A Night In…the New Den!

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Oh hello. Funny seeing you here at this time of night. Looks like you had a hard day? It’s almost the freakin’ weekend, so let’s get started early and chill: opium den style.

Here’s a Manhattan. I’m on my second.

If you’ve been following along recently, you know I’ve been working (here, here, here, and here) on this small-ish weird-ish room on the second floor of my house to make a cozy little den, the primary purpose of which is to watch TV and relax forever. I wanted it to be super cozy, full of things I love, and simple enough for the small size of the space but still layered and intimate—a nice little hideaway for myself and some friends if and when I procure some. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been at the futzing stage with this room, which is when I put on some back-season of my recently reignited old love, Survivor (if you don’t look up who won, you can pretend it didn’t happen 10 years ago!), and put up art and swap around chairs and lamps and take frequent breaks to collapse on the sofa because I CAN. I love how it’s come together! This room needed a lot of the same work as the recently-completed-ish bedroom, but for some reason this one felt so much easier, both to renovate and get some decor happening that I actually like. Let’s pretend it’s because I’m getting better at this, and not that I’m just HIGHLY motivated by using my TV again?

We’ll go with that.

The other night, bae came over and we broke in the opium den officially. Here’s how I like to do it:

Step 1. Order Chinese food.

Step 2. Kick back.

Step 3. Take a drink. Take a hit. Take whatever floats your boat. Not the hard stuff.

Step 4. Do that thing where you scroll through iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and HBOGO indefinitely until you land back at the thing you wanted to watch in the first place. We bought Get Out on iTunes which, sadly, I missed in theaters because I never leave the house. It always feels like a big commitment to actually purchase a movie on iTunes, and then I remember it’s less than the cost of two movie tickets. I don’t know what that’s about. Anyway.

Step 5. Receive Chinese food delivery, pig out.

So one excellent addition to my life has been that bae brings with him an impressive dowry of not one but two dogs. So essentially I have four dogs now. It’s so many dogs. I love dogs.

This is Gertie, alternately known as Officer Gert. She keeps the crew in line. She’s squat on her legs and big in her behind and does not like anyone acting up or seeming like they might be thinking about acting up. Gertie spends all day taking care of Linus: cleaning his face and ears and sometimes a part of his back she seems particularly fond of, and steps in when the other dogs get rowdy too close to him.

Linus. Linus! He needs a grooming. I love and cherish when he’s more of a muppet, but this is about as long as his hair can get without curls starting to mat.

That is, by the way, the best dog in the world. I don’t play favorites but yes I do and Linus is my favorite. It’s been five whole years since that guy stumbled into my life, which makes him around 15 years old now. I think that means Linus needs a whole separate post because otherwise I’ll get carried away, but man. My little man. Still trucking.

This is Fox’s ear, because his face is buried in my sweatpants’d crotch. It’s pretty much where he lives unless he’s running around causing terror. Fox is not an actual fox but rather an oversized Papillion who looks a lot like a fox. Also, bae shares my everlasting love of The X-Files, so. Fox.

Fox and Mekko are inseparable. Poor Mekko used to just have Gertie and Linus who are no fun as playmates, and now she has Fox who is a little too much fun. He’s such an annoying younger brother. I love him.

Bae is in the background there. He likes a striped hoodie and long walks on the beach. Calm down.

We’ll talk way more about the room when I can show you in daylight, because night photos are tricky and I feel like we need the light of day to really appreciate things like that bright orange naked lady in her guilded frame. Anyway, this corner of the sofa I think is the most comfortable place in the house. The seat portion of the sofa is pretty much the size of a twin bed, which is honestly kind of too amazing, in that I want to live on it. That discontinued IKEA lamp dims and gives off great light—I’m glad I found a spot where I like it! I love that lamp but it’s never landed anywhere that it felt right before.

