New Kitchen Faucet + GIVEAWAY to National Builder Supply!


When we embarked on the low-budget, high-drama overhaul of our kitchen this past summer, the one major drag about the completed project was that we didn’t replace the kitchen faucet.

Below is a beautiful, high-quality image I captured during the great sink excavation of 2013, when I removed at least 4 million pounds of caulk from around the huge double-drainboard sink and walls. Behold:


The faucet was probably as old as the rest of the kitchen and equally dysfunctional. Both knobs leaked when they were turned on. The hot side was especially bad, but given that we only just got hot water on this floor of the house with the installation of the new boiler, we were OK just using the cold side and dealing with the less severe leak whenever we used the kitchen sink. Fancy! But it did technically work, and clearly there were bigger fish to fry. I mean, look at that picture. The faucet is not really the problem.


See that? Literally everything else in the room changed somehow, but there’s that little faucet, hanging out, still being crappy.

We pledged to deal with the faucet at some point, but a new one wasn’t totally essential to creating a functioning kitchen, and we didn’t want to compromise and spend money (even cheap faucets are still pretty expensive!) on something that we didn’t love or wouldn’t last. Essentially, we wanted a faucet in this kitchen that will remain worthy when we hopefully take on the next kitchen renovation—The Pipe Dream Kitchen that We’ll Maybe Possibly Have a Decade From Now That Won’t Have Huge Soffits and Lousy Cabinets and a Weird Layout.

I’m aware that vintage-ish faucets can often be repaired with some new parts, but honestly it just never seemed worth it. The ideal faucet would sit a good deal higher than this one (allowing us to fill larger pots or do the dishes more easily), would be more efficient (newer faucets have filters to help mitigate excessive water use), and have a spray/hose function for Linus’s showering needs. Even without the leak-factor, this old faucet fulfilled none of those goals.


Hello, you beautiful stainless steel thang. You have changed my cooking experience and my whole world. I love you.

Even though we did something similar at the apartment not too long ago, I seemed to have forgotten what a HUGE difference replacing a faucet makes. Especially with shallower sinks (and no dishwasher), bringing the faucet head up several inches makes a massive difference in functionality—it’s almost like replacing both the sink and the faucet. It’s magic.

After lots of hemming and hawing over aesthetics and dimensions and reviews, we chose the Grohe Minta Deck Mount Faucet in SuperSteel finish and the coordinating soap dispenser from one of my terrific sponsors, National Builder Supply! Unfortunately both were on backorder from Grohe when we ordered, but we weren’t in a huge rush and National Builder Supply was responsible about sending periodic updates about when we could expect delivery. They came a couple of months ago, and then all we had to do was install them!


Under normal circumstances, installing a new faucet should be very simple and easy for anyone to take on. We did it in the apartment with fairly minimal effort, but our old sink combined with our old plumbing made everything a little harder. The hole for the soap dispenser was too small, so it needed to be enlarged by the plumber (which basically involved a series of tiny pilot holes and some very careful maneuvering with a jigsaw”¦not something I ever want to see/do again!), but we eventually got it to fit. Having the dish soap concealed under the sink and available from this little pump feels very luxe, and the pump itself is really substantial and well made.

On top of that, and more importantly, our old copper hot and cold supply lines didn’t have shut-off valves! Shut-off valves on faucet supply lines are mandatory to meet code for new plumbing, but I guess that wasn’t the case when this plumbing was installed. The water for the entire house had to be turned off before the plumber could disconnect the old faucet, and then it was a matter of soldering on new shut-off valves under the sink and running new supply lines upwards from those to attach to the faucet. Old houses just have a way of complicating even the simplest tasks!


BUT NOW IT’S DONE AND LOOK AT HER GO. I’m so happy with it. I was a little bit worried that the super modern design would look out of place and weird in our kitchen (and with our sink), but I think it actually works really nicely. More importantly, the quality of the materials and the spray feature are so nice. It makes cleaning everything (dishes, the sink, veggies, dogs) super easy. I do like the IKEA faucet that we used in our apartment (and still think it’s a pretty good deal for the price point—especially considering what else is out there) but we have had a few minor problems with it due to the lower quality materials, unfortunately. This Grohe faucet really does seem significantly nicer, in all honesty, which I wasn’t really expecting—almost all of the components are metal, the plastic pieces in the spray nozzle are more substantial and seem far less prone to breaking/defects, and all of the metal components are thicker and heavier. I suppose we haven’t been using it long enough to attest to the long-term durability, but so far, so good! I’m so glad we have this small thing checked off the list, and I expect this faucet to last us a loooongggg, long time.

Because our sink had three holes and this faucet only requires one, we did have to install this cheap deck plate to cover the extra holes (I’ve never been able to find one at a hardware store, but there are lots of options online). It really doesn’t make anything more complicated with the install and I think it looks just as good.

So! Maybe you also need a new faucet or something to finish up or jump-start that renovation project? Maybe you could use a break on the price of whatever that something is?


This one’s for the renovators out there! National Builder Supply is a great source for your kitchen, bath, and lighting needs, and is offering one Manhattan Nest reader a $100 shopping credit! Need a new toilet? Tub? Sink? Faucet? They have lots and lots of options from tons of reputable brands. AND they offer free shipping on orders over $100. They’ll hook you up.


1. Go poke around on the National Builder Supply website! What would you spend the money on, and for what project? Tell me in the comments below!

2. For an extra entry, go follow National Builder Supply on Pinterest! They have 48 boards full of inspiration and helpful tips. Then just come back here and leave an additional comment telling me which board(s) you followed! 

Please note: Due to regional shipping constraints, this giveaway is only available to residents of the lower 48 states.  

UPDATE: THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! The winner will be notified by email shortly. Yay!

This post was in partnership with National Builder Supply

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  1. 2.11.14
    michellE said:

    i could use an insta-hot at my kitchen sink. ours just died!

  2. 2.11.14
    Amanda said:

    i could use one of everything for the kitchen overhaul that the hubs and i are planning!

  3. 2.11.14
    olga said:

    Now that we’re nearing our kitchen renovations coming to completion, I have my eyes set on our bathroom(s), in particular the master bath which has some very questionable fixtures, including an old bathtub that was PAINTED by the previous owner to (what seems to be) hide its horrific state. Anyway, I actually have a question about that lovely cart by the stove – where is it from? I think its dimensions would be PERFECT for a tiny nook in our kitchen! Thanks!!

    • 2.11.14
      Daniel said:

      It’s from IKEA, but a long time ago! I think this particular one is discontinued, but they still carry a few nice options that might be similar.

  4. 2.11.14
    Becky said:

    Geez, what wouldn’t I buy? We just bought a 50s ranch, that someone “upgraded” with builder-grade everything. Poorly, I might add. I think I’d start by changing out our black-speckled, not-granite sink (which doesn’t quite match our black-speckled, not-granite counter).

  5. 2.11.14
    Kate said:

    And I’d put the $100 toward redoing our decrepit bathroom, starting with sink and faucet. I followed their “Installation, Repairs and Tips” Pinterest board because god knows there’s something always breaking our about to break…

  6. 2.11.14
    Niki said:

    We’ve been looking for a black toilet seat!

    The faucet looks great.

  7. 2.11.14
    Dane said:

    I’d love one of the Hansgrohe shower heads. We’re renovating our bathroom this spring and this is exactly what we’re looking for!

  8. 2.11.14
    Becky said:

    And I just followed a buttload of boards, including the inspiration board, the lighting boards, and the bathroom humor board.

  9. 2.11.14
    Dane said:

    I also followed them on Pinterest, and am folioing: How Curb Appealing, Installation, Repairs & Tips, Storage Solutions and Industrial lighting.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. 2.11.14
    Fraser said:

    We just bought a 1955 fixer and have a kitchen and a full bath to upgrade! Starting with a new bathroom vanity – our faucet is cheap, old, leaks, and discolored. That would be the first to go! Loving their centerset options.

  11. 2.11.14
    Alicia said:

    Ooh I desperately want a new ceiling light/exhaust fan for the bathroom, I think ours is definitely original to the 50’s and it is horrifyingly ugly and discolored. I’d pick the Broan Nutone 665RP to be specific!

  12. 2.11.14
    Amanda said:

    We are renovating our kitchen right now, so what DON’T we need?! I would probably follow your lead and pick out a killer faucet. So many great options!

  13. 2.11.14
    Adrienne B said:

    Hmmm… new undercabinet lighting for our kitchen. We have some IKEA stuff, but it’s always breaking (you have to tap the glass to get the bulbs to light up- WTH????).

  14. 2.11.14
    Nona said:

    Oh Daniel. (Happy sigh.) I do appreciate all the photos we get with your posts: the ‘how it was’ photo, the context photo, the sexy, close-detail pics and action shots we get of your fantastic household fittings. Excellllent. :D

    Your kitchen makes me greener with envy every time I see it.

  15. 2.11.14
    Kristina said:

    Daniel, your renovation posts keep my spirit up! I’m currently working in renovating my bathroom. We’re keeping the original tup from the 40s but toilet and sink have got to go! I am eyeing the Duravit Happy D collection. The wall hung toilet and console sink are calling my name!

  16. 2.11.14

    Sometimes during renovations, it’s the little things like new faucets that can change everything! I just updated my shower head in my bathroom and it feel like a whole new space! I’m eyeing my kitchen to tear apart next and can definatly see the Moen S713 jazzing up the space! Love your blog btw :)

  17. 2.11.14
    AshleyB said:

    I’ve had my eye on the Moen Arbor Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet for a while – that would be a great start to our kitchen reno! Thanks!

  18. 2.11.14
    AshleyB said:

    I followed on Pinterest (pinterest name: Ashley Burns). Thanks!

  19. 2.11.14
    rachael said:

    the new sink is a beauty!

    i need new lighting in my kitchen SO BADLY. my condo is about 25 hundred years old so i am slowly replacing all of my light fixtures. it’s quite the process.

  20. 2.11.14
    Rebecca said:

    There are too many things to list so I’ll start with the kitchen sink!

  21. 2.11.14
    Emily R said:

    Considering I’m approaching an impending kitchen and bath remodel, I need one of everything! But if I had to pick, it’d be a new toilet. So glamorous I know!

  22. 2.11.14
    Kristen said:

    The place we’re renting has a tiny sink (and no dishwasher!) so a new faucet would be amazing!

  23. 2.11.14
    Christa said:

    I’ve always dreamed of having a pot filler!

  24. 2.11.14
    Jolli said:

    You have done all the research on the absolutely exquisite Grohe Minta, so I would be remiss, possibly an idiot, not to replace our suckage — that is, leakage leaky despondent — kitchen faucet with same.

  25. 2.11.14
    Jenny said:

    My bathroom would get an instant upgrade if I replaced my current faucet with the Grohe Essence Centerset Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel!

