My Entryway and Stairs: The Big Reveal!

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7 years ago this month, I walked through the front doors of what would eventually become my house. Prior to that, I’d peeked into the windows during a barely-planned trip to Kingston—a place I really knew nothing about but seemed pretty cool—and fell in love with what glimpses I could see. The only rooms I could see into were the ones that later became my living and dining room, as well as the large parlor that I currently call the Hoard Room of Doom but will eventually be the fanciest room of all time.

See? We’ve things to look forward to yet.

Like most real estate listings, the photos were less about showing the space than they were a practice in abstract expressionism.

This, for instance, was the sole shot of the hallway and staircase that lurked behind a large wood-paneled wall, which blocked it from both public view and private enjoyment. It looked promising, sort of, but hard to tell what was going on.

And then on that overcast morning in early March, I got to see it for myself. And what had started as an irrational obsession over a house I was in no real position to buy became a single-minded mission to make it mine. I blame the unpainted, perfectly preserved newel post. Followed closely by the unique trim work and the original sink in the second floor bathroom. The heart wants what it wants, and my heart wanted this staircase. And everything around it, too. Bad.

The house had been split up into two apartments at the time, which is why those two doorways are covered over in plywood. It was definitely built as a single-family home, and newspaper records indicate strongly that it was converted into apartments (or at least rooms to rent) during the Great Depression, and then evidently converted back before it was sold to its second owners in 1962. In the early 1970s, the third owners divided it up again, this time into one apartment on each floor. And then 40 years later I came along with grand ambitions of restoring the home to its original glory, which pretty much brings you up to speed.

There’s been a ton of work to tackle, mostly involving the exterior of the house and select living spaces inside. My approach has basically been room-by-room, with exceptions where it made the most sense to do all the plumbing or electric or drywall work at the same time—most of which happened within the first year. The kitchen and laundry rooms were the first priorities before I moved onto the living spaces and some pretty massive exterior work that has completely transformed two whole elevations of the house. In the hallway, I removed the ugly 70s additions, stripped the wallpaper, had various plumbing and electric work done, and then had the ceiling replaced and the walls skim-coated with joint compound. And there it sat.

In June I’ll have been here 7 years, and—finally—I have tackled the main artery of the house—the entryway, hallway, and staircase—which I walk through about 100 times a day. And all of a sudden, the house feels completely different. Totally foreign. Like a real place that a functional adult might live. It’s going to take me a minute to mentally adjust to this new reality. Ready to take a look?!

Once more. 2013…

And today!

I. Feel. So. FANCY. Whose house is this?!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram stories where I’ve posted near-daily updates for like…2 months now?…then you know that this has been a truly deceptive amount of work. Pretty much every single part of it has been a huge challenge and labor of love—from restoring 15(!!!) doors and all of their associated hardware, to stripping and sanding 17 stair treads, to rejuvenating 57 spindles, to prepping and priming and caulking ALL THAT MOLDING. It’s really been amazing how much this felt like “a paint job!” and the extent to which it truly tested nearly everything I’ve learned about renovation all in one space. It was SO HARD. But man. It feels so good.

Sure, this might sound braggy but…I kind of can’t believe this is my house. It’s so adult. It’s so…not a total wreck. It’s so…clean…and clean-able! I just love it.

There are so many great old details in this space that just make my heart beat a little faster. This is my front doorknob and keyhole escutcheon, polished up all fancy! Admittedly they’re too shiny and new-looking right now but that’s the beauty of unlacquered brass—it’ll patina over time.

Look at that beautiful Eastlake lock! So. Beautiful!

I’m particularly proud of how the stairs came out, because that did NOT come easily. Stripping down all of those treads was kind of a true nightmare that involved various experiments with chemical strippers, a heat gun, loads of sandpaper, and a lot of dust masks. BRUTAL. I treated the old pine treads with lye, which is kind of an old-timey technique (colonial Americans cleaned their floors with it!) that brightens up the wood and takes out some of the yellow tones for a more neutral and natural look. I followed up with my old faithful water-based polyurethane—Bona Traffic HD—and they feel so nice underfoot and look good too! It takes them much longer to look dirty than painted treads, which is important in a house with two big sloppy dogs.

The banister is a whole different story. I remembered what a friend taught me about shellac, which is basically that it dissolves with denatured alcohol and can be rejuvenated—even if it’s a century old! NEVER IN MY LIFE did I think the spindles would look this fresh and beautiful! The wood tone! I die! Now that you can see the beautiful wood grain again, I can’t believe I ever even considered painting them.

And the newel post. The first reason I fell in love with this house! I used to joke that it was basically the one thing in the house that had escaped bad previous work unscathed, and swore that I’d never mess with it for as long as I lived. So you can imagine how stressful it was when I decided to strip off all the newer polyurethane finish to get rid of that dark, plastic-y look. From there I used a 1:1-ish ratio of Zinsser shellac to denatured alcohol and wiped on a few coats. It seems to have worked great, and I love that the mahogany has been freed and it really gets to shine again. It feels so nice, too. It couldn’t really be any prettier.

Oh, Mekko. You queen! Holding down this fort with elegance and class since 2013.

Now, NEEDLESS TO SAY, the most visible and impactful change in here is THE PAINT. Because this is a high-traffic space that’s going to be subject to use and abuse, I wanted a high-quality paint that would provide beautiful coverage and hold up to scuffs and getting cleaned and scrubbed from time to time. I loved giving HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams from Lowe’s a spin! It’s excellent paint. I added Floetrol to the paint for the trim and doors, which extends the drying time and allows for better self-leveling ability, more like oil paint. That stuff is incredible—HIGHLY recommend for thicker paints that dry quickly. I’m a Floetrol loyalist now. Game-changer.

The walls and ceiling are HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Oyster White (eggshell), the trim is HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Extra White (satin), and the doors are a HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams color-match to Benjamin Moore Onyx (satin)—my old standby black that I’ve been painting doors with since 2011. Still love it.

Oyster White, by the way, might be an all-time favorite now. It is SO PRETTY. It’s grey and green and blue and white but somehow still warm and it looks good at all times of day and is just SO NICE. Of course the “Extra White” trim (which isn’t all that extra—it still has some pigments to give it some nice dimension) really sets it off nicely—for me it’s enough contrast to show off the amazing trim work, but still keeps everything light and bright. I was nervous I’d find it all a little boring, but really I’m very pleased with it all. I just don’t feel like this hallway wanted to be super-saturated and high-drama and I’m glad I went with my gut and kept it simple.

Just having all of the doors painted, able to open and close, and with a fully restored set of hardware just feels great. All of this really makes me want to refinish the floors RIGHT NOW but that’s a project for a different time. I’m pooped!

I don’t even know. I’m just having fun with same-angle before-and-afters at this point. I’m a seasoned blogger; what can I say. It’s been a long time since the house had all those extraneous walls and doorways, but I still so appreciate how nice and open this space is. It really feels good to be in.

I keep using pictures from when I first bought the house, but this is what things have looked like for the past 6 years or so, while I wandered around with blinders on.

Even though the view is of a very under-construction powder room, I’m so glad I stripped the glass on the transom above the door! It lets in just a little more light, and the glass is so wavy and pretty. I bet that thing was painted for 80-90 years.

Not to worry! That sconce has been preserved for another purpose, but it just felt weird here. Can you believe that was the ONLY source of light in the entire downstairs space? That, combined with all the weird divisions and closed up doorways made one VERY dark hallway.

I’m so happy to see that lithograph hanging up again, and in such an esteemed location! It’s been with me most of my life—my mom and I found it at a thrift store when I was a kid for like $60! It’s by Alexander Calder and it brings me joy. If you’re a savant, you might recognize it from my Manhattan bedroom all those years ago!

