Bluestone Cottage Kitchen: The Big Reveal!

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Friends! Cohorts! The deed hath been done and I almost can’t believe I’m saying these words after the saga this house has been, but…BLUESTONE COTTAGE HAS A KITCHEN! Wanna see wanna see? Because I’m really excited to show you.

Real quick: let’s just take a second to remember where this space started.

And now? I think we’ve made some strides.

This is the kind of house that EASILY could have ended up as a tear-down—it had not a stitch of plumbing to speak of, no heat system, barely an electric system (entirely replaced now), no insulation, broken windows, busted-in doors, major structural rot, YOU NAME IT and this house had it. So this is really one of those moments that makes me so glad I got to it first, and have stuck with it through some…challenging, let’s say…times.

The floor in this corner was so rotted it had collapsed, and there were plants growing up through the crawlspace and through the window, which sat open for who KNOWS how long. I like a challenge, EVIDENTLY.

Can! We! Even!

I’m not trying to sound like I’m gloating. And I so rarely feel this way about my own work, because by the time it’s done I’m so sick of it that I’ve lost all objectivity and just want to move on. But this kitchen? I adore this kitchen. I want to live in this kitchen. It’s the cutest kitchen I ever did make. It feels really special.

I mean, right? I truly think it hits that elusive balance between cute and practical—there’s ample storage, especially for such a small space, and it feels like such a super functional, efficient place to cook a meal. And in spite of its small size, totally comfortable for a couple of people to be working in at the same time.

I think the best way to feel at the end of a project is proud of the product AND the process, and that really rings true in this room. I try to approach things with an eye toward reusing as much as I can, both because I hate contributing to the waste stream (an unavoidable aspect of renovation, but you can mitigate!) and because I think it gives the space some soul. This antique yellow pine floor was salvaged from a different area in the house, and Juliet and I worked really hard on cleaning up the boards, removing nails, re-laying the whole thing in this room, and refinishing it. It has so much patina and really looks like it’s always been there. That makes me so happy!

The beadboard around the lower half of the walls is a similar story! That all started as exterior shiplap sheathing on a house I worked on several years ago, and it felt so great to pull it out of my garage, mill a bead onto it, and reinstall it here as a unique and custom wall treatment. The Valspar Cabinet Enamel paint keeps it from going too far in that conspicuously “reclaimed” direction, but it has so much texture and marks of age and, ugh! I’m so pleased with it! It’s even a little better than I pictured when I stacked all that stuff up in my garage years ago. No brag. (brag brag brag)

All of the door and window casings and sills are re-purposed 1x moldings ripped out of this house during demo (not original, but perfectly good wood nonetheless!). Of course the cabinetry is all new, but otherwise—as far as wood is concerned—all I bought for this whole space was 3 sheets of plywood, a couple 8′ lengths of base shoe, and a couple pieces of cove molding to finish off the top of the cabinetry around the fridge. That feels like a real accomplishment in my book!

Of course, plenty of things got replaced—really by necessity and because of code requirements—so I did my best to choose those things sensitively. The old back door, for instance, was really far-gone, but has been replaced with a very similar wood one. I came *THIS CLOSE* to losing that window next to the door completely (didn’t feel necessary, and the size and style was oddly mis-matched with the ones on the adjacent wall), but I’m so glad I decided to keep it and just match it to the others instead! The new windows are custom and from Pella’s Architect Series—not the cheapest path to replacement windows, but I think they’re SO worth it. The wood interior feels as authentic as a new window can, and I LOVE that they make a sash lock and sash lift that looks authentically old. Sash locks on new windows tend to be so dinky and flat. Of course, they’re energy-efficient and have these fancy modern amenities, like hidden hardware on the back of the sashes that allows them to tilt inwards for easy cleaning! You know how much I love an old window, but man…modern technology can be cool, I admit, particularly when restoring the originals just isn’t a practical option.

SPEAKING OF modern technology, I’m extremely happy with the selection of appliances I was able to easily compare and order from Lowe’s to get the best bang for my buck and give this space all the modern amenities I think anyone could ask for—all without demolishing my budget! This Whirlpool stove is nicer than I even expected (and my expectations were high!)—I love the clean look, the fact that the knobs are metal, and the grates that pivot upward for easy cleaning of the cooktop around the burners. It has a removable griddle/grill thing for the middle of the cook top, the oven is self-cleaning, that digital screen connects to WiFi and CAN GIVE YOU COOKING INSTRUCTIONS IN REAL TIME?! The future is here.

I also went with Whirlpool for the fridge, and that thing is NICE. Given the size, this room really demanded a counter-depth fridge, and since this is a house I’m hoping to sell, I wanted a few appealing upgrades over the nice but basic HiSense fridge I put in the Burgevin Gardens kitchen. This Whirlpool model has french doors up top (nice for small spaces, since the open door doesn’t cut the room in half!), a pull-out bottom freezer, and an ice maker and water dispenser! I like that both of those things are inside the fridge/freezer themselves, which keeps the exterior styling super simple and clean. I’m also extremely jealous because my own fridge has none of these things.

Cobbler’s kids have no shoes kinda thing. Don’t worry about it.

While we’re on the topic of appliances, I can’t believe how much I ended up really loving this range hood! How to treat the range hood drove me a little crazy throughout (sometimes you gotta just feel it! figure it out when you figure it out!), and I got so caught up in building a custom enclosure for an insert-style appliance (like in the Burgevin kitchen) that it took me a WHILE to remember (and a gentle nudge from Juliet) that the option existed to just…buy something? A nice, simple, functional, appliance that looks like an appliance? What a concept!

So I ordered this Cosmo range hood and it’s awesome! The 3-speed fan is really strong, lights are nice and bright (although I might swap them for warmer LEDs), I love the simple styling, I love that it doesn’t have a big brand name or digital display, and I love that a lot of people have now told me they have the same one and it’s been going strong for years! And installation was a breeze. Also! It may be hard to tell, but in my (admittedly limited) research on range hoods, I’ve gathered that getting a range hood the same width as your stove is actually not recommended—it should be wider! So this is a 36″ hood over a 30″ range. I also just think it looks better proportioned on that wall which MIGHT have been the main motivation. Have we met? It’s how I do.

IN! ADDITION! I almost neglected to mention the dishwasher because it’s so inconspicuous! Between the sink and the stove is this Bosch panel-ready dishwasher, which is also super nice. I haven’t been able to run a cycle yet because the sink supply lines still have to be tied in down in the basement (exciting details I know!!), but I’ve also heard from a lot of people with the same dishwasher who, like, passionately love it. To a point that’s slightly unnerving.

I didn’t end up doing it—and forgive me for not being able to find what brilliant person suggested this, but I feel it should be shared—but you could totally make a little faux painted wood kick-plate for the base of the dishwasher to tie it into the adjacent cabinets. Just stick it on with double-sided velcro for easy removal if you need to get the appliance out! I was shook. Genius.

Of course, I must at least mention the insane carrara marble that almost didn’t happen. Bear in mind that this whole kitchen was renovated during this complicated moment of a global pandemic, and my original stone fabricator had to cancel, and it was a whole thing. I ended up finding another local fabricator and choosing the slab from a picture over email. I’m so happy and relieved that it worked out. There’s really nothing like marble—I know there are much more durable and maintenance-free manmade options now that approximate the look of marble, but I’m sorry. It’s just not the same. Marble is soft and quite porous, meaning that it can chip and stain easily—my experience is that it goes through an awkward phase once it gets that first water ring or whatever, but after a couple of years it all evens out into a beautiful patina’d natural stone that could make this grown man cry. It was a splurge, certainly, but I tried to save in other areas (like reusing so much salvage!) that helped make the pricetag an easier pill to swallow. It feels so nice to give this modest little mess of a house that kind of upscale class.