  26. 2.11.14
    Jen said:

    I think I’d buy a new kitchen faucet, too! I really want a bridge faucet.

  27. 2.11.14
    Jenny said:

    I followed National Builder Supply’s “Storage Solutions” board on Pinterest.

  28. 2.11.14
    NW said:

    followed all the board.

  29. 2.11.14
    Jen said:

    I followed them on Pinterest (jenspends). Thanks!

  30. 2.11.14
    NW said:

    Ugh – I meant boards! Am about to renovate a bathroom so would love some new… everything!

  31. 2.11.14
    Jessica said:

    I’ve also been on the hunt for a new kitchen faucet! A new bathroom faucet wouldn’t be so bad either…

  32. 2.11.14
    Jess said:

    Hm. We’re hopefully ripping out our kitchen relatively soon and the one thing we haven’t been able to agree on is a faucet but I think the faucet you chose would be the perfect compromise and is probably what we would want to snag! The giveaway would definitely bump it down into our price range, too.

  33. 2.11.14
    Jess said:

    Annnnd now I’m following the Storage Solutions and How (Curb) Appealing boards on Pinterest!

  34. 2.11.14
    carlene said:

    I thought it would be hard to choose, but nope. I would choose the Hansgrohe Raindance E 120 Air 3jet Showerhead (for my mom). Doesn’t a rain shower shower sound great? Ahhhh….

  35. 2.11.14
    Liz said:

    I’d put that money toward an Elkay apron front sink!

  36. 2.11.14
    Liz said:

    Oh, and I just followed their Kitchen Kismet board.

  37. 2.11.14
    Ellie said:

    If I won the $100, I’d put it towards a new shower head. I like the one I have now, but it leaks. The plastic is starting to break, but I haven’t been inclined to replace it yet. Although, looking through National Builder’s site, I would really enjoy the Brizo Tresa Shower Faucet. The difference in cost after the prize money would be less than half the cost. Very affordable for a gorgeous shower head.

  38. 2.11.14
    Eleanor said:

    Definitely a new shower head. Anything would be better than what we have but they had tons of good options!

  39. 2.11.14

    I am thinking I need the wall mount fan! Or maybe a new ceiling fan for our master bedroom!

  40. 2.11.14
    Megan said:

    We’re looking to buy soon and every place has those light fixtures that resemble boobs and sub-par outdoor lighting. Wherever we buy we’ll need to replace lots of lights!

  41. 2.11.14
    laurie said:

    I’m strongly looking at their swing arm wall mount lighting!

    And, I am now following almost all of their pinterest boards. I can’t pick just one.

  42. 2.11.14
    nanns said:

    New faucets would be amazing in my house too, especially in the bathroom and the kitchen. My house is from the 1940’s with a gorgeous, original, and leaky pedestal sink in my only bathroom. There are separate handles for hot and cold which reminds me of twee B&B’s in England. I always thought I would want an integrated faucet like the Moen 6400. It would be more functional, but wouldn’t match the sink or the house. So I think I would go with the Moen T4570 or splurge on the Moen TS42114.

  43. 2.11.14
    Kimberly said:

    I need a good outdoor lighting solution for the big area we entertain in. I like this one;

  44. 2.11.14
    Karen said:

    My tiny builder grade galley kitchen has been the bane of my existance for the past year. I’m going to tear it apart this spring, and a new sink would definitely help. Lots of options to mull over, the planning/fantasizing makes it a bit more bearable day to day. Thnaks for the chance.

  45. 2.11.14

    I followed how curb appealing, I am currently stalking some other boards that I will probably follow too!!

  46. 2.11.14
    allen said:

    updating kitchen and would get:
    Grohe Minta Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet 3231900E Starlight Chrome

  47. 2.11.14
    Chanelle said:

    I think I’d get some under-cabinet strip lighting. I really hate turning the overhead light on in the kitchen when all I’m doing is getting a late-night snack.

  48. 2.11.14
    Brooke said:

    I’d buy a bathroom sink! I just put a hole in ours. Apparently you cannot drop heavy things onto porcelain sinks. Oops.

  49. 2.11.14
    Jennifer said:

    I’d use it for an attractive hallway light that’s more true to our 1950 house than the icky plastic boob light that’s there now. I like this:

  50. 2.11.14
    allen said:

    following ‘Installation, Repairs, & Tips’ on pinterest

  51. 2.11.14
    Ashly said:

    I would buy a dual flush toilet! Just because it’s yellow doesn’t mean it has to mellow!

  52. 2.11.14
    Brooke said:

    I’m also following all their boards on Pinterest because I am very thorough.

  53. 2.11.14
    Abbie said:

    We just moved to a neat little house built in 1964–it needs so much, but I’d especially like to upgrade the outdoor pendant light with something a little less tiny and Brady Bunch-y!

  54. 2.11.14
    Abbie said:

    Followed ALL the boards! User name (Abbie M)

  55. 2.11.14
    Christa said:

    Wow. That’s a great looking faucet – very similar to the Vola but much easier price. If I got the $100 it would go towards a new toilet. I need to replace my water guzzling harvest gold monster.

  56. 2.11.14
    Angela said:

    I would get this: Since my only one year old, crappy brand faucet’s finish is already chipping!!!

  57. 2.11.14
    Jennie said:

    OK, first off, the faucet looks fantastic!

    Second, I would put that gift card towards this sink:

    We just picked out cabinets and countertops for our new kitchen!

  58. 2.11.14
    Sarah said:

    I’d get a new faucet for our kitchen. It leaks and the sprayer stopped working a few weeks ago. SO ANNOYING.

  59. 2.11.14
    Jennie said:

    I also followed all of the Pinterest boards!

  60. 2.11.14

    I am drooling over the Troy wall sconce!!
    thanks for the giveaway :)

  61. 2.11.14
    Nicole said:

    We’re doing some kitchen upgrades in April. I’d definitely be spending it on a new faucet!

  62. 2.11.14
    Ashly said:

    I followed National Builder Supply on Pinterest and followed ALL of their boards!

  63. 2.11.14
    Trish said:

    Is it me, or does my choice — the Grohe Ladylux Single Hole Kitchen Faucet — sound a little pervy?

    • 2.11.14
      JG said:

      It does kinda! We have that one- love the look, but don’t recommend it since there is no way to keep the spray on- have to keep the button pressed the whole time.

  64. 2.11.14
    sonrie said:

    hi and thanks for the giveaway chance! I plan to remodel my bathroom this year – while I don’t mind the color of the tile – pink! – I do mind that it is plastic (who knew? I thought all tiles were ceramic) and that it is breaking and leaking. New tile to the rescue!

  65. 2.11.14
    Julia said:

    I’m getting lost in all the options for lighting! I’m dyyyying to replace the light fixture in our dining room, so I’m putting my money in a light. Also, definitely following them on Pinterest…so many ideas!

  66. 2.11.14
    Paulette said:

    I would use it for a new shower head. They look awesome! Also, I am following all their boards on Pinterest! Thanks for the giveaway!

    P.S. Your new faucet looks awesome! ;)

  67. 2.11.14
    Leah said:

    we are in the process of getting materials to redo our master bath. i would love spend the money on shower/tub faucets! love the Brizo Jason Wu in black!

  68. 2.11.14
    Leah said:

    following National Builder on Pinterest. Chose the subway tile, blogger reviews, and backsplash boards!

  69. 2.11.14
    Elaine in Laguna said:

    Your new faucet looks great! I’m nearly finished w/ replacing the bath fixtures here and eyeing my old kitchen next. The Grohe Bridgeford in brushed nickel is awesome and would be my choice. I need a farmhouse-apron sink to replace the chipped, decrepit and small sink that’s there now, too. Thanks for the great giveaway! PS Following NBS on Pinterest, too!

  70. 2.11.14
    Lily said:

    Lovely work, as always, Daniel!

    I’d love to get the Grohe Concetto Deck Mount Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. 2.11.14
    Ellen said:

    Oh gosh – one of these faucets ( in our master bathroom could seriously change the mood in there!

  72. 2.11.14
    ash said:

    I would use my credit on lighting since we are slowly adding overhead lights throughout the entire house.

  73. 2.11.14
    Thel said:

    Daniel, GROHE is a very good make: ‘Made in Germany’ – and standard issue here, although a bit more basic than your deluxe looking model. I really like the square shape, it goes really well with your kitchen. Good choice!

    And your plumber is obviously a reliable chappy! Good to have a decent tradesman on your side.

  74. 2.11.14
    KathyG said:

    I need a new kitchen faucet too, our is only a few years old, but apparently not a very good one – it has just decided to get stuck on spray vs stream, and it’s annoying as *#&*.

  75. 2.11.14
    Mis said:

    I just bought a house that needs to be saved from its 80’s decor. So many choices, but I would probably get a bath light fixture. Thanks.

  76. 2.11.14
    kara said:

    my husband and i recently purchased and have been renovating our 1925 tudor. we would love to remodel our bathroom and this would greatly cover the cost a new sink (i mean i do LOVE the 1980s shell sink) or go towards a new tub (soaking in 5 inches of water is VERY relaxing). we could really use the update since we have 7 month old b/g twins and our bathroom really isn’t cutting it.

    love the blog….truly inspirational diy!

  77. 2.11.14
    Cindy said:

    Hi Daniel!

    That faucet looks awesome and really goes well with your kitchen.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I think I would choose the
    Bradley 758-036000 – Bradley Shelf for my kitchen. I like that industrial looking shelf and it would go well in my kitchen.

    Thanks again!

  78. 2.11.14
    Laura C said:

    So many options. I think I’d put the $100 towards a fancy new rain showerhead, but I could change my mind…

  79. 2.11.14
    Candace said:

    Would get bathroom fixtures, as about to upgrade a bathroom!

  80. 2.11.14
    Cheryl said:

    We’re going to be starting on a kitchen remodel this summer after we finish our current bathroom renovation. Basically nothing in the kitchen is worth keeping, so there’s a lot that we need, but a copper finish faucet is something we’re really hoping to get. They have some really great ones at National Builder Supply.

  81. 2.11.14
    Kyli said:

    We’re ramping up to do a minor overhaul of our kitchen and could really use either that exact same faucet or one of the steel apron front sinks.

  82. 2.11.14
    Tara said:

    Your kitchen looks great! I would put the $$ toward a new faucet – both our kitchen (I’d prob pick the same one you have in this post) and our kids’ bathroom could use one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. 2.11.14
    Cheryl said:

    Just followed that “Serious About Subway Tile” board. Great stuff!

  84. 2.11.14
    Jenny A. said:

    I could use a new sink and faucet.

  85. 2.11.14
    Tara said:

    And now I follow all National Builder Supply boards on Pinterest. Pick me!!

  86. 2.11.14
    Heather HS said:

    Well, I really need new switchplates, but I would settle for sconces.

