I wanted to go back to it later I was surprised it had disappeared. Your wishlist might as well be hers, my brain says!)

  459. 12.4.12
    Margaret said:

    I’ve never heard of this shop but immediately fell in love with all of it! I would especially get this pillow –

  460. 12.4.12
    Martin said:

    I’d go for the candleholder string. Primarily to wear it around during seances, secondarily to adorn my new tulip table.

  461. 12.4.12
    Kay said:

    So hard to choose from all the wallpapers… but it’s definitely got to be one of them. I guess I’ll have to say Wilderness Wallpaper, in black.

  462. 12.4.12
    Nancy Cutrer said:

    I love love love the leather tote!

  463. 12.4.12
    Lindsey said:

    The herringbone cushion would be lovely on my sofa! and I would also accept the tree stencils for my hall!

  464. 12.4.12

    I figured I’d throw my hat into the ring, it’s my bday and I’m feeling lucky.

    I’ve already got my eye on the Berry Black Wallpaper, I want to use it in our upstairs porch. I’m in love.

    Thanks for hosting such a cool giveaway!

  465. 12.4.12
    Heather said:

    I love the feather wallpaper – I’d use it in my living room!

  466. 12.4.12
    Jules said:

    I’ma gonna drape that Squares Blanket across my sofa which is also an incredibly comfortable pull out bed! Perfect if you and Max ever visit Perth, Western Australia and need a place to stay. Keep up the good work!

  467. 12.4.12

    Oh! Easypeasy – the candleholder (natural) string. L O V E it!
    I already have the perfect spot: on my teak-table in the diningroom. Love the mix of bright wood and the darker teak.Perfect!

  468. 12.4.12
    Tanja said:

    Oh this is exciting…so many gorgeous things to choose from!

    I’d choose a roll of BERRY BLACK WALLPAPER for my hallway. It’s quite a small space and I’m sure it would look amazing in this now rather bland room.

  469. 12.4.12
    mary said:

    I really love the molecule building set.
    What fun. Thanks for the chance, Daniel(and max. and pups)

  470. 12.4.12
    Jennifer said:

    Oh, I really love that Velo Pillow. And all the pillows. But mostly that one.

  471. 12.4.12
    Wikke said:

    I love their pillows. Pobably the ones with the triangles the most. Or maybe, although I thought the “put a bird on it” trend had died a righful death, the one with the birdcage. Or the one with the bike. No, the Harlequin one. Yes, that one I love the most.Definately

  472. 12.4.12
    Rachel said:

    I’m obsessed with the wire basket. Finally, a stylish way to wrangle all of my equally well-designed dog toys!

  473. 12.4.12

    World Map Wall Sticker. I have this huge living room wall and it needs something epic to fill it, so why not the world?

  474. 12.4.12
    Julie said:

    The grey remix blanket would go perfectly in my daughter’s bedroom.
    She’s pregnant at the moment and all the attention is on the baby so it would be lovely to surprise her with a special gift just for her.

  475. 12.4.12
    Annelisa said:

    Wow, I love everything at Ferm living, but am really eyeing the triangle laundry basket. I’m still using an old collapsible mesh thing I got ten years ago from my freshman dorm. It is falling apart and I get poked by the metal structure prong that is coming out every time I schlep it to the laundromat.

  476. 12.4.12
    Ellen said:

    Great give away. The Remix blanket. On the white sofa in my garage. Yes, my garage has a sofa. Weird, huh?

  477. 12.4.12
    Kirsten said:

    The Gray Remix blanket. It would fit right in with my room decor!

  478. 12.4.12
    AMANDA said:

    I am in <3 with the HARLEQUIN (MINT) BEDDING for baby. I can imagine a dark green wall and brass accents everywhere:)

  479. 12.4.12
    Claudia said:

    Can I choose two things? The Remix (Gray) Blanket to curl and watch TV and one of their Knitted Baskets to hold my crochet stuff. Please? Please? Please?

  480. 12.4.12
    Roza said: ferm? seriously? i loooove ferm. one of my biggest inspiration source. i really like to win the remix gray blanket. how cool is that name anyway? since the heat is temporarily broke down in our apartment, i could use this comfy blanket to cover up and survive the night. :)

  481. 12.4.12
    Margaret said:

    I literally want everything but I would LOVE to gift the molecule building set to my fiance – a science geek and master in Pharmacology. It would look amazing in his office! And what a great conversation piece!

  482. 12.4.12
    Jay said:

    I would love the Remix Grey Blanket because I live in Norway and let’s face it – it’s cold here. It would be a welcome addition next to my couch where I can curl up & keep warm!

  483. 12.4.12
    Scott said:

    Just started updating our office/guest room and the Copper Pencil Holder is dying to be put on the desk!

  484. 12.4.12
    Lucas said:

    The Squares Blanket would look amazing on my soon to arrive Gus Modern Adelaide Sofa. (I am a lowly graduate student in design, responsible purchase? Yes?) My dog/best friend/only woman in my life Emmi would love to cuddle up in it with my boyfriend and I on that beautiful geometric textile goodness. Think of it: terrier, man, other man, blanket, design joy.

  485. 12.4.12
    kristin said:

    Fairy Flower wallpaper…but then I have to do a project…okay how about the
    Remix Grey blanket?

  486. 12.4.12
    Ali said:

    My boyfriend hates clutter. I’d want the remix blanket (gray) just to mess with his head about adding yet another thing to our already minimally designed apartment. I feel like I could win this battle if I tell him it would replace the Disney princess blanket that is currently keeping us warm on the couch!

  487. 12.4.12
    Susan said:

    Put a bird on it. The Love Birds Pillow!

  488. 12.4.12
    sara said:

    Love that triangle shower curtain (for the shower, of course)! I think it would motivate me to finally repaint the bathroom.

  489. 12.4.12
    Amanda said:

    HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE?!! I definitely need that Candleholder String and that Copper Pencil Holder. So many beautiful things!

  490. 12.4.12
    rori said:

    this is tough, so many good things, the wire basket is amazing, but so is the harlequin pillow in yellow. I think i’d have to go with the remix grey blanket, the yellow ochre band matches our new sofa perfectly, and plus it’s getting cold so the doggies and I could use something to snuggle under.

  491. 12.4.12
    Tracy said:

    Oooh… difficult to pick just one! I have to go with the Molecule Building Set – some “kid-friendly” art!

  492. 12.4.12
    Becky said:

    I’d choose the Triangle Laundry Basket, which would take away some of the shittiness of my current apartment not having a washer and dryer.

  493. 12.4.12
    Kirsten said:

    I would pick the Triangle Laundry Basket, although it was a VERY difficult decision. I wouldn’t use it for laundry (I KNOW CRAZY), I would use it to store extra blankets and such.
    You are so cool, I love that you are blogging more:-)

  494. 12.4.12
    Anne said:

    I live in Northern Ontario on a lake and love the outdoor life but ……I also like to curl up on my couch with a glass of wine. The remix blanket would be perfect for me.