Gertie’s favorite spot in the house is sprawled on this sheepskin across the back of the sofa, which comes from the fairly new-to-me company, Article! Especially if your style leans more modern, do yourself a favor and scroll through their products—so much good stuff (big and small!) and really well-priced. This sheepskin is perfect here because it’s almost exactly as long as the back of the sofa, wide enough that it can be draped over the back but stays in place, and covers an otherwise noticeable dip in the back where Susan and Will’s dogs used to love to nap! It’s also super soft and cozy and adds a nice shot of texture, and it’s ethically sourced from New Zealand or Australia and non-toxic, so it should last for decades. The sofa itself is a well broken-in black leather, and I really dig the combo of dark browns and off blacks in here. I know it’s a faux pas maybe and I don’t care!

Also I have been carting around that pillowcase since HIGH SCHOOL because I loved it and held out hope that someday it would look good somewhere. It brings me joy so leave me alone about it. It’s originally from IKEA.

I’m not really a fan of most scented things, but I love (LOOOVVVVE) some Palo Santo wood to burn as incense. I scaled back my candle game for the purposes of not looking crazy in pictures on the internet, but it can get reallllll witchy up in here. Sticks burning, candles everywhere, lamps dimmed down or off…yes. I aim to be as witchy as possible during relaxation time.

By the way, back behind my weird piece of thrift store pottery in the foreground, there’s a little notepad and a pen, which I’ve realized I have some version of around me at all times. I make notes constantly of ideas or little sketches or lists, because otherwise it’s all just in my head and it makes me crazy? So I write a lot of stuff down. I’m really opening up here, I don’t know.

Also, that chair back there is my womb chair, which I was lucky enough to inherit when my parents downsized! I thought it would be too big in here, but it ended up feeling just right. It’s been in a few different places in the house, but so far I like it in here best. This seems to be a theme with this room! I’m not really sure why. Do dark rooms kind of decorate themselves?

Lighting that corner behind the chair was a challenge (you know, the kind with zero stakes)—even though I have tons of lamps, not a single one of them felt right! It always felt too bright and too directed either down at the chair or up at the ceiling, and I just wanted something very slim and simple with a soft light. The Rise floor lamp—also from Article—ended up being pretty perfect! It comes in white too, but I love how the matte black finish of the shade disappears with the wall color to keep the corner from feeling too crowded. Having never bought anything Article before I wasn’t sure what to expect from the quality, but it really is excellent! The shade swivels around to any direction you want, and the height adjusts, and the whole thing is very sturdy on a heavy substantial base. It turns off with a push-button on cord at floor height, which is great since it’s a slightly awkward squeeze to lean in and turn something on at the top. I’m into it illuminating a painting—just enough light bounces off the painting and the wall for the corner to feel super inviting and not like a black hole. For now I’m enjoying this strange painting I found in the trash. I don’t know what’s going on with this guy but I figure I’ll stare at it for a while and try to figure it out. I move art around like a crazy person.

Oh yeah, that cabinet. Whipped it up one fine Sunday a couple weeks ago. It was really fun. And I finally used some of my lath!! It sorta made me want to abandon most of my other goals to play with lath all day instead. We’ll discuss more soon.

The movie, by the way? SO GOOD. I’m glad I bought it so I can watch it again. Which I already did.

Thank you for stopping by! And thank you to Julia and Kim for bringing me in on the A Night In series fun! It wouldn’t really occur to me to take artificially lit photos at midnight, because I am blogger and we shoot always by the light of the sun,  but this room was pretty much designed for Netflix & Chill so now you know what that looks like! We’ll do a day-lit reveal soon!

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  1. 5.11.17
    Rachel M said:

    A night in with all the pups and a good movie sounds ideal right now! I’m eternally jealous of your womb chair and I can’t wait to see the room in daylight too!
    Isn’t Get Out the best? I loved it a bunch. Also, have you heard of Eurovision? If not, look it up now! The finals for this year are on Saturday and I feel like it’s the perfect thing to watch in your new den this weekend.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Oh man, it’s so good! I kind of want to watch it a third time today, haha. Eurovision the singing competition?? I’ve seen it, years ago! You’re absolutely right. :)

  2. 5.11.17
    Bernadette said:

    Forget Opium Den, this is your new Manhattan Nest! (I’ll show myself out, ha)

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Haha! There ya go!