  87. 2.11.14
    Alicia said:

    A giant, fabulous, showerhead is definitely in order!

  88. 2.11.14
    Jill said:

    I think a few people already talked about the Hansgrohe Raindance showerheads but seriously, these transform a shower into a spa like experience. It’s one of those upgrades no one really notices but the person who uses it–but it makes all the difference to that person. And like you I have a rental so that’s something that can easily be changed back when I’m ready to move.

  89. 2.11.14
    Rachel said:

    I’m adding a half bath in place of an unused closet and could put that money to use on my new toilet (exciting, right?)

  90. 2.11.14
    Kate said:

    I am planning a master bath transformation. I just got lost on the National Builder Supply website! I loved the tub faucet options and showerheads.

  91. 2.11.14
    Kate said:

    Just followed all of their boards on Pinterest. I like “Beautiful Bathrooms” the most.

  92. 2.11.14
    Erin Ellis said:

    I would use it towards this sink:
    Houzer Medallion Undermount Steel 20.188 39.813 Kitchen Sink

    I just bought a new faucet for my kitchen, and I really need to add a new sink too. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  93. 2.11.14
    Chelsea said:

    Ooh. I was inspired by your faucet upgrade. Our bathroom needs help. I’d pick the Hansgrohe Focus Centerset Bathroom Faucet. It looks easy to clean and far less ugly than most faucets of that style.

  94. 2.11.14
    Erin Ellis said:

    I am following all of their Pinterest boards. My link is:


  95. 2.11.14
    kiraliz said:

    I would use the money for a new set of towel bars and robe hooks. My poor bathrooms has brass fixtures…and not the good brass.

  96. 2.11.14

    I just started following NBS’ board “Gray is Great!” Also “Serious About Subway Tile,” because I am. Serious.

  97. 2.11.14
    Kathleen said:

    I’d love a new bathroom sink that actually fits correctly in our bathroom.

  98. 2.11.14
    Solducky said:

    Wow, the after is amazing! Crazy to think that is what it looked like before. I like the American Standard Princeton Centerset Bathroom Faucet. It would go well with the clawfoot tub in our kids bathroom. The sink hasn’t worked in there for almost a year because the faucet clogged when we had to turn the water off and on for another project, and it just has been too far down the repairs list to get to so far!

  99. 2.11.14
    Colleen said:

    The Toto Aquia Elongated 2 Piece Toilet! We renovated our master bath a few years ago and this type of toilet was the toilet of my dreams. It has the full skirt around it; so you don’t have to deal with cleaning all the little nooks and crannies found on a standard toilet. Unfortunately, it was on 12 week back order and we couldn’t wait; so we had to go with a regular looking one.

  100. 2.11.14
    Solducky said:

    I am following them on Pinterest as magpiedpiper

  101. 2.11.14
    Andrea said:

    We would order a new faucet! We are gutting our bathroom (our only bathroom mind you) down to the studs.. one of the only purchases left is a faucet :)

  102. 2.11.14

    I would purchase the Moen Iso Vanity Light DN0764CH in Chrome. I love it. It needs to come live in my (currently ugly) bathroom.

  103. 2.11.14
    Kei said:

    If I’m dreaming I would get

    Our shower head is sort of broken, but it still works (just not so well) so we haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet. I did however turn a painting project into “let’s also install a recessed 24″ medicine cabinet and get a new light fixture.” Maybe the shower is next?

  104. 2.11.14
    Claire R said:

    I love the Hansgrohe raindance showerheads! My little ranch could definitely use some new fixtures!

  105. 2.11.14
    Kirsten said:

    Wow, that faucet is ah-mazing. Such great lines.

    I would definitely do the same with the giveaway money. Our kitchen faucet is similarly small and low to the sink, and I’ve been wanting to upgrade it for months now. I’d go for one of the single hole Grohe or Moen faucets at a slightly lower price point than the one you picked.

  106. 2.11.14
    Kirsten said:

    Oh, also, followed on Pinterest!

  107. 2.11.14
    Heather said:

    After months of slowly changing our kitchen in a phase 1 project (phase 2 will be years away and will be my dream kitchen) our alternating brown & white cabinets are now painted, the pink ceiling is painted, a banquette has been added, the one thing left is that I cannot get a decent sized pot under the faucet. Therefore I have to say I would love one of those high-neck, pre-rinse faucets. Filling up small bowls to pour into the normal sized big pot on the stove is annoying and makes me want to accidentally break the cheap, rusted thing. I would ask for a new deep one bowl sink, but my “lovely” pink and gray granite has to stay for now since it isn’t in our budget.

  108. 2.11.14
    Taylor said:

    Our kitchen faucet also needs to be replaced, actually. It is truly an abomination. The cold water side works fine, but the hot water is a hot mess. It squeals and moans, and the pressure of the water somehow causes the handle to turn randomly. No matter how much pressure you start out with, it will inevitably end up turning off on it’s own or blasting out a freaking jet stream. Not ideal.

  109. 2.11.14
    Krakatoa said:

    I would get a new medicine cabinet for the bathroom and a ceiling medallion for the bedroom. Thanks!

  110. 2.11.14
    zilredloh said:

    Oh my…. I’m doing a full Victorian remodel also and I need literally everything (except a roof).

    A kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet seems like a good way to spend “free” money (aka giftcard from builder supply) since it’s exactly like you said. It’s the small details that we don’t want to worry about right away since we need to save our money on bigger ticket items – like hot water & walls.

    Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway.

  111. 2.11.14
    Taylor said:

    I followed National Builder on Pinterest. I just followed all and then weeded out a few that weren’t in line with my interests, but the one I am loving the most is the modern living board.

  112. 2.11.14
    Emma said:

    I’d love the exact kitchen faucet you just got!

  113. 2.11.14
    Gillianne said:

    Faucet, absolutely. We kept the bones of the kitchen we inherited, swapping a shallow double-bowl sink for a deep single sink (more counter space!) and installing new counters (local slate tiles). New basic faucet, too. Its chief charms: it was cheap and it worked. Then we moved on to other rooms, as one does. But I wanted a high arched faucet, for all the reasons of style and function you note. And I still really really do.

  114. 2.11.14
    AnnW said:

    I’d like a new bathtub. Thanks for doing this.

  115. 2.11.14
    rachel d said:

    Oh man, this could not be more timely. We just bought our house in north Denver- an awesome 1950s ranch- that was previously owned by a “handyman” and became a sort of burial ground for wayward, sloppy projects. Sound familiar? Much like you and Max, We’re dedicated to doing things right as we go, and we’ve set our sights on a small bathroom renovation/update next since that whole space is nowhere efficient as it needs to be and the sink sends me into a fit of rage blindness- Seriously, I have bought 3 different soap dispensers and none of them are small enough to stay on the sink ledges without falling off into the sink. ANYWAY… I also checked out NBS on Pinterest and followed the bathroom board, the kitchen board (next project) AND the subway tile board, because… duh. Thanks Daniel and NBS!!

  116. 2.11.14
    S Cho said:

    This is great! I am in the middle of renovating two bathrooms and this would be perfect. I’d def get some Hansgrohe shower fixtures, and I followed all of NBS’s boards since they’re so useful. Thanks!

  117. 2.11.14
    Saskia said:

    We’re re-doing our kitchen–and actually, now all I want is the exact faucet you just installed!

  118. 2.11.14
    Saskia said:

    I’m also now following several of their boards–including the one with my favorite title– Gray is Great!

  119. 2.11.14
    kerry said:

    Pretty much one of everything kitchen. We are kicking off a kitchen re-do this spring and I have 0 supplies yet :)

  120. 2.11.14
    Kelly said:

    Thanks for the giveaway. We are redoing our bathroom on a budget and would buy a toilet with the gift certificate.

  121. 2.11.14
    Annie said:

    this bathroom faucet! our new remodel bathroom sink has been sitting faucetless for six months. my husband asks me everyday, “Have you ordered the faucet yet?” If i win then i can finally tell him “yes dear. I have ordered the faucet.”

    said faucet: American Standard Heritage Centerset Bathroom Faucet 7400.172H.002 Polished Chrome

  122. 2.11.14
    Tabatha said:

    We’re also working on a kitchen reno & I’d die for a newsink!

    I followed on Pinterest too…I’m tabulous over there. :)

  123. 2.11.14
    annie said:

    i would get the exact faucet you have. And I followed all of the boards on pinterest. I am most excited about the blogger reviews board. Great idea!

  124. 2.11.14
    Kristin said:

    Looking fancy! We just bought a 1955 house in need of updated everything (selling our 1903 house with everything updated).

  125. 2.11.14
    Rea said:

    Hmmmm, so many things to buy. Ok, lets go with a new faucet for the bathroom. The old one is still kicking, but just barely.

  126. 2.11.14
    Mel said:

    Big fan of the Hansgrohe showerheads – because who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re showering in a warm waterfall?

  127. 2.11.14
    Michelle said:

    I need a new sink…we’re doing a similar kitchen renovation as you (painting everything, and,uh…pulling up the kitchen CARPET). Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. 2.11.14
    Mel said:

    I followed all of their Pinterest boards! Particularly loving the Installation, Repairs, & Tips board.

  129. 2.11.14
    Cat B said:

    Followed the Curb Appeal, Kitchen Kismet and Chic Chandeliers! Love this!

  130. 2.11.14
    Cat B said:

    Ohhh Love the Fanimation ceiling fan! Pretty ones are so hard to find.

  131. 2.11.14
    Michelle said:

    Following all boards!

  132. 2.11.14
    Kelsey said:

    I would definitely buy a new kitchen faucet! All the brushed nickel Moen ones look great, but I’m picky: has to have ONE handle, not two!

  133. 2.11.14
    Kelsey said:

    And I went ahead and followed all the National Builder Supply boards :)

  134. 2.11.14
    Lee Ann said:

    I don’t know if they have it, but I’m desperately in need of a shower conversion for my clawfoot tub. We bought an 1896 Queen Anne, & I love the bathroom – except that there’s no shower! It’s on the list to fix ASAP, but I don’t want to get a cheap fixture that wi just break.

  135. 2.11.14
    Lee Ann said:

    Oh, & I followed them on Pinterest, in the storage solutions & spic & span boards! Thanks for the link!

  136. 2.11.14
    Nikki said:

    I’m in the process of buying my first home (still digging through listings!) and then one constant in this process is the scary knowledge that everything in my price range is going to require some amount of elbow grease. Honestly, I think anything from that site could prove useful, especially since my future kitchen will be the first room I want to make perfect.

  137. 2.11.14
    Shannon said:

    Timely and loving that faucet. My sister’s recent home purchase and subsequent gut job has left them without the finer things for the last 8 months. If I were the lucky one to win I would let her pick her kitchen faucet. I think they have all the other fun stuff. Thanks!

