God wants me to thrift.

My apartment and I are coming up on our nine month anniversary. NINE MONTHS. How did that happen?  In light of this, I figured I’d finally show some wide-angle shots of my bedroom. I’ve shown a bit here and a bit there with various projects and acquisitions in the past, but it wasn’t until the last week that things really started looking… complete? Until I futz with it some more. In any case, the time has come.

Part of what makes things look good? INSANELY, OUTRAGEOUSLY good thrifting luck recently. Like, of a magnitude that has made me feel both greedy and more than a little obnoxious.  I was going to break these things up into separate posts, but then I just figured it might be better this way. If you are the type of person, as I am, who gets jealous of other people’s maddeningly good deals… think of this like tearing off the band-aid quickly.

George Nelson, you kill me. That big, glorious, UFO-shaped saucer Bubble Lamp (size medium) is something I NEVER would have expected to own… like, anytime soon. It’s one of those things I dream about. But remember a week ago when Anna talked about what she took home from the DWR Annex? Well, this was the baby boo that came home with me. Stupid me forgot to take a “before” picture, but I promise it was in less than perfect condition. It was like it had a big hunchback—wires bent in funny directions and all looking pretty fucked up in general. Evan spotted it first, for which I momentarily hated him intensely. But then he and Anna both decided it looked beyond saving, so they passed. But when I talked the salesperson down to only $65 (down from $99), I just had to go for it. Some very delicate bending, a little wire-finagling, a lot of patience. It’s still not perfect, but it’s pretty damn close. And for over 80% off, pretty damn close is something I can handle.

Anna was a little ticked that she and Evan hadn’t just gone for it since they did have first dibs, according to thrifting etiquette. But, don’t worry, I think I patched things over.

Oh, and what’s that to the right of the bed? A Bertoia Diamond chair? Well, it started as this disgusting thing I schlepped about 8 blocks to my apartment while it was snowing over the weekend, because that’s what crazy people who love chairs do. For an agonizing three seconds I considered somehow trying to salvage the vinyl upholstery. But then I realized it had all the charm of a deflated inner tube anyway.

The frame was a hot mess.

Luckily, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have the singular ability to renew my faith in man’s inventiveness and ability to overcome all odds of grimy shit.

Things even got a little steamy.

And HOT DAMN. And wanna know something else? $60. Talked down from $89. I hate me too.

My living room is really suffering from how much I’m currently enjoying my bedroom (and therefore just moving everything I love in here) and I’m told the sofa really misses its vintage lucite nesting tables. But I don’t care, because they’re awesome for next to my bed. Oh! And the FADO lamp from IKEA. I love my little orb of light.

So nine months doesn’t seem like a very long time, but then I found this picture I took shortly after I moved in.

Yowza. I guess a lot does happen in nine months.

And the opposite side of the room?

Hot mess.

The one thing that bugs the shit out of me is the 9″ gap between the wall and the wardrobe where I keep the ladder and other assorted tall stuff. I need to figure out how to block that off eventually, but a super skinny curtain just seems weird to me. Hmph, I’ll think of something.

The super warm point blanket (mine’s from Pendelton Woolen Mills) was not thrifted—that was an amazing Chanukah present from my mommy. I love it. Like more than an acceptable amount.

The art above the bed, however, is the most incredible thrift find I have ever, or will ever, be a part of. My mom and I found that together in a thrift store about 10 years ago, and it’s an Alexander Calder litho from 1974. Also $60. Pretty unbelievable. It’s hands down my favorite thing in my apartment, and I finally just let myself put it in my bedroom after feeling like it just should be in the living room for months. Sometimes you just need to let yourself have what you want.

So this is what I’ve learned:

1. Don’t accept sticker price unless it’s the kind of store where you have to. Caution gets you nowhere in thrifting, but being shameless about making lowball offers and pointing out damage like a prick can get you anywhere.
2. God wants me to thrift. I think that is the only explanation for what’s going on here.

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  1. 2.1.11
    Sammi said:

    All I can say is… AWESOME!

  2. 2.1.11
    Matt said:

    Dan, it looks fantastic! So many good finds ”“ and we both have Pendelton blankets and Nelson lamps… we’re practically brothers!

  3. 2.1.11
    Fiona said:

    Your bedroom! You jedi! Good things happen to good people, amen.

  4. 2.1.11
    Jan said:

    I love love the litho print! esp. how it goes with the blanket. this may sound strange, but for some reason i always thought that your desk was in the living room… the pics certainly clear that up, everything looks stellar!

  5. 2.1.11
    nicole said:

    Your bedroom makes me want to use creepy slang, like, “This room is sick, it’s so major!”

  6. 2.1.11
    Erica said:

    Daniel, You are amazing! I found your blog randomly a few months ago. I LOVE reading it! I have to confess I was really bummed when your Portland post came to an end. I would check my blog roll everyday just to see what the next adventure of your trip was! You have an amazing eye and a knack for design! Your bedroom looks great! I have a degree in Space Planning and I am in awe of your ability to get just about anything anywhere you want it!! I look forward to seeing how things progress!