  3. 5.11.17
    Pippa said:

    I’m at work. Gees! Stop making me laugh so much. You are without a doubt the most entertaining thing in my life at the moment. Keep ’em coming!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Aw, thanks Pippa! <3

  4. 5.11.17
    Sterling said:

    The people demanded more Mekko and you’ve come through. Especially fond of the laser eyes at the empty plate.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      It’s what the people want!

  5. 5.11.17
    Adrien said:

    Misc thoughts:
    – The leather on the couch looks so nice and thick and broken in. Wonderful
    – Lol’ed at the crotch pic. Cute.
    – I hope we get introduced to the lucky man sometime!

    Your life looks so fantastic right now!


    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thanks Adrien! Things are pretty good! :)

  6. 5.11.17
    Donna said:

    Nicely one. Hate to break it to you but I have the #1 dog and the #2 dog living in MY house. I asked them and that was their answer. Arrogant poodles!

    • 5.12.17
      Tamisha said:

      POODLES RULE! I have three. Two standards, one toy. And they are #1, #2, and #3!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Unfortunately they’re wrong, but let them believe it! Nobody likes a jealous poodle. :)

  7. 5.11.17
    Julie said:

    Gah! ALL THE HEART EYES. All of it. And what IS that guy in the painting doing?

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Seriously, I do not know!! It looks like he has a canteen on his waist maybe, and…nope, still got nothing.

    • 5.12.17
      NestFan said:

      From what I can see, he may be someone engaging in a particular trade, one perhaps now defunct. If you post a clear photo of the painting when you do a daylight version, so we can see what all the stuff around him is, I’m guessing you might get some informed opinions from the web.

  8. 5.11.17
    Devyn said:

    Funny, I always design my home around nighttime cause I am always slaving away in an office during the daylight hours (and we have almost no direct sunlight in the living room). The room looks great! I am a huge fan of dark walls and cozy spaces (and Japanese incense).

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      I think that’s totally the right move! We spend most of our time at home in the evening!! I keep trying to figure out what to do in my dining room…LOVE it in the day (so bright!) but it feels kind of flat at night. Thinking darker walls/adding sconces to start…

    • 5.12.17
      NestFan said:

      Maybe you just prefer to relax and eat in the evening while sitting on a sofa watching TV … like many people … rather than have a formal sit-down at a dining room table. There are lots of people who rarely use their dining room tables, and then only when they have company. That’s another reason it is a good thing you are leaving room in your kitchen for a kitchen table for more informal meals.

  9. 5.11.17
    retro-roost said:

    Lucky pooch that gets to relax on that iconic chair!
    I would love to be transported to your beautiful space. You did an amazing job!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Her favorite chairs are the womb and the eames lounger downstairs!! She’s such a brat. So lucky she’s so cute!!

  10. 5.11.17
    greta said:

    This is what good reno is all about. Being really happy with your finished product! You certainly deserved an”easier” space after Olivebridge. And,I am glad that Linus has a protective sidekick. Gertie does look pretty bossy(in a good way, of course).

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you Greta!

  11. 5.11.17
    Eric said:

    Wow, this room is so cozy. I’ve been itching to see you complete it. Though, it is difficult to see the couch, I’m so impressed with what you’ve done. So excited to see how the adjacent bedroom(?) will turn out. Then the completely reimagined kitchen. Then that gigantic great room on the first floor. I imagine it would make a great social space and work studio.

    We are being spoiled at the pace of these posts. Don’t give us another one of those long droughts again. Thanks for sharing the work with us.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      I know, so much space to still get to! It’s sort of funny to walk through this room and into the old upstairs kitchen/future guest room that’s down to the studs. Thank god for doors, haha!

      I’ll try to keep up a healthier blogging pace! It feels better on this end too, believe me!

    • 5.12.17
      NestFan said:

      It feels to me that you’ve turned the corner on getting about halfway done with your home renovation with the completion of this room (even though the kitchen large living room, and bathrooms, are big and/or labor intensive projects.) Maybe it doesn’t feel that way to you yet – but consider that it does to some readers and take heart.

