I know it’s only Wednesday, but it’s been one of those weeks, so in lieu of the home renovation content you probably came here for, let’s just look at photos of my cute dogs? Sound alright? Great. I wasn’t actually asking.

It’s been a month since I brought this little guy home, and Mekko and I just adore him. He’s so sweet, hilarious, smart, playful, and all-around just such a good boy! I feel like we really hit the puppy jackpot with him.

Potty training is going pretty well (some days are more successful than others), we’re all sleeping through the night, and a round of dewormers seems to have done the trick for the various intestinal parasites. He’s almost 14 weeks old now, and weighing in at about 16 pounds! Such a big man!

So far his hobbies include playing with his big sister, snuggling, being such a gentleman and also the handsomest boy, sitting on command, laying by the fire, and following me everywhere. He has a newfound interest in shoes that I am trying to discourage. So far he has been minimally destructive and I hope that holds.

It is incredibly difficult to get anything done. Everything he does is v v adorables.

Mostly, this burgeoning partnership between him and Mekko has just been a complete and utter joy to watch. She’s having so much fun with him around, and really seems like a happier—if more exhausted—dog. I really think they’re a good match, which of course is also a relief.

Look at that baby Mekko smile. Look at those nice neck folds.

Watching him develop is such a trip. It happens SO FAST. Little things change with his nose and markings daily. His eyeliner started coming in! There’s a new spot where there wasn’t before! His coat is all nice and shiny now, and very different from Mekko’s—like thicker and with an undercoat. I still think he’s at least half pit bull, but the speculation continues! Should we place bets on his adult weight? The DNA results?

Did I mention the cutest things happen all the time and I can hardly stand it? Because. See above.

Also here, both being very cute. High marks, dogs. Even though he’s practically doubled in size, he still does this thing when he jumps up on the bed, which is like rehearsing few practice leaps that don’t quite get him there, before he makes a bolder leap and kind of pulls himself up like he’s scaling a wall. Jumping on the higher couch or chairs do not seem to present the same challenge. Will report back.

I am not interested in human feet but I love these dog feet. Little toesies.

The other day I color-matched his belly and the color was called “Nice Berry.” Indeed.

He’s so soft. So so soft. With nice stretchy skin and delicious breath.

We—and by “we” I mean “I”—have decided he shall be called Bungee. Like a bungee cord, or a bungee jump. It seems to suit him and he seems to like it. So that is that.

Welcome, Bungee. I hope you like having your picture taken and your face kissed all over.

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  1. 1.23.19
    Pam said:

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Finally a name! And a CUTE name!!!!!!!!
    Congrats Daniel!

  2. 1.23.19
    Devyn said:

    Awwww, Bungee! So sweet!
    And your’e right, he has grown so much in just the short time since you started posting pics. I wish you, Mekko, and Bungee many happy years together.

  3. 1.23.19
    Meredith said:

    12 out of 10, Bungee!

  4. 1.23.19
    Nicole said:

    Yay! I’m all about the puppy content. I get a little disappointed when I don’t see that sweet little face on your Instagram stories.

    • 1.23.19
      Anna said:

      Same girl, same. I look at the stories and hope there’s some new puppy content every day :)

  5. 1.23.19
    Moxie said:

    That belly! I love it. Perfect round puppy belly. And Mekko is a cutie as always. Today was grey and rainy all day, puppies were a definite highlight.

  6. 1.23.19
    LD said:

    You take fabulous pictures!!! Bungee is definitely a cutie.

  7. 1.23.19

    OMG, he is adorable. And I envy you, it seems he is capable of being a good puppy. My Afghan puppy, now 9 sos old is a spawn of Satan, I swear. He drives the other 2 crazy most of the time, cannot be trusted unsupervised at all, and is a power chewer! And he never stops moving. I wish you many years of joy with Bungee and Mekko. By the way, my fella’s name is Pogo, like in Pogo stick, and it fits him to a tee.

  8. 1.23.19
    Susan said:

    My partner had surgery today and it’s made me weepy. This cute sweet post was just what I needed. Love everything you write. Doesn’t seem to matter what the subject. You just have the gift and I’m glad you keep sharing it with us.

  9. 1.23.19
    Nancy said:
  10. 1.23.19
    Melissa said:

    I, too, have a long term remodeling project AND two amazingly adorable dogs. I love yours and only wish my two lived closer so they could all play. Thank you for a heartwarming opportunity to smile and relate to all things DOG!

  11. 1.23.19
    ericka said:

    OMG, Daniel he is perfection! Question: Is he a biter? Our 13 week old pup is ALL about the puppy biting – hands, feet, pants, furniture, you name it – and no amount of distraction with toys or a loud “no” seems to help. And those teeth, although teeny tiny are SHARP. We’ve taken to calling him Baby Shark these days. Any success strategies you can share if you are having a similar issue?

    • 1.24.19
      Phyllisa said:

      I’m in a similar situation my my German Shepard pup. A friend suggested ice cubes! The ice is soothing on their gums, while the crunch satisfies the chomping. It seems to work, just don’t mind the melting!

    • 1.24.19
      Sid said:

      Bully sticks. They can be stinky and a bit pricey but dogs LOVE them. Keeps them busy and chewing for hours. I kept up a steady supply for our puppy and she’s never destructively chewed anything. It was also very easy to re-direct her biting/nipping with them. However, as a warning, if you’re vegan or easily grossed-out you may want to avoid educating yourself on their exact provenance…

    • 1.24.19
      ericka said:

      Oh, ice cubes! What a great idea. Thank you. And yes — bully sticks are a hit, but even those lose his interest when pant cuffs suddenly appear in his field of vision. :) Thanks to you both!

  12. 1.23.19
    gretaclark said:

    Bungee is perfect and Mekko is very happy! Double Win!

  13. 1.23.19
    Kerry said:

    OH MY GOD the picture of them spooning

  14. 1.23.19
    Danielle said:

    I said Mark! Bungee is adorns!

  15. 1.23.19
    southern gal said:

    back at you re one of THOSE weeks! ugh
    Needed these adorable photos of your adorable sweet dogs! cant quite decide my one fav but top two are the sofa (hiding behind the pillow !) and the paw over the neck of Mekko (AWWWWW)

    i would be taking endless photos too! (i do of my two cats too but somehow they are not as adorable)

  16. 1.23.19
    Sheila said:

    SO adorable! Glad to hear Bungee and Mekko have bonded. Best wishes for a long and happy life together, all of you!

  17. 1.23.19
    Charlotte said:

    Great post as always, Daniel. We all love how you share your love… And looking at those paws, B’s bigger already than M’s?? I’d be guessing on the high side of his grownup weight :)

  18. 1.23.19

    The other day I color-matched his belly and the color was called “Nice Berry.”


    (Btw, is that S-W, or what?)

    • 1.23.19
      Liz said:

      This was my favorite part of the post <3

  19. 1.23.19
    Nella said:

    Bungee is perfect.

  20. 1.23.19
    Beth said:

    Hi Daniel! I’ve been following your blog for years, since you were an apartment dweller. I’ve always lurked and never commented. But now I want to say thank you for writing so movingly about your dogs. I remember your post about finding Linus and cleaning him up – I shared that with many people because I loved that so much. This post, as well, is similarly heartwarming and makes me grateful you are here writing still!

  21. 1.23.19
    Amanda said:

    This was such a joy to read! So fun. Keep the pupdates coming. Your babies are tres fab.

  22. 1.23.19
    Joy said:

    Bungee – so cute. What a sweet pair – love the photo’s – more is just great.

  23. 1.23.19
    Misa said:

    He is wonderful. Your whole family is wonderful. A+ work being living creatures, Daniel, Mekko, and Bungee!

  24. 1.23.19
    Betsy said:

    What a lucky pair of pups! Love the name and pics. There is so much awful stuff in the news — I’ll take a round of super cute dog pics any time!

  25. 1.23.19

    Awww… Such cute photos. You HAD to be at the right place at the right time to catch these and these photos are SO cute, as are both dogs. I love the snuggles, the care that Mekko gives to Bungee (which I love BTW) and their snugging together, sweet.

    I love hearing as much about your house updates as I do pupdates. I’m a dog lover too so seeing cute photos of your two cuties is always good in my book.

    I don’t currently have my own, but I now have at least one surrogate pooch, He’s Hudson and a miniature Australian Shepard and we’ve been best buddies for a couple of years at least and now spends time at my house as he does his own and yes, I dog sit him when possible.

    Then this past weekend, I finally broke through the aloofness of another dear friend’s black lab mix named Fresca as she’s one of those that one decides to buy in, she’s all in, and then some. She came to stay Saturday morning through Monday morning late and we had a great time.I actually have the perfect yard for either pooch so that’s a definite win.

    I hope to have my own hopefully before next year, but it all depends on how things go work wise here but I WILL try to have at least one pooch, A Dachshund if at all possible.

    Anyway, enjoy them! I agree, he looks like he grew a ton since you brought him home and he’s such a cutie all by himself.

    Keep it coming!