Speaking of areas where I saved, the backsplash! All I did was mix super basic, super affordable 4″x8″ and 4″x4″ white subway tile to create this simple pattern, and I think it’s appropriately modest and classic but ALSO a little unique and special. The entire wall of tile including grout, mastic, spacers, and caulk was under $200. I’m so happy with it and remain pretty smug about my format-mixing pattern thing. Juliet and I made a whole video about the thinking behind the tile and other patterns, which is available over on Patreon!

Shall we discuss the insanely beautiful sink? I thought you’d never ask. This is the nicest sink I’ve installed in any kitchen I’ve ever renovated, and it is just beautiful. It’s made in America by our favorite staple of American plumbing fixtures, Kohler. Having gotten the opportunity to visit their factories in Wisconsin several years ago, Kohler will always hold a special place in my heart. This 30″ wide (generous for a kitchen this size!) Whitehaven sink is solid cast iron with a beautiful, slightly irregular enameled surface, and should last approximately forever. I know the apron-front farmhouse style has become a little ubiquitous nowadays, but if ever a kitchen demanded one…this one just DOES. It’s gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

I paired it with this super-simple black pull-down faucet from Delta, which I knew I liked because I used it in the Burgevin kitchen too! It’s really well-made, quite affordable, and the single lever and pull-down sprayer keeps it super functional. This kitchen would look great with a beautiful unlacquered brass antique-style faucet, but honestly? I have a hard time justifying the cost of that for the functional pay-out. I’d rather just keep it simple, practical, and modern.

Let’s talk lighting! During the day, there’s a lot of natural light in this room, but at night the lighting is SO nice and cozy! Particularly with just the sconces turned on, you can just picture sneaking down in the middle of the night for a snack. It’s just so homey!

I’ve discussed before that Lowe’s has a ton of truly great lighting options, and once again they came through! These sconces feel so classic, and they’re really affordable and nicely made. That shade is so cute, and the milk-glass means I’m free to use energy-efficient LED bulbs without being able to tell that they aren’t incandescents.

Even though the metal finishes are different, I think they pair really nicely with the semi-flushmount ceiling fixtures (visible in other photos above!), also from Lowe’s! Love them, love them so much. The shape on that shade is killer—as you know the milk-glass makes me happy, and I like that they aren’t quite a classic schoolhouse light but have that vibe. The fixture actually came as a brushed nickel kind of finish, but I followed Kim and Scott’s Rub ‘n Buff tutorial to give them this rich brass finish, which admittedly takes them to a whole other level in my humble opinion.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Hardware!! Aside from the range hood debacle, I had such a difficult time making up my mind about the cabinet hardware! The Lowe’s selection is bonkers, and so I ended up ordering enough of like 6 different options so I could make a last-minute decision and have everything on hand. I ended up going with these Amerock cup pulls in a champagne brass finish (a little softer and less golden than normal brass), and I paired them with these Brainerd knobs in the same finish. Both come in various other finishes, as well! I really love the exposed flathead screws on the cup pulls, and that they feel classic but a little more fresh and interesting than your basic, traditional cup pull. Love.

I’ve talked about some of the woodwork already, but I guess let’s just take a second to discuss the window molding! You may correctly note that it doesn’t match the door molding, which seems weird but I think it feels right in this house! I ended up going really simple with a 3″ casing, a 1/4″ applied bead on the interior edges (which approximates the look of an old window stop, even though new windows don’t need those), and of course a sill and an apron. I’m a strong believer that a sill (technically called a “stool” on the interior of a house, but I simply refuse to update my vocabulary) and an apron absolutely make or break window molding, particularly when you’re aiming for vintage good looks. Using the same molding on all four sides is just simply not the same; I’m sorry! Using straight cuts in the upper corners rather than a miter gives it even more of an authentic old-school look. These are the things I think about, because I’m an absolute crazy person.

Eagle eyes out there may notice that the aprons on the two windows on that back wall differ in size by almost a full inch! The original windows weren’t actually level with each other, and ya know what? WHO CARES. These are the little things that can trip you up and make you crazy during a project, but really just aren’t noticeable when all is said and done. Similarly—and it pains me to admit this—the outlets aren’t exactly level across that wall. Ha! I didn’t notice until it was too late, and again…it just isn’t important enough to get worked up over. We’re here for a good time not a long time, folks.

I don’t really even know what else to say, and there are only so many angles to photograph this room from, haha! I love it so very much, and knowing that I can put in a whole-ass kitchen during a global pandemic by myself (save for the occasional helping hand from Juliet, Edwin doing the drywall hang and tape, and the stone guy) feels pretty good. Kitchens are the most multi-faceted part of most houses, so having this done makes the rest of the house feel SO much more approachable. I can’t wait to finally get this thing done, occupied, and off my plate as a project!

SO! What did it all cost? Let’s try to break down this budget nice n’ simple. I’m not including demo, framing, rough electric, and plumbing work since those were whole-house kinda deals, and I don’t know how to break it out individually by room. Overall, though, I think this budget is PRETTY DARN GOOD considering everything that went into this space!


Reclaimed yellow pine flooring from the house: $0
Flooring cleats, leftover from past projects: $0
Sandpaper and floor sander rental: $104.58
Bona ClassicSeal and Traffic HD polyurethane, leftover from past projects: $0


Rockwool Comfortbatt R-15: $100.08


Primer, Walls: 1 Gallon Valspar Drywall Primer: $10.43
Primer, Woodwork1 Gallon Valspar Bonding Primer: $24.69
Beige: 1 Gallon Valspar Cabinet Enamel, Satin (Country Charm): $51.28
Walls/Ceiling: 1 Gallon Valspar Signature Paint, Flat (Wedding Cake): $28.48
Doors and Radiator: 1 Quart HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Everlast exterior paint, semi-gloss (Dark Oasis): $24.68


Reclaimed beadboard walls: $0
Mold/Mildew-Resistant Drywall: $169.78
Tape and mud, leftover from past projects: $0
Labor to hang, tape, and mud: $650


3 Pella Architect Series Double-Hung Windows (custom order): $1,884.00
Fir Exterior Door: $125.00


Cascadia Huntley Farmhouse Semi-Flushmount Pendants (2): $230.40
Cascadia Huntley 1-Light Farmhouse Vanity Light (2): $140.40


IKEA cabinet frames, drawers, hinges, and shelves: $1,778.28
SemiHandmade DIY Shaker Fronts: $1,220.00
Maple Plywood (3 sheets): $156.90
Base Shoe Molding (3): $16.08
Cove Molding (2): $20.82


Amerock Highland Cup Pulls (15): $139.05
Brainerd Capital Round Knobs (6): $23.88


~28 sq. feet Carrara Marble, fabricated and installed: $3,041.00


Whirlpool Slide-in Gas Range: $1,423.66
Bosch Panel-Ready Dishwasher: $768.95
Whirlpool Counter-Depth Refrigerator: $1,993.10
Cosmo 36″ Ducted Range Hood: $284.99


Satori White 4×4 Tile: $25.76
Satori White 4×8 Tile: $119.60
MAPEI Tile Mastic: $13.2
MAPEI Bahama Beige Grout: $17.09


Kohler Whitehaven Tall Farmhouse Sink: $897.39
Delta Trask Matte Black Faucet: $218.68


I didn’t factor in every nail, screw, paint sample, rubber anchor, etc., so let’s just throw in $500 to account for all that stuff.

GRAND TOTAL: $16,202.23

Lastly I just want to shout out a HUGE thank you to all the people I know and don’t know at Lowe’s for making this all possible. I couldn’t have done it without the store employees (like family at my local store!), delivery workers, and everyone at the Lowe’s PR team! This particular project was a big ask, and I’m so beyond grateful that the Lowe’s team took a leap on me and let me run wild here. Working with Taylor and the team at Lowe’s has been a singular highlight of my bloggy career, and I just can’t express my appreciation and gratitude enough. Truly.

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  1. 7.2.20
    faellie said:

    Utterly gorgeous. Congratulations.

  2. 7.2.20
    Crystal said:

    Slow clap
    Absolutely stunning work, thank you for taking us along on the crazy ride!

  3. 7.2.20
    Caroline said:

    Omg omg omg. It’s even better than I thought it would be. Of freaking course. I noticed you had gone quiet the past few day on IG and I was like, ohhhhhh I bet the reveal is coming!!! It’s amazing. My favorite part, you ask? The sconces. Actually, no, the hardware. Or the sink. Or possibly that rug.

  4. 7.2.20
    Pam said:

    Gorgeous! Watching every detail fall into place..magic. I eagerly await the next steps of making this cottage into a home! (I really love watching you reclaim old lumber into new uses….save the planet and make something beautiful as well as useful!)

  5. 7.2.20
    Isabella said:

    What can I say? It’s a dream! After reading your back story on this house, I have to say that you have totally persevered! It’s just right for this little cottage.

    • 7.2.20
      Gordana said:

      First of all, congratulations! You did a massive work and somehow I feel proud after watching the whole transformation for months We see A LOT of kitchens on design blogs and instagram and Pinterest, a lot of gorgeous, mind blowing spaces, with unique touches and solutions and we ( I ) gasp over them, but rarely do I get so excited about them with the feeling- oh man, I can totally picture myself in this space. They are usually just so unrealistically out of my world
      But this one feels so familiar, so approachable, and warm and – normal, in a best possible way. To me, it’s like cute girl next door, that wears vintage clothes and flat shoes, and smells like fresh roses, has a weave basket on her bike and a bouncy walk, and is just so simple and smart and adorable. She ( kitchen ) has character and instantly wins you over. I think I have a crush on your kitchen Really really beautiful work you have done to this space, I love it

  6. 7.2.20
    Susan H. said:

    Just gorgeous!

  7. 7.2.20
    Amanda said:

    Absolutely incredible job, per usual!

  8. 7.2.20
    Jo said:

    It’s a triumph Daniel!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. 7.2.20
    Celene Berman said:

    Just gorgeous! Really admire your heroic efforts to reuse as much as you do! Just wanted to mention I bought the cabinet paint and it is truly great! Is there a way to mention you in store so that you get “credit”?

    • 7.7.20

      I think this comment takes care of that, Celene! Thank you for saying so and I’m glad you liked it too!! It’s great stuff!

  10. 7.2.20
    Kelly said:

    This process has been such a joy to watch. Your self- deprecating humor usually has me rolling on the floor! The kitchen is perfect in every detail. You’ve honored this house and it’s unique time period. Well done!!

    • 7.2.20
      Jill Greenberg said:

      The cabinet pulls were a great choice. That in-between color really complements the cabinets, and I like how they are quiet, yet interesting when you really look at them.

  11. 7.2.20
    Debbie in toronto said:

    Lordy Lordy Daniel…I want to live in this kitchen! Every choice is so right on. The brown grout!! Those cabinets! The floor!

    Please make it an Airbnb so I can stay there, then you can sell it.

    Bravo to both you and Juliet. It’s my favorite so far.

  12. 7.2.20
    cptexas said:

    Just WOW…..Beautiful work, Congratulations!!!

  13. 7.2.20
    Amanda said:

    Daniel! This. Is. Gorgeous!! All of your attention to detail has made this space truly special! So excited for you to have crossed another thing off your to do list because we all enjoy the results.

  14. 7.2.20
    Elaine said:

    This is very much a modern new kitchen but it feels, in photos, like it has always been in the house – and maybe that’s because so much of it has been in the house for forever or the colors (or that you didn’t decide to make the entire first floor a great room with Island! and ACRES of countertop…). I don’t know but it’s a perfect dream of a kitchen and whoever ends up using it is incredibly lucky.

    • 7.7.20

      Thank you, Elaine! That’s exactly how I hoped it would feel, so hearing someone else say it is so nice!! :)

  15. 7.2.20
    Kimberly said:

    Amazing job! Incredible that you pulled this off during a pandemic. I’m so glad Julia was here for this project because we got to see such great video content out of it. The finished space is truly lovely.

  16. 7.2.20
    Bev said:

    Amazing job! It was inspiring to see you and Juliette persevere during this pandemic!

  17. 7.2.20
    Kathryn said:

    I have so enjoyes watching you and Julia overhaul this kitchen (and the antics). There is something so warm about this kitchen and really strikes a great balance between that kitchen with a heart but clean and new !

  18. 7.2.20
    Kyle said:

    Looks amazing!

  19. 7.2.20
    Cecily said:

    You are to be congratulated. Congratulations!

  20. 7.2.20


  21. 7.2.20
    Ji said:

    I’ve loved following along with this so thank you, but most of all I want to say how much it SHINES off this page that you have made this little house feel loved again. It glows and the energy is real! Beautiful work!

    • 7.2.20
      Carlene said:

      This is true, that vibe cannot be bought.

  22. 7.2.20
    Sara L. said:

    So. Gorgeous. You have the incredible ability to make something from nothing and have it look completely authentic and true to a house. This absolutely looks like an original kitchen that has been tastefully updated with the times, and it is astonishing. Watching the stories has been so much fun, but seeing the finished room beats all expectations! The light fixtures, the tile, the moldings, the MARBLE. Ugh. Quit being so amazing, you’re making the rest of us look bad. (never quit being amazing!)

  23. 7.2.20
    SG said:

    I SQUEALED OUT LOUD when I saw this post pop into my feed, and it did not disappoint.

    Your carpentry/millwork never ceases to amaze me. I just keep scrolling up and down to gaze lovingly at the window trim over and over and over again! I desperately want to replace all the trim in my house (it’s a mish mosh of 60s and 80s era standard store bought trim, including a mix of moldings installed randomly to fill tiny gaps around drywall that is JUST shy of properly fitting the walls), and am so inspired every time I see you post about your carpentry adventures!

    Great work!!

    • 7.2.20
      Molly said:

      Daniel! This is gorgeous! Your ability to turn a mess into something so beautiful is so impressive. Thanks for sharing the ride.

  24. 7.2.20
    Carlene said:

    Omg I love a reveal. It’s so beautiful. And Ive gotta say, the combination of Instagram stories + a traditional follow-up blog post with still photos & detailed breakdown is the best.

  25. 7.2.20

    You did it. You did the damn thing! Wow. It looks so good! Great job, Daniel!

  26. 7.2.20
    Kim Stangle said:

    Better than I could’ve imagined and the absolute highlight of quarantine. I’ve learned SO much.

  27. 7.2.20
    Lisa said:

    What wonderful work, Daniel! It was really nice to see so many materials reused, and the thought and planning that went into minimizing your trips to Lowe’s during the pandemic. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of Bluestone Cottage (after a suitable rest, of course)!

    • 7.2.20
      Maggie said:

      Yes, take a rest! I need DK content for years and decades to come so take effing care of yourself!

  28. 7.2.20
    Ann said:

    Hello Daniel
    What a lovely charming kitchen, je l’adore! Bravo, bravissimo.

  29. 7.2.20
    Neely said:

    Gorgeous! So inspiring. Bookmarking those windows, stove, and cabinet pulls for my kitchen!

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    Arianna said:

    WOW Daniel!! It’s absolutely breathtaking! It looks so contemporary yet perfectly suitable for that cottage. What an amazing job you have done!!

  31. 7.2.20
    Susan said:

    Oh Daniel. You and this kitchen got me through the pandemic. I’m so sad it’s done because now what will I have to look forward to??? I’ve everything about this kitchen. I want to live here and pet the marble. I also love how you styled it for this post. You brought it to LIFE. Seriously in LOVE.