  12. 5.11.17
    Angela said:

    Awww I love that each dog has a playmate now :) More dog photos and info!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Coming right up! :)

  13. 5.11.17
    Debbie in Toronto said:

    Sneaky night time post Daniel

    So den like, so womb like

    Gotta see that movie too, but I haven’t even seen Moonlight yet

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Moonlight is high on my list, too! My friend Anna literally paypal’d me $35 months ago to force me to go out to the theaters and see it with the boy, and I STILL didn’t make it in time! Although honestly I think I’ll enjoy it more from the comfort of my own sofa, even if only for the novelty factor!

  14. 5.11.17
    Ali said:

    Wow! Amazing transformation! Look very nice and cosy. Well done.

    If I remember correctly, you now have five rooms done? (Small living room, dining room, bedroom, den, and little office)

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Sounds right! Plus the laundry room, but that’s getting torn out now. Round and round we go! Yeesh.

    • 5.12.17
      NestFan said:

      Ali forgot the small guest bedroom – not to mention outdoor efforts.

      I have no idea how you finish things that involve a lot of intense work, like tiling and shelving, in your pantry and laundry room, only to rip them out so soon. I’m guessing it possible because the years seem much longer when you are younger – they seem to go faster and faster as you get older (my elderly mother says “just you wait”) – so that to some of us with some decades on you it seems like you just finished them yesterday and then started ripping them out the next month – but I’m sure it doesn’t seem that way to you (if my memory serves).

  15. 5.11.17
    Raewyn Mackie said:

    I am deeply in love with this room, from the wall colour to the rug, art and womb chair. Gorgeously decorated. Winter coming in NZ and this has inspired me.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Aw, thank you Raewyn! That’s very kind!

  16. 5.11.17
    Gillianne said:

    You said reveal likely Thursday, and here it is, a sort of sneak peek by lamplight. You tease, you. Does it have the same Chill Zone magnetic pull in bright daylight, when it loses some dusky mystery? Can’t wait to see, really SEE, that ceiling fixture and all the other decor goodness.

    Congrats on putting together spaces you want to be in with the done-ish bedroom and the opium den. You deserve ’em.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you Gillianne! I do feel like it’s just as comfy during the day—I’m trying not to let it become a problem! I meant it when I said I want to live on the sofa!

  17. 5.11.17
    April said:

    Oh, Linus. You can post about Linus nonstop and I’ll always be up for it.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      OK, Linus post coming soon to a blog near you!

  18. 5.11.17
    Erica W. said:

    Would very much like to see Gert grooming Linus! Room looks great — best part…. DOG PHOTOS!! Yay!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Haha, I’ll send you a video. It’s hilarious! Then he looks up and turns around and looks like he’s fresh from the salon. We call it Gertie’s beauty parlor!

  19. 5.11.17
    Hannah said:

    Man, I can’t hardly adult enough to feed myself and thus am too worried about the responsibility of a dog – but those four lounging about looks like absolute heaven! Also, since we’re a couple of architects, we’re constantly grabbing for pen and paper to draw out whatever we are trying to explain – just embrace it :) thanks for sharing a peek into this lovely scene

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you Hannah! The funny thing about dogs is that I feel like they ARE a huge responsibility in so many ways, but not one that feels terribly difficult to fit in once you have one (or, ya know, four). You’d have to be kind of a monster to really neglect a dog (which obviously happens, because obviously people are monsters), but I think for most people they actually encourage healthier habits and significantly less stress than they introduce. I don’t know what I’d do with out them!

    • 5.14.17
      Kel said:

      I have ONE CAT and am forever stressing about the dirt she brings in! How do you cope with all those muddy paws?
      Can’t wait to see the den by daylight!

  20. 5.11.17
    Erin L said:

    Everything about this is so amazing. I love the way the lighting makes the paint job look! Yay, Doges! Yay, Bae! Yay, OMG THAT CABINET. I need to find some scrap lath to make a cabinet out of!

    And I hear you about that candles. I get mine going and it’s so witchy, it feels like Stevie Nicks, Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKenna, and Enya just blew through. I need some sort of candle management system.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Hahaha, right there with you. I have two entire drawers of a dresser dedicated to candles!

