No, Daniel, you cannot take home/care for/nurse/foster this helpless/neglected/lost/injured/abandoned/cute/ugly cat/bird/dog/rabbit/squirrel/raccoon. This is not a good idea.

This has become a personal mantra of mine, mostly because of the frequency with which, historically, I have done any number of these things and subsequently opened a can of worms I intended to leave sealed. These sorts of mottos tend to develop, say, when you find yourself waking up every 2 hours to feed a milky liquid diet from a small medicine dropper to a newly hatched starling, whose temporary habitat you’ve constructed under a heat lamp in an ice bucket you lined with tissues in your kitchen. Do this for an afternoon and you might think to yourself, “Look at me! I have compassion! I care for the weak! Animals are beautiful! Nature is a wonder!” Keep it up for a few days and you find yourself wondering why either you or that damn bird are still alive and breathing, and ruing the day you thought this was a decent or feasible idea.

Maybe it’s just a side-effect of living in New York, but it had been a good couple of years since I’d been presented with the opportunity to really save anything, unless you count a boyfriend who previously subsisted off a diet of fruit and Triscuits or a dog who didn’t need saving, at least in the classical sense of the word, so much as she needed cuddles and a better name (Mekko was previously known as “Cream.”)

This was until about two and a half months ago, when Max and I were walking Mekko down our street and were stopped by a frantic British woman, pushing a stroller in one hand and holding a length of yellow construction rope in the other, tied to which was the creature you see above. I don’t remember exactly how the exchange took place, but evidently she had witnessed the police making a big hullabaloo in downtown Brooklyn, sirens blaring as they cornered a small shaking mess of a dog, such that they could capture him, take him to be euthanized, and restore peace to the troubled region around which he had been terrorizing. Thinking she recognized the dog as a pet who lived on our street, she stepped in and volunteered to take him back to his owner, whose house she was now planted outside of since he didn’t appear to be home.

“Do you recognize this dog?” she asked.
“No, I’m sorry.” I replied.
“Wait,” Max jumped in, “I think that’s the dog who lives here, right? Daniel, isn’t that him?”
“I don’t know, I’ve never seen this dog before.”
“Well, I already have a dog at home so I can’t take him with me,” the woman sighed, “and I have to get my baby home and I can’t just stand here all day, so I think I’ll just leave him tied to the fence here, and hopefully the owner will walk by and see him?”

This, I realize now, was the moment when I had two choices. The first would have been: “Great, I’m sure that everything will work out. Good day to you, British mommy lady.” And then there’s what I actually said, which was something to the tune of, and I’m paraphrasing here, “oh, we can’t do that! Why don’t you just give him to me and I’ll see if I can’t get this whole situation worked out. Go on your merry way now, nice British mommy lady, you have done your generous duty to the world. Peace be with you.”

Shortly after she walked away, I realized the error of my ways and turned to Max. “We have two dogs now, don’t we,” I said. He shook his head no and smiled, and took Mekko on the rest of her walk while gremlin-dog and I stood on the sidewalk and plotted our next move.

We went to the vet to scan for a microchip but there was none, obviously. I mean, look at him. That is not a dog who has a microchip. They recommended that I call the shelter where we got Mekko, but they were at capacity and refused to take him.

Now, I know that picture above might read as cute and all, but trust—this dog was not cute. This dog was disgusting. This dog was in the worst condition I have ever seen an animal in in my entire life, in the flesh or otherwise. Wet little nose and pink tongue notwithstanding, it would have been difficult to even decipher this being as a dog at all—more like a pungent clump of matted fur with filthy street waste and poop clinging to its peripheries. When you have a weakness for dogs like I do, there’s something intensely heartbreaking about seeing stuff like this.

Too late in the day to take him to be groomed, I did the only thing I could think to do: I took him home, grabbed several pairs of scissors, plopped him down on my bathroom floor, and began a long excavation process that continued for the next seven straight hours.

It occurred to me part of the way through that this was, perhaps, a terrible idea. I knew nothing about this dog, who might not have taken kindly to what I’m sure was a painful and exhausting ordeal, as I had to gently but necessarily pull apart his armor and cut away at it slowly, trying to avoid his pink skin lurking somewhere in its depths. I suppose he could have turned around at any moment and bit me, or unleashed a herd of fleas onto my previously flea-less home, or flinched and caused my inexperienced grooming hands to impale him accidentally.

But none of these things happened. Instead, this little pile of matted fur was kind, and sweet, and seemed to know that something good was happening to him. He seemed to trust me. About halfway through, when his head and the front half of his body were mostly uncovered, he began to lick my face and hands manically, as if suddenly possessed. Little gremlin-dog was becoming unearthed, and he was being super cute about it.

This was during final exams at the end of the semester, shortly before we were leaving for our trip to France, and we were in no position to keep a second dog. He was a sweet dog and all, but—just no. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. 

So I called virtually every no-kill shelter in the state, and nobody would take him. One place, about four hours north, agreed to take a look at him under the condition that I go get him a rabies shot and as long as he was friendly, without “a million health problems” and “not super old,” they would probably take him.

So we went to the vet, where he got his rabies shot and a once-over, where the vet noted his dire need for dental surgery and estimated his age to be between 9 and 11 years old.

As we were leaving the vet, and I was fearing that our single remaining option might be drying up since it turned out he was quite old and did have some significant health problems, I got a call from my amazing friend Anna, who said that her Mommy was willing to take the little dog under foster care for a month. It wasn’t a permanent solution, but it bought us some time to figure something out after Max and I got back from France and solved the very short-term pressures. So the next day Anna and I loaded Fritz, Bruno, and the little dog in the car and went up to Newburgh.

I cannot think of a better possible situation for this dog to have been in. Anna’s mommy (whose name is actually Kristina), is—and I do not exaggerate here—absolutely one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met in my entire life. Added to this, she is also Swedish, incredibly patient and caring, and didn’t complain at all when confronted with a new little animal peeing all over the walls of her house and demanding to sleep on all the furniture. Since Kristina was, thus far, going to be the closest thing this dog had to a permanent owner, we decided she should be the one to name him. After some debate, she chose “Linus,” a name she’d basically been saving since the 60s when she almost used it for her eldest son.

Kristina took amazing care of Linus while we were away, but when we got back we all decided that he really needed to have his dental surgery done (and get neutered at the same time) as soon as possible. And, of course, while we were away Max and I had some thoughts. Maybe we could be a two-dog household after all? It wasn’t so crazy, right? I mean, people do this sort of thing all the time, albeit perhaps not within 6 months of adopting their first dog. But we had grown inordinately attached to Linus in the few days we’d had him before, and it’s not like people were jumping up to take this 10 year old dog with a huge impending vet bill off our hands. And we did just win $5,000, and what better use of that money could there be than a dog fund, right?

So we pulled the trigger, very cautiously, which is why I haven’t posted about Linus until now. As much as we loved him, what if things didn’t work out? What if the dogs didn’t get along, or taking care of both was too intimidating, or Martha Stewart came along and wanted to adopt him?

When I brought Linus home from Kristina’s house the night before his big surgery, Mekko did some exploratory sniffing before looking at me with the deepest look of confusion and sympathy in her eyes. “Wait,” she seemed to say, “come again? You want this thing to actually live with us? And I’m expected to like it? Am I on Candid Camera?”

So Linus went off to surgery, got neutered and ended up having fifteen teeth pulled, and over the coming weeks as we dealt with potty training (again) and learning how to walk two very different dogs at the same time, and trying to get the pickiest little stray rescue dog on the planet to eat some kind of semi-nutritive food, we grew more and more attached and more and more convinced that maybe this whole fucked up plan was OK, after all.

At first, Mekko basically wanted nothing to do with him and decided to approach the change as though he wasn’t there.

But now, I know they’re buddies. They’re actually a great pairing, if a bit unorthodox—they don’t really play, but I think they do calm each other when we leave the apartment, which helps both of them since they’re each a bit separation-anxious. Mekko likes to turn around and wait for Linus to catch up while we’re out walking, and she always lets him steal little bits of food from her big bowl at mealtime.

And the sort-of-almost cuddling between them—it doesn’t get much cuter than that, am I right? I’m right.

And Linus is just the sweetest. He is my little shadow around the apartment and is so absurdly cuddly (Mekko is pretty cuddly, too, so I spend a lot of time cuddling now). Like a very tiny little old man in a lamb costume is how I like to think of him.

So now we have two dogs.

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  1. 7.31.12
    Sarah said:

    This is absolutely the best thing I have read in a long, long time. Also, I am crying. CONGRATULATIONS!

    • 8.11.12
      Donna said:

      Good lord. 212 comments? Anyway, I stumbled upon and stopped immediately because of the shag (not that kind of shag). Anyway, just wanted to wipe my eyes long enough to say “can I come live with you all?” This southern girl needs your love and care like Linus does. Just kidding. Thank you for being you. That’s all.

    • 8.24.12
      mark said:

      This story just made my day !

  2. 7.31.12
    JJ said:

    This is seriously the BEST thing I’ve read all day. :) Kudos for being such a compassionate person and congrats on y’alls new addition!

  3. 7.31.12
    Holland said:

    Ok, you now have two readers crying tears of joy. Blessings on your family of four, and thanks to Anna and her Mom Kristina for providing Linus’ bridge from you and then back.

  4. 7.31.12
    Sarah said:

    I never comment on blogs, pretty much ever, but I just wanted to say that while I come here for the home improvement/decor talk, the glimpses of who you actually are are what make me like you so much. Congratulations on your newest addition. After the life this little guy’s had, it’s clear that he deserves someone like you.

    • 8.1.12
      Corrinne said:

      ^^^ Yup. What she said.

  5. 7.31.12

    God Dammit He’s adorable! Congratulations.

  6. 7.31.12
    erica p. said:

    Congrats on adding a new baby to your family! Linus is adorable. And the two of them together – oh, my!

  7. 7.31.12
    Denise said:

    Am ABSOLUTELY NOT a “dog” person! Linus is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen! Won my heart and if we were closer, I’d come forward to adopt him. Much luck with him.

  8. 7.31.12

    You guys are so awesome. Hooray for Linus!

  9. 7.31.12
    MKH said:

    What a wonderful story, happy for you all! I read this to my little rescue and he looked rather indifferent – he’s happy and thinks that things will turn out okay for cute little strays (wouldn’t that be wonderful)!

  10. 7.31.12
    JJ said:

    I love you all :)

  11. 7.31.12
    Erin said:

    I just laughed a *crazy person laugh* at that last picture, it made me so happy.

  12. 7.31.12
    Rachelle said:

    We also have a dog that no one wanted and she’ll forever have a special place in my heart. You guys are wonderful for taking him in. Congrats on your growing family :)

  13. 7.31.12
    carlene said:

    You & Max are good guys. I love the pics of them snuggling, but that last picture is a doozie. xo

  14. 7.31.12

    Hey, you know what? I love you. SO MUCH. I am so glad I met you and that we’re friends. You’re an amazing person. That’s why I knew you and my mommy would get along so well—you’re cut from the same cloth (perhaps a Josef Frank textile).

    Max is a lucky guy, and Mekko and Linus are two very lucky dogs.


    • 7.31.12
      Daniel said:

      Oh, you. Ditto, my friend. <3 <3 <3

  15. 7.31.12
    Mom said:

    I want a female Linus, only younger. He’s the best, next to Mekko. And Max. And you. And your other siblings.
    BTW, he did, at one time or another, try to save all those species he listed above and probably a few more.

    • 8.1.12
      Janet said:

      You made a beautiful person Mom.

  16. 7.31.12
    KKP said:

    WHAT a lovable muppet. Congrats to you all.

  17. 7.31.12
    kay* said:

    this is one of the best posts i’ve read on ANY blog EVER. you and max (and anna and kristina) have genuine hearts and that makes me so happy that people like you are out there. and that you used your winnings on this little guy…it just shows the kinda person you are.

    i rarely ever contribute funds to anything online but if you decide to open a linus fund or renovation fund to get some funds either (a) for linus or (b) to do some of the renovations you had in mind with those winnings i’ll be the first to contribute. i know it’s not about the money but seriously, it’s the very least i could do and i’d be all too happy to do it.

    linus is a lucky dog.

    • 8.1.12
      Carls said:

      Love to you. So glad Linus has a kind home. I never contribute online, but I would contribute to a fund for Linus and I think a lot of your other readers would, too.

  18. 7.31.12
    Em said:

    I love this story so much! So so much! Both dogs are beyond sweet, and Linus looks a lot like my little rescue dog, who is also a world-class cuddler and demander of belly rubs. Congratulations!

  19. 7.31.12
    furpants said:

    Awwwww. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. You are all lovely people. Linus and Mekko together are adorable, and they obviously realize they hit the rescue mutt jackpot. That last pic of Linus just kills me. I see a facebook page, massive twitter following, book deal and tour and in all of your futures!

    I have a little old lady rescue dog, and she also had more than half her teeth removed. It’s difficult to get her to eat. If you are interested, I can let you know what has worked diet-wise.

    • 7.31.12
      Daniel said:

      Actually, he’s developed a great appetite now that his mouth is feeling so much better! Oddly, he really just wants to eat Mekko’s food (big hard kibbles)…I don’t know how he does it, but he manages! Sometimes we can also get him to eat some really great wet food (Honest Kitchen), but that seems to be his second choice…

      (also, Linus totally needs a twitter. all his tweets would be variations on “I think I’ll go sleep next to Daniel on the couch now” and “maybe I’ll lick this baseboard for a while?”)

    • 7.31.12
      furpants said:

      All I’m sayin’ is Linus and Mekko could give Boo a run for his money. Maybe they just need some little outfits, then they can tweet about being Batman and Robin or whatever…

      On the food thing, I realized my pup doesn’t smell things very well, so she eats what I am eating. Linus might be eating Mekko’s food because he knows it’s good to eat since Mekko eats it? Something to consider.

    • 7.31.12
      Daniel said:

      That’s a good point, although I don’t think it’s the case with Linus…I think all his food hang-ups were really related to his mouth feeling so crummy—now he loves trying to eat random stuff off the street and the odd table scrap every once in a while. He ate LETTUCE the other day! Well, gummed lettuce the other day. Otherwise, I just think he’s a little bit of a diva (he would kill for me to just feed him Cesar’s all the time…).

    • 8.1.12
      Hillary said:

      We love Honest Kitchen, but it is my dog’s second choice, too. So glad Linus is eating well now that his mouth feels better!

      You shared your rescue story in such a poignant, funny, heartwarming way — I hope you will inspire others to be rescuers! You are a gifted writer, Daniel.

  20. 7.31.12
    Anabela said:

    That was beautiful. So great that he found you!

  21. 7.31.12
    Kirsten said:


  22. 7.31.12
    Lily said:

    Oh wow, the first picture is of Linus is crazy! What a transformation!

    Awesome story it gave me the warm fuzzies! Congrats!

  23. 7.31.12
    Alycia said:

    oh my gosh this brings tears to my eyes! what an amazing rescue story! i’m one of those crazy dog moms and got our second dog 9 months after getting our rescue but i wouldn’t want it any other way. linus is adorable and mekko is too <3

  24. 7.31.12

    An amazing heartwarming story from an amazing bunch of humans. You have another reader crying over here!

    Linus is lucky to have found you. We rescued a dog last week and are dealing with the anxiety and the training issues right now but it is so SO worth it.

    Smooches to your pooches!

    • 7.31.12
      Daniel said:

      Congrats! It gets much easier, the first 2-4 weeks can be TOUGH though. Good luck with the lucky pup!

  25. 7.31.12
    Laura said:

    10,000 blessings on your head.

    • 7.31.12
      kelly w said:

      Yes. This.

  26. 7.31.12
    Annelies said:

    You guys are amazing.

  27. 7.31.12
    Adam said:

    This made me cry, but in a good way! You, Max, Anna & Kristina are such wonderful people! Linus and Mekko are such lucky dogs!

  28. 7.31.12
    Krysta said:

    A two pup house can be totally chaotic at times, but there really is nothing cuter than two pups cuddling up together. It was a really wonderful thing you guys did virtually saving this dogs life!

  29. 7.31.12

    AHHHHHHH!! I love you and your kind & generous animal loving soul. That dog is adorable in so many ways and he and Mekko have got it fucking MADE with you two.

    Hrm…maybe I could get my hair to go all dreadlocky and stinky and eat a bucket of candy so my teeth rot and then I’ll show up at your front door until you take me in too? I want to be invited to the snuggle party! xo

  30. 7.31.12

    For a home improvement blog, I sure do cry a lot when I’m reading your posts!

  31. 7.31.12
    Joy said:

    What a beautiful family you 4 comprise. Your compassion is to be lauded!

  32. 7.31.12
    Jill said:

    I have so enjoyed watching Mekko & Linus on Instagram! pups4life!

  33. 7.31.12
    aimee said:


  34. 7.31.12
    TieDye64 said:

    Aw man, I’m just a puddle of mush now. Folks who rescue animals are THE BEST folks on the planet!

  35. 7.31.12
    lisa said:


  36. 7.31.12
    joyce said:

    delurking to say you guys are AWESOME!!! i linked to your blog a while back (re: home decor) and have repeatedly come back because you are a hilarious writer. you’re just the perfect combination of nice and nasty.

  37. 7.31.12
    Lily said:

    Melting over here! This is so wonderful to read. Thank you for being so fantastic, for writing so beautifully about it and for sharing the images and stories with the rest of us.

  38. 7.31.12
    Helen said:

    I stopped watching the women’s gymnastics team final to read this and actually squealed aloud at the last pic. I’m so glad you guys kept him and good on you for stepping up to the challenge. Linus is way cuter than Gaby Douglas :)

  39. 7.31.12
    Diane said:

    Just look at all that love. That dog is one lucky critter and I am sure it is a mutual affair. Love you guys. Love.

  40. 7.31.12
    Amber said:

    That last picture is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever.

  41. 7.31.12
    kelly w said:

    I can’t even. Thank you for being so wonderful (and thank you, too, Anna and Kristina).

    (PS, I also love the starling thing.)

  42. 7.31.12
    katie said:

    so glad that linus found you! our 2 guys are very different too (in age and personality), but like you said, i think it’s good for them to have a friend when we’re at work. looks like mekko and linus are doing great!

  43. 7.31.12
    Tracy said:

    You made me cry too – I don’t know you, but I love you. :) Max, Mekko, and Linus too.

  44. 7.31.12
    Adriana said:

    Two dogs are the best!!!! Congratulations and many happy years together.

