A Decade of Blogging!

I’m about to tell you some information that might be upsetting. Manhattan Nest—this blog that you’re reading right at this very moment—turns TEN YEARS OLD TODAY.


A FULL DECADE. I DEMAND TO KNOW HOW. There are human beings younger than this blog who know how to simplify fractions and do long division. I can’t even do long division!

Ten years ago—as a 20 year old gay student in Manhattan who was looking forward to moving out of the dorms and into a big-boy apartment—I thought starting a blog about it was an extremely funny thing to do in and of itself. Unlike my dorm room, an apartment would allow me to populate the space with my own things, and use some creativity—in lieu of cash—to make it my own. Blogging about it could be a fun and silly exercise, because most of the bloggers I was aware of were moms, living in the suburbs, following Christ, and painting a lot of accent walls. I do not mean this in a pejorative sense—that’s just mostly how it felt back then. And since I was very clearly not that, the whole “shelter blog” thing (a term that may have not been invented yet, and one that I feel like isn’t used anymore?) just really tickled some part of my brain.

Never did I think anybody would really read it. Never did I imagine continuing to write it after getting that first apartment set up, let alone still be doing it a decade later, let alone having kinda-sorta-pretty-much turned it into a job. I couldn’t have guessed that my dumb blog would connect me to my first significant romance, or that that would result in a move to Brooklyn, or that that would land me with two dogs and a house upstate. I often find the term “journey” clichéd and overused, but what else do we call this? It’s been a journey. It’s accounted for fully 1/3rd of my life. I’ve shared victories here, failures, joys and heartaches, high highs and low lows. And throughout, this blog—along with its readers—has been one of very few constants in my life. 10 years.

It’s a really, really strange and unsettling time in the world right now. I’m sure everybody reading knows what I mean by that, but in case somebody is reading this in another ten years, I’ll just note that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. I don’t think anybody living today has quite experienced something like this in their lifetimes, and it feels, at least, like a major cultural watershed moment. It’s a mass-trauma. The fatalities are—and will continue to be—heartbreaking. And then, of course, there’s the way it’s affecting our daily lives. People’s jobs are disappearing. Nobody knows quite what’s happening minute-to-minute. The vast majority of people in this country and many others are being advised or mandated to stay in their homes. Isolate. Shelter in place. Quarantine. Wait until this horror show has passed.

All of this has given me some time to think—about you, about this blog, about the bizarre and extraordinary set of circumstances that led to me living here—in this house that I love, in this city that feels more like home than anywhere I’ve else I’ve lived, and how truly grateful I am to be here. Nearly every life shift over the past decade for me will always be inextricably tied to this blog. It’s supplied countless friends and connections from all over the world, professional experiences I never would have had otherwise, and the opportunity to express myself, on my own terms, in a world that can be hostile and unaccepting toward people like me. It’s set my worldview to consider humanity as—overwhelmingly—generous, kind, funny, and supportive. From time to time, somebody will comment on what a nice community (the best, in my humble opinion) surrounds this blog, but I can’t take credit for that. You did that, not me. I’m just the beneficiary, a person who’s been given the gift of a more trusting and open heart through every comment and message and email from a reader. A person who, even in this moment of literal social isolation, doesn’t have to feel alone. I’m an extremely lucky guy.

I guess all of this to say: there’s something that feels oddly appropriate about this 10-year milestone coming at a time when I’m quite literally stuck at home. It’s not lost on me that this house would not be a part of my life if not for this blog. And even if it was, I highly doubt I would have pushed myself as hard to learn, work, develop, try new things, and expand my horizons without you being right there with me. The low points might have swallowed me whole without a place to come and talk about them; and, admittedly, the high points would have felt less high without all of the amazing support and encouragement I’ve been spoiled by here. It’s really something.

If you’ve been here for a long time—thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me! And if you’re more of a newcomer—welcome! We still have lots to look forward to. I’ve finally brought in a little help to manage parts of running the blog that I’m no good at/don’t enjoy (my twin sister! it’s a family business now!), so I can really focus in on the content and the parts that I am good at. More content! Better content! She started on Monday and I’m already wondering why it took me so many years and a global pandemic to admit that I could really use a hand with all this.

SO! TO CELEBRATE! My dear friend Anna (who herself would still be an internet stranger if not for this blog) has worked her tushy off completely redesigning this website!! It’s been a long time in the making and I just love what she’s done. A few things of note!

-I finally took the plunge: Patreon. This concept has always made me a little uncomfortable, but I eventually realized a couple of things. 1) that somebody pledging to my Patreon does not exclude them from donating to charities and other worthy causes and 2) that we (I) pay for all sorts of subscription services that entertain or educate us, and if this blog falls into that category for you, I should at least allow the option! FOR NOW, I’m just dipping my toe in—there’s one tier, priced at $5/month, which is really there to allow those who feel inclined to throw a little support my way. Since I would much rather engage directly with you than figure out how to maximize sidebar ad revenue, or what kind of affiliate-link-filled content I can come up with, or try to rely on a bunch of brand partnerships to get any major project done, JUST MAYBE this can be a more community-supported endeavor than most blogs tend to be. Your support will absolutely go toward getting projects done (can anyone say “kitchen”?), which of course I’ll share in grave, tedious detail for your viewing/reading pleasure. Over time, I’d like to add additional tiers and special perks for patrons, including those who sign up now. Any ideas?

-Some major changes to the home screen! Since my posts tend to range from long to extremely long, we’ve truncated all of them for improved navigability. We’ve also increased the size of images by 25%! Archives have been cleaned up to display by year rather than by month, and Anna added some fun stuff to the sidebar. In the background, I’m working on cleaning up categories and tags on old posts so things pop up where they should. Click around! (note: images may appear a little fuzzy on older posts because they’ve been automatically enlarged for this new format. Moving forward they’ll be crystal clear, and I’ll be working to clean up the old posts to the extent I’m able to.)

-I have a Shop! I’m so hip and with it. Since the vast majority of my stuff is secondhand or vintage, my house isn’t especially “shoppable,” but I’ve tried to add things that I think are either practical/helpful (like my push-button switches!) or super beautiful and/or similar to something I do own. There’s also an Amazon storefront forthcoming, which I’ll use primarily for my favorite DIY tools and supplies.