  138. 2.11.14
    Ceci Bean said:

    our ugly 80s acrylic shower handles broke and we did a “quick fix” with way too small sink handles (because that’s what the nearest hardware store had). so, this giveaway would be a dream to win. the grohe geneva shower trim would be a perfect replacement, i think!

  139. 2.11.14
    Susan said:

    with a new fixer-upper on our horizon, we’d be happy with anything-bridge faucet, great showerhead,etc., etc., etc…

  140. 2.11.14
    Melissa B said:

    I’m also slowly updating our new place and I would love a new fixture for the hallway. This one ( matches a large pendant shade we just got from RH perfectlY!

  141. 2.11.14
    Loryn said:

    We’re getting ready to remodel my momm’s bathroom this summer (it’s in the other half of my duplex), and I’d love a new Toto toilet to replace her horrid 80s one piece that was installed over the bath mat!

  142. 2.11.14
    Ris said:

    Oooh I’d start with the lighting, because all of it is awesome and we really need to update and add to the lighting in our apartment. Especially in the dark days of winter!

  143. 2.11.14
    Ris said:

    And I followed the “installation, repairs, and tips” board because I need all the DIY help and tips I can find!

  144. 2.11.14
    Elif said:

    I would love your faucet. Or a new kitchen sink.gorgeous!

  145. 2.11.14
    jamie said:

    I’d get a new single basin undermount sink. The husband wants one so badly.He hates double basin sinks. Since he’s the one who volunteers to do the dishes, who am I to deny him?

  146. 2.11.14
    Deda said:

    new kitchen or shower faucet would be fabulouso.
    nice job on your kitchen coming together.

  147. 2.11.14
    Nichole K said:

    We have plans to finish our basement, which includes adding a bathroom, so pretty much anything from NBS would be awesome. I’m really digging the Danze Corsair Single Hole Bathroom Faucet in nickel though. Vintage-ish with modern lines. Love it!

  148. 2.11.14
    Hanna Cage said:

    Hmmmm. So many useful things. I had never heard of an “air bath” until I looked at that website amazingly enough.

    Realistically I would probably buy something like a faucet for my down-the-road kitchen reno, but my instant attraction button was pushed by a ceiling fan:

    Probably in really bad taste, as most of my instant attraction items are hehe. We are planning on taking down the wall between our kitchen and dining room and we are NOT planning on getting air conditioning (i know, I know) so I am looking for some unobtrusive, yet still interesting fans to go down the length of the room. Definitely something to come back to in a couple of months to see if I still like it, or was taken by temporry insanity. :)

  149. 2.11.14
    kat said:

    oh my god do I need a new shower head. I would show you a picture of mine but I don’t want to terrify you.

  150. 2.11.14
    Hanna Cage said:

    I hit the ‘pin all’ button to pin all the boards, and then went back and unpinned the Radiant Orchid board. I just… couldn’t handle that much radiance.

  151. 2.11.14
    Jenny said:

    I would use the credit to get globe lights for our Eichler. Yay!

  152. 2.11.14
    Claire R said:

    I followed National Builders Supply on Pinterest! The Bewitching Backsplash board is to die for!

  153. 2.11.14
    Miranda said:

    Not going to lie, that faucet is my favorite thing ever. Even if I don’t win, it’s in my book for our kitchen rehaul. It’s absolutely the perfect fit for what we’ve been looking for.

  154. 2.11.14
    Miranda said:

    I’m also following them on Pinterest, I love their curb appeal board! It makes me miss spring even more :(

  155. 2.11.14
    Christine said:

    Hi there,

    Our modest 50’s cottage has two bathrooms, each with small footprints, each in desperate need of a redo. After living here for four years, I know exactly what I want: a light, airy design that respects the age of the home while incorporating modern touches. It won’t all be period-correct, as I am more interested in spaces that absolutely reflect what we love. National Builder Supply has a few wall-mount faucets that fit my vision for these spaces, and this giveaway would certainly help with costs for the renovation, which is slated for this time next year. Thanks for the opportunity.


  156. 2.11.14
    KJ said:

    I have the same problem as you did in my new old house. Leaky, low kitchen faucet over a 5 inch deep sink. I can hardly fit a water glass under the faucet! I have dreams of the perfect deck-mount bridge faucet, and I just found it in the Axor 16818001. Unfortunately, $670 is probably more than double what I’d like to spend. But maybe with $100 off I could convince my partner it’d be worth it…

  157. 2.11.14
    Katrina said:

    Momma Mia! I would use the gift card for our bathroom…especially a new shower head.

    I am loving the Delta Showerhead in Chrome-sku 52683.

    Momma needs to make it rain. What? ;)

  158. 2.11.14
    karla said:

    Bit by tiny bit I am updating my kitchen. I have $150 budgeted for a new faucet – but I love the Delta Victorian! Coincidence? I prefer destiny!

  159. 2.11.14
    Tanya Mueller said:

    Wow, what a difference a faucet makes, even visually. Your kitchen looks even more adorable now.
    Thanks for the giveaway chance! Very much appreciated.
    We already have one American Standard pedestal sink from NBS, and I would get another one in a heartbeat for our powder room! Great style/price/efficiency!

  160. 2.11.14
    Sarah said:

    Easy – new shower head. I’ve always, always, always wanted one of those giant, rain straight down on you, shower heads. Like this one:

    Our bathroom is low on the remodel list, but if I could get a new shower head it would get top priority. *dreams…

  161. 2.11.14
    Karen said:

    We just bought a house and I’m already started to envision things I want to tweak. I’d love to swap out the showerhead for something a bit more luxe; maybe a raindance showerhead from Hansgrohe?

  162. 2.11.14
    Sarah said:

    I also followed them on Pinterest. I decided to follow all their boards, but wasted a significant portion of my work day on the Bathroom Humor one. Don’t tell my boss! ;)

  163. 2.11.14
    Katrina said:

    Um, THIS faucet. I’ve been looking around for a while but finding a happy medium between something beautiful and high quality as well as affordable is tough. That $100 off would make it easier to make a decision!!!

  164. 2.11.14
    Nina said:

    I could use a lovely new faucet as well!

  165. 2.11.14
    GG said:

    Heck yes! I could totes use a new faucet in my kitchen, having a taller faucet would make my life so much easier!!

  166. 2.11.14
    bear said:

    My husband and I have been eyeing the Delta Trinsic faucet for months… Gorgeous, no? It’s the Lupita Nyongo of kitchen faucets… Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. 2.11.14
    Jill said:

    Followed all their boards on Pinterest and repinned a few from Storage Solutions.

  168. 2.11.14
    GG said:

    I just followed the “Shut the front door” pinterest board b/c I need a new front door and the options at Home Depot are lacking….

  169. 2.11.14
    Sarah S said:

    A new kitchen faucet – I love yours, and I bought a cheap one (which I now totally regret!) when we redid our kitchen.

  170. 2.11.14
    Patti P said:

    We are moving into our new house on Friday (first time homeowners!) and we are going to be in the market for a Laundry Room Sink… which will be more for beer brewing purposes than laundry purposes!

    Maybe this one:

  171. 2.11.14
    L said:

    We’re _trying_ to close on a house that hasn’t been touched since 1957. Which is cool in a lot of ways, but not so much in others. As with your house, a new kitchen faucet would make the shallow sink more functional. (Maybe we could even fit the baby in it, once we have a sprayer?) This one looks super classy

  172. 2.11.14
    Jill said:

    When I bought my 50’s ranch 6 years ago, I replaced the light fixtures because they were beyond fugly. With some, I replaced with Ikea’s $6 ceiling lights as placeholders. Ready to pick some real ones, and this one for the kitchen makes me happy:

  173. 2.11.14
    Amanda said:

    We are in desperate need of a new ceiling fan (why are they all so ugly?!) so I’d buy one of those!

  174. 2.11.14
    mary said:

    I need exactly what you got: new kitchen faucet.
    Mine leaks like a sieve around the base.
    Thanks for the chance!

  175. 2.11.14
    Beth B. said:

    I love LOVE to replace my kitchen faucet!! My current one is old, leaky and probably cheap.

  176. 2.11.14
    Beth B. said:

    Pinterest boards followed! I couldn’t choose so I followed them all!

  177. 2.11.14
    LivLaughEat said:

    A rain style shower head – I’ve wanted one forever!

  178. 2.11.14
    Mychelle said:

    I would love to buy a new kitchen faucet. The one I inherited when I bought the house is bright gold/brass, but still completely functional, so it is hard to justify replacing it.

  179. 2.11.14
    Brooke said:

    I’d get the toto aquia one piece toilet

  180. 2.11.14
    Nicole said:

    I’d love to put the Delta Trinsic Single Hole Kitchen Faucet 9159-AR-DST Arctic Stainless in my kitchen.

  181. 2.11.14
    Keely W said:

    What wouldn’t I spend it on, my house is a mess of unfinished projects! Maybe doorknobs so they’ll finally all match. And I followed them on Pintrest, whole.

  182. 2.11.14
    Jeanette said:

    what wouldnt I buy?! we are smack in the middle of a complete bathroom renovation…and when I say in the middle I mean only one bathroom, working on it at a snail’s pace and it’s been 6 months :/ Right now we are at the point I can pick out things like faucets and tile…need I say how excited I am? thanks for this giveaway. ANYTHING would be appreciated at this point!

  183. 2.11.14
    JennieM said:

    Redecorating my daughter’s bedroom. She is insisting on a mini chandelier, saw a few that would look great!

  184. 2.11.14
    Jeanette said:

    I am following everything by National Builder’s Supply. Like I mentioned in my earlier comment we are mid bathroom reno. We will also be tackling the kitchen and our entry this year so we have a lot on our plate and will need inspiration and materials. We have to take everything a step at a time (money and time step) thanks again for the giveaway….and ps…your kitchen right now is AMAZING and totally what I’d do with mine (I also follow Anna on Door sixteen and LOVE hers too) *le sigh*

  185. 2.11.14
    Brooke said:

    I am now following national builder supply on pinterest. Thanks for turning me on to them!

  186. 2.11.14
    Nicole said:

    I’m following NBS’s Installation, Repairs, & Tips Pinterest Board.

  187. 2.11.14
    threadbndr said:

    A new, higher faucet makes ALL the difference! I love mine, though I chose a more traditional looking ‘gooseneck’ style.

    I’ll grab the pins when I get home and can have pinterest up. I’d love to have a new kitchen sink. I’m living with my vintage lino counters and ‘hooptee’ ring sink. I love them both, but they are getting to the ‘beyond needing restoration’ stage (sigh).

  188. 2.11.14

    The luscious waterfall-like stream is making me resent my current faucet so heartily!

    I think I’d go for one of the nice shower heads – not sure yet as we just got notice that our apt building has been sold and we need to move out! (Exciting happenings.)