Things like this make me very happy. The 1970s wall/doorway at the back of the hallway were built around/over this curve, so you couldn’t see it at all when I bought the house! I don’t think I even knew it was there until demo. To see it all nicely restored…it’s so elegant!

The flush-mount light fixture is an antique, by the way! I bought it a while ago for $60 at a barn sale. I’m not sure photos do justice to just how beautiful and large it is, but I love it for this area. Having two light fixtures in the same space can be tricky but I think this one does a good job of being beautiful on its own but ALSO letting the chandelier at the front of the hall really shine.

OH RIGHT, THE CHANDELIER. Love this thing. It’s the Erzo 8-Light Natural Brass Chandelier by Kichler, and I got it from Lowe’s! It’s nice and heavy and solid, and comes with enough threaded rods to allow it to hang higher or lower depending on the space. There’s something about it that kind of feels to me like a modern interpretation of an old gas chandelier, which of course is what would have been hanging here originally. I like that you can switch up the look depending on what bulbs you use! It’s also a really versatile piece, so I could see putting it in the dining room, for instance, if I ever get tired of it here.

I also think it works nicely with the Globe Electric light I used over the stairs—there’s no way to see both of them at the same time, but I still wanted them to play well together without being too matchy.

Before and afters really are the most fun game. I know this is getting repetitive. BUT LOOK UP. How very nice.

I really love this area in the back of the hall now, where there’s a door on every wall! I can’t describe how grateful I am that this house retains all of its original doors. Only ONE is missing (the former-office-current-laundry-room) but I have plans to fix that. In an age when everyone wants “open concept,” I’m that old grouch who likes rooms to be contained and contain-able, to be able to shut dogs in and out of certain areas and control heat and cold air in the winter.

I think one of the last remaining vestiges of the house’s multi-family past is this funny little door knocker installed on one of the Hoard Room of Doom’s doors. I think it’s probably from the 1930s conversion, not the 1970s one? But it’s always made me giggle and it feels like a cute and inoffensive nod to the house’s more recent history. Also, potentially haunted.

Is that it? Have we covered everything?? I’m so happy with how this space turned out and how much it really transforms how I feel about my home. I’m excited for it to change and evolve, too! You might notice quite a bit of empty wall space calling out for art, and I still need an elegant solution for hanging coats and things, and my gold leaf transom numbers still need to be installed, and so on, but getting all the really difficult and dusty stuff out of the way feels amazing. Onwards!

A huge thank you to my friends at Lowe’s for providing the products used in this space, the support that allowed me to spend time doing it, and their patience with me when it took longer than expected! Best. Sponsors. Ever!

And thank YOU for all of the kind well-wishes and warm fuzzies I received yesterday for this blog’s 10th birthday! Best. Readers. Ever!

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  1. 3.26.20
    Brenda Lord said:


    • 3.26.20
      Christina said:

      This is so gorgeous! I love every single detail. I’m now contemplating repainting my entire house these same colors. I need black doors in my house now.

    • 3.27.20

      Haha! SORRY! But I do support it. :)

    • 3.26.20
      Ryan said:

      First off, this space is UH-mazing! Secondly, I should’ve known your blog would be so fun to read, you’re such a good storyteller. Nothing but love! And I completely felt your struggle when you talked about refinishing the newel post. This isn’t even my house and I feel like that is my baby haha

    • 3.26.20
      Michelle said:

      There are no words to adequately express my feelings about this transformation. It’s so beautiful I could weep. ❤️

    • 3.26.20
      JaneH said:

      That is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. Bask in your success!

    • 4.4.20

      You obviously are a creative genius in workmanship and design. Love the lighting designs and the staircase .

  2. 3.26.20
    elif said:

    So good! Sooooo freaking good!!!

    • 3.26.20
      Jessica said:

      I’m obsessed!

    • 3.26.20
      Barbara said:

      Standing Ovation!
      That was truly blood sweat and tears.

  3. 3.26.20
    Meggan said:

    I am in AWE — this is incredible. I think my favorite shot is the long U of the railing when you’re looking up because the difference is so dramatic! Wow!

    • 3.26.20
      Jen said:

      Daniel, I cried! I am so happy you have this space to enjoy as you move through your house. It is beautiful!

    • 3.26.20
      Kay said:

      Bravo!! It came out SO SO good. Very happy for you to be able to enjoy it thoroughly while homebound for the next who-knows-how-long. My mind is still blown by the spindles and the newel post. I keep looking all over my house hoping that some heretofore hidden piece of shellacked woodwork will reveal itself so I can have the satisfaction of restoring it!

  4. 3.26.20
    Mary said:

    The best befores and afters I’ve ever seen. You’ve made it all so beautiful.

    • 3.26.20
      Sara said:

      I grew up in a house similar to this and watching your work brings me back to all the details that I loved about that house! Also, your work, and approach to everything, are wonderful and so positive. :)

  5. 3.26.20
    Christine said:

    Even better than I imagined!

  6. 3.26.20
    Paula said:

    So beautiful! What a transformation!! Just one problem-now that it’s all finished, what’s going to get me through The Rona?!

    • 3.26.20
      Miranda said:

      I love every inch of this hallway! You have great taste and you made the project enjoyable for me from beginning to end. So odd that the house was built with no closet for coats. I guess people didn’t put their coats in the closet back in the mid-1800s. What a conundrum. But I’m sure you’ll figure out a good solution.

    • 3.27.20

      Yeah, coat closets are extremely uncommon in pre-Victorian (and post-Victorian!) houses! It’s a little tricky. I have a couple ideas but of course they’re whole otherrrrr projects. Ha!

    • 3.27.20

      Next project starts in T-minus…14 hours!

  7. 3.26.20

    So beautiful. Such a joy to watch the transformation. And the blog looks amazing. Congrats, congrats, congrats.

    • 3.26.20
      Jacqui said:

      Love it.

  8. 3.26.20
    Sarah said:

    This transformation legit makes me feel emotional. You are incredible. I’m just.. so blown away. I seriously feel proud for you! Enjoy your incredible space!

    • 3.26.20
      Satu said:

      This is just soooo nice! I’m so happy for you. Congrats on the 10 years and thank you for the good reads!

  9. 3.26.20
    Chelsea T said:

    SO good. Your perseverance gets me through the tough part of reno when I want to just say “eh, screw it, it will be fine” and then I think NO. DANIEL DOES IT RIGHT. Congratulations!

    • 3.27.20

      Hahaha! Nothin wrong with the occasional shortcut too!

  10. 3.26.20
    Mary Saucier said:

    Not gonna lie, this post made me choke-up a little. Such great work, Daniel!

  11. 3.26.20
    arlene said:

    passing out! incredible effort w/ incredible results!!!

  12. 3.26.20
    Lauren said:

    It is sooooo beautiful! Well done!

  13. 3.26.20
    Bethany said:

    Bravo! America doesn’t deserve your, or this hallway, Daniel! But we’re thankful for you anyhow! I loved watching along as you completed it! Beautiful work!

  14. 3.26.20
    Lisa said:

    Wow! Stunning! I feel incredibly satisfied just having ogled these photos, so I can only imagine how proud you must feel. It’s like the dear old house is smiling again!

    • 3.26.20
      Spt said:

      Wow wow wow

  15. 3.26.20
    Laurel said:

    Looks fantastic! This space has come such a long way and your amazing will power, tenacity, hardwork, design eye, and construction prowess showed so clearly throughout the entire process!

  16. 3.26.20
    Karin said:

    Is it very weird (yes) that I am this EFFING excited over the reveal of a hallway I will never set foot in, yet know intimately as if it were my own?! That I clapped and cheered you on from a respectful continent away because we are all so invested in your life, your house, your dogs, Anna’s orphan objects and your blog? Gosh Daniel, it is a beauty and I applaud your skills, your perseverance and your style. Congratulations on both this absolutely gorgeous hallway and the anniversary of your blog. Here’s to many more on both accounts! All the best from Amsterdam, Holland X

  17. 3.26.20
    Beret said:

    Perfect. So many amazing details!

  18. 3.26.20
    Caitlin said:

    It looks so amazing! Fresh start & good vibes!

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    Allie N said:

    Wow, just wow! It looks amazing Daniel!

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    Geninne said:

    The most amazing transformation I’ve EVER seen. So much respect for you and your hard work. And the blog looks amazing! Anna is so talented

  21. 3.26.20
    Ann said:

    This is incredibly beautiful. What a fabulous outcome for your two months of heavy labor. You are amazing — first to have the vision and second, to be able to keep going through all the difficult parts until you reached the finish line. Good job!!

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    Becky said:

    Absolutely wonderful!!

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    WOW, just wow! The reveal we’ve all been waiting for!!

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    What a stunner!

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    It is just amazing work. I have been following you forever and have always be totally blown away by how you manage this stuff but this is honestly your best ever. Really. Thanks for sharing!

  26. 3.26.20
    Steph Nappa said:

    Best start to my day reading this! And a reminder that enough hard work will eventually transform a space into something better (looking at you, absurd gravel patch embedded in the clay soil of my backyard that I somehow have to dig up…)

    • 3.27.20

      Haha! Little by little is the name of the game! You can do ittttt!

  27. 3.26.20
    Lori said:


    Man, you did it! It looks amazing! I am legit emotional looking at all those before and after pictures, especially after we all got to follow along with the straight-up ordeal of getting it done.

    I’m also glad you got it done before quarantine started so you could work on less draining projects instead!

    • 3.27.20

      Haha! Don’t count on it! Next project is about to hit like a freight train!

  28. 3.26.20
    Sam said:

    You did such a beautiful job! It’s stunning! I love every single detail! And I’ve loved watching it since I found your IG a few weeks ago….sad that I missed so much!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you, Sam! Check out the highlights reel—it starts from the beginning but you get to skip the less exciting bits!

  29. 3.26.20
    Catherine M said:

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! Thank you for caring so much about a house someone else may see as a tear down. The time and work you’ve put into it shows, and you should be proud of yourself! Amazing!

  30. 3.26.20

    AAAAAAAH. It looks SO GOOD. Great job! It actually made me emotional…like, you’ve put so much work into this and it just turned out so beautiful.

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    Johanna said:

    It’s so beautiful! It might be my favorite transformation yet. The details are just perfect.

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    Kevin Mlutkowski said:

    It all looks so amazing!

  33. 3.26.20
    Door said:

    Wow I needed this today! I love this transformation for you, and us, and me personally. The entry is beautiful and I am in awe of all of the hardware. I so appreciate the effort you put into making each and every door shine—and I love what you said about being a grouch who loves enclosed spaces. Me too! What a beauty of enclosed spaces this is.

  34. 3.26.20
    EricaFaythe said:



    (Also, I am sorry for yelling but not really because OH MY GOD.)

    • 3.27.20

      We’re all yelling! Thank you :) :)

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    Diana said:

    Oh Daniel, it’s just beautiful. An absolute jewel. Gives me chills!

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    It’s amazing. Thank you for taking us along. Can’t wait to watch what’s next.

  37. 3.26.20
    Celeste said:

    So so good! And so much fun following along on your insta stories. The fact that Lowe’s continues to sponsor your fantastic content continues to ensure that I choose them over the other place. Yay Lowe’s!

    • 3.27.20

      That’s nice to hear! They’re really so wonderful to work with, and I’m so grateful to have them in my corner!

  38. 3.26.20
    SheLikesToTravel said:

    It is such a pretty update. I love the black doors, the lighting throughout and the hardware. So pretty.

  39. 3.26.20
    McNeill said:

    Amazing!!! Such a marathon to do it right. Also, the site redesign is wonderful! Can’t wait to see what’s next. :)

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    Stunning. Just stupid stunning. You should be so proud that your hard work and vision restored this beautiful house. I feel like the house is sighing with relief.

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    Patricia said:

    It’s gorgeous! What a reveal! But now what am I gonna watch? Next project please, Daniel and Lowes!

    • 3.27.20

      It’s coming, it’s coming! Pretty much immediately! Keep that radio tuned…

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    Leigh-Anne said:

    OMG!!!! This is incredible!!

    I’ve been following your stories so I should’ve been prepared, but seeing it like this, with the before and after pics just blows my mind.

    Very well done!!

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    Joanne said:

    Bravo Daniel!!!! It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your progress with us and for bringing us joy during this time. I can’t decide which I like better: your work or your personality!!! And happy blog birthday from a long time faithful reader. xo

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    Molly said:

    I mean, I feel just about as thrilled as if this was in my house. Absolutely stunning!

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    Tamisha said:

    Oh Daniel, it’s gorgeous! What a labor of love. Restoring an entry/foyer is a massive amount of work and it’s really paid off. How lovely must it be to walk in and see it daily (although how much walking in and out right now is going on is debatable)! It ALMOST makes me want to buy up another old house and do it again. ALMOST. But not quite! Instead, I get to live vicariously through you! Big Mahalos!

    • 3.27.20

      Not a lot of walking in and out, but plenty of walking around! Thank you friend!

  46. 3.26.20
    Sara said:

    So, am I the only one who cried a little over that first “after” photo? (I think I got way to invested in your project over the past few months! Ha! )

    That deep V the mitered baseboards make at the bottom of the stairs! My heart! So, so, so stunning, Daniel! You are a God!

    • 3.26.20

      Yes, that V! It gets me.

    • 3.26.20
      Nicole said:

      Amazing work Daniel, it looks incredible!!
      I’ve been following you since Anna from Door Sixteen introduced us to you with your Manhattan desk project. You’ve achieved so much since then and you should be so proud. Thanks for letting us come along on this journey with you!

    • 3.27.20

      I know, that molding transition is THE BEST. Thank you for the very kind words!! <3

  47. 3.26.20
    Chloe said:

    Wow, it’s amazing. You are talented and really patient with details.
    Do you plan to switch and hide the plumbing at the end of the hallway in the half bath when you will renovate it?
    Also, how did you clean so well the brass details on the doors and the haunted cat?

    • 3.27.20

      So those pipes feed the upstairs bathroom radiator—the plan with the plumbing (maybeeee, if I ever get to it!) is probably to lose that radiator altogether (and the pipes!) and switch to a radiant-heated floor. But that’s probably a very long ways away! For now I don’t especially mind them since they’re in such an out-of-the-way spot.

      The haunted cat had a lot of paint on it, so it went into the crock pot to get stripped, and then both pieces were scrubbed with Barkeeper’s Friend! That stuff is wild! Works so well.

  48. 3.26.20
    Rose said:


  49. 3.26.20
    Betsy D said:

    A huge congrats! This is an amazing transformation — it looks beautiful :) Hooray!!

  50. 3.26.20
    Bailey Steffen said:

    This is truly breathtaking!!!! Watching the progress you’ve made over the past few months is a highlight of every day. Thank you for opening up, letting us into your home and life as you navigate business growth, home projects, and this thing called life. I feel like we’ve been friends for years and yet haven’t ever had the pleasure of meeting you in person! Your use of humor, real talk, and sharing the less glamorous side to restoration projects is what sets you apart from any other blogger out there. You’re one of a kind and I’m beyond thankful to have found you so many years ago. Congratulations on making it through the huge slog that was this hallway and the relaunch of DK! I can’t wait to continue following along!!!

    • 3.27.20

      Thanks so much, Bailey! Thank you for being here! :)

  51. 3.26.20
    pam said:

    AMAZING! I loved the before-and-after shots! Such good work…and such fun to follow on Stories! What’s next?

  52. 3.26.20
    Cathie said:

    I’m going to miss your daily Instastories showing just how much work went into these after shots. Wow, just wow! Thanks for sharing your fabulous house with us all.

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you for following along!! Don’t worry, next project is nipping at my heels!

  53. 3.26.20
    Tricia said:

    Congratulations Daniel. I’ve enjoyed watching via Instagram and I’m so impressed. You are so talented and such a hard worker. Thanks for letting me live vicariously!

    • 3.26.20
      Martha said:

      Hubba hubba! This is gorgeous. I love the whole thing, but mostly how you are resurrecting this gem of a home. Kudos on a job very done!!

  54. 3.26.20
    Emily said:


  55. 3.26.20

    Just fantastic. Thank goodness this house got you.

  56. 3.26.20
    Amanda said:

    What an awesome transformation to watch… absolutely incredible job, Daniel!!

  57. 3.26.20
    Rachel said:

    It is so pretty. SO PRETTY! I’ve loved watching the process (with your humour and exhaustion and excellent dogs) along on Instagram, grueling though it seemed, and seeing all the individual “done!” moments from along the way (like the spindles, like the beautiful newel post, like the radiator) come together into this gorgeous whole is enormously satisfying. There’s something, too, about seeing the WORK that went into it vs just a beautiful picture in someone’s house, it makes it feel more real and attainable (like, I know it was a huge job, but I also know what that job *looks* like now so can imagine tackling something like it one day if I ever escape renting). Epic work, thanks for sharing the journey!

    • 3.27.20

      I’m not crying, you’re crying! Thank you. That’s all so nice to hear! I really like sharing it as well—it’s like having a bunch of cheerleaders in my pocket!

  58. 3.26.20
    Lauren Turek said:

    This looks so amazing! Bravo on the incredible transformation and hard work. I’ve been following the blog since way back when it was in your NYC apartment (how has that been ten years!?), and so enjoy seeing your beautiful restoration and decorating work.

  59. 3.26.20
    cmd said:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one crying over this. It’s a weird time, ok?! It looks absolutely beautiful Daniel!

  60. 3.26.20
    Melissa said:

    So much work and boy did it pay off! I hope you can keep up the momentum because I’m living vicariously through your amazing Reno achievements :-)

  61. 3.26.20
    Carrie said:

    As a number of others have noted, it’s emotional even for the reader to see this! So awesome to have followed along with all your steps and get to see the final, beautiful product!

  62. 3.26.20
    Erin said:

    I don’t even know you, man, but this has me verklempt. I found the before/after of the stairs ceiling curve particularly moving.

    I’m also going to give oyster white a look for an upcoming quarantine paint project because it’s super classy.

  63. 3.26.20
    Kirsty said:

    It’s so dang beautiful . I’ve loved watching the whole process in stories.

  64. 3.26.20
    Paula said:

    You are an inspiration!

  65. 3.26.20
    Brittany said:

    Oh my goodness Daniel! Swooning over your hallway. Who knew a hallway could give a person all the feels? I questioned the wall color during your insta stories but it’s perfect with the white, black & wood! Love the way you mix the classics with the modern!

  66. 3.26.20
    AnnMarie said:

    I wish I had something clever to say, but really, I just love it so much and I’m so impressed by the truly Herculean amount of work you put into this (huge) space! It looks like a deceptively simple update — just paint, right? But having watched your hallway updates breathlessly every day for the last few months, I have a new appreciation for all that goes into “prep”. <3

  67. 3.26.20
    Martha said:

    Bravo Daniel, Bravo!

  68. 3.26.20
    Laura said:

    Each photo represents daaayysss of effort. I’m thankful for insta stories so we could sit on our couches and watch your hard work to create this wondrous space.

  69. 3.26.20
    Steph Dohm said:

    Ok this is amazing but also I have to admit that I need black doors in my life…it’s happening.

    This space is STUNNING, congratulations on getting it done!

  70. 3.26.20
    Laura C said:

    Phenomenal! Make yourself a drink, now!

    • 3.27.20

      It’s 6:30 on a Friday! You bet! Shabbat shalom! ;)

  71. 3.26.20
    Candace said:

    Oh. My. God. Who knew I could feel this way about a hallway? You are the funniest (the joke about the support being orchestrated by your mother had me in tears) but sweet honourable. Your work – UNBELIEVABLE. Are you just laying in the hallway right now? Like, on a blanket looking at that curve in the steps? Hope you walk through this space and smile for a lonnnnnng time. <3

  72. 3.26.20
    Lisa said:

    Daniel, congratulations! It’s beautiful!!! I’m imagining the house giving a joyful, contented sigh, so happy to finally being set to rights by such a caring soul.

  73. 3.26.20
    Dana Figlar said:

    OMG. LOVE!!! It’s just beyond stunning!! Have enjoyed watching this transformation so much. YAY!!! xoxo

  74. 3.26.20
    Heather said:

    Bravo! I am so blown away by the transformation. I can’t pick a favorite view point. You are a restoration maestro.

  75. 3.26.20
    JoAnn said:

    All of your hard work really paid off! It’s beautiful! Congrats!

  76. 3.26.20
    Rebecca said:

    Wow! wow. wow. Followed along on Instagram. It turned out amazing!

  77. 3.26.20
    Nicole G said:

    Oh wow, this is so beautiful! You’ve worked so hard and it has paid off! What a great space to welcome you home.

    I’ve been a reader for a long time — I remember your desk post! But now, thanks to Instagram, I can read your posts in your voice and it makes it so. much. better.

    • 3.27.20

      Haha! That’s very kind. I still have a really hard time listening to my own voice, but I stomach it for the people! ;)

  78. 3.26.20
    Christian said:

    This is so good I can literally kill myself.

    Any reason you chose not to match the tread colour to the bannister/spindles?

    • 3.26.20
      Ryan said:

      I think he said (in Insta Stories) that the plan is to have the tread match the floor when it is refinished.

    • 3.26.20
      Christian said:

      I remember that Ryan! In my brain the spindles/bannister/treads are an entire installed unit but I get how some people would consider the stair treads to be an extension of the floor and treat the bannister/spindles as more of a piece of furniture

    • 3.27.20

      Hahaha please don’t do that!! We need you here!

      So the banister is all mahogany and the treads are white pine, with old original filler (which I think may be plaster?) covering nail holes. I don’t really like the way pine takes stain, and I think trying to match them would have ended up being kinda a bummer because the banister would have been notably nicer wood. I did briefly consider faux-painting them (honestly that would have been more age-appropriate), and in the case I would have gone dark with the banister color!

  79. 3.26.20
    Lauren said:

    I’ve been following your blog for probably about 6 years and devoured all of your posts when I first stumbled upon it. You’re doing great, and I’ve enjoyed following along on Instagram stories too. Thanks for sharing

  80. 3.26.20
    Lisa said:

    Never, in a million years, did I think I would love to watch someone make over their front entry! But I have loved. every. second. It’s probably your self-deprecating charm and humor I love so much from your stories–and Bungee, who looks like my Eli. It has turned out so beautifully. Clean and simple and one of those spaces that someone who did’t watch the whole process unfold will never understand the amount of work it took to get it to this point. Well done.

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you so much, Lisa! Give Eli a nose boop for me!

  81. 3.26.20
    Tricia said:

    Daniel, thus hallway is fabulous and so respectful of the house. Have you ever looked in Newburgh’s old Polk city directories to see who lived in your house? It’s a great way to see who lived there and where they worked. It’s also a great way to track single to multi-family conversions.

    • 3.27.20

      I’ve never heard of that! But I have gone back in the deeds so I do have that history! Unfortunately no photos of the house before 1950, which is too bad! I’d kill to see it earlier! I mostly got the apartment understanding through old newspaper ads and small articles (like a fire in the…garage? defunct addition?), the way the house had been renovated, and being able to clearly see the 1970s and later stuff. I’m only the 4th owner!

  82. 3.26.20
    Lara said:

    I gasped like, 40 times whilst scrolling through the images here. This is a feat of monstrous dedication and fortitude and the results are beyond gorgeous. Your Insta stories have been so inspiring and hilarious over the course of this project too. HERO.

  83. 3.26.20

    I have so thoroughly enjoyed watching this process (even though I know you struggled. What WORK!). Thank you for sharing this glorious transformation with us!

    Also, I’m so glad you decided on Patreon. I messaged you in the midst of this that I’d love to send you a pack of beer, and now I (kind of) can!

    • 3.27.20

      Aw, thank you for the support, Jen! <3

  84. 3.26.20
    Vanessa Johnston said:

    It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved following along on IG as you went, and I love this big before and after reveal here. Amazing job!

  85. 3.26.20

    Gorgeous and sophisticated (but not in an untouchable way). I love it!

  86. 3.26.20
    Julia said:

    If I can see the care and consciousness you gave to meticulously restore the beauty of this space in pictures, I can only imagine how DROP DEAD GORGEOUS it is in person. Thank you for giving this space the attention she deserves. Now go enjoy something that doesn’t involve sanding or caulking!!

  87. 3.26.20
    Genevieve said:

    The amount of hard work and love you put into this space is unbelievable! Your truly earned the joy of living with such a beautiful entry.

  88. 3.26.20
    Katherine said:

    In every space and on every level (literally and figuratively, lol) you nail it. I’ve never before had the experience of watching a project unfold in real time and been so glued to it that if I’d been asked to give it up I’d have rather died. Your taste is impeccable, your work is *chef’s kiss* perfect, and there has never been a project more deserving of the description “a labor of love”. I can’t believe it took me ten years to find you, but I can promise I’ll be watching, enthusiastically cheering you on and eating popcorn, from now on! Thank you for sharing the journey!

    • 3.27.20

      Katherine this comment! Chef’s kiss! Thank you!

  89. 3.26.20
    Debbie in Toronto said:


  90. 3.26.20
    Jenna said:

    Did you just lay on the rug in the entryway and giggle with delight? Because you deserve that moment of absurd enjoyment and glee! I’m working on my own old urban farmhouse one room at a time – and seeing you tackle this daunting task in real time makes me feel a) lazy and b) better about how realistic some projects really are. Thank you for keeping this real – and not some magic-wand overnight weekend-warrior TV magic remodeling show. You help make remodeling and redoing and sprucing feel like something we can all tackle with some effort and patience. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your home and efforts with us all!!!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank YOU Jenna! Don’t feel lazy!! I had the support from Lowe’s to be able to spend A LOT of my time on this, and that’s not the reality for most people!

  91. 3.26.20
    Lisa said:

    This has been one of my favorite Internet experiences of all time, and I’m a denizen, for my age. I wish I were the person that this space is now, worn, truthful, beautiful. THANK YOU DANIEL AND LOWES!!!

    • 3.26.20
      Lisa said:

      Oh, and elegant;).

  92. 3.26.20
    Adam said:

    Wow!! Totally blown away! It all came out simply stunning!

  93. 3.26.20
    Janice said:

    Astonishing and inspiring!! Love you, love your dogs, love you on Instagram and love your blog. Thank you!!!

  94. 3.26.20
    Monika Z J said:

    Oh my. I love those white doorknobs. Have you ever seen ones like that new? We have vintage glass doorknobs but they fall out every few months and are so chipped. I’ve replaced the set screws but nothing keeps them in. So frustrating. I’m over them.

    • 3.26.20
      Ryan said:

      You might just need new spindles for your doorknobs. That’s usually the mechanical part that gets worn and causes the knobs to be floppy or stiff, or come off. (wow, not appropriate!)
      House of Antique Hardware and other similar old house hardware sellers have porcelain knobs if you really want to make the switch.

    • 3.27.20

      I endorse Ryan’s response!

    • 3.27.20

      I don’t think I ever have, except in salvage shops and things! I wonder why yours fall out, bummer! Lowe’s carries a nice, really inexpensive set of glass knobs/ I think they screw onto the shaft so they’re a bit less finicky than the ones with only a set screw?

  95. 3.26.20
    MB said:

    This looks FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  96. 3.26.20
    Caitlin Bernal said:

    Daniel, this is truly outstanding! I can’t pick a favorite part because its all so perfect! The paint colors are great, I love the light fixtures, and seeing your beautiful piece of art hung prominently is so special. Excellent, EXCELLENT job!!

  97. 3.26.20

    Bravo Daniel!
    Could your puppies look even more beautiful in their new renovation?

    • 3.27.20

      I don’t know! They are exceptionally good-looking dogs!

  98. 3.26.20
    Sarah T said:

    Your love and stewardship of this house is really inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us!

  99. 3.26.20
    Gillianne said:

    The wood! The lights! The walls and trim! The original doors and knobs! It’s bright, sympathetic to the house, and welcoming. So well done. As everyone who’s watched you for years knew it would be. Applause, Daniel.

  100. 3.26.20
    Nora said:

    This takes the house to a new level. You didn’t mention the amazing new “old” light switches. I am going to do this to my house now. Gorg.

    • 3.27.20
      Amy Short-Jones said:

      You made my morning! It’s beautiful, congratulations on all that hard work!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you, Nora! They’re all from Kyle Switches! I love them!!

  101. 3.26.20
    Amanda said:

    Stunning. Adore all of the paint colors you chose! I particularly love the before-and-after shots that point to the back hallway and up the stairs – it’s incredible how far the space has come.

  102. 3.26.20
    Anna said:

    So beautiful, great Work!!

  103. 3.26.20
    RebeccaNYC said:

    I cannot cannot cannot believe this is the same space. And even though I watched the whole thing in real time, you made it look so easy. I know it wasn’t. A HUGE thank you for everything you do to keep us entertained. Now, can we all come live with you?

    I will admit I was not sure about the pine treads when you first started talking about treating them that way, I thought for sure I wouldn’t like having 3 different colors of wood…the floors, the spindles and newell post, and the treads. Boy Howdy was I wrong. I love them, and only you would have had the nerve to do that. Every little thing is perfection.

    • 3.27.20

      Shucks! Thanks so much Rebecca. Come up any time! (except right now, because isolation)

  104. 3.26.20
    Cecelia said:

    Oh my gawd, it is sooo gorgeous! Well done and it’s been a blast following along!

  105. 3.26.20
    Lessie said:

    Love you. That’s it. You are the best.

  106. 3.26.20
    Alexandra said:

    Ahhhhhhhh. Daniel!!!! You are amazing!

  107. 3.26.20
    Louise said:

    Just beautiful, I think I could look at these pictures all day!

  108. 3.26.20
    Lindsay said:

    All of your HARD work was definitely worth it, the entry is BEAUTIFUL.

  109. 3.26.20
    Cath said:

    Daniel – this is a triumph. Thank you for taking us along for the ride. The love that you have for this house and the labour that you put into it is inspiring

  110. 3.26.20
    Carmen said:

    It is so beautiful!!