    • 7.7.20

      Thank you Susan!! Always another project (or 1,000 projects) in the pipeline, so hang tight! :)

  32. 7.2.20
    Jenny said:

    Absolutely love everything about the reveal. Countertops, appliances, paint color, every finish is amazing. Also have really enjoyed following the process via Instagram stories and Juliet’s contributions as well.

  33. 7.2.20
    Maggie said:

    I love it. It’s incredible. Your talent is incredible. You’ve been a true bright spot in all of this 2020 craziness. Thanks Daniel.

  34. 7.2.20
    Dawn said:

    It is beautiful! Is that the mirror that was above your stove in your own kitchen’s first remodel? (I still love it so much.) Fantastic!!

    • 7.2.20
      Colin said:

      I clocked the mirror too! It’s perfect here.

      Daniel, this kitchen is STUN! NING! and you should feel so, so proud. I echo the many others who’ve found your good-hearted mid-pandemic renovation stories really therapeutic.

    • 7.7.20

      Haha, eagle eyes! Yep, very same mirror! Busted! Thanks so much to you both! <3

  35. 7.2.20
    SH said:

    Pandemic. Schmandemic! That just made this a project that will always be so extra special. Great design and execution. Beautiful.

  36. 7.2.20
    Miranda said:

    Incredible reveal! This is the perfect kitchen! I hope you include more pics of the opposite wall with the door to the basement. I’d love to see that angle taken from the sink looking towards that wall. So much hard work I’d hate for it to go unappreciated.

    • 7.7.20

      I didn’t realize I had taken so few photos of that side of the room! Follow-up post in! progress! Thank you for the kind words! :)

  37. 7.2.20
    Jessica said:

    Wow, it is absolutely beautiful!

  38. 7.2.20
    Liz said:

    It’s beautiful! But I am so sad it’s over. It’s been a highlight in time when there aren’t many highlights.

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    Mandy said:

    Superb. I love every single thing that you have done in this space.
    No wonder you feel proud – it’s a beautiful restoration xx

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    This is so beautiful! The bead board, the sink, the floors, the doors…. everything!

  41. 7.2.20
    Darcy said:

    I LOVE IT! All that storage space and those beautiful marble counters! I love that you considered the opening depth of the fridge, and the hidden dishwasher is everything. I would be thrilled to cook in this kitchen!

  42. 7.2.20
    shannon said:

    Love, love, love the pandemic kitchen!!! So inspiring especially with all the limitations you dealt with getting supplies. Extra special Shabbat takeout this week for you and Juliet, I hope!

    If you’re facing the fridge, what is to the left side of it?

    • 7.3.20
      Ellen said:

      To the left is a door to the basement I think

    • 7.7.20

      Sorry for the delayed response—yes, Ellen is correct! Basement door! I didn’t even realize it didn’t appear in any of these photos!! I worked hard on that thing, haha! I’ll have to post a follow-up!

  43. 7.2.20
    Margaret said:

    So beautiful! I enjoyed every step of the way.

  44. 7.2.20
    nella said:

    I also would like to live in this kitchen. Perfectly utilitarian, perfectly appropriate and proportioned, cosy and beautiful at the same time. I don’t know what you had planned, but I think the range hood is airier looking than a constructed one would have been, which is nice in a small space.

  45. 7.2.20
    Anna said:

    Daniel! This is gorgeous!

  46. 7.2.20
    Michelle S. said:

    Ohhh, gloat boy. Gloat big! That kitchen is stunning.

  47. 7.2.20
    april said:

    Holy holy. You and this kitchen are both a dream!

  48. 7.2.20
    Janice Gulliford said:

    I’ve loved watching you and Juliet work on this kitchen! It turned out even better than I expected. Bravo!!!

  49. 7.2.20
    Hannah B. said:


  50. 7.2.20
    Brenda said:

    Amazing!!! The lighting, woodworking details, marble, flooring, paint choices– everything is magical.

    • 7.2.20
      Jenny said:

      Danyiel, you are so incredibly inspiring to me. Since I first bought a giant orange Tom Dixon light because I loved the one in your Manhattan apartment, I have been taking risks with color because of you! This all looks so warm and homey because of the unusual colors for cabinetry, grout, and door paint that you chose. Speaking of doors, I look forward to more shots on the ”˜grams of the basement door, hopefully!
      Lowes, if you’re listening, please keep giving Daniel money for these amazing transformations! I had never really shopped at your store (because the other one with its bad politics EW that I didn’t know about them before is closer to me). But since Daniel’s partnership I’ve bought so many things from you! Just redid all of our exterior lighting and also bought a fridge! Thank you for your sponsorship!

    • 7.7.20

      AWWWWW, thank you so much, Jenny! That’s very kind!

  51. 7.2.20
    Kayla said:

    Ahhh DANIEL so, so proud, as per usual. I love all of it and so enjoyed watching IG stories. Juliet, of course is the MVP for keeping you fed and whatnot during the pandemic. She knows shes not allowed to go back to NYC, ever, right??

  52. 7.2.20
    Jess said:

    I…think this might be my dream kitchen? NBD.

  53. 7.2.20
    Ama said:

    You’ve really outdone yourself! This space is gorgeous but most of all filled with so much charm. I’ve never considered a kitchen to be cozy but this one is! It’s so warm and lovely. Fantastic work. Truly.

  54. 7.2.20
    Anna said:

    So obsessed with this kitchen!! Following along has been one of the best parts of my day as I get ready to do my own kitchen for the first time. ❤️

  55. 7.2.20
    Keely said:

    It’s an old house!!! Things aren’t supposed to be perfectly level, I feel like that’s part of the look.

    Super beautifulllll!!!!! Love this kitchen. I’m totally using your tile pattern in my bathroom.

  56. 7.2.20
    Anna (from Balmy Wisconsin) said:

    Really well done! The colors and cabinets give the kitchen a Plain English vibe while still being a little unique and quirky (in a good way). And the flooring and windows look like a million bucks. With the marble, they bring the kitchen to whole new level.

    Bragging rights earned. :)

  57. 7.2.20
    Bonnie said:

    It is absolutely gorgeous! My favorite thing, though, is the mirror. I think it just sets everything off.

  58. 7.2.20
    Lori said:

    I WANT TO LIVE IN THIS KITCHEN!!! I love everything about it– it feels so light and bright and happy and calming. I love that nice big expanse of counter space over by the door that’s perfect for prep and daydreaming out the window at the cute backyard. I love all the packed in streamlined storage space. I love the warmth of the cabinet and paneling color (did you purposely match it to your yellowware collection?). Love, love, love!

    • 7.7.20

      Thank you!! Haha! I didn’t do it on purpose but this is totally a yellowware kind of kitchen, isn’t it? I have such a weakness for a yellowware bowl. <3

  59. 7.2.20
    Rikki said:

    You are amazing! It is stunning!!! Love EVERYTHING!!

  60. 7.2.20
    kathy said:

    The hardware choice is perfect! It all is really. And to think it happened during Quarantine!

  61. 7.2.20
    Lindsey said:

    stunning and inspiring! I was skeptical about the cabinet color, but lo and behold it WORKS.

  62. 7.2.20

    Nice job Daniel!

    This did turn out way better than expected, but at the same time, it’s you doing you.

    I like that you respected the old home and yet gave it the modern update it so desperately needed, and yet did that modern update subtly.

    I SO need to redo my kitchen, and have more or less decided to flip the entire kitchen layout around and NOT move the doors to the bathroom and to the back porch, unless necessary to save $$$.

    But nothings set in stone as one, no budget or money and I’m furloughed for July so it’ll have to all wait. Meanwhile, I’ve finally decided to remove the style that separated the upper cabinet doors so I’m not fighting them getting stuff off the shelves and cleaned them good while at it. SO much better and only cost me a few bucks for some supports for the center of the shelves.

    Keep it up and can’t wait for the next phase in Bluestone.

    • 7.2.20
      Mom said:

      This little cottage is going to be the best. Like finding a pearl in the oyster shell. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your talents with your adoring public.

    • 7.2.20
      Molly said:

      Moving doors might be cheaper than moving plumbing and gas lines. Enough to look into it, anyhow. However you end up, having a good layout is critical.

  63. 7.2.20
    Joan said:

    so fun to watch and such a lovely outcome. I’d love to see a floor of Bluestone Cottage to put it all in perspective.

  64. 7.2.20
    Danielle said:

    I had my doubts, but you’ve proven them all wrong. This kitchen is just utterly incredible and gorgeous. No matter what the process has been, you are making this house into the best home for someone, and it is such an honor to watch!

  65. 7.2.20
    Tom said:

    You betta stop it with all those perfect choices you made. That range hood. The colors. The tiling. The detail on the board under the windowsill. The sink. I mean…

  66. 7.2.20
    Molly said:

    Daniel, it’s beautiful! Singlehandedly the best content on Instagram throughout this entire terrible pandemic.

    Selfishly I would love a deep dive on the Fridge side of the room – we have a fridge that sticks out all alone and we want to build it in like you did.

    Thank you for sharing your process with us. I love how nuts you are about milling/beading the woodwork. Man, it makes a difference.

    And thank you, LOWE’S for sponsoring Daniel, enabling all this great content and birthing this gorgeous kitchen. Can’t wait to see the rest of the house take shape!

    • 7.7.20

      Thank you, Molly! A lot of unexpected interest in the cabinets and storage so I’ll try to put together a post about it!! Hang tight!

  67. 7.2.20
    Sarah said:

    It’s gorgeous! So warm and classic. I love how you reused as much material as you did, and how even with a sponsor, it feels like such an approachable and achievable kitchen to those of us. I love it.

  68. 7.2.20
    Jeanna said:

    It’s just lovely :) It feels so warm and welcoming, and I could see myself working in the room. I didn’t notice the difference in heights of the outlets and the window difference until you mentioned them, lol! And I was like…….oh I DO see it now :) But for me it just adds to the charm!

  69. 7.2.20
    Pamela said:

    After watching the kitchen progress on IG stories over the past few months, this post is so satisfying. Now with all the loose ends tied up it looks stunning!! I can hardly believe you did 95% of the work yourself, you are no longer an amateur DIYer and blogger, you are a top notch Professional. Kudos, Daniel, great job.

  70. 7.2.20
    Debra Murphy said:

    Absolutely gorgeous…have watched the progress of this kitchen and can’t believe what a change a DIYer can do

  71. 7.2.20
    Diana Ellers said:

    It is utterly gorgeous! Your renovations never cease to inspire me.

  72. 7.2.20
    Megan said:

    Truly, one of the most beautiful kitchen reveals.

  73. 7.2.20
    Bobbi Lynn Gaukel said:

    That’s it. Best kitchen I have ever seen. And the styling makes me absolutely SWOON. Congratulations!

  74. 7.2.20
    Brittanie said:

    You need your own tv show. Or a team to follow you around and a youtube channel.

    Seriously. Your renovations are the best and the way you re-use and figure things out on the fly is amazing. The kitchen is absolutely stunning!

    • 7.2.20
      Kim said:

      I know! HGTV are you listening?!!!

  75. 7.2.20
    Jen said:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it — your posts are my absolute favorite content anywhere. They’re a surprise party of joy I get to savor with my coffee. Thank you for doing you! Thank you for continuing to share in this format for those of us not on IG!
    The outlet and window sill comments hit home. I agonize over and get paralyzed by such details in my own projects but did not notice them here. I suspect it could have been years of using that space daily before noticing. Congratulations on moving past your hurdles and getting the job done.
    The kitchen is beautifully proportioned and executed. SO welcoming! What a lucky house to be in your skilled and caring hands!

  76. 7.2.20
    Heather said:

    I really appreciate how you thought and incorporated the actual history of the house into the design. The kitchen is lovely and charming and cozy. There looks to be plenty of counter space for meal prep. The colors are really authentic and I believe they go well with the arctic room you have going on downstairs.

    Kudos to you and Juliet.

  77. 7.2.20
    Lorraine Irby said:

    I love this kitchen! You did a great job.

    • 7.2.20
      Jackie said:

      Looks AMAZING! Loved following along on this kitchen’s progress. Also, I hope Juliette is a long term addition to your feed. ❤

  78. 7.2.20
    Lori Fischer said:

    I love how the left section of cabinets with the nine drawers looks like an old general store counter. Great choice!

  79. 7.2.20
    Jillian L said:

    I love it so much!!!!

  80. 7.2.20
    Laura said:

    This might be the first truly amazing thing to come out of 2020! Congratulations!

  81. 7.2.20
    Alison H said:

    The pandemic was eased for me mainly because of this renovation follow-along in IG stories and your charming guest host, Juliet! This is such a lovely outcome, well done, Daniel!

  82. 7.2.20
    retro-roost said:

    WOW. This is an amazing make-over! Among all the other details, your choice of cabinet and door paint color helps to emphasize vintage. I LOVE that you mixed metals. They simply don’t need to be the same, and something looks off when elements are too matchy matchy. I appreciate your design style. I wish more contractors had a sense of design. Bravo for a job well-done!

  83. 7.2.20
    townerson said:

    I, and I cannot stress this enough, LOVE IT! Thank you for not going with the glass hardware, I couldn’t stop imagining hummus or peanut butter getting smeared on the inside of the cup pulls (which maybe could happen to these ones too, only invisibly…shh). I cannot wait to see the rest of this house shine! xo

  84. 7.2.20
    Nicole said:

    Outstanding! The marble countertops were the perfect choice. I love the tile selection, too. I also loke the backdoor and window option – I have a similar setup and was wondering how to handle it. Thanks for sharing!

  85. 7.2.20
    Marlena said:

    I am agog, per usual. Your work and dedication is such a source of inspiration. Is it odd to write that this made me a little emotional? It’s so lovely that you restored something that was neglected for so long and made it truly beautiful. I’m looking into a *modest* update to our 117-year-old home’s kitchen that was last updated in the 1950s and seeing this gives me hope for something that doesn’t look like an operating room. Thanks, too, for the links and numbers for the budget. I’m getting a better sense of what even “modest” means. I hope you and Juliette put your feet up and eat the best takeout this weekend.

  86. 7.2.20
    Jeanne said:

    I’m a lurker but I had to speak up here. Wow Daniel I love everything about this remodel. The cabinet colors are surprising me because when I did a double-take on the cabinets, I realized (on my computer screen) it reminds me of the color of my 1987 beige-putty-colored computer. Don’t hate the comparison, it’s a pleasant surprise that I love that in this setting!! And of course this pint color is really sooo much prettier… that just jumped in my mind, sorry! lol

    I found you when Young House Love quit blogging so much and someone mentioned you in the comments on their last post before they took like a year off. I had a renovation vacuum in my heart all of a sudden and your big personality and sweet doggos filled it. Thanks for being you. :)

    • 7.7.20

      Hahahaha, it IS just like a 1987 computer!! My favorite comparison yet. You win! Thank you for the kind words!! <3

  87. 7.2.20
    Mags said:

    Dream kitchen, truly. It’s just so stunning.

  88. 7.2.20
    Miruska said:

    Absolutely stunning. Your choice of colour for cabinets and woodwork, as well as all the finishes, is amazing. I LOVE this kitchen and wish it is in my place. It was great following the progress, I was very invested :-). Beyond well done.