  189. 2.11.14

    We’re redoing our kitchen and adding a half-bath and I’m dying for the Delta Trinsic faucets for both rooms in the Champagne Bronze finish. So fancy! $100 bucks off would mighty fine… Love your blog!

  190. 2.11.14
    Chelsea T said:

    I love the modern, aged bronze swing arm lamp. Desperately seeking new lighting for all rooms to up the cozy factor. Overhead lights are killin me!

  191. 2.11.14
    Chelsea T said:

    Also, I followed on pinterest :) username:strongcreative

  192. 2.11.14
    Elizabeth said:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! I would upgrade my kitchen faucet with the Brizo Solna Faucet in Brushed Bronze Brilliance. I’m following the “Bewitching Backsplash” board on Pinterest because I would like to fix up my old galley kitchen.

  193. 2.11.14

    Aaaaand I’m following natbsupply’s subway tile board because we want to do the beveled subway tile/black grout combo in our kitchen too. So cool!

  194. 2.11.14
    Amy said:

    Your new faucet really looks nice in the kitchen! I’d love to update our shower head with one of the Hansgrohe shower head. Hope I win!!

  195. 2.11.14
    Bonnie said:

    We have a 1984 Raised Ranch and she ain’t pretty. We still have the blue bathroom fixtures and they sorely need replacing. If I won, I’d choose the American Standard Champion Elongated 2 Piece Toilet.

    I chose to follow all their boards on Pinterest!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  196. 2.11.14
    Veronica said:

    Our kitchen sink faucet is leaking SO BADLY right now, and the landlord is never going to replace it, so I’m about to just suck it up and DIY. Winning one would be fantastic though! I would definitely go with this one:

  197. 2.11.14
    Kelly said:

    As much as I loath them, we really do need a new ceiling fan in the kitchen. I’d go for something low key and inoffensive like the Ellington Laval or Titan. Thanks!!

  198. 2.11.14
    Katie said:

    We’re just getting ready to tear out the gross old plastic tub and surround and a fancy showerhead would be a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  199. 2.11.14
    Stacey said:

    Lighting. I need better lighting!!!!!!!

    (pick me)

  200. 2.11.14
    erika said:

    I’d love the Moen 64922 to fix our bathroom (rental).

  201. 2.11.14
    erika said:

    Following NBS on Pintrest!

  202. 2.11.14
    Nicki O. said:

    Hi Daniel, thanks for the give away. I just gutted our half bath and got the toilet an sink already, but still need a faucet and a mirror, so that’s what I will get!

  203. 2.11.14
    Nicki O. said:

    Liked them on Pinterest!

  204. 2.11.14
    Natalie said:

    First, that faucet is poetry.
    Second, we’re looking for a new house (well, fingers crossed we get the one we have an offer out on now) and my entire life has been consumed by pinning and daydreaming and planning. This giveaway is getting me even more excited, if possible. I could definitely use some good mojo and even better renovation supplies.
    The house we’re looking at now is in desperate need of new lighting fixtures (and new ceilings..why, popcorn, why?), so I went straight to the pendant section on How does a person even choose? So many shiny.

  205. 2.11.14
    Natalie said:

    Oh! And I’m also following NBS on Pinterest (my username is natalieanagram). Their Emerald in the Home and Inspiration boards are awesome.

  206. 2.11.14
    Morgan said:

    I could really use some new lighting for an in-progress remodel of a mudroom/hallway/craft area (the space has an identiy issue).

  207. 2.11.14
    Kelly said:

    I would totally love a new kitchen faucet for my ‘need of many updates’ kitchen as well. My eye goes to the Danze Parma Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet in Stainless Steel. Your house is looking great!!

  208. 2.11.14
    Janet said:

    Oooooo I need a flush mount light to upgrade my hallway! I saw at least three that would work for me! Item 11060WSOI was most interesting for me.

  209. 2.11.14
    Alex M said:

    I would get the kitchen faucet with the coil! love it!

    Hope I Win :)

  210. 2.11.14
    Mia Z said:

    Oh, man. We could really use a new potty as our one and only throne was put in place in the early 90s and is soooooo not water efficient. A very tight budget bathroom renovation took place 5 years ago but we had to keep the beast. The Toto Promenade Round 2 Piece Toilet CST423SFG#01 would be purrrrrfect.

  211. 2.11.14
    Erin said:

    I would buy nearly everything I think! Maybe start with this slick ceiling fan to replace the broken one in our office –

    I followed National Builder Supply’s Modern Living board.

  212. 2.11.14
    Eve said:

    I wish I could get shower rain head Hansgrohe 27447001 or sink to kitchen… there is so many nice things!! I follow all National Builder Supply on Pinterest! Very helpful source.

  213. 2.11.14
    Melissa said:

    We just bought a house with the world’s darkest living room. The ceilings are super high, and for reasons I cannot understand, the previous owners bought a ceiling fan with a very dark, thick shade that directs light UPWARD AT THE CEILING instead of down where actual people sit. So I would be all over a new ceiling fan (probably one of the more modern Casablanca models).

  214. 2.11.14
    Melissa said:

    And I am following the “Painting tips and tricks” and “Installation, repairs and tips” boards on the National Builder Supply pinterest as M(sparklepants83).

  215. 2.11.14
    Laura H said:

    We’re about to tackle a modest remodel of our kitchen – our first attempt at remodeling anything in our house from the twenties! Recently it became clear the kitchen was our priority when a piece of the kitchen counter broke off and fell on my (bare) foot while I was prepping food for a potluck. Thankfully my foot is ok, but the counter isn’t! With a new counter and new sink, I’d love to get a new faucet. I have the same faucet dreams that you did – I’d like it to be tall with an arched neck for easy pot-filling, and have a side spray feature to make rinsing out the sink a quick job. I have my eye on this American Standard faucet which I think would do the trick!

  216. 2.11.14
    Jenny said:

    I just moved into a new apartment and I can’t see myself in the bathroom mirror because it’s too small and has to be hung too low to cover the recessed medicine cabinet. I would get a new bigger mirror to solve that disaster!

  217. 2.11.14
    marné said:

    Oh man, I need a new kitchen faucet so bad! It’s one of those minor things that I need to just do, and it will make such a difference in our kitchen.

  218. 2.11.14
    Laura H said:

    I also just followed their curb appeal, kitchen faucet, and colorful cabinets boards!

  219. 2.11.14

    If I win I’m going to have to save it for later since I still live in a rental unit.

  220. 2.11.14
    Emma said:

    That’s the faucet I’ve been looking at for our house build! I love the Grohe Minta, and would also get the soap dispense and am still looking for this boiling water faucet.

  221. 2.11.14

    Also, I’m following Installation, Repairs and Tips and Painting Tips on Pinterest.

  222. 2.11.14
    Emma said:

    I followed kitchen kismet; porches and sun rooms; storage solutions; and shower power.

  223. 2.11.14

    I’m actually doing a kitchen mini-remodel in March. Painting the walls and cabinets. A new faucet like this one would be amazing.

  224. 2.11.14

    And I just started following “Kitchen Kismet” on Pinterest.

  225. 2.11.14
    Daniel said:

    I want to put up a backsplash. I know it will be a huge start on my kitchen reno. That and painting the cabinets and installing new hardware will make such a huge difference I’m sure. And dark on bottom, white on top is a great inspiration.

  226. 2.11.14
    Michelle said:

    I want a new kitchen sink! The kind that’s big on one side and skinny on the other.

  227. 2.11.14
    Michelle said:

    I started following ALL of their pinterest boards. :)

  228. 2.11.14
    Jaclyn said:

    Checked out their site AND followed ’em on Pinterest.
    I’d pick out the perfect faucet for my bathroom that I’m renovating right now!

  229. 2.11.14
    Samma said:

    Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it – after our trip to Japan my husband and I swore we’d add a heated bidet toilet seat like this one when we remodel our master bath next year.
    So nice! So clean!

  230. 2.11.14

    I love the new faucet! I certainly find it fitting with the rest of the kitchen.

    I’m no US resident, so I’ll pass for the contest :)

  231. 2.11.14
    Jeanna said:

    Following National Builder Supply :)

  232. 2.11.14

    Ooh, my kitchen is done but my bathroom is next on the list…I’d love that Moen Waterhill Shower Faucet!!!!

  233. 2.11.14

    Ok, now following these boards:
    Installation Repairs and tips
    Kitchen Kismet
    Storage Solutions
    Serious about Subway tile (wish I’d seen this board last summer when doing my kitchen!)
    Modern Living
    Grey is great
    Colorful cabinets!

  234. 2.11.14

    oh man. my kitchen needs some love. i’d get the Danze Parma Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet D455158 Chrome. yummy.

    now just for a bigger kitchen…

  235. 2.11.14

    and i followed on pinterest!

  236. 2.11.14

    Such a cool giveaway, Daniel! I’m incredibly boring and I would actually get the *exact* same thing you guys got, because I’ve got Serious Decision Overwhelm and I need other people to just commit to something for me. And you posted this picture and it’s lovely and gorgeous and now I’m probably going to buy it even if I don’t win. But that’s what I’d want! Soap dispenser and all! :)

  237. 2.11.14

    And oh my god, they have a REALLY GREAT Pinterest presence! I followed TONS of boards, but I suspect the boring Faucets one will be the one that really pays off. Thanks!

  238. 2.11.14
    Tonya said:

    Our bathroom is about to get gutted! If I win, I would put it towards a new toilet, something like the Toto Aquia Elongated 2 Piece Toilet.

  239. 2.11.14
    Laura said:

    Our faucet just went caput; it’s stuck in half-spray, half-stream mode, so that is DEFINITELY what I would spend the money on!

  240. 2.11.14
    Tonya said:

    Oh, and I followed Installation Repairs, & Tips because, duh.

  241. 2.11.14
    Clare said:

    Toilets come with night lights and air purifying systems? Yes please! I’d never be able to afford it, but I’d love a Toto Neorest toilet. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  242. 2.11.14

    Love your style! I think the faucet looks perfect in your kitchen.

  243. 2.11.14
    Sara said:

    I’d have to replace my bathroom sink faucet. It’s hard to justify buying a new one… it is functional, albeit cheap and ugly. I definitely saw a few good looking contenders on the NBS site!

  244. 2.11.14
    Allison said:

    Oh my gosh, its such a toss-up between a new light fixture for the kitchen nook, like this one. Or a new shower head/set for the eventual bathroom remodel! I’d like something like this, for a clawfoot tub.

  245. 2.11.14
    Jessica said:

    We just got permission from our landlord to put in a new kitchen faucet – so we’re looking for a one hole faucet and I checked out the Moen 7825 over at National Builder Supply, but then I was reading the comments and someone said something about a ceiling fan (which is the next thing we’re going to ask permission from our landlord to put in) but I can’t decide which one I like (too many options).

    I never win these things so I hope whoever does ends up with something awesome!

  246. 2.11.14
    Brianne M said:

    A new faucet – no doubt. We have a super deep sink and a very tall faucet (#firstworldproblems), and that leads to some unpleasant splashing of food/germs/grossness all over the place. Thanks Daniel!

  247. 2.11.14
    Erin said:

    I’d consider the Hansgrohe Raindance Showerhead; might as well have a nice shower head if we can’t get a new tub and tile. We’re also using existing kitchen cabinets (with a coat of paint and new hardware), so the Moen 7175 kitchen faucet might help make the kitchen look new again.

  248. 2.11.14
    Courtney said:

    Linus’ showering needs… <3

  249. 2.11.14
    Mel said:

    If I won, I would also get a sink and/or faucet. My kitchen remodel is eerily similar to yours, with the key difference being that it is taking me MUCH longer.

  250. 2.11.14
    Mel said:

    I just followed a ton of their pinterest boards, including all the kitchen and faucets ones!

  251. 2.11.14
    Kim Henrichs said:

    I love the Hansgrohe Raindance Showerhead! I would use it as part of a complete bathroom makeover that we’re doing this summer!

  252. 2.11.14
    Whitney said:

    Ah, they have lighting, too! I’d spend the money on flush-mount lights. So many ugly gold boob lights in this very nineties house o’ mine… :/

  253. 2.11.14
    Kim Henrichs said:

    I’m following all of their boards on Pinterest! (skyejaden)

  254. 2.11.14
    Emily said:

    I love that faucet. But I’d like a new showerhead too. And there are SO many things I want/need. But that faucet you bought has probably been moved to first place. What a beauty!

  255. 2.11.14
    Emily said:

    I just followed them on Pinterest. And there goes the rest of my afternoon…I’m off to pin pretties.

  256. 2.11.14
    Lisa F said:

    Would certainly put the money towards a bathroom sink. We have a small bathroom with 2 adults, 1 toddler, and 1 baby on the way. The pedestal sink currently there is nice, but not really our style and the bowl is too big.

  257. 2.11.14
    Lisa F said:

    A 2nd comment to mention that I’m now following ‘Beautiful Bathrooms’ and ‘Storage Solutions’ on the National Builder Supply Pinterest page. Thanks for this giveaway.

  258. 2.11.14
    Ashley said:

    I need all the things. I am about to embark on a small scale bathroom remodel and need all the fixin’s. This credit to National Building Supply would help immensely!!

  259. 2.11.14
    Ashley said:

    I followed the Beautiful Bathrooms board ( I need all the help I can get with ideas for my bathroom.

  260. 2.11.14
    Jen said:

    I covet the Minta Touch faucet for my kitchen. I can’t do a “real” remodel on my kitchen yet (ever?) either but a new faucet would be soooo nice.

  261. 2.11.14
    Jen said:

    I’m following a few of their boards—Serious about Subway Tile, Kitchen Kismet, and Shut the Front Door! among others.

  262. 2.11.14
    KATIE said:

    1. i would spend the money on a couple of their wall mounted lights – preferably one of the swing arm lights. my bedroom has horrible lighting and i love the idea of reading in bed with some wall sconces!

    2. they have lots of good boards, but i followed ‘shut the front door’ (i love me a nice colored front door), ‘rub a dub’ , ‘industrial lighting’, and ‘colorful cabinets’!

    fingers crossed!

  263. 2.11.14
    Kirsty said:

    Daniel, you are trouble! I had almost forgotten about how boring/ unappealing my kitchen tap is until you posted this. I’ve thought about upgrading our tap on and off over the last year or two and now I really want a new stylish one! Thanks for the inspiration- it looks great.

  264. 2.11.14
    Ariel Kravitsky said:

    Hi Daniel! I would get the Delta Trinsic Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet 9159T-CZ-DST in Champagne Bronze. I am undertaking the very exciting and nerve-wracking process of renovating an old kitchen in a gorgeous Victorian. The kitchen has no cabinets, so it’s going to be a real adventure. The faucet’s bronze color is going to perfectly complement the other touches of bronze and rose gold throughout the kitchen. I’m following their board on kitchen faucets, sinks, etc.

  265. 2.11.14
    Sabrina said:

    I looked at some of their faucets but I just want yours. I don’t know if my rental kitchen deserves it.

  266. 2.11.14
    Reba said:

    I would put this toward a new soaking tub…the damn vinyl tub liner I’ve lived with and loathed for the past five years days’ are numbered…I hope!

  267. 2.11.14
    Sabrina said:

    I also followed their beautiful bathrooms board.

  268. 2.11.14
    Kim said:

    If I could buy anything I wanted from National Building Supply, I would buy a one hole stainless steel sink and a new Pfister GT529-TMC faucet. I checked and and decided to follow Kitchen Kismet and colorful cabinets. I think it’s apparent I need some changes in my kitchen.

  269. 2.11.14
    Sherri said:

    A new faucet would be amazing!

  270. 2.11.14
    Matt said:

    I also need to replace my kitchen faucet. I think their Danze Parma Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet would be fantastic and much more functional than my current leaky faucet!

  271. 2.11.14
    Andrea said:

    Following the Installation Tips & Storage boards…and lusting after those square white drop-in Duravit sinks…thank you!

  272. 2.11.14
    SMS said:

    I’d like a faucet just like yours.

  273. 2.11.14
    Teran said:

    SHOWERHEAD. We recently bought a sweet little bungalow from 1920, complete with an adorable clawfoot tub. Is it beautiful. YES. Is it practical to shower in? Oh, hell no. We have some sort of pipe contraption that is attached to the ceiling (for support) and the tub itself (for the water), and it has the dinkiest little shower head attached to it. It basically just drips water out. It did improve significantly when we upgraded our hot water heater (holla, pipes that are so gunked up that we can’t even see light through them), but it is still just sad.
    So yeah, showerhead.

  274. 2.11.14
    Amanda said:

    oh dear sweet JESUS save me from my 1970 WALL MOUNTED kitchen faucet. It looks like yours, but is mounted to the wall, so its really hard to find a replacement. Since its so low to the sink, I can’t… well you already understand my problem. And of course, no dishwasher and I entertain, so tl,dr: NEED FAUCET.

    This faucet:

  275. 2.11.14
    CindyE said:

    Hi! Your kitchen is looking so good! Well, I would definitely give this to my daughter. She lost her house in the Nov 17 Washington, IL tornado – they are going to rebuild on the same lot (as are most) – this would come in handy I’m sure! Thanks!

  276. 2.12.14
    Kristin said:

    I would replace the bathroom faucet stat. It’s been broken for ages, but low on the priority list. We turn on the hot water at the shutoff valves at the wall.

  277. 2.12.14
    Ryan T said:

    Love the floor lamp/side table combo that is the Kichler Seneca Floor Lamp.

  278. 2.12.14
    Caroline said:

    My boyfriend and I are in the process of buying our first home together, so this would be an absolutely perfect prize to win… Fingers crossed! As for what we’d use it for– we actually love the faucet you chose. So modern and, well, gorgeous!

  279. 2.12.14
    Caroline said:

    I followed all their boards. (@carolineeeee is my username)

  280. 2.12.14
    Berrie said:

    Sure could use a faucet or two… :)

  281. 2.12.14
    Melissa Arnold said:

    I am in the middle of renovating my kitchen now and need a new faucet. I love the Grohe one you chose and would love the same one!!! Thanks for sharing this giveaway!

  282. 2.12.14
    Melissa Arnold said:

    I followed all of their boards.

  283. 2.12.14
    Nayla said:

    I have my eyes on light fixtures but have low ceilings… Maybe the Parker semi mount by Kichler?

  284. 2.12.14
    Allison said:

    I really like the look of the Vigo farmhouse-style sinks. We are moving into a new house soon, and the kitchen needs some updating!

  285. 2.12.14
    Megan F. said:

    We’ve been looking to upgrade a few small things in our rental’s kitchen and I think a new faucet is definitely #1 on our list. But oh my, they can get pricy! I’m loving your new one and would love to upgrade to something similar — one with a detachable spout would be a dream.

  286. 2.12.14
    Megan F. said:

    And I went ahead and followed all the boards. The eye candy was hard to resist.

  287. 2.12.14
    emily said:

    love those small details that make such a huge difference! i would definitely put the money toward an awesome new shower head. boring, but so badly needed!

  288. 2.12.14
    Susan H said:

    Oh, so many choices! New shower head, please. That might be the beginning of our master bath redo. Our kitchen transformation started with just one small tweak and we ended up replacing everything but the dishwasher!

  289. 2.12.14
    Stephanie said:

    With a South Philadelphia row home we’ve been renovating ourselves, we could use lots of things from National Builders. We just tore out our entire bathroom. It was so bad, everything had to go. Just started framing new walls yesterday and could definitely put that $100 to good use. They sell Hansgrohe showers! I’d probably be tempted to get one of those. Or a tub, sink, toilet, … we need it all.

  290. 2.12.14
    Haley said:

    I’d buy the EXACT same faucet! It looks awesome!!!!

  291. 2.12.14
    David in NYC said:

    Since I’m planning my kitchen renovation this year I could definitely use a new sink and faucet. I like the look of your Grohe faucet, but I’m considering a wall mount to keep the countertop clean and to maximize sink size.
    I’m hoping to use Viola Park cabinets by Henrybuilt.

  292. 2.12.14
    beth said:

    We would totally love the Elkay Avado Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet for our new kitchen. We are finally renovating our wee cabin after 16 years!

  293. 2.12.14
    Jennifer W. said:

    I’d pick the Craftmade CUD202-CFL ceiling fan in aged bronze.

  294. 2.12.14
    Tricia said:

    Oh my gosh, I just got completely sucked in to that website! If I had to pick ONE thing, I’d go with a farmhouse sink because I’ve always wanted one & it would be a good starting point to move toward a kitchen. I have an old house too, & everything is laid out so strangely! And there are no downstairs closets! Where am I supposed to hang coats or keep a vacuum? All that aside, I’d start with the sink. :)

  295. 2.12.14
    Tricia said:

    Coming back to comment that I’m following on Pinterest – I had to comment before getting sucked in there, too! Now, back to Pinterest!

  296. 2.12.14
    Susan said:

    I would use the GC on a bidet toilet seat.

  297. 2.12.14
    Julie said:

    We are redoing our very old bathroom, which also features a drippy old faucet! Would love to upgrade to a new one for our new vanity + counter top. The Moen chrome ones on National Builder Supply look perfect.

  298. 2.12.14
    Sarah said:

    I’d go for a new sink maybe. When we did the initial reno, we got the cheap one, which is super shallow and not that pretty. It’s a pain to do dishes in!

  299. 2.12.14
    geoff said:

    we need a new faucet (the current one leaks, isn’t easy to wash dishes with, and is kind of ugly), but it’s so hard for me to pick one. perhaps this one: Danze Melrose Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet D457015 Chrome

  300. 2.12.14
    Brooke said:

    I’ve been really wanting a new sink and faucet! An undermount sink would be glorious.