  111. 3.26.20
    Shannon said:

    Never apologize for too many before & afters- especially when they are as magical as these!!! I might have to scroll through them daily because they bring me so much joy. I’ve followed along through all the painstaking effort you’ve put into the whole house & lately into this entry/hallway/staircase and it makes the outcome even sweeter. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us all!!

  112. 3.26.20
    Heather Bond said:

    Oh Daniel, it’s so lovely!

  113. 3.26.20
    Jen said:

    I’m so happy for you that this is done and turned out so beautifully! I keep saying this, but that newel post and railing are beyond gorgeous. I want to run my hand down the banister (weirdo). Thanks also for being real about how rough and tedious this kind of work can be, but sticking it out with patience and humor. It truly is inspiring.

  114. 3.26.20
    mlou said:

    GASP! GASP! GASP! So gorgeous and what a monumental piece of work. Incredible. Million Dollar Baby.

  115. 3.26.20
    Lynne said:

    Beautiful. Been following on IG. Thanks for those informative posts. Man, you are a hard worker. This is impressive, but I have to commend you on your rebranding. Smart and classy, just like you. Kudos to whomever helped you with this. Also, glad to hear you’ve gotten some help. Now really curious about the twin sister …

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you so much, Lynne! Anna did all the work on the website, and my twin is named Laura and lives in West Hollywood in a cute 1-BR. She’s a doll!

  116. 3.26.20
    Kelly said:

    Hats off for an amazing transformation. And I would like to thank Lowe’s for working with you. You are a true DIYer. You are not into fast fashion for houses and INCESSANT swipe ups. Please, Lowes’s, work more with Daniel and less with the swipe up bloggers who have few skills and who can do little besides get free products that you can then swipe up for.

  117. 3.26.20
    Sarah said:

    Daniel! It is the most gorgeous entry! The transformation is STUNNING. You worked so hard and you must be so darn proud of yourself! Go you!

  118. 3.26.20
    julia said:

    having been following along on IG stories and can’t believe this day has finally come! love love love!

  119. 3.26.20
    DH said:

    Holy sh!t balls it looks amazing. I mean, you have to know it does, right? I dream of the day I get a house of my own to do the same thing with. Maybe on a smaller/lighter scale. I’ve got a few years on you and certainly don’t have the energy!

  120. 3.26.20
    Martha said:

    Just plain stunning. Thanks for letting us all follow along. So inspired by all the work you put in!

  121. 3.26.20
    Claudia said:

    You are a MIRACLE WORKER – it all looks absolutely amazing! I love how you stayed true to the original build whenever possible, while adding your personal touches.

  122. 3.26.20
    Marlena said:

    Amazing! And congrats on 10 years. I started to follow you when you were still in Manhattan! I remember you painting those doors!

    I remain in awe of your grit (literal and figurative) and determination and hard work. I also love to look up words you use and techniques recommended. My house is 117 years old and it will be a S L O W roll on restoring her. Happy blogaversary!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you, Marlena! Best of luck with the house!!

  123. 3.26.20
    Sara L. said:

    SO Gorgeous! That newel post is amazing. I love that you took it down to its original color, it looks absolutely perfect. And how jealous am I of your Calder lithograph? EXTREMELY JEALOUS. Fantastic work as always!

  124. 3.26.20

    oh man – reno porn after a long day working from home..
    you are amazing, dedicated and a fabulous writer. its been a thrill reading along all theses years – and watching you tackle this hallway as the latest in your epic transformations!

    thanks for letting us into your world! cant wait to see whats up in the next months and the next TEN years!!

  125. 3.26.20
    Kate said:

    ITS SO GOOD! Amazing to see the final space and it was so, so delightful following along on instastories :D

  126. 3.26.20
    H said:

    This is such a great transformation!

    But more importantly, now I understand how much work goes into what can feel like instant before & after gratification to a reader. And how much things like quality tools and materials matter to both the experience and end product.

  127. 3.26.20
    Mary said:

    This transformation ❤️ It is absolutely gorgeous.

  128. 3.26.20
    Callie said:

    I could look at those before and after photos all day. It looks sooooo damn good. So good. Well done! And way to persevere through the crappy work!

  129. 3.26.20
    Bettina Geschwind said:

    Daniel,You did such a magnificent job on this hallway, your attention to detail makes a sublime statement. I so enjoy watching you work and seeing your projects come together – thank you for being you and sharing with all of us!

  130. 3.26.20
    Corey Ann said:

    I cannot get over how spectacular this transformation is! You did SUCH a lovely job and I can’t decide which bit is my favorite. Wait, it’s the cat knocker. I can’t with how perfectly kitschy it is and I’m delighted that you kept it!

    Congrats on a job beautifully done (yet again!) and on the gorgeous new site!

    • 3.27.20

      Thanks for following along! The cat knocker is so hysterical to me; I’m so glad it lasted all these years!

  131. 3.26.20
    Jeanna said:

    I am so crazy in love with this space! Well worth all the hard work you put into it!

  132. 3.26.20
    Doorot said:

    Nuff said. You’re a genius.

  133. 3.26.20
    Eileen said:

    This is phenomenal…just like all of the other projects that you do, but this is !!!!!!! I hope that you take time to sit in the hallway with a cocktail and the dogs and just enjoy all the incredibly hard work that you put in to this and the fantastic results. Thanks for taking us on the journey via instagram and looking forward to your next endeavor!

  134. 3.27.20
    Sheherazade Draw said:

    LOOOOOveeeeee! you did an amazing job!

  135. 3.27.20
    Jeanine said:

    Daniël, this is amazing! All of your time and effort really paid of. Love your style. And damn, now I want to buy (another) old house..

  136. 3.27.20
    Rachel said:

    Watching this unfold was such a wild ride! I knew it would look amazing but this is SO SO SO good!

  137. 3.27.20
    Jeannette said:

    Like all your spaces, your care and attention to the old wood and wavy glass, the curve and trim, gives the space a kind of living, breathing graciousness that lets you exhale. The Calder and the Persian, and the hounds at the top of the stairs, the little door knocker, the brass bees, perfect.
    The 15 smooth doors. Beautiful.
    Just read about the Shakers, you have that hands to work, heart to God thing which makes those spaces soulful. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all these years.

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you for being there, Jeannette!

  138. 3.27.20
    Kylie said:

    This is just so good! I’m so happy for you!

  139. 3.27.20
    Mandy said:

    Absolutely spot on!

  140. 3.27.20
    lesley said:

    Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Congratulations! All your hard work has been so worth the end result.

  141. 3.27.20

    Amazing! You did a terrific job. I certainly did not get sick of the before and afters, so gratifying!

  142. 3.27.20
    Heather said:

    I love the before and after! What a gorgeous entryway, and SO inspiring! Each project is my favorite, so now this is my favorite! Lovely. Just lovely.

  143. 3.27.20
    Stephanie Nelson said:

    So much hard work in all those pictures! Prep is the worse so I commiserated with you on that aspect. I LOVE that cat knocker! What a unique find! Everything is gorgeous! Walking into the finished space has to be the greatest feeling!

  144. 3.27.20
    Ellison Heath said:

    It must feel so good walking through those front doors every day. I feel lighter just looking at it. Congratulations on all the hard work you put into your hallway and house. Love following along, keep up the amazing work.

  145. 3.27.20
    Karen T said:

    Amazing. The amount of work you put into the space truly shows. It’s a showstopper.

  146. 3.27.20
    mockginger said:

    This. Is. Everything. You do amazing work, and this transformation is the so beautiful. Bravo!!!

  147. 3.27.20
    Laura Baldwin said:

    I ‘dies’.
    I think that’s all I can say. Just gobsmacked with the beauty of what you’ve achieved. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the endless inspiration.