  45. 7.31.12
    Alexis said:

    I loooove your blog and so look forward to to each time you post. When I saw this title in my google reader, I hoped with all my heart that it was the name of your second dog and it just MADE my day that it is. I just adopted my second rescue hound mutt and, I think, a two-dog household is much better than one. :)I Congrats to you and your ever-growing family!!

  46. 7.31.12
    ingrid said:

    People like you and acts such as this make me want to be a better person. wow. you really know how to do the right thing. bravo.

  47. 7.31.12
    Tara said:

    I cannot believe that’s the same dog from the first picture of him to the last!! Crazy how a little bit of TLC can change a dog!

  48. 7.31.12
    misa said:

    YAY! two dogs are twice the fun of one dog! you guys are the best and i love, love, love you all.

  49. 8.1.12

    Hey Daniel. I am also a sucker for all things abandoned, lost, stray, and dirty… It always helps if the animal/bird/rodent is missing a limb, wing, or an eye. There is CONSTANTLY a stray/wild something-or-other pissing & meowing/chirping/barking in a box somewhere in my house! It’s so awesome that you found it in your heart (and home) to take in this sweet little mutt. He’s adorable!

  50. 8.1.12
    t said:

    crying. a little old man in lamb costume!

  51. 8.1.12
    a. gomez said:

    wow! I am so glad for all the rescuers out there – I will never be jealous of your chair finds again.

  52. 8.1.12
    terrie said:

    Adorable dogs do better in packs as people do in pairs.

  53. 8.1.12
    jeannette said:

    this brought tears to my eyes. linus, you have won the lotto. and you are adorable.

  54. 8.1.12
    Jill said:

    What a wonderful thing you have done. Linus looks like a Maltese, like my Sophie! Best thing I have read all day!

  55. 8.1.12
    jeannette said:

    p.s.both my aged girlie dogs, after the age of 12, got warm chicken franks for treats, and franco american beef gravy on whatever they wanted.

  56. 8.1.12
    frances said:

    bless you daniel and max for helping this little dog and giving him a home and your love. linus couldn’t be more precious and now he is safe and has mekko and you to spend the rest of his life with. I am crazy about you, your blog, your home, your dogs, your creativity, your adventures……………you’re just amazing!

  57. 8.1.12
    jen said:

    well, shit Daniel. this made me come out from lurker-status! we rescued two dogs 5 years ago against everyone’s advice (to go from no dogs to two, people thought we were crazy). it remains one of the best decisions we ever made. i think dogs are happier when they have a companion and we both have a dog to snuggle with. both your dogs are lucky pups to have you guys for owners! what an incredibly sweet story. best wishes for many happy years ahead full of cuddles and puppy kisses.

  58. 8.1.12
    Stephanie said:

    You know, when I voted for you in the contest, I was excited that you could use the money for some cool projects around the apartment. But this is SO SO SO much better!
    I just adopted my second dog as well (you can see her on my blog) and I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
    Congratulations and good for you!

  59. 8.1.12
    hanna said:

    He’s adorable!

  60. 8.1.12
    Catherine said:

    What a cutie! We accidentally adopted a rescued mutt last winter and fell in love. It was my partner’s idea, and I thought he was crazy since we’re super busy. But, like I said, we fell in love with her. Then, about two months later, he freaked out about this stray dog that this friend-of-a-friend had found. And we adopted her without thinking about it very much, and I totally freaked out. But it turns out that it’s even less work than just one dog. The two girls play together all day and keep each other happy. Our first dog is less stressed out now. Win. Plus, we love them both. <3

  61. 8.1.12
    Ashish said:

    I am a regular reader of your blog from India. I know a bit far away…have always admired what you manage to get done in a small NYC apartment; but THIS, was positively the best thing I have seen you do so far. Well done my friend :-)

  62. 8.1.12

    I love this post.

  63. 8.1.12
    Heather said:

    I love that you used your AT win to pay for dental work for an abandoned dog. What a wonderful pair of parents you are. I’m extra happy now that I voted for you!

  64. 8.1.12
    Katie said:

    this story brought me to tears. happy puppy tears! and by the way Linus looks so much like my schnauzer-poodle (schnoodle) only white… too cute!

    • 8.1.12
      Daniel said:

      Oh, he does kind of look like a Schnoodle! Add it to the list of possibilities, haha.

  65. 8.1.12
    Kim said:

    amazing story! Your dogs are the luckiest and they know it :) evident of the smiling/cuddling happiness. You guys are really all too awesome.

  66. 8.1.12
    JanS said:

    Bless your little heart, Daniel.

  67. 8.1.12
    Magpie said:

    This story is almost to cute to be true! Congratulations!

  68. 8.1.12
    Katrin said:

    I just wish there would me more people like you out there.

  69. 8.1.12
    Janet said:

    With you in the world there’s hope Daniel.

  70. 8.1.12
    Nicole G. said:

    Well, shit. And here I thought there was no way I could possibly love y’all more.

  71. 8.1.12
    Tyson said:

    I love his cheeky smile in that last photo.

    Any idea what breed(s) of dog he is?

    • 8.1.12
      Daniel said:

      We have no idea! To be honest, pretty much all little white dogs look the same to me, and I’ve been told DEFINITIVELY that he’s a Bichon, a Maltese, a mini Poodle, maybe part terrier…maybe more? I don’t know what to think anymore!

    • 8.8.12
      Amy said:

      He looks at least part west highland terrier to me.

  72. 8.1.12
    Serap said:

    now I want to cuddle to you both. :) this is beyond lovely. I live with a cat, she is 13 years old now, and she was 9 when I decided to have her. People are mostly reluctant when it comes to adopting an older pet, but I think it is almost best timing that you would know if you would get along or not. I consider myself so lucky having her and I bet you would feel the same more in time. congrats for the new member of the family.

    • 8.1.12
      Daniel said:

      Yes—it never would have been my choice or intention to adopt an older pet (who doesn’t want a puppy?!), but I love how calm Linus is. Truthfully we have no idea how old he is exactly, so he could be a couple of years older or younger, but we’ve been going with 10 as a rough approximation. These little dogs last a long time, so I think he definitely has several more good years left in him! Particularly now that he’s being well cared for and all that. The most difficult thing is that he doesn’t take to training too easily, but that’s getting much, much better…I think he finally understands this whole potty training thing, which is a huge relief! I was worried he’d never learn!

    • 8.11.12
      Erica said:

      I wanted to let you know that after reading this post over and over, I decided to get a second dog. I had been thinking about getting another dog to keep my dog (and two cats — all rescues) company, and this tipped the scales. I got an eight year old shrimpy small Boston Terrier from a rescue group, and I adore him (as do the other beasties). Getting an older dog has so many rewards — and who can resist saving a middle-aged pup that was abandoned? I can’t wait to hear more about your pets and everything else. You are such good kids!

    • 8.11.12
      Daniel said:

      Wow, Erica, I’m so touched that we had *anything* to do with your decision to rescue a dog in need, especially one on the older side—if this hadn’t happened to us by chance, I very much doubt we would have intentionally made the decision to take in an older dog, but it really is so great. Huge congratulations on your new family member, and thank you for making my day! xoxo

  73. 8.1.12
    Joan M said:

    I truly believe there is a very special place in Heaven for people like you who help these poor little creatures. This was wonderful and I am so grateful my friend forwarded me your blog. Loved the pictures. It made my day. Thank you!

  74. 8.1.12
    alexa said:

    This has made my week. I hope to be able to do the same one day. You guys are fabulous. xx

  75. 8.1.12
    Sherry said:

    Oh my god that first photo makes my heart break! It really blows my mind how animals who have gone through so much can still remain so sweet-natured because I would probably be biting everyones hand off at that point. He’s probably had more than a few hard years. Thankfully, he eventually fell into the right hands. You guys are the absolute best!

  76. 8.1.12
    kat said:

    Amazing job! He looks like he is in great hands. And this is why more emergency animal care is needed beyond shelters where animals may be put down. There is a new pilot program in Philly working in conjunction with the Red Cross that assists animals in emergency situations – house fire, flooding, or other disasters, or even what you’ve mentioned above. Hopefully this program will be able to expand beyond the Philly area soon – check it out and support so it can grow, and be available for the next Linus!

  77. 8.1.12
    Libby said:

    I’ve been loving your instagram posts of these two, and now that I know the story behind it, I love them even more. I’m so glad you took a chance on Linus! He seems like a really special dog. Congratulations! :)

  78. 8.1.12
    Liz L. said:

    In tears. So grateful that people like you exist.

  79. 8.1.12
    Renata said:

    ah Daniel, I´m so happy for your family of four. I have a few dogs that came into my life that way as well, and it´s just so rewarding! Now we have 5 of them, and a little kitty just joined. A little chalenging, but everything will work out.
    I´m so happy for all of you!! Can we be friends? hahaha

  80. 8.1.12

    You guys are truly the best! Linus and Mekko curled up next to each other on the couch is just adorable! You guys did a wonderful thing here, you’ve given Linus a chance at life with love! Mamma Biscuit and family is sending you four pug hugs and kisses!

    “Like a very tiny little old man in a lamb costume is how I like to think of him” LOLOL that’s hysterical!

    The Biscuits!

  81. 8.1.12
    Paula said:

    I am going to tell you that my heart leaps a little bit whenever I see a new post of yours pop up on Google Reader, wondering what you’ll do to surprise and amaze us next. So I’m totally blindsided and weeping now.

    My husband and I rescued a beautiful little persian kitty (she doesn’t meow, but catches mice and snores like trucker). She needs regular visits from the scissors for matted fur, so I know the kind of love and bravery it takes to dive into that kind of fur ball.

    SO happy that Linus found you and your lovely family:).

  82. 8.1.12
    Dusa said:

    Old man dog and young girl dog – perfect pairing. They’ll be good for each other. Yay you and Max! I love how you have this tagged as “family”, cause ayep you is!

  83. 8.1.12
    Rachel said:

    How cute Linus is! It is so great that you were able to save a helpless dog.

  84. 8.1.12
    Wendy said:

    What a wonderful story and such a happy ending!!! Bravo!!!!! What a wonderful and beautiful little family you have.


  85. 8.1.12
    Kari said:

    Long time reader, first time commenter….crying after that heartwarming story. We also rescued a little poodle mix that cleaned up into the cutest, sweetest dog. Your Linus is a very lucky dog. Congratulations.

  86. 8.1.12
    Chris said:

    Dude. The karma you are racking up with these two babies is off the charts, even though that is clearly not the reason you took them in. Makes my heart glad.

  87. 8.1.12
    Valerie C. said:

    I don’t know how many of your blog readers are in the preschool demographic but my girls LOVE this story! Beautiful pictures. Especially the last portrait of Linus, he is convincing as a puppy now that he has experienced TLC. Good show!

    • 8.1.12
      Daniel said:

      Haha, yours might be the only ones! I hope I’m not exposing them to any choice words they’ll want to repeat!

    • 8.7.12
      Sabrina said:

      Nope, my preschooler will be loving these too! Fortunately, if she did know how to spell those choice words, her reaction would be ‘Daddy says that word’.

  88. 8.1.12
    Simone said:

    TLC is the most powerful force in the world.
    Bless your kind sweet heart.

    I have a 6 year old who calls herself “an Animal Friend” fortunately for now it is about ladybugs and snails. Though she does have her eye on a rabbit and a gerbil.

    Did you ever see the British mom who handed the dog over again?
    Have a wonderful day!!!

    • 8.1.12
      Daniel said:

      Actually, Max ran into her a couple weeks ago, and she was SO happy to see that everything turned out OK for Linus. She couldn’t believe it was the same dog!

      Oh, your daughter will be bringing home all sorts of things before you know it! It starts with bugs! You’ve been warned!

    • 8.1.12
      Simone said:

      Our daughter thinks Linus is supercute.
      He looks a bit like a longhaired Jack Russell terrier.
      He will probably follow you till the end of the earth.

  89. 8.1.12
    Gaidig said:

    “Like a very tiny little old man in a lamb costume is how I like to think of him.”
    Tee hee hee. I love the last photo too. Yay for happy rescue dogs.

  90. 8.1.12
    Heather said:

    OMG I’m so happy you guys decided to keep him!!!! He looks exactly like my dog, Buster, who is also a cuddle monster, but also loves to pee on everything. You guys are so amazing, using your winnings to take care of that poor little guy. It breaks my heart every time I see an older dog at the shelter, knowing that someone just gave up on them after having them around for so long. I’ve never understood it. You guys are angels.

    If you want to see Linus’ twin- he’s got his own blog. Yes, I’m THAT obsessed with him. (Crazy dog lady? Totally.)

    • 8.1.12
      Daniel said:

      OK, that is really adorable. They do look alike!

  91. 8.1.12

    You are a wonderful person, and that’s that.

  92. 8.1.12
    susan said:

    See now you can both cuddle dogs at the same time! Win win. Thank you both for being the people you are.

  93. 8.1.12
    marie said:

    this is adorable! I want a second dog too!! (mine is just 10months old)

  94. 8.1.12
    Steph said:

    Love this. My husband and I adopted our second dog (who had been our foster dog) a little over a year ago. I was nervous about having two, but it has turned out to be great. In fact, I feel myself being tempted to adopt more, but am not looking to be known as the crazy dog hoarder lady…

  95. 8.1.12
    Eric said:

    I don’t even know you, but I want to hug you.

  96. 8.1.12
    Brianna said:

    Even though your blog is about home decorating, your writing conveys your personality so clearly. Kind, compassionate, a beautiful soul. And here I thought that you couldn’t get any better. Way to go sir!

  97. 8.1.12
    Erin said:

    I can’t even handle that last picture. So wonderful of you to open your home to not one but TWO rescue dogs. I adopted my first last fall and have been pushing for dog #2 ever since. It’s like an immediate response to adopting one, suddenly I want to adopt ALL THE DOGS. This makes me think I could do it.

    All the best to you and your boys. xo

  98. 8.1.12
    Fat Cat said:

    You couldn’t have spent your winnings in any better way ! I’m so very happy for Linus :-)

  99. 8.1.12
    Erica W. said:

    Oh my God. You guys are so sweet. God bless you for taking in that little dog. I can’t imagine a better use for that windfall. I’m crying tears of joy — reading this sort of thing restores one’s faith in humans. God bless you boys.

  100. 8.1.12
    Juliet said:


    Linus and Mekko – beautiful, gorgeous dogs! Thank you for rescuing them both!!

  101. 8.1.12
    Jenn said:

    GOD…I knew it as going to end up all freaking awesome like this!!! What a total cutie-face he turned out to be. Hugs to the foster chicks who watched him. THAT is some LOVE there boy. I’m sharing this story on my local animal rescues FB page immediately. Happy new-ish pup!!!

  102. 8.1.12
    gloria Bauer said:

    Daniel, you are hopeless… and I love you for it! Your new fur-child is adorable and so are you and Max! gogo

  103. 8.1.12
    erocla said:

    I love you for your design. I love you for your writing. I love you for being a spectacular human being and saving this dogs life!

  104. 8.1.12
    Kassie said:

    Linus is adorable! You are sweet men for saving him. <3

  105. 8.1.12
    kris said:

    OMG you did soooo good! What a wonderful story!!! I’ve been following your blog because I’ve been following Anna’s blog (for years)….you both rock.

    I have owned eight rescue dogs over the years and it’s such a rewarding feeling.


    P.S. That last picture is to die for…

  106. 8.1.12
    Monica said:

    What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing and all the best to all of you.

  107. 8.1.12

    You almost made me cry when you were talking about grooming him! That poor little guy. Did you ever find his last owner? Or why or how he ended up looking like a canine hair ball?

    He’s so cute. You’re good guys for taking in an elderly pet.

    • 8.1.12
      Daniel said:

      No, we haven’t found any previous owner. Without a collar or microchip, there aren’t a lot of easy ways to do that, although I did do some searching around the internet to see if they had posted to any number of lost pet types of forums and there was nothing. To be honest, I’m glad this was the case—it would have been EXTREMELY difficult and unsettling to put him back in a situation where he had so obviously been mistreated and neglected. The condition he was in didn’t happen over the course of a few days or even weeks on the streets (which is VERY unlikely in the middle of brooklyn!), it happened over many months or even years of complete disregard for his condition or well-being. That said, he’s a very, very sweet dog and I don’t think he was abused or anything, so it’s very difficult to say where he might have come from—it could be anything from somebody with mental illness, or an elderly person who was unaware/unable to care for his needs, but of course those are just guesses!

  108. 8.1.12
    Amanda said:

    YAAAAAAAY! Love!

  109. 8.1.12
    Amber said:

    what a beautiful story. linus is a very lucky pup. we have 5 of our own and each has it’s own unique story. we wouldn’t know what to do without them.

  110. 8.1.12
    Nancy said:

    Awwwwwwe…… sweet!

    Looking forward to seeing more on the kitchen. :)

  111. 8.1.12
    ms. smith said:

    I was having a seriously disgusting day & totally disgusted w/everybody & everything & then read your post — sheer delight! Amazing how such a lovely story can uplift a sorry soul (me). Love your blog, and what you’re doing is so brilliant: dogs, apt., & great friends! Much thanks… ta. ta…

  112. 8.1.12


  113. 8.1.12
    Sam said:

    You are a good person!


  114. 8.1.12
    Katie said:

    You guys are the greatest! Love your blog, love love love it.

  115. 8.1.12
    Justine said:

    I am grateful that people like you exist.

  116. 8.2.12
    Louise said:

    Linus is sooooooo adorable ~ So glad you guys decided to keep him ^^

  117. 8.2.12
    Kat said:

    I never comment on posts, but that was the best blog post I have ever read. You have a warm heart. <3. P.s. I love the way you write…you are so funny and entertaining to read.

  118. 8.2.12
    nicolezh said:

    Although I am a crazy cat lady I do have a soft spot for dogs.It is 9 am in an office in Zurich, Switzerland and I have tears in my eyes.
    You are such a generous and responsible person at the same time and I think everytime when reading your blog that you are also a great problem solver. May it be an old wanky kitchen or a neglegted dog, you can cope with the situation and make to best out of it. So great that you have a network of friends around you to get support and understanding!
    Thank you for being this person and sharing your experiences in the interwebs.

  119. 8.2.12
    Karilynn said:

    I’m bawling my flippin’ eyes out. This was the best thing I’ve read in ages and restores my faith in humanity.

  120. 8.2.12
    Benita said:

    You guys are the best.

  121. 8.2.12
    Milly said:

    I love this post! Although I laughed out loud when I saw Cream. I mean really? Who names their dog that?!

    You are an awesome person and I am so glad I found this blog!

  122. 8.2.12
    Kelsey said:

    I used to try to save little animals too when I was a kid. I once found an orphaned baby mouse and named it Butch and another time a bunny, and another time a finch. If they died, I always gave them a funeral too and demanded my mom, dad, and brother join me in the back yard to attend the services.