    I actually live in Singapore right now and was in the Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. I saw a few things and I found myself saying “what could Daniel do with this?”

  7. 2.1.11

    Well it just looks so great. I might have to stare at it some more tomorrow. I can’t get over the deals you find, maybe I never will?!

  8. 2.1.11

    Dying. DYYYYYYING. Such good finds.

    I was at the DWR annex in Palm Springs and saw one of the warehouse guys scrubbing a dirty bubble lamp with a magic erasure and couldn’t wait to bring that little trick out of my back pocket some day. Never thought to attack the Bertoia’s with it though.

    You’re not allowed to bring your witch powers to the west coast. I couldn’t handle your magic thrifting touch.

    • 2.1.11
      Daniel said:

      Magic erasers literally fix anything. They’re amazing. The only problem with using them on the bertoia chairs is that the wires just tear them to shreds! Like a cheese grate. I think I went through four before all was said and done.

      My sister DOES live in L.A…. so no promises.

  9. 2.1.11

    I thought I was a rather good thrifter myself, until I found your blog! You’re amazing!
    Plus, your posts are well written and extremely entertaining, you’re definitely a new favourite. :)

    And we seem to share the same philosophy when it comes to renting – I have never been afraid to make changes to my apartments without asking the landlord first because I always *know* it’s going to look so much better in the end. In my current place I painted every single wall, door, and endless metres of wood trim before moving in, painted the kitchen cabinets and replaced hardware and countertops, and am thinking every single day about looking to see what is hiding underneath the awful linoleum on the floor (*must* be gorgeous wood floors!). My friends all think I am crazy and don’t see the point at all, but I figure making changes that will make me happy every single day I live here is worth a bit of effort and money, instead of being annoyed and miserable with the state of things for however long I will stay.

    I have to say I am jealous of your amazing bathroom makeover though, because that’s the one room where I don’t see any potential in my place. ;)

  10. 2.1.11
    Lena said:

    Noooooo! Not only do you have a Alexander Calder litho, but you just found a cheap Nelson lamp! Thats the lamp I have been dreaming over for months! Why don`t we have DWR outlets in Switzerland? Oh, I know, because we don’t have DWR. We just have Vitra, which is incredibly stylish but also incredible expensive. Really, I blame them that there is no good thrifting for things like Eames chairs. I mean, if they have this fantastic museum in my city, no wonder everyone knows how much their things are worth. Really, I saw a Eames chair, like the total basic one, recently in a thrift (sorry, “vintage”) store. They wanted 300 dollars for it.

  11. 2.1.11
    Nat said:

    thrifting luck aside (I”m not getting into how jealous I am) I LOVE your point blanket. Its been on my wish list for a while. Too bad all the $$ are going for renos right now.

  12. 2.1.11
    J said:

    Is it really bad that I am jealous. Your room looks amazing. Congrats!

  13. 2.1.11
    Jennifer said:

    Seriously, I’m convinced only people on the coasts ever bought into the mid-century modern aesthetic, so there’s no MCM thrifting to be done around Kansas City. It’s all antique-y blah. But I’m also convinced you’d be able to magically produce those secretly hiding thrifts. Come to Kansas City!

  14. 2.1.11
    Rachel said:

    This is awesome. I have been wanting to re-do my bedroom for some time now and I think you just inspired me to get up off my ass and do it.

    Love everything about it. Awesome job as always!

    -a fan

  15. 2.1.11
    kim said:

    yay! everything looks gorgeous. just think of your nelson bubble lamp as a little extra bubbly.

    nice pendleton blanket. i inherited my mom’s from when she was a little girl. 45 years later, it’s still awesome. they age beautifully.

  16. 2.1.11
    kim said:

    PS. does NYU offer a major in thrifting? heehee.

  17. 2.1.11
    Reidunn said:

    Your room looks beautiful! You’ve done some amazingly good deals. I wish I had your thrifting skills/luck

  18. 2.1.11

    Wow. You have really made your room into a sanctuary! I think it’s fantastic. I’m crazy about how your Calder litho and blanket mimic eachother so well. And your thrifting finds make me drool. Please keep posting more of this so I can keep living vicariously through your photos.

  19. 2.1.11
    Jessica said:

    Dear Thrifting God,

    Can you please find me a Saarinen medium size coffee table with a white arabescato top?

    Many thanks,

    Jessica (in Miami Beach)

    PS. Your home is super rad.

  20. 2.1.11
    Megan said:

    *delurks* OK, I was pretty jealous a few weeks ago when you scored those two Eames shells, but this? This is ridiculous.