  301. 2.12.14
    Leslie said:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I am redoing my kitchen now too (going on 2 months) and we just got a new sink. I’d love a sink bottom grid.

  302. 2.12.14
    Leslie said:

    I also followed all of National Building Supply’s boards on Pinterest. Thanks again!

  303. 2.12.14
    M said:


    It looks soo good! WANT YOUR FAUCET! We have the same sink but red in our 20’s bungalow. Been wanting to try a modern fixture in the bath but never thought about the kitchen. LOVE. Thanks for the inspiration X

  304. 2.12.14
    Jessica w said:

    I would use it to buy the Danze D455158 kitchen faucet!

  305. 2.12.14
    Jessica w said:

    I follow all of their boards

  306. 2.12.14
    megan said:

    I’d also love a new faucet – a moen kitchen faucet (7565) would do very nicely in our kitchen!

  307. 2.12.14
    Kristen S said:

    We are finishing up two bathroom renovations (we must be insane) and would love to buy some new light fixtures for them–the old ones are ORB and all of our new plumbing fixtures are chrome. I have to admit though, those pot rack lights caught my eye too and I’m itching to start working on the kitchen!

  308. 2.12.14
    Kristen S said:

    I’m following all of their boards on pinterest now. Thanks!

  309. 2.12.14
    Kirsten said:

    I’m about to do a bathroom remodel, so the shower heads are looking great on their website.

  310. 2.12.14
    m@ said:

    I’d ddddefinitely go with the fancy shower head for insta-awesomeness, even if we’ve got a rental:

  311. 2.12.14
    Jo said:

    I’d put the $ toward a new toto dual flush toilet. I have an old one downstairs that just doesn’t work quite right & I like the water saving option on new toilets.

    This one:

  312. 2.12.14
    Tina_R said:

    I would get the Delta Showerhead 52685-PK Chrome. Mine fell apart thus the need for a new one. Also a Blanco Stainless Steel Colander, being a raw vegan one can never have to many colanders to rinse one’s produce in.

  313. 2.12.14
    Katie said:

    Seriously love the Moen Brantford Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet 7185C Chrome. It’s just what my very slowly updated kitchen needs.

  314. 2.12.14
    StephanieF said:

    By sheer coincidence, we’re also in the market for a kitchen faucet, because our old one has somehow frozen in place so we can’t rotate it from side to side. I’m inclined towards the Delta Addison Single Hole Kitchen Faucet, in Venetian Bronze to match the rest of our fixtures.

  315. 2.12.14
    karen said:

    i’d like that faucet!

  316. 2.12.14
    chadwick said:

    I live for your porcelain sink & with the mod faucet, I t’s the perfect juxtaposition!
    I would use the gift card towards this AMAZING brass faucet for my tiny rental apartment kitchen, so when I move I can p;op it out and take it with me!

  317. 2.12.14
    Carmina said:

    My kitchen is one of those cheaply re-done kitchens with horrible cabinets, horrible inefficient sink that whenever we wash dishes or food, the water splatters all over and the fake backslash is rotting from getting to wet, so I would love to have a new sink, this sink! Elkay Gourmet Under Mount Steel 35.750 26.438 Kitchen Sink ELUH361710 Lustertone

  318. 2.12.14
    Christine said:

    Where to begin—we just bought a house that needs a lot of work! But I’d probably start with a new faucet in the master bath. The one in there currently is terrible.

  319. 2.12.14
    Christine said:

    I also subscribed to most of the National Builder Supply’s pinterest boards though I passed on the holiday boards…and the radiant orchid board. Thanks!

  320. 2.12.14
    neeharika said:

    Would use it to buy my favorite one :Pfister Ashfield Kitchen Faucet

  321. 2.12.14
    neeharika said:

    I am following all the boards. Thank!

  322. 2.12.14
    Paula Gresen said:

    If I won I would love a new bathroom faucet. The Pfister Widespread Bathroom Faucet is really nice, I like the spout a lot. My old bathroom faucet is so old and gross, I want to replace it so bad!

  323. 2.12.14
    Paula Gresen said:

    I follow all the National Builder Supply boards on Pinterest. My favorite one is Beautiful Bathrooms.

  324. 2.12.14
    Kathleen B said:

    I think I would choose the Grohe Essence Centerset Bathroom Faucet…

  325. 2.12.14
    Kathleen B said:

    I’m following the Industrial Lighting board.

  326. 2.12.14
    Jane said:

    I’m following the Installation, Repairs, and Tips board!

  327. 2.12.14
    Natalie said:

    It might be time for a new shower head with nice water pressure.

  328. 2.12.14
    Lucy said:

    definitely time for a new kitchen faucet.
    Moen Integra Centerset Kitchen Faucet CA87315C Chrome

  329. 2.12.14
    Cait B said:

    I would buy a Danze Parma Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet to breathe the final breath of life into our renovated kitchen!

    We saved the room from faux-brick press board (over original plaster), hideous wall paper, tile over laminate over laminate (over 100+ year old heartwood pine), and the ugliest, grubbiest green laminate counters you can imagine.

    A new faucet would make it a room I no longer dread!

    • 2.12.14
      Cait B said:

      And I just started following the Kitchen Kismet (love that title!) and Installation, Repairs, & Tips boards on Pinterest!

  330. 2.12.14
    Maria Bradstreet said:

    I might just get that Minta faucet ;).

  331. 2.12.14
    Shannon said:

    I like this Progress Lighting Inspire Antique Bronze 2-Light Semi-Flush Mount Light P3939-20 for our hall!

  332. 2.12.14
    Shannon said:

    I follow’d em all! (@channynn)

  333. 2.12.14
    Britt said:

    Oh man, I’d go for the faucet! I can’t wait to replace the one in our apartment kitchen.

  334. 2.12.14
    Britt said:

    Also following the Storage Solutions board!

  335. 2.12.14
    Christine M said:

    We need a new kitchen faucet as well. Ours is spinning around on the base…

    I like the Moen M-Bition Centerset Kitchen Faucet.

  336. 2.12.14
    Christine M said:
  337. 2.12.14
    Katie said:

    We just moved into our first home, and are having a hard time deciding which room has the more pressing issues: the bathroom, or the kitchen! I have a feeling the kitchen will will the battle, and the sink/faucet stalking will commence!!! It’s so hard to choose, but I have my eye on that Moen Faucet 7565….

  338. 2.12.14
    Katie said:

    I follow the ‘Kitchen Kismet’, ‘Shut the Front Door!’ and ‘Storage Solutions’ boards on pinterest!

  339. 2.12.14
    Wehaf said:

    My mom needs a new faucet in her bathroom; I’d like to get a vintage-style one with those awesome “hot” and “cold” ceramic knobs.

  340. 2.12.14
    Susanne said:

    I need, NEED, the Grohe Eurostyle Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet for my kitchen reno!

  341. 2.12.14
    srudolph said:

    Last summer I visited a friend in Italy and was shocked and thrilled by the toilet in his apartment! It was just a bowl sticking out of the wall! I didn’t think I had lived a sheltered life, and god knows I am no spring chicken, but what a perfectly beautiful revelation that toilet was. No wax ring to dry out and be gross, no nasty knobs on the bolts at the base, looking up at me like, all, “OOh, yes, we’re clean! cute and clean! Really!” No cranny between the bowl and the water tank to hide dust and ickiness for years before you realize it’s even there! Oh, sweet Jesus, and no tank up against the wall which you can’t reach behind, and the innards of which seem to require for their correct functioning a specific alignment of the planets that is achieved once in 800,000 millenia. Oh, Gott in Himmel, this was just the one part you need, right there! WITH NO CRACKS OR CREVICES or ATTACHMENTS TO OTHER things where dirt can collect and from which no dirt can EVER escape! Jesus, Mary and Joseph I pray please send me a toilet like this, so simple, so clean, so perfect. Amen.

  342. 2.12.14
    Jennifer K. said:

    I want a faucet JUST LIKE YOURS…’s so hawt and mine’s looking grungy…

  343. 2.12.14
    Jennifer K. said:

    I followed “Serious About Subway Tile” because it sounded very important…:)

  344. 2.12.14
    Heather S said:

    I spend it on the Danze Parma Widespread Bathroom Faucet D304058 Chrome!

  345. 2.12.14
    Heather S said:

    I follow National Builder Supply on Pinterest too!

  346. 2.12.14
    Jason said:

    My current kitchen faucet is junk – I’d happily replace it with the Moen Arbor Kitchen Faucet 7294SRS

  347. 2.12.14
    Jason said:

    I’m following the Inspiration, Storage Solutions and NBS Giveaways boards… good-bye productivity, hello Pinterest rabbit hole!

  348. 2.12.14
    Brent S said:

    I’d get a Hansgrohe Raindance S 120 Air 3jet Showerhead for my shower – so needed!


  349. 2.12.14
    H said:

    Our bathroom is storage-less! The Duravit X-Large Vanity (XL605202222 White High Gloss) would make our lives so much easier and it’s great in a high gloss finish!

  350. 2.12.14
    H said:

    ….And now following them on Pinterest. I think I may need to just demo the whole apartment and follow some of their inspiration!

  351. 2.12.14
    Sarah B. said:

    I’d LOVE a new kitchen faucet!!!!

  352. 2.12.14
    JJB said:

    Bewilderment. Thats what I feel looking at the scores of kitchen faucets displayed at big box stores. How to know which is quality, how it works, how to install, will it fit in my kitchen? Decisions, decisions, so difficult to finally make the plunge. My present cheap faucet has leaked for 2 or so years, but I’m so flummoxed, still nothing purchased.

    Daniel, you’ve helped me! It’s bookmarked the Grohe Minta Deck Mount Faucet & I will purchase the one you highlighted, that is, once I determine if it fits my sink.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing the leg work.


  353. 2.12.14
    ann said:

    We need a new kitchen sink! The old crappy white one is beat to hell and I’m dying for a stainless steel one.

  354. 2.12.14
    Maria said:

    the sink looks beautiful. we have some grohe fixtures and they are great.

    i’d love a toto toilet for my bathroom–have heard from my plumber that they are extremely efficient but also flush throughly.

  355. 2.12.14
    Karen said:

    What wouldn’t I want to change? If I had to choose one right now, I think I’d get one of the TOTO water efficient toilets. Just trying to do my part in this drought-stricken state of CA! Plus who doesn’t want a fancy toilet?

  356. 2.12.14
    Karen said:

    also following the subway tile board. LOVE subway tile!

  357. 2.12.14
    Marlena said:

    New toilet, please! I’ve heard great things about Toto toilets.