  495. 12.4.12
    Adrienne said:

    Ooh, I love Ferm Living! I’d be torn between a wall sticker (love the birdcage and also the world map) and the teapot.

  496. 12.4.12
    iris said:

    ooh, i love the black triangle tea towel! i’m moving soon and i’d love to have little black triangle everything!

  497. 12.4.12
    Cynthia said:

    Ooh! So cool. Thank you for hosting this.
    My roomate is a guy and our shower curtain is a bit too feminine for his liking. The Triangle Shower Curtain would be perfect for our bathroom! Stylish and androgynous!

  498. 12.4.12
    Kate F. said:

    Oh god, I’ve been so obsessed with the large wire baskets. I want want want either the yellow or black to hold firewood in our bedroom. Currently we have javalogs in their box. Not cute.

  499. 12.4.12
    Keatra said:

    This store is dangerous! Their triangle print apron is too cute. I just started a printing shop and have been wanting a cute apron to protect my clothes when washing the rollers – plus I cook a lot and splash back is no good. This apron would be lovely.

  500. 12.4.12
    Kristen said:

    I love the HARLEQUIN (GOLD) THERMO MUG. I inherited my grandmothers dishes and the mugs keep breaking so I try not to use them — these would be the perfect replacements!

  501. 12.4.12
    jessica w said:

    I love the WIRE BASKET – BLACK, and I would use it to store either throw blankets or fire wood.

  502. 12.4.12

    We just moved into a new apartment, and would love to spruce up our bare ktchen with a black triangle tea towel! ♥

  503. 12.4.12
    Ris said:

    I LOVE the triangle laundry basket. Love.

  504. 12.4.12
    Jill said:

    How does one choose? The Tasette Pillow would look amazing on my couch, but then the waffle hand towels are just as amazing, or do I go with one of each from their kitchen department?

  505. 12.4.12
    Elizabeth said:

    Love all there stuff but I would have to go with the Remix (gray) Blanket! Looks divine to snuggle with while on the sofa.

  506. 12.4.12
    alaine said:

    I’d love the bird leaves pillow in grey. I would use in my living room!!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  507. 12.4.12
    mateosf said:

    The large knitted charcoal basket would be the best planter ever for my growing collection of giant succulents.

  508. 12.4.12
    Michelle said:

    Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. The Dotty (Lavender) Pillow kills me! It’s my favorite color and it would beautifully complement my little one’s gray crib, which is where I’d put it. The print is so wonderfully kid-friendly as well. *Swoon*

  509. 12.4.12
    Marie-H said:

    Oh, how I love Ferm, and how I love thee for offering this giveaway! Picking one item is tough, but I would get the Remix blanket in frey, and it would be perfect on my white bed, in my white bedroom. I think it would give me a kick in the butt to finally do something with that white box!

  510. 12.4.12
    Kendall said:

    ALL THE THINGS! Seriously, everything is beautiful. I would have to go with the REMIX (GRAY) BLANKET however. I love the soft gray color. I would hold it and squeeze it and….probably die under it.

  511. 12.4.12
    Emily said:

    Oh, the dreamy Remix blanket in gray would be the perfect endcap to my Dwell for Anthropologie bedding.

  512. 12.4.12
    Miriam said:

    Love the large spear pillow to add a little color to my boring, white bed!

  513. 12.4.12
    Astrid said:

    I’d DIE dead a million times over any of their graphic throw pillows. I clearly have a pillow problem.

  514. 12.4.12
    Kristy said:

    This is so weird, I was just on their website this morning checking things out! I’ve been coveting the Olivia the owl beanbag for ages for my daughter’s playroom. We have some big pillows in there now and she loves climbing over them and sitting on them to read her books, but I know she would lose her mind over this big, Scandinavian pillow of awesomeness. Also, because the playroom is off the living room, and therefore visible for all to see, it would look amazing. Love this contest!

  515. 12.4.12
    Rachel said:

    How exciting-your first giveaway! I love every single item in that shop. After a lot of time I decided on the spear tray in large. I would use this to serve drinks or appetizers on during a party, or display my every growing collections of candles on.

  516. 12.4.12
    grzesiek said:


    I could transform this basket into a gorgeous lamp!

  517. 12.4.12
    Brandon said:

    ‘The Dorm’ is definitely my fave. Would be the perfect place for all the knick knacks I hoard!

  518. 12.4.12
    anna said:

    i have been coveting the black wire basket for weeks! i have it open in a tab that i just can’t close! it would be a perfect place to keep all of my blankets (that i really need to stop “collecting”) right next to the fireplace.

  519. 12.4.12
    Laura said:

    (a haiku)


    Love love love your blog.

    dirty into eye candy

    Spear Laundry basket!


  520. 12.4.12
    Christina said:

    My favourite thing is easily the ‘Old Tree Wall Sticker’, I would stick it up in my bedroom next to my new white wardrobes and put floating shelves along the branches, to make a beautiful book tree!

  521. 12.4.12
    lets said:

    Oh i would love the SQUARES BLANKET! i love the colors and geometric pattern and yes it will keep me warm during our cold north eastern winters!

  522. 12.4.12
    Elise said:

    stunning! the display box (aqua) would work well in my studio with lots of tiny treasures.

  523. 12.4.12

    I love many, many things in the Ferm shop but if I had to pick one I’d pick the world map pillow and I would give it to my nephew Mike who’s been setting up his first ever apartment. LOVE your blog !

  524. 12.4.12
    Angie said:

    Wow, this site is amazing. Hard to choose, but I think I’d actually get some wallpaper to go in bookshelf.

  525. 12.4.12
    Emily H said:

    Ummm, where do I begin? Their stuff is awesome but I love the Spear shower curtain – my bathroom is kind of blah right now and I think that could be just the thing to give it some personality!

  526. 12.4.12
    Rebecca said:

    I mean, as long as you’re giving it away, I wouldn’t mind a Remix Blanket. I’m just trying to act cool, so seriously, GIMME.

  527. 12.4.12
    Jo said:

    The copper pencil holder is an object of beauty – it would sit on my grandfather’s mid-century desk in my office and gleam at me …

  528. 12.4.12
    Jaimie said:

    Pick my favorite item? How could you possibly choose? But I’ll go ahead and say the Remix (Gray) Blanket, which is awesome and I would drape casually over an armchair or the back of the couch. Just kidding, that thing would be laying in a haphazard mess on the couch when I’m not snuggling in it watching Pawn Stars or the Mentalist.

  529. 12.4.12
    Lauren said:

    I’m totally coveting the Remix Blanket in Grey! I even planned the living room in my new apartment around it :)

  530. 12.4.12
    coral said:

    omg yes that squares blanket is just perfect!