  21. 5.11.17
    hello said:

    Hey! Thanks for keeping it classy and identifying this as a sponsored/”partnered” post right up top—means readers can make an educated choice about whether to read on.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      no prob!

  22. 5.11.17
    Sara L. said:

    Oh man, this is so lovely. And all the doggies! My sweet Bonnie girl passed away last summer, and I have finally started feeling the itch to get a new dog. Anyway, can’t wait to see this room in the daylight, but these nighttime glimmers are very evocative. Looks like a perfect den, to me.

    • 5.11.17
      Sara L. said:

      And I just went and re-read the story of Linus, and got all choked up again. That little guy. What a wonderful thing you did.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about Bonnie! It’s so hard. Dogs are just the best.

      (After your comment I re-read it too and also got choked up…seeing that before picture just breaks my heart. My poor sweet baby. Hopefully he’s forgotten all about that chapter in his life!)

  23. 5.11.17

    You could turn off the lights in your house and I would stumble through stubbing my toe while still exclaiming how gorgeous it is. Bravo, as always.

    Also, Get Out was exceptional. Riiiight???? After I saw it, I approached everyone I knew to preach to them how amazing it was and that they needed to watch it so I could have more people with whom I could discuss it. I did the same for Black Mirror. And The Leftovers. And The Handmaid’s Tale. Are you watching those? Are you, are you??

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thanks Ashley! Back at you!! Your room turned out great!

      Don’t hate me, but I didn’t get into Black Mirror!! I tried twice and couldn’t do it. Ditto with Handmaid’s Tale (hated the book, can’t handle the show), but I do love the Leftovers! So sad it’s ending…it’s the craziest shit on TV!

    • 5.12.17

      You MUST give Black Mirror a try! Each episode is so wildly different. Did you watch any of my favorite episodes?
      S1 E3 “The Entire History of You”
      S2 E1 “Be Right Back”
      S2 E4 “White Christmas”
      S3 E5 “Men Against Fire”
      I’m now on a mission to get you to watch this show. You haven’t heard the last of me!

  24. 5.12.17

    Your photos are like Old Masters if, say, van Aelst, were alive today and liked MCM. Wonderfully dramatic lighting for a dramatic room.
    Big fail, though, on not looking witchy. What do you call that shot of the TV? I call it a witchy altar–there’s even a cross!
    I love all the textures. Wish the Internet had a touch function. It will be nice to examine the details by the light of day, too.
    Congrats on a job well done!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you, friend!

  25. 5.12.17

    Nice job Daniel!

    Love how you did this space, it IS cozy and in my mind, could almost read 70’s-ish in style with the dark walls and such.

    Love it and can see it being a place to be when it’s cold and very wet outside during the colder months.

    If it were me, I’d have a good stereo in there and play something cool like vintage 50’s Jazz or some Steely Dan or some such on the ‘table.

    Can’t wait to see it in daylight so we can really see the room in detail. Right now it’s lost in the dusky atmosphere that is the den.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thanks John! Totes down with a 70s vibe. I feel like this room needs a hanging macrame planter or something!

      I do have an (infrequently used) turntable downstairs, but up here I have a Sonos speaker! I buy one for each room I finish to spread out the cost, but I love the system and I’m trapped in the Sonos cult!

  26. 5.12.17
    gretchen said:

    So glad there’s Bae! You seem happier:]

  27. 5.12.17
    gretchen said:

    By the way, nice tease with the glimpse of pink shades…

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      They’re impossible to capture at night! And when the light is on, they turn yellow from the bulbs. I think I can get it in daylight, though!

  28. 5.12.17
    KLM said:

    Yes–more pink shades pics! I have to make a little pitch for Article–have the Sven couch in velvet and it is BEAUTIFUL. It is holding up well and gets raves as a very comfortable guest bed. I will buy more couches (and hopefully other things) from them in the future. A tip though: don’t pay for the “assembly” at least for a couch–it just consists of screwing the legs on.
    A dedicated TV room is a wonderful thing, especially upstairs where it feels more private. So nice not to have a TV in the living room too! I love the idea of 4 dogs in this little space–even more cozy :-) Hilarious to imagine Mekko with all of these little friends.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      That’s great to hear! I think I want one of their sofas (not sure which!) for the living room downstairs…I’ve been through two in that room and maybe the third will stick!