  89. 7.2.20
    monica said:

    I love it, Daniel! When can I move in??

  90. 7.2.20
    Kim said:

    I’m just going to say “ditto” to what everyone else has said (or will say) because 1) everyone else is so articulate and 2) I am super lazy.

    But also, you are f*%king brilliant.

  91. 7.2.20
    Claudia said:

    FANTASTIC job! The kitchen suits the house beautifully, and is insanely lovely and functional at the same time. Looking at the photos makes me want to roll up my sleeves, put on an apron, and start cooking…while humming a happy tune :-)

  92. 7.2.20
    Jackie said:

    Looks AMAZING! Loved following along on this kitchen’s progress. Also, I hope Juliette is a long term addition to your feed. ❤

  93. 7.2.20
    Meredith said:

    It looks beautiful, Daniel! Congratulations!

  94. 7.2.20
    Carol said:

    Fabulous! I’ve been having withdrawal all week with no Insta posts, but the wait was worth it! I wasn’t sure about the cabinet paint color, but the finished product has won me over completely! After you mentioned the uneven window aprons and outlets I had to scroll back to find them – I’m calling them old house quirks. :-) Brilliant job. And now I can’t wait for the next project (after you’ve rested, that is).

  95. 7.2.20
    kelly o'neil-brown said:

    Amazing. Just amazing. Wow!!

  96. 7.2.20
    Janine said:

    WOW. The photograph of the counter with the bowl of onions in the vintage bowl took my breath away. The kitchen is so gorgeous, and it’s uniquely Daniel Kanter. The cabinet colour is WHAT. Why do I like this? Nevermind I love it. I just renovated my kitchen with black cabinets: throw them in the garbage. I was wrong. I want beige cabinets.

    I was also rooting for the glass knobs but I see now that I was wrong, the brass handles were the right choice.


    • 7.7.20

      Hahahahahhaaha! Thank you Janine!! For what it’s worth, I think I’m going black cabinets in my own kitchen!! Don’t despair! ;)

  97. 7.2.20
    Rose said:

    I’m not much of a kitchen person. But this, Daniel, this is gorgeous. I’d pull up a chair and just stare at it! Beautiful choices and beautiful work!

  98. 7.2.20
    Laura S said:

    This looks fantastic Daniel! The bin pulls were a solid choice, as is everything else in the room. It must feel so good to have this one under your belt!

  99. 7.2.20
    Jean said:

    Beautiful renovation. Love the cabinets and the color. You did a perfect job!

  100. 7.2.20
    Jacqui bee said:

    Amazing work Daniel. What a fabulous kitchen. Hits the old yet modern target perfectly.

  101. 7.2.20
    Trisha said:

    Once again, you nailed it! So much care & thought sure pays off! Well done ✨

  102. 7.2.20
    Margaret said:

    It is simply, lovely. Lowe’s couldn’t ask for a better partner to showcase their products.

  103. 7.2.20
    Emily said:

    So gorgeous – thank you for taking us all along for the ride, your updates (esp when there’s bed hair. And food blogging. And your ❤️ for your friend Juliet) are the best.

  104. 7.2.20

    This is the most beautiful kitchen! I don’t know how I would have gotten through quarantine without you and Juliet. Congratulations!

  105. 7.2.20

    the kitchen is amazing! It looks so appropriate for the house. You alway knock it out of the park. I know you’re talking about selling the Bluestone Cottage when you’re done renovating, I’m sure you’ve also debated keeping it as a long term rental. I’d love to learn more about why you want to sell. I’m sure it’s a hard decision when you’ve put so much love and care into this place, but I also know you’ve always intended for it to be a flip! Anyways, amazing work, you’ve killed it again. I can’t wait to see where the next project takes you!

    • 7.7.20

      Thank you, Laurel! It’s funny, it doesn’t really feel like a hard decision to sell, although there’s still a lot to do so I guess that might change! But overall, I don’t really think I want to take on being a landlord, and I really would love nothing more than to see this home owner-occupied and loved by somebody else. Of course, I’d also like my money back out of it, haha! It’ll really just depend on what’s happening with the market when it’s done, so both options are still on the table. We’ll all find out together!

  106. 7.2.20
    Sharon said:

    Oh, I adore how this turned out and so wish it was mine! As for the little things that don’t perfectly match like the outlet heights, those little quirks just add character. (I love the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi).

  107. 7.2.20
    Devlin DuVall said:

    Ah-maaa-zing! And on that budget too! High five!

  108. 7.2.20
    Nicole said:

    Fantastic work Daniel, I absolutely love it!!! Well done

  109. 7.2.20
    Morgan said:

    Daniel, this is absolutely gorgeous. I’m ready to move in. Thanks for sharing the transformation in your IG stories!

  110. 7.2.20
    Rachel said:

    This is fantastic! Watching your process on stories makes me appreciate just how much work went into this space, but the end result is just stunning. Well done!

  111. 7.2.20
    DH said:

    OMG. She’s so beautiful…. Like really really beautiful.

  112. 7.2.20
    Molly said:

    It turned out INCREDIBLE, Daniel.

  113. 7.2.20
    Gerry said:

    It looks fantastic! Great work!

  114. 7.2.20
    KimmieSue13 said:

    Oh my GOD, Daniel, it looks SO. AMAZING. I knew it would, because I’ve been following along on Insta/Patreon but I just have to say it again. You took it from hellhole to gorgeous kitchen that I ALSO want to live in. I love all the little details (the fixtures! the hardware! the range hood! the tile!) that make it feel homey while also being modern-esque. As always, I bow to the king of home reno, you’ve done it again good sir!
    You forgot to mention here about removing the gateway to basement hell, which was such a weird feature in the original kitchen, and replacing it with the cutie little door. Also, what in the name of Cthulhu is…dripping… from that ceiling grate in the original pics? I don’t remember noticing it before but EGADS.

    • 7.7.20

      Thank you so much, KimmieSue, and thank you for being a patron!! I appreciate it so, so much.

      I can’t believe I glossed right over the crazy old basement access, haha! As for the ceiling…I believe those would be very grease-covered cobwebs? I don’t know but I’m glad it’s gone!! *shiver*

  115. 7.2.20
    SLG said:

    DANIEL. OMG. It looks like home, which I think is the highest compliment I can give.

  116. 7.2.20
    Marilyn Shaw said:

    Simply spectacular! I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️

  117. 7.2.20
    Ashli said:

    This is so good!!! Nope … Great!!! Seriously!!!! I am floored, absolutely beautiful! Wow!!!

  118. 7.2.20
    Lisa said:

    This is so, so good. Good in a way that you can’t quite figure out, like, so simple and so not simple.

    The only thing I find myself wondering about, do the side backsplashes bug you? Especially the one on the left that goes under the weekend? Did I miss some Daniel Design Dithering (compliment, compliement) about it?

    • 7.3.20
      Lisa said:

      Under the window I meant, goodness, autocorrect, give me a break!

    • 7.7.20

      Hahaha! IDK, they don’t bother me! That one area is a a little awkward but I dunno, it is what it is! (says the guy who redid the window moldings 3 times over before being satisfied hahaha)

  119. 7.2.20
    Leah said:

    I mean, I knew it would be good, but this is amazing. I’ve been following along in insta-stories and I have never been so excited for a reveal!

  120. 7.2.20
    Stephanie said:

    Amazing work. Turned out beautifully.

  121. 7.2.20
    Brandi said:

    You do such a wonderful job renovating and keeping the character of the home. This kitchen is beautiful!

  122. 7.3.20
    Amanda said:

    I started wondering this with the gorgeous and cozy and perfect bluestone cottage basement reveal and the tension has been mounting for each reveal since—

    but have you ever thought about moving in yourself tho???

