Sometimes I Wear Clothes, Too.

That’s right, folks. It’s time for Manhattan Nest: FASHION EDITION.

I always feel more than a little ridiculous talking with any level of authority about the stuff I drape over my body to cover my flesh, but in fact I do wear clothes (everyday, even!) and sometimes I even get a little bit excited about them. It’s taken me some time to feel this way, since I’m pretty short and slim and have a difficult time finding clothes that really fit me and I feel OK in, but I’m learning. I basically approach my wardrobe kind of like I approach my house”¦I guess I just want it to be clean, comfortable, simple, a little fun, with some decent items that will last for a long time.

Anyway, before get self-conscious and talk myself out of it”¦here are some of the things I’m wearing these days or thinking about wearing these days.


1. Slim Fit Smog Print Shirt, Club Monaco: You know when you were a little kid and you got a new piece of clothing and you wanted to wear it every single day? That’s exactly how I feel about this shirt. It’s a lightweight cotton, so it can kind of be dressed up or down, the fit is superb, and the pattern is perfection. I’m loving seeing so many small-scale patterns pop up in menswear these days, but I especially like this one because it’s more irregular and abstract than a traditional floral print or something. Club Monaco is my favorite source for shirts—the slimmer options fit super well and the quality is great (the oxfords, especially!), and you usually don’t get both at that price point. ANYWAY. I love this shirt a whole lot.

2. Men Sweat Long Sleeve Shirt, UNIQLO: Can I just say how much it pleases me that sweatshirts and sweatpants are acceptable articles of clothing to wear in public now? Greatly. I don’t think I can pull off a pair of fashion sweatpants, but I’m all about a well-fitting sweatshirt in lieu of a sweater or cardigan. This one from Uniqlo is everything I’ve ever wanted, basically—it fits so well, although be warned it does run on the small side. I’m usually an XS but the S is perfect for me. I might get a medium just to give myself a slouchier option…

3. ASOS Bomber Jacket with Contrast Leather Look Sleeves: OK, I don’t own this, but for YEARS I have been trying to find a decent spring/fall jacket (and a winter coat, for that matter”¦I’m bad at outerwear). I’ve been seeing new takes on classic bomber jackets popping up all over the place this spring, and I think I want in on that action. I also like this one from J. Crew and a few others from ASOS”¦which means I’ll probably just be indecisive until they’re all sold out. No. I am going to order something. I am going to find joy in clothing, goddamnit.

4. 510 Skinny Fit Jeans, Levi’s: I wholeheartedly recommend the 510 Skinny Jean. It’s hard to be a boy and find just the right amount of skinny”¦you don’t want a legging, you don’t want too baggy, you don’t want it to be too tight in the thigh and too loose in the ankle. ET CETERA. These (which are super cheap right now”¦) have been my standby for couple of years now. I like the way they contain my legs and buttocks.

5. Eastland Seneca Camp Moc Chukka Boot: I found these shoes a couple weeks ago marked down to $50 at a store in Brooklyn, and I’ve pretty much been wearing them non-stop since. I also have really small feet, so I actually bought the women’s version in a size 9, but the men’s version is exactly the same. The reviews on Zappos sort of make me worry about the quality, but we’ll see. It’s always been hard for me to find a casual everyday shoe that isn’t a unisex sneaker (although I’ll probably also make my yearly white Jack Purcell purchase this summer for good measure, too”¦), so I’m glad to have found something a little more grown-up.

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  1. 4.11.14
    Pippa said:

    When are you going to model them?

    • 4.11.14
      Daniel said:

      Let’s not get crazy, now! I’m pretty self-conscious (and the least photogenic person alive)”¦just posting THIS makes me feel all exposed and uncomfortable!

  2. 4.11.14

    You’re saying you don’t run around the house naked all the time? Now that’s a disappointment…

    You had to know this kind of comment was coming ;)

  3. 4.11.14

    The sweatshirt and the boots got me all excited … love them both. Got the opposite problem as you, though, because I have large feet. Almost all of my casual/work shoes are men’s shoes. Hard to find decent shoes, or any shoes at all sometimes, in a size 11. (Great selection of both large and small sizes to be had at Nordstrom Rack, though … a wonderland for shoe addicts! … but I digress.) Anyway, I love your description of your wardrobe and your home, and I identified with all of it.