    On the other hand, I scored a vintage 8 point Hudson’s Bay blanket (very similar to your Pendleton) back in October and have since become convinced that the only way to fully honor its awesomeness is to paint the hideous faux wood paneling in our bedroom black, which is a much more complicated endeavor than the previous plan of painting it white. This post proves me wrong, so thank you for that.

    Your bedroom kicks ass, and your blog is one of my favorites! May the thrifting gods continue to smile upon you.

  21. 2.1.11
    Sacha said:

    You’re right. I do kind of hate you… so jealous of your thrifting abilities! But also kind of inspired. Now if only I lived near a DWR Annex. That would be my dream.

    Amazing job on your bedroom, Dan!

  22. 2.1.11
    Monica said:

    Your bedroom looks incredible. I agree with god.

  23. 2.1.11
    jodi said:

    omg. you are AMAZING.

  24. 2.1.11
    Alicia said:

    The Almighty wants you to thrift alright. Look at the rewards!! Wow.

    I am the opposite alas–no time, short attention span, squeamish.

    You have also been bestowed with vision, tenacity, persistence, and cleanliness. Most of all, you’ve got serious MacGyver skills when it comes to furniture restoration.

    Go you.

  25. 2.1.11
    Dusa said:

    *bows* I am not worthy, but if you are ever in Northern Vermont….

  26. 2.1.11
    Callista said:

    Your posts always make me laugh. And I FRICKIN LOVE your bedroom. It is so clean and simple, but every last piece is absolutely GORGEOUS. Pretty much everything a bedroom should be. And thank you for letting us into your life a little bit.

  27. 2.1.11
    Sue said:

    I hate you Daniel, I really hate you (no just kidding). Your bedroom looks totally amazing. You deserve your great finds!

  28. 2.1.11
    Jennifer said:

    I love to imagine you and Anna subtly tearing at each others throats over a lamp. Your bedroom looks really amazing. Where did you move the target practice poster to?

    • 2.1.11
      Daniel said:

      I believe my exact words were “I want to murder your husband right now” before they decided they didn’t want it! Shit definitely could have gotten ugly.

      The living room! I’ll take some pictures of that weird place in the middle of my apartment soon!

  29. 2.1.11

    I almost didn’t want to read this post because the title was SO awesome that I figured it would be a letdown. But it wasn’t. I totally think there’s thrifting karma that you get when you repair and care for old neglected things, and you definitely have it in spades.

  30. 2.1.11

    YESSSSS!!! What perfectly timed posts we made! Dude, it looks AWESOME. Like, phenomenally so.

    And just so it’s clear, I wasn’t ticked at any point! I was just a teensy bit jealous. And, you know, filled with rage.

    Seriously though, we don’t have a place for it in our house. I need to stop bringing home stray stuff just to let it languish in my basement, and I knew you’d fix it up all nice and put it to good use. And you did! I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Evan and I both feel really proud of you for doing such a great job.

    You do rule, you know. Supremely.

  31. 2.1.11

    So jealous of your scores. And you’re funny.

  32. 2.1.11
    Aleth said:

    I want that Saucer Bubble Lamp!

  33. 2.1.11
    kay* said:


    i am incredibly jealous right now. but in a good way….if one can be jealous in a good way.

    i so can’t wait until i have my own apartment again.

  34. 2.1.11
    april said:

    I really wish someone would find me a thrifty Calder lithograph! Between you and Morgan at The Brick House, I am seething with jealous! (But also happy for you both)

  35. 2.1.11

    Awesome! the before and after is INCREDIBLE. Instead of hating you, I choose to be inspired.

    I, too, can be awesome one day.

  36. 2.1.11
    Erika said:

    Love the room and your finds! :) An idea for the 9″-gap-thingy… Why don’t you find yourself a long, 9″ strip of wood or whatever material matches your wardrobes, paint it white and attach it to the wall with hinges, probably quite a few of them. Add one of those push-and-release-door openers to the side of the wardrobe and hey presto – you got yourself a secret compartement. You get easy access to your stuff and an even more stylish bedroom. :)

    • 2.1.11
      Daniel said:

      I was thinking about that! Actually, it would be pretty cheap to just buy another door from IKEA (they’re only $20, if I remember correctly), and just have it cut down. Seems a little OCD and crazy… but so am I.

  37. 2.1.11
    Alice D. said:

    Loveee it!! So beautiful. The before and after are astonishing. Have you thought about painting your walls so the whites & lucite table pop?

    I can’t wait to see pics of your living room!

    • 2.1.11
      Daniel said:

      I already painted the walls! And I actually really love all the white. Plus, repainting even MORE walls white (I’m already going to have to do the kitchen and the bathroom, which I’m not looking forward to…) when it comes time to move is just not something I’m willing to put myself through. I HATE painting!

      Don’t get too worked up, the living room kind of sucks right now :-).