    • 7.7.20

      Not really! The more time I spend in this house, the more I do really love it and think it will be such a nice house to live in (VERY hard to imagine when this journey started, even for a crazy person like myself!), but I love my own house too much to consider it! I think my dogs would eat me if I tried to take away their yard too, haha. I *DO* sometimes think about whether it would make sense to move in briefly once it’s done to take care of some things in my own house that will be a pain to live through, like refinishing the floors. But otherwise I’m happy to stay put and let someone else take this one. :)

    • 7.9.20
      Amanda said:

      That makes sense! Of course one must consider the doggos. Your own house is beautiful but as a humble reader (and an often overwhelmed person), I feel like it is much more overwhelming than the cottage in scale and thus work. I wholeheartedly support a temporary move in for floor refinishing or like, if you ever don’t have a functioning kitchen again for some reason.

  123. 7.3.20
    Linda said:

    LOVE IT! Great job!

  124. 7.3.20
    Thel said:

    God, Daniel, you’ve moved into another league with this kitchen.

    I’m speechless.

  125. 7.3.20
    Heather said:

    Looks fabulous! Your partnership with Lowe’s feels like the best kind of sponsored post possible: your voice and talent shine and doesn’t feel like shilling products. I love watching the evolution of the spaces you work on in real time with the big reveal at the end. Bravo!!

    • 7.7.20

      Thank you so much for saying so, Heather! The credit really goes to the team at Lowe’s for that one—they extend so much trust and respect to their sponsored bloggers to do the kind of work and content we want to do, and that can be a real rarity in this world. I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to work with them!

  126. 7.3.20
    Dina said:

    DANIEL. This might be my favorite work of yours ever, and I’ve been following you since your NYU dorm days. Love, love, love every thoughtful inch of this kitchen. Truly perfect.

    • 7.7.20

      Thank you for the kind words and for sticking around all these years, Dina! That means so much to me! :) <3

  127. 7.3.20
    Whitney said:

    I really appreciate the thought you put into your before and after photos. Its laid out in a way that tells a story, even if you don’t read the text (which, of course I to).
    I also really appreciate that you’re doing these renos with so much reclaimed material. Something that has always bothered me about the DIY world is people tearing out perfectly good cupboards or flooring. I love the fact that you saved this house from being demolished. You do beautiful work.

  128. 7.3.20
    Alexis said:

    You are a Beast! Not only is the kitchen incredible, but your timeline was so impressive. I know it doesn’t feel like it when you are in the midst of it, but alllll that work as virtually a one man show…I want to be like you when I grow up.

  129. 7.3.20
    Philly Lass said:

    I’m in awe of your vision and your ability to pull all of this together. It’s gorgeous! Absolutely stunning. Way to go, Daniel. You’ve done it again!

  130. 7.3.20
    Amy said:

    Brilliant! It’s not just the result of the hard work (the finished kitchen), it’s the thought and effort you use to combine old and new. Thank you for sharing the process with us. It’s great that Lowe’s provides you the opportunity to transform this old space so thanks to them as well for allowing you to salvage old items to bring some much needed character to the new!

  131. 7.3.20
    Nat said:

    So nice. Still not sold on the beige, but overall, I love it. When can I move in?

  132. 7.3.20
    Heidi said:

    This is SO GOOD! Thanks for letting us follow along and sharing more details than I ever knew I cared about. I am in awe of your many talents.

  133. 7.3.20
    Amy said:

    Oh. My. Goodness. The kitchen is just, STUNNING. You did such a phenomenal job and I love the cost breakdown.

  134. 7.3.20
    Lynly said:

    Yay for you, Daniel! It’s beautiful and just right. Thanks for helping to keep me sane during the upside down times. It’s a mighty tenuous thread.

  135. 7.3.20
    Robin said:

    I am in love with every bit of this kitchen. Full stop. All of it. Please come and do mine.

  136. 7.3.20
    Kerry said:

    Bravo!! Every detail is absolutely perfect!

  137. 7.3.20
    Alena said:


  138. 7.3.20
    Theresa said:

    Is it weird that I heard your voice and intonation in my head when I read your post? This…is…inspiring. I love it! And while I don’t love every choice you made (personal preference), I love your vision and how it all coordinated in the end. Trust the process, delight in the reveal. I’m a moodier person so the Burgevin Gardens kitchen was more my jam – I liked the range hood on that one and secretly hoped you would do that with Bluestone Cottage.
    Thank you for the wonderful distraction on IG during the pandemic. I adore both you and Juliet and the enduring love of lifelong friendship. Congrats on another great project and best wishes for the next!

  139. 7.3.20
    Heather said:

    Can’t get enough of this! So much inspiration to take away from this room, like the extra wide range hood, cabinet colour, and especially that backsplash! Wow wow wow

  140. 7.3.20
    Carmen said:

    I love it so much! I’m trying to take notes on how you use color because it’s never what I would think of but ends up just so nice looking.

  141. 7.3.20
    Jordan said:

    Danielllllllllll!!!!! I’ve been following along like a damn creep on IG. And omg. This is just… soflippingood. All the details. All the salvaging. Just… so impressed!

  142. 7.3.20
    Jen said:

    Just another person saying, wow, this is gorgeous. You already know this, but the use of reclaimed materials means something beyond cost-saving and waste reduction measures. It’s about preserving the soul of an old house while assuring it’s modernized enough to persevere into the future. This is a real thing, and those of us who appreciate that love you for it.

    • 7.17.20
      Ruth Anne said:

      What Jen said.

  143. 7.3.20
    Stephanie Nelson said:

    As beautiful as everything is I think my favorite thing I learned is something you cannot even see! The insulation!

  144. 7.3.20
    Susan said:

    Daniel, this kitchen is wonderful and perfectly imperfect as it should be for the age of the cottage. Your design decisions, attention to detail, re-use of materials, and amazing execution are awsome. Most importantly, it is so good to hear that this project has made you happy & pround — AS IT SHOULD!

  145. 7.3.20
    greta said:

    I love it! Perfect. Yes, bathroom next would be fun. They are at least a little smaller!

    • 7.7.20

      For real! I’m sure I’ll find a thousand ways to overcomplicate it, though. Haha!

  146. 7.4.20
    Jenny said:

    It looks absolutely stunning..well done. I love how much you recycle old wood. Impressive.

  147. 7.4.20
    Norah said:

    Stunning! A labor of love with beautiful results. Wow.

  148. 7.4.20
    Jacqui Bennetts said:

    Stunning, as expected, charming, homey and perfect. if our 1920 bungalow hadn’t needed to be demolished and rebuilt after our earthquakes this is just how I would have wanted the kitchen remodel to turn out. love your work Mr Dust Daddy.

  149. 7.4.20
    Jeannine520 said:

    It’s so lovely, Daniel! Congratulations. It’s all perfect, but I especially love the pattern you made with the tile.

  150. 7.4.20
    Mary Kay Nelson said:

    What a transformation! It is beautiful down to every detail. You do such incredible work. I never cease to be amazed by you!

  151. 7.4.20
    Ellison M Heath said:

    Perfect kitchen. Can’t wait to see how you tackle the rest of the house. :)

  152. 7.4.20
    Smadar said:

    This kitchen is PERFECT. You are amazing!!!

  153. 7.4.20
    Suzanne said:

    This was the highlight of my quarantine and I have been waiting for the final reveal and you did not disappoint. This kitchen is stunning!!! You absolutely nailed it!

  154. 7.4.20
    Beth said:


    I tried following your link to the windows: am I missing something? I don’t see anything called Architect Series, even using the search feature.