-And finally”¦SO LONG, MANHATTAN NEST. I haven’t actually lived in Manhattan for about 9 years, and frankly didn’t really like it when I did”¦but the name just stuck with me. I use my own name for Instagram, so using it here seems like the most logical decision. In the near future, we’ll be migrating the whole site to a new URL, but otherwise things will stay the same! All of those old posts will still be there, and if you subscribe through Bloglovin’ you’ll stay subscribed. Those who subscribe by email may need to take some simple action, but I’ll let you know when we’ve sorted through that.

So feel free to poke around, check it all out, and let me know if anything’s acting funny! Welcome to my new internet home and, as always, I’m so glad you’re here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for 10 wonderful years. Now let’s have some fun!

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Hi, I'm Daniel, and I love houses! I'm a serial renovator, DIY-er, and dog-cuddler based in Kingston, New York. Follow along as I bring my 1865 Greek Revival back to life and tackle my 30s to varying degrees of success. Welcome!

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  1. 3.25.20

    The very first time I blogged about you (before I even knew you), it was about the desk in your first photo. I was amazed by your vision then, and I am amazed by it now—but with the bonus of knowing what a truly wonderful writer, craftsman, and friend you are, too. I love you. And I’m so proud of you.

    • 3.25.20
      lisaanne said:

      my two favorites DK & D16
      thank you both

    • 3.27.20

      Thank YOU for being here! It’s been a pleasure!

    • 3.26.20
      Tamara said:

      Congratulations! I must be following you for around nine years, which makes me feel old, but is perfect proof that I like your content so much, that it became part of my life somehow and keeps being a great inspiration!
      Keep up the good work. All the best from Austria

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you for still being here, Tamara!

    • 3.26.20
      Ryan said:

      Anna’s post about your desk is how i found manhattan-nest and don’t try to tell me that it’s been so very long ago, see that means that I was just barely 30 then and my kitchen is still not done. I’m so glad that you’ve continued to write and work on the house, and the other houses, and everything else.
      And after the kitchen, and the guest room, and the power room, and the backyard, we might finally see what will happen to the giant living room (ballroom, conservatory, library, workshop) on the side of the house.

    • 3.27.20

      Hahaha, you’re keeping track of my rooms!! The house is flattered. Thank you for being here for so long!

    • 3.27.20
      Caroline said:

      I found this trought Anna’s post on the desk. And never left. I’m pretty sure it was just yesterday. Can’t be that old, i’m not that old. Anyway loving since day one.

    • 3.27.20

      We entered a time warp! That’s the only way! Thank you for still being here. <3

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you, my friend! Where would I even be without you? Never want to find out! kiss kiss kiss

  2. 3.25.20
    Ellie said:

    Congratulations on ten years! Thanks for all the blog and insta entertainment.

  3. 3.25.20
    nancy t said:


  4. 3.25.20
    Laura Kanter said:

    Love you so much my little cheese monkey and so proud of all you’ve done.

  5. 3.25.20
    Bre-anne Brown said:

    I’ve been following you for about 7-ish years and I can’t believe so much time has passed. Congrats on the huge milestone of ten years, what an achievement! Looking forward to many more years and projects!

    • 3.26.20
      Linda said:


  6. 3.25.20
    Kelly M said:

    Been around since your first apartment and it’s been a journey I’ve been happy to watch and look forward to it continuing for many years. Happy Anniversary!

    • 3.27.20

      Thanks for sticking around all this time!! <3

    • 3.31.20
      Megan said:

      Same! I love your style and your voice, even if I’ll never be as stylish or handy. You inspired me to design my own kitchen and bathroom (but pay someone else to install them). I love your posts, and I still look forward to hearing your “voice” with every new post.

  7. 3.25.20
    Ellen Leicht said:

    I remember that desk! I would not have remembered that it was from a post 10 years ago! I’m glad we still get to check in and see what you’re up to. Cheers to many more happy years!

  8. 3.25.20
    Annaliese said:

    I’ve been reading your blog ever since Anna blogged about the awesome light you thrifted for her… That had to be almost 10 years ago, right? Anyway, I just adore you and your IG stories are kind of the light of my life right now. So thank you, Daniel. You’re a great human and I’m so glad you’re here.

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you, Annaliese! Yeah that had to be close to 10 years ago because I was still living in my Manhattan apartment! That thing took up like half my kitchen until Anna came to retrieve it, haha!

  9. 3.25.20
    L. said:

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading for many many years and this is one of my favorite places on the internet. Looking forward to what’s to come.

  10. 3.25.20
    Spt said:

    Congrats, Daniel! Looking forward to ten more years!

  11. 3.25.20
    Kit said:

    Yay Daniel! I have been reading your blog for almost 8 years, and it feels like no time at all. You and I are about the same age so I feel a little bit like we grew up together! Congrats on all the growth, and I will be here for as long as you keep blogging!

  12. 3.25.20
    Alyssa Jennette said:

    As a follower for the majority of these years, I’m so happy and excited for you! Congratulations, and thank you for all of the wonderful, heartwarming, eye-opening material you’ve shared with us.

  13. 3.25.20
    SE said:

    Congratulations on 10 years! I’ve been reading for a long time (not all 10 years), though I’ve not commented. I love the new layout, and am so excited to see the new changes! I’m glad that you got a Patreon – don’t feel weird about it – and look forward to supporting you.

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you so much, SE! Thanks for taking the time to comment! :) :)

  14. 3.25.20
    Kate Albee said:

    I’ve been following for 8 of the 10 years, and we are the same age. I feel like my style has matured with yours, and it’s such an honor to follow this ride with you. Next… a book please?! :)

    • 3.27.20

      Haha! Well with this isolation, who knows! Maybe a whole series of books!

  15. 3.25.20
    Kimberley W said:

    Done! Subscribed! I will happily kick down $5/month to my favorite home improvement/blogger/influencer/all the things. Congratulations on 10 years! You should be so damn proud. Your young self has done so much more in 10 with regards to the home than I have managed in 20!

    • 3.27.20

      Gah! Thank you so much for becoming a patron! Hugs hugs hugs!

  16. 3.25.20
    Laura said:

    Your blog is one of the few that have survived my internet browsing. I genuinely enjoy your commentary and your taste is unparalleled. Thank you for sticking with it! <3

    • 3.27.20

      Thank YOU for continuing to read! :)

  17. 3.25.20
    Wilma said:

    Love you. And would love to meet your twiiiinnnnn!!! How cool is that.