    Thanks for sharing this story. It was so heartwarming to read this morning.

  123. 8.2.12

    Hands down, this is the best story I have read in a long time. Thank God for peope like you.

  124. 8.2.12
    Jaime said:

    So happy for you! Elderly dogs are THEBESTTHINGEVER.

  125. 8.2.12

    WOW!!! What a wonderful story! Made my day! Thank you for sharing it.

  126. 8.2.12

    Ah! This post was so good. I love this blog.

  127. 8.2.12
    Shauna said:

    I love this story…thank you for sharing :) You guys are awesomeness.

  128. 8.2.12
    Meaghan said:

    You are such a HERO. And Linus is a handsome gentleman. So glad your pups are buddies.

  129. 8.2.12

    You guys are everyday heroes. I’m so glad you could use the prize money to help Linus!

  130. 8.2.12
    Tony d said:

    I live everything you write. This was by far my favorite, may God bless you and your new family member.

  131. 8.2.12
    Jessica said:


  132. 8.2.12
    Jenny said:

    You, my friend, are an angel. God bless you for helping this sweet little fella.

  133. 8.2.12
    Kimberly said:

    Congrats on being a two dog household! Linus couldn’t have gotten two better men in his corner.

    I second/third/etc. the older pet enthusiasm. My little cat was 10+ (age unclear) when I adopted her and she’s been the sweetest, most loving addition to my house.

  134. 8.2.12
    Cassie said:

    oh my goodness! “Like a very tiny little old man in a lamb costume is how I like to think of him.” hilarious.. im laughing and crying, amazing post and amazing thing to have done. I can’t imagine what his fate would of been had he been left tied to a fence. You two are amazing people to have given him such a loving home. haha a tiny old man in a lamb suit.. geeze thats going to be one of those things I think of in the future and laugh out loud to.

  135. 8.2.12
    bfish said:

    This post had me crying and at the same time wanting to send you so much love for doing this for your poor doggie! Obviously you and Max know what are the most important things in life, and I wish for a big bunch of happiness and success to come your way. If only more people were as mature and caring as you are —

  136. 8.2.12
    Kathy said:

    Bless you, bless you, bless you for saving this dog and giving him a loving home.
    P.S. My seven year old mini schnauzer is named Linus and I think it’s the perfect dog name.

  137. 8.2.12
    LaurieB said:

    3 dog house here! Two pugs and a husky…..we rescued Lexi our husky from an Ohio kill shelter and our wee pug was a former “sex trade worker” past his prime as a breeder covered in hot spots & scabs at the ripe age of nine. There is always room for more and the return on investment for a rescue dog is worth it (sloppy kisses and all). Yay Linus!

  138. 8.3.12
    Keith said:

    I’m so glad it’s working out. Linus and Mekko are adorable. I predict a super-cute family portrait in the near future, possible involving a blue shell chair.

  139. 8.3.12
    Riva said:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while but have never commented before. I ALMOST did when you rescued Mekko, because that story brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart and caused Julie Andrews to start singing in my head. I don’t know why I didn’t. But now with the story of Linus, I just have to say you and Max are the most amazing human beings on the planet. We rescued both of our dogs but we had to elbow a lot of other would-be-rescuer applicants out of the way to get them. You guys out of the goodness of your hearts saved two amazing animals from questionable fates and look what a beautiful family you have made. Both your dogs are so adorable and sweet. I feel better about the world just knowing you are part of it.

  140. 8.3.12
    Kate Dick said:

    We “accidentally” found ourselves with a second dog. Our life exploded with CHAOS and love. I reckon you could fit a few more pups in yet ;)

    I like your outlook on what you think happened Linus. People at work today were moaning about people who hand in dogs to shelters, forgetting that unfortunate circumstances also happen to humans. Sudden illness/mentail illness/death etc often leave once loved pets without a carer or proper care through no lack of love from the owners.

  141. 8.3.12
    Dayana said:

    He’s a Bichon (mostly). The ears are a little different, so there’s some other breed involved, but he’s mainly a Bichon. I’ve had one for 9 years and he’s the sweetest dog. A perpetual sunny disposition. Thank you for rescuing Linus. My heart breaks every time I read about abandoned dogs — I wonder how people can leave them behind or neglect them. It’s a great, great thing that you’ve done, Daniel!

  142. 8.3.12
    april said:

    What good people you are. xoxo

  143. 8.3.12
    Shawna said:

    I came across this post linked from another blog article I was reading. TOO cute! Linus and Mekko are absolutely adorable together. I’m also a sucker for rescuing sad, cute little animals in need. Congratulations on your 2 dog household…one of the best things in the world!

  144. 8.3.12
    Holly said:

    Thank you for being there, all in, for a dog in need. The world needs many more people just like you who are willing to be moved and take a chance. Bravo!!!!

  145. 8.3.12
    Ana said:

    I can’t produce anything more complex than: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  146. 8.3.12
    Heather said:

    What?? This is so awesome!! What a way to end the week for me. Thanks for the smile on my face. Now to go home and snuggle up with my two rescue pups.

  147. 8.3.12
    Kimberly said:

    This is the best blog post I’ve read on the internet, ever. And I read a lot of them. So happy for your little family. That dog is the LUCKIEST. But then again, so are you. Best wishes!

  148. 8.3.12
    lsaspacey said:

    I love how you took him on like one of your refurbishing projects. I mean, look at that before and after! Two separate dogs almost. Congrats, the four of you make an incredibly cute family.

  149. 8.3.12
    susan said:

    It was surely meant to be. Lovely post, sweet dog, kind people!

  150. 8.3.12
    Karoline said:

    I’m going to bookmark this post so I can read it over again on one of those days where the newspapers make me think that there is too much war and hate and injustice in this world for there to be any good people left here at all. You’re a good person Daniel, and you give me hope – so thank you for sharing this!

  151. 8.3.12
    despi said:

    You are the most amazing (blog) writer I have ever read, with the most amazing dogs and one great tender sense of humor. Love from Athens, Greece.

  152. 8.3.12
    Julie said:

    First time I comented on your blog it was because of your beautiful story about adopting Mekko. And now THIS!!! You are such an awesome person – I am certain good things will rain down on your head for life :)

  153. 8.3.12
    Anna said:

    Aww Daniel that is the cutest thing EVER! I have tears in my eyes after reading that story. So much cute!

  154. 8.3.12
    Michelle said:

    Now that’s the best cry I’ve had in a while!

  155. 8.3.12
    Louise C said:

    Mekko has the best facial expressions ever! Too cute! They speak “if I ignore it for long enough, the fluffball will not be there anymore…” And Linus looks cheeky and funny and all sorts of cute. They are lucky dogs, and you are both lucky people to have such gorgeous dogs in your life.

  156. 8.3.12
    elle sees said:

    my pup was thrown from a car and in similar fashion to your Linus. A friend witnessed the horrible act, scooped him up, and called me, since i’m the only dog-less person she knew.
    i’ve never had a pet.
    i’m not an “animal” person.
    but it was my birthday. i knew i needed this pup.
    he came to me the second i met him. and it was instant love.
    he’s named Charlie Brown because he looked up at me when I, in conversation, said that name.
    nearly two years later, the matted, malnourished Morkie is 8 pounds of fluffy, adorable love.
    long story short: i’m an “animal” person. forever.

  157. 8.4.12
    Ali said:

    oh wow, you guys are the best! i bet you’ve saved more dogs than just Linus simply through showing readers just how amazing rescue dogs can be. your blog posts always make me laugh, cry or just generally feel better. thanks

  158. 8.4.12
    Harriet Hieatt-Smith said:

    You are adorable, sweet, dear, dear people and now you are being rewarded with the greatest of all rewards – a silly old dog. Good on you! Last summer we adopted an 4-yr old English Springer Spaniel called Linus (renamed Lionel by the rescue centre). He is hands down the best being in my life. x

  159. 8.4.12
    Maisukka said:

    Such a wonderful story and a truly happy ending for the little guy!!
    How big your heart is… now you made me cry a little of happiness.World needs more people like you guys <3 <3

  160. 8.5.12
    margo said:

    Good on you, we have enjoyed 6 rescue dogs through the years all seniors in age, I consider that we give them a happy retirement and we have loved them all till the end.

    You guys are the best.

  161. 8.5.12
    Tisha said:

    You did good!

  162. 8.5.12
    Sterling said:

    Thanks for making me cry, sir. It’s nice to see people who care.

  163. 8.6.12
    Diane said:

    Well, I needed to revisit and read it again. Yes, I still absolutely love you for taking this baby boy home. xoxo

  164. 8.6.12
    Juliska said:

    I’ve read this about four or five times now, each time with a lighter heart and bigger grin. So good to know that you and Max–and even the somewhat reluctant Mekko–were the ones to find and keep this sweet little soul. Kismet, no doubt about it–Brooklyn’s most stylish and warmhearted young family takes in a little waif who both needs and deserves them. Thank you!

  165. 8.6.12

    I love hearing stories like this where a deserving animal gets a good home :) Growing up, my family adopted a total of 6 pets (4 cats and 2 dogs) all within 4 years so I know how you feel about not being able to leave an animal you find.

  166. 8.6.12
    Deborah said:

    Unbelievable; you guys are just the best! Of all your home renovation projects this is my favourite by far. So happy for all of you. What a great way to invest your hard earned prize money – you will be repaid in cuddles and sloppy face kisses for years to come.