  148. 3.27.20
    Miranda said:

    It has been an absolute joy to watch this unfold over the last however long. It was such a huge project and you took it in stride and it looks SO FREAKIN’ GOOD. Your humor, of course, was a great shining moment through it all too :) I’m so happy that you’ve added Patreon and A SHOP OMG. I can’t believe the blog is 10 years old! I’ve been following for probably 9? I can’t even remember. I’m still shocked you’ve been in this house for SEVEN. Congratulations on it all!!!

  149. 3.27.20
    Haley said:

    This looks AMAZING!!! I love every single detail!

  150. 3.27.20
    Kat said:

    It looks amazing! And in these troubled times of pandemics and whatnot, it is SO pleasing to see a beautifully restored room. It’s restoring my soul. Thank you for distracting me with beautiful images.

  151. 3.27.20
    Michelle S. said:

    Oh Daniel. This. Is. Everything.

  152. 3.27.20
    Becky said:

    Damn. A true labor of love and inspiration for all of us with huge swaths of our houses “under construction” for years at a time. Hurrah!

  153. 3.27.20
    Danielle said:

    Simply stunning!!! I’ve been following along on Instagram and thought maybe I’d ‘seen it all’ – ha! As if! Never enough before and afters!

    I love that you kept the wall color more muted – it really lets everything else shine in the space and shine it should! Please excuse the never-ending stream of exclamation marks, but those beautiful doors, that trimwork, the stairs, the railing, the newel post – gah! Everything is so very beautiful.

    Now just promise not to do a major overhaul of your master bath becuz according to the internet, it is the proverbial last straw for bloggers and regular ol’ homeowners everywhere and everyone sells their homes immediately after. And I need to see what magic you make happen for the 1st floor bath, etc, etc, etc.

    Thank you for all you do and share. And happy belated 10th birthday to the blog – you’re a national treasure!

    • 3.27.20

      HAHA! Very little risk of that!! I just did it a little less than a year ago, and that oughta hold me for a while! Bigger fish to fry! Thank you <3 <3

  154. 3.27.20
    Joyce said:

    Love this new page!

  155. 3.27.20
    Jannean said:

    Watching every step on Instagram and seeing the final result has been incredible. It truly was a labor of love. Enjoy & savor every corner of this stunningly beautiful space!

  156. 3.27.20
    Deborah Burns said:

    So well done! BRAVO!!!

    You have beautifully restored and added touches of modern lighting to the heart of your home.

    I enjoyed (and held my breath) watching the blow by blow process on Instagram as you confronted the challenges, searched for answers/products/tools then followed your instincts to beautiful results!

    I am very happy that you can now enjoy the results of your labor everyday!! Well Done!!

  157. 3.27.20
    Liz said:

    Stunning! Thanks so much for continuing to share your DIY projects with us. Also congratulations on 10 years – my youngest was in preschool when I started reading your blog and now he is in middle school. :)

  158. 3.27.20
    April said:

    You did it! You are so talented and funny and smart and adorable and we are so lucky to be able to follow along with you. Thank you, Daniel, you gd national treasure, you!

  159. 3.27.20
    susan said:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until the end of time; you are a miracle worker (emphasis on the ‘worker’ part of that!). You are a magic man. OMG. I just kept saying OMG over and over during this post. You are magnificent.

  160. 3.27.20
    Jennifer said:

    Those banisters and newel post! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that tone and the grain. They’re so lucky to have you!

  161. 3.27.20
    Kala said:

    Its so beautiful! Like many readers, this project inspired me to repaint my own house (ok only one room) and in the process strip and restore some truly beautiful metal hardware. So thank you for that.

    Not having a closet in the entry way would drive me crazy – I’m looking forward to seeing how you tackle it!

  162. 3.27.20
    Linda said:

    Heart stoppingly beautiful!

  163. 3.27.20
    Carole said:


  164. 3.27.20
    Adriana Schwartz Gores said:

    is it weird that the first before and after got me all choked up?

  165. 3.27.20
    Kari said:

    BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been low level desperate for these afters for the last 7 years. I remember when you moved in and I was like, “That entryway!!!” It’s been a joy following along on the gram the last couple of months. It turned out IMPECCABLE.

  166. 3.28.20
    Pam said:

    enjoyed EVERY SECOND of this hallway. Very sad that it is now finished. Do another room Daniel!

  167. 3.28.20
    Katie said:

    I could have looked at these b & a’s all day! So beautifully done. I know they are just pictures, but I can literally feel how good it feels to walk into your house! The colors, the simplicity, the lighting, the work…
    You just did an amazing job!

  168. 3.28.20
    bean said:

    I’m pretty sure that the Edwardians and Victorians did not use coat closets because they used hall trees. I looked at Craigslist, and there’s a Victorian one in Accord, NY. Your house might need an Eastlake one, if you wanted, which might work better with the overall lovely aesthetic (or might just be too busy).

    We are finally going to move into our new/old house after two years of rehab. It was a year and a half for the contractor to do his work, and it’s been six months of our work to fix what the contractor did his way, without asking (the term “Arts and Crafts” didn’t seem to ring a bell for him). Once the master closet is redone, we should be able to move in.

    I do not envy your re-doing your kitchen while still living in the house, multiple times–I did that once, and I will never do it again (and didn’t). But, I will imagine that it is just as lovely as this hallway and will look forward with bated breath for the new iteration.

  169. 3.28.20
    Carrie H said:

    Just stunning, Daniel. Your skill and hard work show. Congratulations!

  170. 3.28.20
    Rose said:

    Sweet God of love it is gorgeous!

  171. 3.29.20
    Robin said:

    This is beautiful, followed on IG the work paid off !

    Enjoy your hard work

  172. 3.30.20
    Norah said:

    It all looks amazing! I loved following along. Bravo to you. Also, Oyster White will be going on my must-have list. I already copied your bedroom paint colour and love it on my walls. Congrats on a job very well done

  173. 3.30.20
    lak said:

    Looks great! So impressed with your home and all the work you have done in it.

  174. 3.30.20

    What a labor of love, enjoy all the before and after pictures! It’s nice to see the old refurbished instead of replaced. Thanks for sharing

  175. 3.30.20
    Lyda said:

    Absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Man alive this makes me want an old house that someone else has flipped for me. ;P So fresh and so clean clean. My husband and I are house-hunting in a part of northern virginia that is a character-desert. It’s so so sad. Guess I’ll have to find a way to make our own! Humph! :D Happy restorating!

  176. 3.31.20
    elena said:

    Lovely story telling and energy in your posts. Have been following your progress for a while now. Ton of elbow grease went into this project, but it is nice to see things move forward under this new setup! the entrance hall is wonderful now. Keep making the world/ the house beautiful! Well done you, it is so worth it! Tell Lowe that if they had a counterpart in Europe, we would become loyal customers!

  177. 3.31.20
    Karen said:

    Jaw drop

  178. 3.31.20

    GORGEOUS! So worth the effort.

  179. 3.31.20
    Carswell said:

    Absolutely wonderful!! You must be so pleased Daniel. I would be.

    I have loved black doors ever since I saw them in a magazine at least 15 years ago. I hemmed and hawed about taking the plunge in my place and I have the doors on the ground floor done. Next will be the ones upstairs.

    Black doors just look so classy – and in your hallway with the white porcelain knobs? Perfection.

    Congrats on the website update by the way.

  180. 3.31.20
    Meredith said:

    Slow. Clap. I would love walking through those front doors everyday. It seems like your in the homestretch now!

  181. 4.1.20

    Amazing how just a fresh coat of paint, some new lights etc can do to what is essentially a pass through, right?

    I went the exact opposite of you, went dark and dramatic for my hall, though it’s short, and dark (no windows at all, though I will be fixing that when I get around to a new front door) but in my case, I am going with a 70’s mod/glam look, using the manufactured wood flooring that came with the house, and matches the living room floor that’s the same stuff as the starting point and used the entry photo from Apartment Therapy from a few years back when of 2 gay men, Lance and Harry and what they did to redo their studio rental from the early 1900’s that faced an air shaft.

    They worked it so it’s an “evening” apartment as that’s the light they get all day, being near the ground in said air shaft so artificial lighting was the way and went dramatic with brown walls, Flo pendants and gallery wall art and white trim for their entry hall.

    Mine is Awesome Auburn brown with a basic Lightoliere track lighting with basic white cans that will get replaced with some eyeball cans when I find them in either chrome or shiny brass, a bocarah(sp?) runner, white trim when I get that far.

    At the moment, it looks great and artwork up but so far that’s been it.

    What a difference it makes indeed as now it’s greets the guest and gives a nice first impression when they step in.

    I think what you ultimately did is perfect for your space and going with the onyx for the doors is a smart move and keeps some dramatic element to the hall that’d otherwise be a rather bland space had you kept the doors white.

    All good and like you, old homes CAN rock more modern elements and still look fantastic.

    Keep it up!

  182. 4.1.20
    C said:

    It’s beautiful, but you changed your website and now none of the pictures can be seen in one image. So sad! Scrolling to see a whole picture simply is not the same.

  183. 4.2.20
    Nora said:

    holy bananas! This is so good! Well frikken done!!!

  184. 4.2.20
    Karen B said:

    The walls, the lighting, and the banister are beautiful!! I love how you approach your projects. I’m so glad you take so much time and care with every decision. The results are amazing. Inspiring!

  185. 4.2.20
    Hayley said:

    No words to describe how amazing this is! Well done Daniel.

  186. 4.3.20
    MOM said:

    I don’t think I ever commented on this post. I can’t wait to see it in person. Those before are so deceiving, it felt so bad. And now, WOW! But the number of weeks, hours, and minutes of hard work poured into this–what a physical and mental drain on my poor child. But he sticks with it and gets it done no matter how long, that’s devotion.

    My main thought in reading this is how bad I feel for anyone trying to hire a painter these days. There will be no living up to the kind of prep we know there should be and won’t be unless we do it ourselves or are so demanding in our contracts to get it done right. Those poor painters because Daniel has now armed us with lots of amazing information. Who knew? I’ve overpaid and received shoddy (at best) work in the past. Watch out future painter of mine….

  187. 4.3.20
    Julie said:

    You should be supremely proud of this accomplishment, Daniel! All of your hard work has resulted in a perfectly beautiful space that will delight you for years. I’m buying my first house soon and it will need a lot of love, too. Your posts inspire me to be brave and know that my home will also be a sanctuary…some day! My apologies if this is too effusive–I’ve been hiding from corona for three weeks and am a bit overwrought. Your blog is a sanity check that the world is still spinning and life really is continuing. Thank you for many years of entertainment!

  188. 4.8.20
    PLAIDV said:

    Literally everything about this is SO GOOD. My fave before/after is the view of the weird vestibule encasing the front door vs how big and bright the front door area is now.

    I’m sure some won’t be that pumped and say it’s “just a hallway”, but I think an area like this is an example of how tackling a “passthrough” space that you pass through every single day, multiple times a day… can make a HUGE positive impact in how you feel. I love your happiness and excitement and pride.

  189. 4.8.20
    HELEN said:

    Oh Daniel it’s just beautiful. Simply beautiful just like everything else you set your mind to. Your parents must be so proud to have such a creative hard working brilliant son. I so enjoy watching the latest on Instagram and then making my husband watch it too.

  190. 4.10.20
    Victoria S said:

    I loved all of you IG chronicles as well. This hallway is GLORIOUS!

  191. 4.11.20
    Melissa said:

    Love everything – thank you so much for sharing :)

  192. 4.12.20
    Paula said:

    It really is a stunning transformation. Well done!

  193. 4.13.20
    GreenieWeenie said:

    oh, I have those very same light button switch things in my house, which is a thousand years old. My aunt swears we have them because the house has “knob and tube” lighting that’s a fire trap, and she refuses to let us turn on the actual lights in the house (we have to use very rickety lamps instead). So…do you know if you have knob-and-tube lighting?

    • 4.14.20

      I don’t have knob-and-tube wiring in my house, but your aunt could be right! If the basement is unfinished, you can probably tell there. That being said, knob-and-tube wiring might very well be ALL the wiring in a house, so I’m not sure using a lamp/outlet makes any more sense than using the overhead!

  194. 4.13.20
    Emily said:

    I followed the whole front hallway saga via Insta-stories. But I came to the site and just scrolled through and had to stop at the revealed front hallway. Dude, that turned out AMAZING!! so stunning, sophisticated, and just down right impressive. It’s a finished space (yes, minus the floors). You should feel so proud. Congrats

    • 4.17.20
      Kelly said:

      I’m late to the comments party, but the entryway is freaking fantastic!!! I cant imagine how much work the stairs were. (I removed paint w/out stripper from the spindles of an oak chair and that was a nightmare. One little chair!) Stairs are notoriously difficult. Anyway, it’s 10kx better, so clean and classic and a little modern. This house is lucky to have you!

  195. 5.6.20
    Fran said:

    My desperate googling for inspiration for the extremely long, narrow hall in my 1890 New Orleans Victorian led me to this reveal, and you’ve given me so much hope – it’s stunning! (Also your instagram stories are giving me life during this stay at home order )

  196. 5.18.20
    Ashley Masset said:

    How wide is your hallway and the stairs? We are putting in a second floor in an old house, and I’m trying to replicate the width and feel of what it would have been. Your house is GOALS.

  197. 5.18.20
    Paula said:

    Wow that is an insane transformation!

    It’s beautiful and I completely agree with going the simple route. There’s so much character you don’t need to dress it up! It’s dressy enough on it’s own.

    Damn I’m exhausted just thinking about what it took to bring the woodwork back to life. For real.

    Out of curiosity do you have a hall closet? Where do you stash stuff?

  198. 5.23.20
    Patricia Butler said:

    I’ve read this post three separate times since you posted it. It’s still “wow”. Your Canadian followers love you Daniel!!

  199. 5.24.20
    Robin said:

    I have missed your blog! The entry is totally gorgeous! Well done you!

  200. 8.2.20

    OMG! I love the history of this home. Oh those doors and hardware and locks and stairs. I describe my home as a brownstone in the suburbs (of Colorado). Got my eye on black metal doors from Pinky’s doors in LA. Stairs next on my list.
    laura in colorado

  201. 4.18.21
    Beth Ackerman said:

    Entry halls from the 1800s are my jam. No seriously, they literally make my heart flutter. Yes I have other most-loved details of the Greek Revival houses, but the entry hall is An Absolute Must Have luxury. My God, yours is spectacular. Very educational as to how much work went into reviving it. I can imagine dirty clothes, sore muscles, day after day of “when will it be done”? It is a triumph, sir. Thank you for brightening my day.

  202. 10.8.21
    Kathy said:

    I so enjoyed reading your blog! Fascinating & amazing work you have done! Everything looks beautiful and you should be very proud of your hard work! What an accomplishment!

  203. 10.11.21
    Samantha Brink said:

    How did you strip the old finish/hand oils from the bannister, railing, and spindles before using the shellac/alcohol mixture?

  204. 7.25.22
    Lorran Bronnar said:

    Would you be willing to share dimensions of your Newell post? We would love to build one similar to this!