  531. 12.4.12
    Jory said:

    The molecule model building kit! With which… I would build a model of a molecule. To hold up dust in like, a bookshelf or something?

    Am I doing this right?

  532. 12.4.12
    June said:

    I love me some teapot, I have really deep counters. They are also kind of an aqua-blue (thank you strange apartment), anyway pretty kitchen things look amazing on them.
    I would use the shit out of that teapot.

  533. 12.4.12
    Erin said:

    Thanks for doing this! I’d love the Triangle Shower Curtain. My rental bathroom is both lavender and hideous, and I certainly hope the curtain would inspire me to begin the overhaul.

  534. 12.4.12
    Amy said:

    The Zag blanket (in gray) has been calling my name! It would be perfectly for cuddling up on a couch with a book during the cold Michigan winter :)

  535. 12.4.12
    Ariane said:

    An organic bathrobe!
    I need to upgrade from worn-out/ crazy pattern one, circa college years.

  536. 12.4.12
    Reidunn said:

    The Squares Blanket! Without a doubt.
    I would love to cuddle up under a blanket from Ferm Living as I sit here infront of the oven trying to keep warm – outside it is -12 degrees Celcius!

  537. 12.4.12
    Joy said:

    Great giveaway! I’d love the wilderness wallpaper in gold!

  538. 12.4.12

    Wow, those are lovely! I’d like the gray remix blanket, which would be on my body whenever I was in the house! (It would probably live at the foot of my bed during the other times)

  539. 12.4.12
    Britany said:

    I’ve been SERIOUSLY stalking all things knit so I’d definitely want the knitted basket to store all my throws in the livingroom. maybe i’d even paint dip the bottom or something. ya know, for a little razzle dazzle.

  540. 12.4.12
    Tyler said:

    The remix (gray) blanket is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Awesome in all it’s geometrical glory. Of course most of their stuff is. It would fit right in with the rest of my living room.

  541. 12.4.12
    Jane said:

    The remix blanket looks beautiful and cozy – perfect for snuggling up in all the time.

  542. 12.4.12
    Kristine S said:

    How can I pick just one? It would have to be the spear bowl, which I would fill with love and delicious, delicious fruits.

  543. 12.4.12
    Melissa said:

    It’s a tough call since everything is so rad, but I would love the spear vase. It would be perfect on my dresser with one or two flowers in it to brighten up my closet. (yes I have an awesome walk in closet)

  544. 12.4.12
    brentonjoseph said:

    Diamond Hooks in smoked oak need to be a part of my entryway.

  545. 12.4.12

    Copper Pencil Holder.
    I would use them to drink milk out of. if it was safe.

  546. 12.4.12
    Beth C said:

    Just one thing? Really – it’s all so amazing.

    The Remix Blanket it is, then.

  547. 12.4.12
    mary said:

    Wow-what a wonderful giveaway! I would love the remix blanket! I would name him George and I would hug him and pet him and squeeze him..and snuggle on my couch with him.

  548. 12.4.12
    Thomas said:

    I WANT IT ALL .. Ugh Ferm Living is the best!

    I’m still doubting between :
    for all my small things & memorabilia to display

    for magazines or plaids .. still unsure


  549. 12.4.12
    Nicole B said:

    Seriously LOVE the Candlestick Holder in Yellow (small). Would go perfectly in the cluster of candle holders that I am collecting for my “fauxdenza”.

  550. 12.4.12
    Kirsty said:

    I pick the Birch Wall Sticker as I think it would be super fabulous custom-painted to make each knot of wood a monsters mouth!

  551. 12.4.12

    Love those flower pots. I would put my crazy collection of succulents in them!

  552. 12.4.12
    Rebecca said:

    Good lord, the color palette at Ferm just kills me. I’d go for the remix blanket and just end up dragging it around the house like Linus.

  553. 12.4.12
    Johanna said:

    Oh, Ferm Living, you make me drool so much. Problem is I live in wintery Sweden, and the drool is making icicles. I need that Squares blanket to warm me up really really bad, thank you!

  554. 12.4.12
    Amanda B said:

    My campus apartment has 400 square feet and one tiny closet that my lovely man and I try to share. That means anything cute that I decide to splurge on must also be functional, and that’s where Ferm Living comes in handy. I am positively pining for that gorgeous charcoal knitted basket as a stylish repository for books, clothes, winter gear, or anything else my roomie leaves on the floor!

  555. 12.4.12
    Brenna said:

    I would go with the Spear Shower Curtain and decorate my guest bathroom around it. But whatever happened to these adorable lamps?

  556. 12.4.12
    Hayley said:

    I just spent way too long on their website trying to pick something out…. The remix grey blanket it is!


    • 12.4.12
      Hayley said:

      Forgot to mention that I would use it on the couch to cozy up with my daughter and watch a movie- one of our favorite activities.

  557. 12.4.12
    Lisa F said:

    Oh, I love the dollhouse. For my son, really. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  558. 12.4.12
    Genevieve said:

    I’d love the copper tray to use for perfume bottles

  559. 12.4.12
    Hilde said:

    Oooh, drooling indeed! What a wonderful giveaway. It’s very hard to choose, as others have noted, but I would love the Spear Laundry Basket. I would use it as exactly that: a laundry basket, but in my family that means that once a year (December 5) it gets used to hold presents on Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas, distant ‘relative’ of Santa Clause I think). It’s similar to the Christmas tradition of giving gifts, but with rhymes. You write long or short rhymes to go with each present. Anything goes: about the recipient, about the gift, about things that happened in the past year, serious rhymes, funny rhymes, silly rhymes. I don’t think that many other Dutch people use their laundry baskets to put the presents in, but for me it is very much part of the tradition! December 5th is tomorrow, but as my sister lives abroad we celebrate Sinterklaas on the first of February (this time). Perfect timing! As for the rest of the year: I would use it in my study to hold rolls of wrapping paper, decorative paper and bookbinding cloth.

  560. 12.4.12
    Kate said:

    The feather wallpaper for my kitchen!

  561. 12.4.12
    Steph said:

    I love the Remix (Gray) Blanket and the Face Boxes. The blanket
    I would use for snuggling and the boxes for storing the snuggling
    blankets! :)

  562. 12.4.12
    Eileen said:

    Love the rabbit on the “In The Rain” Kids Pillow – so what if I’m not a kid anymore. I would use it in my spare bedroom.

  563. 12.4.12
    Zee said:

    I’d get one of the geometry cups to hold my make up brushes!

  564. 12.4.12
    Barbara said:

    Dibs on the Remix Blanket. I would give it to my grandma cause I love her.

  565. 12.4.12
    Sherri said:

    that remix blanket in light gray, oh man!

    • 12.4.12
      Sherri said:

      Oops, and it would live on my couch!

  566. 12.4.12
    Halvorsen said:

    The Spear laundry basket would be a vast improvement over the plastic one that is currently ugly-ing up one corner of my room.