  38. 2.1.11
    Heather HS said:

    Wow. Amazing! Love the bargains, love the artwork, love the bright white paint, love the blanket, love Magic Erasers, and REALLY love the Charley Harper! Where is that in your humble abode? Don’t let it languish on the floor!

    • 2.1.11
      Daniel said:

      Well, right now… exactly where it is in that picture! Bad, I know! I love it too, it just hasn’t found the right wall yet (which isn’t to say it hasn’t already been hung on several…). Someday I’ll figure out where to hang everything.

  39. 2.1.11
    Arin said:

    So gorgeous!

  40. 2.1.11
    misa said:

    clearly god wants you to thrift. i sorta want to give you a list of things i want and just let you and god work it out. i’m such an awful thrifter. i love thrift store but they just don’t love me back.

    by the way, that picture of your bertoia chair in the bathtub is awesome. hotness.

  41. 2.1.11
    Olivia said:

    Hi Daniel,

    Which white paint did you go with on the walls and ceilings.. is it Super White 02??
    pls do tell.


    • 2.1.11
      Daniel said:

      Thank you! The walls are Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight White in matte (it’s a very warm white, and great for rooms that get a fair amount of light) and the ceiling and trim are BM’s Simply White in eggshell and semi-gloss, respectively.

  42. 2.1.11
    Martha said:

    This inspires me to get out and THRIFT with renewed high standards. Wow! As for upscale “thrifting” Minneapolis has no such DWR Annex but we do have the Room&Board warehouse and I haven’t been in ages… also now on the list.

    And, for the record, the non-thrifted Pendleton looks beautiful in your space.

  43. 2.1.11
    Kyli said:

    God does want you to thrift! Your bedroom makeover is awesome. I loved following your Portland adventures too. I was moving states (in Australia) and was so annoyed that I didnt have a reliable internet connection to keep checking for updates. They were a great series of posts. Love your work…Love your blog.

  44. 2.1.11
    Annika said:

    Love your bedroom! Nicely balanced – no clutter but still personal. I have not been as lucky as you in my own history-of-thrift, but I’m hanging in there. I think I need to work on my haggle-skills though.

  45. 2.1.11
    Margaret said:

    “Alexander Calder litho from 1974. Also $60”

    I. Want.

    This is the 2nd thrifted Calder piece I’ve heard about this week!

  46. 2.1.11
    Maxwell said:

    $60?? I just threw up. That’s mind boggling.

  47. 2.1.11
    Caitlin said:

    The coolest “thrift” store I’ve found in Tucson is a Copenhagen warehouse but I’ve never found anything for 80% off!!! So jealous :)

  48. 2.1.11
    tara said:

    If you weren’t such a great writer, good friend to Chandler, and artistically gifted – we’d probably hate you. But, since you are an amazing source of entertainment, how could we?

    • 2.1.11
      Diane said:

      Haha, I ditto Tara’s comment!

  49. 2.1.11

    p.s. I see you, Nine Stories.

  50. 2.1.11
    L said:

    This is effing gorgeous.

  51. 2.1.11
    AtomicBetty said:

    Fantastic blog Daniel! You are ballin’ on a serious budget! And totally right about the crazy things chair nuts do. I have 2 walnut side chairs in my extra bathtub cause I have nowhere to put them. In the BATHTUB.

    For everyone who thinks they are unlucky with vintage-

    One must be diligent and willing to work for such fabulous finds. I often find myself digging through some nasty crap to find my gems. Patience and persistence is a must for a mcm lover on a budget!

    And remember, the thrill is in the hunt!

  52. 2.1.11
    Harlee Cole said:

    WOWERS! I AM SO FREAKING GREEN WITH ENVY!!Lovein’ it. It is just soooo dreamy and super cheap like ME! Ha, I am still hoping that one blessed day I encounter a RAD MCM chair in a dank thrift shop or curb. Still hoping and keeping my eyes peeled. I must confess I don’t haggle quiet as good as you do. I will have u to inspire me to make low-ball offers with out fear of shame.


  53. 2.1.11
    Michelle J said:

    do you have a real mattress on your bed? i have the same (but not as amazingly upholstered) bed from ikea and while it is unsightly, it’s hiding under all my covers. i have a foam (?) mattress from ikea, but yours looks like a real one. just wondering. everything looks so immaculate; i’m surprised you don’t have a tv show yet.

    • 2.1.11
      Daniel said:

      Yeah, it’s a real mattress. Totally standard, nothing fancy (Daniel walks into Sleepy’s, demands the cheapest mattress they have, walks out 10 minutes later).

  54. 2.1.11
    S@sha said:

    I really like the Charley Harper too, and I noticed it on the floor leaning against the wall in both your current pictures and those from 9 months ago. Seriously, you can’t find him a wall home? As for your good luck thrifting, its probably good karma for sharing your adventures and entertaining the masses with your humor.