  18. 3.25.20
    Maggie R said:

    Wow! Congrats on a whole decade of blogging. I can’t believe I’ve been following along ever since Anna first bragged on you and your desk makeover.

  19. 3.25.20
    Caitlin said:

    Love all the changes!! Good things happening in dark times. Excited to see more content from you – you are always a refreshing break from whatever is going on!

  20. 3.25.20
    AnnaLynne said:

    I found your blog when you were removing the siding off the back of your house and saving every piece. I was hooked. So happy for you! The new site is beautiful!

  21. 3.25.20
    Shannon said:

    I’ve wondered where you’ve been! The new website looks wonderful. Looking forward to new posts! ☺

    • 3.27.20
      Sharmila said:

      I love your writing style. Your wit & sarcasm always make laugh. Oh yea your style is pretty amazing too. Congrats on the milestone!!

  22. 3.25.20
    Jillian said:

    Daniel! Congratulations!! I only became aware of your work in the fall but I’m proud/ashamed to say I went through and binge-read absolutely every single post of the Kingston house and Bluestone Cottage from the past many years over the holidays. It got me through the worst part of my divorce, gave me that house design fix, and made me feel less alone knowing that someone else too had gone through a tough breakup (ok, most people do at some point, but reading it in the moment helped!). Shoutout to a fellow queer home design lover, shoutout to your incredible comedic writing, and shoutout to the IG hallway updates with perfect song selections that are getting us all through this quarantine!! Much love and congrats on the beautiful new look! xx

    • 3.27.20

      Awww, thank you for sharing all of this! I’m flattered and honored. I’m glad you found your way here!

  23. 3.25.20
    Krystal said:

    I can’t believe it’s been so long! I didn’t find you right when you started, but a few years later. And then proceeded to binge through every single post from the very beginning with relish. I have loved every minute following along with you. I have dreams of someday owning my own historic house to restore and blog about – the actual reality of this seems almost impossible most of the time, but the dream will persist! – so thank you for letting folks like me live vicariously through you. I’m so happy I found you all those years ago and hope to enjoy many more years of content to come. Congrats on your milestone – and a beautiful new website! :)

    • 3.27.20

      Thanks so much Krystal! I’m glad you stayed with me all this time!! And hey, that house might just find you! :) :)

  24. 3.25.20
    Becky said:


  25. 3.25.20
    Stephanie Nappa said:

    Congrats on the blog-aversay and the new website! It looks great. I’m also so excited about the Patreon option, I know blogging is so much work (I tried it and… let’s just say it didn’t stick at all) and I think the time you spend entertaining us all with your humor and sass deserves to be compensated! And I’m always so sad when bloggers I like start doing more sponsorships and it just starts to feel inauthentic (to be fair, you’ve always done a good job of keeping true to your own voice, which is why I love your blog so much). I also really like that your house isn’t “shop-able” because runaway capitalism and overconsumption are literally killing us as we speak and I hate when spaces are constantly pushing the “buy! buy! buy!” mentality. So thanks instead for inspiring me to take my time with my home decor and hit up estate sales instead of the stores (once we’re all allowed to leave the house again). Lots of love from Oregon – Steph

    • 3.26.20
      MOM said:

      Congratulations seems like so blasé. I am so proud of you for not just reaching the 10 year mark but for all the learning and growth you’ve accomplished along the way. Thanks for enriching the lives of so many by just staying true to who you are. I love you and that twin of yours, and the older brother too—with all my heart. Go forth and do you. We’re just along for the ride and enjoying every minute of it.

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you, Mommy! My first and favorite reader. <3

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you so much, Stephanie, for these kind words and becoming a patron!! I so appreciate it. I do need to be careful about how I talk about choices other bloggers have made to make their livelihoods work for them—it’s important to bear in mind that I bought a house for under $100K, live in a place where the cost of living is fairly low, and my only dependents are my dogs! So it’s OK for me to not take every single opportunity to make money as long as I can support myself, ya know? It’s a tricky thing to figure out. Everything from banner ads to sponsorships to affiliate links to all the social media channels change so fast, I think there’s a fair amount of anxiety behind the scenes that it’ll all dry up and there are often little mouths to feed! So I do get it, but I’m glad I can make the choice to only make the kind of content I want to. I’m super lucky! Thank you so much again, and I’m glad this blog has a place in your life! :) <3

  26. 3.25.20
    Jeannette said:

    It’s a thrill to hear from you. I thought you were going to say goodbye. SO HAPPY you didn’t.
    Here’s to 10 more serendipity years!

    • 3.27.20

      I’m not dead yet! You don’t get rid of me that easy! ;)

  27. 3.25.20
    Sarh said:

    Your newel post! :D Can’t even handle how good the hallway looks.

    I’ve been following you since the beginning and I’m so thrilled that you’re still around and putting out REAL content. All the best and stay healthy.

  28. 3.25.20
    LD said:

    The only other thing I pay for content wise is Preet Bharara, Cafe Insider pod cast because….we need to in these times. I may have to add you to the mix because I have followed for umpteen years and Bungee. My Cosmo was yours twin as puppies but as adults, cousins. So good luck, yeah Anna!! Onward DK!!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you LD! I want pics of Cosmo now!!

  29. 3.25.20
    Brenda Lord said:

    Congrats on 10 years, and I am glad you finally started with Patreon. You deserve more than $5 a month, so I changed the amount of my donation. Hopefully, it worked. :)

    • 3.27.20

      Oh my that is very generous, thank you so much!! I had no idea that was even an option but I’m extremely grateful you figured out that it was! Thank you!!

  30. 3.25.20
    Claire said:

    Congratulations on 10 years! I’ve been reading for the last 5-ish, and when I took the plunge and bought my own place last year your accessible instructions have helped me through many a diy project. I did my first tile work with your blog right by my side! So of course I am happy to kick in $5/month for all these lessons, laughs, and inspiration. On that note – one suggestion for a higher tier of subscription: can I send you a video walk through of a room in my house, and then you tell me how to fix tricky spots or what you would do differently (or, you can just praise my design choices, that is also fine)? I’m not talking full virtual design services, but maybe like – get a lamp over there already, move some chairs around, etc. I’d absolutely pay…some amount of money for that. Congrats again. And show off that hallway already!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you so much Claire! I’m so glad my site has been helpful because that’s what I want it to be!! :)

      That’s a good idea! I guess I need to be careful about how that looks because I don’t want to end up designing a bunch of kitchens for $5, but I do like the concept a lot!

    • 4.11.20
      SLG said:

      OK, so this is such an interesting idea! And feels like the kind of thing that would either be very fun for you Daniel, or very much not. Imagine a scenario where you have 4 half-hour slots open per month, for a certain amount of $$ per slot. All you offer is a videocall during that half hour to make suggestions on someone’s home design dilemma. No design services, no sending photos ahead of time, no nothing except you and your brain for half an hour. It might be fun, or it might be just … really weird? I don’t know!

    • 4.14.20

      I don’t know either! But I’d be down to try, I guess!

  31. 3.25.20
    Maria said:

    Thank god!it was about time you start taking advantage of the tools that are available to you. I follow you for many years and really enjoy your content so i’my really happy there will be more!!

  32. 3.25.20
    Gina said:

    Fantastic! Here’s to the next 10.

  33. 3.25.20

    Happy Birthday blog!
    But does that mean, i’ve also aged 10 years?

  34. 3.25.20
    Susan Lippitt said:

    Congratulations Daniel, I’ve read all of it. I consider myself fortunate to “know” you and wish you continued success. My daughter and I often discuss your blog and photos even though we live on opposite coasts, a gift we truly value. Best wishes to you and welcome to your sister.

    • 3.27.20

      Aw, thank you Susan! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your daughter here and on Instagram, too!

  35. 3.25.20
    BecBoots said:

    Congratulations on 10 YEARS and thank you for being you. I’ve been around since (almost) the beginning and will be here as long as you stick around! Looking forward to supporting you thru Patreon. Love the new website, the new name and you! Thanks DK!!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you so much! So nice to hear! :)

  36. 3.25.20
    Laura said:

    I read your blog a bit before you moved upstate. It was when I found it again and you were pissed off up on your roof dealing with the gutters that I made sure to become a regular reader.

    • 3.27.20

      Haha! I *almost* forgot about that! Those were dark, dark times hahahaha.

  37. 3.25.20
    RebeccaNYC said:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! thanks for 10 years of wonderful reading!

  38. 3.25.20
    Whitney said:

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. I started reading you when you were a few entries into your first apartment. I’m not a big commenter, but I have spoken up a few times over the years.

    Congratulations on everything you have achieved. It has been an honour to come along for the ride :)

    • 3.27.20

      It’s been an honor to share it! That’s wild that you’ve been here for that long! I thought it was just my mother back then, haha!

  39. 3.25.20
    Debbie in Toronto said:

    Congratulations Daniel, pretty sure i’ve been here from the start…stay safe , love ya

    • 3.27.20

      If you haven’t, it’s gotta be close! Thank you for all your wonderful comments and encouragement over the years! Debbie in Toronto has become a friend and a comfort! hugs hugs hugs.

  40. 3.25.20
    Bailey said:

    Congratulations !!!

  41. 3.25.20
    Summer said:

    Why did I get teary reading this??? CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL! This was a such a fun trip down memory lane. Pretty sure I found you via the desk… And have been following avidly ever since! Looking forward to another 10 years

  42. 3.25.20
    Devyn said:

    Congrats on ten years!!!…. I’ve only been along for six or seven years, but it has been wonderful journey as you have worked on your (amazing) house and all of your other projects. Although I’ve blogged in some manner for 15+ years, nothing has lasted more than five years before I abandoned and/or moved onto another blog, so I admire having a ten year history in one place.

    Love the new look… Fresh and clean. Anna put her great sense of style into it while capturing you and your sensibility.

    I have so enjoyed your staircase/hall project, and I am looking forward to what is next.

    • 3.27.20

      Thanks mister! Getting to know you online has been such a pleasure so thank you for opening that door through your comments! (If anyone’s reading this comment and not following Devyn’s renovation, you’re in for a treat!)

  43. 3.25.20
    Jen said:

    Came for the desk, stayed for everything else. That newel post the railings are so beautiful I can’t even. Happy 10-year anniversary!

  44. 3.25.20
    Sara L. said:

    10 years?!? Wow, congratulations! I’ve probably been around for at least 8 of those, and will be here for as long as you keep writing. Yours is the only blog I have kept up with over those years, for your incredible vision, unbending work ethic, and hilarious writing. I cannot wait to see what happens next! To another 10!

    • 3.25.20
      Sara L. said:

      (one small bit of feedback on the website design: the black bar at the top is really quite wide when you start scrolling down, blocking a good chunk of the page. Can it be reduced to the size it is when you are at the top? At the moment it is twice as wide. I am on a laptop using Chrome. Thanks!)

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you for pointing this out! We’re gonna adjust it!!

    • 3.27.20

      Thankful I made the cut, Sara L! Thank you for for the kind words and for sticking with me!

  45. 3.25.20
    Milly said:

    Yay! Congrats! I absolutely love your posts and find all of your advice so useful! Keep it going!

  46. 3.25.20
    Jill said:

    Website design looks great! Very clean and nice. Also very you.

    Is this all custom code, or what platform are you using now?

    I am also curious if you had any trouble acquiring danielkanter.com? It is do hard to acquire good .com domains these days. The one we’d ideally use for my startup is currently on sale (yay!) for $25,000 (booooooo).

    • 3.27.20

      I’m still on Wordpress, and it’s the Hayes theme from (em)press themes! From there I couldn’t tell you because Anna is the real brains behind this operation. I just sort of review things and say “LOOKS AMAZING!!!”

      The domain wasn’t a problem because I bought it yearrrrs ago. Like probably when I bought this one! I don’t have any experience trying to buy anything that wasn’t up for grabs, sorry!

  47. 3.25.20
    TanjaK said:

    Congratulations! Ten years huh? I cannot believe it myself. I remember the grumpy owner of your Manhattan flat who undid all your hard work. Life happened to me as well and at times I stopped reading for a while. But I always came back. You are a wonderful writer, storyteller. And also, anybody who saves a scruffy, badly matted old dog from the street is a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing and here’s to the next decade

    • 3.27.20

      Hahaha, Mr. Mangiafridda! Forgot about that old grump. Thank you for the kind words and for finding your way back to my shenanigans. :)

  48. 3.25.20
    Alex said:

    Thanks Daniel. This blog has been so helpful over the past eight years I’ve been reading and doing up my own little house in Western Australia. If there’s another blog that shows you how to recondition old door handles and looks stylish doing so, I haven’t been able to find it! You are one in a million!

    • 3.27.20

      Haha! I’ll take it! Thank you, and I’m glad to have been even a little helpful! :)

  49. 3.25.20
    Kyle said:

    Omg has it really been that long!? your blog is literally my oldest bookmark, but I didn’t realize it was that long! I guess I’ve been around 8 of those years? :^O So proud of you, thank you for sharing your stories with all of us. Looking forward to following along with the next 10 years of shenanigans. -KK

    • 3.27.20

      It really has been that long! I swear! It’s just wild to me. And still hasn’t gotten old! Thank you for staying around!

  50. 3.25.20
    Mariane said:

    So now you’re DK Upstate NY!! I hace been a reader since that desk. Your writing is so close and personal that you make us feel like friends. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    • 3.27.20

      Thanks so much, Mariane. It means a lot to me that you’re still here!

  51. 3.25.20
    Joy said:

    Congratulations on your 10th Blogging Anniversary Daniel. I have been following since your Manhattan posts and you have been an inspiration. Love your Instagram videos too. Great redo to Anna for the redesign of your blog. Welcome your sister on board too.

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you for sticking around for so long, Joy!

  52. 3.25.20
    Jannean said:

    I was hooked after reading the infamous corpse in the bathtub post & I’ve been following along ever since. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary & for getting us through these dark days with your insta stories.

  53. 3.25.20
    Tamisha said:

    Aloha and congratulations on a full decade! I first found you when your desk (THAT desk) was featured on AT. Been a huge fan ever since! Keep up the good work!

    • 3.27.20

      Awww, and I became a huge fan of yours, too! Thank you for still being here! :)

  54. 3.25.20
    Kate said:

    YAAY! Love the new site <3

  55. 3.25.20
    greta said:

    This all sounds fun. A real twin sister! DOGS(you are making Linus proud), RENO, and maybe BLUESTONE COTTAGE(I will never forget)!! Got to sign on.

    • 3.27.20

      Definitely Bluestone! Thank you for your support and being here and leaving so many encouraging words for so long! Big hugs!

  56. 3.25.20
    Kay said:

    Oof and ended it with that polished up newel post! Dang! Happy blogversary from a longtime reader, so glad you are still here. Definitely planning to sign up on patreon. Your renovation stories are by far the most scintillating media I follow :)

  57. 3.25.20
    Emily said:

    Just popping in to say hi! I’ve been following your journey since about the time you bought your house. Looking forward to more!

  58. 3.25.20
    Laura said:

    Happy birthday! One day and five years older than my son, I’ve been reading you since the very beginning, where I thought “what kind of crazy person paints and tiles a rental apartment?!?!” And I loved it then, and your entryway has been my super bowl, Olympics, and All My Children in one fabulous package. Keep doing what you do.

    • 3.27.20

      Haha! Thank you, Laura! (my twin’s name!)

  59. 3.25.20
    monica said:

    Daniel, congratulations!!! Long time reader/lurker, first time commenter. So happy for you and this accomplishment! Can’t wait to see what happens next! (also, next time you come to Chicago, plz do a fan meetup??? maybe with YBH???)

    • 3.27.20

      How fun would that be?! Kim and Scott are the darling-est of all darlings. Thanks for delurking to comment!! :) :)

  60. 3.25.20
    Susanna B. said:

    You and Anna are the internet’s true gems. I can’t remember who I found first, you or her – but I know one of you led me to the other. You honesty, humor, creativity and kindness are why MN is celebrating 10 years. I literally squeal with delight when I see a new IG story – and to have Anna blogging again? Come on!!! I have learned so much from you. Thank you :)

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you for these kind words, Susanna B! And yes I’m so glad Anna’s back at it!! I might have been taking up *just a little* of her time recently—my bad!!

  61. 3.25.20
    Nancy Smith said:

    I have been checking for a blog update for weeks and holding my breath that you weren’t quite done with us yet…thank god you’re still here, Daniel! This is a strange time for everyone and wanting to see another post from you reminded me of hearing about a fan yelling out a car window to Bruce Springsteen after 9/11 that “we needed him” and he wrote a song. We need you and you post for us, thank you. Nancy, Ottawa ON

    • 3.27.20

      Aw, thanks for this Nancy. I’ll try to up my game!! If Bruce can write a song, surely I can get some posts written!

  62. 3.25.20
    Allison said:

    Wow – congrats! I’ve been a reader since the very beginning! And now a proud patron. As others have said – the hallway content is getting us all through a dark time. I literally couldn’t wait to watch paint dry each day. Can’t wait to see what is in store!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you for joining as a patron, Allison! I’m glad the hallway was a nice respite…the next project is gonna be FUN. Hang tight!

  63. 3.26.20
    Leigh said:

    Congrats Daniel, love the redesign, your writing and pluck for taking on the big jobs, and your persistence with the small. Thanks for sharing.

  64. 3.26.20

    Happy Blog Birthday Daniel! Oh my god, I did like your old site (in the way you love a well-worn book or a comfortable pair of old slippers) but I LOVE LOVE your refresh. You guys nailed it! It’s so clean and airy and beautiful. I actually discovered Anna’s blog through yours, and now enjoy delving into her archives as much as I do yours. Here’s to your next ten years and congratulations; I will very happily sign up to your Patreon.

    • 3.27.20

      Aw, yay! Thank you so much for becoming a patron!! So glad the new site design is a hit—Anna did an amazing job, as she always has!

  65. 3.26.20
    Mollie said:

    Absolutely gorgeous design! Even the comment section looks nice – thanks for making us look cute down here!

    Honestly you’re the only blog I read every word of anymore. Glad you feel this is still your home – bc it suits you!

  66. 3.26.20
    Ann G. Wilson said:

    Congratulation, Daniel!! I remember following you when you were in the dorm at NYU. My daughter, who went to Gallatin, told me about your blog. I have followed you religiously. One of my favorite posts was the when you rescued the pup, who had to have been the cutest dog in the world. We would love to help you out in some of your tedious work. So let us show up for workshops here and there. You need some help! Very proud of you!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you for being here these many years, Ann! I think you were one of the first people I didn’t actually know to start reading and commenting and I’ve always been so appreciative of it! I’d love to figure out a workshop thing when the social distancing is behind us!

  67. 3.26.20
    Suzanne said:

    Reader from 10 years ago, and it don’t even feel that long. Congratulations and I look forward to many more 10 years!

  68. 3.26.20
    Line said:

    Not gonna lie, this post actually made me tear up a bit. I think I have been hanging around almost the entire 10 years, and I have loved every single post. Actually, your blog is the only blog I still follow where I read every single post.
    Love your style, love your writing!
    May you have another 10 years of blogging!

    • 3.27.20

      I may have teared up a bit reading this comment! I’m honored. Thank you. :)

  69. 3.26.20
    Diane Bockelman said:

    Hi! Great ideas,love the new site. You are such a gifted writer,and I always look forward to your new adventures. Thanks for sharing your life with us❤️

  70. 3.26.20
    Norah said:

    Happy bloggaversary. I hope you stick around for another 10, I’ll be right here with you. Thank you for all you have put out in the world

  71. 3.26.20
    Ellison Heath said:

    Congrats! Just signed up on Patreon. Love what you do and your writing. :)

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you so much for the support, Ellison!!

  72. 3.26.20
    Stacy said:

    Happy Anniversary, Daniel! You have so much to be proud of over these past ten years. Cheers to many more!

  73. 3.26.20

    Has it really been ten years? Wow…thanks for all of the amazing content, beautiful and honest stories, and letting us be a part of your journey. To many more!

  74. 3.26.20
    Susan H. said:

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I have read your blog from the beginning and will continue to do so. I have learned so much from you. I truly appreciate all you share with your readers.

  75. 3.26.20
    Silke said:

    I still remember the original Manhattan Nest! Is it really so long?
    Congrats on the decade, and all the best for the next. Your blog, your instagram and your great personality bring so much fun to so many people around the globe, especially now :)
    (sorry I’m not commenting more often, not being a native speaker makes you shy…)
    Hip hip hooray! <3

    • 3.27.20

      Your english is perfect! Don’t be shy! Thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate it! :) <3

  76. 3.26.20
    susan, london said:

    I thought you were going to announce you were stopping. Hurrah – you are not! Keep up the good work
    PS, that gold and black wallpaper makes me want to lick my screen but I didn’t!

  77. 3.26.20
    Bridget said:

    Your blog is my very favorite blog. I love the meaty posts, your writing style and humor, and of course, old house renovation. The first post I read was about your downstairs bathroom (ahem) and I can’t believe that was what, six years ago? Looking forward to following along on the new website!

  78. 3.26.20

    Happy anniversary! I am among those who remember the original desk post, and it doesn’t seem like 10 years ago.
    Thank you for keeping your archives. I hate when bloggers get slick and ditch the content that made us love them.
    Anna’s design is just the right amount of slick–easy to read, beautiful.
    May I request an updated home tour?

    • 3.27.20

      YOU MAY! It’s long overdue. I’ll try to get my act together and get it done! Thank you for all of your wonderful (and informative!) comments over the years—it’s been so nice getting to know you a little on here. :)

  79. 3.26.20
    KathieB said:

    Happy anniversary, Daniel. Evert time I see that you have a new post up, I usually say… out loud… “oh, there he is!” And I’ve been following you since just before you moved to Brooklyn. Now you are an official “Upstate New Yorker” …or as I often explain “I live waaay upstate”. (Schenectady County)

    Here’s to the next wonderful decade. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

  80. 3.26.20
    Brooke said:

    So excited for you Daniel!! I’ve been following along since that desk in the first photo. I just bought my first house a few months ago and was looking forward to spending the summer making 20 trips to Home Depot and back a day to fix it up – but things change! My first thought when I realized I couldn’t go out and buy supplies was “What would Daniel Kanter do.” Now I’ve got a list of projects to work on with just the leftover supplies I’ve squirreled away in my attic. Thanks for the years of inspiration – especially needed in times like this!

    • 3.26.20
      MOM said:

      LOWES!, not HD. They help support this guy’s work.

    • 3.27.20


    • 3.27.20

      Haha! Congrats on the house and good luck!! You got this!

  81. 3.26.20
    Abbey said:

    Wow…I can’t believe it’s been 10 years, and I also can’t believe how long I’ve been reading. I think I started sometime in 2010 or 2011? And you’ve been my favorite blog for that whole time, so THANK YOU for sticking with it!

  82. 3.26.20
    Katia said:

    I found this blog some 5 (maybe more? who can remember) years ago, read a couple of the most recent posts, and then went back and read everything from post no. 1 because I just HAD to know how it had all begun! So I’m sure that counts as if I had been following for 10 years? I’ve cried and laughed together with you Daniel, and you have such a special place in my heart. Side note: I’m Italian, following your adventures from Italy, so now you know you have a very wide international readership :)

    • 3.27.20

      It definitely counts! Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

  83. 3.26.20
    Kylie said:

    I got goosebumps reading this, congratulations on ten years!

  84. 3.26.20
    Heather said:

    Congratulations, Daniel! I’m not a frequent commenter but your writing has been entertaining/inspiring/comforting me for years (not all ten, but still! years!). I’m very much looking forward to following along in the years to come. And the new website looks great!

  85. 3.26.20
    skaetz said:

    Congratulations on 10 years! I’m a relative newbie, only been reading along for a year, but I did go back and binge-read nearly all your backlog. You have great wit and I love how you often make quite a spectacular something out of nearly nothing (but a pile of scrap wood). AND THE DOGS! Thank You for all of the fantastic content! Off to subscribe on Patreon.

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you so much for the support, Skaetz!! And glad you found your way to this whackadoo website!

  86. 3.26.20
    Robin said:

    CONGRATULATIONS ON 10 YEARS!! I have followed along since you were still in NYC!!!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you! I’ve so appreciated all your kind comments!

  87. 3.26.20
    Ashley Masset said:

    I painted my doors black because of you. I still look back at your Brooklyn apartment for inspiration. And I always get excited when I see a new post up. Congrats on ten years. And thanks for sharing it with us.
    p.s. Love the new blog format – great job Anna!

    • 3.27.20

      Thank you Ashley! Black door club, my comrade! *fist bump*

  88. 3.26.20
    Gillianne said:

    Has it really been a decade? I found you soon after The Desk, and yours quickly became my favorite blog. Still is.

    Love the personality that shines through the projects and the wordsmithing–the funny, smart, human-ness of you. Being more than twice your age, young man, I’m gonna claim the right to a cyberspace bubbe-style (gentle) cheek-pinching accompanied by a high-five of congrats.

    You’re special, Daniel. Your legions of fans around the world are glad you chose, and continue to choose, to share yourself with us.

    • 3.27.20

      All the hugs to you. I’ve so appreciated all your kind words over the years! <3 <3

  89. 3.26.20
    Rachel said:

    Wow—congrats on 10 years! I’ve been a reader since your apartment in Manhattan, and I’ve been following ever since. Your blog is still one of my favorites!

  90. 3.26.20
    Kendal said:

    I have been following since the fall of 2010, when I bought my first house and my friend Erin (the only other 20-something homeowner I knew) were drinking to my new house and she said, “I have to show you something. It’s a blog.” And I was like, “what’s a blog?” It was sort of akin to my noticing Jennifer O’Laughlin’s 7th grade agenda was covered in printed photos of Leonardo DiCaprio and I said, “where did you get those?” And she said, “the Internet.” And I said, “what’s the Internet?” A WHOLE NEW WORLD. Daniel, thanks so much for 10 years of content. You’ve taught me so much (like, literally how to do things) and made me laugh and, frankly, your house always needs more work than mine and that sort of gives me the fortitude to keep going. You were the first blog I ever read. And then I read lots of blogs for a long time. And now I have an old house and two children and I don’t read any blogs anymore. Except yours.

    • 3.27.20

      KENDAL. Make a boy feel special why don’t you. Thank you.

  91. 3.26.20
    Michelle said:

    Congrats on 10 years! I have so enjoyed following along and learning from you! You are such a bright spot in this weird internet life we all live!

  92. 3.26.20
    Patt Schneider said:

    Thank you for 10 years of content! I think I joined you about 9 years ago and am thankful that I have been able to follow you on your life journey. Plus, doggies!
    I am deeply grateful for letting us get a peek at your life. Looking forward to another 10 years!

  93. 3.26.20
    Lilian said:

    I’ve been following you since almost the beginning, when i had a blog myself, many years ago, here’s to the next 10

  94. 3.26.20
    Southern Gal said:

    CONGRATULATIONS on a wonderful anniversary! What an amazing ten years ! started following when you were in the dorm.. its been a long journey but what a wonderful place you are now! so looking forward to the next 10 years! And thanks for letting us all into your house and heart!

    • 3.27.20

      It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you these many years! Thank you for still being here. <3

  95. 3.26.20
    Stephanie Preston Barbe said:

    Congratulations. I have loved following your journey. Excited for what’s to come.

  96. 3.27.20
    Darcy Terry said:

    Thank you for continuing to post all these years! I’ve been reading MN since the Brooklyn apartment and have never stopped looking for and forward to your posts. I’ve been a renter that entire time but I like to think I’m filing all this info away for the day when I, too, can restore a neglected door or throw some hardware in a crockpot. This is a special corner of the Internet and I’m happy it exists!

  97. 3.27.20
    Ann said:

    I started reading your blog back in your actual Manhattan days, probably 9 years ago so I’m both old and an old reader! Probably not your typical reader as a 63 YO retiree but I truly love your unique voice, your spirit, your candor, your humor and your ability to keep getting up and getting on with life no matter what it throws at you.
    Love the new site, and love the gram-those how to stories complete with your snips of world view and philosophy-are everything. Keep doing what you do, you’re amazing!

  98. 3.27.20
    HH said:

    Reader, witness and student since Manhattan! Congrats on 10 years and so glad I can support you and your excellent, educational, warm, funny and generally life-affirming work. Thanks so much for all you do, for expanding to Insta, and for all you’re planning! I’m grateful you’re taking us along for the ride.

  99. 3.27.20
    Sheila said:

    Ten years?! Impossible. I no longer remember how I first stumbled on to your blog, back when you were in that first apartment, but I am glad I did. I have so enjoyed following along as you have grown into this career. More recently, following your Instagram stories has cemented for me what an absolute treasure you are. Congratulations, and I can’t wait to see what shenanigans you get up to next.

  100. 3.27.20
    Deborah Burns said:

    Happy Blog Birthday!!

    Love your blog redesign, and glad you will be using a new url that better reflects your subject.

    I have been following along since you found the house, before you bought it. I don’t remember where I was (I read a LOT of blogs, but only yours and a few others for longer than a few years) when I followed a link that lead to your blog, but I remember being fascinated by this house. I then went back to the beginning and caught up on all your previous blog posts and have been reading along ever since.

    Congratulations on your 10 years, and I look forward to following along your journey for the next 10!!

  101. 3.27.20
    Jennifer said:

    Congratulations on all the exciting newness and everything in the last decade. You ARE my favorite blogger.

    Please design and sell a Kanter Kan t-shirt in your shop. I’d wear one. :)

  102. 3.27.20
    Karoline said:

    Congratulations Daniel! I’ve been following your blog ever since Anna’s first post about you (can’t believe it’s been 10 years..!), and yours is the only blog I am still reading. You spark so much joy for me, and I’m super happy to finally be able to support you with more than just thoughts of gratitude.

    I don’t usually comment as english is my second language and it can be a little tricky to find the right words, but just know that I LOVE every single post you write – and also your IG story hallway reno has honestly kept me sane during self isolation these past weeks. So thank you <3

  103. 3.27.20
    Raewyn Mackie said:

    I have loved reading your blog (and now watching your Instagram posts) for many many years. I thoroughly enjoy the honesty, the photos, the story, the design, the hard work. I hope to keep reading it for many more years. Congratulations on 10 years.
    Stay safe, regards from New Zealand Lockdown

  104. 3.27.20
    Adriana Schwartz Gores said:

    Bravo. that’s really all i have to say.

  105. 3.28.20
    Lucia said:

    10 years. A lot changed in life, from a student, I changed my job 3times, moved to different place 4 times, I started a business and a family with a kid. But all this time I’ve followed your blog! Btw. that desk you made 10 years ago is still in rockin! :)

  106. 3.28.20
    Amy G said:

    Hi Daniel,
    I have loved reading your blog for 10 years. Highlights for me, the desk (similar design now on sale at Urban Outfitters -it’s called the Rooney), when you left the note in your apartment for the new tenent, the beginning and end of your relationship (cried with both posts-so beautiful). Thank you for 10 years of bliss. What is most unique about your blog, the pictures are gorgeous, but the writing is sublime. And now, this gift of a redesign. Anna did such a wonderful job; it captures who you are and the journey. My favorite part is the SHOP DK section. Do you know how much time will be saved? All my favorite spots, and some new spots, all in one spot, GIFT. Cheers to you, Daniel! -Amy G

  107. 3.28.20
    Laura said:

    Wow – 10 years! Come to think of it, I think I began following your blog when you were writing about your Manhattan apartment. I was living in my hometown upstate and dreaming about moving to NYC and acquiring my own fiddle leaf fig (both of which I did in 2011). Huge fan ever since. Love what you’ve done with all the spaces, and as a residential architect so fun to see the transitions and all the labor that comes with it. Ya done good!

  108. 3.28.20
    Katie said:

    I don’t remember when I found your blog. I feel like it was right when you bought the house, but I can’t be positive because I still went back and read every blog post before that and I was obsessed with watching them in order… So sick! I have been glued ever since. There was a time when you didn’t post for quite a while and I would randomly check just to make sure I wasn’t somehow missing something! Your blog is one my greatest enjoyments and when a new one pops up I get the snacks and settle in for a very interesting, self deprecatingly funny and well written post. I have enjoyed every minute and can’t thank you enough for the “entertainment” right now during these sheltered times! Looking forward to another 10 years and to see this house finished and in magazines!

  109. 3.29.20
    Alanca Abisel said:

    I didn’t think you would have posted so soon, but still clicked on the “Manhattan Nest” bookmark icon. And what a pleasant surprise it has been :)
    Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary as a blogger; I have not been with you for 10 years, but after my discovery of your blog around 2 years ago, I read all your posts in chronological order (I’m a Virgo). The website looks amazing, but I’m mostly excited about the possibility of seeing more frequent updates from you. I feel like I am there with you when you reveal rooms; it is all very exciting :) Anyway, please accept my best wishes to you and your sweet doggies.

  110. 3.29.20

    Oh Daniel you made me cry with this one. It was that very desk in your header image that brought me to you all those years ago, and I’ve been following you ever since. I’ve “known” you longer than I’ve known my husband! You are one of my favorite people and I love that you have taken us along on your journey. Thanks for letting me and Emily interview you awhile back; talking to you IRL felt just like talking to a dear friend. Your blog is one of the best corners of the Internet. Thank you for being here and for being you. Happy tenth birthday, MN!

  111. 3.30.20
    Joanna said:

    Daniel! It’s been an honor to creep on your blog for the last (almost) 10 years – I started following you after you moved from the dorm but before you zhuzhed (sp?) everything in your Manhattan place. Your posts are inspiring, funny, and heartfelt all at once and I am thankful that you are still up to giving this much of yourself for us to see. Yay for making it a family affair! I am excited to see what you do next and hope it is everything you want and deserve. Bravo and besos on this boss new site!

  112. 3.31.20
    Mimi said:

    This is beautiful. I’m glad I randomly came over to check on you as I haven’t received any emails this month saying you have posted. Happy to have a few entries to read. Your work is always amazingly beautiful and I love how you share the details in all your posts– it reads like a conversation between friends. Congratulations on 10 years!!!

  113. 4.1.20
    Shannon said:

    Love the new look! Congratulations on the major milestone and best wishes for this next chapter! I’m excited to see what happens next!!

  114. 4.1.20

    Wow, never knew you’d made the switch until just now!

    That said, had MN up in a tab in Firefox as I was working on a post about “cracks of kitchens” and was going to use the crack of a kitchen from the Brooklin apt and decided to click on your old title, and boom, new blog!

    Like you, I’m sheltering in place, though I go into work at the local community college where I work at twice weekly until at least April 6th and thankfully, it’s maybe 10 minutes by car from my house but work from home the rest of the time to maintain FT hours and pay, yay!

    Anyway, had wondered what you were up to and thus not seen any notification come up on my email of late, not certain why but here we are!

    Can’t wait to see what you do going forward.

    Keep it up Daniel!

  115. 4.3.20
    Mercedes said:

    Oh wow! I can’t believe I have been follow you for almost all of the 10 years you have been blogging. I figured after being a *long* time lurker I should say Congratulations on 10 years and the new blog design!

  116. 4.6.20
    Ann said:

    Yahoo! This is exhilarating. Sweeping out the cobwebs, evolving, yada yada – great idea! I have always loved the long posts, do it’ll be an adjustment for ME but this all sounds fresh and fun. Good for you! Mwah.

  117. 4.7.20
    Barbara said:

    I must be one of your oldest readers, age-wise! A granny with a newly buzzed head (I’m calling it my covid-do, inspired by Esty from Unorthodox!) I’ve loved your blog for years and I’m so happy about the changes you’re making. Yay! Thanks for being one of my all-time favorite reads, year after year! You’ve made my day!

  118. 4.9.20
    Camla said:

    Thank you for the wonderful blog posts. I am a long-time follower and am grateful that you share your creativity and hard work with us. Greetings from Gowanus! Camla

  119. 4.11.20
    SLG said:

    Congrats, Daniel! I don’t know how long I’ve been reading but I definitely remember That Desk, so prolly 9-10 years? In that time I’ve been inspired by you over and over again. I went from not knowing how to do much around my house to learning to tile, lay hardwood, basic carpentry, gut and rebuild a kitchen, then a bathroom, now a whole cabin (gulp). Not sure I would have had the courage to do any of that if I hadn’t been saying to myself, “Well, Daniel figured it out, so here goes.” Thanks for sticking with it even during the low lows, thanks for being real about what a house actually takes, thanks for the Death Bathroom (I’m still laughing all these years later), and most of all thanks for always being you, no matter what. Here’s to another 10 years!

  120. 4.18.20

    I’ve been coming around every six months or so since Brooklyn.

    Such a nice surprise to see the fresh page!

    Looking forward to following another 10 years.

  121. 5.18.20
    Will Herbig said:

    The first time we engaged it was about lighting. You directed me to Cree bulbs. I’ve stuck with you ever since. Congrats on your first 10!

  122. 5.23.20
    Karyn said:

    Happy 10th! I’ve been reading for nearly as long, since we were both Brooklyn apartment dwellers, and then I watched in envy as you became a homeowner upstate :) You are one of the brightest spots on the internet. Thank you so much for sharing your home and your voice and perspective with us!

  123. 7.2.20
    Jackie said:

    Daniel. I think at heart you have impeccable taste and style. I love that you try and retain the essence of a room or house instead of just rehabbing. I enjoy your projects and blog! J