      Thank you for the assembly tip! The two products in this post were comped, and they actually did come with the assembly service but I refused. The lamp assembled in like three easy steps with no tools and the sheepskin just had to be taken out of a box, haha!

      Mekko is so cute with her gang of tinies. Seeing Gertie boss her around is so hysterical to me!

    • 5.12.17

      KLM – Stoked you’re loving your Sven! It’s definitely a looker in velvet. We’re happy to say that most of our articles do have either seamless assembly (or bonus: none at all) but there are a few articles we’d recommend assembly on as they can be a bit tougher. Or If you give us a heads up about which article you might purchase in the future, our care team can certainly advise if assembly is encouraged or not.

    • 5.14.17
      Lori said:

      Random person replying here, but I have been eyeing that Sven couch for ages, wondering whether it’s as comfy as the pictures make it look. Good to know it’s a hit with you! (And my boyfriend absolutely requires a couch that’s ideal for napping, so that’s even better!)

  29. 5.12.17
    Ellen said:

    Love the room and this post and all the dog talk. Maybe because I woke from a delicious dream this morning about adopting a second rescue to love.

    I love a good room to relax and watch tv and just hang out with your loved ones. Your room looks perfect for that. So glad it’s come together for you!

    Love you!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you Ellen! And hey, second dogs are way easier than first dogs, just saying! I gotta watch myself or I’m going to have 12. :)

  30. 5.12.17
    S@sha said:

    It looks great as usual Daniel. So is your sofa basically like the Cigar Rawhide Brown sofa on the Article website right now? Only black? I’ve been eyeing that one, but buying a sofa without reviews about it’s comfort/quality is iffy to me. Also, I’d way rather have it in black. Maybe they’ll bring it back?

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Yes, it’s almost exactly the same as that sofa, but it’s not that sofa! I love that sofa…if Article had wanted to promote larger furniture items, I absolutely would have asked for that one!! I like the brown…I think it’s a lot easier to work with since black leather can feel 80s realllll fast—the wear on mine keeps it from feeling that way, I think. Totally hear you about the reviews—I CAN say that I’ve never heard a negative thing about the quality of Article products (slow shipping yes, but no complaints about quality!), but returning a sofa sounds like a total nightmare to me, haha. My sofa was originally purchased from ABC Carpet and Home years ago…it’s Timothy Oulton, very similar but slightly different than this one that they currently offer! No idea what the retail cost is, but mine was $400 used. :) http://www.timothyoulton.com/products/living/furniture/sofas/scruffy-sofa.html

      Roger + Chris also have this sofa, available in 788 different fabrics and leathers! http://www.rogerandchris.com/product/112/johnny-chunky-sofa

    • 5.12.17

      S@sha – Dig this feedback! We do have some awesome black leather options on our site, but if you’re taken by Mello’s silhouette and do fall in love with the brown leather on it – let us know. We’re happy to send out leather samples for you to feel. We’ve also got a few hundred or so reviews over on the third-party site Reseller Ratings. http://resellerratings.com/store/Article

      Dan – Shorter lead times has been a big priority over here at Article HQ and in stock items do arrive within two weeks! We’ve also never felt so “Mello”w about a sofa not being in a space. Sorry for the terrible pun. We’ll excuse ourselves …

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you for chiming in, Sarah!! All great info! And I should also add that my items arrived very quickly (and shipping service was great!), so whatever y’all are doing seems to be working! :)

    • 5.13.17
      S@sha said:

      Sarah, you should totally give Daniel a sofa. I would trust his review. Meanwhile, I will look at the third party reviews. I have been reading a lot of good things about Article furniture lately, but it’s all sponsored content, and it would take a very honest person to say anything bad when they have been given a product that costs as much as a leather sofa. Right now I live in Europe, so I can’t buy anything for a couple years anyway, which is probably how long it would take me to gear up to drop that much cash on something I haven’t sat in myself. Which reminds me, I think the travelling showrooms that Article was doing is a great idea.

    • 5.15.17

      Meant in response to S@sha’s last comment – I am missing the magical Reply button on it.