  167. 8.6.12
    Sophie said:

    I cried. Buckets. reading this. Linus is one lucky dog.

  168. 8.6.12
    Jennifer said:

    Umm, he is awesome and you are amazing. Well done.

  169. 8.6.12

    How incredibly sad and happy!

  170. 8.7.12
    Mina said:

    I’m usually a lurker on your blog, but this moved me to leave a comment.
    I just want to say that I am so glad to read this story and hear about the generosity of you and Max. You two are so kind, and it makes me want to be a better person. If everyone did what you two just did, our world would be a different place.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely story!

  171. 8.7.12
    Kristina said:

    You are SO freakin awesome! I LOVE that you took him in. I don’t know you but I LOVE you :)

  172. 8.7.12
    Karen said:

    A better world for all living creatures? All you need is love. You did your part.

  173. 8.7.12
    Jess said:

    Best. Post. Ever. :)

  174. 8.8.12
    Désirée said:

    I LOVE YOU!!!
    I love reading your posts
    I love, that you love dogs
    I love your creativity
    I love your talent to write those funny and entertaining texts
    I just love your Blog!

    Love, Désirée from Germany :-*

  175. 8.8.12
    Jessiejack said:

    Thanks for writing such a great blog that always cheers me up. This last post was awesome!

  176. 8.8.12
    Lisa said:

    That is such a wonderful story. Some people just shouldn’t have pets but he has obviously found a wonderful new home. Lisa

  177. 8.9.12
    Adrienne said:

    Thanks for writing that great story and what a wonderful thing to do, taking care of little Linus. He is so much like my little Benji, also a Maltese. We have a 15 year old rescue poodle, and a 20 pound black rescue cat, named Midnight, and Benji, whose best friend is the cat.
    I wish you all good times together!!

  178. 8.9.12
    Iris Vank said:

    What a sweet story.. All the best for the four of you!

  179. 8.9.12
    Lisa Saffer said:

    Teary. Last photo going on desktop. Linus needs a blog with a kindergarten target readership.

    I would like to tell your parents they did really good.

    • 8.9.12
      Mom said:

      Thanks Lisa. We are incredibly proud of Daniel and Max and their decision-making abilities. They are very warm and giving people with good hearts. Our other children, Jeremy and Laura have big hearts too. They just might not be so out there expressing it as beautifully as Daniel.

    • 8.12.12
      Jenn said:

      I love that Daniel has such a proud mom.
      You Rock.

  180. 8.10.12
    Esther said:

    The world would be a much better, kinder place with more people like you and Max in it. Mekko and Linus are very lucky dogs. (And I can relate to your mantra! But my inability to adhere to it is why we too have two dogs—and three cats plus a foster kitty. Life is filled with lots of kisses, lots of laughs, and lots of POOP.) Congratulations, wishing you four all the very very very best xxox

  181. 8.10.12
    Wes said:

    I love the picture of Mekko and Linus cuddling! We had our first dog for a year before we got the second. She hated him and thought he was a dirty baby for 6 months. Now she loves him. He always loved her.

    Sometimes little dogs like hard food because they are prone to teeth problems, as you already know. Hard food can be better for their teeth because it doesn’t gunk up. Maybe Linus is drawn to it because it feels good on his teeth? I have two small dogs (Frenchies) and they chomp down on the hardest toys imaginable to help their teeth (this sounds wrong as I type it, but it’s true).

  182. 8.10.12

    Unless someone beats me too it, looks like I’ll be comment 203. A comment to just say that I don’t know you and yet know that you are an incredibly wonderful person. Never mind that Linus looks almost exactly like my Fergus, but this post melted my heart in a thousand different directions and reminding me of the goodness that is out there in the world. Thanks for sharing the goodness. SO much!

  183. 8.10.12

    Bless you a thousand times. You made me so much happier at the end of a long and tiring week.

  184. 8.10.12
    Norway said:

    Made me cry. Thank you for being awesome. Will go cuddle with my own little dog now <3

  185. 8.10.12

    as the proud mom of an adopted 6 month old pup, my gratitude and best wishes. i remember the day when when we brought him home, also a filthy mess brought to our local shelter from a high euthanasia shelter in tennessee. they told us no one had even looked at him on adoption days! but we did – what a happy ending for all!

  186. 8.11.12

    I just wanted to say that I think you’re a really lovely person. And little Linus (and Mekko) are extremely lucky to have you. Oh, and so is Max. :D

  187. 8.11.12
    Danielle said:

    I am a regular reader of this blog & LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you write, think, your style, humor. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a blog before, but I LOVED this post so much. Such a great story & I am so happy for your little family. You’re doing great kid!

  188. 8.11.12
    Lisa said:

    “We have two dogs now, don’t we”. That makes me laugh and cry at the same time. The choice was already made the second you took that leash wasn’t it?
    I’m so glad he worked out with Mekko.

    My partner and I love animals, but we don’t have enough time for a dog, and we live in an area with a lot of traffic, so no good for cats, since we both feel that cats should be allowed to roam freely.
    But then we started seeing a skinny, terrified cat with awful matted long hair eating the bread we were feeding the birds in our back garden . We felt awful for it, but we did NOT want a pet, so what could we do?
    Start feeding it (expensive) cat food and trying to get it to come to the door? Why of course!
    But then we realised he STUNK of cat pee, and I’m terribly anal with cleanliness and have all white textiles and nice furniture, so what could we do?
    Let him come inside and sleep in our bed, all stinky and filthy? Why of course!
    But then it turned out that this little fucker of a cat likes to scratch teak sideboards, break porcelain, steal your food off your plate, wants his litter box changed after every time he goes- or he will poo in the bath tub, wakes you up at 5 am, hates being brushed so needs crazy expensive professional grooming while sedated, so what could we do? Be the proudest and happiest parents ever- of course.

    • 8.11.12
      Daniel said:

      Aw, that is so sweet. Sometimes difficult pets are the most fun and endearing. It’s cute when they’re jerks and have their own ideas!

  189. 8.11.12
    Serenity said:

    Oh baby!!!

    Best before and after ever!!!

  190. 8.12.12
    Jenn said:

    What an excellent story. I think she did good with ‘Linus’. Seems a right fitting name for that happy little face.

  191. 8.13.12
    dede said:

    We recently and quite unexpectedly became parents to a red-nose pitbull. Rex, or Rexie as I renamed him was about to be killed at the ASPCA until one of the volunteers- who realized Rex was a sweet loveable and very adoptable dog found a home for him- not with us- but with someone else.That person decided they could not handle the 18 month old dog and Rex ended up with a trainer in our building who was fostering him. We started to help walking him and training him and it was love at first sight.

    I was once scare to death of pit bulls. no more. Now I understand they get a bad rap. And pit bulls are very dedicated to their people- that is why they can be easily trained to fight. They just want to make their people happy. I found that pit bulls in general are extremely loveable dogs at home. I never had a dog that was so sweet before.

    Now Rex is part of our family- never wanted to have a dog again- especially since it is challenging when you live in NYC. But with proper training and plenty of walks- Rex has turned out to be the love of our lives.

    You never know what life is going to bring you next!


  192. 8.13.12
    CC said:

    love you guys – thank you! I’ve been crying all day as tonight is the night that I have to have my pup euthanized due to cancer — and this story of redemption and love is just what I needed … there is a place for everyone in the world.

    • 8.14.12
      Daniel said:

      Oh, I’m so SO sorry to hear about your dog, CC. That’s absolutely the worst, most painful part of being a pet-owner. All the best from all of us.

    • 8.15.12
      Diane said:

      Soooo sorry CC. This is a tough assignment. I am missing my pups of 16 years each every day. We are so lucky to have known them. Wishing you the best. There may be a pup out there for both of us in the future.

  193. 8.13.12
    Lindsey said:

    You are the very best. Seriously.

  194. 8.14.12
    Bakesmith said:

    I didn’t know this was possible. I read your website because of your FAB DIYs, and you have outdone yourself. YOU MANAGED TO DIY A DOG. And I think he is your best project yet. Thank you for being a good person and not leaving him in the street.

    • 8.16.12
      Emily said:

      TOTAL Dog DIY!! Amazing, thank goodness for dog rescuers of the world. Thank you, thank you!

  195. 8.14.12
    Gracie said:

    It makes me so happy that there are people in the world who really care about the suffering of animals. So moving!

  196. 8.14.12
    Caitlin said:

    Damn it, this made me cry a little. I’m so happy you rescued this little guy and so happy that he gets to live out his golden years in a safe, loving home. I have two dogs and a cat, and there’s something really wonderful about the way they interact with each other–it’s a pleasure to watch. Enjoy!

  197. 8.15.12
    Alisa said:

    This little guy reminds me of Dennis, a little Pekingese I picked up during a tropical storm called Dennis (hence the name). Dennis was trotting down the street in the pouring rain very purposefully, as if he had somewhere important to go to, but of course he had nowhere to go. Dennis was so filthy and matted that at first I wasn’t sure what species he was, much less his breed or sex. Like you, I spent hours in the garage carefully clipping away at his mats, and like Linus, he was ever so patient and never complained once, but instead seemed content just to have some company. I was lucky enough to find a local(ish) pug rescue group that also takes in Pekingeses and met them halfway to hand him over. He handled the whole ordeal with grace and aplomb, supremely confident that everyone was going to take much better care of him than whoever turned him loose in the concrete jungle.