  567. 12.4.12
    stephanie said:

    Squares Blanket. What would I do with it? Depends on who’s asking! Cuddle under it with my kids is the least exotic answer, but probably the most accurate.

  568. 12.4.12
    Cai said:

    I went into complete screen petting mode trying to find one item out of everything I want on that site. We just moved into our new loft and got rid of pretty much everything so I’d love to have that Squares Blanket draped across our luxurious blow up mattress! But really though, that blanket would definitely kick start the decorating process. :)

  569. 12.4.12
    Grace said:

    I love the Remix Gray Blanket. I’ve been looking for a blanket that looks nice enough to leave on the couch. I love triangles and 100% cotton blankets seem so hard to find so it’s perfect!

  570. 12.4.12
    afunhouse said:

    Oh my! I adore Ferm Living. I would definitely choose the wilderness wallpaper in black. It really is so divine. Obvs, I’d hang it on the wall to pretty things up in my home. Thanks for hosting such a fantastic giveaway!

  571. 12.4.12
    Erin said:

    It’s crazy that you’re having this giveaway! I was just browsing their website last night, drooling over everything I want! I would love to have their Remix Blanket in Gray. I has two of my favorite colors!

  572. 12.4.12
    Jaime said:

    Just ONE? You so cray. This flower pot would look awful nice on my mantel holding an orchid. Just sayin’

  573. 12.4.12
    Linda said:

    So hard to choose just one! I have it narrowed down to the mustard floor pillow or the grey blanket with the yellow trim. Thanks for the chance…

  574. 12.4.12
    Alice said:

    Argh, I love everything, but if I really had to choose, it may have to be the Remix Blanket in Gray – it would be perfect with our dark gray sheets! All the pillows look amazing too!

  575. 12.4.12
    Kim said:

    I just love the blanket with the square, it would look lovely in my new living room

  576. 12.4.12
    Tess said:

    I’d love to throw some of the Mountain Lake pillows on my couch!

  577. 12.4.12
    Laura said:

    The Remix blanket wants to live on my couch and keep me warm on cold New England nights. I also really, really love the Gracewood wallpaper. And I love your blog!

  578. 12.4.12
    Emily K. said:

    I would choose the Remix Blanket ( to spruce up my couch! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  579. 12.4.12
    Sarah said:

    I would LOVE to have the Edward bean bag for my son’s nursery :)

  580. 12.4.12
    Sofia said:

    I luurve the triangle shower curtain. Taking baths is my most favorite relaxing activity. I’ve been sick the past week so I’m on about 3 a day. This might make me feel better?:)

  581. 12.4.12
    Soo C said:

    I love that Triangle Basket! The black and white and geometry… I would use it to hold an extra blanket at the end of my couch!

  582. 12.4.12
    Amy said:

    So hard to pick one thing when I want all the things! I’m going to go with the copper tray. I’d stick it on top of the credenza in the dining room with a fancy decanter and cocktail glasses that I now need to buy.

  583. 12.4.12
    David L. said:

    Remix (Gray) Blanket. I would be using it on the couch while watching my favorite TV shows.

  584. 12.4.12
    jb said:

    i just spent way too much time on their website trying to decide what i liked the most. i think it would be their harlequin pillow in yellow.

  585. 12.4.12
    Kathy S said:

    I would love to have one of the pin boards. It would work great by my desk in the kitchen.

  586. 12.4.12
    Aaron L said:

    Super into the REMIX (GRAY) BLANKET. Would be perfect to get cozy under on my couch!

  587. 12.4.12
    Kylie said:

    That copper tray is gorgeous! It would be perfect for organizing the bottles of perfume on my dresser!!

  588. 12.4.12
    Andy said:

    Some friends moved out of town for great opportunities in the work and school departments, and I got the chance to buy their awesome charcoal grey sofa (The Dorsett from Rowe Furniture) from them when they moved, it’s just crying out for a few good colorful pillows, and towards that end, I can’t imagine any thing more awesome than the Columbine Pillow from Ferm. It’s seriously so perfect it’s beyond real.

  589. 12.4.12
    Jessiejack said:

    I would love to own the copper tray – I would use it to corral my lovely perfume bottles and those favorite bits of jewelry on the dresser

  590. 12.5.12
    Mar said:

    Copper Pencil Holder! I need a way to organize my art supplies. It’s been taking awhile for us to get our apartment together. We moved in 3 months ago. & my supplies & projects live on our couch. Eeek

  591. 12.5.12
    Kara G said:

    What immediately caught my eye on the Ferm site was “The Dorm” shelf. I have always been hesitant to buy darling little nick-naks at thrift shops, because I never had any place to put them. If I had this amazingly cute shelf, I could give a home to all my cute finds! I’m glad that Ferm is Mekko approved, and after discovering it, it is now Kara approved too!

  592. 12.5.12
    Vanessa Wilken said:

    I would totally get one of those Black Triangle Tea Towels!! It would really add some pizzazz (wow, I just used the word pizzazz) to my sad, lonely kitchen!

  593. 12.5.12
    Kat said:

    The squares blanket to make my living room look instantly cooler :) Thanks!!

  594. 12.5.12
    anne said:

    well, crap. how to choose? i’ve just added at least 10 things to my christmas list. the remix blanket would be a perfect addition to my living room. and i *need* that tea pot.

  595. 12.5.12
    Bethany said:

    The cooper tray for sure. My mom had a collection of eclectic wooden trays when I was growing up. I knew whenever she started to take them out I would be getting a really yummy treat. This tray is entirely too fancy to cart around treats but it would definitely be a nice reminder of her home.

  596. 12.5.12
    JMK said:

    Texture, heft, warmth and color is not the only thing the yellow floor pillow would add to my place; I need it as a meditation cushion to help keep my peace of mind while contemplating how to get rid of the mouse invasion in my own Manhattan Nest.

  597. 12.5.12
    JJ said:

    That beautiful teapot!! It would go RIGHT on my kitchen table, actually I often work from home so it would follow me as I migrate through the apartment with the sun! What thoughtful colors.

  598. 12.5.12

    My favorite is the square² blanket.

  599. 12.5.12
    nicolezh said:

    What a nice giveaway- I love the wire baskets forever- it would be wonderfull in my livingroom to store blakets.

  600. 12.5.12
    Kylie said:

    I think I’ve fallen in love with everything on their website. Got to love the Squares Blanket though, would look great on my bed!

  601. 12.5.12
    Anna said:

    Oh, the things i’d do with these Urban vases.
    Why are you having a dirty picture of me right now? What i meant was i would give them to charity. Yes. No. Uh, who am I kidding. I would keep them for me. But i would give the money i didn’t spend on them to charity. That i would do!

  602. 12.5.12
    Fern said:

    I wanted to write something funny and cute with a side of sass… but it’s 2am in Vancouver and I’m tired as hell. That being said, I can still use my AMAZING Canadian manners and be polite.