      Firstly, it’s fantastic that you’re beginning to hear about Article through content especially over in Europe. Obviously being online-only, we’re really big on digital (and verbal) word of mouth to spread the word about our articles. That said, we’ve been delighted to see reviews that were completely unsponsored. Just a quick sampling includes: http://bit.ly/2qkSAf4, http://bit.ly/2qkUvQJ, http://bit.ly/2qlch6t and http://bit.ly/2qkSYdw.

      We’re also certainly looking forward to bring our articles to some more physical spaces. Pop ups and fun events are absolutely in our future so our customers can lounge, jump, (or nap, that’s fine, we have time) on our sofas in person.

      In terms of giving Daniel a sofa for the ultimate Manhattan Nest review … I’ll leave that up to him. But we’d be very interested in his opinion on any of our articles. We’re confident they’re up to the test. ;)

  31. 5.12.17
    Alma Miranda said:

    Good grief, Daniel, what a talented man you are. Can I come live with you? :)

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Sure! :)

  32. 5.12.17
    Chaucea said:

    Well that room is sexy as fuck, that’s for sure! :D

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you! That was the goal! :)

  33. 5.12.17
    Bonnie said:

    I was so glad to see Linus again. I haven’t seen him for a while and was getting a little worried. Four dogs! That’s so cool!
    When are we going to see all the flowers you transplanted last year … or the year before? I love your den, but I want to see the landscaping!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      OK, garden updates forthcoming! I’ve been in mulching hell the past few days but it’s looking significantly better than it did a week ago! I need SO MANY PLANTS.

  34. 5.12.17

    Such a beautifully layered space! I can’t wait for the day that I can lay on your twin sized couch and Netflix and chill with you AND ALL THE DOGS.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you Kimmy! Come ANY TIME literally ANY TIME like come over RIGHT NOW k bye.

  35. 5.12.17
    Molly said:

    aaahhh that cabinet!!! tell us more!!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      I will!! I’m pretty proud of that thing! I spent so long trying to find something, ANYTHING, that would work there that I could just buy and hang and be done, but I’m glad I ended up making something—it’s one of my favorite things in the room, and it really was fun for me to figure out once I got off my ass!

  36. 5.12.17
    Caitlin said:

    The space looks amazingly beautiful, but I’m here to comment on the most important thing ever: dogs. Linus’ adoption story made me cry like a baby when I read it–he has a special place in my heart in the place in my heart reserved for dogs I don’t know. I can vividly recall the before and after pictures of Linus when you got him. I’m so happy that Gertie takes care of him like only another dog could. Also, shout out to Mekko and Fox for being awesome dogs, too.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you, Caitlin! It’s a funny rag-tag bunch, but they make it work!! I’m glad people can put up with some dog gushing!! <3

  37. 5.12.17
    mollysusie said:

    Oh it’s perfect!

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Yay! Thank you!

  38. 5.12.17
    Emme said:

    I’m loving everything about this. Especially that pillow on the womb chair. Maybe I misread, but did you say where it’s from? I just acquired a womb chair myself and while it’s super comfy, a pillow makes it juuuussssst right.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Ah, I didn’t say! It’s originally from H&M Home, but I bought it a few years ago and they don’t appear to make it anymore. The quality is only so-so but it’s holding up. They make lots of cute throw pillows! http://bit.ly/2r25P5B

  39. 5.12.17

    Droooool. Can’t wait for the daytime tour, but this feels so right too.

    • 5.12.17
      Daniel said:

      Thank you friend! This was so much fun!

  40. 5.12.17
    Sherrill said:
    • 5.12.17
      NestFan said:

      Oh, thanks for that link – a fun viewing and and read!

  41. 5.12.17
    Haley said:

    Ah! I love X-Files too! We’re recent addicts and are on ~season 3…I think.

  42. 5.12.17
    Sarah said:

    Obsessed with this space! Your lighting and art are giving me FOMO- they’re SO good. Can’t wait for the daylight version.