  198. 8.17.12
    elisabeth said:

    I love this story. LOVE. You are a good man. And, btw, I think that Linus bears a strong resemblence to you in the last photo. It was meant to be.

  199. 8.18.12
    Christina said:

    Thank you for saving Linus and providing him with a loving home in his golden years. The last two dogs I owned were both seniors that I adopted from local shelter/rescue groups. Both dogs had multiple health issues, but it was absolutely worth the time, money and effort to provide them with safety, health, happiness and love. Thank you for reminding me that there are good people out there, blessings to you and your family. Hugs and kisses for Linus and Mekko.

  200. 8.20.12
    Lilian Garcia said:

    I just want to say I love you! And all you love! You are the best.

  201. 8.22.12
    Helen said:

    I spit out my water while reading this ” I suppose he could have turned around at any moment and bit me, or unleashed a herd of fleas onto my previously flea-less home, or flinched and caused my inexperienced grooming hands to impale him accidentally.” Loved your story!

  202. 8.22.12
    Catherine said:

    More. Linus. Photos. (please)

  203. 8.23.12
    Jinia said:

    Fandamntastic!!! We have a ridiculous creature as well that we had to save and never left! Love reading your blog more for these stories than even your fantastic diy!

    Couple things Sookie Rose just loves (our baby) ..watermelon (favorite and would be good for the gummer..), peanut butter smeared in a bowl with frozen peas pressed in (okay and it is fun to watch!), and in an ice cube tray-bits of watermelon/peas/low sodium broth frozen together as cube sized doggie crack! Just thought I would share..maybe overshare…

  204. 8.23.12
    Minda said:

    ….I don’t see what the problem is with a fruit-and-Triscuit diet. ;)

  205. 8.23.12
    MinglesMommy said:

    Just wanted to heap loads of praise and good wishes on you for being such a wonderful “parent” to Mekko & Linus. They’re SO SO fortunate to have you both.

    Is Mekko a pit bull?? I’ve come to LOVE pit bulls!!!


    • 8.23.12
      Daniel said:

      Yep, Mekko is a Pit! You can read about her adoption story here.

  206. 8.23.12
    Inez said:

    How absolutely wonderful of you and Max and Mekko to open your home to that woeful little stray! Linus is adorable. Emmett, a former stray who was at the shelter for over a year because every potential adopter said, “he’s a great little dog but he’s kinda ugly” — he looks like a miniature hyena, which I think that’s a huge plus — says “hello and you all 4 rock!”

    • 8.23.12
      Daniel said:

      I LOVE ugly dogs. Hearts to Emmett!

  207. 8.23.12

    i clicked on the link via and i just wanted to thank you for not being the person to walk away from this sweetheart. thank you for doing what you did. what a wonderful story.

    • 8.23.12
      Annie said:

      I, too, clicked the link from Cute and also wanted to say thanks for taking Linus in. You have a great heart! <3

  208. 8.23.12
    M. said:

    You may have converted me to dogs, which is akin to converting a bicycle to a potted plant.

    Seriously, thank you for being the person you are. The world needs it. :)

  209. 8.23.12
    Lori said:

    You are a good egg. And Linus is one lucky little guy.

  210. 8.23.12
    Jessica said:

    People like you melt my heart, kudos for doing such a selfless thing. I’m one of those people that cries in movies when animals are hurt and not so much when the people are hurt..

    Jessica the Canadian with a Mexican rescue pup (it’s a good thing I live where I do, this Mexican loves the snow!)

  211. 8.23.12
    jen said:

    saw you featured on and had to come here and read the story. thank you for being so kind!

    i am constantly awestruck by animals in their capacity to be open to receiving love even after being neglected for so long.

  212. 8.23.12
    Laura said:


  213. 8.23.12
    Becky said:

    What a cutie! He looks like a Coton de Tulear. It’s kind of an obscure breed. W have one, and Linus looks so much like him.

  214. 8.23.12
    Kory said:

    I came from CuteOverload to see the pup, but I’m staying for the awesome design. This is a great website and you two are great people. Congrats on the new addition to your family! :)

  215. 8.23.12
    Nicefrenchgurl said:

    Like Rachel, I clicked on the link via cuteoverload
    I was gobersmacked by Linus’s pic after grooming, as he looks like my new dog but white.
    3 years ago, I lost Maurice, my 16yo beloved black griffon, rescued as a tiny pup from dog fighting in a minority ghetto in France
    I was waiting for the perfect time to rescue a dog, when my new bf dumped me, and I thought ‘screw u, am getting a new dog who will love me more than u did’ and headed to the nearest shelter
    bumped into Ursule, a 6 yo Cairn terrier who had been abandonned just a couple days before, the same week i had been dumped. he totally looked like my previous dog, and my 3 cats felt immediately very comfortable with him
    this is a very successful adoption, even though he has a lot of anxiety issues, and is currently under Reconcile. i too am thinking of adding a second dog to my family, except for a very nasty Alsatian that lives next door and keeps attacking me (but that’s another story)
    If any of your readers live in France, please think of Canisenior, a wonderful shelter that rehomes older dogs according to their needs
    I also arranged my will so that all my money will go to shelters for older dogs, just to say

    • 8.23.12
      Daniel said:

      What a nice story, and thank you for the recommendation of Canisenior! It’s so hard for older dogs out there who need homes, but they really are great!

  216. 8.23.12
    Amanda said:

    Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing. I’m sure Linus is eternally grateful :-)

  217. 8.23.12
    doranyc said:

    Ahn! Saw this on CO had to stop and say good for you guys for taking care of Linus! He’s a lucky dog. Doing rescue helps us almost as much as it helps them. I know that seems like an obvious statement but it honestly never sank in until my mom lost her rescue Golden, Lady Day, to cancer last year. Lady was a puppy mill bitch for the first 5 years of her life. She did nothing but pump out puppies that whole time. She had to get used to walking on grass, even. Can you imagine? By some miracle she escaped and was taken in by the rescue group my mom still fosters for. I cannot effectively sum-up HOW emotionally damaged and traumatized this dog was…. My folks and their forever Golden, Walker, had to teach her how to be a dog. And in that effort, in those short few years they had her, she taught us how to be more human.

    • 8.23.12
      Daniel said:

      Aw, that’s so nice. I really admire people who take in dogs who really need some serious TLC—both of mine are rescues, obviously, but both have been pretty easy too and don’t seem to come from abusive backgrounds or anything too emotionally traumatic.

      If you want some more amazing puppy-mill rescue goodness, you have to check out Mamma Biscuit!

    • 8.24.12
      doranyc said:

      What a sweetie! Thanks for linking that! :-)

  218. 8.23.12
    Camille said:

    Found you from Cute Overload. What a great story and what a nice blog you have here too. Will be checking in with you from now on.

  219. 8.23.12
    Beth McFall said:

    Good for you! Nice to hear some GOOD news for a change! So happy for you guys, he is a lovely little man. :)

  220. 8.23.12
    Sara said:

    I too clicked on this link from cuteoverload, and am soooo happy I did. LOVE this story. Love it. And I love your writing. I also added your fab blog to my Google Reader. Dogs just make everything better, don’t they? I just love my dog so much. Congrats on your adorable pups!

  221. 8.23.12
    Kris said:

    I love that you took this dog in. What a lucky little dog! He is really adorable.

  222. 8.24.12
    Leslie said:

    So I came to your blog through cuteoverload (like a few others, it seems) and boy am I ever glad I clicked on that link. I’m going to be getting my mom to read too, your DIY adventures are better than television. Keep up the entertaining work, I can’t wait to see how your backsplash crisis works out.

  223. 8.24.12
    Alanna said:

    I just saw the link from Cute Overload also. What a Great Story.
    I am not a religous person but BLESS you both. I wish there were more people like you.Hugz to Linus and Mekka. May you all live happily ever after :)

  224. 8.24.12
    Joyce said:

    You are great examples of the kindness and compassion that the world needs.

  225. 8.24.12
    Jess said:

    <3 love love love this
    What a kind heart you have. The world needs more people like you.

  226. 8.24.12
    Tracey said:

    You warmed the cockles of my heart. Glad that Linus is now warming yours in return. :-)

  227. 8.24.12
    Dpash said:

    Bless you and thank you for having such a big heart and a giving soul.

  228. 8.24.12
    Joy said:

    You saved this guy. Well done and thanks.

  229. 8.24.12
    April said:

    Linus is wonderful! What a sweet addition to the family!

  230. 8.24.12
    Emma said:

    Bless you for taking in this poor little dog and showering it with love, attention and care. So many people would have walked away. Very few people would have spent the money to bring this sweet little animal into health, but you did and I thank you so much for it. What you have done is so kind and generous. You have been the savior of this gentle little creature, and it appears you are making its golden years truly golden. You are an amazing person : D

  231. 8.24.12
    sweaver said:

    I just finished reading my daily wretched update on politics, and did my daily contemplation of doing my semi-annual news blackout (it really helps just not reading anything for a few weeks). And then I read this and it restored me. Thanks so much for this, both taking care of Linus and writing so beautifully about it.

  232. 8.25.12
    Allie said:

    God bless you.

  233. 8.25.12

    I just cried a little and smiled more! I rescued a few pups in Colombia and they were so thankful and sweet!!!

  234. 8.26.12
    Liz said:

    Now, while I certainly support your right to have your own life…you must post more!!!

    • 8.27.12
      Paul said:

      Especially after we all voted for you to win the Apartment Therapy contest.

  235. 8.27.12
    CindyE said:

    I love this post. Thank you Daniel & Max for saving Linus!

  236. 8.27.12
    meg said:

    You two have HUGE hearts!!!!! That is such an amzing story. Linus looks like a great addition to the home, I think Mekko probably agrees too :) Congrats!

  237. 8.27.12

    Love this post, I’m sure Linus will always be grateful in will return the love.

  238. 8.28.12
    Kate said:

    Oh, I too came from Cute Overload and had to share my tale of a sweet little dog who came into our lives at the right time. My dad found a bedraggled little black dog — matted and limping, dragging the rope tied around her neck behind her — and, of course, brought her home. Apparently when he gently coaxed her towards him she came running, clearly ecstatic for the love. We cleaned her up — all her dreadlocks had to be shaved so she had a bald little butt, and most of her teeth were pulled. Boy, was she a mess! But she so quickly worked her way into our hearts and made friends with the 2 poodles we already had that she had to stay. My dad volunteered that we name her “Lucy” after the beggar woman in Sweeney Todd, and she became the darling of her family.

    She, too, was an older pup, and her condition deteriorated: sometimes her back legs would give out, she went deaf and would bark and nothing, had cataracts and so couldn’t see, and a cough from a collapsed trachea. But oh, was she the sweetest dog and wanted nothing more than to wag her little tail and snuggle up for a nap. When she passed a few years ago we were all bereft, and every time our family is together we toast to Lulu.

  239. 8.28.12
    Mariesa said:

    I believe your mantra is about the same as what I repeat to my husband every time we take a walk and see in the distance. One time I didn’t tell him and we came home with Anakin, and I have not once regretted it. Anakin is a cat and was at least 10-14 years old when we found him, declawed, and has given us nothing but love and appreciation for taking him in. He is the best decision we have ever made and I wish for you both the same happiness from Linus that we continue to get from Anakin. Thank you for sharing.

  240. 8.29.12
    kowhai said:

    looks so much like my wee puppy tibbi who is a Tibetan Spaniel / Bichon Frisé mix. when she is dirty from playing in the garden etc.. and looks all rough around the edges we joke that she looks homeless. props for adopting!

  241. 8.30.12
    Dawn said:

    God bless you, Daniel, and your friends for taking in, caring for and loving little Linus!!! You make me believe there are still good, kind people in this world! (Adorable dogs!) :-)

  242. 8.30.12
    Lisa said:

    Fabulous story and post! Congratulations to all of you on your new addition to the family. Especially Linus for being so lucky to find such a great home!

  243. 8.30.12
    Lisa said:

    Such a great, great story. Linus will be grateful for ever more. I’m reading this from Queensland, Australia and have just brought a rescue dog into our family 4 weeks ago. At first it was a little scary with the unknown of it all, but already we know we made the best decision with our beautiful funny looking cross border collie (long hair) at the back and a Cavalier King Charles face at the front. Go well little Linus and family.

  244. 8.30.12
    Mendi P. said:

    This story brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for being so
    kind. You are very special people.!

  245. 8.31.12
    Dee said:

    What a touching story – Linus looks so loved & cared for now. He looks like a Maltese- my Lucinda (Luci / Lulu) was my beloved Maltese companion for 17 years & my little shadow & cuddle bun. Sadly she is over the rainbow now but she was the top dog & boss of our 3 Westies – kept them in line despite being half their size. Linus is so lucky to have found you & may he continue to bring you joy!

  246. 8.31.12
    Sarah O. said:

    This post basically killed me. I love things like this so much. It’s rare that I meet another human being who seems to be on the same page as me in terms of animal appreciation, and I thank you for being that kind of human.

  247. 8.31.12

    We are posting a link to this on our social media sites… what an amazing story!!!

    So glad that people like you are out there!!! Wishing you all the best!!!

  248. 9.1.12
    Laura said:

    I followed the link here from cuteoverload and I just wanted to say that this was a beautiful story and it made me really happy. Thank you.

  249. 9.4.12
    Camilla said:

    Aww, such a wonderful story. Rescue dogs are the best! I have been fostering for the past two years and finally made the decision to adopt one. Best decision of my life. Good luck with little Linus and Mekko!

  250. 9.5.12
    Deborah said:


    p.s. – all my pets have been rescues – always and forever – love them

    yours are precious!

  251. 9.6.12
    Ieva said:

    Adorable dog and I’m so glad you have taken him. Good luck! i’m sure you won’t regret your choice.

  252. 9.7.12
    dostana said:

    THANK YOU FOR SAVING HIM! such a lucky dude to have you guys, he could of easily ended up in the manhattan animal ‘care’ and control kill-hellhole :(

  253. 9.7.12
    Mat said:

    LOVE the story! ….big fun of animals and especially dogs….I melt everytime I look into my boxers eyes….I can only imagine how you feel especialy knowing what this poor dog went through…..I wish everyone was treating these poor creatures with such respect…Good for you, man and all the best

  254. 9.7.12
    Heidi said:

    Wow! This is truly an inspiring story. Little Linus is so darling ( Mekko too!).

  255. 9.13.12
    Rachel said:

    I loved reading this post! You are a dog angel. Truly, you have a beautiful heart and these dogs get to live such an amazing life now.

  256. 9.23.12
    Neva Warnock said:

    Daniel, you rock.

    I stumbled across you when you posted about the tulip table a couple years ago — read that at the office and your humor hooked me. I love your writing style.

    And your design thought processes, and your balls for trying/doing things.

    And then you met your fella and I welled up a bit.

    And now this.

    I was active in rescue for 10 years — it’s easy to get to the point of not much liking “the public.’ Thanks for the refill on my faith in people.

    • 9.23.12
      Daniel said:

      That’s such a nice comment, Neva. Thank you!

  257. 9.23.12
    Tanya said:

    I just adore your writing! Your never fail to make me laugh out loud, each post is captivating and personal. The before picture of Linus is shocking, and your description is perfection. You should be proud of saving this pup, you did a great thing.

    • 9.23.12
      Daniel said:

      Thank you, Tanya :-)

  258. 9.24.12
    Kathy said:

    Such a wonderful thing that you’ve done for this little guy. You are a testament to what society should be. Giving love and hope to all animals and people you meet.

  259. 9.28.12
    Denise said:

    I love your blog and you always make me laugh. The world needs more people like you and Max, if only everyone were as kind and loving to animals. We have 6 kittens who were born under our deck living with us at the moment, not to mention our own 7 year old cat and our 5 year old dog, what a houseful we have but they are so much fun. They will go up for adoption but in the meantime we are fostering them and loving them more and more each day, which makes it difficult to give them up.

  260. 12.26.12
    Dimitri said:

    You know, I never comment on blogs but this one I had to. I stumbled onto your blog for DIY and decor inspiration. then I saw this post. You are two wonderful, super fierce guys. Bravo bravo bravo for taking this gem into your home. I wish people were more compassionate like you two. Linus is adorable. Wish I met you guys while on my trip to NYC in november. Regardless, keep up the great work with your projects and God bless your new family.
    All the way from Athens, Greece, Dimitri

  261. 12.31.12
    Susan said:

    I just watched this video of a dog rescued from a LA Trash Dump and it reminded me of Linus.

  262. 2.12.13
    Jennifer said:

    I have a “Linus” that I rescued about 5 years ago – he’s not the brightest/most intelligent/smartest dog going but those cuddles sure make up for all that he lacks. He was a matted mess, shivering and totally scared in the shelter with all the other scary dogs that often end up in those places – so what could I do but say “OK buddy we belong together”. A matted furball of a dog became a white, cutie-pie, ball of fluff and yes we had teeth pulled too, de-sexed and all the shots required and most important a micro-chip because he does love to escape from time to time. He loves carrots and his alotted time to get one is 5.30pm every day and he’s always, always on time waiting for that to happen. Doesn’t like lettuce, but loves cucumber, capsicum, eggs, and he has four corners of toast every morning. Just loved your story and I hope Linus, like my Ollie, is still giving you all tons and tons of joy and warm fuzzies! Good luck and loads of fun in all your adventures.Jennifer/New Zealand

  263. 3.6.13
    Zoe said:

    Hi, Linus reminds me of my dog, Marlon (who has his own ‘Marlon the Dog’ tumblr). Actually, I was reading Design Sponge and thought that Linus looked a lot like Marlon, then eventually found this story about him. I met Marlon when I became his foster parent. I was supposed to take home from the local Humane Society a terrier with a cold so that he could convalesce. However, when I came to pick him up, the terrier was fine. Instead, I got a three-legged poodle mix who had just gone through amputation surgery for his back right leg. No one knew much about him because he had been abandoned (and was probably hit by a car, fracturing his leg beyond repair, hence the amputation). I have to say that I was not excited at first because: 1) he was a poodle, which I assumed meant that he was high maintenance and difficult and 2) how much fun could a 3-legged dog be? It turns out, lots of fun. He runs around just as well as any other dog and loves going for walks. Plus he is incredibly well behaved and has virtually no behavioral problems–apart from the fact that he occasionally barks at things (I can handle that). I never thought that I would get to have a dog because I travel a lot and my boyfriend is allergic but fortunately, not to this dog. He is the most awesome dog ever. I am glad to see that your story of taking in an abandoned dog has a happy ending too.

    • 3.11.13
      Daniel said:

      OMG, MARLON!!! HE IS SO SPECIAL AND CUTE. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 x infinity