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Here’s some high-level Blog Trivia for you: what do the following three pictures have in common?

They’re all the products of last year’s rounds of Lowe’s Spring Makeovers! The first one is Chris Loves Julia’s project, the second is Yellow Brick Home’s, and the third is mine. To jog your memory, the three of us plus a few other bloggers teamed up with Lowe’s and each took on a big makeover project in the home (or outside it, as the case may be) of a reader in a fast-paced whirlwind of DIY madness. It was one of those things where we were all independently freaking out during our respective makeovers, and then after it was over couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had and how we’d totally do it again.


This year, we’re a TEAM. Julia. Chris. Kim. Scott. Me. Joining forces for one epic super fast makeover. AND to make things extra high-stakes and insane, we’re looking for a specific kind of makeover: a kitchen or a bathroom! We all got a fair number of kitchen/bath applications last year that were a little beyond the scope of what we could do given the time constraints, but this year? We’re coming for ya. Chris and Julia are taking the lead on this one, but we’ll all be working together on one project which of course includes all five of us showing up on YOUR doorstep. Afterwards we’ll be launching our very own cult! Stay tuned for deets on that.

Applications are still being accepted through midnight tonight, so hop on it! We’re gonna have so much fun.


There’s still time to vote for this little laundry makeover that I told you about earlier this week! The part of me with some shame wouldn’t be bugging you about it again, but the part of me that would be so hella super stoked to win $2,000 will totally bug you about it again.

This is the last day to vote, and it’s dramatic! Yesterday I pulled into first place (whaaatttttttt you guys are amazing and I love it so much) but today I’m back in second and it’s SO SUPER CLOSE! A real blog nail-biter if I’ve ever seen one. So if you appreciate this project and this blog gives you some pleasure and, I don’t know, you want me to get so rich, feel free to VOTE! You can vote once a day on each device (so if you’ve already voted, you can vote again! don’t hate the player hate the game), so whip out those phones and iPads and that first generation iMac in your attic and do it!

Or don’t do it. You do you. You’re your own person and we love you just the way you are.

Unless you’re a jerk.

Have the BEST weekend, everyone.

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  1. 1.27.17
    Adrien said:

    You’re winning this :)

    • 1.27.17
      Adrien said:

      Voting buttons going a bit cray tonight…

    • 1.28.17
      Daniel said:

      yeah, something’s…not right.

  2. 1.27.17
    nella said:

    I think you should spend your $2000.00 on something totally frivolous.

    • 1.27.17
      Daniel said:

      Ha! Does getting the plumbing rough-in on my downstairs bathroom and kitchen count?? I’m no fun.

    • 1.31.17
      Tisha said:

      Um, yes. Because without plumbing rough-in, there is no painting and pretty!

  3. 1.27.17
    Chris said:

    In addition to being able to vote daily from multiple devices, it counts votes from different web browsers too :)

    • 1.27.17
      Daniel said:

      Woah, that’s next level.

  4. 1.27.17

    I’m already in your cult, so check that off the list.
    Daniel, don’t you want to do a renovation in the south of France? We don’t have any Lowe’s over here. Completely open market! We have BricoMarché (DIY Market), Weldom (no translation), Tridome (again, whoever came up with that name should be fired) and Mr. Bricolage (Mr. DIY–and note, it’s Mr. and not M. or Monsieur). None measures up to Lowe’s. I know. I packed some nice Lowe’s stuff into my suitcase when I was in the USA.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    Also, kudos for the Dr. Seuss vibe. Nothing like a renovation blog alluding to a book about destroying a house. Your mother will not mind at all if I do!
    Where’s Mom?

    • 1.27.17
      Daniel said:

      Taste of France, you are now Cult Member #1. The highest level. Welcome. (I think this is when we start calling it a religion?)

      Hey, if someone wants to pay me to come do a makeover in the south of France, I’m THERE. Tridome, I’m looking at you.

      Mom just got back from Birthday vacay!

  5. 1.27.17
    kasey c said:

    I applied! You guys have to see our paisley-printed formica counters. they really are something to behold.

    also, please bring Mekko.

    • 1.27.17
      kasey c said:

      erm, sorry. linus too, duh.

    • 1.27.17
      Daniel said:

      Can you imagine?! We have 5 dogs between us? 6? I think at that point we’d just drop the makeover bit and take pictures of the dogs at Lowe’s or something.

    • 1.28.17
      SLG said:

      I applied too, but I would almost say to choose you instead just for photos of the paisley counters.

  6. 1.27.17
    Dabito said:

    You got this! Got me feeling inspired to fix up my laundry room!

    • 1.27.17
      Daniel said:

      Thanks, Dab!

  7. 1.27.17
    Chaucea said:

    Oh, honey! I’ve been in your cult for a long time already! YAY FOR DANIEL CULT! \o/

    • 1.27.17
      Daniel said:

      I’m making t-shirts! They’re free. (until you’re in the cult, and then we extort all your money)

  8. 1.27.17
    Tami C said:

    HOLY SH%T! I totally just entered!!!!

    • 1.27.17
      Daniel said:


  9. 1.27.17
    Madeline said:

    OMG all 3 of my FAVORITE home DIY bloggers are teaming up!?!? **faint** I submitted my kitchen this morning!!!! Can’t wait to see who gets chosen. I feel like everyone should bring their dogs so it can be a giant dog party as well.

    • 1.28.17
      Daniel said:

      That’d be nuts! Although I secretly hope that Kim and Scott just smuggle in CC, because I love that dog so fucking much it’s insane.

    • 1.28.17
      Bernadette said:

      I entered my guest bathroom. It’s in Chicago and I have two rescue dogs. Sooooo, if you guys pick me you get time with my pups (one who is a 4.5 month old puppy) AND you can visit CC. It’s really a win-win here!

  10. 1.27.17
    Sally said:

    I love what you’ve done! I appreciate that you had to design around top-loaders.

    • 1.28.17
      Daniel said:

      Thanks, Sally!

  11. 1.27.17
    Moxie said:

    I recognized the pictures! Does this mean I get a higher level in the cult?
    Can’t wait to see how the new makeover comes out. (We’re trying to sell our place right now, and I would rather see it going to somebody who will stick around to enjoy it. … Hey, you liked Marfa. Any interest in a winter place next door in Alpine? Huge backyard. The dogs could bark at deer. They’d love it.)

    • 1.28.17
      Daniel said:

      The cult is taking off!

      (AND YES, that sounds great. Can u fedex keys?)

  12. 1.27.17
    Holly said:

    I voted for your punk ass.

    • 1.28.17
      Daniel said:

      my punk ass thanks you :)

  13. 1.28.17
    Lola said:

    Oh boy. I just saw this today mid morning and got excited to fill in the form and upload some pictures of my ugly kitchen cabinets and area. After putting the kid down to sleep I tried to fill in the form. But not is not available. It is 9:30 pm here on the west coast. Please next time give more time for the entries in this area. This is the second time I miss this entry. Last year same story. Insert crying emoji.

    • 1.28.17
      Daniel said:

      I’m so sorry about that, Lola! I mentioned in the post, but Chris and Julia are really spearheading this one, so I actually didn’t know when the application period was either. It was VERY short, less than 48 hours! I tweeted and posted to Facebook about it after Julia’s post went up, but I didn’t have time to put up a blog post earlier than I published this one. Sorry :(

  14. 1.28.17
    junedotbe said:

    Gosh. I wish you/you guys would take on international commissions. I have both a kitchen and a bathroom in need of a serious makeover… in Brussels, Belgium…

  15. 1.28.17
    Lori said:

    I am so stoked about this. I can’t wait to see what y’all do!

    It took me 3 tries to enter (website crashing), so I had to give up uploading my video where I pointed out every #blogger project I used to slap some lipstick on my falling apart pig of a kitchen. (And then some very non#blogger efforts, like saying fuck it and wrapping Christmas lights around my non-working ceiling fan so you can actually see what you’re eating at the kitchen table.)

    I don’t envy you guys having to choose just one project out of so many applicants! Hope you’re well-stocked with coffee and booze to fortify yourself for the process!

    • 1.28.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you Lori, yay!! Thanks for sticking with it. I heard there were major issues with uploading videos this year, so I know you’re not alone!!

  16. 1.28.17
    Care said:

    Hella? I thought only those of us from the bay area said that :)

    Voting now!

    • 1.30.17
      Daniel said:

      Ha! I think you’re right. It’s just so good!

  17. 1.29.17
    Amy said:

    I so wish I’d read this blog post 2 days ago! My 100+ year old farm house still has the original kitchen set up, which means that my “kitchen” is actually 3 rooms and depressing as f#*k. I’d jump on an opportunity like this in a heartbeat. Keep me in mind next year!

    • 1.30.17
      Daniel said:

      Ack, I’m sorry! Next time!!

  18. 1.30.17
    Rachel said:

    Ahhhhh I’m so sad that I missed this contest, my bathroom is so weird and hilarious and ugly and totally has potential, bahahah! Oh well, can’t wait to see the resulting project, I enjoyed following along last year :) I totally already voted for your laundry makeover though–I hope you won!!

  19. 1.30.17
    Lesley said:

    I voted for your laundry room. Thank you for not putting a cute sign in there saying “Wash Day!”

  20. 2.9.17
    Barb said:

    I missed the vote! :( I guess I don’t check your blog as much since you don’t post as much. Oh well. Will try to do better if you do as well. Would like more, maybe slightly shorter posts sometimes. Thanks.