    • 2.1.11
      Daniel said:

      No, I can! I actually JUST took it down (to put the Rosenquist poster up on the wall), but look! It was there for a few months, and before that spent some time in my room. Nowhere has really felt totally right yet. Art placement is hard!

  55. 2.1.11
    Mich said:


  56. 2.1.11
    Alicia said:

    I am 100% positive that God wants you to thrift. Sort of like those those little girls who can miraculously do axels on the ice at age 5 without having been taught and go on to win Olympic medals, it seriously seems like this is your calling. I am jealous. :)

  57. 2.1.11
    Marie said:

    Your design and thrifting skills are awesome. I live with my little family (husband and 16yold son) in a tiny 2 bedroom on the UES and I am super inspired by what you are doing – you hardly ever see what people do with tiny 2BR spaces. We have just under 600sqft so design is challenging. Luckily, none of us are hoarders.
    Please keep posting!

  58. 2.1.11
    Susan said:

    Daniel, your blog is great fun and you’re an inspiration to all of us that want our homes to be just so. Which is why there’s absolutely nothing OCD about wanting to deal with the 9″ gap on your closet wall. Have you thought about cabinets that roll out — I’m sure you’ve seen the narrow, pull out pantry version for kitchens. You’ve got the skills and creativity to build something like that.

    You’re bedroom looks great! Please keep posting.

  59. 2.2.11
    Beatrice said:

    Dan, you should know that the boyfriend and I are sitting on the couch, green with envy, stalking you and Anna and wishing we’d be best friends. Pathetic! But I’m kinda okay with that. Can I please hire you and your karma?

  60. 2.2.11
    Amanda said:

    I love everything!! Quick questions: where did you get the fur throw that’s now on the chair? Thanks!

  61. 2.2.11

    Hi Dan, I’ve been following you for a little bit and just wanted to say how much I love reading your blog – it’s become one of my very favorites. It reads like a David Sedaris essay – not to mention the fact that your thrifting and DIY skills are ridiculous! :)

  62. 2.2.11
    Nicole said:

    I have been lusting after a blue point blanket for years. The $14.00 Wal-Mart throw currently flung across my unmade bed is making stern faces at me in my head and feeling unloved. Cos it is.


    Alternately I’d settle for one of those confederate repro wool blankets even though they are probably not very comfy. Damn good-looking though.

  63. 2.2.11
    Laura said:

    To die for. I think you should create a stylish b & b in the city – then you’d have more bedrooms to dress up!

  64. 2.2.11
    Julia said:

    Sorry. I had to jump in late to the party to agree with how awesome your bedroom transformation has turned out. And secondly, to say my Pendleton point blanket was a present from my sweet mom too, and I love that thing beyond words as well.

  65. 2.2.11
    Tania said:

    Sheesh… I haven’t read ALL the comments. (You so damn popular now… and deservedly so).

    What is your thrifting etiquette? Finders, keepers?

    I had a big spat with a friend once, because she said she wanted a trunk before we went thrifting. I had been wanting one for ten years but happened to not mention it to her. When I found one and told her I wanted to buy it, she got so angry she didn’t talk to me for days. It was also awkward asking her to help me carry it to the car!

    I wasn’t sure how to handle this. I often look back now and think finders should have first dibs. I have a secret list of a gazillion things I want and don’t have the time to mention them each time I thrift with someone.

    High up on my list is lucite anything. Your tables are stupendous. Loooove them.

    So what are your thrifting with friends rules?

    • 2.2.11
      Nicole said:

      *butts in* I have extremely large feet. My best friend has the same sized feet. We once went into a thrift store and there, facing the door, was a pair of brown ass-kicking boots with one sole turned towards us and clearly marked “11.”

      A literal physical tussle ensued. It was insane.

      I won. :)

      That said, this is why I no longer thrift with friends.

    • 2.2.11
      Daniel said:

      Gentle Reader: While there may be no hard and fast rules established on the topic, thrifting etiquette is, indeed, “finders, keepers.” Miss Manners certainly understands how an exceptional thrift find might lead to tension between friends, including but not limited to: jealousy, hurt feelings, broken hearts, physical altercations, knife wounds, etc. All of these things are, however, unreasonable responses to a person’s thrifting success if said person came upon the item first.

      To lessen friction that can result from thrift shopping with friends, Miss Manners recommends being clear about one’s intentions and desires before embarking on a thrifting adventure, particularly with partners prone to jealousy or good taste. That way, such emotional upheaval can be avoided, perhaps even replaced with a benign and playful sense of competition.

      If friends are still being unreasonable, however, it may be time to find new friends.

  66. 2.2.11

    Dan, it’s all just too much!! Your thrifting skill makes me insanely jealous, and yet at the same time I love you for it.

  67. 2.2.11

    And there I am over at my blog, delighted with myself for scoring an Eames chair for €300… Jealous? Me? Noooo! ;)

    Your room is beautiful. And that clock on your bedside table… where did you find it?! My eye immediately went to to it. It’s gorgeous. Another thrift find, you thrifting King you?

    • 2.2.11
      Daniel said:

      Damn, that is a NICE eames chair though! Look at that thing!

      The clock actually WAS thrifted, haha. It’s a new production Moonbeam clock, and you can still buy them!

  68. 2.3.11

    I love your blog…but I officially hate you! I would die for that chair. I can’t believe there was a cover on that. It’s fantastic! Your bedroom is so light and airy. I always say that white walls don’t have to function like white walls. It really is…wait for it…fabulous!

  69. 2.3.11

    Phenomenal finds! And yes, I hate you, I hate you hard! The thrifty gods are clearly in love with you. So jealous! I love your bedroom transformation. It looks divine. Good job on everything, Dan!

  70. 2.3.11
    Abi said:

    Wow amazing transformation! Just wondering where the picture with the blue background is from that’s in the photo showing the chair frame? Thanks!

    • 2.4.11
      Daniel said:

      Thanks! The picture is called Mystery of the Missing Migrants by Charley Harper. I bought it from Day-Lab, which is a GREAT online shop… but unfortunately it looks like she’s not selling them anymore! I’m sure they’re out there somewhere though… Google around and you’ll find it.

  71. 2.3.11
    Trondheim said:

    I’ll join the choir of people who love your blog but are jealous of your amazing finds. Finding anything modern, mid-century or not, is a bit difficult out here in Amish country.

    I wish I had your luck when it came to amazing finds – but I’m far too submissive and too much of a doormat to follow your advice. xD

  72. 2.4.11
    Amy said:

    Is the Calder displayed upside down? I believe it’s his “Raindrops” so the drops are pointing down? Or maybe you just like it this way. :)

    • 2.4.11
      Daniel said:

      Oh my gosh, how bizarre! So, I looked up Calder’s Raindrops and thought “Hey! That’s my Calder upside down!” But mine has the original tags on the back, which say my piece is called Color Bars… and it’s the exact same litho, just turned the other way. I guess he decided to make two versions! Anyway, mine’s signed in the bottom right corner and all, so it is hung correctly! Thanks for letting my know!

    • 2.4.11
      Amy said:

      Oh, that _is_ freaky! I’d seen “Raindrops” but not “Color Bars.” I wonder if he’s got any other ones that he flipped? Not that you couldn’t do it with a lot of his stuff anyway. ;)

  73. 2.4.11
    Ashley said:

    So so glad David from Old Brand New suggested your website! I need your inspiration for all the laborious projects in my own modest rental! David is my thrifting buddy, so I’m working on the shopping part….but now I think I can take on more demo work as well, thanks to you! I’m adding you to my blog’s link at once!

  74. 2.4.11
    Abi said:

    Thanks – had a look but don’t think I can get the print as sites don’t ship to England :( The closest thing available is the print in puzzle form – I can’t decide whether it’s lame or cool! What do you think?

    • 2.4.11
      Daniel said:

      Hmmmm… maybe hold out and set up a permanent search on Ebay and wait for one to pop up? Or you could email Amy at day-lab and see if she has any more or can point you in the right direction for finding one? She has a big collection of Harper notecards now, so you could also consider buying a few of those and framing them in a grid pattern, double-stick taped to the matte?

      I’d pass on the puzzle, honestly. Sorry!

  75. 2.4.11
    bekah said:

    I just realized that your blanket and litho match your banner colors :)

    • 2.4.11
      Daniel said:

      I know! My house and my blog match! I should have seen this coming.

  76. 2.4.11
    chelsea said:


    Lucky for me there’s one in Palm Springs. Now how do I convince the boy we need to make a schlep trek there?

    Your thrifting luck is seriously awesome. In no way matching your crazy jedi thrifting skills, but I do have some awesome street luck. I recently dragged in One Thonet chrome barrel chair, Two Heywood Wakefield cat-eye chairs and my biggest score ever a full Drexel Profile Dining Set that some guy had in his trailer ready for the dump!! Oh yeah and we recently just refinished an MCM coffee table that is either unmarked or was someone’s wood project and was sitting in the street. Other than the IKEA couch, I think most of our living room was something I picked up from the street. My guy thinks I’m a chair-hoarding nut job but I knew there were other people out there!!

  77. 2.5.11
    bliss said:

    God Wants Me to Thrift.

    a more brilliant statement has never been written. you are a genius. SO glad i found your site

  78. 2.5.11
    Mom said:

    OK, seriously, 95 comments since the last post–4 days ago. We are all waiting for the next one, checking back, reading more comments. Get on it, or are you waiting to hit 100 comments per post before we get more?

  79. 2.5.11
    Kate said:

    Long time reader, first time commenter :)

    Your amazing chair brought me out or reader ghost-hood. It is absolutely stunning!! I’ve had my eye on what I like to call “fantastic wire chairs” for some time now. Congrats on the wonderful find!!

    Love your blog!

  80. 2.6.11
    Charlotte said:

    Amazing finds…and your place is looking just wonderful.

  81. 2.7.11
    Louise said:

    Your bedroom is awesome!

  82. 2.7.11

    ONE HUNDRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There. I feel better now. :)

  83. 2.9.11
    meemsnyc said:

    You have wonderful style! It’s gorgeous.

  84. 2.9.11
    Valeria said:

    Wow, your bedroom looks AMAZING! I love the headboard, alarm clock and especially the lucite tables! Quite a difference from before.

  85. 2.9.11

    DAMN. those are some serious scores! i admire your dedication to that bertoia chair… i would have done the same thing. rain, hail, sleet or snow could not keep me from a good deal.

  86. 2.10.11
    Andrea said:

    I think I need you. I think I really need your skills!! 8 months…!! Wow. Very impressive. So light and airy and clean, and….oh my. Our place will never be like that.

  87. 2.10.11

    Your bedroom is perfect and your thrifting karma is unbelievable. Seriously, I’m in awe.

  88. 2.10.11
    Liina said:

    Hey, I wondered what you do about rusty spots where the powder coat has chipped off on Bertoia wire chairs? I have two standard white side chairs. My mom got at an estate sale for obscenely cheap (like $10 each?), and gave them to me when I was 18 because I “liked old stuff.” I didn’t realize their value and used them as outdoor chairs (in the Pacific Northwest) for many years.

    Recently I started using them at my dining room table, and I cleaned them just with water, which did a beautiful job on dirt/mildew, but nothing for rustiness. Would love any tips or resources!

    • 2.10.11
      Daniel said:

      Well, the REALLY legit thing to do is to have them re-powdercoated. But that’s going to be very pricey and isn’t really a realistic DIY project. But there’s always spray paint! I know Morgan at The Brick House has sprayed some Bertoia chairs and they look great! I’d use a high gloss, something durable (Rustoleum is my fave brand). It’s not really the greatest thing you can do in terms of preserving the “value” of the chairs, but if you’re not thinking of selling them and you just want to enjoy them in your house, no harm no foul! Spray paint works miracles. Just make sure everything’s clean (I can’t recommend Magic Erasers enough!) and you’ve flaked off any loose bits of old powdercoating.

  89. 2.10.11
    CC said:


    Do you give advise? I have a house full of carpet and want to remove it because of allergies, their is concrete underneath the carpet and the den and the kitchen have parquet. I have no idea what to do since it would need to be done in a budget.


    • 2.10.11
      Daniel said:

      hmmmmm. Would your style be conducive to cleaning up the concrete/painting/epoxy-ing it? It would be super modern (check out this for an idea), I know it’s not for everyone…

      Beyond that, I think the cheapest flooring around would be VCT tiles, about 77 cents per square foot. Personally, I wouldn’t use it outside of kitchens and bathrooms, though. It doesn’t hurt to get an estimate/calculate the cost of installing a decent wood laminate. Floating laminate floors are really very easy to install, they just snap together into place (it goes faster and is MUCH easier than you’d think!), so I’d think about hunting around for a good deal on that? You could rent the tools if you don’t have them (probably a mitre saw and a circular saw or table saw) and probably have new floors in a day!

    • 2.11.11
      CC said:

      Thanks Daniel for the advice. I thought you would enjoy this house tour of this house that is for sale. http://tours.tourfactory.com/tours/tour.asp?t=694286&idx=1

  90. 2.10.11
    Heather Cottingham said:

    Maybe a little mirror in that 9 in gap? You could attach it to the wardrobe by some hinges?

  91. 2.10.11
    jbhat said:

    I just clicked over from a YHL comment today. I came to see the bed, but stayed (for two hours! reading everything! sorry, job!) because I was so impressed by everything: your writing, your sense of humor and your incredible transformations. So congratulations! Not only do you have a to-die-for new bubble lamp to add to your fabulous nest, you have a new fan. I think you are just amazingly talented and beyond adorable.


  92. 2.10.11
    Emily said:

    I just want to say that you’re my new hero in the home design blogging. After reading all these superpolite moms, it’s a breath of AIR to see some profanity and impolite humor!

    And on top of that, you have fantastic taste. I think my home would look a little more like this if it were possible to thrift modern looking furniture in MS (and it’s not). Even midcentury modern is tough to find!

    Anyways, fantastic blog, I’ll be keeping up with you!

  93. 2.10.11
    unabridged said:

    My (probably useless) advice? Embrace the 9 inch gap. Just paint the ladder and assorted tall stuff complementary colors (red/black). Or slipcover them with cool fabric.

    Sometimes, for various reasons, you just need a 9 inch gap in your life. And that’s ok.