    If you were to choose me, I would very much like the Squares Blanket to cuddle with in the morning because I do NOT control the heat in my little apartment, and by day it would casually but stylishly drape it’s handsome self over my Bertoia Diamond Chair knockoff… making it feel slightly less dirty and cheap.

    Regardless of who you pick, it’s really nice of both you and Ferm to put this together and make the holidays slightly extra special for someone. Thank you for that on behalf of all of the M.N. readers.

    Much love from Canada!!

  603. 12.5.12
    Nell said:

    MR SNAKE! My home is not complete without it :)

  604. 12.5.12
    Megan said:

    I’d love the Smoked Oak Diamond Hooks por favor. To keep my crap off the floor.

  605. 12.5.12
    kory said:

    OMG, I don’t believe this!
    I’m going to be greedy and say I want the birds on branches wallpaper… because there is no way in hell I could afford it and it would be perfect for my TV wall, you know? Of course, one roll wouldn’t be enough (boo hoo), so I would either need more than one roll (but having one for free would make it so much easier – easier to convince my husband we should buy more, I mean) or make a framed thingy… or something…

  606. 12.5.12
    Jolien said:

    There is so much to love… but I’m going for the Diamond Hooks Smoked Oak. Man, they would be killing it in my hallway.

  607. 12.5.12
    jen b said:

    Must have triangle laundry basket. It make dirty laundry so pretty!!

  608. 12.5.12
    Dan said:

    Yeah, have to agree the wire basket is pretty badass. I’ll put magazines in it? towels? Just let it sit handsomely in my living room? Endless possibilities right there. I’ll take one.

  609. 12.5.12

    I would use the Columbine Pillow in Coral to tie in my bedding. xo!

  610. 12.5.12
    Taylor Y-M said:

    Oh Squares Blanket, shall I compare thee to summer’s day (or winter’s night)? All through the cold days and nights I dream of being embraced in your warmth; be it on the couch, in bed, doing dishes, taking out the trash, chopping wood, dogsledding, sculpting ice, ect. You name it, you’ll be there right with me, draped over my shoulders keeping me toasty and stylish at the same damn time. I’ve lusted after you for so long, please be mine.

  611. 12.5.12
    Stephanie said:

    I am a certified crazy tray lady, and the large spear tray would be the pride of my collection. We’d pop it on the fauxdenza to catch all those emptying-your-pockets-when-you-get-home bits, then I would never lose my keys/phone/wallet again!

  612. 12.5.12
    sarav said:

    The The Face Boxes are exactly the kind of cool/not ugly storage I’ll never find for our new nursery. Only problem would be deciding between the natural and painted ones…

  613. 12.5.12
    anja said:

    totally not likely to win anything. but: the squares blanket, i love it.

  614. 12.5.12
    DEBM said:

    Much to my surprise, it’s the Old Tree Wall Sticker for whispered to me and when it arrives it will take me in a whole new direction. Yes please.

  615. 12.5.12
    Emilie said:

    Hi! Congratulation on your first giveaway…and wow! such a nice one!

    I’d pick the molecule building set because I’m such a geek

    Have a nice day!

  616. 12.5.12
    Jessica said:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway, it’s so hard to pick just one item! I absolutely love the copper tray- it would make a great catch-all on my new living room coffee table =)

  617. 12.5.12

    My goodness, this company is amazing. It’s as if they’ve gone into my head, taken my thoughts on what beautiful homewares should look like, and made it a reality.

    It’s a tough call, but I think I’d go for the Spear laundry basket: Basically, I’ve been in dire need of a laundry basket for about four years and haven’t bought one because most of them are horrible and I couldn’t find one I liked. But this one is perfect. The design is beautiful.

  618. 12.5.12
    Evan said:

    I really like the Remix blanket. The blue one would look great on my new couch!

  619. 12.5.12
    m said:

    Squares Blanket. absolutely. I would wrap my chilly guests in it.

  620. 12.5.12
    olivia said:

    I would take the knowledge that I have acquired after years of reading this blog, pair it with that black wire basket, a socket, and cord, and hang it from my ceiling! If, Perhaps the hole at the base of the basket is too large, I could always use it for its intended purpose, like holding my throws and quilts that are currently spewed across my couch and covered in Lilligans dog hair.

  621. 12.5.12
    joey said:

    Love the copper pencil holder, something pretty to distract me while studying….

  622. 12.5.12
    Josh said:

    I could really use the Calendar Wall Sticker. I’m a hot mess and it would greatly organize my life and make my sad white kitchen happy.

  623. 12.5.12
    Kevin said:

    I’ve recently started hosting on airbnb, and plenty of blankets make a house warm and welcoming. I think the Remix Blanket would be perfect to lay over the couch for use by guests.

  624. 12.5.12
    Jayme welters said:

    I have get all sweaty over mr. Snake. I would design my boys room around it like this

  625. 12.5.12
    Travis said:

    Man…I think that whale pillow is pretty awesome. So are the faces wooden boxes.

  626. 12.5.12
    RebeccaInChicago said:

    I would love the Remix Blanket in gray, I would keep it near me on the couch, and when my corgi (Ladybird) comes by, I’d toss it over her for fun times watching “ghost dog” walk around for a moment until she escapes. We’d cuddle up after, no hard feelings.

  627. 12.5.12
    Anne said:

    I love Ferm!
    I would be so happy if I could win one of their Copenhagen roof tops cutting boards. I would use it in my kitchen to cut cheese and charcuterie. :)

    Fingers crossed.

    Greetings from Paris, France.


  628. 12.5.12
    sitora said:

    When I grow up I’ll buy their dinner set. For now I want the bowl to keep that thought.

  629. 12.5.12
    Lisa H said:

    Hi Daniel,
    I love Ferm, and I would dearly love to have a black wire basket in my home. I live in northern Alberta and it’s about to get down to minus 25 Celcius (that’s -13 Farenheit!) With my wire basket I would be able to corral all my snuggly mitts, scarves and toques in one place!
    Here’s hoping! Hi to Maxx, Mekko and Linus…

  630. 12.5.12
    Gillianne said:

    Congrats on a classy inaugural giveaway, Daniel :D
    I would be thrilled to have the Remix blanket in either colorway, but probably more the aqua/black/mustard. It would be the tie-it-all-together piece at the foot of our guestroom bed, a touch of contemporary class that unites artwork and the rest of the space. Love it!

  631. 12.5.12

    I’m in love with all items but my big crush is the Molecule Building Set. I would use it as a keepsake of my degree of Chemistry in my office.

  632. 12.5.12
    Mirela said:

    Uuuh, I really like the Squares Blanket!!! It would be a perfect Christmas present! Congrats on your first Giveaway!

  633. 12.5.12
    Bea said:

    The REMIX BLANKET, I would have it at the end of my sectional sofa to add a bit of pattern and colour to the grey boringness of it all.