    • 7.7.20

      Sorry for the slow response, Beth! You’re not missing anything; I should have been more clear—these windows are custom order, so you have to go to the doors and windows area at a Lowe’s store (or Pella showroom) to have them generate a quote with all the options you choose (you’ll need to know the rough opening—i.e. the dimensions of the space the window has to fit into). The ones online are all stock options, which will be on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Pella has a LOT of customization options once you get into it, so I’ll try to pull a post together explaining what I chose and what didn’t feel worth the extra $—I did demonstrate SOME small measures of restraint, but…champagne tastes, what can I say! ;)

  155. 7.4.20
    Michele M said:

    WOW!!!!! Not only is the job awesome – so is your post about it. Well done, sir, very very well done.

  156. 7.5.20
    Barbara H. said:

    Nailed it! Thanks for sharing all along the way.

  157. 7.5.20
    L. Diane Myers said:

    I have never seen a kitchen that I like better. And I am a retired interior designer. I cannot compliment this space with enough adjectives. You made me, your mother and Lowes, PROUD.

  158. 7.5.20
    Lena said:

    I am going to totally copy this brilliant kitchen. EVERYTHING delights me. I have all the farmhouse ”˜bones’ but my current version (builder grade) is just so dark. Your writing, as always, makes me laugh out loud and want more, more, more. And I am on my way to Lowe’s to see if I can lay hands on these gorgeous Whirlpool appliances RIGHT NOW.

  159. 7.5.20

    HOW did I not know about you? Gah! My life has been seriously without. But now that I’ve found you, can I keep you? Via subscription of course. Bravo on this kitchen, it’s gloriously NICE.

    • 7.7.20

      Haha! Welcome to the blog! Hope ya stick around! We have a good time here!

  160. 7.5.20
    Maria said:

    Apparently you not only love a challenge but are awesome at them too!!! I love the look of simplicity and elegance. From the sink, to the countertop to the tile, and then to the cabinetry and hardware. This is pure eye candy:)

  161. 7.6.20
    Ginny said:

    HOLY SHIT this is absolutely incredible. Been following along on insta and it’s my dream kitchen that I never knew was my dream kitchen. You’re SO GOOD.

  162. 7.7.20
    Diann said:

    It’s wonderful and you are amazing!

  163. 7.7.20
    Pam the Goatherd said:

    I have loved this little house since your very first post about it. While your taste and mine differ, I absolutely love how you have turned this kitchen into a beauty.
    Can’t wait to see what you do to the rest of the house.

  164. 7.7.20
    Blair said:

    Bee-u-tee-fullll!!! You are my favorite blogger, this kitchen is an example of why that’s the case. Great work!

  165. 7.8.20
    Jenny said:

    This is my most favorite kitchen. ever.

  166. 7.9.20
    Ann said:

    Daniel- the kitchen is absolutely stunning!
    Was it difficult to attach the cabinet panel to the dishwasher? I’ve been thinking about that dishwasher for our kitchen but have read it’s difficult to attach the cabinet panel.

    • 7.9.20

      Thanks Ann! it wasn’t too bad attaching the panel, but definitively took a bit of time and some choice language, haha. Don’t expect it to be fast and you’ll be fine!

  167. 7.9.20
    gem said:

    As someone (many ones?) said above, this kitchen feels so comfortable and easy to picture oneself in. So bright and joyful and tactically appealing. Absolutely amazing work!

  168. 7.10.20
    Linda said:

    Love your design and blog! The room turned out homey and yet current. Beautiful job!!!

  169. 7.10.20
    Lisa in CHI-Town said:

    Stunning!! An absolutely beautiful job…lots of sweat and tears, but totally worth it. The transformation is amazing!

  170. 7.10.20
    Kelley Kolpitcke said:

    Oh my gosh! I love every detail. Watching this unfold on stories was an educator’s tutorial dream! I feel like I learned just “enough” to know that if I decide to redo my sister’s 1939 kitchen, which has “faux wallpaper tile”, I know I can do it! I love the different patterns of subway tile and I will choose one of the unique patterns to do a floor to ceiling tiled wall. I secretly want to do “authentic” bead boards too but there are other rooms! (Let’s talk basement remodel.) You did an amazing job and frankly, Juliet is a rockstar, so what else is there?!
    Stay safe and keep eating healthy! #goals

  171. 7.10.20
    Kelly said:

    BEAUTIFUL! I love it. You should totally brag about this. It’s one of the most amazing before/afters. Granted, the before was exceptionally gross, but even so, the kitchen is spot on from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. A bright, clean, classic space. So much bang for relatively little money!

  172. 7.10.20
    K said:

    This is gorgeous!

  173. 7.14.20
    Vanessa said:

    Utterly gorgeous! You should be so proud of yourself. I’d move in tomorrow!

  174. 7.16.20
    Gregory Bochter said:

    Wonderful work…….the images that you shared, show the hard work and passion. Even I got some ideas about renovating the house.

  175. 7.16.20
    Bettina Geschwind said:

    Great finish – love the attention to detail. Love the colors, love the tile and the tile layout, love the hardware and lighting. The floor turned out fabulous. Even love the appliances. The windows are super, the doors are super. Can’t find anythng to complain about dammit.

  176. 7.19.20
    ann said:

    Brilliant! I love it. Every bit of it.

  177. 7.19.20

    That kitchen makes me want to eat it !!!! It’s delicious!!! Sound weird I know, but can’t help it … it’s so cozy and cool at the same time …. Daniel you are so good The color of the cabinets is eatable …. please bake a vanilla cake in there, just for the smell …

  178. 7.20.20
    Nicolette said:

    This kitchen is fantastic. And I am saving this post for when I remodel my house over the next year and get to update my appliances and faucet! Thank you for doing the hard work that we all get to benefit from.

  179. 7.22.20
    sharmeela mediratta said:

    Daniel, I love following your blog and IG stories, and love this kitchen. I’ve been dying to see the inside of the pantry cabinets. Could you share?
    Thank you!

  180. 7.26.20
    kmkat said:

    What a great kitchen! I have one eensy nit to pick: The drawer pulls will be one big headachy annoyance to anyone with longer fingernails. Keep that in mind for future hardware purchases. Once again, great kitchen!

  181. 7.27.20
    Camla said:

    I used to always go to Home Depot but have switched to Lowe’s based on your blog! You do a fabulous job and I enjoy the detail you provide to us.

  182. 8.7.20
    maddieayres said:

    A friend sent me your blog and now I’m sucked in forever. Or at least until I crack that first beer at 5 o’clock. Helpful, funny and real. When we changed the hardware on the kitchen cabinets, the hinges were a tiny bit larger than original which threatened (threatened!) to throw off the whole remodel. My clever husband shaved one of the doors a teeny (that’s pretty small) bit and now the hinges fit “just fine” (“just fine” is a construction term, look it up.) Keep the words coming!

  183. 10.3.20
    Andrea said:

    Discovered your blog via this kitchen and just love your writer’s voice, in addition to your design talent. This space is just marvelous, from the counters, the sink, the appliances all the way down to the tiny details of the sconces, the cabinet hardware and that marvelous bowl and the pitcher of flowers. Everything is gorgeous, hilarious and the right hit of irreverence – both in design and voice. And I will definitely go shop at Lowe’s when I rip out my kitchen!

  184. 7.4.21
    Vanessa Macarhtur said:

    A year later, what is going on at Bluestone Cottage? You are an artist and a hard worker. I would take a break too to enjoy the beautiful kitchen you created.
    Can you put the pieces together for an update? Is anyone living there? Juliette? Ha Ha

  185. 9.17.21
    Miriam said:

    I swear I keep seeing versions of your kitchen popping up across the internet! Another one:

    I think you need to trademark this sucker!

  186. 6.23.23
    Maeve said:

    Revisiting this project because it’s burned into my brain as entertainment from the pandemic era!! What customizations did you choose for the Architect series windows? I just went through the process of getting a Pella quote and there are so many custom options.