  26. 1.23.19
    Dianna said:

    Omg! They are the most adorable. The absolute cuteness that is your family!

  27. 1.23.19
    Kimberly Arbuckle said:

    Aaghh! So stinking adorable! Bungee is perfect name!

  28. 1.23.19
    jud said:

    How I love to read about your puppy love. Is there anything better than a puppy? It’s great that Mieko has another dog in her pac. She is probably five years younger just by having Bungee around. Keep taking those pictures and posting them. They are just as fabulous as your renovations.

  29. 1.23.19
    Heidi said:

    I’ve wanted to name a dog Bungee since the ’80s! I’m glad you did it. Blessings upon all of you.

  30. 1.23.19
    Lori Jacobson said:

    My old heart just exploded from the cuteness that is Mekko and Bungee!! So damn sweet. So happy for the three of you getting to be a family together, it’s just the best. ❤️❤️

  31. 1.23.19
    Karen said:

    Color matching your pup’s belly is the dorkiest most sweet/adorable thing I have ever heard of! Love it!

  32. 1.23.19
    Sara L. said:

    Your dogs are just so darn photogenic it is ridiculous. Do they every take a bad picture?? Bungee is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I have a white dog with a splotch on one eye, so I am partial to that half-and-half thing he’s got going on! I am so happy for you and your dog family!

    • 1.23.19
      Sara L. said:

      *ever, not every.

  33. 1.23.19
    Joan said:

    Great name.

  34. 1.24.19
    Peggy Z said:

    They are so sweet together and who would not fall in love with that little pink nose and little pink belly?

  35. 1.24.19
    Connie said:

    Color matched his belly!!! Thank you for the belly laugh—I needed one today! Such fun, loving or gorgeous pups! Enjoy! Oh, And I’ve never commented before after following you for about 2 years, but I love your blog, no matter what you talk about!

  36. 1.24.19

    So glad they are getting along so well! You never know how personalities will work out. It probably helps that there are good vibes in your home.

  37. 1.24.19
    Bonnie said:

    You color matched his belly?! I’ll be laughing all day.

  38. 1.24.19
    Sez said:

    Great decision on getting a puppy whilst Mekko can really (or mostly) keep up. Such wonderful news these two adorable dogos are getting on sooooo well. I love all your pictures Daniel, especiallyBungee with his paw around Meko’s neck. Xox Wish you all every happiness together. So gad you are so tuned in to all the changes day by day…..marvellous and such sweeties. Despite the heat in Sydney…35 degrees, my dogs and I still want to cuddle on my bed. The cat too , separately.Daniel, You have such an interesting, gift for writing. You can make a n y t h I n g entertaining. Thank you for making and sharing xo

  39. 1.24.19
    Peggi said:

    Thanks for improving my day by 1000%. Also, please know that I am now the weirdo who talks about an internet stranger’s puppy to all of her friends. Color-matched belly?! Bahahahaha. Bungee smooches.

  40. 1.24.19
    Rachel said:

    This is the most heart-meltingly adorable post and the most wonderful start to my day! Thank you!!! Welcome, little Bungee!!!

  41. 1.24.19

    Yeah…you’re right…Bungee is pretty darn cute! And some of the photos with him and Mekko are indeed super adorable!

  42. 1.24.19
    Andrea said:

    This post made me happy.

  43. 1.24.19
    Shayna said:

    This was exactly what I needed this morning. Sending bungee telepathic belly rubs.

  44. 1.24.19
    mockginger said:

    Never mad at a post full of puppy pics, and love the name! Congrats on your baby, so sweet to see Mekko getting along so well with her little bro. <3

  45. 1.24.19
    NancyS said:

    He is such a handsome, pretty, cute puppy! I love his markings. Glad everything is going well. Awesome that the 2 pups love each other.
    You’ve got quite the good looking family!

  46. 1.24.19
    Simone said:

    I’m very very happy for you and Mekko. He is adorable.
    Our first pup would lick our shoes until they were soaking wet. Apparently it is a sign of submission (that is what they said at the time).

  47. 1.24.19
    Carol said:

    So “dog on” cute. Thanks for posting!!!

  48. 1.24.19
    Bevie said:

    Perpetual designer! LOL! The other day I color-matched his belly and the color was called “Nice Berry.” Indeed.

  49. 1.24.19
    Kat said:

    This makes me so happy. He is a good boy and I love him.

  50. 1.24.19
    gillianne said:

    Perfection. (And I’m a cat person.)

    The love and appreciation you beam at them shines through your words and photos.
    Lucky pups, lucky Daniel, lucky us.