  634. 12.5.12
    Alex said:

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway Daniel…I’d really be happy with anything that Ferm Living do, it’s affordable design at it’s best.
    If I had to choose it would be the molecule building set:

    It would go on our mantle piece near our Ellsworth Kelly print. I would even allow our 10 month old son to play with it from time to time. In the hope that he will grow to be the next Einstein.

  635. 12.5.12
    Jingle Belle said:

    I would choose The Dorm — the big ol’ housey display box! I already have a tiny little case that The Dorm would replace, and it in I would display all my favorite little keepsakes and teensy childhood toys! I love little hodge-podge displays like that. And holding on to my childhood. :)

  636. 12.5.12
    kate said:

    they have such great stuff! I think i would have to go for the neon herringbone pillow… even though i actually have their molecule building set on my wedding registry. I’ve got priorities.

  637. 12.5.12
    Sara said:

    Love so many things, but the Spear Laundry Basket would look perfect in my grey/mustard bedroom and be way classier than my current, hideous basket.

  638. 12.5.12
    Ilya said:

    Beautiful items. i would love to have the Studio 4 as the first item you see when you walk into my own little home, and use it to store keys and mail and a change bowl.

  639. 12.5.12
    KAte said:

    I adore that copper tray and want it on my black side table. Congrats on the first giveaway!

  640. 12.5.12
    LaDonna said:

    I’d like the Triangle Shower Curtain and I’d use it as a shower curtain or a window curtain to add a graphic punch to the room.

  641. 12.5.12

    I’m totally lusting over the bindweed wall paper and would use it in a half bath for a kick of print.

  642. 12.5.12
    Laura MacDougall said:

    Hi Daniel,
    I love love LOVE your blog, it’s the only blog I read that makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis. Thank you!
    I would choose the candle holder in natural and I would use it on my coffee table. That would be fabulous.

  643. 12.5.12
    Naomi said:

    Love the blog! Love the give away! Love the Squares Blanket!

    I’d use it in my soon-to-be made over living room.


  644. 12.5.12

    I just got married Recently moved from New York to LA. This is the first time I’ve heard of Ferm Living and now I’m a fan! Everything is so chic! My husband and I are starting a photography studio and could use the aqua letter trays! wonderful!
    ~Audrey and Tommy

  645. 12.5.12
    Joëlle said:

    Ok this is awesome. I love, need, want the large wire basket!

  646. 12.5.12
    Evelyn C. said:

    Okay, can we just all agree the CANDLEHOLDER STRING (IN NATURAL) ( is ALL sorts of AMAZING! How great would this look on our soon to be new dining table. Oh Man…swooning!

  647. 12.5.12
    Emma said:

    I would totes curl up with my cats and dog in that awesome remix blanket (in gray)!

  648. 12.5.12
    Sarah W said:

    I LOVE the Remix Blanket!! I have a grey-ish-green-ish sectional that it would look perfect on, and I need more color in the living room!

  649. 12.5.12
    Kate said:

    Oh man, I would enjoy the crap out of the Triangle Laundry Basket and all its Scandi goodness!! =)

  650. 12.5.12
    Laurence said:

    I would pick the map of the world wall sticker. It adds drama to any boring white wall (I have a bunch of those) and I think I might stick it upside down like a really cool world map I saw a while back.

  651. 12.5.12
    Frank said:

    The squares blanket is fantastic. I want it to keep me cozy on my rocking chair surrounded by begonias.

  652. 12.5.12
    Sofia said:

    Mother effin squares blanket. I would use to compliment the black doors and white walls that you inspired me to paint in my apartment:)

  653. 12.5.12
    Katherine said:

    The spear trays are excellent. I’d use them to keep keys and shit all in one place.

  654. 12.5.12
    Katie said:

    I love the remix blanket in gray for my living room couch!

  655. 12.5.12
    Jen said:

    I would LOVE the aqua display box … and your dog, Mekka. Thanks!

  656. 12.5.12
    Mary said:

    Probably the Remix blanket in gray, and probably the cat will end up sleeping on it, but dare to dream.

  657. 12.5.12
    Didi said:

    I would get cozy on my bed with the Wool Pillow in Olive…and Manhattan Nest on my laptop. I have been enjoying your blog since its inception. You rock.

  658. 12.5.12
    Zoe said:

    Harlequin pillow yellow.

  659. 12.5.12
    joyce said:

    I love all the pillows! If I had to choose…maybe the treebomb curry.

  660. 12.5.12
    Dawn said:

    Wow, what a great shop! Makes me wish I wasn’t a poor student, so I could afford these pretty things. It’s such a tough choice but I am in love with the large wire basket in black – attractive storage and doubles as a stool or side table? Perfect for my small apartment! Thanks for doing such a nice giveaway. :)

  661. 12.5.12
    alyslinn said:

    I just love the Remix (Turquoise) Pillow. My sofa needs a little livening up! :)

    And the shop has so many things, it was hard to pick a favourite :)

  662. 12.5.12
    Renee said:

    I love the Squares blanket, too. I would put it on my couch to replace my sad ugly fleece blanket.

  663. 12.5.12
    Leo said:

    Remix blanket for me PLEASEEEE. It will help offset all of the grey everywhere.

  664. 12.6.12
    carly said:

    i’m crying at how cute the marionette cups are, but i think i’d have to go for the diamond hooks in smoked oak. i’d put them in my entryway nook to organize totes n coats

  665. 12.6.12
    Nicolette M said:

    Oh wow! The large charcoal knitted basket is perfection. I cant decide, either to keep extra throws in by the fireplace, or to hold towels in my oversize bathroom… decisions, decisions…

  666. 12.6.12
    Babette said:

    I chose the Harlequin Grey Bedding.I would like to cozy up in it with my dogs and a book.

  667. 12.6.12
    Suzie said:

    I really love the wire basket that you showed, actually. I’d probably use it as a hamper right now, but I’m sure it would get moved around the house.

  668. 12.6.12
    CindyE said:

    Hi! Wow, a giveaway! Well, I really like the Remix Blanket. I always go for gray/black…but I like this in that blue color. I would have it folded on the arm of the sofa or on a chair – then use it all the time! I also like the Spears(I think thats the name???) Laundry Basket – I just like how it looks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  669. 12.6.12
    CG said:

    Definitely the copper tray. One can never have too many trays in his or her life…

  670. 12.6.12
    Alex said:

    The green remix blanket would look great right on our Wegner chair!

  671. 12.6.12
    Zhasmene said:

    Definitely the organic bathrobe. I would wear it around the house all the time like I currently do with my old, gross, robe that has a big hole in the back. LOL :)

  672. 12.6.12
    Jenny said:

    The Villge wallpaper for the undecorated nursery of my 4 mth old daughter!!