  43. 5.12.17
    Gregg Clare said:

    Everybody is all “more Mekko” and I get it. Who wouldn’t want more Mekko? But I fear Linus is gonna have an inferiority complex so I’ve said it before and I will say it again….more Linus. And let me be clear that I am not saying less Mekko. I’m def more Mekko…..just want more Linus too.

  44. 5.12.17
    Sophie said:

    THAT CABINET. I can’t wait to read allll the details!
    I reread your Linus post and my eyes are all watery now for some reason. Allergies. It was quite the scoop to read that he’s the favorite and I got sad for Mekko when she grows up and reads this post. But if Linus is your #1, Mekko is like #1.1, right? I adore senior dogs and posit that dogs just get better as they age, so Mekko will catch up!
    Lastly…Survivor! Yes! I hope you’re watching the current season toooo.

  45. 5.12.17
    Katie said:

    The whole time I was reading I could smell cigar smoke..! :) so beautiful Daniel! You really have amazingly good taste! I’m so curios about the guy, it’s just killing my nosy-ass self!

  46. 5.12.17
    COLETTA said:

    Linus! YAY!
    I had not seen him in awhile and was afraid something had happened to him.

  47. 5.13.17
    doorot said:

    Yay, Linus!

    Also, that room is shagilicious. All the pretty things!
    I thought those stripes were those of a brand new pillow you’d acquired :) :)

  48. 5.14.17
    Robin said:

    Too great for words! Glad you are enjoying your new space.

  49. 5.15.17
    Tisha said:

    If dark rooms decorate themselves, I’m heading out to get a few cans of paint immediately (or alternately, you could just come decorate my house, Daniel?). I second Molly’s request to see more of the lathe cabinet – I’m so interested to see the details! It looks beautiful.

  50. 5.15.17
    Melanie said:

    Oh man, I’m so here for dog post (lol @ dowry ). The cabinet looks awesome!! Looking forward to reading more about it.

  51. 5.16.17
    Holly said:

    I LOVE Palo Santo! I say bring on the witchiness!

  52. 5.16.17

    I love how you just kinda mention the cabinet as a throw-away even though it looks FREAKING AWESOME. Hope to hear more about it soon!

  53. 5.23.17
    Heather said:

    I knew you’d love this!! I have read this for an hour in total awe!! http://georgianrenovation.blogspot.ie/ We have no idea in America what old is!! Enjoy your blog so much!! Happy Spring!

    • 5.24.17
      Cindi M said:

      Nice! I’m a slower reader so still not finished but had to thank you for turning me on to this. Now for that dictionary of European to American building terms! Rendering? On the outside walls? Obviously not to get the fat out!

  54. 5.24.17
    Athena said:

    I just went and read your first Linus post and now I’m crying. As heartbreaking as it is thinking about Linus’s life before you it’s very much a joy to know how loved and well cared for he is now. You’re a good human being. Gonna go hug my dogs now.

  55. 5.29.17
    greta said:

    I know that I’m going to regret this comment, but I think the young man in the picture is carrying an electric gardening tool(like a weed whacker or trimmer). Remember I can hardly see the picture. But, if you are going out for yard work, you should take your canteen.

  56. 5.29.17
    Chaucea said:

    Oh hey! I found the PERFECT project for you! A whole town, all yours to restore. Its glorious! :D

  57. 6.12.17
    Diane C said:

    Hey Daniel,
    Just catching up, so sorry for the late comment. First, <3 all the happy dogs + happy Daniel + Bae + new den. It's all sooooooo…yes.
    But I'm here about the art. Specifically the last piece. I can't see the details very well, but I'm reminded of Gustave Caillebotte's "The Floor Planers". Any chance it's hung sideways?

  58. 6.21.17
    JG said:

    So, this was kind of bizarre- I read
    “Here’s how I like to do it:”
    and then scrolled down to see a “photo” of blue sky and fluffy clouds! Thinking, “what is that, wallpaper?” And “wow, I totally didn’t expect that style choice from Daniel!” Mind-blowing. …*Then* I noticed the thing little indicator that denoted it as an ad!

    I’d just been reading the comments that turned into blogs and ads discussion… This was so weird though! I’ll have to remember that the pics I see aren’t necessarily your pics now! :}