  51. 1.24.19
    Grace said:

    Oh my gosh well could they be any cuter of a twosome!? And you color matched his belly?! This is just about the cutest blog post I’ve ever seen.

  52. 1.24.19
    Ellen said:

    Well, I loved this post as much as any other you’ve posted! And that you color matched his belly. I can’t even. Feel free to post these kinds of posts as often as you want!

  53. 1.24.19
    Laureg said:

    Mekko and Bungee are so, so sweet! They’re just beautiful, I enjoyed those pictures of them so much. They made my day.

  54. 1.24.19
    Bean said:

    Is there a contest for guessing the breed? My guess is a mix of American Pit Bull Terrier (possibly a Spike) with (given the description of his coat) smooth-coat Border Collie. Does the person who is closest get a trophy gif? A DNA test might be a good idea, as they often also test for genetic problems that might need preventive treatment. A contest would be fun–but more pictures are funner.

  55. 1.24.19
    Shauna said:

    Every post should have a dog photo. Please. :) They are the sweetest.

  56. 1.24.19
    Ursula Ellis said:

    Thanks for this wonderful post on what is a gray, gloomy wet day in Falls Church, VA. So much cuteness! I think I’m gonna get me one.

  57. 1.24.19
    april said:

    I can’t even deal with how much he is the goodest and bestest boy!

  58. 1.25.19
    Becki said:

    Daniel – I also have a 9 or 10 year old Pit-Lab mix, who, if it could be possible, would be our immortal forever dog. We definitely won some sort of jackpot with her. I have been harboring the same fearful thoughts of mortality and counter-acting that with a little pitty-mix puppy of our own. I initially decided against a second dog for logistical and spacial considerations – but you are making that decision SO FREAKIN HARD to stick to. Especially with all the great adoption agencies here in the Hudson Valley. In any case – this post has brought me cozy, warm happiness. Thank you.

  59. 1.25.19
    KJ said:

    Oh god, I needed this today. Thank you!

  60. 1.25.19
    Kelly said:

    Soooooo adorable!!! 99% of pups are adorbs, but Bungee is especially cute

  61. 1.26.19
    caro said:

    That first picture is heart -melting. There is something about having innocent young energy in the house that makes everything better. We recently got a young cat from a shelter and are finding the same joy you are in your pup. Even the annoyances are just the funniest, sweetest, happiest things in our lives.

    And I love seeing Mekko enjoying the pup, too.

  62. 1.26.19

    Pup updates are always welcome in lieu of house projects. Always.

  63. 1.27.19
    Diane said:

    You said “puppy breath” and I swooned.

  64. 1.28.19
    Chrissy said:

    Perfect name

  65. 1.28.19
    Alena said:

    If we’re doing bets on size and weight (just to see who wins), I’m guessing he will be a little bigger (taller) than Mekko, and weigh 11 pounds more. Is the final weigh-in at six months? Go Bungeee!!

  66. 1.29.19
    Mary Lou said:

    Hi Daniel
    I can’t stand how cute Bungee is! I open your blog everyday just to see that cute face. OMG that face!!

  67. 1.30.19
    Angela Ronk said:

    I just found your blog, and I’m so glad I did! Love the puppy pics! We have 3 dog children and 2 daughters. At the end of the day, the dogs are usually the favorites! Just kiddin, well, maybe not ☺️. Anyway, I’ll be following your renovations. Keep up the good work!

  68. 1.30.19
    Trotula said:

    So cute!! He looks a ton like my friend’s dog who’s half pit and half border collie, if that’s a clue at all!

  69. 2.3.19
    maria said:


    forget about details of redoing your house…..just cover us with pics of your 2 cute dogs in your blog and IG account. It is soooooo incredibly nice to know that out there 2 dogs are being loved and treated every dog, pet, animal should be ! thanks for loving them so much

  70. 2.25.19
    tonyboloni said:


    As soon as I saw the photos of you new pupper I immediately began speaking puppybaby talk to my computer screen. Much to the curiosity of my coworkers.

  71. 10.27.21
    Mary Alice Arneson said:

    When we adopted a rescue rat terrier in 2013, she was bouncy and a world-class rodent eliminator (think 5 mice her first day) so we named her “Bungee the Great Hunter.” She wasn’t young when we got her, but she was with us for more than six years. She died a few months before the pandemic, and we couldn’t find a rescue rat terrier during the lockdown, so we got a “pandemic puppy,” a sweet little rat terrier who reminded us so much of our first Bungee that we kept accidentally calling her that. With “Bungee 2.0” sounding awkward, we named our new puppy “Bungee B.”