  94. 2.11.11

    hey! fun to see you on apartment therapy today! I decided to pop back over to see if any of the hate messages transitioned to your blog. Because I’m curious like that. Luckily, it didn’t work, so either the people that came actually got to see more, and were impressed, or else they’re all busy making snide comments on more AT posts. Congrats on the feature…..and WTF 115 comments? I remember (not so long ago) when I wouldn’t have to scroll down for an hour just to get to the comment block. You done blown up – and deservedly so! Hope to keep seeing more!

  95. 2.11.11
    tara said:

    God also wants you to post! Just kidding, you seem like a very busy fellow, we’ll wait. Not patiently, but we’ll wait.

    • 2.12.11
      Sue said:

      I’m with Tara, we want more Daniel!

  96. 2.11.11
    PhillyLass said:

    Wow!! God really does want you to thrift, Daniel. He would also like for you to hold a seminar on your thrifting techniques and hold it at a time when I can attend. Your place is amazing and I’m totally blown away by your vision and your DIY talents!

  97. 2.11.11
    ThemKnits said:

    I LOVE your bookshelf in the after photo. It appears to have some sort of piping support structure? What is it and Where did you find it? I would love some more details on it. Thanks!

  98. 2.11.11
    kirsten said:

    I have a Hudson Bay blanket too and I’m thrilled to see it used as a proper bedspread. You are indeed gifted. Thanks for the inspiration!

  99. 2.11.11
    kirsten said:

    ps I also think God wants you and Anna Dorfman to have a tv show. I’ll petition on your behalf.

    • 2.12.11
      Lena said:

      Yes, please!

  100. 2.11.11
    Linda said:

    Daniel: I like your blog! Bedroom looks really crisp and great. I know this post is a few weeks old, but I hope you’ll see this question and respond: where did you find your headboard, or is it homemade? Is it soft and cushy? I’ve been trying forever to find a basic, comfy headboard that’s on a simple frame. The stores only want to sell large, wooden, skull-splitting things. Crate and Barrel has soft one, but the sides of the frame stick out—creating the effect of sleeping inside a matchbox. Thanks,

    • 2.12.11
      Daniel said:

      The frame is from IKEA and I upholstered it! It is fairly soft, but not super cushy or anything.

  101. 2.12.11
    Amber said:

    This blog is INSANELY AWESOME! I’m not even jealous that you’re so good at thrifting because you’re so wonderful at sharing your finds and SOOOOOOO good at fixing up all of these things. It’s really the love and follow-through for the item that makes your thrifting talent so wonderful!

    *found you through apartment therapy, btw.

  102. 2.13.11
    Diane said:


    What about a pull-out broom closet for the 9″ space that’s storing your brooms?

    Something like this: http://www.ikeafans.com/forums/modifications/4959-4-broom-closet-modification.html

    You seem well able to accomplish such a project.

  103. 2.14.11
    serap said:

    i found your blog by chance and since i’ve been following it, with all the great things you’ve done. actually i am far away from your town, and how wonderful thing is internet that make us such acquantaince. i live in istanbul and english is my second language, actually, so forgive me if i write any weird thing. :p any way, and i have to tell you that i realllyy haattee you… :)

  104. 2.18.11
    Daniel said:

    Oh Wow! That chair cleaned up nice! I’ve been wanting a black bertoia side chair and have been on the hunt for quite some time now. Just waiting for that nice score like you had. Well done! The room looks fantastic too! :)

  105. 2.25.11
    slyfox said:

    You are SUCH an inspiration. I cannot believe how plucky, resourceful and talented you are! I am supremely jealous.

    I felt compelled to re-post your story on my blog and you can find it here:

    I’d love to interview you for my blog if you have the time…Have a great weekend and keep up the *amazing* work!

  106. 2.28.11
    Molly said:

    Hey there… you inspired me with that 4point blanket! Mine just arrived last week. Feel the heat!


  107. 3.4.11
    Tids said:

    Wow. Stunningly, smashingly gorgeous! I know I shouldn’t be focusing on the ‘before’ piccies buuuuuuuut……..any chance you can remember where you got the quilt cover in the before shots? Tis absolutely perfect for my Baby Girl (who is actually nearly a teenager and her new ‘Big Girl Retro Room’.

  108. 5.10.11
    jenn said:

    much-belated question re: your moonbeam clock. did you buy yours from a westclox source, or ll bean’s? the westclox aqua color seems to be out of stock, but a blue is available from ll bean – i just can’t tell how close the colors actually are!

    • 5.10.11
      Daniel said:

      I don’t know where it’s from, I bought it at a thrift store! But I think it looks like the blue one on L.L. Bean’s site!

    • 5.11.11
      jenn said:

      thanks! yes, i AM that crazy, obsessing over a slight difference in blue colors.

  109. 12.20.11
    Elizabeth said:

    Ooo I love that yellow rug of yours! If you still have it I would totally buy it from you! btw your blog rocks I just found it recently and I’ve been reading it none stop!