  673. 12.6.12
    Juliska said:

    Ooooooh! Now my whole place needs to be Ferm-ented. Like most people, I find it hard to choose, but the Squares blanket would make me very happy. I want to re-do our bedroom in back, white and gray, and the blanket is inspiring. Besides, it looks like an Escher print, and he’s my boyfriend’s favorite artist. To nap beneath an Escher design … What dreams may come?

  674. 12.6.12
    Julia said:

    I desperately need the Squares Blanket for my new apartment (in Stockholm! So it will go to a very stylish place….). Why, you ask? Well, because I am a poor student and I have only ugly blankets to go with my dirt-cheap couch, and I need a good-looking blanket that will spruce it up, otherwise I will just sit and freeze in a cold and ugly apartment. Do you understand me?? I NEED IT!

    A first-world problem? Maybe. But still.

  675. 12.6.12
    Ariane said:

    I would love the Triangle Laundry basket ! I’d put in our bedroom, so we would toss our laundry in it and free the beautiful hard wood floor from dirty clothes …

  676. 12.6.12
    Lou said:

    Hi there,

    If I were lucky enough to win I would choose the Remix Gray Blanket, it’s gorgeous and the colours I have painted my lounge in my old 20s house. It would be a lovely timely win as here in the UK as it is snowing and my heating system has just decided to brake!! If I win I could hide on the couch and be warm under something waaaay more stylish than the old candlewick blanket I’m currently having to use.

    thanks for the chance to win..failing winning can I please have Linus and Mekko instead?

    xx Lou xx

  677. 12.6.12
    Ursula said:

    Oh, man I want ALL the things from this shop! So cute, so fun, so useful!!!
    I really have to pick just one? Well, OK… :( Than I pick the TEA POT. I guess I’m going to use it for tea. Or mulled wine. Definitely the wine. :)

  678. 12.6.12
    Mary said:

    I would love the remix blanket in grey to go in my living room and keep me warm in this freezing weather.

  679. 12.6.12
    Erin said:

    oh. That copper tray in would hold all of my bar accoutrement in my kitchen!

  680. 12.6.12
    Amanda said:

    I would get the copper tray! It would be my new makeup/perfume tray because it is fabulous.

  681. 12.6.12
    Casey said:

    I would love one of the grey floor pillows! I do most of my homework sitting on the floor, which is more comfortable than a chair for everything but my butt. An awesome floor pillow would solve that!

  682. 12.6.12
    Gretchen said:

    Wow! That squares blanket…I can optical illusion myself to sleep under it!

  683. 12.6.12
    Ae said:

    I’d love Triangle shower curtain for my bathroom. Now there is a grey one that looks quite boring, so a triangle one would really cheer up that room. :)

  684. 12.6.12

    I have to say that I suffer from the same infatuation ;)
    We could REALLY use a new shower curtain, the triangle black and white one is really pretty. I also love the remix grey blanket a lot.

  685. 12.6.12
    Andrea said:

    Longtime reader, first time commenter, and thanks for the giveaway!

    I love that Gray Harlequin wallpaper. (The Rose Harlequin looks gold on my monitor, and if that’s right, I’d switch to that…) what a great site, thanks for the opportunity to stop and browse!

  686. 12.6.12
    Barb said:

    That copper pencil holder. I crave copper and love pens, pencils, markers, anything in the office stores. I can get lost in the stationary aisles. Could also use it in the kitchen. Totally great design. Might even play with it and put rolled photos on display. Yeah. Want real bad.

  687. 12.6.12
    Gaelle said:

    Thanks for the giveaway from such a fantastic shop Daniel! I’ve lusted after most of their things before but could never afford anything.
    I know it’s not a glamourous item but I would love to replace my very tired Hema (great Dutch shop btw) bag with the tall spear laundry basket. It would look amazing in my new bedroom :D

  688. 12.6.12
    Jill said:

    That wire basket is basically the bomb. I want them all over my house. Also, I have no chance in hell of winning because it took me five minutes to scroll to the bottom of the page. <3

  689. 12.6.12
    sara said:

    I should not know this company exists. Wow, Ferm’s stuff is beautiful. That remix blanket looks so snuggly and soft, I’d love to have it for quality couch time with my two dogs this winter.

  690. 12.6.12
    Siobhan said:

    I kind of need the (rose) triangle pot holder, not only is it practical, but it something I will use on a day to day basis and best of all it will be on display on my kitchen wall So everyone will be able to see how awesome I am everytime they step into my kitchen, as if though they don’t already know.

  691. 12.6.12
    Lisa said:

    Oo! I’d go with the KNITTED BASKET in PETROL/LARGE b/c I need more soft, wooly, things in my life. I’d fill it with books and magazines and all sorts of lazy time stuff.

  692. 12.6.12
    Nara said:

    I love the Remix blanket. I would put it on my bed. I would drape it over my couch. I would wear it like a cape. I would take it to the beach.

  693. 12.6.12
    Lynn D. said:

    I want to moon, mountain and mint tea towels. My tea towels are in tatters and Saturday is my birthday!

  694. 12.6.12
    JennieM said:

    I love the candleholder string!

  695. 12.6.12
    BrittB said:

    Hi! I love this contest! We are going to be decorating a nursery soon (if all goes well next month), and I would LOVE to win some wallpaper to do a wall or the entire room. I adore the Mountain Friends design. LOVE.

  696. 12.6.12
    Manon said:

    The Remix blanket. I need it desperately. Why, you ask? well, for starters it’s blue-black geometric perfection, and it’s eyeing me. Plus there’s the fact that I’m in desperate need of a new blanket as the cats hoard the cheap (and thin) fleece one and refuse to share it. By the looks of it it’s going to be a cold winter here in the Netherlands, so I could use a gorgeous, perfectly snugly blanket to keep me warm and comfy while I sit at the computer doing homework and checking your blog for inspiration for my own apartment. Basically I’d wrap myself in it and never take it off (except to launder it, of course). Come spring it could hang out on my balcony to keep me company, drape itself on a chair in the livingroom, or replace the duvet on my bed.

  697. 12.6.12
    Junebea said:

    What a fun giveaway! The “Remix Gray Blanket” is beautiful and would be quite fun to use this winter

  698. 12.6.12
    Lindsey said:

    Gorgeous shop! Love the triangle basket, it would make my stark all-white bathroom look way cooler.

  699. 12.6.12
    Jesse B. said:

    This is an awesome giveaway! I would love to win the spear bowl. I house on my pipe shelve unit or in my dining room to be used on special occasions! Thanks.

  700. 12.6.12
    Sonal said:

    Ferm is so cool… I almost feel like my home isn’t cool enough for their products! I would love the organic bath towels so I could feel luxurious and special and make sure to keep them away from my fiance and dogs.

  701. 12.6.12
    Katrina said:

    Although I am smitten with the beautiful textiles for kids (I have a brand new baby), I too would choose the large black Wire Basket because I live in Canada and it would be perfect to hold all of our winter accessories and look awesome!