  4. 4.11.14
    Thel said:

    I like all your choices Daniel, except I don’t think you need to wear skinny jeans. I find jeans in any style are pretty much okay, as long as they’re dark blue. That’s my rule: dark blue denim, and always Levi’s, because they just fit right.

    Shoes? Camper. Have a look. They are expensive, probably more so in the US because of import taxes, but they are really good quality and last a long time. Sandals? Birkenstock.

    In general, I have the same problem as you though, with the clothing thing, and I now have a very good rule about the whole business. I ask myself: am I going to wear this piece of clothing today, or tomorrow at the latest? When the answer is no, then I don’t buy it. The reason being I had a lot of stuff that either didn’t fit, or I was buying out-of-season, which can save money, but in the long run I found I had a lot of stuff that didn’t go together, didn’t get worn, and wasn’t right for current weather conditions.

    I’m now focusing on replacing most of my wardrobe, over time. I find the pieces I like best are more classic, plain colours with some patterns, and comfortable.

  5. 4.11.14
    Josh said:

    I’m more of a 511 Levi’s guy..just slightly less skinny.

  6. 4.11.14
    Katie said:

    Love ASOS, I’m wearing a great dress from there right now! Love the free shipping and selection.

  7. 4.11.14
    Jaime said:


    • 4.11.14


    • 4.11.14
      Daniel said:

      I had to google that. How would I ever get anything done??

    • 4.14.14
      Jaime said:

      ha. start a new section: “more daniel, less nest.”

    • 4.15.14
      Katrina said:

      I had to google that too! lol!

  8. 4.11.14
    Louis W said:

    I’m wearing that CM shirt right now, good choice!

  9. 4.11.14

    Would you accept to cross the ocean, come to the north of France, and teach my husband how to dress ? Thank you !

    (PS: in case you’re hesitating, I make the best French macaroons and you can renovate our house too if you’re bored)

    • 4.11.14
      Daniel said:

      Sounds like a deal!

  10. 4.11.14
    Jeremy Kanter said:

    You need that jacket but with giant “MN” Manhattan Nest varsity letters. Let’s make it happen.

  11. 4.11.14
    Joann said:

    Two weeks ago I checked out this thrift store and picked up a plain black men’s pointy collar, zip up leather jacket, supple and renewed via industrial strength dry cleaning. Either such methods have improved or this operation maintains a standing contract with a superb leather cleaners. $12.98! and all broken in.

  12. 4.11.14
    Jamie B. said:

    Completely unrelated but I had to share with people who could appreciate. I know it’s not your style at all, but maybe this house is the predecessor to your grandparents’ house, just …. more so. :)

    A 96-year-old woman is selling her immaculate 1950s time capsule home:!/0

    The wallpaperrrrrrrrr.

  13. 4.11.14
    Jeff said:

    I bought a pair of Eastland’s about a year and a half ago and they have been one of my go-to shoes ever since! Do yours have leather laces?

  14. 4.11.14
    Connor said:

    Yes. Please. More of this. You’ve got great style and taste and I would absolutely love to see more of a mens lifestyle element to Manhattan Nest!

  15. 4.12.14
    Eylem said:

    That is so not true, I am the least photogenic person alive plus somehow I manage to look 20lbs heavier! Anyway many European and Asian fashion-conscious men find it very challenging to find contemporary clothes that fit XS-M men here. Most clothes are huge and/or conservative styles. I found European brands to be better fitted, Benetton is nice and I believe they still have it in NYC, they closed Boston stores:( Also Zara has good options. I liked Espirit too but they are long gone from US:( If you are ever in Canada try their stores (Club Monaco is/was Canadian anyway), their styles are more fitted and sizes are smaller.

  16. 4.12.14

    My skinny jean endeavors have been terrible failures on account of my disproportionate rear and hips. This is odd given that I’m rather slight overall, just bad genetics I guess. I’m possibly doomed to only wear straight leg jeans with a slight taper. But yes on the Pucells, once per year.

    • 4.13.14
      Daniel said:

      Don’t despair! Sometimes you just need to try different brands and/or fits until you find something that works for you. You might want to try jeans labeled “slim fit” instead of skinny (the 511 slim fit is skinnier than a straight leg, but nowhere near as skinny as the skinny”¦), if you’re looking for something slimmer than a straight leg.

  17. 4.12.14
    Jen said: