2 Years Ago Today. . .


…I met this guy. Still the best day of my life.

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  1. How did you and Max meet?

  2. A great reminder of what is really important in life, cheers!

  3. i know that feeling :)
    congratulations for you both

  4. you two are the best. <3

  5. How sweet is this? And how handsome! Congrats on your met-a-versary!!

  6. Happy anniversary. Many more!

  7. This post and Max’s post on D*S are the sweetest things to cross my digital windshield in the past week. Thanks for sharing the love!

  8. I can’t stand how cute you guys are. So much love for you both <3

  9. So sweet. <3 <3

  10. Best wishes, and many, many more.

  11. you two are so cute – congratulations!

  12. Aw, sweet! Happy two-years-since-meeting to you both!

    Carry on.

  13. aww this is too adorable. i loved reading HIS side of thing on D*S.

  14. Congrats! The best things in life don’t come in boxes. I am with my partner for 12 years and tomorrow will be the first V-day we will ever celebrate.

  15. Congrats!!

  16. Wonderful! Happy 2 years and here’s to many more years of 2getherness.


  17. How wonderful! The best to you both!

  18. :) This makes my heart smile.

  19. This post made my heart sing. You are both so adorable! Happy two year anniversary!


  20. <3 So very sweet! Wishing you both all the best.

  21. congratulations to you both on finding someone so cool and beautiful! :) hugs from Norway

  22. SO sweet. I awww-ed out loud.

  23. You guys are a bonafide e-lebrity couple. Much love to you both!

  24. We are two men living together (for 33 years) with six rescue dogs. We have had a wonderful life and wish WONDERFUL for you. From reading Manhattan Nest, I would say that you are WELL on your way!!!!!

    All the best!!!!

    Rob and Rick

  25. AWWWWWW! Hold on tight to that guy, he’s way cute! And he hasn’t dumped you on account of your lamp hoarding. I say he’s a keeper!

  26. The day before Valentines? How sweet!k Congrats on your 2 year anniversary!

  27. You not only lift my spirit with your humor and your awesome taste in decor, but also with simple beautiful posts such as this. I have a son your age that is straight and another son that is 18 and just came out. YOU as young as you are just gave me the strength to believe that everything is going to be ok for my son and that he will find a good person that cares and loves him. Congrats on the 2 year anniversary and may you both continue on this beautiful journey together. Blessings

    • That makes me really happy, Sandy. Your son is lucky to have a mom like you! Everything will be OK! :)

  28. Congratulations! I’ve been rooting for the two of you and your adorable (fur) family!

  29. So cute!

  30. d’aww

  31. squeeeeeee

  32. Cuteness deluxe!

  33. Congratulations! And best wishes for many more happy years!

  34. Lovely!!!!!

  35. Will you tell your side of the story one day? Max did a great job :)

  36. Ciao Daniel,
    I stumbled upon your blog after reading Max’s story on DS. I’d like to wish you both all the best.
    PS: I saved your blog link into my chosen ones. :-)

    Cheers from Rome!

  37. Shortest blog post ever to make me weep my way through a handful of tissues.


  38. All the best for you two guys…Congratulations from the other side of the pond

  39. i love you guys! SO cute! happy anniversary!

  40. Congratulations! Your cute family makes me smile.

  41. Congratulations! Isn’t love great! It makes you happy, work better and live fantastic! Love your posts!

  42. I’m loving the love! Hope I can find myself a wonderful fella someday too :)

  43. A simple but sweet post! So touching! It inspires me to reminisce of when I first met my husband too. Sometimes, when you have been spending your life together for how many years already, you forget about the first day you actually met. You forget the feeling although you know love was never gone. This was me five minutes ago, but posts like this make you remember and made me appreciate the years we have spent together. Wishing you the best!

  44. Congratulations! You two are just so handsome!

  45. Oh hell, just get married already.
    Give a proper home to those poor bastard pups.

  46. Daniel,
    I’m confused. I thought you have been married
    to Grace of Design Sponge for a couple of yrs.?

    Marilyn in Ohio

    • Wait…what?? HAHAHAHA. Um, no. I’m a boy who likes boys. Well, one boy, specifically, named Max, who works for Design Sponge and writes posts almost everyday. You might have read his post about how we met and not realized it wasn’t written by Grace? I’m not sure!

      Grace is a lovely person though, and a good friend. :)

  47. This post is too cute…

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