  702. 12.6.12
    Nina said:

    I want everything from their shop, too bad we have to pick one item ;) Because I have to make a decision I would go with the Squares Wallpaper (Black) so I can wallpaper my powder room with it. Never put up wallpaper before so that would be a fun project…

  703. 12.6.12
    Jessica said:

    Love the Remix blanket! What a great giveaway. Thanks :)

  704. 12.6.12
    Sandra said:

    The Squares Blanket. Please. Because it’s cold up here in Switzerland. Snow and so. Brr.

  705. 12.6.12
    Violet said:

    I am not going to enter becasue I never win anything and am always SERIOUSLY disappointed when I don’t win the HGTV Dream House every. damn. year. I always honestly think I am going to win.

    But if I did enter I would want the Knitted Floor Cushion in Petrol to go in my lovely den, on a cream shag area rug, next to my IKEA Karlstad sectional in Charcoal wool. It is the only room my two little terriers do not have access to, so it would be safe from the little scamps. It’s not that they are not allowed into the room, but there are TWO (2) (as in one, TWO) steps down to the rooom and they have never in all their little years gone down those steps.

    Oh, look I entered the giveaway. Congrats on all your great new advertisers, Daniel!

  706. 12.6.12
    Lucie said:

    I am completely and utterly enthralled by the Spear Laundry Basket. How can a laundry basket be so exciting?! I don’t know, but that one JUST IS.

  707. 12.6.12
    Eva said:

    SPEAR LAUNDRY BASKET. because nothing is more ironically glamorous than a laundry basket that looks nicer than most of the things I would put in it…and the thing is…laundry sucks, and [let’s be honest] no laundry basket could actually change that fact…BUT at least you could look at something pretty while dealing with sucky laundry.

  708. 12.6.12
    jona said:

    I’m a new mom and I swore that my kid would only have few toys and not have family and friends drown him in stuff he doesn’t need.
    Well, he is drowning in toys he doesn’t need, but i bought the stuff MYSELf. And now I really need it off my floor and into a container of a sort. So: Yellow (large, sniff) wire basket is an actual necessity in my life now. (love your blog- from Denmark)

  709. 12.6.12

    The Copper Pencil Holder would look great on my desk.

  710. 12.6.12
    Jackie said:

    So difficult to choose! But if you twist my arm I would have to say the “Squares Blanket!” Such a great pattern. I would use it to wrap myself up while I drink a hot toddy after the baby has gone to bed :)

  711. 12.6.12
    Ashley B said:

    The large petrol knitted basket is gorgeous! I’ve been searching for a stylish option to store a throw blanket by my sofa forever. Perfect solution.

  712. 12.6.12
    Liz said:

    Love the STRIPED NEON CUSHION – perfect addition to our new arm chairs!

  713. 12.6.12
    Christina R. said:

    I like the Molecule Building Set. My husband majored in Chemistry in college (when we met!). I’d use it as the centerpiece for our dining room table. When there’s not holiday stuff on it, of course!

  714. 12.6.12
    ANGELICA said:

    Copper Pencil Holder. It would look gorgeous in my living room on the credenza. I wouldn’t put pencils in it though. I’d have to say I’d rather put LED candles in each of the pieces to make for an illuminating eye grabber. And, did I mention that It would tie in perfectly with the copper pots I have hanging in my kitchen?

  715. 12.6.12
    Nikki said:

    I’m obsessed and HAVE to have the Remix Blanket in gray, so I can cuddle up and stare for hours…at our now empty mantle because I have “styled” it way too many times and can’t seem to get it right!

    And, I have to say…I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago, and since then I have torn through your archives! You crack me up and inspire me to try something different in my apartment! Thank you for that (even though my husband might be cursing you for extra projects! ) Xo

  716. 12.6.12
    Lelly said:

    the candleholder string is my favorite! since it holds 4 candles i’d use it during december to light a candle each week during advent. rest of the year is a bonus of having it on display in my living room!

  717. 12.6.12
    Ryan T said:

    I wouldn’t even know which one to pick. It all looks great. I guess I’ll just go with the Squares Blanket, because I need to desperately cover my bedroom walls with SOMETHING and I think that would be perfect.

  718. 12.6.12
    runswithscissors said:

    LOL congrats on your first Giveaway and for exposing all the “lurkers” ;) Did you know how many there really were? Good luck choosing, the winner will be lucky indeed, such lovely items.
    One unrelated question, what was Max’s moms reaction to the new and awesome guest room? I bet the reveal was thrilling for her! I just bought a gallon of Soot..

  719. 12.6.12
    Dewey said:

    The spear pillow! The spear pillow! Be still my heart, the spear pillow. I absolutely never win contests (bad karma? Something is standing in my way), but at the very least my love for that pillow is documented on the internet. I love your blog, and I’m so glad you’ve gotten sponsors to support you (anything to keep you on the interwebs, I say). Go Daniel go! (Also PS that fauxdenza makes me cry/die/hyperventilate every time I look at it, you’re a DIY genius).

  720. 12.6.12
    Connor said:

    I love that squares blanket ( and would use it to add a bit of texture to our leather sofa..

  721. 12.6.12
    Olivia said:

    As a destitute college student, I am seriously lusting after Ferm’s Remix Blanket in Gray. It would spice up my bleak dorm room and make up for whatever heat my radiators can’t provide. And those triangles really are geometric perfection.

  722. 12.6.12
    Lisa said:

    I loooooove the bathroom textiles…towels!

  723. 12.6.12
    Braden said:

    The remix blanket in grey! I would use it to stay warm on the front porch in the morning.

  724. 12.6.12
    ceilidh said:

    Ahhh those floor pillows are pretty awesome! I have dreams of a pillow room so this would help ;)
    You’re the best!

  725. 12.6.12
    Danika k said:

    First of all, I cannot believe I haven’t come across Ferm Living ever before! Everything is so gorgeous. It’s so hard to choose, but I absolutely fell in love with the large Copenhagen Print {but on a less selfish note, I know my toddler would love the blue Magic Bunny wall sticker}. i’d put it in my dining room. what a terrific giveaway! Thanks for directing me to another swoon-worthy shop to lust over. :)

  726. 12.6.12
    Molly said:

    The square blanket is beautiful! It would keep me warm out in Colorado and match my black doors!

  727. 12.6.12
    Jax said:

    Definitely a tea pot. I need one desperately and I love the large and wide opening a the top. Cute and makes it easy to clean!

  728. 12.6.12
    Shawn C said:

    Oh my, everything is so pretty! I am quite the tea enthusiast and have a nice collection of loose leaf teas, so I would love to have the tea pot that they offer. I drink a lot of tea for warmth, flavor, and the benefits that each kind can offer. This tea pot would look great for displaying and when I have friends over for tea!

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