  358. 2.12.14
    Melissa said:

    We’re remodeling our entire house as well.. though it’s only a 1990’s house, so not as extensive as your guys’ remodel! I’m really digging the Moen Iso Vanity lights on the National Builder Supply website! Those would look great in the master bath when we’re all finished! :)

    LOVE your site! I check for updates all the time. :)

  359. 2.12.14
    EJ said:

    I too need a new kitchen faucet — ours is from the ’80s most likely and is leaky and ugly. I’d use it on this one:

  360. 2.12.14
    molly said:

    i want this exact same faucet!! I have been looking for something like this for ages.

  361. 2.12.14

    I use the money for a new light, specifically a Kichler Pendant Light!

    I am taking a semester off from college to do an e-commuting internship so I’m in the process of turning my old bedroom into an office and I desperately want to replace the builder grade ceiling fan that is in there right now.

  362. 2.12.14
    Mela said:

    My old 80s-riffic kitchen could use just about one of everything, but this post has me thinking about faucets specifically right now…

  363. 2.12.14
    Sandra said:

    New fancy faucet that doesn’t drip under the sink. :-)

  364. 2.12.14
    April said:

    We deal with the same issue with our kitchen faucet, but thankfully we have a dishwasher. I think I would still use it to replace the kitchen faucet though!

  365. 2.12.14
    Sarah W. said:

    We need two new faucets for our master bathroom – would love to put the $100 toward those. Thanks for the chance to win. And yes, your new kitchen faucet really took your kitchen up about ten notches. Well done.

  366. 2.12.14
    Miramax said:
  367. 2.12.14
    Rachel said:

    I’ve been wanting to update the kitchen for ages, starting with the crappy sink. Would love to get a farmhouse sink! A nice sink would certainly be a good push to update the crappy countertops too ;)

  368. 2.12.14
    Rachel said:

    Just followed a bunch of their pinterst boards- gray is great! and shut the front door! (mostly for the name. Ha!).

  369. 2.12.14
    Holley said:

    I love the Kenroy Home Cordova lamp!

  370. 2.12.14
    Holley said:

    I also followed Bathroom Humor and Whimsical Wallpaper boards on pinterest.

  371. 2.12.14
    Caren Drink said:

    We are moving into a new house at the end of the month and the bathroom faucets are baaaaad. Cheap with diamondique starburst plastic. FANCY! So, I’d love to replace those bad boys.

  372. 2.12.14
    Caren Drink said:

    I followed them on Pinterest.

  373. 2.12.14
    Susan said:

    I would love the Moen Arbor Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet 7594SRS Spot Resist Stainless. I like the idea of an easy to clean faucet.

  374. 2.13.14
    Gaidig said:

    I think the winner for me is Kichler 42270NI for over my kitchen sink. I also was most excited to follow the Installation, Repairs, & Tips board, though I did follow some others, too.

  375. 2.13.14
    Aparnaa said:

    This is going to sound silly, but eyeing the American Standard Laurel Wood Elongated Toilet Seat in white. I’m (fingers crossed) about to have a toilet seat in natural brown wood and… no. (Plus, the Hansgrohe showerhead, plus I really like their standing lamp options.)

    I followed the Installation, Repairs, and Tips board.

    And not to be Creepster #1, but your blog makes me think that one day, if I actually research and try really hard, I can renovate bigger things on my own, and I don’t necessarily always need a pro to help. So, thanks for that, regardless of prize!

  376. 2.13.14
    Heather said:

    Heating for my bathroom or a light fixture.

  377. 2.13.14
    lacey a said:

    Raindance showerhead!!

  378. 2.13.14
    darcelle said:

    well, i started looking in the bathroom area, but then was distracted by a lighting fixture, and then ended up looking at kitchen sinks and faucets. so really, i could spend it in a 100 different ways.

  379. 2.13.14
    marie said:

    Oh man, we so need work in our bathroom, starting with a new light fixture.

  380. 2.13.14
    marie said:

    Followed the bathroom humor, storage solutions, and grey is great boards.

  381. 2.13.14
    Cheryl said:

    I would love something like the Axor Montreux Tub Faucet for our clawfoot tub. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Love your blog!!

  382. 2.13.14
    Cheryl said:

    I followed the Beautiful Bathrooms Pinterest board. We are getting ready to remodel our ancient upstairs bathroom. I can use some inspiration!

  383. 2.13.14
    kirsten said:

    I love their farmhouse sink options! I’d love to upgrade from my standard stainless sink.

  384. 2.13.14
    kirsten said:

    I went ahead and followed all their boards on Pinterest. :)

  385. 2.13.14
    Ashley C said:

    We’re actually hoping to buy our first house in the next few months, so there is a lot I could find on that site that we might need! I really love this sink:


  386. 2.13.14
    Sarah said:

    I’d love to get a new pendant light for my mom’s kitchen! I’m not sure which one she’d want, but hers is miserable…

  387. 2.13.14
    christine said:

    I love the Danze antique bell shower heads!! Lots of brands have gorgeous square heads and faucets, too, the Vero shower faucet’s a beaut. Even though I’m renting, my shower head is falling out of the wall so I may do the whole thing!

  388. 2.13.14
    Caitlin said:

    A new kitchen faucet, I couldn’t just pick one- but the Moen Arbor Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet is niiiice. Mine is original to my house, and short as hell.

  389. 2.13.14
    Elise said:

    I want the Delta Cassidy Single Hole Kitchen Faucet 9197T-DST Chrome. I love the idea of the ‘touch to operate’ feature! When people come over they won’t be able to figure out how to turn the faucet on, and I will have a laugh at their expense. Because yes, that’s the kind of smartass friend I am.

  390. 2.13.14
    Krista said:

    That would be a chunk of a new Toto Drake II. My current (and only) toilet is pretty weak. Some of the things I need to double flush for are eye-roll worthy.

  391. 2.13.14
    Julia said:

    I would get new lighting for our main bathroom. Currently, we have these Gawdawful 1980s globe lights on wood. This option would be a great replacement and would help with the process of bringing our 1980s bathroom into the 2010s at least:

  392. 2.13.14
    nicole said:

    I’d love to win this – I’d get the exact same setup you did for our kitchen sink! We have the same gross faucet you did and it’s awful. A new faucet and under-sink soap dispenser would be amazing!!

  393. 2.13.14
    Kelly said:

    The Danze Sirius Wall mount is seriously awesome (or should I say siriusly awesome :). Anyway I could use this literally today as I’m creating a bathroom in my basement that could use some style.

  394. 2.13.14
    Katie M said:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect light fixture for a kitchen renovation and this one fits the bill! I love the simple clean aesthetic and that it comes in an emerald green option.

  395. 2.13.14
    Katie M said:

    I also followed all boards on Pinterest, but especially love Kitchen Kimset, Serious About Subway Tile, and Emerald in the Home. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  396. 2.13.14
    Annette said:

    I desperately need a new kitchen faucet (like the Moen CA7434), so that’s what I’d spend the money on.

  397. 2.13.14
    Annette said:

    I follow all Pinterest boards of National Builder Supply. (

  398. 2.13.14
    Christine said:

    I think that I would spend all of my money on new lighting for our kitchen and outdoor lighting for our back porch and by our back kitchen door. They could all use a re-fresh with quality fixtures that better fit the style of our Victorian farmhouse. I’d be tempted to buy a new kitchen sink too, but then I’d also need new counters….

  399. 2.13.14
    Christine said:

    National Builder Supply does have a lot of boards on Pinterest! I started following Inspiration, Industrial Lighting, and Conservation and Green Information.

  400. 2.13.14
    Otto said:

    Why is it that you can’t find those deck plates in any normal store? The people who work there just look at you like you are crazy and insist that no such product has ever existed in the history of mankind.

    Since I am commenting anyways, I guess I had better enter the contest: I would certainly be happy with replacing my bathroom sink faucet–there are a couple of Deltas that look perfect.

  401. 2.13.14
    Erin said:

    I would spend every bit of that credit on a schoolhouse light in heirloom bronze. Delicious.

  402. 2.13.14
    Rick said:

    If I won, I’d love to relax under a Danze Showerhead!

    Great work, as always, Daniel!

  403. 2.13.14
    nathan said:

    i would put the $100 towards a new sink fixture for our bathroom. our 1920’s oakland, ca apartment just got a new low-flow toilet yesterday, and our sad old broke-down sink is looking out of place now.

  404. 2.13.14
    Vicky said:

    While I could put this to use for pretty much anything (goodbye renting, hello owning a decrepit but lovely house) I’d definitely like to get a vanity and update one of the bathrooms stat!

  405. 2.13.14
    denise said:

    I need all the light fixtures, at this point. My house has a horrible hodge-podge of 80’s sconces going on right now. Yikes. The Kichler Structures Vanity Light has particularly caught my eye – it would be great for our bathroom remodel we’re in the middle of.

  406. 2.13.14
    jj said:

    First, thank you Daniel for entertaining me and many others with your house adventures and slice-of-life snapshots of the family (Max, Mekko and Linus, and the members we read about but don’t see). And for manipulating the English language the way it was always meant to be manipulated. And for coming up with great ideas and illustrating the implementation in before and after, warts and all style. Second, your wise plumbing choice was no surprise. The wonderful thing about Grohe (and Hansgrohe, which is not the same company) is that the products are brilliantly designed and you can replace lots of individual parts even years after purchase. They are definitely worth the extra cash. I installed a Grohe kitchen faucet in about 30 minutes – the only thing you will need to dive under the sink for (cue image of plumbers butt) is to connect the water lines. The worst part of the operation – trying to fasten the faucet body onto the sink or the countertop by contorting your arm behind the sink bowl – is totally unnecessary, because you just bolt everything together from above. My own pipe-dream bathroom and kitchen renos will definitely get Grohe or Hansgrohe hardware. Thanks for the supplier tip!

  407. 2.13.14
    southern gal said:

    Grohe Bridgeford Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet 33870EN0 Infiniti Brushed Nickel

    would love that kitchen faucet… since i rent, thats the only thing i would consider changing since i use it daily… dying for a pullout spray.

  408. 2.13.14
    Jaimie said:

    American Standard Studio Above Counter/Vessel Porcelain Bathroom Sink. We currently have a bathroom vanity with the most atrocious brown glass vessel sink (with yellowy swirls) and this would just look so much nicer.

  409. 2.13.14
    Catherine said:

    hmmmm might have to get one of those lovely farmhouse sinks…

  410. 2.13.14
    Catherine said:

    also, following the kitchen kismet board on pinterest

  411. 2.13.14
    dana said:

    Wow, they have so many great fixtures to choose from! I could make a really looong wish list. Our 1923 bungalow/farmhouse is peppered with hideous, brokedown fixtures, but I might start with one of the Axor floor mount tub faucets.

  412. 2.13.14

    Given our kitchen faucet is in a perpetual state of steadily leaking, I’d love to have any new faucet they sell!

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